The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1953 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 24, 1953
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f AGE TWO BLYTHEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER, 24, 19N Bermuda Welcomes British Monarch and Her Husband By ARTHUR F. WOLF HAMILTON, Bermuda (AP) — These vacation islands gave a flower-docked welcome today to Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived for a one-day visit, the first ceremonious stop of their six-month trip around the world to farflung corner of the British Commonwealth. Their American-built Stralo-cruiscr reacied American-leased Kindlcy Field at 9:55 a.m. This was 5 hours 28 minutes after the takeoff from Gander, Nfld. They had reached Gander early today from London. Bermuda Gov. Sir Alexnndei Hood headed the party to welcome the Queen and her husband in an airport ceremony, the first event of their crowded one-day stay. The royal couple will take off again tomorrow for Jamaica to continue the six-month tour. They will visit Australia. Ceylon, New Zealand and 10 British possessions and protectorates. Highlights of their Bermuda program included a torn- o( the island, « speech of welcome and response by the Queen at a joint meeting of the House of Assembly and the Legislative Council, the governor's garden party and a state dinner at Government House tonight. Huge F»rewell The Queen and her husband And Stock Markets- Commodity ook off from London after an f n-1 crossing by a reigning British thusiastic farewell from other members of the royal family, lop officials of the British government und thousands of her cheering subjects. An hour before,, they had said goodby lo their two small children —Prince Charles, 5, nnd Princess Anne, 3. at Buckingham Palace. Sped by strong tail winds, their big plane, the Cnnopus, raced BCVORS the Atlantic to Gander in 9 hours and 52 minutes. It roared out of the fog 22 minutes ahead of schedule to a perfect lauding the big international airport. monarch. Although no coremony had been arranged since the stop was "unofficial," the Queen and the duke made a surprise appearance fit the plane door near the end of the 04-minute refueling and servicing stay at Gander, A crowd of 300, fja thcred in the early morning gloom, cheered lustily. Extraordinary safety precautions surrounded the /light. Royal Canadian Air Force bombers which met the big Strntocruiser 750 miles east of Gander provided an escort It was the first transatlantic air (for the hop to Bermuda. WHITE (Continued from Page 1) 290% 293% 153',!, 157 New York Cotton ' (12:45 quotation!) Deo 3310 3322 3310 Mch 3349 3354 3349 May 3360 3366 3360 July 3345 3350 3344 New Orleans Cotton Pec 3315 3322 3312 Mch 3354 3358 3352 May 3366 3368 3364 July r 3349 3351 3346 Chicago Soybeani Jan ... 305 !i 307% 303-V, Mch ... 305 "A 307 30314 May ... 302 303^4 July ..'. 295 2!)6',i Chicago Corn Dec ... 15M4 154',2 Mch ... 157 158 Chicago Whear Deo ... 199% 20014 Mch ... 2041,2 204'/, New York Stock* 1)2:45 quotation!) A T nnd T . Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper T-ith Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Ten Electric C en Motors Ttontgonierv Ward 11 Y Central Int Harvester J C Penny r.epublic Steel Radio Eocony Vacuum Etudebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Essrs U S Steel 37!j Sou Pac 37i,i 198% 2031' 2 3312 3350 3361 3345 3312 3353 3365 3346 305>/ 2 304-V, 3011/4 295 154 157?, 109 15T/» 67 32 4!)'4 "';' i9::> 21':, 71'n 2 "i 33-r« ll'.i 5Sr, 5T Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. UP) — lUSDA) — Hogs 10,000; fairly activ.e; weights 220 Ib down mostly 25 higher than Monday's average; some up more, particularly weights under 180 Ib which very scarce; over 220 Ib steady to 25 higher: later steady; sows steady to 25 lower; choice 180-220 Ib 22.0010, mostly 22.00; about a load around 210 Ib 22.15; 230-250 Ib 21.25-22.00; later 21.75 down; few 250-280 Ib 20.50-21.25; 150-170 Ib 21.00-22.25; few 120-140 Ib 20.0021.00; sows 400 Ib down 19.00-2D.25; heavier sows 18.00-19.00; boars 13.50-16.50. Cattle 6,500; calves 1.700; steers, heifers and butcher yearlings finding slow going; trend definitely weaker although few sales of good and choice near steady at 19.0023.00; cows finding active selling at steady prices; utility and commercial 9.50-12.00; a few above this spread; canners and cutters 7,509.50; bulls steady; utility and commercial 10.50-12.50; cutter bulls 8.00-10.00; vealers 1.00 higher; a few prime individuals at 28,00; good and choice 19.00-25.00; commercial and good slaughter calves 1.GO-I5.00. Movie Producer Says Reds Kicked Him Out of Party ibs ANGELES wv-A movie producer says the Communists ousted him from their party because he saw a psychiatrist. Producer William L. Alland, mager of the 3D hit, "It Came From Outer Space," said he told a closed session of a House Un American Activities subcommittee yesterday that he was banned from Communist meetings in 1948. That was when party big guns discovered he had visited a psychiatrist, he said. Alland. a combat pilot with a record of 56 missions in the South Pacific in World War II, said he joined the party In 1946. He added that he found psychotherapy "very helpful" and declared thiit 95 per cent o f the Communists in Hollywood belonged on a psychiatrist's couch. clerk, who bolted the Russian Em- j bassy nt Ottawa In 1945 and exposed a Soviet spy ring in Canada, is living in Canada under police j protection. Gou7,enko reportedly has said he may have some advice that would help the Senate investigation. But Pearson snid Gounenko bad no information that Canada had not already given the United States. At the subcommittee's request, Atty. Gen. Brownell supplied it yesterday with a memorandum on who got FBI reports and summaries naming Glas.ser. Morris told newsmen a question of security is Involved. The subcommittee counsel said no more public hearings hnve been scheduled and the next meeting of the group, headed by Sen. Jenner (R- Ind). will be Dec. 2. "The problem now," he said. "Is to find out what was in the summaries." BrowneM's memo said that, | "pursuant to a request of the nt-: torney general by Mr. Clark M. I Clifford," an FBI summary con-j 'lalnlng secret Information on Gins- | ser was given Tom C. Clnrk and ; relayed to Clifiord on July 25 ' 1946. To Speak of Olasser Clark, now « Supreme Court jus-' tice, was then attorney renorr'. Clifford was counsel at the time to Trumnn. It vns not stated w'ly i Clark wanted the summary or ! »'•••! w.-.s m It. j McCarthy, meanwhile, declined to dismiss what lacl; he will lake In his speech from.New York city I tonight, but nn aide said the sen- ,"tor plans to devote at. least part of his half-hour to talking about Glasser. The broadcast Is scheduled at p.m.. EST. McCarthy's Senate Investigations subcommittee plans thrice-weekly public hearings in Now York, Sim-ting today, on his rhar".cs of i?ourlty laxity at the Army's Ft. Monmoulh. N_, .)., radnr laboratory. McCarthy said last night he will complain to the Federal Communications Commission if any stations which . carried Truman's speech failed to carry his reply. Brownell's memo yesterday said Glnsser was mentioned In FBI reports to. Clark, Clifford and eight other government officials In ad- vnnce of Glasser's promotion Aug. 22, 1B46, as director of the Treasury's Monetary Research Division. Glasscr left the government in June 1946 and now lives in Great Neck, N. Y. He refused, during a congressional Investigation last spring, to answer more than 100 questions as to whether he was n spy or engaged in espionage. Negro Deaths Find tor Thttt Her* Mary White, Negro, was fined *25 nnd costa find sentenced to one day in jnll on • chuiw of petit larceny In connection with stealing some Lev/ L. Eason Services for Lev! Lundon Eason, 53, who died at his home in Osccola Friday, will be conducted nt I p. m. Thursday at St. Mark A. M. E. Church al Osceola by Rev E 0 Croft. ' | Burial will be in Pilgrim Rest. Cemetery at Osceola with Barabin Funeral Home in charge. Survivors include his wife, Sadie Beatrice Eason, a sister, Sarah Davis of Hornersville, Mo,; nnd two brothers, Johnny Eason of Hughes and Willie Eason of Memphis. Commemorative Stamps Received Postmaster Ross S. Stevens said today the Post Oflice here has received 5,000 of the new stamps commemorating the 300th anniversary of the City of New York. j These three-cent stamps are printed in sheets of 50. he snid. I He also said the Post Office' still has a few of the three-cent commemorntives of Gen. Oeorge S. Patton and of the 50th anniver-' sary of the trucking industry as well ns the live-cent issues com- morating the centennial opening of Japan to world trade. Israeli Labor Party Nomei Premier Choice JERUSALEM Wl—Israel's largest party, the Magapi Labor, has; nominated Foreign Minister Moshe Sharrett as premier designate. If! approved, the 57-year-old Sharretl! will succeed David Brn-Ourion, who I is retiring next month. money from anoUier Negro. The one-day sentence nnd $15 of the fine were suspended during good behavior. Scientist- Blast- Intellectual Climate of U. S. St. Louis &—The president of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science says a "wave of antl-intcilectualism" Is present In this country. Dr. Edward U. Condon said in speech nt Washington University yesterday It. is n "shocking thing" to thfnk (hat some of the worst, offenders against political morality] and decency in piibjlc life today are college graduates. He said the mnny rauses of the wave include "general tensions, frustrations and anxieties of the times." Dr. Jnya Luke Woman Doctor Of India to Talk At Methodist Meet Dr. Jaya Luke, pioneer woman physician of Sironcha. India, wiil speak nt an area rally at the First Methodist Church here at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Dr. Luke, daughter of a Methodist missionary to India, Is a graduate of Stanley Girls' High, School in Hyderabad and Vellore Medical College in Madras. Following her graduation from medical school In 1925, Dr. Luke returned to Sironcha, one of the most Isolated areas in India, and practiced there until she came to the United States last December for a year of specialized study in obstetrics at Woman's Hospital In Philadelphia. At Sironcha, she operates a 26- FARM BUREAU (Continued from P»ge l) water rights bill "which will be equitable In all phases for the protection of the vested rights of various users of surface water resource! of this state." Expressed belief that the Collegi of Agriculture Is being discriminated against In the division of University of Arkansas funds and recommended that the University's annual budget be published for nibllc Inspection with each department's funds Identified. Called for removal of the controversial two per. cent sales tax from feed, seed and fertilizer. Asked for additional acreage allotments for the 1954 cotton crop above the present 17,910,448 acres aid "hardship cases," but said that the total should not be allowed to exceed 20 million acres. Recommended revision of the federal Child Labor Law so there would be no liability when children of farm families help in work on these farms. Opposed any efforts to repeal or weaken Arkansas' "freedom to work" laws. Opposed federal health insurance or "any form of socialized medicine." Called for balancing of the federal budget. Proposed that the present drought emergency feed program NEW STUDEBAKER — Studebaker's 1954 models will go on display here tomorrow at Chamblin Sales Co., Ash and Railroad. The new line of Studebakers features the Conestoga station wagon. Shown above Is the 1954 Commander starliner hardtop convertible. This model also is available in the Champioa series. DEMOCRAT the sheep that strayed coming back Into the continued through feeding program where the winter needed. Collisions Reported Murrel Kirby and Martin Pankey were involved in a traffic mishap at Main and Davidson this morning rausing some damage to a fender on he Kirby car, according to police •eports. N. c. Connelly of Blytheville and Cora Blaylock of Stcele were drivers bed hospital plus six dispensaries included collision Sunday afternoon ! se in outlying villages. She serves her With the Courts CIRCUIT (Civil) — Gilbert Stout vs. Claude Grain, nlienntlon of affection, $10,000.. I people ns physician, preacher. Dr. Luke represents the women as well as the Christian community there on the Local Government Board and has been chairman of the committee Ip charge of enforcing the compulsory education law in her district. at Second and Ash, causing some damage to fenders on both. (Continued from Page 1) birds of t hek e lysss uaeehit birds'of the key issues in ~the art. PCo"ion, Democrats saved the Republican administration from the Republican Congress. "The attitude of many Republican leaders seems to be 'I Like Ike, but I don't like what Ike likes,' " he remarked. Stevenson asserted that his party "looks more united than it has for a long time." Still Have Vitality "Until lately the dopesters were freely predicting that the North- South cleavage would pull the Democratic party apart at the •ams," he said. "We lost an election in 1952, but we did not lose our vitality or sense of mis- sion. And are daily fold." Commenting on the agriculture situation, Stevenson said: "You know, after the brave speeches in last year's campaign I thought the Republicans surely had a better farm policy. But they didn't. They didn't have anything but speeches. Now they have a study commission and we have promises of a new and better program. I hope it is, and if it is they can count on Democratic support. For we know that an im- 1 perfect farm program is better than a bad farm depression." The former Illinois governor declared that no one should be more thankful for the Democratic record in the last session of Congress than the President himself. "Democrats supported the administration when they thought it was right, which has sometimes USMC Recruiter To Visit Here M/Sgt. Leon E. Brazile, TT. S. Marine Corps recruiter from Jonesboro, will be in Blytheville Monday to interview applicants for enlistment. Sgt. Brazile will locate at the Selective Service Board office in City Hall. He said men from 17 to 35 may enlist for periods of two. three, four or six years. Enlistees, he said, will be flown lo San Diego for basic training the day following enlistment. been confused with supporting the President for his sake rather than Democratic principles for their sake," Stevenson declared. "It will je harder now after this degrading assault on President Truman. 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