The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 17, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1895
Page 7
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long. Something every able and Olieap in price. Come and see them at Norton's Lumber Yard. tt but spoak, frh&f «fSfi£o atid fff6fifi$ stones. . ,, What talcs of joy and gttcf, It would ttnfold, Of faded beauty and forgotten glories, Of love and sorrow In the day3 of oldl CALI IN 3 1 <.-.m 2 n din- and Without ohafcffe of care.. All meals s«rved ing cars. Palace drawing-room slew pi n« < tourist sleepers are run through to bun K without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los An geles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North-Western Line v^r^^^^A^^ VERY LOW RATES. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to Agent. .CHICAGO & NORTH --WESTERN Rl Porchnnco H played the grave tod stately mensviru While powdered couples trod the mlrraet; Perhaps it was a beggar's only pleasure Or helped n prince his trouble to forget. Ah, violin, wo dream and wonder vainly I Timo with the sweet June foses never stays. The past is dead. We cannot learn more plainly the buried history of forgotten clays. Yet, as a faint and odorous sweetness lingers With faded petals, though the!v bloom be fled, So, charmed anew by sympathetic fingers, You bring a haunting momory of the dead. So, as of old, you speak In tenderest fashion, Mellow with memories of unseen years, To rniso our minds from worldly care and passion And stir the thoughts that Hfc so closo «o tears. —Anthony C. Doane in Longman's Magazine. WILLED TO DEATH, GREAT VALUE FOR + + + +. + LITTLE MONEY. WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. •u twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper of the United States. It is a National Family Paper, and,gives fll the general news of the United States. It gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department Urns no superior in the country. Its "Mrket Reports" are •recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle," Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics, Its Home and Society columns command the admira- tion'of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorial and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTRACT —- " enables us to offer this splendid journal and THE KEPUIILIOAN lor ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, .CASH IN ADVANCE. [The regular subscription for the two papers is $2.50.] ' ' ' * ." . . SUBSCRIPTIONS MAY BEGIN AT ANY TIS1E. Address all orders to THE ALGONA REPUBLICAN ISST Write your name and address on a postal card, sehd loom 2. Tribune Buildinq, New York City, and sampl ;-n7?7r WRWKTiY TE1J3UNE will be mailed to you. Boom YORK sehd U to GEO. W. BEST, le copy of THE NEW you 000,000 People Wear FIT FOR A KING, $4.00, $-5.00, $2.50,$2'00, $|.7S Any Style, All Sizes, Every Width. CAN FIT ANY FOOT. Wear TT.Ii/Donffla8 shoes and siivofroinSl.oo toi$3.OOn ualr. The advance in leather 1ms " increased the price of other makes, but the quality and prices o£ W. I., Douglas Shoes remain the same, MASS. For Sale by B. H. ANDERSON. THE INTER -IS THE- . Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West And Has the Largest Circulation, TERMS BY MAll A 8 * (without Sunday) , $6.00 per y^ar (with Swmtey),,., ,,,.. $8.00 per year The Weekly Infer Ocean i $1.00 , PER YEAR«t»<.,,i,MiMM. ,,,-, m,»«<••!•• ' ^r * • INTER OCEAN te$PS ftfcrsaft of the • wkflhsmtf i?i all The doctor paled. Decidedly it somethiug more than more embarrassment that caused his nmvilliuguess. "I have given it up, ladies," said he. "1 have nothing more to do with magnetism. ' ' "But why, why, doctor?" the pretty pleaders persisted. "Pat us to sleep — one of us — you must, or tell tis the reason why." "Well, so bo it," said he at last, still visibly reluctant. "I will toll yon why. It may teach you n lesson. "Eighteen months ago," he began, "I went into the country to see a friend. We will call him Paul, if yon please. Though old comrades and devoted 'chums,' for a long time the chances of life had separated us, particularly his marriage, which, for certain reasons, had obliged him to locate for awhile upon one of his properties, situated, ns I have said, in the depths of the country. But often and often my thoughts carried. me — a trifle enviously in the midst of my hard work — toward that forgotten corner where his hours were passed in the quiet routine and bliss of a domestic life. "Nor was I mistaken iu tho picture my fancy had drawn. Peace, serenity, repose, breathed from the very trees, with their great moss covered trunks, against which an old chateau leaned in the mingled shade and shine of the sunny Provence woods. "Paul met me at the station. His .wife I did not see till later — just before dinner indeed — a beautiful woman, with dark, brilliant eyes, which flashed when not shielded by the long, curling lashes, with the light of burnished steel. She had a superb figure and a complexion the tint and texture of old ivory, through which was flowing vigorously the rich red current of a healthy blood. Very, very beautiful she was; but, oddly enough, as I looked at her I felt a sense of a deception somewhere under that fair exterior. "Was it fancy? Or was this full, robust beauty but similar to a too fervid summer that forces the sap to rise so fast that the fruit turns sour? I do not know, only that this woman entered with difficulty into the'idyll'hud evoked from the shadowy aisles of these old woods, that seemed always whispering and murmuring to themselves. "Her intense vitality seemed to shatter this setting of peace and serenity. Moreover, wo were not alone; another guest had arrived — a young man and a close neighbor. From the moment of his coming too — or did I fancy that also? — Paul, my friend, seemed less genial. The first joy in his eyes at my arrival had calmed ; I saw him now in his habitual state, doubtless, a little aged, slightly constrained, with that vague, nervous reserve pf the distrustful husband who in his Inmost thoughts suspects treachery. ."I had no. time, however, to ponder long on these reflections. Old memories, serious and gay, crowded' thick and fast upon us in the ease and comfort of that well ordered dining room,' looking out upon the lawn, the. soft melancholy of the coming twilight slowly enwrapping us and carrying hearts and minds both far back into the past. "Dinner was nearly over when a chance word or' question turned the conversation upon a siabject no less absorbing then than now, ladies" — and the doctor bowed courteously to the circle of eager listeners closely clustered about him — "turned, I say, upon the subject of hypnotism and hypnotic suggestion, "My friend, from the first discoveries, had watched the advance of these studies with the liveliest interest, and many and frequent bad been the discussions between himself and his wife concerning them, she denying the phenomena arising from these experiments and. stubbornly pronouncing them humbug and charlatanism, and he affirming that Strange things could and did happen, as he knew from his own experience— a. certain evening in Paris, when he had offered himself as a 'subject' as incredulous as she, and had been put to sleep promptly and made to accomplish in his sleep things of which they toW, him afterward. . . «««Bahl They duped you! 1 insisted hie, wife, 'Doctor, ' suddenly appealing tQ pe, 'help me to get this rubbish ont of his head or Paul will certainly go Sis plspes Ofer IliS fcrtffr fthefc Lte § in a flotmd hypnotic Sleep. 41 'Well, he is off,'said t *' 'Impossible! No!' "She bent over him, called him, pinched him—no movement. Raised his arm—it fell inert, like a log. " 'Qnk'k, quick! Suggest something 1' 3 id f?he, a strruijje eagerness showing Suddenly iu her face. "You v,-onld perhaps feel the proof stronger, ni.Tlnme, did you make the Suggestion yourself.' "She appeared to think, murmuring half aloud, 'It must be an unaccustomed act, something unusual, that he cannot divine, that does not enter into his habit of life.' "She looked about her. Near by on a table a magazine lay opened at a recent article on 'Hypnotic Suggestion,' a slender mother of pearl paper knife thrust between the folds. She turned the leaves hurriedly. " 'ArT-b, v,-o have it at last!' said she, putting her finger upon a certain paragraph. 'An experiment just made successfully, they say—at the hospital of La Salpetrifre. Repeat it with Paul, nud I shall he convinced.' "Tho experiment was to suggest to the patient at a fixed hour a predetermined net—the act in this case suicide— With some harmless object that tho 'subject' should be made to believe a poniard. " 'Willingly,' I responded. "Sho bi'.nded mo tho paper knife. 'This is harmless enough, isn't it?' she said, yielding it to mo with a charming smile. 'It would not hurt a fly.' " 'Perfectly harmless.' And I held up the little pearl dagger before Paul's eyes. " 'Do yon see it, Paul?' said I slowly and impressively, 'this poniard here? Well, I am going to put it on that table yonder. . Tomorrow, when the luncheon bell rings—tho luncheon bell, remember —you will come here, take this poniard and—kill yourself!' "Then I roused him. He remembered nothing and felt nothing, only a comic uneasiness concerning tho act that he was to accomplish and from which ho was determined to defend himself. "The evening 'finished gayly with a rubber of whist, ending at 10 in order to give tho handsome young neighbor— a silent listener to what had been going on—time enough to reach home at a reasonable hour. "Wo were walking, Paul, his wife, and I, on the terrace next morning when the luncheon bell rang. Paul raised his head, listened a second, turned brusquely and re-entered tho chateau. His wife had become very pale. " 'Come, quick,' said I. 'He has gouo for that paper knife!' "Sho remained motionless. " 'To what good?' she said. 'I see already that suggestion has reason in it, for Paul has gone. He will come back madder than ever, I suppose.' "I did not wait for her to finish. I hastened to tho drawing room, where my 'subject' had gone. "I ran. I threw open the door, and Paul was there—dead, face downward on the floor—a dagger in his heart!" "A real dagger, doctor?" cried the mistress of the house laying her hand softly upon the doctor's arm. "A real dagger, madame. I turned to the table—the little mother of pearl paper knife was gone. Who had taken it! Who had put the other—the real dagger —in its place? "God knows, but she, Paul's wife, and he, the neighbor who dined with us that night, were married ten months ago."—From the French For San Francisco Argonaut. o*4e§sttirtaf . No. No. No. N'o. Challenged In Court. What looked at the time like a close call for Ingersoll occurred six or seven years ago in New York, when he and the gifted Daniel Dougherty were arrayed against each other in a divorce case before Judge Barrett. Dougherty was for the husband. He closed his case in this way: "Through all this dreadful case, this struggle for what sh'ouldbe to her many thousand times dearer than life, has a veil mantled that beautiful face? Has one tear rolled down those cheeks? Has there been a single blnsh on that face? Not a tear! Not a blush!" He shook his fist at Ingersoll as he said this. "Do : you state that as a fact?" asked the infidel. "Yes.". "Then I tell you it is untru% " "Consider yourself challenged," shouted the Philadelphia!!. • "Let us have no interruptions," said Judge 1 Barrett, showing great anxiety and displeasure, "Well, then, he must not look at me when he says untruths," said Ingersoll, shaking all over with rage. Sensation in the courtroom. Mr. Dougherty explained that he had challenged Ingersoll in a purely Pickwickian sense, and when the two lawyers left the room they shook hands,—New York Press, The ministerial eri»i<s in Chili threatens to involve the resignation of the preside.-it. A sharp shock of earthquake occurred Monday at Laibacn, Aastr.a, which damaged many houses. Captain James Wiiey, United States marine corps, retired, died suddenly at Bethlehem, Pa., of apoplexy. President Von der Ahe of the St. Louis base ball club has refused the Burn of $~>5,000 for three of his best players. The comptroller of the treasury has granted authority for the organization of tho Fir.-:t National bank of New London, Wis. The New York World's London correspondent denies authoritatively that the Prince of Wales will visit the United States. The eastbound shipments from Chicago last week amounted to 57,177 tons against 2H.971 for the preceding week and Il.titiO for the corresponding week of last year. \Veilneaclnj-, July 1O. Forest fires are raging in the vicinity of Alpemi, Mich. Chicago chamber suit manufacturers have agreed to aclvaucs prices. Dr. Bryant reports that Mrs. Cleveland and baby are doing very nicely. The Bell, one of the largest retail clothing houses in Chicago, has failed. The port of Santiago de Cuba has been opened for the importation of pe- tro'oum. Mgr. O'Couuell, the director of tho American college at Rome, has resigned owing to ill health. The international railway congress at London has closed. The next congress will meet in Paris in 1900. At Perm Yan, N. Y., Perry Tufft, his wife and three children, lost their lives by the capsizing of a sail boat. The comptroller of the currency has given authority for the organization of the First National bank of Britt, la. Thursday, July 11. Pvear Admiral Curtis of the British navy died suddenly Wednesday. The New York State Bankers association is in session at Saratoga. Arrangements are bsing made for a genuine bullfight at Gillette, Colo. Fire destroyed the business portion of the village of Barkers, N. Y. Loss $50,000. Judge Allen of the United States court has ordered the sale of the Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis road under foreclosure. A new counterfeit §5 silver certificate is out. It is check letter D, series 1891; J. Fount Tillman, register, and D. N. Morgan, treasurer; Grant head. The Pennsylvania Railroad company this year will spend iu the neighborhood of $5,000,000 in the way of improvements, alterations and extension to its property east and west of Pittsburg. Friday, Jnly 13. Secretary Lament visited Fort Snelling Thursday and inspected the post. Pago Bros.' sawmill at Anoka, Minn., burned Thursday. Loss, $15,000. The friends of Mrs. Florence Maybrick are once more renewing the efforts to obtain her release from prison. Tho Panama Eailroad company will establish a steamship line between New Orleans and Colon to begin operation Aug. 1. During the mouth of June 8,209,046 net tons of freight passed through the Soo caaal. Of this amount 1,937,526 tons was east bound. The Japanese consulate at Shanghai was reopened June 23. Consulates at other Chinese ports will be opened early in July. The Christian Endeavor trustees have declined the Chicago Times- Herald offer of $15,000 on condition of removal of the society's headquarters from Boston to Chicago. Saturday, July 13. At Davenport, la., Fidol paced a mile in 2:0534 in a competition, race. Nicholas Pierola, leader of the revolutionary party, was elected president of Peru. T. M. Healey accused John Dillon of selling County Tyrone to the English party. . A plot against the czar's life was discovered at Moscow. Eight arrest have been made. A. A. Zimmerman went a mile in 1:57 4-5, at the Asbury Park bicycle races, Friday, . The general offices of the Anchor Insurance company will be removed from Creston, la., to Des Moines. The statement of the condition of the treasury shows available cash balance, $191,489,451; gold reserve, f 107,269,110, George Gillispie Grady, at one time a rival of Barnuna and Forepaugh in the circus business, died at Indianapolis, A dispatch from London states that the Pennsylvania company's £1,OQO,000 per cent loan has been largely over- ^ --- „_ Col., tire NorthfreStHfi Hfite *fi\ aft. _ 4. fi. and (5 (nfid also on Jnly ?, fat tr reaching the Missouri river on thai dftl|>, il excnrston tickets to Denver,. Colot«q« Springs. Xf ft niton and Pnebld, at % ffttfe rot to'i'xcc'cd one faro for the rontra trip with *y ad dud for membership tee; tickets good for ictnrn passage until Sept. 1* 1895. This rato is available to the general public :md an oxcoptlonally favorable opportunity is ofi'wd for an Plijoyablo and economical trip to the Rockies, as well as Yellowstone! National park. Salt Lake and tho li faith and pleasure resorts of the west and northwest. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. TOURISTS EXCURSION. The Northwestern line is now selling excursion tickets at reduced rates to the principal summer resorts of the United States. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. of TRAIKS «:ers •'.H1CAOO. MILWAUKEE AM) St. FAOL. LOCAL TIIATN BAST. No. 2 passenger No. 4 passenger No. 70 freight Ciirrii": i>a,vs«'M H4 1'rci.ulit ewTie.i iN i'4OIVU WEBT. 1 passenger 'J passenger ii5 in-ijflis carries passengers. 71 freight eari-iei passengeis us frtivrht carries prssengers 10:22 a to (i:n4p«i 8 :3T> p m I :45 p m o :ns a to 4 :24 p tn 6 -.31) a m U :4fi p M II :. r >5 a In s :ls a m 3 :.'!2 p ,M D •:.',(> it m 1 :45 p HI Chicago & Northwestern GO!>'U NOKTH AND WEST. Passenger s 1'as.xeniscr •* Krula: t ' Freight OO1NO SOUTH ANU BAHT. I'MSM-nuev :i :I2 p ni Passenger ti :<> 7 pm Kreiyht ti:30 am Kceiiiht *. *- ''52 P Ni 1'asse:!tiers tirrlve in Clileaxo " ti- in- and Arrive in l>ei Monies" :5(> a-nl H :3f) p. SIMPLIFIED ELOCUTION. A iii'\v book-, bearing the ubovo title, by Edwin Gordon Lawrence, ti'iichur of elo- iiitioii and direetorof tho Lawrence School of Acting, lias just been issued. Simplified Elocu'tion is a comprehensive system of vocal tu id. physical gymnastics; it contains explicit instructions for the cultivation of the spealdng voice and gesture; directions for the production of breath, sound and. speech, and a thorough explanation of the muscles and organs employed: rules for articulation, modulation, emphasis and delivery: postures and movements of the feel, body, arms, head, eyes, etc. To the treatise is added a Complete Speaker, consisting of selections in poetry, and prose suitable for recitation, which,as the author says in his introduction, ''are not chosen on account of their newness, but from their intrinsic merit and their adaptability as exercises." The work is designed for tho especial use of teachers, actors, students, colleges, schools and all those who wish to perfect themselves in tho noble art of expressio n. The book, which contains 23'i pages, is handsomely bound in cloth and gold, and \villbeseiitsejurelvpacked on receipt of ••M. postage free. (New York: published by the author, 100 West «d street.) Publisher's Notice. For tlie convenience of HEPUULICAN subscribers whose place of doing business is in some other town in the. county than Algoiw, an arrangement! has been-made by the publisher whereby payments on subscription to the.-paper ,. may be mjicle at any one of the following named banks: BNACROFT—Farmers' nnd Traders* barings Bank. BURT—Tlie Burt Bank. WHITTEMORE — Whittetnore State Bank. WESLEY—Wesley State Bank. LEDYARD—State Bank oi' Ledyard. GERMANIA-State Bank of Germania SWEA CITY—Swea City Bank. ELMORE—Elrnore Exchange Bank. Subscribers paying for the year in advance can avail themselves of our lowest clubbing rates, given herewith. This arrangement is made with a view to accommodating any who may iincl it more convenient to pay their subscription at their home bank. All business coining through these banks will be given prompt attention. YOU CAN SAVE MONEY By availing yourself of the low rates quoted in this CLUBBING LIST: Weekly Inter AS A FAMILY PAPER IS SOTPXCELLED BY ANY, ol the OF IT It A TWELVE-PAig PAPJE& ^Forced to tafee aides, I wai obliged tg admit that I myself was deeply interested In these matters, aod bad witnessed thtogft that J did not dare to doubt, flw was stUl Qbjtiiate, still wooing, ghe would beUe^ wtot ihe saw-'UO more, DO less, wUsaSUbjjeot, as fee djp.lares,' 'fch§ tbiog, tot te §>. a8 7 Horses, , An old cavalryman says that a horse •will never step on a man intentionally, It is a standing order in the English eavajry that, should a wan become dismounted* n.0 roust lie down and keep perfectly etill, If he does so, the entire troop'wiU pass over WTO without his being injured, Ahorse notices where he is going, w& is °» the lookout for a firm foundation to put his foot on, It is a» instinct with, him, therefore, to step over % prostrate mm, The injuries caused $Q human beings by a runaway horse ajfe, nearly always inflicted by the animal',^nocking them down, &«<" "" fc by bis pepping on tnem, .—Boston subscribed. Monday, Two girls, named Flora Gedon and Mary Tomaseh, were drowned by the papsissing of a row boat at Cleveland, 0, The Cherokee Indians nave circulated a petition appealing to the national gounoil for the allotment of land in sev eralty. At $t, Paul Mrs, Rosa Gardner, a young woman of 83 years, who came to tn§ oity ft stranger on July 7, suicided by taking morpnine, It ii sported that Colonel SandQval, w&o commanded the Spanish troops tnat Wiled jjjwrw, has been captured by ' ~ " ajftdshot. BKPUBUCAN and Inter Ocean .., " " State Register, " " N. Y, Tribune, $1.85 1,85 1,85 Dubuque Times, . semi-weekly 3,10 Pioneer Press,.. 1 .,, 3.95 Mrs, 8$ Maw aged W* at Wpsaan OIK* owners, of the, fta* Mid, haye hejm Breach are a source of A white tew W (Ute%$ra!w»»? Si .it ti H tt ti ti* SI tl tl <( M M Chicago Times . New fork World,, New York Sun-... 3,30 3.30 Orange Judd farmer ....... .,,,.,,., Hamper's Weekly,. Harper's Ba?81',.., Haiw's Magazine Cosmopolitan,, Mc'Clures 4.7S 4,78, Y,, independent $W^m &P ?,'. "-:•! 4,n Review o Decoral) The Midland... M«. Century SoVlbnei's7.'.T".ni' ISiy- ( 'f?M^ $**«&&*

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