The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 24, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1895
Page 5
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, AJLttOlA, IOWA. JtfLt 24, 180S. M. P. HAG&AftD. G. P. PEEK. Haggard & Jt*eek> Successors to JoSES & SMITH. ABSTRACTS, REAL ESTATE, COLLECTIONS. , - --. lotVA. A. D. Clarke & Co., FARM LOANS, Bear Algonii State Raftk. AliGONA, 1A Geo, C, Crtll, REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For information In regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to him. State street. AlXJONA, IOWA, GEO. K. CLARKE. CHAS. A.COHBNOtTB Clarke & Colienottr, ATTORNEYS AT LAW., ALGONA, IOWA. Geo. R. Cloud, (Successor to W. B. Quatton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALGONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. Sullivan & McMahoii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postofflce Block. AIXJONA, IOWA, B. V. Swettiiig, ATTQRNS7 AT LAW, Money to loan. ALGONA, IOWA, .T. T,. BONAB. H. H. FELLOWS. Boiiar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will recelvejprompt attention. Booms 8 and 9, Algona State Bank Bl'dg. Branch office at Wesley, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA. Daiisoii & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. '• Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Oowles' new bullcMng. AI.GONA, IOWA. S. S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and , Insurance. : Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohriseuilles' Store.:, i.. .ALGONA,IA. PHYSICIAN ANJ? ! SUItGE<!)N, State street. • ALGONA, IOWA. M J. Keiiefick, M. D., , . .'.. Over Taylor's Store. . AtGONA, - - IOWA. J. M; Pride, M D., Over Postofflce. ALGONA, IOWA. Dr. L. A Sheetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER. Prescriptions filled. Peals in Paints, ,011s, Books," Perfumeries, Etc. . Ocr. State and Thorington. .ALGqNA.IA. ' DENTIST. : A. L. Bisti D. ». S., Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when extracting teeth. . | ALGONA, IOWA. : E, S. Glasier, D, P. S., DENTAL ROOMS, Over the Algona State Bank. Special attention given to saving tlie natural . • . - - teeth, The best of *nooern anaesthetics used to make operations as painless as possible. ALGONA, IOWA, B. X}t Sayers, D. V, M,, VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND Hospital accommodations. Offloe west'of Brown's Livery Stable, JQWA. sty; • ' %AU &l V ' i ^ « .*,,: ,*,< M>'J> V t ;'"* K*U i ',• S I N , •'•'" - / Y;*I. ,-AT TH6- Sfl H 0 E SHOULD 6E PROPfifiLY FIttfet) IF YOU WISH Comfort and Service, .,. .BROWNELL Will give you a Good Fit and a Good Shoe, CALL AND SEE HIM, ALGONA, IOWA. S H 0 E SHOES Brownie Overalls at the New England. The very latest fad. nUUDALL & CO. LOCAL MENTIONS. The County Fair comes October 1,2 and 3 this year. Rev. Davidson is reported to be on the road to recovery. J. W. Curtis is building a school house in Buffalo township. D, A. Haggard has for sale very cheap a good second hand hay press. Tuttle and Fern were up at Ledyard on a painting expedition last week. The W. H. M. S. will meet with Mrs. A. D. Bradley next Thursday at 3 p. m. The Humboldt Independent says Algona boys like the Humboldt girls real well. The word was passed around that there was "a new coon" in town. The colors are undiluted. The senatorial convention has been fixed to come off at Emmetsburg on Tuesday, Aug. 6th. '•. , Ed. Bircher is back in Algoua again with his family. His services have been secured by John Grove. ; The call for ch e senatorial convention appears in this number of the REPUBLICAN. The meeting will be on the 6th of August. • .: The teachers' institute looms up as the great coming event. Its attrac- "tions"are, fairly, bewildering' ,in ttfeir number and variety. : ,.- ''."" ^.V; • Mrs; August Zahlten has been quite ill for some weeks, and though'she is somewhat improved in health she is yet confined to her bed.' . ' Miss Ella Peterson, daughter of S. P. Peterson, is conducting a summer school for religious instruction for children at the Swedish church. . C. B. MatS9n expects to take his departure foi"hisnew field of missionary labor in Missouri about the 6th of August. The exact date is not settled. ; ' Prof. W. H. Dixson is still confined to his bed, as he has been for some weeks, and it is understood that 'a stomach trouble keeps him on his back. The ladies of the A. L. A. will meet in the Reading Room, Friday, July 26, at 3 o'clock. ; There will be a program and an interesting meeting is expected. Marriage certificates have been issued by Clerk Grose to Mr. A. H. Glazje aLd Miss Viola Rhodes, also to Mr. T. F. Reibsamen and Miss Marie Davidson. . '„.-,; • Everybody in Algona has to give th!b institute the right of way, Supti. Reed's formal announcement takes up two full columns of the REPUBLICAN this week. Rev. C. P. Boardman, of Humboldt, is announced to fill the Congregational pulpit next Sunday, Rev, Boardmarl is reputed to be a good preacher and a good pastor, •••••••• •' ; D. T. Smith has been fitting up a truck for moving express 6n.-"the Milwaukee platform. It will be a great convenience and the vehicle is one well adapted for the purpose. ;; Frank Nicoulin left Monday with' a carload of Kossuth county horses. He goes to Chicago from here and if he finds no sale for the horses in Chicago i he will go to New York City. The Courier office has just completed the premium list of the Kossuth County Fair> and copies are being dis-i trjbuted. As a specimen of typo-, graphy its standard is high. The weather has been very comfortable of late, the extreme heats ordinarily looked „ for at this season having pg§n\,carefnUy fanned away, by;t 1 ----—--* '"of tbe " '" are d&U ha4 a yery ly trade in ttjam the flrgt day or two a ter his stock avrived, selling upwards of sixty oupts at once. They are sibie. w»s not tlw acpustsomet} Oircus, J*»§t Baturaay. The patronage it oaa was almost wholly confined to the tQWHr Owing to the busy harvest; toe, thg^e wag fearaiy tUe usual' ' a ball game and Ajggua Saturday Rest, at m te 9f 85- between, the ntoeg ia ,tbis T.b§ tvsmm t this re, fome of ef tbefr , All gm.aU well, &»$i , flsh stories. Mart Weaver tells of a 15-pound pickerel which was caught after a horrible struggle. Grant Barker and Carrie Mosier were married last Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. Morris, nine miles southwest of town by Rev. G. H. Kennedy. A pleasant time is reported by those in attendance. Rev. Geo. Leslie held services in the Potter school house, in Cresco township, Sunday afternoon. The house was crowded. Rev. Leslie will conduct services next Sunday aftetnoon in the Fraser school house, when the baptismal service will be had. Bishop Thoburn, of India, will speak at the Methodist church Thursday eve- ing. All are urged to attend and hear this great man. One of the greatest of moral revolutions has been under the observation and supervision of Bishop Thoburn. Advertised Letters: . Birtha Anderson. M. W. Egan, Mrs. Eva Goddard, A. E. Heatch, Herm Heinrich Helmke, Mr. Martin Johnson, G. C. Lanterrnan, Max Millikan, Ray Osborne. F. G. Prime, Winfield Lmoure, Joe Stephenson, J. C. Smalley. J. W. HINCHON. P. M. • Thos. Barley, of Pasadena, Gal., has sent tjb some of his Algona friends a very attractive little album of Pasadfe- na and San Marino views,' with interesting letter "press description intended to exert a power drawing the reader to •balmier climes than this is in Decem-: ber. '-, '.:•-.: Mr. Peter Kreutz, a prominent business man and hotel proprietor, of Hartford, Wis., visited with relatives at Bancroft last week. Mr. Kreutz stopped over in Algona Monday on his way home. This was his 'first visit to Iowa and he was much pleased with the country in this vicinity. • It was a beautiful and impressive spectacle, last spring: the directors planting trees on the school grounds in their Sunday clothes. Now the' trees are impressive In the lesson' they would convey, to the youthful mind without being beautiful. A good tree planter does not necessarily take -a good picture. Members of the board report that there are many applications for the depot school, which is the only position within' their disposal in which there is a vacancy. The selection of a successor to Miss Pettibooe will, it is expected,' be made at the next regular meeting, which comes the first Monday in August. ;'Jni>lace of the customary preaching services, the three young peoples' societies represented in Algona will hold a union meeting and give a special program at the Baptist Church Sunday evening next, T, be societies represented will be the Baptist Union, The Epworth League and the Christian Endeavor, Spurbeck & Lambert have sold baby separators within a few weeks to David Nichols, living near Bancroft, and Matt Dalziel, just beyond Hobart. Whenever one of these little wonders is sold it is some substantial and enterprising farmer who g-ets it, and going into good hands it lias an intelligent and fair trial, which is all that need be asked for it. Dr, Stull and family started on a trip to Wisconsin last Friday, going by teawii This is not the • commonest method of travel between Iowa and Wisconsin points, but tbe writer can renjembej. 1 well when it' was common. Jje can remember, or rather, cannot foygetrmaking the' trip t^at way jjim* sejl, '-3fOE t&Qse. who have leisuire' for -" »{fw*r* M p." v i**** **^**I> W F s^ v -"K;*«*W v pe ft.very enjo^able^ trjp^ o\ ," -- ',- •' This is the time of the year for the,law*opservipg citizen of hunting proclivities tP Jook up IJro, Funk's jaw making it a, misdemeanor, to bunt with 4og or gvm upon the cultivated or in* elose,4 lands of. anptber without first waving obtained' p'ermigs}on of tbe owner, opcupant or agent thereof, §ee ehaptey 64 Qt the laws of tbe g§tb Kirliljart'§ . in the afternoon ,&nd a oQe JB tse evening, . nq'gawbto or fato . . to e«iy a ftuiranp, pd o 1 ' nnnm finn «jrau6AK-i& pai8d< la, w M &M&~mmm afe m^rn ™- m m?^m"fmmmm ^va&asiwBSmb K A ,.4>j\ *M ft ^ icure. Our readers will perchance remember that tbe REPUBLICAN has given this particular potato patch a previous notice, the first time telling how Mr. Cleary saved them from being cut off by the frost by the very sensible— when you think of it—expedient of covering the tops with earth. It worked well. Geo. C. Shelley has sold a half interest in his marble works to C. D. Pettibone. This seems most appropriate, considering Mr. Pettibone's connection with the cemetery as manager. The butter business could not be run in connection with the graveyard, as there is no call there for that product, but the tombstone fits in beautifully, and Mr. Pettibone can deal with one set of customers all the time. Company F goes into camp Aug. 17th at Waverly, Iowa. It Will be a brigade encampment this year instead of regimental, as is usual. Captain Haggard will have the largest and best company ever attending an encampment from Algona. New uniforms and hard work in drilling will make it rank high in military appearance. Hospital Steward Dr. Morse and assistant "Brick" Matthews, will go, as usual, to care for the wounded. About as heavy a rain as ever came down visited Kossuth county Thursday afternoon, 2.21 inches being the precipitation in Algona. There was a fall in temperature of. 22 degrees in an hour durinR the storm, the mercury stand- ingjat 92 when it began. There was some haiT and a heavy wind but no serious damage has been reported, and on the whole the ram did much good. The storm was general in the northwestern states, Have you seen the "little cow." Brownell & Allied, the shoe me. chants, hayo on exhibition a small spotted black and white cow. A "really cow" as a little urchin chirped when he looked in the window. This cow is one of a pair of twins born in Northern Ohio and is said to be the smallest fully matured cow in the world. It is but 24 inches high and 38 inches long and most life-like in appearance. And she is as pretty and complete a "Bossy" as ever yielded a pail of milk and then kicked it over. Some of the papers have already commenced to poke fun at the "sweet girl graduate." One of them up the country tells how she described the way in which the goat butted the boy out of the front yard: "He hurled the previous end of his anatomy against the boy's afterward with an earnestness and velocity which, backed by the pon- derosity of the goat's averdupois, imparted a momentum that was not relaxed until he landed on terra firma beyond the pale of the goat's jurisdiction." Tlie young people of Buffalo Centre look upon Algoua as a good place to visit, even if it is outside of their own county. Our hotels can testify of the many visitors who come during the pleasant summer days from the Buffalo Centre of the UVS. to enjoy the hospitality of Algona. On Monday Mr. Alexander Glaze and Miss Viola Rhodes, both of Buffalo Centre, ati- companied by friends, visited Algona' arid : quietly repaired to * 'tlie f esidence •"of the Episcopal minister, Rev. Geo. Leslie, and there were ^united- in? the bqnds of. matrimony. . , , v 'Mrs. L. M. Horton has received news of the death, at Blalock, .Oregon, recently, of Mr. Clarence Mills. Young Mills went out, to Oregon with his mpt-lier and sister some years ago. .Of late,his health had failed but the. doctors were mixed as regarded the nature of-his disease, which'was a matter of doubt with himself and family almost up,, to the date of disolution. His death came very quietly, of quick consumption. He was unmarried. Those who knew him while heroi remember him as a young man of integrity and indulgence and a good citizen. Mrs. Mil Is now goes to live w.ith her son, Kev. Eugene Mills, who is a resident of California. Her daughter Belle is married and is living at Walla Walla.. : In. view of the general expectation that Algona will make the effort of her life'to get a state normal school located here next winter it will not be out" of place to give the following paragraph from the Rochelle. 111., Herald: The best we have heard on DeKalb is that just before the committee, .who were inspecting the different cities of Northern Illinois for the purpose of locating the normal school, arrived in DeKalb the citizens removed the green scum off of the creek that run through the town and pumped the city water into it thinking they could fool the committee by making them believe that DeKalb was located on a beauti: ful river, ; A fewnights ago a prominent Algo? na democrat asked of us the loan of the REPUBLICAN'S Inter Ocean: ex-, change. He said, as his eyes bulged out -vyitli suspicion of a new conspiracy to down silver, that the other Chicago, papers were suppressing the debate,; This aroused our curiosity and impelled 1 an investigation, We purchased copies of tbe Chicago Tribune and Chicago Chronicle, the new Chicago democratic organ, and while there was not so far as we conld tod, any report of the debate in the Chronicle, there was a very satisfactory three-column report of the previous day's debate in tbe Tribune. The" tr,utb seems to be 1 that only the, aregiyin.g any.fjur "~ -way. .Qf•.<wcf{Js^ $ verbatim"! ABE SATISFACTORY. Britt Tribune: Tbe "hello" now reaches Bancroft, wMJe Taylor and Matson, of Algona, have been swapping lies with tbia office, Tbe line works so well w,§ could smell Taylor's breath, Jt was doubtless, caused by tbe aroma in* from the court b<? we ard, where theyflPille&tbe o,ar}oa,d o bee.?, Tl ' tUe QQPP ,gej\§ittitk said 'Pit&0,me good] " Q!& the be wpum give ood races at ; the July tan style. The attendance was smaller than the character of the sport Warranted. Today's racing card is made up with both trotting and running races and the entries number some of the best horses in the country. REPUBLICAN PRAYER ANSWERED. Al Adams: The republican preacher who prayed at the state convention last year that tlie Lord would annihilate the democrats at the elftction, could not be found this year. The Lord came so near answering the appeal according to his desire that the consequences would have been sad to contemplate, it he could have been fired at the throne of grace again this year. DOLLIVER'S OPINIONS. From the Beacon's Abstract; He defends without apology and without reservation the claims of scripture. He declares that the trend of national thought is away from Atheism and skepticism to the practical acceptance of gospel standards, and sees herein the best promise for this government of the people. In tlie opinion of Mr. Dolliver, legislation is not reform, nor is judicial action ah inspiration to better doing. The exercise of these functions of government is necessary to the accomplishment of temporary ends, but the hope of the future is not herein. The Christians' hope and the Christians' faith are the underlying principles of successful self-government. The general recognition of this truth will establish in strength the foundations of the republic and make for peace and justice and brotherhood among the people, It will pay you to buy wall paper at Studley's Pharmacy. A. M. & G, M. Johnson have just got in another fine lot of two-seated surreys. Come early and make your choice. '• MINION LOCALS. The Courier has an article answering the question: "Do we bathe too often?" Knowing the politics of the paper It is hardly necessary to state its opinion on that subject. The answer, however, is by a medical authority, who says the American people use too much soap and water. The brick and lumber piles in front of the site of the new four-front brick occupy a considerable part of the street, but there is no kick. The people of Algona do not object to being inconvenienced, if necessary, by building booms. Saturday morning County Recorder M. F. Randall was made more than happy by the receipt, from the Masonic Fraternal Accident Insurance Company, of a draft for S650 in favor of A. W. Sterzbach, who was lald'up by a bad hand last winter. This was the maximum amount paid out by this company to any one person, being $25 per week for 20 weeks, or six mouths. Mr. Sterzbach was disabled during the season when his earning power, as a musician, was the greatest, and so the money that he gets on his accident policy does not make him whole, but it gives him a great lift, and makes him a strong beliey- er in accident insurance. , .The . cpmpany w'as entitled to have till October first-, to pay the money, but it paid over the cash just as the proper proof was in. There was camped near the water mill Wednesday evening Dr. Howe's caravan enroute for Missouri. The Doctor has disposed of all his property at Bancroft, pulled up his stakes and will stick them again in the state of Missouri. Besides the Doctor and his wife, there wereiin the party, P. M. Richardson and family, A. G. Smith and family, Edward Howe and family, and Claude Neeliug. • They expect to have pleasant weather and an enjoyable trip. The party will camp out nights and have all the appliances with them for cooking, etc. The doctor is also taking through with him thirty-five head of horses, which he had'traded Banproft property for,. Ho" has land'near Butterfield, Berry County,, in the southwest part of th6 state, wliich place they are headed for. May the Doctor and his tribe all grow peert in Missouri, and raise right smartof corn down thar'.—Courier. Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your ', Life Away. Is the truthful, startling, title of a .book about No-To-Bac, the harmless, guaranteed tobacco hatit cure that braces up ni- cotlnlzed nerves, eliminates the nicotine poison, makes weak men gain strength. Vigor and manhood. You run no physical or financial risk, as No-To-Bae is sold by F. W. DINGLEY under a guarantee to cure ,or money refunded. Book free. Address Sterling Remedy Co., New York or Chicago. . LOW RATES TO DBIYEE, For the Annual Meeting American Pharmaceutical Association at Denver, CO!OM August 14-24,1895, theB,, C. B. #3Nr, B'y will sell tickets from all stations to Penver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Manitou, Colo., at rate of ONE FARE FOB BOUND TBIP, Tickets for sale August llth and 12th at all stations, Good to return until August 25th, 1895, Call on B-, 0. B. & 3ST. agents for further information or address the undersigned. THE NfivV Sioux County Herald: The selectidfl of H. G. McMillan of Eock Bapids4 as chairman of the republican state central committee is an honor worthily bestowed and one that is appreciated by the partv men of northwestern Iowa. Mr. McMillan is energetic, enthusiastic and aggressive and his friends are confident that he Will fill the difficult position to which he has been elected in a manner satisfactory to the republicans of Iowa. lie is experienced and was one of Chairman Blythe's ablest lieutenants. As the latter'a successor, he will have a hard place to fill, but the Herald has no doubt that he will meet the requirements. MONEY. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. Hams and smoked meats at Langdon & Hudson's. "We will save you money on hose and hose fittings.—SPUKUECK & LASIBEUT. A JOB LOT RATE. That is What Spurbeck & Lambert are Giving on the Iowa Milk Oan, Having bought a job lot of the celebrated Iowa milk cans, we are now prepared to make, very low prices to farmers who are in need ot' cans. The 8-gallon can weighs 1C pounds and we sell it at $1.06; the 10-gnllon can weighs 17 pounds and we sell it at $1.75. These cans are made of the best material, have the improved handles, and are in all respects first class. 41-44 SPUKBKCK & LAMBERT. Bring on your eggs to the Opera House Grocery. At Studley's Pharmacy you can see an elegant new line of Wall Paper. Cowles Block, Algona. CHEAP RAILROAD RATES. For the various occasions mentioned below one standard first class 1 fare for the round trip, viz: '' Annual meeting American Pharmaceutical Association a,t Denver, Col., Aug. 14 to 24th. Triennial Conclave, Knights Templar at Boston, Mass., Aug. 20 to 30th. National Encampment, G. A. H., Louisville, Ky., Sept. 10 to 14th. P. L. SLAGKLE, Manufacturer ol aud dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. MONEY! On Real Estate. •HoxiE & BRUNSON; rtesian well contractor. I have the only cable steani drilling machine owned in the county; gink wells .far water supply for towns, cities aud railroads. Special attention to farm well work. .Estimate? made. I employ only expert drillers. Address. A. F, DAILEY, ALGOXA, IOWA, AGENTS Salary or Commission to good Men. Fast gelling Imported Specialties. SM Failing to Live Reolac'eil Free, We sell only High'Gratia-Stock and true to-Name. Also Pure Seed Potato Stock our Specialty Leader. Address fi( D, LUTCHFORD 4 CO,, NUKSERYMEN, ROOHESTEB, N. Y. Letters promptly answered. ABSOLUTELY \Va have contracted for two thousand Plcycles which we propose to gi ve F fig g tg SOJIIQ one person In every township. In the State 01 Iowa. Do WOV want owe? Bis W. L. DOUGLAS fc^ CUI^ET-WTW SPO 5>ri VR A KING, gm.m-m* iJ^Wmmsm *-

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