Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1966 · Page 20
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1966
Page 20
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(It**) AOVAWCI THUHlbAY, DfC If, 1944 IH M H M > H I H H H H t M I M M H IH M Ml H I H H H > H I H H H H t M I HI H H 11 M M 11 H Around Algona fey ONItTA OIDRIKSIN , MMM 29S440S III I Mill I H'I'M H<H H H .| 11 H M H H HIM H I H I H H shut-ins about town. [ The Thimble Club met with Mrt. Howard Platt oh Monday afternoon for a Christmas Par* ly «nd gift exchange. Mr, and Mr*. William Dau, St., Went to Des Moihes Sunday far a meeting oi area chairmen of Iowa Automobile Dealers AS- sociation and returned home Tuesday. Mi** Hattia Wilton left Saturday for her home at Spring- Viiie alter a wee* with iou»i friends. On Nov. 20th she had attended Open House at Prairie City gymnasium honoring *red Kutzli on ms bO years in 'tlie teaching profession. Mrs. Kutzh Hugnt at Spnhgville prior to her marriage. • Mr*. Myrtla Lighter with, her ion's family, tne Dwaine C. Lighters, were Saturday night ana Sunday guests at!the ito> * ert Buss 'home m Spencer.,Mrs. Bliss and Dwaine are cousins. The Nativity Scarta Will be Open to the public beginning buttday, 1>&., id, at , •nil, oe 'manned ; by:;' of Meitinoo>st Men and will be open' trom 2 to 9 on weexidaiis said on Sundays and 'Holidays, the hours wiiiue noon, to « p.in. Visitors are cordially invite for tniis annual showing. : ' , ; Mr. and Mr*. Sam Madin wara both in Rocuester at tfjisjim>fr ing. Mrs. Medin was no^Makted at St. Mary s wnuie uniuu'gouig a series oi tejts and her JAMIi IOND OOUiLI MATUKI At THI ALOONA STARTING SUNDAY bmnd was going- tnrougln. trie Clinic at tlie saute, time., \ At a racant maating of Prih efence Lodge ,oaicers lor 1967 ig,. Chat Masonic r order were elected as foilows: -'iWorshiipiui master, Maynard - Miller,; , wdrden, Palii, ^ejyAi>me, warden, Ray Curinl tf&isurer, Fred: Geig'el;' ttry, Ciiarles Paxson.! Max Milled md resigned as Christmas "with their, son /Cleo and 'family. They plan to drive to California in, January and will stop at Stantbn where their son Jim, his wife, the 1 former " : " • y, • and their Tha Senior MVP plan ta> g* weeks going through the Clinic, Sunday evening to sihg but had Come home between te*fe, and on this visit expected to be hospitalised. Mr, ana) Mr** Ray Cook are leaving tomorrow for the. West. They will be accompanied by Mrs, Frank Verm wihont they will drop off at Flagstaff, Ark., where she will 'be met by her daughter, Mrs. Donald Johnson, of Tenipe. She will visit the Johnsons lor,a time and also see an aunt-in Ranger, Tex., and plans to be gone several weeks Tne CoOks, will go CO Upland, Qalifv to visit their son Don's family and will also sea other relatives in the area, they plan to 'be back' by New Years Day. Mr. and Mr*. Frank Starling left Monday to drive',to California, planning to be away till March. Their destination is Al ameda where their daughter Joyce Nelson and her two daughters live white Mrs. Nelson works in Oakland. 'At, 1 tha December! maating of Order of Easterh Star' officers for 'the year 1967 were 'elected as follows: Worthy "patron, Rair Cunningham; worthy;, matron, Ellsa Cutthlnghain-f^ockiite patron, Robert Williams;; assodat^ matron, Valerie Wilhams. Sec- ter. rotary, Doris iSteyenjitreasurer, Jeari Bolenus; conductress,. Corinne Gabrielsoh;' associate conductress, Nancy Moore; to tine /Temple Board for, a three year term, Josephine Ruark, and to the Board lor,the one year lei't to Doris Steven who resigned, Florence- Bjustrom. 1 Sgt. Robert Batt, after *att- ling Ws family in Algona on their return from Germany, leit on Nov. ,29, at/the end of his leave for North Carolina, thenca to Panama, and' will eventually readT'his assignment in Vie.t Nam. His family is living in the Charles;Clemenit house on? South **?*•'.. > •"'•-! [• • ^ ( 'Mr. and Mr.. C. S. Shiplar left toiay for Neosho, Mo., to visit „ _ „ u4- thfeir.,son-in-law, Mr., and Mrs. ter eugiht years m tliat-position. Cnarles v »Mittag, whose ebn Loiv' •abias baptised by the Rev. William Noiand at the Surtoay morning worship , service Li First" Methodist church i were: Scott Arthur, son oi Mr. and m trs: Sheridan Coakj and ffyalan jloyd, son"of, Mr. and Mrs,' Lyle 1 "ilgren: ^ J ,;.-»' Mr. and Mr.. John Thomp»on today for California 'flying from Fort Dodge to Omaha atiu thence by United Air Lines i? Los Anigeiles. They will visit two daughtars, Carol Jennings and children at Inglewood and ,Mr. and Mrs. Gary Orrlc^ (P»tricla) at Glendale, Thompfpns plan to be away till some time fa Ifeb ruary and will fly home vja Den veir and stop over with Marilyn's family, the Frank Gtith^ls, in Colonado Springs. • Mr*. Gerald Rochleau wa* guest of honor at a Birthday 'dinner Sunday at the home Oi her sister Mrs. Clarence iCasey^ whose son Robert was 15 of? the same day, and this was an an? mial celebration which included the families. Mr*. Anna Seaman entered Good Samaritan Home 'ii on Monday mqrning. After weeks of hospitalization at Mason City she had been in her home here gince last week Wednesday with the son Irvin and his wile who arrived from Lia Mesa, Calif., on Thanksgiving day and will remain till after the New Year. They have been dividing their time between Mason City am) Algona and will remain in his mother's house while here, Tha Algona Cardan Club mat Tuesday afternoon witli Mrs, miUam Dau, Sr., and held a workshop ' making wreaths, swags, and table decorations for St. Ann Hospital, Good Samaritan Homes I and U and ttie County Home. Tha Stanley Mvckey'i dauoh- ter Joap has written thft she sn4 her husband, Will& nwn, wftti their children of .,, aheiin, Calif., will entertain at a family djnner pn Christmas Day planning |or 37 guests. Jn- cluded will be the Jim Shiplers, ien Herbsfcs and Gene Wolfs, all of Anaheim; the Jtob Muck- evs, Los Angeles, glsp Riverside - i1 """^ ^ g Ejjjmgjj an ^ Mrg «»-i, • -m- «*»*w»i sftd Mrs. Wolf is Mr. Srdrc (ormeirly of Wesley. Scene from "Ooldflngar," one of the two Jama. Bond thriller* which will thara the *creen of the Algona Theatre beginnl Sunday next. Oal It Honor Blackman a* "Pui*y Galore." I •ula Andre** it the gal in the other Bond attraction, "Dr. No."- Saan Cannery, af cour»a, It Jama* Bond in both of the United ArtUti re>rek«Mi'ln Tochhicolor. fidget ton, Otang- h§! Mr. ahd MrV.t Cliff WfWnt, Melch>t; tk« Doit' aid T«w family and the Manuel it- -De4 Moinesj nti Iftd Port, Eatherville; Mr, Nels Nelson's. 6tt§H« weft tin d Chtf<w% and Jeanlinc and W. R. dmf«e and Rog* • and Mn. Verle Laird, Mr, and Mrt. Frank Catighy, Spencer. lusic progran itlurt school this Thursday •urt—The Burt school will give the annual Christmas program at 7:30 p.m. Dec, 15, Grades 5, 6 and 7 will give the Christmas Carol pageant assisted by the high school. chorus. There; will also be music by the high, school band, BLUI BIROS MEET The Burt Bluebirds , held a Christmas party at Kathy and Cindy Patterson's. Becky Cran- stan and Cindy Patterson, AT- lene Coady, Marilyn Tigges and Lennice Waltman gave talks. A bowling party for December 30 was planned. Gifts were changed by members. ex- daughter' Shelia, ,now live, and will remain iii the West all win" Mr*;; J! B. Ate i» ; now an outpatient at the Mayo Cinic after release .from St. Mary's Hospi- ial- but J is reporting in daily while suffering .infection in the surgical, incision made two weeks agb. Her brotiheir and his wUe r Mr.rahid$lrs. Ray Rrantz, Titonka, visited,'her Sunday anJ Mr. Asa has ren\ained' there. More than ,110 guests called at the Claude'Ruark home Sun- day'to offer congratulations o.i their 25th wedding anniversary. The'Open House was hosted by the .daughters''Bind'sonsrin-law 01 Mr.' and Mrs^'lliark who are: Mr. and ' Mfs^) Marvin 7 Scihaier and daughter Lyiin, Humboldt; Mr. and Mrs. John Sires, Jr., and Wendy,' Cedar, Rapids; and Ed- ,ith Ruark, who is at home. Among out v oi r tbwri \\ —Thursday Thro Saturday Complete' program begins: 7:30 p.m. A Place Called dlory" 7A9J? "Requiem For A Gunlightetfff ny wiil.be home from the Nayy i Mrs. Ruark's. brothers, and a on Jeave (for an early Christmas. ' sister;' Mr, awd Mrs. Harold From Miere. the v Shiplers will go Stsorns,, Mr.. i and Mrs. Otis . v , . tb,,H6bbs, N. Mex., , and speind I Staarnsi Wopdburh; Mr. and '-» '""• „' ' \ ' ' i. > 'V " ' »v" •'' lugmerMtt nd Aftari 9:24. •--Saturday Morning and noon Only Complete , program bsgilns: 8:30 - 10:45 a.m. - 1:00 - 3:1 Guests Dec. 11 at A. C: Kin ckley's home were the Larry Hinckley's and Cheryl, Oelwein who will spend Christmas,with ner folks, .in .Winchester, Tenn lie Bill, Schatzes and Kevin diar,? Rapids, Don Thomson's klichelle and Scotit, Iowa City. ttrthdays of Don Thomson and Urs. A. C. Hinckley were observed. A birthday dinner for Jeanne Ohafee was held' Dec. 11 at P-m. . . T: "The Plainsman" 8:56 - 11:11 a.m. • 1:26 - 3:41 p.m. ••: —Sunday '• ' '. 4i Complete program begins: ;>. 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. r | "Magic Christmais Tree" 1:463:46 p.m. . ,3 "Goldfinger" 5:14 - 9:16 p.m.J "Dr. No" 7:07-p.m. , ,\l —Monday Thru Thursday J( Complete program bsg.ns: 'ft 7:00 p.m., ' ^ , "Goldfinger" 7:14 p.m. / ' "Dr. No" 9:07 p.m., v —Wadnosday — Late Show J; Complete 'program bsgins: 11:15 p.m. 'ILord Love A Duck'! 11:43 P-m. Mrs. Jci'-in Stearns and family; artd Mr*.' Edgertoa, Woadburn; and a L«rspn rftyrnfd to Rochester by bus from Mason City early Wmfay, #e fe4 beea jwrt of th* pre/viojis two the MethodiAt Y6un« Adult Club, the Merry Mixers, met Saturttoy at the church to decorate the Christmas tree, The Sunday school Christmas program will be given at 7:30 p.m. Dee, 21, There will be practice at 2 p.m. Dec. 18, . , ' . * . The 'Sentral school faculty Christmas party was held Sat' urday at Stubbs Ranch' House. The Raymond Lovstads and the Michael Scotts attended, , , The Acapella choir and Mad rigal group of Mankato State College, Mankato, Minn., gave their Christmas concert on KEYC-TV at 3:30 p.m. Dec, 5. John Lovstad, .Burt, was soloist. The Raymond Lovstads, , Fred Hiitons, , Susan Lovstad, ' Mary Harms and Alice filberts attended the . Christmas concert; Dec 11 at Valley Auditorium, Mankato. Featured were tlhe Oratorio chorus, 'the Acapella choir Madrigal and a pro-musica number. John Lovstad was soloist. Girl Scouts sold 240 cans' of mixed nuts, peanuts and 'candy They got 10% of the $240 to use as their Cookies Camp Fund. I They attend Cookie camp at Clear Lake every' summer. Guests Sunday at (Raymond Westling's for Vicki's 14th birthday were the Harry Haase's and Mrs. Edith Hayenga, Fenton, the Floyd Koepkes, Vem Ship- lers, Dennis Shipler, Val Gene Westling?s and 'Larry Westu'ng'. The Raymond Westling's and Vioki and' Mrs. Otto Westling wora guests Sunday at Val Gene .Westlirag's for. his b'irtihdiay. l -' . The George Manuses were guests Saturday at Larry Manus's for, two .birthdays, Larry's on the 10th and Kurt's on the 12th. ' , f ihursday • t-nday - ^aturaay, u«c. 16 • <6 • I/ jfl "APtME 9 \GULEDGLOar" ^^tMUUm* isCOLOR An Embauy Pictures Release PLUS "REQ1HEH FOR A GUNFIGHTER" Color Stltclion this wttkl! The QUNMORt Model TK5507 Mahogany grain finish ori contempprary metal cabinet. 26,OPQ-vplt Adyanced Q-?6 transformer-powered chassis. Super-sensitive YHF tuhep pigs convenient $!Jcje.-ryji LjHF'tuning. Tpne cphtr9l, ' Electronic Specialties "Pioneer in Better TV Service for Algona" Saturday, Dee, 17', FRCE MERCHANTS CHRISTMAS SHOW -THE PLsmsiwr Shows at 8:30 • 10:45 a.m. -1:00-3:15 p.m. >• . '.'' i TICKETS CAN BE OBTAINED FREE FROM MERCHANTS DISPLAYING THEATRE PARTY WINDOW CARD Sunday Matinaa Only Dec. 18 Shows at 1:00 p.m. -3:00 p.m. JWHILE THEY LAST. A MAGIC • RING TO EVERY CHILD 1 Sunday * Monday - Tuartay • Wednesday. Thursday Dae. II - 19 - 20 - 21 • 22, Starts Sunday 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2! *. Box Office Opani 10:?0 p.m. LATE SHOW OfriKfNJ$SKAT 1966 IS THEYEAR DUCK! INaCTQFPmioaWISP undtr thi tree I ASSORTED CHOCOLATES Mb. $1.70 2 Ibs. $3.35 3 Ibs. $5.00 5 Ibs. $8.00 LITTLE AMBASSADORS... finest miniature,chocolates , lib. $2.25 2 IDS. $4.50 THE GIFT BOX., chocolates and butter bons Im^lir^NrflfWffmtWV^ Give Him * ** ' \ *V-^ 1 *° ^Htr* Kent of London After Shave (...hell get the message.) IVz Ibs. $2.60 Ibs. $3,75 VIEW^MASTER FULL COLOR STEREO PICTURES Th. gill of • VIEW-MASTER Stereo Viewer' and • selection' of Picture Picket* will (hrlll anyone,'any age, •ny Interest. Everyone enjoys exciting lull-color, thres-dimerulon VIEW- MASTER Pictures. VIEW-MASTER PICTURE PACKETS Etch packet •ontalns three 7-scene picture r.elt (21 full-color stereo pictures). Choo». from more than 800 lubj.cti, including fairy tales, adven- lure, cartoon and television favorites, world travel, U.S. scenic* and much more. V'' |: . VIEW-MASTER STEREO VIEWER '1,75 Makaa VIEW- MASTER Stereo < Pictures "come to life," Rugged i and easy to use, ' VIEW-MASTER "«'* Just Like flea//" OthirOiH jdtai fw M Hi«" A brisk, refreshing, brpad- thouldered fragrance! A trilHitf to his good tfiti fnd yours, 7h« After Shave 3. 50, Colo«nt4.50.And,thtr»i$ I complete ^lection pf RAZORS By Sunbeairi, Schick, Remington, Honson in royal red indgold. Mad.inthf United States, s, Billfolds, Travel Cases, Bar ies »»4 Toiletries.

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