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Franklin, Indiana
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THE FRANK! IN (INDIANA) rvrW't; FrT3ay. July 26, 1940 are old Isaiah's characterizations of ion in order to enjoy its benefits?" Go to church before you go any here else. UPSIDE-DOVIU UlEWS OF LIFE REUEALED BY RECRUITING this upfide-down generation. For In their inferiority, many moderns have reversed the standards of value. Observe Isaiah's stern words, part of CBcngal ChrLstian, Rev.

Fred "Sharp Woe unto theml Bible schocl. 9:30 ajn. William cur Lesson text: ran) Lar "I rrnnorf inn III Ifnwtinnw I Iff minrr Inn Due To Foolish Habits Widespread Inferiority Yatcr, Sunday school superintendent. Morning worship and Communion. 10:30 a.m.

Sermon: "The Necessity of Young peoples' meeting at 6:30 p.m. Evening worship at 7:30 p.m. Sermon "Redemption a Reality." Complex Leads Youth Astray Ancient Counsel ror Living. Dy WILLIAM tTeLLIS CLick Spring Separate Baptist-Sunday (chool, 10 Will Earps, superintendent. Preaching, 11 a.m.

Rev. Sommers. Eloomington. will deliver the sermon. It is not known l'lir Suml.iy School Lrvton fr July 1H "H'rijhiiif Inn-sequrmrs.

A Print tplr of 'I rinn r.ilr I i ins." Prnvrrbi ls.ii.ih 1H-23; lowered their own status. Respect for the sex has generally diminished. Chivalry is on the wane, or wholly atscnt in some large groups. Even in p. int.

women are tailed "skirts" and other disrespectful To multitudes of them the traditional (onriptton of a lady is something tfiul about in outmoded books. Girls for sure whether he will preach Sun day night. Young people's service at 7 o'clock. CTrafaltiar Chtistian. Rev.

Donald nsrite to be "good lcllows' and I Hoffman 9:30 a.m.. Bible school; Hi' I in I in news tomes from Hi rec ruit in-; olliins. A l.iru" piopor lion or iindidatcs lor military, na Morning worship. 10:30 "Does that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for 5Wect and sweet far bitter! Woe onto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!" The Law ot The Harvest It. tht assortment of words of the Lsc upon which this Lesson is based, we hear next from that sage eld sophisticate and city man and cosmopolitan traveller, the Apostle Paul.

Hls are a stem admonition, the ringing of a harbor bell: "tic not dtceived; God is not nockcd' for ever a man scweth. that shall he aLso reap. For that sowcth to his flesh shall of the lie reap crrruption; but he that sowcth into the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. And let us not be weary in well ftr i due season wc shall reap, if we faint Tills law of the harvest Ls the inexorable law cf life, repeatedly stressed by Jesus. Good trees bear pood fruit; evil trees bear evil fruit.

As Paul puts it. the principle Ls both a warning and a promise. Perhaps we should accent the latter more. "He that soweth unto the Spirit shall or the Spirit reap eternal The good fruits of good living extend over time and eternity. Our Golden Text clinches the matter: "Godliness Ls profitable for all things, having promise of the life which now is.

and of that which is to come." SEVEN SENTENCE SERMONS. God Care?" Christian Endeavor. 6:30 p.m. Evening service, 7:30 "Five King good pott.s." able to dunk tlass for with their male companions. A whole new social grouptna.

called "cafe society." has emerged since the World War. The road to Reno runs straight from the night club. Nisht clubs make mote noise in val sri'Mic ate Icing ic-jerted ii.s unfit. These young men arc mt. tiii opportunity to serve thnr Comiiry of their own foolish habits l.u of proper sleep; trifL r.f Lf.liLllili.

I. I it I'it w.M -Ol t-co. i-i-l doms." iix A x. o-' Plan to be in church on the Lord's day. We invite you to worship with us.

VI tn IV 11.11 I lll.lll 111.11 KOI the tonunone. laws of health; pru 1 lhf" War I rants. Who would believe, from Our quarterly fellowship supper newspapers, that in will be held Tuesday in the church 11 'I I UU1.1 Ul youth has come to 110 New York there time arp a hunrirert ner. ot opt ot -limit unready; SO i basement. After brief reports, a program will be given in honor of Mrs.

Lola Douglas and her family, who are moving to Lafayette. All members of the church are urged to ITdDOJ CnRJODU TTDOE HEAQDEK DTJ 1TCI5Qj(EC5 MOM rwatUSTT BE TTME HEADDEK DTJ TODKDC6 sons going to cnurcn ror every one who visits a night club? Yet the latter sets the fashion for youth. Patents may be "Old fogies." and so was the long-ago writer of our Les they are rejects and castaways. Hie a can fo: alarm to all who feel a concern for the fu- I lure of the Nation. I Why hive not boys had more I sense? Well, the tunes in which we be present and all friends of JTie church and of the Douglas family are ccrdially invited.

son's lines from the Book of Proverbs: "The fear of the Lord is the (beginning of knowledge: but fools i despise wisdom and instruction. My son, hear the instruction of thv CProvidence Christian, Rev. Dudley Strain. Church school 9:30 a.m. Adult superintendent, Edgar Utter- live have not been such as to encourage sober thinking.

Our modern at cent has been upon the trivia, th" superficial, the momentary. W'e have put "a c.ood time" ahead of a good life. Pleasure, even of the most trail, type, has been exalted an ultimate end or living. Mad une Grundy has been made queen of conduit. Young persons and older ones, too-have yone mad back.

Junior superintendent, Mrs F. Barnette. Truck buyers are careful buyers they thoroughly analyze and compare all types of trucking equipmentthey want to make certain Morning worship 10:20 a.m. Male father, and forsake r.ot the law of thy mother: For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck. My son.

if sinners entice thee, consent thou r.ot." As To Roore. When I was a sub reporter those Hold fast to the Bible as to the she. t-anchor of your liberties; write its precepts in your hearts, and practice them in your lives. U. S.

Grant. auartet "Thout-h Your Sins Be as Scarlet." Charles Brown, Lydle Barnette. Eugene Brown, William Park Sermon. "Men Ask For the Voice in lo low in'' fashions, even thouizh i WRIK tot 1 1 The first itep in the discipline of the mind Ls the overcoming of indolence. James Allen.

they are thereby fashioned fool- i ere Tthp dllIkinS Jurnal-lsh ism I was often told that I could slily. of God." Rev. F. E. Zendt, Fayette ville.

Ark. Christian Endeavor 6:30 p.m. Jun jnot hold to my Sunday School and tv concuvi. ior C. E.

will have Edith Ellen Strickland to lead the dLscussion. Hiram Deer will act as host at the social period. Young people's 'K 7 Up. E. will discuss the subject.

"How Was the Old Testament Written" led 'ov There are many kinds of love, as many kindo of light. every kind of love makes a glory in the night; There is love that stirs heart. and love that gives it rest. But the love that leads life upward Is the noblest and best. Henry van Dyke.

resits," contained El" ae that they'll get the make and type of truck best suited to their business requirements. It is a significant fact that more truck users choose Chevrolet than any other make of truck. Chevrolet trucks could not have established their record of leadership in 1940 and maintained it for six out of the last eight years had it not been that Chevrolet trucks deliver more dollar-for-dollar value than any other make. All models and types of Chevrolet trucks may still be purchased at today's low price levels, so it would be wise to consider replacing some of your trucking equipment with new Chevrolets noiv. the minister.

Evening worship 7:30 p.m. Speci.U music by the young people of the church. Prior to the sermon, the minister will discuss briefly an im-portant national issue. The sermon will be upon thL subject: "The Church at Providence." Our Inferior Minds It must be admitted that one of the contemporary stock phrases, "nil Inferiority complex." largely explains the situation. We fall into light and loose ways because we haven't the courage to be ourselves, and simply want to be like others of our group Iietause he is not sure ot' hiiiiM-ir.

and h.i.s not the spunk to Le independent, a young man adopt.s turn-tit dunking fashions, and the ha')it of wasted nights, and ot petty pleasures, and all the enervating of dissipation. He know that these do not satisfy, and do not ntribute to his v.rll-bemu;. but biiaio he a weakhnu he goes uli'li; NuImkIv dehbet ately Ixgin.s to tisii.k teiause he likes liquor. He does it bei au "everybody's doing it" thou 'h body" Ls not. booklet Who?" one Chevrolet 'r HTinfitorh or bv christian Endeavor standards and be a good newspaper man.

One comrade, a better reporter than I. who insisted upon this, wr.s passed up when promotion to the news desk came because he tould not be trir-d to keep sober, and I was given (he place. There my chief, sh- me on him. systematically set out to prove to me that my convictions all wron? But there camp a tight when he went to a banquet and got tlrunk; and I had to tarry on alone Thereafter he had the to rp. In a journalistic experience which ha.s carried me oer most of the earth's surface, in work far many of the greatest r.ewspupers and magazines in the land, bringing me into contact with the most famous men of my generation.

I have nriTP IlirrlKlnrl i.i..l...rl-n.. Cowardice "Ls it Experience asks: "Is it polite?" Vanity a.sks: "Is it popular?" But conscience "Ls It right?" William Morley Pushon. General Michigan. ng Detroit, Remove far from me vanity and CWhiteland Methodist. Rev.

E. A. Dawson. Worship and Sunday school, 9:30 a.m. Special features will be a talk by Ezra Smith and a solo by Miss Marcella Fisher.

lies; give me neither poverty nor riches; ffed me with the food that i.s needful for me. Proverbs 30:8. Days change so many things yes ALEXANDER CHEVROLET COMPANY looms, whic are the modern poor "uv" substitutes for the old-fashioned by "tinence habits. It CMt. Auburn Methodist, Rev.

TT. A. Dawson. Sunday school, 9:30 ajn. Worship and preaching, 7:30 p.m.

Otto Smith will give a special talk hours. We see so differently, in sun and "sn to ten a young man mai .1..:.... saloons, are crowded with liV lilt.S 111 1UH- 97 EAST MONROE STREET FRANKLIN, INDIANA and the quartet will sing. Prayer meeting every Wednesday night at 8 o'clock. pside-Oown Standards A pretty fair picture of the modern tap-room and night club is given by old Lsaiah.

who lived seven showers Mistaken words tonight May be cherished by tomorrow's light; We will be patient for we know There's such a little way to go. Anon. hundred years before Christ: "Woe CBargersville Christian, Rev. G. O.

Bell Bible school at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 10:45 a. m. people of both sexes who are paying price beyond all reckoning.

They think it is "the thins;" to discard the old standards of gentility and of the gixxt lite. They are the victims of an inferiority complex. What Of I he Women? Every intelligent and informed observer of these times is concerned over today widespread deterioration of the standards of womanhood. Multitudes of young women have cheapened themselves and unto them that follow strong drink; that tarry late into the night. It is ordained of God that we PROVIDENCE By Mrs.

Harry Canary CAttcnlance 105, collection $2.51 Sunday. Tom Miller spent the weekend visiting relatives in Shelby county. Rev. and Mrs Dudley Strain are in camp with friends on Driftwood this week. till wine inflame them! And the harp and the lute, the tablet and mother.

Mrs. Op.d Haymaker. Mr. Mr. Frank Pnnu and son of Frar.khn.

Sunoay with Mr. and Mrs. Lystcr. Mrs. Pruitt and Mrs.

Lv.sttr are sisU rs. Mr, and M.s. Russell Rund add children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mr. O.

C. Braiison. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wheeler and Etter.

Wednesday afternoon, fpmily and Mr. Mid Mrs. Morris Ut- Mios Hamiltcn spent the trroack. attended the Wheeler r( un- weekend with her parents. Mr.

and 10:1 Sunday. Mrs. Duncan Hamilton and dauh- Mr. and Mr. Vernon Grez.

ot ttr. sp'u Sunday aivr- Mr. and Mrs. James Scott, cf noon wi.h Mr. and Htrold Park vtor.e; Crossing called on Mr.

and and son. Jerry, I Mrs Frank Park. Friday night. Mr. and Mrs.

John Dill of India- Mrs. Earl Rhynerson and children imps us. ca'lul on Mr Mrs. Will iof Franklin, spent Monday with her give him one seventh of our time and at least one tenth of our earn As you grow better, you sweep up out of the grap for money, praise, tase. distinction; you sweep up into the necessity of truth, courage, virtue and Gcd.

Philips Erooks. the pipe, and wine, are in their feasts; but they regard not the work of Jehovah." ings. If we are honest with God in these great principles of giving there will be no lack in His church. Every Christian should worship each Equally pertinent and up to date County Churches i Lord's Day. We invite you to worship with us.

The morning sermon theme will be, "A Good Man's aa Blunder." Community cational. Rev. II Howe w- invite you to our BOHALL QUALITY FOODS Phone 278296-298 E. Jefferson St. Phone 478 church at 9 30.

Morning wor SHADY SLOPE ship servK at 10:30. This will be ithe la-st preaching service until af By Mrs. A. M. Bradley.

CMarjorie and Coralee Henderson ter the pistcrs vacation which be-Uins Ar.uj-t 1st. The thurch school at tr." usual time thru returned to their home in Indianapolis. Sunday, after a week's visit 5c OR SCREWBALL? She's a Fascinating New Joan Women will want to pull her hoirl Men will itch to whack herl She's a aoraeous "meaitie" again Yc mi: meeting at New Hcets Carrots Home Grown Potatoes here with their grandparents. 6.30 next Sunday evening. i I Mrs.

Helen Boaz and Mrs. Mary 10 lbs. 25c CJolhtv Methcdist. Rev. Marshall Bradlry and son spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs.

Paul McFarland. and Freddie March's the chap to tame her New Cabbage 2 lbs. 5c Howard Smith and Mr. and Mrs. in the screen howl they ve made of the roaring Wi.sley Sunday school 9:30 a.m.

Evangelistic services 7:45 p.m. Pray-er meeting. Wednesday evening 8 Frvin- Chickens lb. 22c Veal Koast lb. 19c Veal Iiib Chops lb.

22c Heef Roast lb. 22c Pure IIo Lard 2 lbs. loc Hamburger 2 lbs. 35c No Rind Hacon lb. 22c (I I.

lis. lor 43c) thoulder Pork Roast lb. 19c New 8-month Broadway hit! It hilarious! Dora Thompson spent Friday with Mrs. Emma Hamilton at Spencer. ClOCiC.

Sw t. Potatoes lbs. 25c Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bradley and i son spent Sunday evening with Mr.

and Mrs. Cecil Noel and family. CBengal Methodist Sunday school 9:30 a.m. Worship service 10:30 a.m. Praver meeting.

Thursday evening Cauliflower New Corn Mr. and Mrs. Sam White and and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thomp 8 followed by Young Peoples' ssr son and son spent Sunday afternoon 3 for 10c 2 lbs.

15c Bible study. Home Grown Tomatoes i CWhiteland Presbyterian, Rev. Paul Fherrill Church schocl. 9:30 am. ivf fa Morning- worship subject.

"There 10:30 a.m. Ripe Peaches Water Melons Cantaloupes Red Raspberries Hlackberrics Black Second Mt. Pleasant Baptist. Rev Frank Landing Church school. 9:30 with Mr.

and Mrs. Dora Thompson. Betty Smith of near Franklin is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Herman Braaley and Mr. Bradley this week.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bradley, Mr.

and Mrs. Lester Wright and daughter. Sandra, and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Sanders and family attended th? Brao'iey reunion at Garfield park on Sunday.

There were seventy-five present. Mrs. Amanda Hamilton, Mrs. Anna Elkins and Mrs. Laura Fay Elkins assisted Mrs.

Dorothy Hamilton Took for threshers. Tuesday. Dan Coon, superintendent. A class and a welcome for everyone. fr-J Morning worship.

10:30. The pas tor will nreach on "Three Ships. 2 1 lbs. 99c IVtd Medal Flour Coi or Tomatoes Evening worship. 7:30.

Quarterly business meeting. Plans will be approved lor the fall and winter pro Apricots 2 lbs. 25c Large Plums 2 lbs. 25c Cantaloupes 10c Rananas 1 lbs. 23c 3 cans 25c gram at this meeting.

Jello, any flavor oc Come and worship with us you ill find a welcome here. JOAN Dr. W. G. Spencer Busy Speaking Phoet.ix or Maxwell House Coffee lb.

27c f'-J VJ er Crawford ChrLstian Chanel. Rev. C. R. Park hurst Sunday school 9:45, Harvey 09 41100 Pel.

Pure FOIl FACE AND HANDS Guest Ivory Soap FREDRIC 'March CPresident William Gear Spencer' of Franklin College went to Craw-' lordsville Wednesday to address the Rotary club there. On Sunday he will be the speaker at the First Bap- tl-t church in Muncie in the morn-! Smith, superintendent. Morning worship. 10:40. 1 Communion service.

11:20 a.m. I Evening worship. 6:45 p.m. 233 ')0XVD0L His First Since "A Star Is Born" Our attendance has been fine for uii RUTH HUSSEY John Rita CARROLL HAYWORTH Nigel Bruce BRUCE CABOT Riu QUIGIEY Rose IIOBART Screen Plav by Antla Look Directed by George Cuknr Produced by Hunt Strombern 11 in 1 1 1 tnrr. anri will hDcin nririrpss a -Ran.

I summer months, help us keep this i i ft'' Ciant Larise Medium 62c 21c 9c recorl. tist group following a Sunday-school picnic there Sunday evening. CNmeveh Chnstain. Rev. G.

M'-FLAVOR BR HAD 2 loaves 15c CMrs. Lloyd Deer received a blood transfusion Monday at the Method Powers Unified service including Communion, sermon and Sunday AMB GOB HCTUW ist hospital in Indianapolis. Her con- 1 school lesson at 10 o'clock. Ln the sermon Sunday morning the pastor Plenty Of Parking Space Free Delivery Tit to answer this question Do we eed to know 11 about.

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