Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1966 · Page 19
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1966
Page 19
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FUNERAL OHAKL FIMTON Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors *> . *•'•'• A- V • "••~ - ' ' REiiABLl 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE \: •- !-!..•. i • — • — Funerals May Be . Referred To Us With Confidence RINOSTED PHONES: 886-1006 — 886.1001 — 886.1970 •y Molly Macbdnatd A weekly feature of by<gone days fche It. S. as displaced pfttsons. file, miniature church was dedicated to the membership of the church and to the ttahn's sponsor!, 'Mr." and Mrs. Eugene December «,' 1956 Mr. and flirt, A Wred Hahn W/jre pictured wtth their children Rosalee and Alfred, Jr., as they presented a scale Model of the Trinity Lutheran church to Pastor Luther LPesch. Mr. Hahn presented the model Thanksgiy- mg Day, on the first!'anmvteir sary of his family's arrival in ft* Plumb, Fred KolUuh, and L. W. Nitohals were selected, as Kossuth delegates to the Mate fail* managers convention in Des Moines. > Herman Pooch, Bock, had Woti a trip 'to Florida sponsored by KQTV ift Fort Dodge. She* and her husband planned to leave for a week's stay in Miatni in January. . fh«i daughter of a former Algona couple was' to be one of the 105? Tournament of Roses beauties and would be in the Rose Bowl' Parade. She was Milzi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Albertson who lived here 1935. The beauty's Iowa >ackground Was revealed to the Advance in a note from another oimer Algonan, George L. i*ree, then of Arcadia, Calif. Mrs. Nat Bangs, Mrs. Harry Jreenberg and ' Mrs. Julian 3hrischillcs would conduct Story TinAe at the Algona library beginning'the, following Sat- tion's • ?th annual tax: scho-ol to be held that weekend in -0& Moines. The tWd, wete TV, Ingersoll of Cedar.Rapids a L. Call iDickensotii : . : Boy Stout Tr,d«|» W, M ;% Scoutmaster Jesse- La*hbtooK, conducted a public installation ceremony at Wesleyi Everett .. . . >, , ^ ' *4._ -2,*.l =.VA^*- i** 'i Letters to the Editor Hodgepodge observed; "Wo- Tien'like to be remem,beired on iheir bi'rlthdays if ,memory does ri't'go'ibo far?' Airman 3rd, Class Harry J. Studer, son. of Mr. and. Mrs. Joseph M. Studer, Wesley, had been, named runner-up in the Airman Airman of the Studer Month contest, was cited for his, outstanding performance in a letter of. commendation from his, base commander, Col. W. B Of futt. Th* high bowling score for week, 242, was rolled by Don Winkel at Larry's Recrea- .tion. Others: bowling games of over 200 : were Merle Moore, Or- iie> Petersen, Martin Eiscjhein, Don Petersen, Bob Mittag, Cliff, Tester, C. EJbert and L. Wilderi. Bart was sWttinaiter, U Wesley' troop ahd %1' was Reese Martin. , Mr, and Mrs. Robtrt M«Cu lough, Jerry Lewis, Robeit^f Richardson and Martin Hutoe participated, in "a" 30tK ' presentation of Handel's _iah at Fort'Dodge that' evening. It was the, 19th yea he oratorio was performed, a, Fort Dodge. '*,'"• f Tht D, A. R, m«t at Mr»,Wm. £., Ferguson's for a one, o'clock .unchepn., Hostesses were. Mi* Katheririe Gilmore, Mrs. .Tretti Patterson, Mrs. Helen, .Paxsonj Mrs. Lucille Amunsbn and Mrs Anna Fairbanks. The alumni ,girls o ; f liigh 'school beat 'the girls' basketball team 28-25., pi i;he alumni team were Jeart"' Wilberg, Wanda Olsen!/ Dott^., Jean Cody, all home fi^'Wai] dorf College for" : the wee i lk iW " 1 ' also Marilyn Foley, Velma' son and Margery MPprey v t ; December 3, 1936 ; ,• Santa Claus was to rrtake gala' appearance the next •> in Algona with reindeer, UttU Red Riding Hood in a ponjr- drawn, chariot, an IndiainiJiC^ii Popeye and many moreV' •*• county schools were to be j ed so the children could- en ^ to see the parade arid atitem free movies at the three'^Algons • " " A/Jain, Stem most" unusual reported, bet of the The year was wagered last fall by 'Dutch' Honsbruch and 'Arnie' Ricklefs .they flipped a coin to see which one would shovel the other's sidewalks all winter. . . licklefs lost and the sight of lis shovel scraping Honsbruch's walk; the months is Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Accounts Fully Insured to $15,000 Save from the 15th—Earn from'-the. 1st SINCE 1917 — ALGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $15,000 by the Feaerai Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C. next few. snowy .ssure to warm the heart of the Algona druggist." December 12, 1946 The Nativity Scene, constructed by prisoners of war at the local PW camp, was on display in. i its> iney/npermaneht 'quarters at the Fair Grounds for the first time. The Scene, sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, was set in its new location by Designer Keib and othei PWs who worked on it as one of their last acts before departing for their homes in Germany. Paul Wille, custodian of Ambrose A. Call state park, was retiring after nearly 20 years of service. Mr. Wille was custodian when the park was first opened, in August, 1927. Two. former Algonans wore members of a committee in charge of the state bar associa- theaters. The Kiwanis club was pffer« ing .cash prizes for Tth'e riio^f )sautiful decorated Algona, lomes in. the Christmas/ The judges were to ...,,_,. ri7a ._ n ed by; dub presidehiti|;^;%gHi; Taylor and their namest;;^'""* * >ej kept secret. ..Winnjjjri,. _ ( year before were Irviri^Urch, Dr. F. C. Scanlan and T. H> Holmes. • , ..; .^.•/•w;.. .;•£ University of Dubuque^ students 'home in Lakota foi^ the Thanksgiving holiday; •/were; Norman Frerking, Meriam Heetland, Wilbur ' Hassebrockr Harold Gerdes and; ..\jirgil Smith • "•• ....•;.-.•'•.•"•'••-;•;-•"' v Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan were playing in "Tarzan. Escapes" at the Call Theater. .<' : u I* A local beauty shop was ac^- vertising the Minute Wave as; the newest'thing'iif "Easy to have, no wires attach'- ed to your head." : From the Society column: "Ann Stillman celebrated her I am writing this in reference to the editorial in the Dec. 8 edition of the Advance, t am very much in disagreement with what you 'have stated. (On board tests for cosmotology.) t; would say 50% of the girls Who take up beauty work are hose who have no real interest n it but have a boy friend in the ervice & are waiting away the ime; or those who can think of nothing better to do and don't want to go on to an accredited college and better yet couldn't get in anyway. Also included in this group are those girls who come from the back side of the tracks who ere really not interested in' anyone thing but need to be doing something to keep off the streets. If a girl really loves her work and puts a certain amount of effort into it, she will have no difficulty in taking her state board. I see no harm in keeping a stiff State Board examination. I'M NOT IMPLYING all girls who- fail are daydreamers, slop py, etc. for this is not true. BUI if they were sincere in their see ond examination and did they go back to the school for hell from the teachers on the sectior [that they failed. Only! help am yobd hard work will" be the rem edy. • f Most people are under the impression that anyone can. be a beauty operator if they have failed at all else. It, takes guts day afternoon, December. 0. Mr. «rtd Mrs. Harold Andrea* sen and Mrs. Hugh Post w>nt to Mason (Sty Wedftesday/whefe they visited Uncle Walter Post in the M-rcy hospital. Mrs. Emma Wagner, Belle Plalne, Iowa, also arrived after being notified of his serious illness. Mr. and Mrs, Clifford Krantz Noel of Titonka and Mr. packed and trfajii to tire resf ttinfe.' Report^ Swan and Mrs. Jerry Koestler and girls of Burt were Wednesday ivening visitors in the George Coestler home. <i , Vern Roestler, who has been visiting a few days with his par r aitS, Mr. and Mfs. (fcorgfi Koestter left Friday , tttorning DM. tS—P, P. Webef publ sale, at farm loeaukt »*-mi eastand 1% mile fiottH of'Bttri, Sale includes three tractors and full line of machinery; wagons, buildings and feed plus ft, pickup truck. Charley Quinn/&. Cteir Clark, auctioneers; &ur^ Saving^ hard work. I would say just J abput the same amount of each; :': A beauty operator must be able to determine on the spot: (1) ring worm, (2) mites, (3) ad 'vanced stages of venerial diseases and much, much more, 'Just how is she to learn this unless she studies anatomy, bacteriology, etc? .1 worked for two years with June Simpson in at that time the State Beauty Salon. I ran inr to some awful cases where you need this training and was thankful for it. In conclusion I truly feel 'these girls have to be "WEEDED" out! They're only in there for the ride and it isn't fair to those Who are really trying ] know some who have tried hairc have-' failed but they do have a second chance. Take full ad of it and work ant hard.-- -• We don't want a group of in ^competent girls working on the 'public. You can't please every twdy and heaven only know ''the--w6rld is full of hard knocks 'of Pennspuken, 'New, Jersey, lead quarters for Uttronics Systems Corporation, where he will go to school until' after Christmas. Then he will'go to Flint, Michigan to 'work/ for the same company, He stopped at Cedar Rapids, ort his way to visit his sister, Vickie Ktijestleri. "Today's mighty oak is just little nut 'that held its ground". Services held Thursday for Harold Nelson Services for Harold John Nelson, 52, formerly of Kossuth county, were held alt the McCullough funeral chapel Thursday in' Algona, arid burial was t in Eastlawh cemetery with 'the lev. Walter Mprtz officiating. Mr. Nelson was born June 2, 914 at Bancroft. He had lived n California since 1952. He ied Dec. 7 after an illness, with multiple sclerosis. He was a vat' eran of World War II. Surviving are' his mother Irs. John Sanders, step-father, bhn Sanders, and a brother, Dale, all of Sacremento, Calif., irad two brothers, Francis and LeRoy, both of Algona. His atheir died in 1964. iMilitary services were held at graveside. , Bank, clerk, Full sile details in Thursday's Advance. seventh birthday 'Monday after,- PWhat's good for one is good fo -.^ . _._*„ ^._ ^ Ai »i^jn all Keep these state .Boards the same! Sincerely, Mrs. Daryl Brayton Grundy Center, la. noon with a party from 4 till 5. Guests were Nancy, Joan and Sue Hutchison, Joan Pletch, DI-, ana Falkenhainer, Lois Bern-' srd, Rosalie Halpin, Marjorie 4-H News ALGONA A. O. K. Carols were sung for the half hour of the Algona A.O.K. meeting. Roll call was the name drawn rfor.^ the gift exctjange A gift sent to the University Hospitals at Iowa City was stationery and stamps. Junior girls made gifts for mothers and old er girls will 'meet next week to work on their giftsj Gifts were presented to the leaders. Mrs G. Heimer was hostess. Bad girl brought cookies that were Dewel, Marilyn Tuttle and Vir-| ginia Lou Scanlan. The annual D. A. R. guest day will be observed next Tues- ! day at Mrs. R. P. Norton's. Mesdames D. P. Smith, H, L. Gilmore and Harold Carr will be hostesses at tea. . ." Fourteen Ganzevoort year old Denny of Peterson began Iris hunting career this fall with a very good start. Denny shot a five ' point buck deer with one shot with his first gun he had received a week before for hdg birthday. Portland Mrs. Victor Fitch ASK FOR FREE STIMATEI We reline front i & master cyls., front grease ujl^ Jiydraulic fyiteii^ Inqludihg lylieel l?ra^e linej i y^plaqe & *(Bj>a Santa Suggests RCA VICTOR PHONOGRAPHS AND STEREOS As Uo\y As 18 95 s RAOM I TV ALGONA »»«•««»«««««•»»«•»»»««« •H The Four Corner Social Club Heidi their annual family Christinas Pot luck dinner at the Portland, Community Hall, Tuesday Jifterinoon, December 6th. Members attending were Mr. and Jflr-s. Lloyd Bartlett, Mr. and Bernard Phelps, Merle Phelps. *fr. and Mrs - Donald Rimgsdoirf \Mr. and Mrs. Rollo Moore and lamily, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stewart; Mr, and Mrs, Victor Fitch Mrs. Hazel Carroll, Mrs. Herm an Harms, Mrs. Harold Harms and Mrs. Glen Larsen, The af ternoon was spent socially. The next: meeting will be held Tues f y afternoon, January Srd in e home of Emily Larsen. Mr, . a-nd Mrs. Henry Smitl id Ramona and Mr. and Mrs. .Harold Becker were Friday evening; guests in the Tom Tren- ajy home, for a fish supper. ;|lr. 'and Mrs. Bill Trenary were visitors. Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett iftere Tuesday evening visitors in th^e home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harbours at Swea City. f. Bud Tienans of Mason City yisited Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy |n.d 'Pawl Tienan, Wednesday inorning, bringing with them an ISlectric Coffee Maker, an early 0hris,tmas gift. Th£ Portland Social Club held their annual Christmas dinner ip th,e home of AHeda Harms with Edith Jandl assistant hostess. Members attending were ghirley Lovstad, Elvina Chr !r t- (fnsen, Elizabeth Kennedy, Hn i?el Larson, Effie Teeter. Jo?" phine Arend, Edith Jandl and AJleda Harms. The Secret S ! s- were revealed. There was also a $1 Christmas gift ex and Christmas po 1 read, The next meeting will be held Thursday after noon. January 12th, in the home Of Effie Teeter, in Algona. 'Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch and '' ''$^»<ted the. Arnold. Dan s^ile, east of Algona, Fri WOULD YOU BELIEVE... THE NEW BRADY GRINDER-MIXER WILL EQUAL OR OUT PERFORM ANY OTHER MILL ON THE MARKET? Big claim? Y«u bet it is! And •we're prepared to back it up with proof. Why not let us show you what makes the BRADY the finest in the fie!4 ... at any price. Just ask u» for a FREE demonstration f.n your farm. No obligation, It'» all the proof you'll need! BRADY FARM GRINDER-MIXER Hay and ear corn are no prob- leiu for a BRADY! Grinds and mixes to your own feed specifications. Precision engineered and time-tested t« We»d concentrates, grains and roughage •—use in filling silos. Will deliver high moisture ground ear corn, and ground shelled corn into silos up to 50' high, CARROLL GARAGE LuVerne, Iowa j f ) LET US KohUr Fixtur.* Gas'Co'nversbnSy " and' WEEN COLONIAL AIR CONDITIONING 1 pi V f I * <T T " » « "" REPAIRS- Dodoe , Iowa Phone 295-3234 Christmas comes 'j f '7-'U <*• ' -~V.*.i.k r e » w * *# >, t-k* w . but 365 days a year It's so practical to give an electric gift. You'll make life easier and brighter for your, favorite people. v M All year long, your electric gift will continue to bring pieasure and serve as a reminder of yopr|^ thoughtfiilness. There's a wide choice; of elecjric; 1 ; i gifts for ^Ifamily, home, or persona! usel rriallt- ; ' ing it easy to choose, just the right gift at the price you wapt to pay. And it's good to know that yp • gift coste $p little to operate at our year 'round low electric rates. Algona Municipal Utilities! TO CHARLIE'S SUPPER CLUB IN ALGONA FOR USINESSMEN, CONTBACTORS, MANY OTHERS . . See Chuck McVay For Full Detail^ This

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