The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1966 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1966
Page 9
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D., 1966, be adopted 7" ORDINANCE NO. 41 FRANCHISE FOR GAS DISTRIBUTION AN ORDINANCE GRANTING UNTO NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO., AN IOWA CORPORATION, WITH ITS PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS AT PERRY, IOWA,ITSSUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, THE FRANCHISE AND RIGHT FOR A PERIOD OF TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEARS TO ERECT, CONSTRUCT, RECONSTRUCT, MAINTAIN AND OPERATE A NATURAL AND/OR ARTIFICIAL GAS DISTRIBUTING SYSTEM FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF NATURAL AND/ OR ARTIFICIAL GAS IN THE TOWN OF FENTON, IOWA, CONSISTING OF ALL SUCH EQUIPMENT, MACHINERY, PIPES, FIXTURES, TANKS AND OTHER APPURTENANCES AS MAY BE NECESSARY OR USEFUL FOR SUCH DISTRIBUTING SYSTEM, AND TO USE AND OCCUPY THE STREETS, AVENUES, ALLEYS, BRIDGES AND OTHER PUBLIC PLACES WITH GAS MAINS, PIPES, PIPE LINE CONDUITS AND OTHER NECESSARY .OR USEFUL APPLIANCES OR EQUIPMENT FOR THE -SALE AND/OR DISTRIBUTION OF SUCH GAS IN AND TO SAID TOWN AND THE INHABITANTS THEREOF, AND OTHERS, AND TO SELL, TRANSMIT AND DISTRIBUTE SUCH GAS TO THE TOWN AND ITS INHABITANTS, OR OTHERS, WITHIN OR WITHOUT THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE TOWN FOR LIGHT, HEAT, POWER, FUEL, COOKING AND FOR ALL OTHER PURPOSES, AND PRESCRIBING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE GRANT AND THE PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION OF SAME, AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. . WHEREAS, North Central Public Service Co. has requested a franchise to arrange for the distribution of natural and/or artificial gas in the Town of Fenton, Iowa and said corporation is desirous of arranging for such distribution of gas; and, WHEREAS, it is deemed to be to the best interest of. the town that arrangements be made for such distribution of gas and that North Central Public Service Co. be granted a franchise therefor. . .NOW, THEREFORE,. BE IT ORDAINED, by the Town Council: • . Section I. . That the Town of Fenton, Iowa .hereby grants unto North Central Public. Service .Co,, its suc- • cessors. and a'ssigns, 'a non•exclusive right and franchise for a period of twenty-five(25) years from and after the date of passage,, approval and publication of this ordinance, to erect, construct, reconstruct, malntainand operate within said town a natural and/or artificial gas distributing system, together with all appurtenances, pipes, machinery, tanks and appliances necessary or useful thereto, for the distribution.of natural and/or artificial gas for the purpose of selling, distributing and supplying.such gas to the town and the Inhabitants thereof, and others, together with the right and franchise to use and occupy the streets, avenues, alleys, bridges and other public places of said town, as now laid out or hereafter extended, with its gas mains, pipes, pipe lines, distributing lines, conduits and other appliances and appurtenances necessary or useful for the purpose of maintaining and operating such gas distributing system within the town and the right and franchise of selling, distributing and supplying said town, and Inhabitants thereof, and others within and without the corporate limits of said town, with such gas for light, heat, fuel, power, cooking and other purposes, subject to the terms and conditions of this ordinance, as herein set forth, and repealing all ordinances In conflict therewith. Section n. Grantee shall construct, maintain and operate or otherwise provide a modern and adequate natural and/or artificial gas distributing system for the furnishing, sale and/or distribution of such gas In the town as soon as a supply of gas is available, and said system shall have adequate capacity to furnish the reasonable requirements of said tcwn and Its inhabitants with gas as may be required to furnish adequate service within the said town. The grantee shall not be required to extend the distribution system for customers until the grantee Is able to ob- . tain sufficient gas for such extension and until the grantee has been assured that it will have such additional customers under contract to use its product as will assure the grantee a reasonable return on its cost for any such extension of the distribution system. Section ffl. In order to effect the rights granted hereunder the grantee Is authorized to make all necessary excavations in the streets, avenues, alleys and other lanes and. public places of said town, but the same shall be done with the least possible interference with or inconvenience to the public individuals, or public property ; and the grantee shall, in all cases, restore all streets, alleys, and public.places, and all pavements and excavations, to their original condition; and in laying mains and pipes, the grantee shall conform to all reasonable regulations prescribed by the town to prevent injury to the pavements, streets, avenues, alleys and .public places, and grantee shall, not unnecessarily Interfere wlth,,.'injure .'OF change"^ any pavement, "water pipes, •. drains, or sewers of said town, either public or private; and the grantor agrees that after the grantee's distribution system has been constructed, the grantor will not interfere with the location of said distribution system without reimbursing the grantee for cost of such interference or .relocation. Section IV. The grants herein Contained are upon 'the express condition that the grantee shall be. liable for all damages caused by the • • negligence or mismanagement of grantee, its agents or employees, in the construction and maintenance of said distribution system, and it shall protect said town from any and all ;liability therefrom. . Section V, That the grantee, in.addition to saying the town harmless from any and all claims'which may be' . made against the town by reason of or on account of the con- ' struction, maintenance or operation of the plant, distributing, system, arid other construction ' • erected and maintained under or by virtue of this franchise shall, defend any suit brought against' the town on account thereof at its sole cost and expense, and should any judgment be rendered against the town as a result'of said .suit or suits, the grantee hereby 'agrees' to pay said judgment, and the record .of the' Judgment against-said, town in. such suit shall be conclusive • evidence to entitle said town .to 'recover the amount thereof •from said .grantee. .. .••'•' ' Section VI. • ' ' . ' That if the .grantee fails to ; perform any of. the conditions, requirements, duties, or obligations herein provided tq beperr formed by said grantee, the town may 'cause to be served upon the grantee a written notice in the manner provided for serving- Original Notices in civil actions, which notice shall specify the particular conditions, duties, ob- .ligatlons, or requirements which it is claimed the grantee has failed to perform, and if the grantee shall not-perform such conditions, requirement's, duties or obligations specified In said notice within thirty (30) days after the date of the service of said notice, upon a proper showing made by the town before a court of competent jurisdiction, the court, at its discretion, may order or refuse to order the performance of such requirements, or may grant a forfeiture of all the rights of the grantee. Section vn, That all the provisions of this ordinance shall apply to the sue- cessors and assigns of the grantee with the same force and effect as they do the grantee Itself. Section vm. That all ordinances, or parts of ordinances, Insofar as they are In direct conflict herewith, are hereby repealed. Section IX. This ordinance shall take effect upon Its acceptance In writing by the grantee, filed with the Town Clerk within thirty (30) days from its approval by a majority of the electors of the town voting thereon at a general or special election as provided by law. Section X. The grantee shall pay all expenses Incurred In the preparation and publication of thlsordi- ance and the grantee shall pay the costs Incurred In holding the election to submit this ordinance to the legal electors for their approval as provided by law. Section XI. Whenever the term "grantee" Is used herein it shall be taken to mean and include North Central Public Service Co., 'its successors and assigns. PASSED, ADOPTED AND APPROVED, by the Town Council on the 13th day of June, 1966. /S/ W. W. Joiley Mayor, Town of Fenton, Iowa Attest: /S/ Paul W. Eigler Clerk, Town of Fenton, Iowa POLLING PLACE The polling place for said election shall be at; the Community Center, and the polls will, be opened at 8:00 o'clock a. m. of the forenoon and will be closed at 8:00 o'clock p. m.. of the evening Of said day. /S/ W. W. Joiley Mayor of the Town of Fenton, Iowa ATTEST: /S/ Paul W. Eigler Town Clerk Town of Fenton, Iowa (46-48-50-51) FOR SALE, gen'l ^^ i FOR SALE* 1962 Chevrolet Impala hardtop. Excellent condition. Contact Stanley Black. Ph. 924-3427, Burt (49-50* FOR SALE - Hampshire Fall Boars, serviceable age, best of quality, Bangs tested and vaccinated. JOSEPH. SKOW, Wesley. (46-50*) FOR SALE - 1200 Hy.-Line laying hens. Have been Ih'procructlori for 9 months; also Hen-Made roll-away nests. Charles . BjustronvWhittemore. Phone /* 153 ' '••••• (49-52*) FOR SALE -.1961 Ford 4-door, good. .; .Special $525. 4 wheel rubber, 2 seats, horse buggy . ...only $75. Riding Bolens • mower,- clean . . . $125. WALTER J. BRADLEY, ALGONA.. . ' . . .(5.0-51) FOR SALE'•- 3-Bedroom Home at. 509. No.- Church St., 1/2 • block from Catholic and Lutheran churches. VERNELL LUDWIG; "•:'•. (SQ.52*) FOR SALE - 300. Feeder .pigs,' three-, way. cross; also- re* • . gistered Angus bulls. Jack Henry. • Phone 295r2006. • ; ' (49-50*)' ELECTROLUX - Sales & Service for. Algona and Kossuth County area.. Contact DEAN PREN- • TICE, 115 g« Grove St., Algona or Ph. 295-7047. • (46tfn) FOR SALE - IHC-8ft.Windrower . . -in A-l shape. JOSEPH SKOW, Wesley. . (46-50*) • • . 'REAL E.STATE ' ' ' ' 'FOR/SALE • Thinking. of building a retirement .home ? You might; like . • the' newly-graded lots' located . 2 blocks North and 2 blocks East of St. Cecelia's churcJu Ph. 2&5-S271, (4Y-50) HOUSE FOR SALE OR RENT Two bedroom . with garage. Priced, to sell. 1515 E. Oak St. Phone. 295-2388 (49 tfn.) ' FOR SALE'' T 1959. Pacemaker Mobile'Home. -Good condition. Will • take -reasonable offer, Write. BOX. 175, Algona, Iowa. FOR SALE . 240 Acre's. Farm in southern Minnesota, Mower County, Good fences, and buildings. Nice modern home, See or call FRED SMITH, Adams, Minnesota. (47-50) FOR SALE - Near-new year- round Cottage on Fox Lake, Minn. Fully equipped. Contact PETERSEN HARDWARE, Rtngsted, la, (46-51) HOME FOR SALE BY OWNER 2-3 bedrooms, recreation room In full basement, garage with concrete drive. Desirable family location in Algona. Phone 295-3197 (49-50*) 'FORRENT Thursday, June 30, 1966 Alaona, (la.) Upper Des Molnes-9 sXsx^x^x FOR RENT - All modern 3 bedroom farm home near Algona on blacktop and bus route. Phone 924-3671. Burl (49-50) FOR RENT - 3-Bedroom Home, gas heat, finished basement, garage. Available July 1. ph. 5-2759. (50*) "'JAWED"' WANTED: Assistant Diesel Engine Operator. Starting salary $300.00 per month. Fringe benefits include, pension, vacation, group insurance and paid sick leave. Apply to T. James Palmer, Superintendent, Algona Municipal Utilities. (49-50) WANTED-OUitime wooden telephones. Phone 889-2924 after 5:00, Fenton, la. (49-M-31*) HAULING - Rubbish, miscell- anpous. O'BRIEN TRUCKING SERVICE. Ph. 295-2624. (50) MR. FARMER - Something new In farm property Insurance. If you want more protection a broader coverage - fair claim settlements - low rates - see L. S. BOHANNON, east oflowa State Bank. (50) FARMS FOR SALE 1 20'« 1 60's 200'$ 320'$ Wilbur Chriitenicn TOWN & COUNTRY SALES Owatonna, Minn. FOR BETTER QUALITY AND MORE BALES PER ACRE, LET US TOP DRESS YOUR HAY GROUND AS SOON AS THE FIRST CROP IS OFF. FOR TOP YIELD RECOMMENDATIONS SEE US ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO SO. PHILLIPS HOMES FOR SALE SEEIEY'S SEAL OF SECURITY FARMS HOMES LOANS'APPRAISALS YOUR SIDEWALK OF SECURITY NEW LISTING ACREAGE Southeast of Algona. 3 bedroom ranch type home 8 years old. Full basement. 18 acres of timberland May assume 4>/2% G.I. Loan. 3 BEDROOM home located between Hood's Super Valu and Catholic church 3 OR 4 BEDROOM home with family room and partially fin ished basement. All carpeted. Includes water tofte nef and built-in stereo component system. 3 BEDROOM — All pn one floored years old. Living ' room carpeted. Mastern bedroom carpeted and Air Conditioned. Finished Family room In basement. Single garage with paved drlvtwoyy Patio area. 2 BEDROOM - 2 story. Kitchen, Dining room on ffnt floor. 2 bedroom and bath on second floor. Close to Catholic and Lutheran Churches. Single garage. SOLD ... SOLD . 905 N. Wooster Home in St. Benedict Seeley Realty Co. (over S&L) I7>/2 E. STATE Paul M. Seeley, Realtor Arnie Ricklefs and Ji-" Geelan Merle A. Seeley Office Phone 5-2350 Residence Phone 5-3174 5-2491 Leo FranW 5-5479 USED MACHINERY TRACTORS 445 Row Crop Gal 1595 M-5 Gas Tractor $2995 MM 4 Star • Sharpl __ $2395 M-5 Gas Tractor $3195 MM ZB $595 MISCELLANEOUS JD T Semi-mtd. Mower $195 JD 9' Semi-mtd. Mower $185 Schultz Flail Cutter, 80" $345 MM Semi-mtd. Mower _ $115 Nl Semi-mfd. Mower _ $145 Meyer Portable Elev. __ $295 Kewanee P.T.O. Portable Elevator $395 Kelly Ryan P.T.O. Portable Elevator $425 No. 6 J.D. P.T.O. Shelter on frailer 7 $795 1200 MM ___ $1245 1200 MM Shellmaiter $1375 No. 200 IHC Spreader . $145 12A N.I. Spreader ___ $175 RW John Deere Tandem disc $455 No. 37 IHC 13' Tandem disc $495 Mocraft 7 hp Riding Tractor with 36" Mower _ $525 Stan Hoist Loader with Snow Scoop $195 '60 AC PTO Combine _. $225 A6 Cose Combine $125 '65 Case PTO Combine $475 MM 9 ft. Uni-Combine - $625 BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT 1015 No. Main Algono Joe Bradley Bargains TRACTORS 1965 Model 1650 Oliver Tractor only $5400 1963 J.D. 20-10 tractor, only 700 hours $2850 M-H-30, Mech. Lift., OH - Ptd. $ 375 MM-Z $ 95 AC-WC $ 250 J.D.-A - Bad Trans $ 95 IHC-F-20 $ 75 MM-Z __„.$ 125 MH-101 Jr. $ 275 1958 IHC-350-D - Hyd. TA (Sharp) $1500 J.D. - "B" Powertrol- Rollomatic . $ 600 AC-WC $ 150 J.D.-A - 6 Spd. Str., Its., . P.L. -__...$ 450 MH-30 - Depth-O-Matic, Clean ^ $ 450 1953 Oliver 88D -Complete OH _ __$1750 1955 J.D. No. 50, Clean Live PTO ! __$1250 IHC-H - Very Clean ___$ 595 AC-WC - Lights, PTO __$ 150 MISCELLANEOUS MACHINES J.D. - No. 45 Loader Manure and Comb. Buckets $ 300 IHC - No. 30 Loader for "M" .___„._.$ 200 Hahn S.P. Sprayer - 24 H.P. - OH $1550 Comfort 6 Row Pull Sprayer - 200 gal. __$ 225 Oliver - 40 S.P. Combine - Corn Head ___$4250 Cockshutt - 10 ft. S.P. Combine $ 250 Oliver No. 18 - PTO Combine - Good $1050 M-H No. 60 - PTO Combine $1100 IHC No. 80 • PTO • Hume Reel, Hyd. __$2500 1961 Lundell Super 60 Flail Chopper with Cornhead $ 795 FH 83 Gehl Forage Har- vector w/both heads $1375 BU 82 Gehl Forage Box _ T $ 395 New Jdea Model MB- 600 Forage Box ___$ 875 TRUCKS 1954 Ford 1 Vfe T., duals 4 Spd. Flat Bed $ 550 1954 Chevrolet I 1 /* Ton Comb. Box - Good __$ 695 1957 Chevrolet 1 Ms Jon Good $ 850 1955 Divco Milk Del Van with refrig. ___$1050 1959 CMC, V-8, Lub., 2 Speed ,. $H95 1959 IHC • B112 % Ton 4 Spd., New Comb. Box $1050 1963 Ford - F-100 P.U. 8 Cyl., Bumpers, R & H, Large Box, Real Clean __ $1750 1953 Ford - F-700 Tandem, Aux., 3 Spd. _.$1975 JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Phone 295-2421 Algona, la. Pit Barbecue Feed In Park — Armstrong, Iowa July 4th Serving to »tor» at 11 a.m. Giant-size Beef Sandwiches, Baked Beans Pop Corn, Snow Cones sponsored by St. Mary's Church Armstrong, Iowa BY HERBST ••••••••• Fantastic HOME BARGAINS These MUST BE SOLD this month — Owners' Sacrifice — Buyers bargain. (1) 2 Bedroom — 10 E. Kennedy — One ttory with attached garage; carpeted living room, oak floors, full basement; BUY with small amount down and take over Low Interest Loan; This Home new 16 y*ars ago. (2) Older 4-bedroom — spacious; just repainted iniide and out; close-in; 302 S. Thorington; was $4200.00. Save $500.00 NOW .. ... ..only $3700.00 HERBST REAL ESTATE JOEL M. HERBST & TED S. HERBST over Penney's 295-3733 HURRY! ONLY ] DAYS IEFT ON OUR NEW CAR SALE! FREE LICENSE PLATES FOR NEXT 3 YEARS WITH EACH NEW CAR SOLD THROUGH JULY 7 26 NEW DODGES & CHRYSLERS TO CHOOSE FROM '65 Dodge Polara Station Wagon. Loaded-Full top carrier-A beauty. '64 Dodge 400, 4 dr. A one-owner in beige color. V-8, auto. '64 Pontiac Tempeit Sports Coupe. "326" V-8, Stick shift. Coral color. '63 Oldtmobile 88 Holiday 4 dr., H.T. White with red interior. Nice. '63 Chrysler Newport 4 dr. Air Cond. Turquoise. See this. '63 Chrysler New Yorker, 4 dr., H.T. Only 24,000 miles and like new. '62 Chrysler New Yorker. A black beauty with very low miles. Drive it. '61 Oldsmobile F-85 Deluxe Station Wagon. V-8, Auto. Very clean. '61 Plymouth Belv., V-8, Auto., P. Strg. A low mileage one-owner in white. '61 Plymouth Belv., 4 dr., V-8, Auto. Bronze color. Only $560. '60 Ford Foirlane, 4 dr., 8 cyl., Overdrive. Only $495. '59 Chevrolet Stat. Wagon. I 6 cyl. stick. Only 37,000 j actual miles. '57 Ford Fairlan* 500, 2 dr., V-8, Auto. Red and] white. '55 Chrysler, 2 dr. Hdtp. Way above average. '55 Chrysler, 4 dr. Runs good. '54 Chevrolet, 4 dr. Only $75.00 '50 Chrysler, 4 dr. Clean and runs good. $60.0>0 '51 Ford Vfe ton Pickup, 8 cyl. PERCIVALS DODGE * CHRYSLER SO. PHIUIPS AWQNA

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