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Franklin, Indiana
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THE FRATJKUN INDIANA) tVtNINO STAR Wednesday, August 21, 1940 Ptf Fcuf A SIDE CONVERSATION The Franklin Evening Star ir-ry Tr.lrn Surdity. News EVERYDAY- By Harvey Jacobs Delta Zeta To Fete Freshman Women Meeting Held By Temperance Union CIndianapolLs young women who will enter Franklin College. Indiana Matter at Franklin, I'ontnffir. W. V.

A I TONS, MRS. It XT KF.IJ.KnS. W. W. Alkrr.

Mtncr. Ti r.Ms or srr.sciurTioM. pr CnrHrr, fT writ 12 Hv e'nrn-r, r-r yur, In $5 Pv f'nrrtrr. In n'1rrp f' lly CirrlT, 3 nmr.Mi. In n.lvsnr I I'v Mull, in Ailvnnr Ttnrnl Ton'.

wrMn county, ynr 110 will In o.urty, monlM I tiittitl nf ln.Mti!. 1 rnr (into. I if r. tin. Mb 'n tvtitvn I v.

f' University, DePauxv University and According to persons returr.ine from there, if cne would like to cet away from all thLs talk abaut war nnd bombs he should po to a rountry at war Canada That seems stiance'y ironical, but it's true. One man recently returned firm a Canadian vacation of hunting and fishing, says that his landlady was apparently even anncyed by the war-questions coming from the mnnv vacationing Americans. "tiw American." flic explained, "is continually ask Miami University will be guests on Mrs. Trmpleton Gives Farewell Talk Saturday Of the Indianapolis alum- at Tark Trosram nae chapter of Delta Zeta sotority. Guests will be entertained with CThe W.

T. U. re-ular meetin-eames. and a luncheon will be for Austist was held Monday after-served at Cifaldi's. 110011 at f'011'- Park, with a tarpe Members of the Franklin Col- i number of members present, lc-e active rhantrr who will assist I The meeting opened with group ing us about the war and dLs-ctissinii it day and night, Why.

we dmt know anything about it. and we ID 4) SUSTAINING with arrangements are the Misses Edna Agnew. Freida Coleman. Florence Wagner. Ruth Ann Kerlin.

Ruth Morgan. Marjo-ie Kramer and Wanda Simpson. singing and Mrs. George Mickel led the devotional riod. Her theme was -God is cur refuge and a very present help in time of need." Mrs.

Henry Hit ks conducted a very impressive nice lor white ribbon recruits and tied the ribbon cn little Jimmy Lee Green, young son of Mr and Mrs. John Green. A temperance story, entithd "A Privilege." was told by Miss Nellie Moran. It illustrated the importance of standing by convictions, regardless of what cithers think. MrMnrn tt'- rnnps aps n.

WFDNFSnAY. AUGUST 21. ir40 cnim.E thought Ard he i I ill. to me Mv grace Is suffr'en- thee: fm my sMrnOh is made perlcct i'l weakness M.i'i Jadlv tin nt.e.e will I rather clory in my in-fnnuU'v Hi the prwr-r of Chiist may rv-t upon me. 2 12 ') much interested.

It's a lonj way frrm here As far as are roneemrd. it just hardly exists at all." Clt srms that in th.e t'nited States, ith our rare-headlines, cur scare-broadcasts, and Cur professional rare-manufacturers fi-om Washington to Goats Cro-inc. have been given a chronic case of jitters Certainly this is nc time for the opposite condition a false of seem it but th? pendulum i-s far in the ether direction now. In one way it looks to me a.s if we are playing the audience' in this awful tragedy. Or.

perhaps ii you have a strong cf humor, you might call it high comedy. Take the official communiques of the military commands in Germany r.rd Enuland. for example; specifically, the "plane sreres." The German ver.sion beein.s: "On Wednesday the German air force brought down Tri-S Club Names Off icers For Year C.The Tri-S club of the Franklin high school held a pitrhin supper Monday evening at the home of Rob? Marie Kinnear. After the supper officer? were elected. The new officers for 1940- 41 are: Norma Mitchell, president; Pauline Pruitt.

vice president; Dorothy Mae Samlers. secretary; Marjorie Cooper, treasurer; Julia D.maree. reporter. 146 British planes, while only lfi German planes were lest." They may even break th? fiaures down, such as; i "2(5 planes shot down oxer Germany 20 planes destroy- I ed on the ground in England and 100 brought down in aerial ccmbat The British cme a -running, as if to say: "Now don't belirve th.osp Germans they're all liars for we 14fi German planes on Werinesdav. los- I i Hear Rrports.

i Miss Grace Wright broueht echoes from the National convention. She war; very much impressed with the i large number of ycrng women prcs-j ent and th; value of their program 1 in every remmunity. One of the first reeemmendatiens for next rear's work was a greater; i cn spiritual values of life in every rrlation. personal, lamily. social and i political.

i It was reported 253 new Union." nad boen organized in the past year nnd 22.442 new members added to the raster. i Mrs. T. P. Trmpleton gavo a re- pert on the recent conference at I Eothany Park and conducted a busi-' scsion.

It was annonnr.ri Frank Spencer had been as a delegate to Tri Delta Alliance To Have Lawn Party COpening the pre-fall season, th? Tri Delta Alliance will have a lawn party and picnic nt 6:15 o'clock Monday evening at the home cf Mr-. W. H. Schlcxser. 99 North Forsythe street.

A ccvereddish supper ill be served and the active chapter of Tri Delta is invited to attend. Hostesses with Mrs. Srhlosscr will be Mrs. R. H.

Sellers and Mrs. W. R. Johnson. lilRDS OF A FEA 111 Ell What of uniioly alliance Is this? In New Jersey sexeral hundred members of the Km K1i; Klan are npeiid torrtntherirs xxith 1 Ttnan-Amene Bund members at Can 4i Nnrdlard.

the Hmi'1 200-acip ramp Kl.m ollicials denied that there was any itkio.c'0 in -i of the two ionizations they met together vxell. just because they met together. The Kl.insnitn ve bv tile ineffable Aumrtus Klijptott. successor to I'titz Kuhn. now unfoitunatclv prevented from atMidinc by the fart tint he is in Jail Bund "stoim tioopers" took charge of things and made the sheeted KluT-men welcome.

English xa. spoken. What sort of a connection, if any. between two ornanir.iticns is predated bv this nieetina. we ran imarine What common ground can be found for of (in rise nit ins.

so utterly different antecedents nnd iipjMient cbje(ts'' There must be such a common cround. for it is bur's of a leather, we are teld. which tlok to tmd only one: hatred The Oilman government to which the Bund delerr. pot its stait bv neddhr.u hatied of ermns.

Tlie Ki did the inu Today they mav r.ot ex en unit. on the same roups it this they have in common- thty build upon hatied. they exploit hatred, they create suul ir.lla'e hatred for their own ends Americ a has time for his kind of nonsense to MA Srvl. to. ina only 16 British planes." cs.

one day lie figures were exactly reversed. And I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that thrse "mr.nufactui rd se res" are created some may be as act urate as -visible ith more view to United States consumption than to home readers. Funny business, this war and terribly trapie is the role we play. Cloning such a time of strain on democratic methods it was certainly shocking ta hear a presidential candidate challenge his epponent to personal debate, as did Mr. Some time ago.

when some political BiK Mcutli was hurling mud. I heard H. Kali en born sav something like this: "These charces may be true, but it would be better in a democracy if he would thal-lence to or-n debate. This would be the democratic way" I felt that way. to and mentioned it here.

But. aln.s. one hardly dared to hope for prepress in riemo-rrntie methods now But cne need not approve of Mr. Willkie a applaud his eonrac in pre posing suc de- Miss Marie Redwood Ift Pfirttl UosteSS the State convention of the Youths' for rxfi x.ri- Tru.vvsH va Tciiipmnrp Council It Happened In Indiana BACK TRACKS WVM (- VCV lightful party Tuesday evening at Redwcod Lodge, south of Nineveh, in honor of Miss Pansy Norton of Miami. Fla.

DISCUSSES WELFARE WITH COUNTY BOARD CVirgil Shepard. asusfant director of the State partment of Public Welfare, visited the Jchnson county welfare board meeting Monday night to discuss with the members soni projiosed new welfare rcanla- Guests with Miss Norton includ- cd Miss Marie Goth, V. J. Cariani of Nashville. Miss Suanne i EIGHT YEARS AGO Mr and Mrs.

P. E. Vandivier. Mr. and Mrs A niSTINGl ISHEI) HAT.

C.Fredonia. Crawford County During the early days the postmaster. Allon Tlicm. carried the first-class mail under his hat. Leon Vandivier and MUs Ruth Bur-1 1 ions govrrnine old age assistance.

pat tine from indirect political harranguos If the President is th.e man I think he is he will come down off hi.s hieh horse and accept the challenge. If he'd like to maintain his recrrd as a breaker cf out -worn customs, here is one to break. Mr. Shepard was accompanied by Winebarger. Miss Martha Ilirsh.

Mrs. Caro Hirsh of Fort Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Harry ckman, Mr.

and Mrs. Jack Graham and Miss Pa-tiicia Throckmorton cf Franklin. Aug. 28 to 30 in Hcllenbeek Hall nt the Y. W.

C. A. budding in Indianapolis. Send Delegate. There is no Temperance Council in Franklin, but th- local Union was asked to send a representative.

In Mrs. Templeton expressed her deep appreciation and thanks for the finr co-operation in ihe work cf the Union lor the past live years served as president and asked the members tc be loyal and faithful to thr incoming president, Mrs. J. W. Patterson.

Mrs. Templeton said all were concerned for the welfare of the nation and anxious to do something to aid their beloved America in this time fen were dinner guests hist of Mr. pud Mrs Jr-se Ellis in ch at a dinn given f.r their sen. Carl of Scht net kIv. Mrs.

E.lyth Nrrwick. district repre- When he met anyone for whom he sentative of the state department, had mail, he took off his hat. there-arid the two led discussions of rules by "opening the post office for bu.s-ncw under consideration. The state incss." pave them their mail and r-- Society Shorts Washington By BRrCE CATTON. NEA Serrlro SUff CrreincJet.

Mi's Maude Roach was hostess for workers are sounding out the wel- placed the package of letters in his ihe Alpha li Ias at her home in fare beards of each county with re- hat. This same postmaster. Allen the Hopewell cemmuuHy today. card to the proposals. D.

Thorn, helped write the first con- The annual reunion of the de- All except one member of the stitution of Indiana, srrved as pri-scenciants cf G.ore.e and Marjaret board were present for the regular vat secretary to the first Governor. Alexander was held at the monthly meeting. Routine business and was first Adjutant General of McCsshn home this xear. 'was disposed of quickly, and the re- the state. CMrs.

Edith D. Brown and daughtor. Jeanette, entertained with a dinner i at their home Sunday. Misses Lois. Marv nnd tTliiiheMi MePnslin nf I i We are sine faith and a crisis the Johnson countv niainder or the evening cievoieci 10 a A concert ox- works will co toeether to bring our band directed by Gilbert Hender- study of the plaivs explained by Mr.

day We hae a job on our hands. We have a splenihd. tvautitul country, nr.d a free way of life to defend We to defend it We no eais foi wh.o would make a ind a fallmc of ir.ciMn.; h.itted that wou'd (Hunie us, Auietu a to all of us to Tiotestant and Jew and C.entde and without defined rtln ious'f; to whi'e and to lkh and noor nnd nil th.e millions ho stmcffle daily for their bre wi'h no wish but to i. in and quietude iiehe's orronrvsiTY CThe mad both for the toveinm'-nt and private industry, for expenenced meihani'ts and technically men to lotm the bukbone ot the national defense ptnviam be a lesson for all your.a Ameitinns of the future. It should show them the way to pcimanrnt employment, senility and oppntunity unlimited.

Back in the lush days of the tolden era of the 1920 a so main vpum; ti donned wh.ite collars that the inHiatixe of As-etu an youth became stianuled. A lot of those (ollais ciicUi tit the boys who were wearing them. A lot oi those boys were made to be electricians, tool-makeis. plutr.heis or maybe even rs But those when salaries were in etry branch. xeryhody seemed to want a job wliere they could sit around with their feet on a desk, dress Miappdv while they worked and feel like the real Mr-Coy even th'X weien't.

Mubo those boys in the factory were mukitv: more, they thought, but they had to sweat a little bit tor what tr.ey pot. It wasn't so bad b.u in the 1920 because not many i Mieparti. sen will bo civen re tonicht to advertise the fair. Milton Bronrer. NEA Service1 Staff Correspondent CWashingt: The boys cn ongressional hill are doint a lot of talkimz about conscription versus voluntary enlistments tc build np an army.

A study of enlistment figures for the first six months of 1940 prrscnts some inter sting points. Miiitiiuu, iisi, ixrir mr guesus oi honor. Othor guests were Mrs. Min- nie Ditmars. Miss Jessie Covert.

J. W. Ditmars. Mrs. Olive Dungan.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Thurston and daugh- tcr, Carolyn, and Mrs. Belle McCas- lin of Shelbyville.

AI THE COMFORTS OF HOME. CThe first jail in Marion countv. Indiana, was built in 1832, sire 34x13. at a cost cf $599.87. It had two rooms, known as the criminals room and the debtors" room, as individuals STONES CROSSING Bv Mrs.

Thomas Dorrell. Jr. C.TEX YEARS AGO Miss Mildre Prichard and Ray A. Lain were mar- country safely through problems not jonly created by the liquor traffic. but also the threat of international i conflict.

To promote general wel- fare was never a more serious re-jspcnsibility than now. so it behooves us to be steadfast, loyal Christian I citizens." she declared, This was the final meoting con-i ducted by Mrs. Templeton. Sire has i i I 1 attendance could be imprisoned for dtbts in ion niiti.i woiiciti. jtM insiHuiv.

me ii stairs hi iwr jei Wednesday basis cf enlistments are most military -minded. Figures rf evening at the 's mother. Auburn. Sunday, was 115: offer- those days. A certain cithen i traeteci richt.s continually which be msr.

S615 show th.ev are Kentucky and Texas. Their enlistments 1 running 10 cr cent cf were in the van for the country. i Educators Club En jojTs Outing Rosii; faring the Shelbyxille has started. Work on repairing th.e Si The Invincible class will meet at could not pay and practically made Phi i the debtors" room his home. He was Tliursriav nr v.i i.

y. i Still going on porcentaecs. southerners are more i and Kappa Dcit fraternity 22. Fitchin dinner will be served. Visitors at Mt.

Auburn. Sundav i h.ousCs is almost ccmplete. i Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williams of belligerent than their nc rthern kinsmen.

The states which contributed 9 per cent were North Carolina. South Carolina. Gooreia. Tennessee. Oklahoma and Colorado.

mcivniiiii it-era Mr ant! Mrs Plalld? Providence. Aug 21. The Edu- ine union iaiuminy aim viators' club, composed of voung peo- Hcfrntly for the past five years and Pie of the Providence '01'k Ls lv appelated church, enjoved a picnic in the form members. Mrs. Patterson will of a hamburger fry at Brown countv wwne her new office at the next State nark on Tuesday niaht I meeting.

something of a mechanical genius, and it is said that often removed the door to the jail and hid it in the mill jxmd or river, then spent the day leisurely strolling the streets, unmolested bv the officials. Ala are vim mg rt- fam of Indianapo. Ruth Sloan. Mrs. Yv Hams sis- Wavne Brown and son of jter.

vvho has been abroad, will ar-1 Boo on Mr an(J Mrs Rov nve f0r Coons and son of Greenwood and CThe least warlike states, on the basis of these en The Monday meoting closed with. After supper, a business the Aaronic benediction. was conducted around an open fire. NATIONAL DEFENSE IN THOSE DAYS. Alonzo Cook oi providence.

HV SnW Tnrtnri I Mrs. Wilbur Stone and dauchter. Members were asked to join other li rTn Kniltl-l rt-l- KrmPlorv C.rumc. church members on Monday, Aug. 26.

in helping gravel the church parking lot. i Janet Sue. and Mrs. i nomas uori en spent Wednrsdav afternoon with Imrg. Is Soldiers" Circle, where the Mrs Smith and children.

ar ifac1 of th A. R. are buried. cu x.innov Tho graves are arranged in the C.Siglus about town on a Dollar Dar listments, are Ohio shewed only 2 per cent. Nevada, censidend the pink of the shooting, scrap- i Wild West, also showed only 2 per cent.

Out of its estimated 101.000 pev pie. only 45 went to be soldiers in Uncle Sam's army. 1 Th- states witli the biggest populations and with four or five largest cities in the country present the fellow ir.e parentages: New York. 4: Pennsylvania. 7: r.lnv.os.

3. and California. 4. There are several explanations why strictly rural i states, as a rule, show better enlistments than the 1 i The next meet inn ill be held Window is fun K-ur. on Sept.

16 at the heme of Mr. and and th.e often lead to sale The We Saw editor and Puppy, of Indianapolis spent Tuesday eve Mrs. Harold Park. McLary-Jamcs Rite Is Announced Today Announcement of the marriage of Mis.s Betty James of Martinsville and Jack McLary of ha.s been announced. The marriace took place Sunday veiling at the summer home of the Rev.

Glenn Tudor at Bethany Park. The single ring ceremony was witnessed bv Mr and Mrs. Fred Avres. Rev. Dudley Strain is sponsor of the group.

ning witn Mr. nun mis. i nomas Dorrell. Miss Martha Jane MeCarty was the dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs.

Guv Tracv, Saturday, and all at- the eftieo strolled out to s'f v. liat ihe Dollar Day shop rrs xxere i doing, and. perhaps spend a dollar, (too. Puppy's tastes seemed to run to brieht toys and it xxas hard to shape of a Giant horseshoe, in the center of which is a flag pole. In this circle are graves of John and Elizabeth Finnern.

who served together in Company D. 81st Regulars. The inscription on the grave stone reads as follows: "She served in male attire until her sex was detected, when she was detailed as a nurso. serving three years." WjTick Family Holds Reunion pet her away from a tank of grid tended a tlr.ater in Indianapolis iish. Howev.r.

we managed to iet Saturday afternoon. CTwenty-seeond annual reunion of bl vas craduated from the the Wyrick family was held Sundav 1 Martinsville, hi- srhool with the her interestl in a witli red buttons, and she lei us buy it. Just a dollar for all that nice color. at the Center Grove school. A larg lnss of 1939 nd thp room from 1hp more metropolitan states.

One of 1he surmised causes is that young men in cities pet better wages than those on farms. Also, travel and excitement premised by the army have a stronger lure for the farm youth. Takinc actual figures of enlistments for the first six months of the year. leads all the states with 7411; Texas comes second with (1(148; and New York third with 5471. Men used to toting shoot in" irons all their lives are the men from the west.

Hut statistics shew very few of them have been lured into the army by posters. They have stuck te their farms and their ranches. crowd of approximately 150 relatives nlBh M.hool in 1935. He Mrs. Martha Brubaker of Beech Grove spent Sunday at her home here.

Barbara Ann McKinney Is visiting her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Otto White or North Vornon. Mrs.

Francis Rund spent Saturday was present, including several from Amntnvfvi with the Inland Con- people were out of jobs. was purring alona at top speed and mot firms could atlord to keep a lot of deariw ood in the ranks to take are of odds and ends Came the depression, however, and the young men who had been oolitic their heels on class-topped desks, started pounrimu tham on concrete pavements in search of jobs Bui thy weren't i.ilitied to do anything but white-collar woik by mno. Many of them didn't have the initiative to cet Mit and cet a real job. A lot ot them made some of our fancier WPA xvoikers. Most ot the boys who devoted their energies timing Ihe lush to a real tiade.

were safe during the depression. In fait, the better half of those trained ui wne cinmnd at all times They mad fairly zood sal. durinc hard time.s and they are making more money than a great many of the wh.ite collar tiibe now niar.y xounc who have -cane lit in' and are tin woild without a th.ousiht of "woik-iim" for a hxnis: M.u!v th.e current d-umnd for trained men for the puviam will make the a l.ttle dealer. In 'ion wi lt th.e preparedness progiam. the nt is cond-u ting a seiies of civil service for tiairrd weikefs- not a sinsle " ttllai Mi is in th.e lt lelnsed from What kind of v.otkets do(-s Vndr Sam want? Well there aie ciper ittr of tool giinehng madur.e.s.

in-Mmmrnt irakt is. lion ot kers. tvl and guaee aircraft met hanii armament boihu makers, tt and scons and votes men ecpupivd mentally f.nd to h.un.dred.. of tasks whidi require seveial Kokomo, Kansas and Michigan. tninpr nfrnorntion in tnriiananolis.

LICK SPRING CMrs. Chclsa Scott spent one day last week with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sanders north of Southport. The Sanderses were formerly of tlie Jollity neighborhood.

Mr. Scott had 1 C.Fall millinery is enticing. A new hat gixes a flip to the of Svv.m beginning to i i lock a bit p.u.-e. Still the swim- Officers elected were Marshall Wy- i Mr. and Mrs.

McLary will be at home in the Blair apartment. rick, president: Ray Kiphart. vice president; Ruth Kiphart, secretary- i treasurer. Martinsville. over by nnv 111 Miss Helen Rund has accepted i ming sea on is no i moans.

taken his father on to the hospital It as voted to hoki next year's re- 1 position with the Sugar creek Thrre was a good many out to practice at Mt. Carmel last Friday at the same place and time. Creamery in Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs.

Claude Keesling and children. Robert. Carolyn and Mari- rfiervous Restless nite for the community sing to be CTh.e U. S. Department of Agriculture decs not send i aeents around sayinc "Ban.

baa. blark sheep, have you CAmong the flchts was a near-acri- ary wroP but it has managed to cet figures showing rirn w'nrn mctorn barged around that for th present year the quantity of wool shcrn North Main street corner on to from American sheep ill be abmt 389.000 000 pounds, -left otson street against traffic. Some That will be 11.000.000 pounds more than last year's i drivers do net play cricket with th yield and the bkcest domestic supply on record. traffic li-ht gene. A group of All cf which Is the od.

because Uncle Sam Is coins l1 sitting in the floor of the Entered In Show CFied Sharps Stable Inn farm of Aucust 30. The Association imceting at Lick Spring will be held on the first Friday night of September tlie usual meeting date. Girls! Crar.l-y? He' 'less? Can't leep Tire easily? Aunoyr-i tv leninle i dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.

McKinney. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Stone and near Franklin i.s included among entries for the annual State Fair horse show to be held in September at Indianapolis, it has been announced. Attendance at Sunday school 55.

$1.08. We are not sure of tire attendance a.s one of Mrs. r.ii'l luoi.t! iv try Lyd.a E. l'mii Wk Uible Cotrpcuiud mi's is risnioii.i ior l.rlpin; Mirh rundown, nerxvius cor.rftt Made eTrrialy for women. TRYING! Franklin theater Ic.bby dl-cussm? daughter.

Janet Sue. and Mr. and the cars they are going to buy some I Mrs. Thomas Dorrell spent Sundav day. One said he as going to have evening with Mr.

and Mrs. G. M. a convertible because they are peters and son. "snouzy." Tlie last word in coupes.) Theodore Rund.

Glenn and Ken- to wfir.t a let of wvol blankets and clothes for his expanded army and navy. AKo. civilian consumer demand is expected to increase because of increased incomes, and the war will probably cut down the amount imported from Gieat Britain. Lcckhart's little boys fainted, at the CPreston Schaffer, Blue River township trustee, was in Franklin on business Tuesday morning. I beginning and some had to leave.

He was better again on Sunday eve no doubt! neth Rund attended a theater in In- ning. to master. s1 't to Vv sn.ffed at. wed say! Olar.c-lisT we f.nri a day. $0 an hour AM :h.a! i.p and see pew mar.v of your tvs t.

or.t much each Jens et it an The d.u i ltis: ever file nr.d the wh.i'e collar F.iMndax Ahart Scott is getting alcng ly from the operation of cataracts on dianapclis, Sunday afternoon. Hold Fish Slipper Miss Rasemary Payne visited rcl- Bareersville. Aug. 21.

Mr. and jatives in Illinois last week. CJareb Thotkelsrn is or.e of the best by-your-leavers in th.i- Congress. There is an old custom in both ues that when a member does not wish to speak on the floor or cannot crt the proper time, he may ask 1 Tin tn AM 1 ills, rs. 1 1 vi do jfjrioLru vji i last Mrs.

Earl Utterb.wk and familv en-! Miss Kathhen Murray and Law- Tnesdav morning at the Methodist for unanimous consent "to extend my remarks In the tertained Friday evening with a fishjrence Dorrell visited Mr. and Mrs. i10epital Record supper in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ed-iLoran Bills and daugnter, Anita, in several from this church went to La'ely ThrrkcVn l'1 teen filling th.e Record ap- ward Utterback and son.

Noble; Mr. Tndianapolls. Sunday evening. pjue Baptu-t church on Sun- pendix wi-ii pieces. And it is an very tunie.

Because and Mrs. Em st Utteroack and 'day. Those ooing were Mr. Gc forth bak in the first Montana district, the daughter and Mr. and Mrs.

Edgar CMr. and Mrs. Carl Schrader and and family. Mr. and Mrs.

Ed W'ilhite denied him a renominatjon. Utterback and daugliters. After a children have returned from Bloom- Mrs. Kiphart. Mr.

and Mrs. Burge The Objective Of Every Banker IS TO OPERATE AND MAINTAIN A SOUND AND PROSPEROUS INSTITUTION. Adequacy of Service to customers and facilities that meet every banking need are factors that promise Success. A Continuous Grmrth In Deposits And Resources Is Evidence That We Are Maintaining These Standards! MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation delicious suppr, tlie evening was -t ington. where they tprnt the week They all enjoyed dinner with Mr.

(Ccprrght. 1939. NEA Rernce, inc.) m.iv be a little slack iit tile moment tor the aitrv taxx iv.t we with patriotic piide p.v'.e ttoup Congressmen went to the White House ai their tc RtHXsextl ri those pvi muntti.Mis plants in then lfspiMtlVe COls'tlttS. Because of th.e war Ameti.a is making its own bas-mh for the fitst tire 1'xl years. Tliat bl winj our own ru bars jvtir.g rvir'ies after dark, another reason why ch'mtHtaij' should not perish from the earth.

spent informally, with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Utterback telling of their recent trip to California. end visiting Mrs. Shraders parents ancj MrJ; Altman of that church Dr.

and Mrs. Ernest B. Linton. On Lick Spring church has been new-Saturday they joined a party of painted, a gift of the church aid. Eloomington people ho went on a plans are being made for another r-rs 1 1 trntn rt 1 -Kuai USUI IV Jjiinvrvj o.llilu aaZaai lOL LI11S liJli.

CJim Farley can call iW 000 people bv name, it is said As head cf the Yankees he ll find his name-calling talent valuable in conferences with the umpire. CMost popular midsummer sport in England's Midlands is shooting the chutists CThe annual Gextz reunion will be held at Driftwood camp Sunday. Aug. 25. Each family Is requested to take a quart of strong, sweetened tea.

the Willkie notification ceremony. Tlie party was fortunate to hav seats close to the speaker's stand. Cwsh resist rr tape; two widthl nutchine tape. Star Offlca..

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