The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 17, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1895
Page 8
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torn MB mmm COUNT! COMES Ambrose A. Call, D. II. Ilntehins, Wm. K. Ferguson, C. 1). Smith, President, vice-1'res. Cnshier. Ass't.C&sh. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK. * $So,ooo« ALGOHA, lOWA. Mtonev on hand to loan nt reasonable nites to parties tvho furnish first-class seeaf itf Directors—U. fit. Mntchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip toortveiler, JP. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, it. it. Spencer, Win. tti Newsy Lettets JPi-otii the J^ieiitls—JBiiiUtittg Boflitl ttt Wesley—implrttteiiieitt ts The 'WoM JEvcryvrhet'e Among the farmers—A Light Ltost Last A, Mttetfgf, oir Mbit si, arttv frfcctfli-eti 6, fefr freefcs af6, Ms f-fils- cd his hottSe and dng 9 fiftocellftr aftd fin- ishcd with a substantial fonn'daUon trail. Mm mi! CASH CAPITAL— $5O,OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A.D.Clarke, Pfes.. (l.C. Chubb, Vice Pros., Thos. H. Lantry. Cashier, i?eo I- Galltraltli, Fred M. Miller, Myron Sclienck. Thos. K.Cooke. Algonn, lottn. GENERAL BANKING. Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest. Talcl for Time Deposits. W. II. tllgllfllll, President. Thco. Chrischilles, Lewis H* Stnlthj Vice President. Cashier ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporated under t'enural laws ol Iowa, Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange boiishtniul sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business! transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors-VV. II. fngliam. John O. Smith. .1. ». Jones, T. Clirischllleh. Lewis H. Smith, J. W. \V ads worth. Harriet Devlne. R. M. Klchmoud, I'ren, H. V. Smith, Vice 1'res. A. H, Richmond, C. J. I.enancler, Ass't, Cash. Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital invei ied. Authorized capital, 850,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking business) transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamsmp tr m e ilEOT a OKS-H. ^iTTuchmond. N. E. Sheridan, A. H. Ulchmeim. B. F. Smith. Samuel Mayne.C. 15. Mallory, J. N. Sheridan. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. Our books urn thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever written a word in thorn. Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. "^REAL ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. , HAY & RICE Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa. Abstracts of Title Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. Wesley* WESLEY, July 16.—Our two new elevators are now nearly completed, and they look like business. Charlie Jones will run one of them and Fred Anderson the other. The foundation for the State Bank building is about ready, and the framing is nearly done. This will be a two-front and two story building and will be veneered with brick. One good thing about Wesley's building operations, they are carried on almost entirely by Wesley men. At some times in the neighborhood of thirty Wesley men have been at work upon the elevators. This is the policy that Wesley believes in. The school board will soon have the plans and specifications of the new. school building completed, and then they will advertise for bids to put it up. The structure will cost in the neighborhood of 89,000. The board have bought a block in Barrett's College addition for a site for the new building. The location is good and the ground sightly. The board will sell the old site for more than enough to pay for the new, and the district will have a whole block in place of a half block. Wesley will put in a system of waterworks this season. Gco. Snyder has bought the Stiulcr & Mathias general stock, as well as John Ward's hay plant and press and will run both. He will put his two stocks in one. Crops in this neighborhood look very lino and the prospects, both oC farmers and of business men arc good. Prof. Ehlers, of Afton,-Iowa, succeeds Mr. Barslou as Principal of our school. The intermediate) department conducted by Mrs. A. J. Pearson, while Miss Pottiboiui, of Algona, will continue in charge of the primary. Yes, Wesley will give Frank Barslou a solid and hearty support for county superintendent. He is worthy of the office and it should be given him. Mrs. Eddy's camera, the breaking of which in the celebration parade was spoken of in the RKi'um,iCAN, was the field instrument. The gallery camera was not injured. Z., S. Barrett attended the republican state convention a delegate and has been attending to business in central Iowa since. He is expected home today. The national encampment of the G. A. R!,. to .which G. \Y. Eddy was elected u delegate, comes off at Louisville, Kentucky, Sept. Oth to 14th. Feiitoii, .July 16.—Another shower of fain visited Fo'hton Sunday night. ; It was good for corn and grass. C. Fnnk has just put up a new windmill to make his farm work easier. J. Haaso raised his barn last Thursday. It will be one of the largest barns in this township. Wm. Jentz is having a well drilled. Jno. Weisbrod is putting in his second well. Quite a number of new binder? were set up in these parts, and some are not satisfied With them. The horse race between Funk of Fen ton and Helgeso'n of Seneca, took place last Saturday, and Funk came out ahead. The purse was 810. Wm. Dryer has just got htm a new corn cutter. Ho intends to make money with it. .Charley Saunders, of Bancroft, and Tom Butler were visiting friends here the first of the week. Bttvt. BUKT, July 10.—There was a nice, rain last night. Harvest has begun in these parts. C. W. Schryver is getting his engine in shape for threshing. W. M. Stockwell is having his furniture store painted. Work on the brick bank building is progressing rapidly. F. M. Howard, of Algona, was in town Friday soliciting accident insurance. Thomas Finnell is in this neighborhood setting up binders. Mr. and Mrs. Ray returned yesterday from a visit with relatives at Livermore. E. K. Starr is in the shop at work again, after being laid up for nearly three months. Guy Starr is staying with his uncle, D. G. Baker, at Emmetsburg. T. L. Wood was in town Saturday in the interest of the Iowa State Business Men's Building and Loan Association, lie organized a local board here. .Farm- coin me uccd har- Buffiilo Fork. BUFFALO FOBK, JOI.Y 10, 1805, ers of this vicinity have vesting oats. Gco. Caenar, of Estherville, 111., spent a few days at W. A. Chipman's last week. Willie Grovcr is now on the gain and his friends have hopes of his speedy recovery. Dicky Smith is spending the week with his aunt, Mrs. Eddy. Miss Myrtle Fox closes her school in the Grover district this week. Ralph and Mina Hollar returned to their home in Humboldt last week, after a short visit at J. W. Stotts. Bert Eddy, of ' Wesley, 1 -waS- at G. G. Mauley's on business one day'last week. Necessary! T can sell yon a nice new five-drawer Sewing Ma chine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is < not nee . - < essar-y to send your money east to get a maMine when you get you will never know at what' factory 'it- is made, and when you should need repairs ,y6u; may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— W1NKEL PAYS THE FREIGHT, J. B. "W © e e o ® BEFORE THE LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-J,, A, Frecli, Prop, J1K OFl'KKS THK FOLLOWING COMPANIES FOR CONSIDERATION: -•' ; Spriiigftelcl. SPBINGFIKLD, July 16.—Crops j.p lifclcl tp'wnslii.p are better than evej> before at this season of the year. Corn lb with the excepti'bn of a,few pieces which \verc hurt by"-frost, looks fine. Messrs. Sessions and Haggard were through these parts last week. We wonder ,>v hat political scheme they are up to. Clint and Fred Dolliver have just purchased a now binder. Oscar Johnson was the first to cut barley. . - ' • -i •'•'•• The.Big Bostons, of BlueEarth, and the State Liners played a match game of base ball atElmorc July 10, resulting in a score of 13 to,l in favor of the Big Bostons. Ed. Shaver is feeling rather blue since the game. Jim Snyder and Bert Wood have purchased new buggies and Ed Dolliver has given his a coat of paint. Pete Severne, while riding through Elmore, was thrown from his pony, re ceiv- ed no injuries, and he still rides the wildest bronchos. • Miss Nettie Wood has justreturnod from a visit with friends of Blue Earth City. Fred Dolliver has been visiting in Pilot Grove the past week. NEWS PARAGRAPHS. Tho LuVernc. News was issued week last under ..the ne.w,. management, with E. II. Rogers-publisher' and Hal 'E. Rog' Henry Durant Tells of Aerolites and Gives Interesting Facts.-—!' he Ue^otit . Astrdttoitter. < ' About the 10th of Atigust nefct <vill occur one of the annual meteoric showers sometimes incorrectly ca.flei| shooting stars. On any clear night a few can be seen..but the annual showers 'Occur April 4-11-17-25-August 8-11, October 15, November 15-17. When a meteor falls to the earth it is called an Aerolite. Meteors revolve around the snn in regular orbits like tde planets, but usually their orbits are more eccentric. Some of the-orbits are calculated. Meteors, so to speak, are wrecked comets. Some wrecks have occurred quite recently, and so far has astronomical mathematics advanced that theitimeof the wreck of others has been computed. They are in rings and are quite evenly distributed in most cases. The most important showers occur once in about thirty four years. The next one is looked for about 1803. The last one that occured was expected abou t 1800. Temporary observatories were established all over the country, but in the U. S. people were disappointed, while in England there was a very fine display. Areolltes are of groat importance to scientists, as they give some idea of the universe. So far about twenty four elements have been found in them, all wnll known as belonging to our earth; at least no new clement has bei-n found. There are about seventy known elements on o-urearth. Tho combination of iron found in Arcolites is different from any known on our earth, although wo have an almost endless combination. The brilliant color of the ruby, which has sold for even more than the diamond, is aluminium colored by iron. Wo never see meteors until they enter our atmosphere and are ignited by friction. Some move about twenty-six miles a second, the earth about eighteen. They ar° seen as high as one hundred and, fifty; miles. Asa person can hardly live miles, some idea can be formed of how light or rare our atmosphere must bo at such a height, yet it almost instantly burns thorn up, owing to friction. The science of Astronomy above all others loads us to a belief in a Divine .Creator or ruler of tho 'Universe. An Astronomer can no more dispense with a Creator or ruler than an intelligent person could believe if told that our railroad system just happened by accident. If. ho had never seen it before, how soon would he find by observation that it had an architect, and tho more lie investigated the more fully would hobo .confirmed in his opinion.. To the human family all else pales before the thought, is this life all, or only a start for one of greater grandeur? Will I never meet my dear friends again? Is the longing dream for something better than this beautiful world of ours never to be gratified? Are the others'to be lost? Is tho devotion of tho mother who sacrifices health, and many times life, by her demotion to her family, not to bo .ijewarded? We recoil at the thought. ' to ol frfst place, tie-won tti'e ftM frea-b milch 69,30, finishing with, tnit^ contest in'lhc ggcoVify! ^iilch MS- wou'with even greater ease than tho first. ThiS.yOttng horse has already won for him self a reputation of which Mr. : Smibh and tho people of.(.Terma'H.ja have just ca'itse to feel proud, and we predict for him fnany killing's among, the dogs .during the',fall meeting. '.'.•'...',. r, A Misiiliderstoort ' A;Palo'Alto county lady teacher in tryiiig' to-ofcpfa'in the meaning of the word "slowly," illustrated it by walking, across the floor. Then she asked the class to tell her how she walked. She ilearly fainted when a boy,at the foot of the class shouted, "Bow-legged and pigeon-toed ma'am.*' To Sjjieak With Sl>eiicer. Spencer News:: There is a prospect of Spencer having telephone connections with Emmetsburg, Algona, Mason City, and other towns oast and south in the near future. The agent was in town this week soliciting subscriptions, and, wo understand, met with good success. Company. Aetna, Hartford .5,588,058.00 6,754,908.00 5,191,055.00 3,345,353.00 A i") 01 A / <lli.i,,214. Cash Capital. Assets ................ ', . . .$4,000,000.00 $10,847,816.36 Phoenix Hartford .'".'.'..'.'.' ............................... 8,000,000.00 C ' »i I • M\U IN ' Y . . .................................. 1 000,000.00 Kir A" "K it-ion. Phi a ..................................... SOO.000.00 1 1 u -IM N V ......... .............................. 1,000,000.00 k'o, ,h\v,'s.,rn National, M ilwaukee ........................ 500,000.00 Hm'HYn'd Uoi'klord ................................... 200,000.00 i tui-li I ii J vi , in.**.. i\ j.v/i V4 ............... (\i\i\ r\r\t\ f\i\ State DPS Mollies .......................................... 300,000.00 LIFE. MASSA< ;•!'.-.!•: rr.> MI-INK FIT LIFE .................. 107,000.00 Insurance .in fon-c, tti'.MMX); Policy holders, •*!, 100,000; Cash surplus, 810,150,000, paid in death losses. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co ............................... Assets, §43,977,580.08 We believe, this is as good a Htatenient as can he made by any agency in the land and we solicit your patronage. Corwith. CORWITH, July 15.—Quite a number have begun having in this vicinity. Barley is ready for harvest. • The frost cut corn in low plates around here the Sth and Oth. Mrs, P. B, Olmsted is enjoying a visit from her mother, of Des Molnes. Cowing Bros, have begun to press hay again. Mr. G. W. Rightonour, who has been visiting Cowing Bros., has returned to Nevada. John Burroll returned home Friday,and brought a wife with him. A. K, Clapsaddlo, while on his way to town, broke the king bolt of his buggy. The occupants were thrown out and given slight bruises, Jim Stinsou sports a bnui now carriage. Wm, McFarlaud, Senior, put in Sunday at E. O. McFarland's. Republican Club The Republican and State Register, . $1,85 The Republican and Inter Ocean, , , $1,85 The Republican and N, Y, Iribune, , $1,85 Ci-eek, PjVuM CREKK, July 16,—Fred Miller col' ebrated his liftietu birthday last Sunday.: The Rico school closed last Friday'.wijth; a picnic in C, Vf. Hopkins' grove/"riw* little folks enjoyed thtmselves. Mrs.' Konuisoii has beon tho teacher of this school for several terms and. Is very sue- cestful and much liked by the scholars. Fred Hugh's girl turns out to be a boy, and Fred Is tho proudest mail in the township. Prof. IJoyle has been heard from up ftt Fairmont. lie te coming down to visit his Jipssuth county friends. H, J, Gilbert U^s just harvested his second crop of t&nie h»y oil the same ground and his secpud, was as good as his first. • The tame hay crpp is generally harvested, corn Io3 fc s very Hue, ancUwiall grains promise better than, for many years. Pat Cain UAS-'built a corn crib and granary o,n tUe Stougb place, Mr. MphAYliW is putting mj.» burn. ers editor. The pa'Ro' good one. ; Dr. Lacy, of LuVerne, is off on,.. a- visit to his parents in Canada. r . ,, The Swea City Herald lias 'this item, which brings the notorious- Dr; Heflin to the front again: The six weeks' old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Heflin died last Sunday at tho home of C.n A. Olson, where Mrs. Heflin was staying during the doctor's' absence. Rev. Landell conducted- the services and the little one was laid at rest on Monday. --.-.• Swea City Herald: J. E. Paul, Dr. C. B. Paul and family, Mrs. Hawk'os and Mrs. Hill cime up from- Algona yesterday and the gentlemen wont to the lakes, while the ladies visited with 'the family of C. F. B ulcer. The rest of the party, and Mr. Bilkers', leave for the lakes today] Dr. H. A. Saundors, of Swpa City, was married to Miss, JosieM, Fooley on ;the second instant. The bride is from Neola, Iowa. ' •••:':•• ' The Wesley Reporter says tliat Olcson Bros, have purchased • the Crystal Lake creamery and placed E. B. Bacon as manager of tho institution. 'Olesbn Bros.' ..are an enterprising iirm and are pushing their business right to the front. All the resort lakes are low, this year. The Spencer News says: A steamer named "Transit" and a sail boat passed through here Wednesday on. 'their. \vay from Storm Lake to Spirit Lake. It is said that the water in the former lake is so low that such boats cannot run there any longer. Here's a public benefactor, The Bancroft Register says R. M. Richmond lias erected a public bath house on the north bank of Silver Lake for the accommodation of the pleasure seekers who visit that favorite resort. Frank Hume has been elected president of tho Wesley State Bank to succeed E, F. Bacon. Thos. A. Way was continued vice president and S, X, Way cashier. Tho Reporter says the last year was the most prosperous in the history of the bank, Germania Standard ; Our city creamery is doing a remarkably good business, Mr-, Morck has employed Geo, Wick, of Story City, to assist in the \vork>. HO being an "When we lose this littlespark. We labor on in endless dark." experienced. hai;d will carry on the busi' ness, as it : al'\V-ay's has been, The creamery is still transacting a good business, handling nearly }o,ooo pounds of milk, daily. District Deputy Fred Anderson, of Wesley, has been to Algona, Bancroft; and Hurt installing the new officers of the I. 0.0, F. lodges. The order has a large membership in J£oss«tU county. George H. Purely, proprietor of one of the leading grpcej-y stpres Pf Spencer, has failed, ^abilities $4,900, assets ?3,30o; He has made a bill pf sale to his father, p. J, Purdy, pf this city, rift*-**—• That J00 table of canne4 goods js the at Walker By f*f*-«-r-s a gpeeialty was written by a poet long ago. How does this compare with: "Eye hath not seen'or heart conceived the beauty or riches in sto.-e for those who serve the Lord." All study and researches lead to the firm con 1 - viction of a God of sublime power, goodness, justice and mercy entirely beyond our conception. I cannot be orthodox. I say to all orthodox,-stick to your belief; you cannot bo wrong; free thinkers may. "No other love like a mother's love ever hath shone." How true, a mother never deserts you. However you may look you arc.always beautiful to hoi 1 . If you com- rnit.a crime she never deserts you, her. love is pure and unselifih. "Mother come back from-that echoiess shore." Hosv often does this thought;occur to us when selfish, unkind treatment we receive makes us feel as if life was not worth, living, nor would it be were it not for oiir hope of another and of the goodness and mercy of our Divine Creator. Without, a hope for something beyond this. life, it would be to a sensitive sympathetic?, person one of misery. Do we fully realize the value and importance of our creation? To an intelligent being his or her .individuality is more than all else. Should we not worship and adore our Creator who has conferred on us such a blessing, should not study to obey all his laws and constantly return thanks for such an unspeakable boon? Was it ever known for a person to regret a Virtuous and noble life? Do they nob most always regret past errors? What does the past pleasures of this life amount to when oil our death bed if we have no hopo in tho future? Why can we not realise itjiow as well as then? But hope is eternal, Uod is love, This life only gives us a conception of a beauty and grandeur we can never soo here, • That the future may bo of much greater beauty as well, as enjoyment is the hope of most of all. Apart from all other evidence, the facb that a vicious life renders the person unhappy and many around him is a positive evidence that there is another beyond this, I refer to the fae.b of the existence of good and evil. The Bible and Testament, however mutilated and distorted by factions and creeds, bears unmistakable evidence that it is an emanation from our Divine Creator, a,s ib transcends all possible human knowledge. All intelligent people feel or know that they are capable of a much g-roatei' knowledge or development than they can • ever obbain hero. ''Thesilont murmur of tho soul Tells of a world to bo, As travellers hear tho billows roll, Before they reach tho sea." -y System in lilmiiiet, Estherviilo Republican: Emmet county republicans will for the first time test the primary system of nominating county officers. tills fall. • Rules have been published and should be read and studied by every republican voter,. as it is only such who arc allowed to vote at tho primary election. Under this system a regular election is. held in each township, polls are opened between certain hours and voters registered as they vote. Each voter votes for his choice among tho various candidates for sheriff, treasurer, etc., and tho ballots arc all taken to the county seat and counted, the ones receiving tho largest H timber of votes being declared tho nominees and their names ordered printed on the official ballots at the general election. ''No nomination could be fairer . and !tl is to bo'hoped that every republican in the county will vote at tho primary election, and none but republicans will be allowed to vote. If 'township committeemen who have charge of tho various polling places will see to it that the elections are conducted fairly on tho start and that all republicans in their townships are given due notice of the time, place and rules for holding tho elections, the system .cannot help but prove highly satisfactory and for the best interests of the party in tho county. ' . The Hay Harvest. The Dunlaps turned eighty men and teams in proportion loose on 10,000 acres of grass land Monday morning. Cal Wil,8911 is in charge of half of them and A. .B. J)unla.p is captain of the other. company. ' . . ______ . . - -- ; • ' . ij •'•]' OEIiAELAKEPAEKIOWA,,' . •Jit flne Programme has been arranged for this most popular of Northern Iowa sumftner resorts., including lectures by EeV. T. DeWitt Talmage Sunday, June 30tJh, -ajn'd'Kgv. Sam. £. Jones, Sunday, Jrily'7th,and Gospel meetings led by, the most popular divines of the uajton. Ca'mpmeetings, band concerts and hu- rnerous' othe;r, attractions will be-ari- noilliced ;from time to time., '' Tlfe ah'nual' Musical Festival ; \vill be held August 2tl to llth inclusive, and will de. under the direction of Prof. Clement B.. .Shaw, Chicago. Talent already secured for this occasion promises to '.make .it, a most, enjoyable meeting. 1 ' . . , . ''....• •A large and commodious pavilion is ^now in process ot"'erection, which will furnish ample seating capacity for all who may come. ,. , v , .. • . Hotel Oaks will be' open to the pnb- lic June 5tb. This hotel is large and commodious, built after the most approved plan of summer hotels .and managed by men %ho ' know the waits of their guests. . • ; , SPIRIT LAKE^ EXCURSIONS." • On July 13, i7, 22 and 25 special, excursion rates will be : made to Spirit Luke and return'for $1.75' from Algona. . Tickets sold on Saturday, July 13, will be good to.return untij Monday, July 15, and,tickets sold July 17, 22 'and 25 will,be honored for return .trip 'until the day following the date of sale- iSTo special'trains will be run. Extra 'coaclies will bo attached to regular trains as may be necessary. The tickets include admission coupons to the^ •Cbautauqua grounds. Program for above dates is as follows: July 13-, Rev. Sam Jones and Harvard Quartette; July 17, Youug People's Day, Iowa Christian Endeavor and Epworth League reunions; July 22, G, A, B. day, Harvard Quartette and Gen. John B, Gordon and other prominent speakers; July 25, special sermon, liev. T. DeWitt Talmage and evening concert. Blue Sky Fence ANY HQGr enclosed by t j A, Hamilton & Go's and picket fmw,& proud and will The reason more of it . gold tlww «U otiw put together, i$ bemuse it . • tea fence--- ,4$ Standard: In making mention of the AJSP.W races of July 3d and 4th, in last ^Yeek. 1 s }ssuo of the S?4»PA»P wo stated, thattheGermariiaStaJHoij "GJWer- sleeve" owned by B- F.Smith, shut out al competitors In the first heat except Kfts* sijth, ap4' that be won sepgncj mpney Haying bean, niisMiformed regarding race>yo now wisU to cprwt our CHD be It will turn, All Hindi of^ ! it is elieap and dip* ; < eagj to move,. " , * , w . * •,' t »•

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