The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1966 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1966
Page 4
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(fo.) Upp«r Dw Mob** Tfiurtdoy, June 30, 1966 Bancroft Golf Family Picnic Set For 4th BANCROFT - IT.* V-.rJ-. K-.S- picrdc x M-.ii; J-Jy4, i.-.^'J-.%:r iasulies ire :::l:iio Lvrit*-; t: atterxi. 5--.C. r:rls ire d of Ei- Mrs. Cl^rer.'.e Nernrr.ers of ?er. or. -A-ei-.esrtav, J-j-e 22 at H:;> •—..:•. h-,sr.iiai :.- Est; TiUe. St.e :s re-coTeririr -;.-.e; i »..._-.- . ' -: ...rr.e rs, , so*. ,f Mr. i.-.^ M:s. Kernel:, .'.'e .-:. - e r s of Alro-.i, v.d rr^-isor, of Mr. a.-."d Mrs. Ciire.-.C'e .'•'e~.rr.ers of sjr^ery at the University Kos- He ret^rr.e-l ho~ 'OTr-s-vrr^ »-UI ':<• ^Liy^ L- the ifterrrx-n v:-> t*e---2 tr.e set for 1"*"^ £.rr.. A ~:2' s;pv<5. fill iA serve-; :-. t:-.~ :-.~.~;t'.«, :*:.-. The :;r.-;tt« i^c/j^s Messrs, a.-.: M~srii-~rs.;s Dr&*s~i.~., .'i.T. Jvr.r.s.vr., Fra.v. .s Schiltz, Dr.-.:.; s Pr.*:*, 7::.;. Schiltz, A-.. K---J-., ••=.•-. C:.i,~- juir., ar.^ LI 3%-«irV roach SJT ;-&:;• it V-t~:i.'.s r.-.s- pltal ;r. bes M-,;:.<; s .;.:.?- 14. He ret''i :.:::. ^ '.•:. T'. jrsia;., JILI% 23, 4,-,-J :s;:.r. G%o:?e Gertie: -,f '.".•;.; was a r^est LT. 'J.e .v.rr.e -..' :,;s daughter ir.-i fi.-;!;., Mr. i.-,^ Mrs. F;a,-j: B:.:J: '/:. Tr.jryja;., Jtine 2;. Mr. ar/J .Mrs. '•'•,niiirr. Carey arid rlaugr.ter -'ii! k-ivr FiiTiCr'." on July 2 f--r Cie>r La/e i.'.-i Masori CU;. -^.ere t- w .e;. vili ST^.V; Several 'Jays vacatio.'.;r«r. Ha', so:. -,f Mr. and Mrs. B'r' Hau;.'.::.^-. of b^.- croft, recentl;. c',rr,;-;etf! Arrr,;, basic tThlniiig at Ft. Ivjvr.irJ Wood Missouri.^.orr.e on J'iTie 11 after a 2 v&efc leave, his parentstvAhirr, toDes or, June 24. From there he retime-i to Ft. L/'J '.v.->yj where he ••.11 receive a/i'iiuor.a] A.LT. triir.inr. Mr. irii Mrs. Merle Lo-a,-. ar,>i family •„< C:]o:r.r,:a, Te.v.. v:site-J In Bancroft it the horr.e of his brother, Mr. ir. J . Mrs. Verr.e L/^ar, ar.i farr,:!;. Situr'ii;-, Jur.e 24 ^ 2:. Soe. :irr.U:es ^irove to Des, '-here e.ey visits at -_he parer.tai Jo* Lo-gar. bocr.e a--.'i a:te:.-;e'i a iarr.^;. re- a.v1 ;s ~. aiir^ a race recover'.. Mr. ir/d Mrs. Thorns Me.-^e had as rjests for several divs last ve*k, Mrs. Me:Jce's s;srter, Mrs, D. J. Ker.ry ar.j da^h'.er El;zah«:t. v . of Portlar*d, Orerar.. Mrs. jier. E-oat ar/i &o-r, Tom ir::ve-i ;- Eir.oroft oo Tue^Ja;,, ,\:~ Z: from Jacj-.son , Miss. a.o.1 -.-.sited a «-eek in the home of her parents, Mr. *r.l Mrs. .\. J. sere.os. >eve:ij .'-. tl men attended the Fores*. C.t>. S-ir.di-., Jme ;:-. T-:.;. A::.rt-, ,':m Ke.v.e :;., Sler. Mr 5. I) : :-x.o:./e:.".-.rf i.-.<: scr.s ^••e'.' s^veri] da;.s viEtir^ her Brents, Mr. ar.d Mrs. Ke.-.-y Vever -hsie Mr. Meyer "=as a rr.ecri'ij ;,it;er.t it the h-o^itaJ in Ariinj-ton, Minnesota. He is home no- ar.d f«llrs much '-*tter. Mr ir.d Mrs. Francis 3ork ire h*:ng visitei v .y her parents, Mr. ar.d Mrs. f. A. Rir^gsdorf of Lat.n, Califorrji a>: n«p£e* David M-x<re, '" of aar.ersfleli, Calif. The ?<;r.rscorfs arrived on June i? and plan to. Sy-end most of the summer Lna:/iaro--i:.d Bar. cr-.ft. }.'irie F rirjil of IrrL-ct-or; - as a visitor at the Francis Stork home a-rf attendee! the Diamond Jjbilee I St. John's Church. Mrs. Mike Schiltz an-dchildren • ere guests of her parents. Mr. ir.^d Mrs. Artihur Samueis-c-n at Charter Oak, la., the -.-eek of 12. v.nilee,ere,tr.eyvis:ted man;, friends and relatives and ais'j attended the celebration of Charter Oak's Diamond Jubilee. y -, V.: a.v: Mrs. v- . - ; v- - of Bar.'.roft. Guests :f Mrs. Leo [>e:;^r- ia.v f-.r three da;, s r.*=-:-:.v.::.i- Jur.e ":, -ere her lighter, Mrs'. ter, Mrs. Ril'ph Johns:- ir,d firr.^;. ili ;f Ft. Dr. ? e. Go;esls it the h:me of Mrs. Govern since Monda-., 2C are her daurhters, Mrs. M--i- vr. Dereeter ir.d h-ah; ar.-d S.s- ter j •„•„-. bo sec of Skcreo Heir: Convent ;n Soox C;t;. . Guests '•'•'fc-l-.esdi;. , June 22 vere her, J.^rs. Siri Trener.., ar/i sister, M:s. John 3te.:.:-eri; of s-v. :.^ss '''.'iiburea Naber, all Mr. and Mrs. Fre-d Arcand of St. Paid Minn. v:s:ie-;i: the home of her sister, Mr. ar,d Mrs. Ralph Cayler J:rie 24, 25, ar.d 26. Cfc Saturday, the Cayiers accompanied them to A^ona-tere they attended the wed-dr.g of Muss Dianne Snyde:. Miss Snyder is a niece of Mrs. Cayler arid Mrs. Craig Cayler, so:, of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cayler of Bancroft, injured his foot In the yard of their home oa June 17. He ac- cidently stepped on the prongs of an upturned rake. Father Eugene Schumacher was a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McGuire June 20 until June 22. He tool: part in the Golden Jubilee celebration for Msgr. Schultes. Mr. arid Mrs. Fred Kadow were recently visited b> their daughter Pamela and Miss Jo- as.E. of Ever.sville, Lnl; Mrs. Chris '.Vel;. «^s v:s:te: over the veel:end of June lc :.;. her daughter and farn:!;., Mrs. Jade Surge of Omar.a N'er.raska. Mrs. Chris 'A'elp entenainel at a family di.ri.ner on June Vi, at Leoni's Cafe in &ir:croft. Guests included Mr. ^r.d Mrs. Charles 'A'elp ar.d family of La-:efield, Mr. and Mrs. John 'A'elp and family of Bancroft, Mrs. Jack Efjrge and family of Omaha, Neb. and Mr. and '.Mrs. Paul Anlii:er arid family of '.Vest Bend. Father's Day and afternoon guests at the James Be ex.- : home were their daughters and families, Mr. and Mrs. Gene El s- becier and Mr. and Mrs. George K-o-cWer. Mr. and Mrs. Tom For-; and baby of Ft. Dodge '..ere weekend visitors at the home of Mrs. Camilla Ford of Bar.croft. .: ii;. ar.d> the f-.llovi-r day. C- : ; e sts ~z t th e M i k e t z ho m e :-r.e :; »ere his mother, Mrs. .:•/; S--h;ltz :f MarJlla, l^, Mr. ar/J Mrs. N;:k 5;ssen, Mr. Jo^r fi;.'J:^;, £irlir«r, la., ar/d Miss Mir:-: B'.j~ of '-Vest Kialia, La. Mrs. AJar.zo Schiltz enter- '.iir.ed at i card party ar,d lunch ;n her horr.e recently. G^jests ^i'.i-jde-; Mes.da.~es, •J-iliaC-oche, Helen, Jve, V^.tt rL-.-_".er. Mart;.a Foth, S^rnice M-.0.-.:.;., Jens*:,, I>i.^£-v '. ; .'JheIm;, 5-ertha Bjsch, r.orer.-.e M-;iii?ar., Helen Kemna, H:s^ R^e, AJh^rt McCarthv, ,-.-.-..-. Ca-.ler, Miss Ida Naher M^ss -.'. I>ar.r-,ft, ar.d Mrs. :erreither :' TitorJ^. C-;erts -.' tr.e Otto Glave home u. Lar.:.--.;: ;:. Sr/iay and M'.'di;., J-j.-.e iiar.d 20« - ere .Mrs. Fa;rrnont, M;:_'.esota. Mrs. jla-'e visited the home of her son ;->.:. Gla-i ;n Charles City Mrs. Jin-. Kennedy of Ear.croft entered St. .-„-.:. Hospital on June 2: for rne'iical treatment. Mrs. Francis Foth, Mrs. Mar•_-.a Foth and Mrs. .\lsrizo S::_l!2 attended the vedling of M^iss Catherine Ford and Mr. jar. Ga':~r on Saturday, June lc a: Hoi;. Name Catholic Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Mrs. Martha Foth ar.d Mrs. Schiltz are rreat-aunts of Mass Ford. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hatten of Stacyville, la. were afternoon njests at the Francis Foth home on June 20. That same afternoon the;.' also visited other friends arid relatives in Bancroft. Mrs. Don Behnkendorf and two sons of Bancroft accompanied her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meyer of Arlington, Minn, to Fremont, Nebraska on June 3 and spent the weekend visiting Mr. aiid Mrs. Ervin Meyer, brother of Mrs. Behnkendorf and son of the Meyers. Miss Lyn Hadlestad, age 8, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stan hLa-dl&sud suffered a dislocated elb-ov last week in a fall. 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BracsCaltreath, 3rd Tic* p resident ; "A'allace Ha*-- cc<t, secretary - treasurer; Brj.c« Crans*cc, tail twister ; Ai Kinciley, Ucc tamer; Fred Darts and Floyd Sill, n-ew dir- Ir. Aaii!r<r cfUcer "-~as P.asseil Palter SOG." In other tysiiess, members voted to enter a C^ai at t&e fourth ar--ual S^rea City Jr. Fair and Field Day July 27. FrarJs Ryerson -~as in chir^e of the evening's eitertaiameat. P-ev. and Mrs. Merlin Dartes left Sunday for Brarrdon, Manitoba, Caovada, -die re they are atter,dinx the Prairie Coaference Christian World Missdc-os held thia week at Bran-ioa College. Mrs. Walter Cars joey and Mrs. Q'jer.tin Brastrorri are representing the Burt aad Gocd Hope w. S. C. S. societies at the W. S. C. S. School of Christian Missions at Cornell College, ML Veraoa, this week. Mr. ard Mrs. Don MitcheD sp^nt the weekend at the home of their son and family, the Norman Mitchells, Des Maiaes. Sunday, they attended an R.C.A, dealer's meeting. fc5r. and Mrs. G. K. McMullen arrived home Sunday evening after speDding fro "«eeks •sith their son , Jerry, in Canada. Jerry left from Edmonton June 24 to fly to Nigeria, .Africa. Irr Handel of the local Farm Service Co. spent several days attending a manager's meeting at Okoboji. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller were guests of tie Felco Co. at a meeting of elevator managers held the past week in Okoboji. Butt Calendar JULY 6 - 8 p. m. Band Concert; 7 to 9 p. m. - Library open to public. JULY 8 - 8 p. m. - Annual Stockholders Meeting Burt Coop. Elevator. JULY 10 - Eastern Star and Masonic family picnic at Crvstal Lake. Lake at 12:30 p, m. JULY 17-The annual "Hoosier Picnic" at Burt Legion hall. CHURCHES BURT METHODIST Rev. Merlin Davies, Pastor SUNDAY, July 3 - 9 a. m. Communion Services; 10 a. m. Sunday School. WEDNESDAY, July 6- 2p. m.- W. S. C. S. meets. Hostesses; Ethel Smith, Mildred Larson, Mary Jean Andrews, IrmaDoege, Toots Hoppus. GOOD HOPE METHODIST Rev, Merlin Davies, Pastor SUNDAY, July 3 - 9:30 a. m. Sunday School. 10:30 a. m. Communion Services. MONDAY, July 4 - Family Picnic. Pot-luck dinner at noon. Happy Scrappers in charge of entertainment. BURT PRESBYTERIAN Rev. Bruce Calbreath, Pastor THURSDAY, June 30 - 8 p. m. Circle Leader's Meeting. SUNDAY, July 3 - 9 a. m. Sunday School. 10:15 a. m. Communion Services. 7;30p. m.- Mariners Club meets. WEDNESDAY, July 6 - 2:15 p. m. - U. P. W. Circles meet. THURSDAY, July 7 - 8 p. m. Sessions Meeting. ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN Rev. Arnold Vehling, Pastor SUNDAY, July 3 - 8 a, m. Communion Services. 9 a. m. Sunday School. TUESDAY, July 5-7:30p.m.- Lower elementary Sunday School teachers meet. 8:00 p. m. Upper elementary Sunday School teachers meet. THURSDAY, July 7 - 1 p. m. Ladies Aid Poc-luck picnic. Wieners, buns and drink will be furnished. Children are invited. 8 p. m. - Voter's Assembly. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH LONE ROCK, IA. Rev. Albert C. Bullock, Pastor SUNDAY, July 3 . Morning Worship and Communion -9a.m. Sunday Church School-10:00 a. m' TUESDAY, July 28 - Adult Bible Study - 8:30 p. m. Hey! What's going on? We have it on good authority that the Algeria Police Dept. sent this boy north. We see now why Algona turned down the Poverty Program . . . U.S. CHOICE Chuck Steak FRESH KILLED FRYERS Chicken 35* WILSON'S GRADE A ^SCBOICE MESTS ••f -^x*"! WILSON'S Wieners Minced Ham Ib. MONARCH MUSTARD MONARCH CATSUP 17* • * bottle COLONIAL BUNS YOUR CHOICE BLUE STAR POTATO CHIPS Twin Pac 39 VAN CAMP Pork & Beans BUTTERTOP loaf Charcoal 39 10 Ib. bag MONARCH Sweet Pickles FRESH, LARGE Cucumbers each TEXAS, RED AND RIPE . . . WESTERN STYLE Salad 39 ' full SUNK1ST LEMONS FIRST LADY 79 «•—••—•• mmmmm M •59 LEMONADE 9 can Card S OWA

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