The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 31, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1895
Page 5
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r.'Kf^. •t Al^tWA IOWA, Jttt.* P10M M, P. HA&GAfttr. : G. F. ttsftKV HaggiiM & ;Peelt* ; -. Successors to . . . •TbSfcg & SMITH. ABSTRACTS^ REAL ESTA,T& : COLLECTIONS, . - ... IbWA. A. D» Clarke LOANS. "..;. /.;;:' fiear Algomi State Baftk. ALGOfci4 : y iA. Geo. 0, Oail, tttiAL ESTATE AXl) LOANS, For Information in regard to lands in Northwestern Ibw'a, write to him. H 0 E FltfEDlF- YOU WISH * * Comfort and Service. BROWN ELL Will give you a Good Fit and a Good Shoe. State street. ALGQjJA, GEO. B. CtAHKE. Clai'ke A.COHBNOtjtt & Colienotiiy ATTORNEYS AT L ib\v\A. Geo* K* Cloud, (Successor to W. B. Quarton)' ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALGOJfA, IbWA. OB3ce over Kossuth County State Bank. CALL AND SEE HIM. ALOONA, IOWA, s H 0 _ E SHOES Sullivan & McMahoii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW,' Postofflco Block. : AJLGONA, Bi'-V. Swettiiig, ATTORNEY rAT LAW, Money to loan. . AIXJONA, IOWA. J. I,. BONAB. Hi H-. FELLOWS. Brownio Overalls lit the New England. The very latest fad. • ' •* DUKDALL, & CO. BOiiar & Fellow^, '...'• ATTORNEYS: .AT LAW. •Oollections will receive-prompt attention. Booms 8 and 0, Algpna;&tate.,Bank Bl'dg. Branch office at' -.. V, Wesley, Iowa. •-..-• IOWA. Daiisoii & I5iitler, LAW, •Collections a specialty;' le LAND Offloo in Gardner Cowles' new, building. • ,;.',' s. s. ATTORNEY [AT> HJoans and Insurance. ,S; Specialattention give'n to ctJlleotipns: of all kinds. •Over OhriscniiiesA'Store. .^•'AI.GONA.IA. LOCAL MENTIONS. ; Of course we want electric lights. "The'fe is no dqubt'about; it the water melon seasori is bni The democratic' county convention meets, this afternoon^ . , Taken.from start we never had a.more beautiful .summer. There is to be no game between Algona and Whittemore Saturday. It is bff.::v: , •.- : •.•'.:•"..'. -,'• - -'•• • Bev. Ci P. Boardman was the guest of Eugene Tellier during his stay in AlgOna.': •'••' '••'-• •'• •:' ••• ••-' • : ' Mr. and Mrs. Gardner' Cowles were blessed'in the birth bf,a 1 'girl Wednesday night.; : '' ".,'''.'•'..•: : . ':.,' '. : . / Geo. C. X/all'is finishing the basement of his business building, with the. intention of renting it. , ,,. ,; Is it net-about time.for some esteemed contemporary to get off that old chestnut about snipes? . : , . The Milwaukee sv ction foreman had the badluck'to run ; a rail spike nearly •through his hand Thursday: • The Second Ward sends J. J. ; Wilson, $. Beed',''.A. Butherfo'rd, ''Jr. arid Ike FJnriell.tQto-aay's.conyeniion: . ; . .The Methodist ladies ..will serve ice cream on /the.• parsonage lawn.,next •Thursday evening, August first,.,;, , The'' editors ah d their Iviveis <will at- PHYSICIAN ANJ) ' State street.. ' : AI.GON'A,'I'b'WA. M. J. ' "/ •- . :': : :, V .'.'.'••' Over Taylor's- St'ordJ . D , '' ' ' J. M. Pride, M:.I>;v Over Postoffice;, ' ' '"• AI.GONA, IbWA. ...,.../; Dr. L. A. DRUGGIST AND, STATIONER. Prescriptions filled. Deals-in Paints, Oils, Books, Perfumeries,-Etc, . Ocr. State and Thorington,, AI.GONA, IA. tend tlie ; editoriaiv epnyentibn'. Cat' '1jfieryiH"6V •sy •- : Es- but no damage was done as far as known. A drenching rain followed. H. G. Seeley, of Surherland, Iowa, is the new teacher of penmanship and pen art and conductor of the commercial department. He is an experienced teacher and a fine artist, and the Normal managers, are congratulating themselves upon securing his /services. F. M. Whitman is home again after a mail route letting trip through Michigan and Indiana.; . He reports a, ser- ions condition of crops in those states, especially in the former, where hay is selling at815 a. ton, the home, supply being completely ruined by the drouth. Wesley Lainson attended the ball game at Emmetsburg on Thursday and was : unable to resUme'business for some days. "It is presumed that the change of water disagreed with him. "Wes" is one Of the standbys bf'the BEPUBEI- CAH, which' naturally very much'regret- 'ted his indisposition.; . Capt. Haggard, Lieut.' Chubb and Dr. Morse attended the funeral of.Capt. Beam, at .Mason : City,. Monday.* r The deceased was .captain'.,of the Mason City company, and. a".young, man .recently married, who had the esteem of all the officers of. theI Fourth, regiment, a large number of whom, were present. Bev. C. P. Boardman:, of Humboldt, preached at-the Congregational church 'last Sunday. There was an unusually large ^attendance, and the sermon ^was '.A*. A«V.Anlln*%i'. A»t s\ ; . T*Tva ' T^T»iQa/»VlQl» \O' -. €t : : „. ..... TomrBennett's; little i.gii;l ,, twenty-two mbnths^ojd, die,d pf chpliera infan^um, Sunday night ?ind: was'buried yesterday '' ' ' ' '''" ' -DENTIST. •• • A, Iu Bist, D. D. S., Local anaesthetic fpr • deadenlnff pain in gums wb'en extracting teetii; ALGbNA, IOWA. B. 8, Glasier, D. », S,, DENTAL ROOMS:' Over the Algona State Bank. Special attention given to saving the natural , teeth, The best of modern anaesthetics used to f make operations as pal riless as possjoje. AtGbNA, i '• E, D, V, VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AtfD SURGEON, Hospital accommodations. Office west of JJrovm'S Wvery Stable, State street. G, c, SHELLEY, . _. Owing to a failure to -make timely connection- the JlBPUBLiGANi is obliged to defer the publication of the Horr- Harvey ^debate till next week. : ' Haryey'Ihgham's house is up arid inclbsbd. It is to be a large house, of unpretentious 1 exterior and calculated for com'fbrt'and'convenience. Wednesday's races f ailed'to draw a large crowd. There were some 'of the best horses in the state and some of the worst gamblers and fakirs. Bishop Thoburn :will open the Algona district camp meeting Friday night at Liver more with > a sermon. The Qampmeeting will last ten days,; J as 'Hofins, whose; marriage a few weeks ago the BEPUBLICAN noted, has broken the ground for a residence ;in Buffalo Center, so the Tril)une says. The hardware firm of Parish & Frise h'as been dissolved, Mr. Parish buying his partner out, It is not known what are Mr. Frise's plans for the' future, The United Workmen of Algona will be interested in the annoupcementofa convention of the order for August 15tb at Spirit Lake, The Beacon says it has been decided on. We have had a very unusual supply of rain during the past week, and the earth is in the best condition for • the growing crops, but not enough rain has fallen to injure the roads, Veteraps who propose going to the National Epcarapment at Louisville in September will be glad to learn that a round trip rate of one cent ner mile for points west of Chicago is in prospect, , ,Th,a teachers institute opeus Monday morning, it T wW "take up" right after breakfast and will be run at, high. pres. sure for three weeks, it will be the greatest institute this big institute Qpunty- ever saw. ., ' TbeBelmond. Jjerald has set §Qj»g again the oft repeated ruwor pf Me. Bejmona , extension, When we hew the whistle aflfl see the engine come, up toe tvaok we shall believe there is some* thing behind it, The statemenfof -the First National Banl? appears in this issue, The •' time when Sovereign's, boycott on the na.tiQ»* al banks, ja to b, egjn b.a,s, not armed 1 , ' why it continues to dp a!n excellent one.'."• The preacher is a mart of riotabje ability, earnest, as he as able; and:those/who heard' him •last Sunbay will be.gladi to •• hear Irim -again/. •'-•-••'*^•^•'•' '•;?<;• •""— ; • '• ••"' ; Mr. B. H. Samuels :amved' iii, : town the last of the week arid at once entered upon his dutiesi r at the Normal School. His duties will have; particular reference to': the 'business,-department arid riot at all with the- work of iastruction. He will make Algona his headquarters from, this time, but will not bring his f arriily here until next fall. . . : . •',' There was a very quiet wedding at 7:30 this morning in one of our most prominent families, Mr. Charles Jones and Miss Maud Smith being tmarried by Bev. 0. E. Plummer, of Wesley, The bride is the daughter of Hon. Jno, G. Smith, and no young lady stands higher. The pair left on the west bound Milwaukee train at 9:10 for their wedding trip. It is'probably due more to the busy harvest season than to any scarcity of the product that wild hay brought in-, to town for home consumption brings $3 to 84 per ton. Tame hay brings $1 more. There are immense quanities of hay being put up in Kossuth county this year, though the crop is not quoted as being up to some that we have had, % ' ' Cards of invitation have been received for the wedding of Jos. W. Hays formerly of this paper, and Miss Edith Jordan, to take place at the residence of the bride's parents, at Evanston, Illinois, August 14th. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W, E. Jordan, formerly of Bancroft, and is quite widely known throughout this county. The 'BEEUBWCAN extends congratulations. Tbe Normal managers are at work ,4s weeft making spme changes in the library and office partition?. ,Tbe improvement that will appear will be one of many indications of $he pr9gres,s of the institution and tbe, defernajnation of the men behind it to push It on to a glorious (success, The library is going t9 be made wore of a feature than fa latter place, to be played tomorrow. Tbe Algona club has Won a high position by its first class playing this season, and their friends expect they will win yet greater honors. Ilumboldt Independent: Mf. and Mrs. B. F. Crose and little daughter, of Algona, are visiting at the Bobertson home. Mrs. E. A.Xiovell, of LuVefne, is also with them. A wedding occurs down in Cresco this afternoon which Will interest many readers of the BEPUBiidAJir, the parties to the marriage contract being Mr. F. L. Miller, son of David Miller, and Miss Mary Bavtson, daughter of Mr. arid Mrs. J. G. Bawson. The ceremony is timed for 3:30, at the residence of the bride's parents. The bride and groom come from well known and highly respected families of the neighborhood. The BEPUBLICAN extends congratulations. We hear vei-y little this year in regard to Bussian thistle finds, but a report comes to us of two farms that call show specimens. They are about four miles this side of Ledyard. This does not say that the thistle does riot grow anywhere else in this county* but these growths are the only ones to which our attention has been called this season. It would be a very bright idea for every fai iner to look over his farm just about now and see whether he is breed* ing any of these thistles. It is well enough to talk about some particular attraction in some far away country, but when the Iowa man leaves and goes there he is apt to get sick. There are the inevitable drawbacks everywhere. This is suggested by an item from the LuVerne News, which reads: "Monday Tom Gray and family returned from Washington where they have been for the last year. They are more than glad to be back in old Iowa again arid think northern Iowa the best place on earth. We hope that Mr. Gray and family will conclude to settle near LuVerne." The Iowa National Guard boys are felicitating themselves upon the high living in prospect at their annual encampment, but prbbadly it is a mistake that the brigade will consume "fifty horses daily," as a Begister special from Waverly would seem to foreshadow. What a brigade of Iowa soldiers requires is probably more correctly estimated in a Centerville special, which puts the weekly ration at 9,000 pounds beef. 1,200 pounds bacon,. 1,300 pounds sugar, 800 pounds coffee, 1,300 pounds beans and rice, 9,000 pounds potatoes, 9,000 pounds bread, 25 pounds tea, 1 barrel. salt, 25 pounds pepper, 300 pounds soap, 3 barrels vinegar, 3 barrels molasses. :: Upwards of sixty children were the uests of little Grace Lund Thursday afternoon, and all reports agree thatthe party was a success in. every respect. Every body at was madfe a member of the committee of entertainment and Mr. Joslyn went out to grace the occasion. The children relate that some of the stories told by Mr. Joslyn would not have been credited .coming from any other source. Mr. and.»Mrs. Lund spared no pains in making the little ones- happy, and their, succes? was complete. Only the storm'.which dame on just as the party were separating marred the pleasure of the oc- e^feiori, and that was^ n °k s° "'•*•"'"""' " ma'tter as it looked.' ' " tOT Geo. B. Clarke and family left for a ten day's outing at Big Stone Lake, Minnesota, Thursday morning. They went by way of Minneapolis. Wesley Beporter: Mrs. Will Reid, of Algona, was visiting her sister, Mrs. E. J. Yorker, a couple of days this week. --- Mrs. E. E. Thomas, who has beeQ vet y s i ck the past week, we are pi eaged to tiote? } S improving. W. B. Sutherland left for his home in Maquoketa. Mrs. Sutherland prolongs for another week her visit With her daughter, Mrs. Bev. Kennedy. Swea City Herald: A. A. Sifert, of Algonai was in these parts Tuesday looking after the interests of the Algona REPUBLICAN. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ihghain attended the dedication exercises of the Massacre monument at Spirit Lake Fri* day. Miss Coon, of Humboldt, is visiting Miss Viola Mann. D. B, Crowell, of Bancroft, was a caller at the REPUBLICAN office while in town Monday. Mr. Crowell is soon to move to Burt and Will occupy quart* ers in the new Koepka store, and will put in a general stock of goods. The Wesley Beporter tells that Mr. and Mrs. Durdall rode down from Algona on their wheels last Tuesday and visited a few hours with C. H. Walker. Mrs. Durdall, we believe, is the first lady to make the trip on a bicycle. S. C. Spear was sick for several days last week, but he is up again now. W. F. Carter was a visitor in Algona the first of the week. He has entered a real estate partnership at Mason City. Bev. Kennedy and his father-in-law, Mr. W. B. Sutherland, were at the Spirit Lake Chautauqua last week Monday and Tuesday. They heard Gen. Gordon and were greatly pleased with his speech. Mrs. J. B. Winkel started for Stratford, Iowa, yesterday, to visit her daughter. .MissCopp, of Des Moines. is visiting Miss Maude Smith. Miss Bertha Hancock arriyed home from the coast on Friday. She graduated from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, in June. : Mrs. Dr. Garfield arrived home, Friday, from Cleveland, Ohio, Where she made a long visit with relatives. John Gray and M. C. Minsbn,of Galva, Iowa, stopped off last week on their way home from Ledyard and were the guests of J. B, Winkel. Q/hey are old acquaintances of M. A. Editor Grow, of the Germania Standard, was a visitor in Algona Friday. .Mr. Grow .is probably the youngest editor in the state. He has seen seventeen summers. He has a partner in Mr. Amburn, who is twentyfour, and under their conduct the Standard is winning its way to assured success. . Emmetsburg Reporter: Miss Nellie Walker ,'of Algona, was the guest of Mrs. : L. H. Mayne Monday. She stopped off on her way home from the SpiritLake Chautauqua. .' ; Geo. C. Call 'was at Ledyard .yester- '" '' " ' That is What Spttrbeck & lamberfc fcft Siting on the lofta Milk daa. Having bought a job lot of the celebrated lotta mil tt cans, •we are tw>W prepared to make very loiv prices Id farmers who are in need of cans. Tim 8-gallon can weighs 16 pounds and *re sell it at 81.65: the 10-gallon can weighs 17 pounds arid we sell it at $1.75. These cans are made of the best material, have the improved handles, and are in all respects first class. 41-44 SPURHECK & LAMBEHT. OBLARUKB PASS IOWA A fine programme has been arranged for this most popular of Northern loifri summer resorts, including lectures by Bev. T. DeWitt Talmage Sunday, June 30th. and Bev. Sam. P. Jones, Sunday, July 7th,and Gospel meetings led by the most popular divines of the nation. Campmeetings, band concerts and numerous other attractions will be announced from time to time. The annual Musical Festival will be held August 2d to llth inclusive, and will de under the direction of Prof. Clement B. Shaw. Chicago. Talent already secured for this occasion promises to make it .1 most enjoyable meeting. A large and commodious pavilion is now in process of erection, Which will furnish ample seating capacity for all who may come. Hotel Oaks will be open to the pnb- lic June 5th. This hotel is large and commodious, built after the most approved plan of summer hotels and managed by men who know the wants of their guests. LOW KATES TO DENVEE. For the Annual Meeting American Pharmaceutical Association at Denver, Colo., August 14-24,1895, the B., C. B. & N. B'y will sell tickets from all -stations to Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Manitou, Colo., at rate of ONE FARE FOR ROUND TRIP Tickets for sale August llth and 12th at all stations. Good to return until August 25th, 1895. Call on B., C...B.& N. agents for further information or address the undersigned. J.MORTON, G. T. & 1'. A., Cedar Rapids>, la. Try our Club House corn and toma- oes. LANGDON & HUDSON. . Hams and smoked don & Hudson's. meats at Lang- We will save you money on hose and hose fittings.—SPUKBECK & LAMBEUT. steripus' a P. L. SLAGLE, Manufacturer of aud dealer ID Harness and Harness Goods. ALGONA. IOWA. is Jas. Band who .the. ; tJ}ei»u.§iQ , ,,p-evening was pleasant ana was, of the best, Mr^With's H ~~™»^ ,je among ijhe finest in, Algona Ita f is hospitality is.apprecjated by the ygurjg felty, " " ' A. Sjfe,vMa9t gaturdjay re* m lelWQl board of JJ uff al° TOV , and a fine large ease,witUlJ^ss, , is going m th»« week. ^^ . dancjng-party 'on th^fe^Smith l ( e\vr»- last Friday eyeoing^wag the pjeas- antest yet of these^-flipuai dances, Tbis year it wp^Ue A-lgona', Military r-D. A. Haggard received nptice 'last weekbf his appointment as department color bearer and special aide on the staff of Col. Thompson, Comriiander of the'Iowa Grand Army, at .the National Encampment at Louisville, Kentucky, in September. The honor has been accepted and Mr. Haggard Will attend. He and the Commander >yere both members of the 21st Iowa regiment and have seen several years of actual service together. Mr. Haggard was regimental color sergeant during a greater share of the time, and the appointment was probably made remembering more than one hard fought battle field over which he carried the stars and stripes to victory. . . •F. M. Taylor, Secretary of the Algona Deposit and Loan Association, represented that institution at a meeting of- officers' of institutions of like character at Des Moines last week. The meeting resulted in a central organization, to be known as the "Iowa TTeder- ation of Building and Loan Association Officers," and its first officers are: B. A. Beeson, of the Iowa Deposit and Loan, Des Moines, President; A. N. Partridge, of the Des Moines Building and Loan, Vice President; J, D. Vail, of the State Business Men's Building and Loan, Le Mars, Secretary, and T. B, Moore, of the Co-operative Bank of Des Moines, Treasurer. F. M. Taylor was placed on one of the important committees. Bishop Thoburn, who has been a leader in the evangelization of India fpr 36 years, talked to a good audience, at the M> -B, church Thursday nighfi. Had it not been for the heavy haU.and rain storm which cause up aaout tpe time announced for the meeting, tbejre would doubtless have tfotm a larger attendance. The churafi was about two- thU'dsfulias it^-as, arid all present were deeply Juterested 'in what the Bishop bad-'tosay regarding the needs pf f be missionary work in India. The s of the Bishop in this country ime is to raise money tobe used the prosecution of the work in that lie gave many interesting facts, 1 . . '# E. D. Knappen, of Clear Lake, i r Taylor's ; new ''clerk. • •.-.;; -.-; • ' visiting Mrs.' Horton .and other relatives/ '• t ' ''] ; •'•_- . ' : ' Spencer Beporter:. Bev.' Glass, and family have .been camping at Spirit Lake for the, past two weeks, enjoying a little outitigi and at the sarnie time taking'in the many good things to be enjoyed at the. Chautauqua assembly. They expect to return home the close of this week. Wm.,Leui and daughter Hattie, of Postville, are visiting the editor's family. •••..- • • . ••, : MONEY! On Real Estate. WATEB OR W PAY. Artesian well contractor. I have the only cable steam 'drilling machine owned in the county; sink wells for watef supply for towns, cities and railroads. Special attention . to farm well work. Estimates I made. I employ only expert drillers . Address. A. P. DAILEY, AI.GONA, IOWA. TO 40 Pounds of the best Granulated 35 Bars of the best laundry sjiaff.,' for.. ff... Other Groceries in Proportion. Buy buying , * tbemselvej fluan and of Groceries I sell at wholesale price to you save the middle mun, the consumer tlnancia} school He wjl} pne q£,wM9h was that it requires,; only;, $30 to support a native .preacher. Bev , Kennedy will try to raise that rou9h in Algona and send it on. A wan in Gilmore city has been ,wantiog B. G, Bowyer's bay trotter for gom.e"' time, and last week he sent an agent up here with a horse to trade for Mr, Bowyer'8 fast nag, Mr, 'Bowyer 10ol?e4 the animal over and fleeidea tbatj fertiliser was what he was best adapted, to, The mm, however, was, 4§aS.brpl$e and next morning hif horse waW5 fi%« to move, awa &or,pHt of the pf his heart he loaned the <? him' tP ro^ehowe with,Awning he was surpriS' gt94igs,oyeptbat spme pther things - When you come to Algona look for John Grove d ...... . instruct you how to buy groceries at wholesale-prices, 1 don't sell less than $16.50, so don't ask for it for I will have to refuse you, How can I give these, big bargains ? Why, evw.a/jchild can I sell on. a small war- gin and get my pay, You don't have to pay for poor^pay trade, You-buy only goods, not accommodations. Buy of me and wake your money go twice as far. Send for circulars and full, particulars,. Address «rde.rf to. ,.-.t :• ;*;.';: *"" * * * -'-•,. ^"*- r ^ lii *'»'*»"/u Ha •"it*?! 1,000,000 People 'Wear W.L. DOUGLAS ^w-Wl iWiribaFCptop ,^ Ms ^m 'aftSKff y^SYSftJI 6 'flwuw ^JJJS. wp* 5t-¥l«^ww^^ ^ ^ * 3Jfte WflJ g «e|y 'tosa to thp hQ^e ana?

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