The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1966 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1966
Page 10
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(to.) Upp«r DM Molrm Timdey, June M, 196* Rustlers Hold Meetings At Si Joe School ST. JOE - The June 18 meeting of the Riverdale Rustlers Unit I was held at the St. Joe school hall at 1:30 p.m. The Fledge of Allegiance was led by Colleen Reding and the 4-H Pledge by Maribeth Thllges. Demonstrations were given by Paula Thllges on pressing wool and Lenora Hibert on record books. Group activity was a grooming contest. Miss. Hewitt, Humboldt, county home economist, gave a talk on good grooming, A family picnic will be held at Swea City June 26. Suzanne Reding and her mother were hostesses, Mothers were guests. Riverdale Rustlers Unit n 4-H club met June 18 at the school hall. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Kathy Reding and the 4-H Pledge by Elizabeth Zeimet. Demonstration on record books was given by Vicki McGuire. Mrs. Myrtle Hewitt Humboldt was a special guest at the meeting. Suzanne Reding and her mother were hostesses with Sandy Wagner and Mrs. Albert Thilges receiving the attendance prizes. - o - Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gales attended the funeral of a nephew, Leander Faber, 54, at Fort Snelling, St. Paul, Minn., Wednesday. They returned home Saturday after also visiting several days with relatives at Watkins, Minn. • Rev. Leo C. Schumacher returned following the Golden Jubilee of religious profession on Saturday at LaCrosse, Wise, of Sister M. Electa. He was accompanied by his brother, Father Blase of Anadarko, Okla. and their 6 sisters, all nuns from LaCrosse, Wise., Sister M. Electa the jubilarian, Sister M. Marita, Sister M. Damase, Sister M. Carolyn, Sister M. Leota and Sister M. Milburga. Monday, the group left on a short vacation before returning to their assignments. C. D. A. officers and past grand regents were invited to a social evening June 27 atWhit- temore. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wagner, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding, Algona, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rakers and family Waterloo. The Rakers infant son, born June 2, was baptized Nicholas Gerard with Orville Wagner a sponsor. Richard Kirsch left Tuesday for Tucson, Ariz, after several weeks' vacation here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kirsch and other relatives and friends. Rev. N. J. Becker, Granville, was a caller here. They are brothers of Mrs. Eugene Thul, Tony Becker, Albert, Jerry and Don Becker, all from here. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bormann took Sister M. Benedict to St. Benedict's Convent, Madison, Wise, after a 2-week visit with relatives. Sister M. Benedict , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kollascb, Whittemore, sister of Mrs. Clarence Bormann and Mrs. Irene Bormannfrom here. Elect Officers Newcomers club met June 7 at 7;45 at Algona Hotel with Bea Easier, hostess. New members were Jeanne Evans, Evelyn Weydert, Pixie Bennett and La- voha Shodgress. Jeanne Brans waa high at bridge and Sharon Kooyman was high at 560. New officers elected were GeriHowe, pros.; Sandie Kressin, v-pres.; Connie Blum, sec. and Ruth Davis, treas. Calling chairman is Sherry Bomgaars. RETIRES Mrs. Bertha Knapp of Osage recently retired as the Little Cedar News correspondent after nearly 60 years service. She is 84 years old. I Council Minutes I The City Council met on June 15, 1966 with Mayor Finn and the following council members present: Muckey,Andreasen,Elbert, Cook, Miller & Pelrce. Absent: None. Minutes of last meeting were approved. The annual report of the Algona Cemetery Assoc. was read to the Council and placed on file In the Clerk's office. Several applications for cigarette permits were approved. Class B beer permit was approved for the Smoke Shop. Liquor license was approved for the Moose Lodge. Offer to buy by Vic Samson Lot 1, Blk 1 of Call's Add. was tabled. It was agreed that the group Insurance policy for city employees not to Include seasonal help or any employee over 65 years of age. Motion moved and seconded the meeting adjourn. D. A. SMITH CITY CLERK APPROPRIATING RESOLUTION No. 1151 June 15, 1966 GENERAL Finn, Salary 135.00 Smith, Salary 224.98 Sands, Salary 120.39 Iowa State Bank, Fed. Tax.. 60.60 State Comm., WH Tax. .... 6.61 Life Inv. Ins., Premium.. 37.18 Advance, Publishing 51.15 Ad. Systems, Supplies. . .. 16.78 Reminder, Vouchers. . . . 21.35 Arwell, Services 23.00 W. Finn, Court Costs. ... 101.00 Frederick's, Supplies 7.90 T. Herbst, Fees 15.00 Hutzell's, Paper 21.46 M. Parrott & Sons, Supplies 12.51 Upper D. M., Publishing... 48.91 STREET Burris, Salary 180.41 Burtls, Salary 141.65 Frambach, Salary 158.76 Helmers, Salary 132.12 Lashbrook, Salary 47.89 Pergande, Salary 194.18 Sifert, Salary 134.76 Wibben, Salary 140.36 N. Smith, Labor 27.89 Boldrldge, Jr 26.32 Nitchals, Labor 69.86 To. State Bk., Fed. Tax. . . 91.10 State Comm., WH Tax. . . 11.58 Life Inv. Ins., Premium... 95.52 Kossuth Motor, Truck.. 2,188.03 Algona Flour & Feed, Seed 5.00 Cook's Welders, Supplies... 5.35 Del Chem. Corp., Supplies 132,91 Gambles, Gloves. ..... 3,38 Ind. Towel, Service 3.50 Natl. Chemsearch, Supplies. ....,, , 31.00 Nf Amer. Steel, Supplies 250.26 N. Central, Nat. Gas... 23.72 ROAD USE TAX Algona Mach. Shop, Repairs, ,,,,,., • 6.40 L. Barie, Labor 106.50 J. Bradley Equip., Repairs. , . 6.44 Brayton Rad,, Repairs. . . 13.80 Concrete.., *. 140.34 Greenberg, Air Comp. A Repairs. *«. 599.49 Hilton's, Service....... 17.50 Lalng's, Service....... 84.26 Redlng'B, Service..... . 161*25 Sankey, Asphalt...... 1,279.80 Sleg Co., Parts. ...... 16.58 Standard Oil, Asphalt... 417.92 Sunray DX, Supplies & Gas. 351.46 C. Fraser, Labor 7.00 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary... . 382.84 Bulten, Salary. 278,22 Hutchison, Salary 188.12 Jorgenson, Salary. .... 287.65 Rasmussen, Salary. . . . 220.92 Elbert, Salary 47.90 Volgt, Salary 251.14 la. State Bank, Fed.Tax.. 206.60 State Comm., WH Tax. . . 38.42 Trust & Agency,Pension.. 20.39 Life Inv. Ins., Premium. 126.96 Arnold Motor, Parts.. .. 6.71 A. Boekelman, Expenses.. 33.00 Greenberg's, Supplies.. .. 12.13 Hutzell's, Supplies. 8.34 Kossuth Motor, Service... 44.64 Motorola Comm., Radio & Mike 930.00 Sunray DX, Gas. ..... 134.15 Taylor Motor, Parts. . . 5.19 Fire Dept., Services.. . 344.00 Algona Machine Shop, Labor 2.85 Grouse Cartage, Freight. . 4.00 Electronic Spec., Service 103.50 Ed M. Feld, Supplies. . . . 60.85 Harris Fire, Supplies. .. . 77.00 Hilton's, Gas. 26.24 C. Wllley, Labor 65.00 SANITATION Gade, Salary 93.15 la. State Bk., Fed. Tax. . 1.00 Humboldt Concrete, Tile 144.21 J. Bradley Equip., Repairs 12.00 Frederick's, Supplies. . . . 6.59 Lalng's, Service 5.08 N. Central, Nat. Gas. . . . 8.94 Pratt Elec., Service. .. . 5.45 Spencer Grocer, Supplies 28.57 Natl. Chemsearch, Supplies 241.52 SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary. 150.84 Lemkee, Salary 225.78 la. State Bk., Fed. Tax. . 25.90 State Comm., WH Tax. . . . 5.38 Life Inv. Ins., Premium. 29.17 Algona Impl., Repairs. . . 3.16 Frederick's, Supplies. . . . 2.26 Jack's OK, Labor. ...... 1.00 Natl. Chemsearch, Supplies 576.00 * RECREATION Cooper, Salary. ...... 138.45 Barr, Salary 85.59 Bartlett, Salary. 46.33 Erpelding, Salary. 65.17 Johnson, Salary. 72.96 Henderson, Salary 34.72 Schutter, Salary....... 46.33 Slgsbee, Salary. 61.80 Bruch, Salary. 34.*te Parrott, Salary........ 30.93 Boldrldge, Salary*..«. • 139.30 la. State Bk., Fed. Tax. .. 63.90 State Comm., WH Tax. , . 4.23 Life Inv. Ins., Premium, . • 8.01 B. Cooper, Painting. .... 75.00 Hutzell's, Supplies 8.50 Laing's, Service 5.25 D. Hemmingsen, Supplies 276.81 Frederick's, Supplies. . . . 35.59 Advance, Publishing. .... 4.20 Gambles, Grip 71 Algona Flour & Feed, Seed 31.25 Algona Impl., Belt 2.65 Buscher Bros., Trac. Mower. ........ 650.00 Cowan's, Concrete. .... 48.85 Grouse Cartage, Freight. .. 8.70 'Miracle Equip., Bleachers 900.00 Natl. Chemsearch, Paint. 29.40 Sherman Nursery, Roses.. 44.40 DEBT SERVICE Sec, State Bk., Interest... 22.50 la. State Bk., Interest,... 77.50 la. State Bk., Interest... 340.00 la. DM Natl., Interest.... 85.00 PARKING METER Groen, Salary. ........ 279.20 Nauholz, Salary........ 91.71 la. State Bk., Fed. Tax. .. 58.90 State Comm., WH Tax. . , . 8.46 Trust & Agency, Pension.. » 3.61 Life Inv. Ins., Premium 29.17 FicQar & Chambers, Receipts 113.85 Redlng's, Labor 7.50 Rockwell Mfg., Repairs. ... 6.61 Sherwin-Williams, Paint 405.00 Utt Elec., Labor....... 32.70 TRUST & AGENCY B. Egli, Pension. 75.00 Shrinks Hemorrhoids New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch-Relieves Pain Hew Y.rfcV N.T. 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