Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1966 · Page 16
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1966
Page 16
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"i ' .>' "i \ 4-AL06NA (if*.) ACVAMCI 4 THURSDAY, PEC. IS, Algona Library Opining Hour*; Mem,, Tue§., Thur., 1:30-6 p.m.; 7-8:30 p.m.; W«d. 9-11:30 a.m.; 1:30-6 p.m.; 7-8:30 p.m.; frl. 12« 6 p.m.; 7-8:30 p.m.; Sit. 9-11:30 a.m.; 1:30-6 p.m. ; History buffs will be delighted with four books whtoh :&fc peared on the library V Selves for .the first time; this month. Probably the moat outstanding one is Winistori S. ; 'Ofturbnill 1874-1900 by his son Randolph Churchill. This .biography !oi Churchill's early years has bean ..auded by critics and .widely quoted in the : press. TIME'S hard4o-please reviewers, give this capsule summary of an earlier detailed account: "1'ne unhappy, harum-scarum Victoriar uporinging of the greatest pub- he figure of his age, WrJbten with ; com passion and restrain! by hi^s only son. - ..•'"'.>..'« The citner three acquisition of initerest to the history-mind ed arp My Father's Mountain Mt. Rushmore by Uncoih Borg him, an account of the creatia of the carvings with outstanding Tolor' photographs; ' Anieiriic political Dynasties irom Adams i!p Kennedy by Stephen Hess and The Sound of Belts /by Eri ' ' '' ' . . .. Two; more books from ithe "F6j Ten of the b^st seller lists have been added: The Passover Plo by Dr.' Hugh J. Schonaeld, am Rush « to judgment by Marl Lane. ' ; ' •-- V .'-o/u " ; - : '" Entertainer Steve Allen has written a new book, now in the Mibrary^-llhe Ground. Is Qur Table, a serious look at the plight •- of the • southwest farm worker. Bob Hope's latest, Five Women I Love/ recounts his iViet'Nam. - ._, Dale . Gostz. and Mrs. Kunkel and Mrs. Joe Goete. Rose Hauptly received the travel pfiJW. The Goetzes will have ftie next |M,fty. ,, * >i 'The Alvifi. Beckers had tiheif §00 Club Sunday. Prize winflti-s tfere Joe La '' *~ bier, Mrs/Bill Becker. The L5«>y etts will have the next party, January 8. . • •' • • ' ' ••'-;*£. tl *• Mrs. Ben G. Studer entered thfe Britt hospital Sunday for medical care. Sunday guests of the parental, Mrs, Justine Becker's; were the Harold. Beckers, Algona, and the .Ray Brcka's, Forest / dty. The Allen Vaske's,, Bancroft, Were evening callers. • The Arvin Larsens, Lester Larsons and Cliff An fins ons attended the' funeral" of; Oscar Larson at the Lutheran church in Clarion, Dec. 7. j ^ Wesley township Homeiiftiaik- ' AUCTIONEER CLAIR CLARK is shown duringJhe auc- tioV of the Grant Consolidated School furnishings last Tuesday. A to6il of 310 sales were made and a total of $1;340 was taken ln."f:''0aTky ; a Well-known auctioneer from Ceylon, Minn, and Ledyard, said it was an unusually good sale with a fine crowd. "Folding 1 Chairs went for $3.75," he said, and "arm chairs for $7:50:".One of the highest priced items sold was an antique cloctf told to O. W. Blomster of ;Swea City for $61. W. L. "Bjizz" ; Reynold^':-a Grant high school graduate and a former school board member, bought the old school bell for $51. Proceeds from the sale will be divided between the Swea City and Grant school districts i with two-thirds going to Swea City. era held a Christmas party at he Charles Nygaard's Tuesday. A. 12:30 dinner was followed by a program; lunch and a gilt exchange when Secret Slaters were revealed. Nam as wfere drawn for new Secret Sisters. - Mrs, Arthur Saastad (Myrna), ton Diego, Calif., came Dec. 1 :o visit her parenits, the Ben G. Studers and. other relatives. Dither Sunday guests of the Studers were Dr. and Mrs. C. J Primising and Cecelia, West Bend, the Roman Rickes, Ban croft, and Roland Waldsch midts, Spencer. [ , Mrs. Helen Youngwirth came me Monday from the home, of her daughter, the Julius Becker's, Livermare, where she had Been three months. \ Relatives who • plain to be, guests at Charles Price's Christmas Day are the Valgene Hausen's, Cedar Falls; Curtis Ras- Other new books include Ess, Ess, ;Mein Kindt by Harry ; Golden, a new novel by Aociia Rogers St; v John •entitled: TellrNo Man,:-and April Cursler Armstrong's What's Happetning to the Catholic Church? • l' ! For,; the many who • are always on the look-out lor new' ; cook- boola, the library, has two new onesi"; Peg Bracken's Appendix to the I hate to Cook Book, and The Seventeen Cookbook. ;v Antiques You Can Decorate With by George Grotz has' just been, .added to the shelves, as ftaye : ;: Fitness : alter ' Forty ; ;.',.by ^ric|Tayiori Isometrics by : :^sii dore: Rpssman, 1 'he New Waiy t Live With Diabetes by Cliarteis Weller, and an illustrated volume on Pop Art by John Rub- lowsky, \ .•••••' ;•"!:':'• ;;' jl LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF SPICIAL ILICTION TO ILICT MIMBIHI Of -THI OOVIRNINI • , . • ; t .• • T- ',-}.;• j, t .- • • held Tuesday by Wesley C.O. A. 1 Wf»ley;."— Catholic Daughters of ^AriJflrlca had thecr annual Christinas ! jparty Tuesday in the parfeh hall. There was a gift ex' tee .Jweife Mary Bode, Magdaline Forburger, lmit>- Mildred Ajrndorfr er, : >.ilwy' •• Weber, .. Agn.es Liick; ' 1 2 and Jo Harigl ' Mary Hruibes Judith, Otis, Ruth YpuBgwirbti Ro3em?|ry , ;Diprhibiier, Sslmi Cruise and Margery Goc'tz (Bill) WILL BE NAMED Bannis ; of marriage were pub - ' St. Joseph's Catholic churcli-Sunday for Fran RipMs meiisr,' ? and :• Stanley • Bagsilrom ' i'of. Mian , filll Foreat (Dity^ -Mid Mts, Price's mother^ Mrs. Gay Mdnsoii, Mason City. The Charles Price son Doll leaves Dec. 26 for Fort Bliss, Texan, as he has enlisted in the army. A group of relatives and riertds spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Patty paughan for her birthday which Was Dec. 9. The Fred Seefelts write from :heif wimtfef hdftie in Weslaco, Texas, thai they are enjoying Beautiful warm weather. They elt the first qf November:. A birthday dinner was held Sunday at Leoti Gardner's for •heir daughter, Marlene's 18th birthday and for the birthdlay of Leon's mother, Mrs. Marguerite Gardner, Algona, and the second birthday of Gardner's grandson Bobby Tull, Mason City, which was Dec. >8., Other guests were Curtis Gardner, Algona, and the Harry Tobins, Charles City. Mrs. Clarence Nelson and her brother, Jos Eissnbacher spent on^ day last week in. Sioux Falls, S, D., where they visi.te'd their brother-in-law, Ja, ke Strauth, Wilmont, Minn., a patient in the Vets hospital there. Me 1 ; has been there seven months. . ; Joe, Eisewbaeher had major surgary in the Britt . hospiital last week. He was brought home Sunday. Other Wesleyans in the hospital were Ffedv Edeti, Mrs. John Statt, fclof and Frank Johnson. . Mr?. Mildred Arndorfer had het SHdge Club Satuf day. Mrs. fietftice was high «eo*eiv Mrs. Jo Meuef Mrs. €5haftes. Price and Doit vtstted thcif daughter and Don Price his enilMed J iti the and tefcvei Dec. 26 for YOUR ENJOYMENT SATURDAYS I ho cy Nichiterns, Spencer; LelaiMJ Knudtsons, Estherville ;'..'• CLiar- man Niohtern, Fairmont, Minih. A 1 . J. Weirs',. and .Charles;'. Weirs j-raettimiger; Forest Perdies immetsburg; Harold Fisihers lurlew; Edward Otises, "' •• Joe Gostzes and Lester Blaines Wesley. ' ., CHORUS ON TELEVISION The Varsity chorus "o* G>arri- gan high school gave a vocal program over tlie Fort .Dodge TV station at" 1:30 Sunday. Sue Nelsoa, daiughiter;? of the 'Clarence Nelsons arid Kathy Plaithe, daughter of the Iplfprd'Plaithe's St. Joo, ware the piano' aidipom- pain ists for the 78 .singers. W.es- Icy stuldents in the chorus were Patty Loabig,. Becky arid Sibeye Walker; ••';; Licktsig ' St. .Joseph's Guild will have a Christmas party in. the parish hall Deosmber'iSWj. Circle: 10 and Circle I are in charge. A potluck dinner Will bs served 7 at 6:30 p.m. The circles will fyirnisih the meat disih. Bingo will be played. The Nuns will bs guests. SCHOOL DATES The annual Garrigan ' Christmas program will b3 Sunday at , She is;ra daughtair of the A. N; Q p.m. Christmas vacation and ARIA COMMMNITY COUIM, THMI •(!) WHEREAV tHe, Sti»b Bogrt ,of Public Instruction on October' 28; 1966, did direct Zell Berry hill,. >CQunty Super-, intendent of Schools 'in and ' tqr Emmet County, lowo, to coll pr>d conduct a special election,to choose, the members of the Initial • governing board of the Area Community College officially designated as Merged Area (Education) fhr'ee' (3} PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT . a special election to elect a mtsrti- ber of the governing board of sokf cArea Community College from Dl- .rector District VII will be held-In the Algona Community School pls- trict, Kossuth County, Iowa, on the twenty-ninth (29) day of December, 1966. The polling place (s) ' (Precinct No. I, Algona High School, and Precinct No. 2, Whjtte- more City Hall, 'and Prccipc't No. Ji, Riverdale Community Center Bujld- . ing) shall be at : Algona,. Whittemore, and Riverdale Community Center as defined in the resolution adopted November 14, 1966, and the polls will be open between the hours of 12 noon and seven o'clock. P.M. with voting precincts as follows: Precinct No. 1 All that portion of said school, district lying within Cresco, Union, Plum Creek, Irvington, Wesley and Prairie Townships, including all incorporated cities and towns located in said townships, and the polling place for said election shall be at the Algona High School Building located at •AJgong, Kossuth County; Iowa. Precinct- No. 2 All that portion of said school district lying within Lotts Creek and Whittemore Townships, including all incorporated cities and towns located In said townships, and the polling place for said election shall be at the City Hall in the Town of Whittemore Kossuth County, Iowa. Precinct Nio. 3 All that portion of said school district lying within Riverdole and Sherman Townships including all incorporated citic: and towns located in said townships, and the polling place fo said election shall be at the River dale Community Center Building lo cated in the Southwest Corner p the Southwest Quarter (SW'/ 4 ) o Section Fifteen (15), Township Nine ty-four (94) North, Range twenty nine (29) West of the 5th P.M. Kossuth County, lowg. Terms of members of the board of .direc tors shall be three (3) years except tha members of the initial board of director elected at the special election shgll de termine their respective terms by lot so thpt the terms of one-third (1/3) of the members, as nearly as may be, shall ex pire on the first (1st) Monday In Octobei of each succeeding year. The newly elected board of directors shall organise within fifteen (15) days following their flec- tion upon the call of the Emmet County Superiptetudent of Schools. /s/ Vaughn K. Rising Secretary Algeria Community School District. Published in the Algono Kossuth County Advance, Algoro, lowo. 8 <Md 15, 196j6. . Richtsnieiers, Wesley, teaches in > Wayz_ata. A ber :3|0,;;\v;eddiing is planned. FAREWELL PARTY The ,,Ralph. Weir's- had as guests- NOV. 27, as a farewell party; for i their son Terry who eft foMvNavy service, the Harv- gins at 2 p.m., Dec. 21 for St. Joseph's and for Garrigan. Classes will resume, Jan. 3. Cor- with-Wesloy schools will dismiss at 2:30 Dec. 22. The John Hildmans had their 500 Club Sundays Piize winihers were Joe Goatz, Otto Fox, Elsie You are cordially invited to visit our Diamond Room and view the finest collection of diamonds in this area, priced from $ 39 to $ 350,.. 9w3y from exifs. For Car or Home ' Hundreds to select from now at . . Cbecl< -for . soqfcefs, do$€ collections WRAPP1N6S of Your Al|ona Fire Department & Mayor Relax in privacy and comfort and let us sljow you our beautiful diamonds this Christmas! Your credit is good at Rusk's . . No down payment . 19 months to pay . . . Piscounts given for e«sh. Rusk Drug & Jewelry A SAFE anil MERRY CHRISTMAS William J. Finn, Mayor Ralph Eibert/ chief Chester Will.y, H*rry Barton $t»n Muckey Cy Vtnteicher Boo Liing Hank Gfilenfeld Pon Shermtn Rex Vpyles Pon Pftfr»on Jim Utt Kenneth Jim Romer John Levy Gene Schattschneider Wayne Meyer Clarence Metiger Jim Ngington Darrold Schmidt Parold Simmons Dick Lallier Richard Frideres Howard Forsberg Orie (Byd) Petersen, Jr. Pon Mtyt r FIREPROOF YOUR TREE! Mix together HV Ibj. of boric acid, IVa Ibt. Borax «nd 3 gallons of water, Thoroughly «aturat« the tree and allow to dry, Let's make 1966 a Fire-Safe

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