The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 24, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1895
Page 2
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You Need ..a Desk! WE ARE MANUFACTURERS — OF — Desks and all kinds of Office Furniture. S£ND FOR CIRCULAR. We want your Business. The Hamilton Mfg. Co. TWO RIVERS, W1S, We Employ Young Men to distribute our advertisements Yn pnrt parment lorahiizli crude Acme bJovcle. vriiich we semi them on approval. No ivoflt done until the blcyelo urrlves uud proves satisfactory. Wi««**rv I o/^J/ac employed on the YOtlUg LclUICS same terms If boys or clrls apply they must be well recommended. Write for particulars. ACME CYCLE CONPANY, ELKHART, IND. PtETML'S CHILDREN NO LONGER ANY DOUBT AS TO THEIR FATE. they Were Victim* of BtolmeS and their ttodles ll»*e Been Found In a torohto Cellar—locked In a trunk and Alphy*fated by Oa*< TORONTO, Ont., July 19.—The bodies of the two Pietzel children Who wete exhumed in the cellar of a vacant house were removed to the morgue. Doctors Caven and R. H. Ofr afe engaged in a post niof teni to discover by what means the little ones met their deaths. The inquest will be reopened as soon as the autopsy is concluded. Efforts will be made to extradite Holmes at once, and to give him the benefit of swift and sufe Canadian justice. Detective Geyer of Philadelphia came here imbued with the idea that Holmes had rented a house and taken the chrldren there to murder them; that after doing so, he had either buried their bodies or thrown them into the bay. It is his opinion that the two children were chloroformed in a trunk. It remains to be seen whether the finding of the post mortem examiners will bear out the supposition that Mrs Pietzel's Saratoga trunk figured in the murder. There were no traces of violence on the bodies, and it is thought Holmes decoyed the children into the trunk under some protest and took them to the house. Then gas was inserted by means of a tube through a small hole. The tniuk, with a hole in it neatly covered over with a strap tacked down, was found in one of Holmes' rooms. The little girls when found were naked and had been buried without a coffin of any kind. How to Make Farming Pay, Purchase a cheap farm with fertile soil where the climate is free from extremes of heat and cold; where there are no blizzards, droughts or cyclones, close to the great Eastern markets where profits will not be eaten up by transportation. Such farms are found only in Virginia along the C. & O. Railway. For descriptive catalogue address, C. B. RYAN, Ass't G. P. A., C. & O. Railway, Cincinnati, O. Cftrllnto 6f the tipttttoft fhAt fffl Merlons fteiatts Wilt tolloft. CHICAGO, July 20.—A special to The JDaily News frbm Washington says: The treasury,, from Secretary Carlisle down' to his subordinates Who hate charge of banks and the currency, were discus-siug the threats of boycott by the -Knights of Labor against ha* tional bank notes. It Was about the only subject talked of, but after a careful consideration of the question in all its phases, Secretary Carlisle expressed the opinion to one of his advisors that no serious results would follow such a boycott. His conclusion was based upon the figures in regard to the circulation of national bank notes. The amount of these outstanding June 1, 1895, was only $206,679,490, and of this amount about $20,000,000 is held by banks. National bank notes have never been made legal tender by statute, so that it is true that it Would ba impossible to force any person to accept them in individual transactions. They are, however, available for use by the government in the payment of all its obligations, except for interest on the public debt, and the redemption of national currency. THE CONVENTION OVER THE LIST GROW3. Chicago m> YOU WAST TO STOP TO11ACCO? You Can lie divert While Using It. Tlie habit of using tobacco grows on a man until urave illseus-il coiuliDipns lire produced. Tobacco causes cancer of tbe mouth and stomach ; dyspepsia ; toss meni'>vy ; nervous affections ; congestion ot the. retina, and wiist- mr of the optic nerve, resulting in impairment division, even to tin: extent of blindness ;<mz'- ness or vertigo : tobacco nsthma : nluht'y suf- tlocation ; dull pain in region of the heart, followed later by sharp pains, palpitation and weakened pulse, resulting in Jatal heart disease, ft also causes loss of vitality. QUIT. BEFORE IT 18 TOO LATE. To quit suddenly is too severe a shock to the system, as toliacco-to an inveterate user, becomes a stimulant that his system continually craves "BAdo-CUUO" is a scientific and reliable vegetable remedy, guaranteed to be perfectly harmless, and wine'" ' " the last 23 years, having fectlv harmless, and which has beon in use for the last 23 years, having cured thousands of habitual tobacco timers—smokers, chewers tDutt'-dippers. and THE TOBACCO YOU entlv cure any ca»e with three boxes, or rt-- fund the money with 10 per cent interest. ••13ACO— CUKO" is not a substitute, but a reliable and scientific cure— which absolutely destroys the craving for tobacco without the aid of will power, and with no inconvenience. It leaves the system as pure and free from nicotine, as the day you took your first chew or smoke. . , , Sold by all druggists, at 31.00 per box, three boxes, (thirty days treatment, and GUAUAA- FOB SAMPLE BOX, BOOKLET AND PKOOFS FHEE Eureka Chemical & Manufacturing Company, Manufacturing Chemists La Crosse, 'Wisconsin. Pollen Find Another Victim ot Murderer Holmes. CHICAGO, July SJO.—Another appalling crime will be laid at the door of H. H. Holmes, the notorious insurance swindler and the alleged murderer of the Pietzels. That Minnie Williams of Fort Worth, Tex., met lArdeath at the hands of Holmes there is scarcely a doubt. That she died in this city in a violent manner has been proven almost to a certainty. Late Friday night tho police found in a otove in a 8-story brick building at 707 Sixty-third street, which was built by Holmes and in which both he and the Williams girl lived, a quantity of charred bones, buttons known to have been on a dress owned by Minnie Williams, and a partly melted portion of a watch chain which was Positively Identified as having been the property of the girl. The chain was instantly recognized by C. E. Davis, who occupies a portion of the store formerly used by Holmes when he was in the drug business, as one that he had seen Miss Williams wear, and which he had on two separate occasions repaired for her. , ; The police are now of the opinion that not only Minnie Williams but her younger sister Anna and the boy Howard both met death in this house, and are of the opinion that they will find either the body of Anna Williams or that of Howard Pietzel before they have concluded their work. Holmes Could Prove Rn Alibi. PHILADELPHIA, July 20.—The Press prints an interview with H. H. Holmes, who was visited in his prison cell by a reporter of that paper. Holmes insists that he can prove an alibi with reference to the murder of the Pietzel children in Toronto, and says the authorities here cannot prove that Pietzel was murdered in this city. BESIEGED BY INSURGENTS. Baptist Young People nt Haiti more Hold Numerous Services. BALTIMORE, July 22.—The services on the last day of the Baptist Young People's Union of America were numerous and impressive. The general prayer and praise service commenced at 8:30, and was led by Rev. W. E. Riley of Chicago. The topic was "Faith-Inspired Living." At 10 o'clock there was an adjournment to church services, the pulpit of every evangelical church in Baltimore being occupied by a Baptist preacher. In the afternoon there was a second praise and prayer service. Rev. B. E. Lovett of Davenport, la., being the leader. The evening service of prayer and praise was assisted at by a great congregation and was led by Rev. F. G. McKeever of New London, Conn. The convention wound up with a consecration service. Officers of Baptist Yonng People. BALTIMORE, July 20.—The Baptist Young People's union elected the following officers for the ensuing year: President, John H. Chapman, Illinois; vice presidents, P. F. Bothong, New Jersey; J. K. Shenstone, Toronto, Ont.; George B. Taylor, D. D., West Virginia; recording secretary, Rev. H. W. Reed, Illinois. STAMBOULOFF DEAD. 16. Mrs. ST. K. Fairbanks, wife of Nathaniel It. Fairbanks, the millionaire, died at her home in Chibago. The total coinage of the United States mints for the fiscal yea* was $68,* ?15,640, of which $48,93o,476 was gold. The Atlantic and Pacific bondholders committee continue to take deposits of 4 per cent bonds under a penalty of $60 per bond. Eastbouhd shipments from Chicago last week amounted to 03,878 tons against 66,946 for the preceding week and 4,142 for the corresponding week of last year. The president has isstied a proclamation stating that as Spain has extended to American citizens the privileges of copyright, as contemplated by ottf copyright act. The intefssate commerce commission has granted ail extension of time in which all railroads must equip their cars with secure grab irons and hand* holds in the ends and sides of cars from July 1 until Dec. 1, next. Wednesday, July it* The yachts Defender and Vigilant have sailed for Larchmont. A magnificent new Masonic temple is to be erected in St. Louis. The Columbia Athletic club of Min* neapolis has made an assignment. Thermometers registered 97 in the shade at Kansas City Tuesday, the hottest day of the season. The comptroller has made a call on national banks for reports of their condition at close of business Thursday, July 11. Judge Seagrave Smith of Minneapolis was slightly injured in an accident caused by the collision of his horse with a bicycle. Mrs. J. J. Richardson, wife of the Iowa member of the Democratic national committee, died at Davenport after a long sickness. Mr. Dwyer's Harry Reed won the selling plate race, 103 sovereigns, in which event there were 10 runners, over the Exeter stakes course. Another Sfcfrttte f6* tnfllnfc t»K6tfle and tireftt Northern. Stew Yoftft, July 20.—The Post prints a resume of the negotiations for consolidating the Northern Pacific and the Great Northern railroads under bhe iaahagenieni -After stating that the iaws of Minnesota, under which the Great Northern was organised, provide that no railroad corporation shall consolidate, lease of put- chase, of in any Way become owner of of control any other railroad corporation, of any stock, franchises, rights or property thereof, which owns or controls a parallel or competing line, The Pest says: "It is hot difficult to understand that the principal participants in the guarantee syndicate do not like to give tip the expected large profits, and that they are endeavoring, though recognizing the necessity of abandoning the London project, to accomplish the purpose in another Way. At their instance, lawyers are studying the question of forming a third com* pany under the laws of another state, Which shall acquire the stock of the Great Northern and of the reorganized Northern Pacific, and thus unite the two corporations; but counsel freely ad* mit that such a proceeding would be in conflict With the spirit if not the letter of the laws of Minnesota." GOVERNMENT CROP REPORT. The liulgarlan Premier Succumbs to the Assassins' Wounds. SOFIA, July 19.—M. Starnbouloff, who was murderously assaulted by four men while returning home from the Union club on Monday night, died at 9:35 a. m. without having uttered a word since 10 o'clock the previous night, when the death struggle began. UNDER CIVIL SERVICE RULES; Thursday, July 18. Two firemen were killed and 16 injured in a Cincinnati fire. Arrangements are being completed to refund the income tax. A train went through a bridge in Colorado, killing several people. Wheat cutting has begun in the southern portion of South Dakota. Priests and churchmen of Denver have asked for the removal of Bishop Matz. Valkyrie III, the challenger for the American cup, will sail for New York on Monday uext. Nine men are entombed in a Michigan mine and some of them will prob- ablv be taken out dead. Drouth Partially Broken In lown, Wisconsin and Minnesota. WASHINGTON, July 20.—The weather bureau, in its report of crop conditions for the week ended July 16, says: Drouth has been broken in Iowa and partly relieved in Wisconsin and Southern Minnesota, but continues in Ohio and with great severity over the southern half of Michigan. Excessive rains have delayed threshing in Missouri, Kansas, Northern Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee, and caused grain in shock to sprout. Corn needs rain in Ohio, Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan, Wisconsin and South Dakota, and would be improved by rain in Nebraska, where the blades are beginning to roll. In the Southern states the finest crop of corn for years is promised. Frost on Tuesday morning caused slight damage in Wisconsin. RELIGION AND EDUCATION. The American Congress Now in Session nt Toronto. TORONTO, Ont., July 20 —About 600 delegates to the Pan-American congress of religion and education have arrived here and thousands more are expected. The delegates assembled in the Horticultural pavilion, where addresses of welcome were delivered by Mayor Kennedy, W. B. McMnrrich, chairman of joint local committee; Lieutenant Governor Kirkpatfick, Rev. Thomas Five sailors on the torpedo boat Erics- [ gi mms D. D., president of the Ministe- ___ f **^ n llww • »-L•!«*•>•*s-J V>TT 4-liQ n wkl sv. . . — m . i Trrm Head-to-Foot Outfits Wounded in For Boys From S to 15 Years CW. They conslstof one v coat (cut doublet* breasted), two pnirs tf of kaoe pauts, aua a £ ,cap to match (alii 'made of strictly all g •wool cloth), ana r. £ first class pair of F shoos—you coul'd not i? duplicate them nt£ any other stare fcr,-; ICES than ST.EO. Our£ Price 85.00. £ Tho thousands we ? soil every conth tc-U £ best how the people £ like thorn. C Samples and Jllue-f 1 tratod catf.U ct'.e Free if you ask lor it. N. W, Cor, State and Jackson Sls,,CHlCM30. 'tVVWnfWfWfi^^ This Style fqrt&ei»Qj*9y,«, isyp' itye/w feati General Campon Reported Cuba. TAMPA, Fla., July 22.— Passengers from Cuba and private letters announce that General Campos is wounded and besieged in Bayamo. The Spanish papers state that besides Santocildes various other officers also fell, and it is rumored that one of them is the son of Campos. Passengers claim that a railway car arrived at Villavueva station in Havana closed so that no one knew its contents. Some say this car contains Campos and others maintain that it holds the body of his son. The Spanish press gives no details of the encounter, and this makes Cubans believe that Santocildes 1 body was left in the possession of the insurgents in Santa Clara. General Gome? insists on his orders prohibiting the entrance of provisions in Puerto Principe. One of his officers was hung for disobeying these orders. On this account large numbers are leaving the city. DISASTER AT SEA. One Hundrea and Forty-eight J4ves I-ost by the Sluicing of the SI»rla P. GENOA, July 22.— The Italian steam. ers Ortigia and Maria P collided off Isela del Pint at the entrance of the Gulf of Genoa, The latter sank and 14S people were drowned. The Maria P was bound from Naples to La Plata. There was a crew of 17 and the passengers numbered 173. She was entering the Gulf of Genoa at 1:30 o'clock in the morning, when she met the Ortigia, outbound, They only noticed each other when a collision was inevitable. _ . WANT MORE PAY, Iron ajQuntaln ailners THieaten to Go on StrlKe. IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich., July 32. ^ A mass meeting of the Chapin miners was hsld during the afternoon and about WO were present. It was unan' imously agreed to ask for more pay~ the sama scale that the Pewabic miners aye now getting, v«: Miners, $1.70; teamsters, $1.60. laborers, $1. 10. The President Places Employeo of Pension Agencies on the tint. WASHINGTON, July 20.— The president has issued an order placing employes of all pension agencies under civil service rules. Government Has a Biff Majority. LONDON, July 22. — As a result of the pollings thus far in the general elections the Unionists now show a net gain of (58, giving the government- a majority of 108. The districts to be heard from during the present week are almost entirely in the counties and shires. _ LATEST MARKET REPORJ. Milwaukee Grain. MILWAUKEE, July 20, 1895. FLOUR— Very dull. WHEAT— N T o. a spring, 67%o; No. 1 Northern, TlJ^c; September, 6S^o. CORN— No. 3, 47. OATS— No. 2 white, 33}£c; No. 3 whita, BARLEY— No. track, 45@46c. RYE— No. 1, 47}£c: sample, on Duluth Grain. DULUTH, July 20, 1895. WHEAT—Cash No 1 hard, 08^c; No. 1 Northern, 07&c; July No. 1. Northern, 6% September, No. 1 Northern, 65%c; December, No. 1. Northern, .G7^c. Minneapolis Grain. MINNEAPOLIS, July 20, 1895. WHEAT — July, <H%c; September, 63%c. On Track—No. 1 hard, 67J^c; No. 1 Northern, OOJic; No. 2 Northern, St. Paul Union Stock Yards, SOUTH ST. PAUL, July 20, 189>. HOGS— Market aO@35o higher. Range of prices, ?4.75@o,05. CATTLE— Quiet; not enough cattle to make a market; good demand for fat cattle, stockers and feeders. Range of prices: . SHEEP— Market weak, 10@25c lower. Lambs «8,9i; muttons, §2,75@8.85; common, $1.0J@2.00. Receipts: Hogs, CW; cattle, 17; 25 sheep. son were fatally injured by the explosion of a hot-water pipe. George Lavigne has issued a challenge to Jack McAulifEe of Brooklyn, the champion lightweight pugilist. An American lady, Miss Maitby; has obtained the deciree of doctor* : of philosophy at the Goeting university, Berlin. • Friday, July 19. Robert J paced a mile in 2:03 at Saginaw, Mich., Thursday. W. H. Grossman & Bro., coffee importers, will ship between $750,000 and f 1,000,000 in gold to Europe. Henry Irving, Walter Besant and 16 others were knighted by the queen at Windsor castle Thursday. Philadelphia carpet mill owners threaten to close down indefinitely unless strikers return to work. The statement of the condition of the treasury shows available cash balance, $190,698,750; gold reserve, $106,807,905. The term of court just closed at Fort Smith, Ark., furnished 87 convicts for the penitentiary and « for the gallows. At the meeting of representative of various woolen and worsted companies at Woonsocket, it was decided to make a small advance to the 1,800 operatives whose wages were cut in 1898. Saturday, July 20. The Clevelands' new daughter named Marion. A half breed at White Birch, Wis. shot and wounded three persons and escaped. i, The men entombed in a mine at Iron Mountain, Mich., were rescued un harmed. Employes of pension agencies hav bean placed under civil service rules b; the president. Striking miners in upper Michigan have besun executing their threats to stop work in all the mines, Sixteen young people are thought to have been drowned on a pleasure tfip off Santa Cruz, island, Cal, Rider Haggard, the English novelist, was mobbed while touring as a Conservative candidate for parliament. By a vote of 18 to 6, the Toronto school board has rejected a resolution condemning the feminine teachers in the city schools who wear bloomers. ial Association of Toronto and Willaam Mulock, M. P., vice chancellor of he University of Toronto. Rev. Samuel Smith, D. D., of St. Paul, Minn., president of the congress, and a few )rominent delegates Replied. „ - * > «. The president, Revj Samuel G. Smith of St. Paul, gave his inaugural address and Rev. William Class, Trinty university, Toronto, spoke on re- igious conditions. Much interest is ! elt in the address to be delivered by Archbishop Ireland of St. Paul on Rights and Duties of Labor." EZETA'S PLOT LAID BARE. is Plan to Murder the President of Honduras. NEW YORK, July as.—A special to The World from San Francisco eays: Several Hondurans and Nicaraguans have been arrested and expelled from the country. It is stated a plot by partisans of Ezeta to murder the president and Foreign Minister Castellanos has been arrested. An Italian cook was arrested and confessed that he had been offered a large sum of money by Ezeta supporters if he would poison both. Ezeta's partisans say the Italian was hired to make the confession in order to discredit them. They deny this story. CONTEST EVERY INCH. Chinese Are Making » Very Stubborn Defense in Formosa. YOKOHAMA, July 20,—An official dispatch received here from the Island of Formosa says that the Chinese are making a stubborn defense of the territory. After the capture of Lung Taupo on June 21, an attempt was made to effect a junction between two Japanese battalions at the river Takukausi, but the attempt was a failure. A squadron of Japanese cavalry which was imd- deniy attacked by a superior force of Chinese, was out to pieces, only three troopers escaping. The junction of the two battalions was effected on July 16. AFTER NINE AT NIGHT. dfor illustrated prte§ tt&t, FREE for Chicago Union Stoote CHICAGO, July 30, 1895, HOGS— Market generally 5@lOo higher. Sales ranged at §'>.«0@§5.7d for light; fo@5.50 for mixed; &t.85@5.45 for heavy packing and shipping lots; |4.85@5.Q5 for rough. Dressed beef and shipping steerd, f3,3U@ 3.0J; qows and bull*, cattle, 6)0; , SHEEP— Market steady. Receipts: Hogs, MOJ; sheep, 8.W. . __ _ THE HUB, i. W. Gor. Slate and Jackson SU.. CHICAGO. can,a) YORK, July 82.— The United S.tates steamer Montgomery, Com. majjder Davis, has arrived with eig bt members of the Nicaragua gommiesio» oa boajd Chicago Grain and Provision*, CHICAGO, July 30, CLOSING PRICES. August, Pecember, May, CQHN,---Jvily. November September, • December, 35^c; « *™* *« September, 22%c; May, «Wj@SW<« October, J3%o; December, '-Ho- Monday, \Fwly 31. The Rock River r assembly * 8 to se «' sion near Dixon, 111?, The Defender beat the Vigilant by nearly three minutes in a J5.mwe sail. Hon. B. S, Stranan, ex.judge of the Oregon supreme court, fell dead at Portland. Fire in the National Linseed Oil company's plant at Chicago did $400,- ooo damage. A 14-yeav*ol<i negro girl in South Carolina murdered two little children in a most atrocious manner, Disgraceful • riotous scenes attended the funeral of Stambouloff, the assassinated 63>premier of .Eulgftrja, Rider Haggard, the novelist, was de, feated itt bis contest for a seat m par* Jiameiit by the Liberal candidate, Princeton students on a geological expedition are thought to have fallen into tne bauds of fediaas m Colorado. Five persons were seriously injured at Chicago m a collision between a, -• • " ' ~ street electric par and % MJnora and Married Men Cannot Walk the Streets of Selipa, Ala. SBWSIA, Ala,, July 83.— This city is in a furore on account of ordinance passed by the city council, A petition was in* troduced to allow soda water to be sold on Sunday, but the resolution was tabled forever, Another resolution, to prohibit persons under 18 years of age and married men from being on the ptreets after 9 o'ojook p, m, unless tney can produce a permit from their legal guardians or wives, was passed, Separate A, O, V, W, Jurisdiction, FARQO, N. D., July i8,<-Tne jurisdiction of the North Dakota A. 0. 17, W, was instituted by Supreme Officers Riggs and Sackett, after whicH tfce first grand lodge session of JTortb Dakota was called to order, After (be PQBJ. mjttee on creoentials bad reported offl» were elected, W. A- Blewitt of was onojen grand waste* It WAS on the Mississippi in 1858. fl* "colonel" had lost his last dollar at woke*. "Bring the girl and boy here that I bought afc Natchez. Hold on the game just ono mlnuto, gentlemen, and I'll make a rAise." " The ihan Went away and shortly returned accompanied by the "girl afid boy." Said "girl" proved to be ft bright mulatto of five and thirty or thereabout, and tire "boy" Was her son. Tho boy was not far from 10 years of ago, With a face lighter in color than Was his mother's, his features really handsome. "Look hero, gentlemen," spoke the planter rising, "here's as likely a pair, fot a girl arid her brat, as you can scare lip. I paid $800 fof 'em. Who'll give $600?" "Why not put 'cm up separate?" asked oho. " 'Twon't do to sell 'em separate. The girl has sworn that she Will kill herself if her boy is sold away from her, and her old master says she'll be sure to keep her Word. But don't ye see the Wohiah is worth inoro'h 1 ask for tho pair. Now, what d'ye say? Who'll take 'eiu at $600?" The owner waited a few seconds without receiving ail answer and then said: "I must have the inoiiey, so here goes for a raffle. Twenty dollars a throw and 80 chances for tho pair.'' Tho chalices, all but two, Were quickly taken by tho«c at tho table. "Two more chniices, gentlemen." A man Whispered apart to tho judge and then made Jiis way to the table and threw clown two gold eagles. 'What name?" 'Givo it to tho woman." 'Eh? Tho gal herself?" 'Yes; give her a chaiico." 'All right. One chance for Ninette!" Before tho planter could call again Judge Underwood had placed $20 upon tho table, saying as ho did so: "This is for tho boy." "GoodI" cried tho owner of the property. "Hero's a chance for Tommy, and that takes tho lot. Whore's the clerk?'' "Hero." '' Have ye got blanks for this sort of business?" "Yes." "Then won't yo fill up a bill of sale of these two—Ninette and Tommy—and leave a place to put in tho name of the winner? "Now for tho dice, gentlemen." Tho dice were brought on, and tho shak-. ing commenced. Of tho first ton throws 80 was tho biggest number cost. Tho eleventh throw turned up 43. Then the scores foil again till tho twenty-first throw, when ono of tho gamesters throw out 49. ^ Tho crowd wore now all excitement. Forty-nine was a hard point to beat. Tho lowest number that could be thrown was 9, and tho highest (nine sixes) was 64, making what is called an average throw about 81 H. Of 100 throws the majority will fall below 33. Again tho dice rattled in tho box as the second gamester took his turn, but his throw was a low one. The twenty-eighth throw belonged to tho clerk of tho boat, who had now returned with the bill of sale. Ho threw 49, tying tho gamester. "Come, Ninette; it's your turn." Tho woman started and quivered and pressed her hand over her heart. Only the • groaning and puffing of the engine broke the stillness of tho place. "Will the gentleman who paid for tho chance throw for me?" she said in a low;. musical voice, earnest and imploring and / df pvlrost/acc'en't* ""'' " ' ,"'" • '' Let your boy throw for you,'' returned tho man. "His luck should be better than mine." Tommy came forward and took the box. His mother's hands were clasped, and her lips moved. Tho boy trembled like an aspen. What a world of weal or woe hung upon the fickle chance! He held in his hand tho soalod book in which was written the fate of his mother and himself, and it was to be opened upon the hazard of a diel He shook the box and turned the dice upon the table. Three aces! A moment he gazed upon the three single spots, and then dropping the box he sank back, pale and frightened. "Shake again, Tommy," said the planter. "It's no use, master. I can't get 49." "But you've got your own chance, my boy." "Aye," cried the judge. "That was your mother's chance. Now throw for yourself—throw for the chance I gave you —brace up and take heart, and may heaven help you I" That was not an assembly of religiously inclined persons by any means, but the fervent petition of the judge met with a warm and impulsive response of "Amen" from nearly all present. Again tho boy camo forward and lifted the box. His lips were tightly shut, and the old quivering of the limbs was hushed. The only sound in that saloon, above the deep breathing of tho spectators, was the clicking of the ivory cubes. Presently the „ first throw was made, "Five, five, six, are 16!" announced the planter, setting down the figures. The dice were gathered up and thrown again. "Six, six and a five. Good! That's 17." Tho boy was pale as death as he took the box for. tho last throw, and his mother leaned against a stanchion for support, At length—and the book was opened! "Three sixes—18! and that's 61! My boy, you're a trump! Now, Mr, Clerk, fill up the bill of sale, and I'll sign it before these witnesses,'' Tho scene that followed can be better imagined than described, The last time 1 heard from Judge Underwood he was alive and well, though long retired from active life. Ninette was his housekeeper anfl'i Tommy his most trustful and trustee! ; henchman.—New York News- . ' ,\ I r <* Blood TMcfcer TJ»an "Blood is thicker than water" is pression first made popular by G dore Tatnal, an American officer who * sisteu tlio English against the Chinese, and in JUs report justified Wmself by »s ? ing this expression, which is, however, oW proverbial saying employed by ana other English writers of the last century. M wagon Silver, Jt»U»n Country In Wy when the country women dance together the flpsi do \s to toss off thei? shoes, if they any, A man claw uot ,go «p t» a ml ask if she will <J»«ce, but he fl$ep upon hep f yojn » distance ana naas, nods to rotwwj »na ^tiww both fe&fe.' e»ph, a faroer Mian,, brought to this oitya 9f BUY6F hearing aye , , you, #re looking Wfee a, BlurnejMMi* Yarfc

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