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Richmond, Virginia
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vwv Obituaries 2 Lifestyles 6 Comics 7 Entertainment 8 Tuesday May 9 1989 ifaljmonft Sftiwfg-BUpatfb 1 1 i imm rw Charles mcdowell 1 Vi more inches of rain on state North verdict and the fever By Peter Bacqnt could pour of rain onto saturated ground and into its already swollen rivers is on its way from the Missouri Valley whole state will see heavy said Rick Winther of the Richmond weather service office: far as flooding it depends on how much we get in the headwaters of the rivers and the duration of the storm? Or as state climatologist Patrick Michaels said yesterday appeared however that the state would be spared the sort of vicious thunderstorms that hit Satur-day That day had a recorded wind of 79 miles an Winther said highest wind ever recorded at Richmond International Airport was 68 tnliaa an hour during Hurricane Hazel in he said wonder we had so many trees Within the past 10 days the state has seen two flooding storm systems Richmond has received 153 inebes of rain in May Winther said while the normal rainfall for the month is US infiim WASHINGTON The Oliver North verdict threw the newspapers television and radio thus presumably everybody into a swivet As for me I was in a fever But my fever was a measurement of transient illness not of preoccupation with the North case So I audited the news dimly for two or three days and kept going to sleep when I should have been provoked One early line of interpretation of the verdict did get my attention That was the neat notion that North had won his contest with the prosecutor 9-1 This was drawn of course from his acquittal on nine counts and his conviction on three My own view donded by more temperature than I care to admit to here was that a once important operator in the National Security Council and a man seen by some Americans as a national hero has not won much when he is convicted of three felonies Analysts inclined to defend the secret sale of weapons to Iran and diversion of the profits to Contras noted that the folonies of which North was convicted were peripheral matters little more than personal indiscretions by a patriot easily forgivable My dim idea was that the jury had done just about what it could have been expected to do once it got a sense erf the conspiracy in the White House: The jury refused to hold Noth responsible for themes established by his superiors He was a good Marine he followed orders He was a bright one too he got the drift of what was expected of him and then innovated Now be was on trial as scapegoat for the whole enterprise The jury understood him pretty well and felt sympathy for him But the jury could not conscientiously let him off free and dear It convicted him of personal wrongdoing in instances that went beyond orders and even variations on themes established by his superiors mond had 415 indies of rain ground is said Or Michaels a University of Virginia environmental scientist it would not take a lot of rain to pro-duee This is as wet as been at this time of the year for several yean The potential for spring flooding is greater than it has been for quite some Rain is expected to begin falling this morning in Southwest Virginia and the skies will begin to doud over with high-vaulted moisture Thoee storm clouds will spread the rain carpet eastward by late morning ana continue overnight Wednesday morning have up to an inch and half of Winther said Henrico 409-acre Park on Darbytown Road is dosed and will remain dosed until Saturday because of the substantial tree damage the county said The athletic fields however are available for use Virginia Power had returned electricity last night to almost all of the 50000 Richmond region subscribers who lost power Saturday a spokesman said Those violent storms find their birthplace in warm air in the lower atmamhere inside low-pressure systems but Winther said "The levers weather will stay south of us Continued on page 4 coL 1 Staff photo by Alsxa WWch 427 inches of rain 137 inebes above April 23 until yes-o weeks Rich fell on the ca normal And terday just two AWASH Water lapped over the parking lot and around a kiosk at the Pony Pasture in James River Park yesterday The James River'S flooding also closed Riverside Drive Assembly lobbyists spending more said By Michael Hardy wealth who released the reports this total is likely to climb even because 10 lobbying groups have not yet filed 1 spending statements Under state law lobbying groups have to report spending between mid-November and the end of the annual session or roughly a four-month peri-y soundly defeat wists to disclose four-month peri-defeated a meat-their year- annual if inn od The 1989 Assembly ure to force the lobbyists A legion of lobbyists spent $345 million this year trying to win the hearts and minds of Virginia legislators a record amount for a short session of the General Assembly according to the secretary of the commonwealth The mending spree is just slightly under the high-water mark for all Assembly sessions set last year when the well-paid persuaders shelled out $18 million for the full 6eday session The Assembly met for only 46 days this winter but the latest lobbyists? disclosures snow that their has increased enormously over the last i of I felt worse in my sickbed A week earlier I had looked at the specific charges and chosen the illegal gratuity (a $1300 security fence) and the altering and shredding of official documents (evidence crucial to our system of justice) We the jury could convict the accused on those counts while sparing a scapegoat harsher penalties on the others One other kind of charge had worried me from the first obstructing Congress and lying to Congress There were several of those and they were crucial to upholding the constitutional principle of checks and balances between the White House and Congress North looked guilty here bnt was he Just going along with what he took to be his wishes? The supposedly unsophisticated jury handled the dilemma with precision It found a count on which North could be found guilty of and the obstruction of Congress The Constitution was honored but the superiors were implicated in the defiance of it I the instruction Gerhard A Gesell that we should rise above the argument that North was following orders in his transgressions if the orders were illegal having followed them was no defense We not only took that defense into consideration but built our whole verdict around it for one feel vaguely sorry about that and will have to talk to some law professors or somebody to try to get my bead straight This notion of North's superiors' implication in most of the charges for which he was tried (and in many more that were set aside) is not a terribly complicated matter for some people Oh they worry about future trials and investigations but not about the remarkable scheme that brought on all this trouble They say North was right and his superiors were right to sell arms to Iran secretly while denouncing terrorist Iran publicly to divert the profits secretly to the Contras to raise other money privately from earnest citizens from international adventurers and from foreign governments to finance a controversial American foreign polky and relentlessly to wMMd and lie to Congress about it in the name of patriotism I had almost for gotten that some otherwise reasonable people passionately defend all that With the Noth trial I could see a revival of the old righteousness Then I thought I saw such a level of iiuUgmUwi at a merciful verdict that I was inclined to blame my impression on my own fever The righteousness persists It wasn't my fever trailed at $57075 Much at the money went to pay sala ries The VEA had the largest contingent at thfi session mistering 42 people to spread the mes- sage on behalf iff state teachers: A few lobbying groups however spent tens thousands of dollars to entertain ana feed lawmakers at lavish get-togethers -i Philip Morris had two paid lobbyists at the session but the manufacturer filled many cook mittee sessions with workers who oppoeed a bill tif restrict smoking in supermarkets and ban it in a few other public buildings I That legislation was defeated Instead the law- makers passed a measure that temporarily pro-hiUts localities from enacting ordinances to des-c ignate no-smoking sections in private businesses The legislation also forbids state and local gov ernments from requiring their employees to ab stain from tobacco use as a condition of employ Continued on page 4 col 1 round outlay About 950 lobbyists business or Interest groups registered for the session and 85 spent more than $10000 trying to lawmakers to pass or kill legislation Generally the biggest reenders had the most to win or lose on proposed legislation In many instances their spending seemed geared to the hottest issues at the if lion Philip Morris USA the tobacco company that is the largest private employer led all spenders It reported spending $74282 The No 2 big spender the Virginia Education Association In 1980 for example lobbyists spent a relative pittance $11 million attempting to get their way with 140 lawmakers The $345 million expenditure easily eclipses the $2 million spent in the short sessions Of 1985 and 1967 A spokesman for the secretary of the common- Davis fan offers traffic record Arrests continue as coal talks begin year incumbent at the Democratic' convention May 20 -The challenger could not reached for comment yesterday but1 his campaign manager Craig' Bieber accused Davis of use of the office and its resources to dig up dirt on his Alex Zack who identified himself as campaign manager at- tended the news conference Davis was not there The traffic convictions occurred between 1977 and July 1987 r- Only one conviction for Improper driving in Hanover County occurred in the Richmond area Most were In Northern Virginia- Kaestner described them as a iff both major and minor including time reckless Continued on page 4 coL 5 By Michael Paul Williams TIbms Mqitt staff witter Joseph Morrissey who is seeking to unseat Aubrey Davis Jr as attorney has been convicted on 41 traffic offenses in at least six jurisdictions a local lawyer announced yesterday Joseph Kaestner a self-described Davis supporter handed out bound copies of traffic summonses and arrest warrants at a morning news conference on the steps of the Department iff Motor Vehicles on West Broad Street who acknowledged he acted with knowledge said the court documents were together by a variety of people in various Jurisdictions working over the last several Morrissey 31 a former Davis assistant is trying to unseat the 16- By Bill McKelway Times Dhpstck staff writer As federal mediation of contract negotiations began hundreds of miles away in New York yesterday the Virginia coalfields re-mained a scene of tense confrontations between striking union miners and scores of state police United Mine Workers leaders meanwhile said that the threat of monetary penalties arising from injunction violations would not stem efforts to stop coal traffic Buoyed by cheers and shouts of solidarity more than 125 miners and supporters were arrested yesterday in an oft-practiced choreography that feat HU to curb beepers have someone with decision-making authority present at the table a step Awaiting miners next Tuesday is a pivotal Circuit Court hearing in which a judge is expected to act on dozens of alleged violations of earlier iqjunctions that prohibit mass picketing and union violence folly expect to be sent to union strike leader Marty Hudson said yesterday when asked about the possible outcome of the hearing Hudson 32 a highly visible figure at picket lines and the principal architect of the civil disobedience campaign against Pittston said his anticipated arrest for Injunction violations would not stop the union effort else will step in and take my he said predicting also that Circuit Judge Donald A McGlothlin Jr would levy penalties reaching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the violations Company lawyers have asked the court for penalties iff $2 million for each violation is no question that the hearing will be a turning said Russell County Attorney Dennis Jones court has to do something to see that its order has some force that obeyed So far that Described yesterday by Pittston Continued on page 4 coL 5 loading camouflaged pickets Corrections Department buses i The arrests yesterday were for ob- structing traffic as were the hundreds that have preceded them over the course of the monthlong strike Neither Pittston Coal Group Co nor union spokesmen commented 'yesterday on whether any progress was made in the New Yon contract negotiations the first since Pittston and the union accepted the intervention of federal mediators last week I expect any significant de-velopmentsr said unioo spokesman Joe Corcoran as he watched the arrests at Moss Preparation Plant "But for the first time in 20 months Pittston has agreed to HAMPTON (UPQ Hampton University as part iff an effort to prevent drug selling is requiring students with beepers to register the devices with campus police The college is the first in Hampton Roads to restrict the use of beepers which drug dealers use to communicate with potential customers Under the recently adopted policy students with beepers who have not explained their purpose to campus police will not be permitted to -nave them in class Alan Colon vice president for student affairs said the policy does not mean there is a current problem with beepers and drugs on campus He said it is measure meant to prevent future criminal activity is not a single case where I can make a connection between beepers and (felon said University officials said they recognize that some students carry beepers for legitimate purposes related to Jobs But the university will retain the right to determine whether a beeper's use is legitimate officials said Staff photo by Bob I Lying in wait? This egret picked a serene site in Prince George County to look for something Perhaps it was lunch or perhaps it was solitude Whatever it was for a time at least the bird had most of this spot on Upper Brandon plantation to itself -'h -A 4 4- in iM MWtiwioidia 4 injefr frfrfr fr fr fr tilth fr.

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