The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 17, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1895
Page 5
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±HJi REPUBLICAN, AL(iO$A, IOWA, ^.^ JmMM »-J»- m l.a.^,. J -. , JtlLY It, 1895. ..Jl^lJ^mamnalfcaam^ao,.. ,,.>-. aE,.,^.^ ,.M.., ,.,„-,,„ .. Tlio Now Enfrlsuirt never tsirrios troortM from nut- sens* m to imotlicr. Therefore 1 jrreiit reduction will be made on all summer Koorts. ntlUDALL & CO. LOCAL MENTIONS, The teacher's institute convenes two Weeks from next Monday. B. II. Anderson has sold his stock of boots and shoes to John Grove. Preaching is announced at the Congregational church next Sunday. The Oak "View dairy is doing business with a handsome new delivery wagon- Work is progressing rapidly on the four-front brick. Some, big stone are going in. Geo. C-Call has recently added to his beautiful residence property a fine tennis court. Will Kuhn has a very substantial foundation built for his new residence, north of the Normal. W. H. Wood, of Albert Lea, writes that he will be in Algona to tune pianos about the last week in July. If the housewife is neat in proportion to the quanity of dirt she sweeps out Ledyard and Germania must be very moral towns. Geo. Williams was brought down from Ledyard, Saturday, under charge of keeping a nuisance. Justice Clarke fined him $50 and costs. ; The earth was refreshed, early Sun-' day morning, by a heavy rain, and a light shower fell Sunday evening. The rain was greatly needed.,;; ; J ,-', Photographer Peterson is turning out some fine photos o'f features of the Fourth of July parade. He made negatives of about everything in line. The ladies of the M. .E. church will serve supper, Friday .evening, at P. L. Slagle's. All are invited to cotne at 4. Supper at 6 and until-all ire served. The ladies of the Congregational society will serve supper at the church Thursday evening. The annual election of ofittcers will be held at 6 o'clock. The balloon ascension by Mr. Tynan, advertised for Saturday night, failed of combined business and pleasure, to come off, but it was a glorious success last evening. F. W. Dingley and Walker Bros, have made arrangements to give tickets to Kirkhart's circus to all their cus-. tomerswho buy a dollars worth of goods before circus day. F. S. Norton has his foundation completed for his new residence. The walls are of ample dimensions and'.it is expected that the residence which w;ill r,est npon them will be a fine one. "^ '-.Charley Rose.wialliput -upa^ping ..ig'ay. summer colors on the front ,of 1A. P. Hall's boarding house last iweekv The colors are striking and yet. are .well chosen, and the effect is very pretty; The State Pharmacy Commission examined twenty-seven-applicants > for licenses on the second, ot whom only seven were successful in passing. C. M. C. Walters, of Bancroft, was one who'passed. E.-G. Bowyer wants to know what is fame? A neighboring paper announced his presence this way: "E. Gr. Buger, a jeweler from Algona, was in town on business Monday."-This is not an ad. " The Northwestern has put on again the 9:30 a. m. train south and the; 7:58 p. m. train north, which were -abandoned for a time. These are a<icom- modation trains in fact as well as in liame. The semi-annual statement which appeared in the REPUBLICAN last week, showed that Kossuth county's finances are in a very sound condition. Our affairs have been and are well managed. , The Standard Oil Company was building piers last Week for their big oil tanks which are to be placed near the Northwestern depot. Algona Will be a distributing point for oil for the •neighboring towns. ' Private letters received within, pas.t week bring news that V- tStough, of Minneapolis,'.will move family to Algona by' September This will be good news to the numer- dus'€riends of the famijy H. A. Paine, who has been laid tip lately from a bruise he received in the side, causing pleurisy, received a draft for $25 from -the accident insurance company he was in the other day. Mr. Paine is not yet entirely recovered. In the course, of a morith the REPTIB- iiicAisr will begin the publication of a newjand very readable serial story. The 1 cwo serials we, are running now, "The , Story pf Francis Cludde" and TheGal- i braithTJouse, will not be concluded for some weeks. A spark from the smqke stack of Hamilton Bros, shops, Friday, set a fire in the eave trough which burned through and caught in th 6 - side ' of the building, but the blaze was discovered a,iid extinguished before any "damage h'afl been done. People .who have doubted about 1 there being mermaids can go to Brown-* ell's, and/see one, A look at Brown*" ell's mermaid Js calculated ,JQ silence all'doubt, Seeing is- believing- . The. mermaid js in an excellent. state of preservation and will Jast a lifetime. >in Congregational Iowa Carl Hesj >giy@§ Ajgona, Ceaar Rapids, xowa " JJarion, MajFs,ha,JltQ\yn and Perry ?fttllbuting to Wilton Gfli'mao'Eng- 1 " ge upwaj4a>Q£'$3QQeaQh, Mr. ' tMspJieiftng agent?pp tbo in- Rie agita« the sen* the H, his . ,i& naturally ft* prQp.pjitiQn to h that Sunday preaching services will be kept up at that church during the absence of Rev. Stevens, of the Baptist church. The Mermaid now on exhibition at Brownell add Allred's Will remain only a few days longer. Do not miss this last opportunity of seeing this beauty from the bosom of Old Neptune's domains of which Homer sang; The Spencer and Ayrshire base ball nines contested atRuthven for the honors one day last week and the Spencer club won. The Mulroney boys played With Ayrshire, but the papers say they had a poor support, which probably means that their umpire was sick. In its showing of offices enjoyed by the several counties of the senatorial district, last week, the Upper Des Moines omitted the term in the legislature served by John G. Smith. We are not going to influence the senatorial nomination by anything we can say, but we can try to keep the record straight. A reception was given on Wednesday evening, by Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hofius, of Union township, to Jas. H. Hoflus and bride, formerly Miss Lillian Johnson, of Bed Wing, Minnesota, whose marriage occured the day prev- ous at the homeof the bride's parents. Some thirty neighbors and friends were present. The couple have gone to Buffalo Center, where Mr. Hofius is 'i n' business i- The W. F. Kirkhart 'Great American 25c. railroad circus carries a band of 20 pieces, and the press of the state speaks in highest terms of them. They give an open air concert on the street in the evening. This circus travels in its own special cars, and for real sensational acts arid high class features, there never was a show for 25c. that ever give the performance that Kirkhart does. lw Dr. Will Bowen and Miss May King, daughter of D. W- King, were united in rnairiage on Thursday last, Rev. W. E. Davidson getting up from his sick bed to., perform the ceremony. Dr. Bowen is a recent graduate in medicine who has located at Whittemore and is already winning a good practice. The couple have already set up housekeeping. In last week's 'REPUBLICAN it was said.that G. C. Shelley had bought put W. L. Hall's interest in the Algpna Marble Works. In order to avoid all misunderstanding, il may-be said that Mr. Shelley bought Mr. Halite interest in the building, and will run a marble BurifreWin''^ 'whilfrMFi'fflall, ! having sold a half, interest in- his. business to a Mr. Shre'ak, of Ohio, has moved the stock and business to the Riley building, where it is being conducted. Joiritkeeper Gallagher, of Germania, was-brdught down from Germania by Deputy, Scott Wickham the Jast of the week to answer a charge of keeping a nuisance: He pleaded guilty and promised, if let off easy, to leave .the country. Justice Clarke .considered that an object and' agreed With County Attorney Raymond on a fine of $50 and costs, and he was let out under bonds to hunt up the cash. If he tails to secure the money to pay the fine he will be held to answer before the district court. ••-••-•••• • ; The preliminary examination of D. M. Simpson for the larceny of a j pocket book, which had been continued for a month in Justice E. H. Clarke's court, was called Monday, when a change of venue was taken'to Justice F. M. Taylor; who after hearing the evidence, decided that it was insufficient to hold and the prisoner was discharged,. The complaint was sworn out by Henry. Ristau; whose, pocket book it was that Simpson was charged with having stolen, and who said it was worth • the sum of $1.00. . .... Joe Cordingley has raised his meat market building and moved it a few. inches 'to the west, joining its wall with that of the Clarke brick adjoining and now he is engaged in excavating a basement. He will put a substantial foundation wall under this building, extend it back thirty feet and then veneer the walls with/brick. It will then be a roomy and substantial building. Mr, Cordingley is doing a very 'thriving business and the present improvement is only one of many signs of his prosperity. Besides the abundant growth of the prickly lettuce on private property about town, it is grpwing and thriving a}ong our 'public streets, The latter wight be taken "care 01! by the city, and it cannot be done to quickly to prevent its going to seed and still- further extending tfce. nuisance, Any who are 'in doubt what this pest is can see some flne samples in the street south of the school grounds, Nothing short of a •popular campaign can head off the priefcly lettuce at this stage, and even that .will be useless unless .undertaken with spirit and at once. The managers of the W. F, Kirkbart Circus have clearly demonstrated to their own satisfaction tbat a circus, pan be carried on in as orderly a manner as any other; line of business, They allow no snide games of any , kind, and ,eaeh and evejy ac.fcor must be a }ady or gentleman jri order- to get an en ment with 'the JSirghart sh'ow^ manner of con,due,t}ng Wjw show gained, for them sn • enviable rep ' ' iw in which, .^ d 9B e to and whole has not been notably cool. The corn ciop, in the county is very fine. Adams. Mataon & Co is the name of a new land firm, and the several members thereof are J. Q. Adams, of Spencer, and C. B. Matson and I). M. Evans, of Algona. Their field of enterprise will be Missouri, their business will be the purchase and sale of land, and their headquarters will be Rolla, Missouri. This will be a verv strong firm. Its head is a prominent, popular and capable businessman of Spencer, and its other two members are Algo- nans whom the people here will very much regret to bid good-bye. The REPUBLICAN hopes to see them succeed. Their field of labor appears to be a promising one for northern enterprise. Water Supt. Horan has been compelled to send out notices to consumers of the city water, warning them that the ordinances prescribe limits of time when water can lawfully be used for sprinkling laWns. These limits are from 6 to 8 a. m. and 6 to 8 p. m. This Would seem to be long enough, and besides, the hours are well chosen for the best results so far as the lawns are concerned. There has been too much irregular and unwarranted use of the city water, but it is probably due to there having been no public announcement of the requirements of the city ordinances, and for this reason Mr. Koran's notice is well timed and will do good. The Kossuth county delegation to the republican state convention did well by the tenth district candidates. On the first ballot McFarland was given 3, Kamrar 4 and Ormsby 4. On the second Drake received 2, Kamrar5 and Ormsby 4, On the third Drake was given 2 and Kamrar 9. On the fourth Drake got 3, Harlan 1 and Kamrar 7. On the fifth it was Drake 3 and Kamrar 8, and on the sixth and nominating ballot Drake got his 3 and the other 8 went to Parrott. The course of the delegation was consistent throughout and in pleasing contrast with the anxious haste of some counties to "get into the band wagon." The delegation went' without instructions and voted their own preferences. The program of the teachers' institute, as published, is attracting attention in various sections .of the state. Two of ; the leading Sioux City papers not only notice the event in their columns but print the program in full. It is a matter' of credit to this county that these institutes are so organized and conducted that they should attract such publicity. To the causual observer it may appear that these annual training schools are formed and managed with little effort on the. part of the superintendent.. They are in fact the result of long and continuous effort oil his part .to satisfy the growing de- niands of the teachers, who having been instructed by superior talent in the past, expect something better at each . succeeding session. Several of the members 'of the present facultv have been.engaged for more tha^i two years. It is to Mr. Reed's credit that he is capable, of conducting these institutes with such uniform success. PUSHING THE, WIRES. ' ' ' • ' ' * ' " .. . , , , The. Telephone (Lines A're.v,Eeing! v RapidIy Ex;• .tended to,. Ojatsisle Points-j-Burt, ...Bancroft and Whittemore Already Connected. TJaeVtejephohe company has been pushing operations during the wee,k and.soon its system .will be in complete working operation. The line has been extended to Btirt and Bancroft already, and sport connection will be established with Ledyard, Ge mania and Swea City. On : the western extension Whit- tehiore was reached yesterday, and it is expected, that Emmetsburg will, be connected today. There ia going to be lively work until Okoboji and Spirit Lake are made points within call, so that communication can be kept up by wii'e with' camping' parties at the lakes. :•:. ; Until the main points of the system are connected there will be no local extension of the service, but in a short time .the work; of putting in private telephones will begin. Telephones will .pe rented at $1.50 per month, and the rental covers the' free use of the' city circuit, which to most business men:Will be the only or the main use desired. Cornmunication.cap be had with connected towns in. the county for 20 cents, with/towns in adjoining counties for 30 cents, and for long distances for 40 cents. The law has not been laid! down so far regulating the length- of time the wires used for those sums.- . . Residences can be connected with the central office as well as can business places, and renters of two phones can connect their business places with their hpmes through the central office. Tl^e .convenience of the telephone ser- vice'will only be realized when it gets into operation, and then people will w.onder bow they ever got along without it, . _ ^__ WAS A STUMPER, Wesley's Biblical' Knowledge Put to » Severe Test— A Conundrum That was TQO Deep for Wesley, One of the first trials of the new telephone as a talking machine was to give Wesley, a" conundruro-to IBgure out, which was; "Why did Job's experience differ from Senator Qbubb's'r 1 " Geo. W, E.4dy took the matter • under ad' visewent for twenty minutes and re» ported that wiule Job and Ohubb wer e both big cattle, men . Job^s stock consisted in sheep; camels and ghe, asses, while Chubb fca4 nothing but steers. This was a close guess but did npt fill the bill, and, -when Wesley gave it up the correct answer was graciously telephone, a down: . ^.phupb is aflftjeted with one Boyle- while 'Job's, patience WAI tiled fey '• Put UP IN A BALLOON. Prof. Tynan Makes a Successful Ascension and Parachute Leap Last Night.—It was a Fine Sight. Of course it was not to be expected that Algona would Sleep nights until she had liad all of her Fourth of July celebration. The wind prevented the balloon ascension, and a movement to have the show at another date resulted in the raising of a fund sufficient to tempt the Aeronant Tynan to go up. The time was fixed for Saturday night, and again for Monday night, but it was not till last evening that a start was made. The air was still and ah conditions Were propitions, and the ascent was a complete success. The big balloon was inflated to a beautiful plumpness, the parachute was attached, the lines were let go, attd up, up, up went the air ship. It rose to just a good height, floated off to the south a quarter of a mile, and then the para- ch-ute let go and fluttered a moment, as though uncertain whether to collapse and add another name beginning With T to the mortuary list, at d then rounding out like a big umbrella and dropping to terra firma like a feather. Tynan descended gently to the ground in Stacy's pasture and was unhurt. The celebration is now over. The crowd Monday night was immense, and the band was out. Last night the attendance was smaller. PERSONAL MENTION. Miss Bessie Bonwell and Miss Flossie Crandall. of Blue Earth City, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Calkins. F. M. Taylor is enjoying a visit from his cousin, Mr. Geo. W. Ward, of the state of ISIew York. Miss Nellie Lang, of Humboldt, spent several days visiting the family of J. B.Winkel last week. Miss Jessie Heckart was married at her home in Eagle Grove, last Wednesday, to Mr. Rudy of that place. Al- goua congratulates. A. G. Metzgar, of Estherville, the popular commercial man, has failed to make his accustomed trips to Algona of late, and it is reported that he is suffering from nervous prostration. Mrs. J. W. Robinson is making an extended visit with her .parents in Cedar Falls. H. F. Watson started on a visit to the east Tuesday evening of last week. He intended visiting Pittsburg, Washington and New York. F. M. Taylor, C. B. Matson and Harvey Ingham were visitors at the state convention last week. ,Geo. W. Eddy and S. X. Way were visitors in Algona yesterday. Dr. C. B. Paul, of Whittemore, was in Algona yesterday on his way to Silver Lake for an outing. C. T; Chubb had charge of the Burt Bank hist week, iti the absence of E. J. Murtagh at Spirit Luke. .His place, in ihe Algona State Bank was tilled by Geo. Bailey. • ' Mr: u dnd Mrs. Geo. 11. Cloud, and Miss l^erkheiser of Nevada, and. Mr. andiMiM., JJ. W - Haggard -.were,, alb Lost IslandAake over,Sunday., '..8&$s\ Tepprt a heavy wind and rain stornx,.Supday afternoon,, which swept the eouhfry west of Emmetsburg. Mrs;Lem. Paine, a sister-in-law of Frank and H. A. Paine, is here for a visit with her old-time friends and rel- atives.v-They live, at Streetor, Ills. Mrs. and MissBlack, of Princeton, Ills., came with her. Miss^Mattie Robinson, of Minneapolis, was visiting Algoua friends last week.'- - O.R. Durdall left last week, for Minneapolis and other points, on a trip He is home again. David Gilmore returned from a visit to Minneapolis on AVednesday. Robt. Chrischilles is home on a visit from-New York. Herman Starr, of Osage, came through on his wheel the first of the week.and called on his relatives here. He went to Emmetsburg-on Monday. '.< John -.. Bossingham was 1 over from Whittemere visiting his brother," Monday. /,: -.-..•• John.Bennett, of the Emmetsburg Reporter, was in town Monday. Hugh Smith, who recently sold the LuVerne News, has moved his family to Algona. Glen Brunson came up frdm-Inde*' pendence Saturday for a two weeks' visit with his parents and friends. In addition to his regular duties in the hospital, Glen receives a good salary for instructing the band. The friends of Glen will be glad to learn that he has .but recently married an est- miable young lady of Independence, who accompanies him on his , visit home/ Johnny Culleni one of Whittemore's hustling young merchants, came over Saturday with the Whittemore ball club to see that they got fair play. E. J. Murtagh, of the Burt Bank, was in town Monday on his way home from an outing at the lakes. Mrs, F, E. Foster, of Iowa Falls, has been visiting her brother, J, W. Hav. She returned home Monday. Eweline Dickinson ^ D d her mother returned to their howe in Wisconsin the first of the week. Miss Dickinson will study Pelsarte and will probably returjj.tolowa in the fall Mr's,, Q, JJ, Hutcbins is en joy ing a via- it frpm her sister, Mrs, Baas, of Pu* buque, , .. . Paul S, Junkin, editor of the Orange City Herald, visited friends in Aigon^ on his way borne from the state convention last we.ek. Mi'. Junkin was the fortunate wan to marry Miss, Luoretia Marcy, formerly one of pw popular;;teachers in the public school, He beings to a newspaper family, his father, fcrether and cousin being edit* ors, ajj&jie, rims a. very fine papgy self-' i - - .• .,. at the grave immediately after the arrival of the remains, the Odd Fellows having charge of the funeral. Air. and Mrs. Fill were among the earliest settlers of the county, and are well known to everyone. Thev left Algona to reside with their children in Milwaukee, about two years ago. Mr. Fill is said to have gained in health since going to Milwaukeft to live, of which his many old friends in Algona will be glad to learn. A TIMELY HORfc VS. MARVEY. The Great Silver Debate Between R. G. Horr of the N. Y. Tribune and Coin— The Republican to Have a Report. A debate on the silver question was begun in Chicago yesterday which will receive world wide attention, lloswell G. Horr, the writer of the N. Y. Tribune's financial articles, Will debate for ten days, at close range, witli W. II. Harvey, the author of "Coin's Financial School," and the leading champion of 16 to 1 free silver coinage in this country. This debate will be under such regulations that all questions will come up squarely, and nothing can be evaded. A light will be thrown upon the interesting question which will enable candid men to come to a conclusion. The llEPUULicAN has arranged with the American Press Association for a three column report of each day's debate, and the first installment will appear in these columns next week. Such an opportunity to hear both aides to advantage has not heretofore been presented. TWINE FAMINE.'' Kossuth's Great Crop Cnuscs One.—The Johnson's Have a Supply. Kossnth county's great crop has brought about a twine famine. About half a carload of twine went out from A. M. & G. M. Johnson's last Saturday, but they have received supplies which will enable them to fill all orders. Frank Aman, of Prairie, says he used 100 pounds .of twine last Thursday and cut more oats to the acre than any day before in his life. 100 pounds on 15 acres, or 6| pounds to the acre. Who can boat it? Wanted.— A good girl. Apply at City Bakery. SAWED IN TWO. ' Was It Accidental?— A Buzz Saw Does Its Work;' Last Saturday at J. A. Hamilton & Co.'syard, about fifty cords of dry hard and soft wood were sawed up. It is the finest summer wood out and costs but $1.50 per cord, delivered to any part of the city. Order what you want at once as it will not last long. • J. A. HAMILTON & Co. NOTICE. To all whom it may concern. I hereby wish to state that it is my purpose to pay all mv indebtedness to Kossuth county creditors as soon as possible. And I trust that with this declaration I will not be hampered ' by any more heedless persecutions. 'Of course it may be some • time before I can pay all of my, obligations. All I ask is time and health. llespectfully Submitted, W. D. MOULTON. Winona, Minn., July 15, 1895. Wall Paper,'" the best on earth, at Studley's Pharmacy, Cowles Block, Algona, Iowa.' A new line of Sweet Pickles always on hand at Langdon & Hudson's. I am prepared to give, baths, either plain, electric, sitz, salt-glows, spray, or pour, with massage and other treatment. Come Tuesdays and Thursdays. Can also furnish.first-class recommends as a nurse. Also agent for folding bath tubs. Come and see. MRS. WM. CLEARY. , W. F, Kirkhart's Great American 25c Circus, is to exhibit in Algona July .20. This is the only circus that will visit this part of Iowa this season, and as it : gave good satisfaction here last season, there, is no doubt but what they do a big business here. This show has a reputation of doing what it advertises, and is composed of a company of perfect ladles and gentlemen. The managers allow no fakirs or gambling games of any kind to follow them. 1 w Infants' mull caps at Setcbell & Setchell's. It will pay you to buy wall paper at Studley's Pharmacy. Mr, A, Vogel, of the firm of A. Vogel & Sons, Dubuque, Iowa, in speaking of Dr, T. W- Wood's Worm Destroyer, says he has used it in his family for the past seven years and recommends it to every family as the best. This |s a valuable stomach and liver regulator as well as a vermifuge. Sold by all Druggists. 41-42 (First mortgages MONEY TO LOAJf ON ] 2nd mortgages, (Collateral, GEO, 0, CALL, Try our Club House corn and torna- oes, LANGDON & HUPSON, WANTED",—To ejnp'i6y~ Q, lady or gentleman tp our general agent. j$Hst pea hustler .and aple to furnish good references, Salary $50 per month and a c,pmm.jssion, Address with 8jp.amp v guAS. A, ROBINSON $ Co., Olr ive. street, St. Louis, Mo. MQNBY, I, have unlimited money to loan pa JpngQr short time, . • B, W» HAGGAJIJJ, ,__, O?fi,eeisap }y fey. Consumers of City Water Must Ob- Serve Ordinance No. 10 or Pay the Penalty. Users of the city water are receiving this notice from the water works. Office of superintendent of water works, Algona, Iowa, July 12, 1895.— Under Section 14 of Article 8 of Ordinance Nor 10 [the Water ordinance of the City of Algona,) the use of water for sprinkling laWns, gardens and streets is limited to the hours from six to eight o'clock a. m., and from six to eight p. m., of each day. Notice is hereby given that the above regulations must be strictly [.observed by all consumers.of Water, or the supply of water will be immediately shut off from any person violating the same, and will not be turned on again until the penalty prescribed by the Council has been paid and written permission obtained. By order of water committee. W. II. HOKAN, Superintendent. A. M. & G. M. Johnson have just got in another flne lot of two-seated surreys. Come early and make your choice. MONEY. 1 have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WHEAT IS BOOMING. Wheat Advanced 30 cents in 40 days. It May Go to a $1.00 Wouldn't it be a good scheme to try a few sacks of Hour now? Flour improves with age. Those who have been using the NEAV WATER MILIj FLOUR say it. is as good as the best and better than most of the flour shiped m by the grocers. We sell cheaper than, the stores can sell and warrant every sack. Better try our flour and learn that Kossuth connty, Algona in particular, is not dependent on any foreign country for bread^ JONES •&'STACY. Hams and smoked meats at Langdon & Hudson's. We will save you money on,hose and hose fittings.—SPURBECK &'.LA3iBEiu\ A r JOB LOT KATE. ' : ' ' T§a fpr gale QJJ* lj . , That is What Spurbeok & Lambert are Giving on tlie Iowa- Milk dan. Having bought a job lot of the celebrated Iowa milk cans, we are now prepared to make very' low : prices to. farmers who are in need of cans. Th& ^-gallon can weighs 16 pounds and we sell it at $1.65; the 10-gallbn can weighs 17 pounds and we sell it at $1.75. These- cans are made of ta'e best material, have the improved handles, and are in all respects ijrst class. . -, 41-44 , v , .,'SpxjilBECK & LAMBERT. House At -Stud-ley ?s .Pharmacy you can see an elegant new line of Wall Paper. Cowles .Block, Algona. CHEAP RAILROAD RATES, •• For the various occasions' mentioned below, one standard first .class fare for. the round trip, viz: '. ; ,. Baptist Young People's Union of America at Baltimore, Mdv; July 18 to 2lst.- .--.., .-,-.. i Annual meeting American Pharmaceutical Association at Denver, Col., Aug. 14 to 24th. Triennial Con clave y Knights Templar at Boston, Mass., Aug. 20 to 30th. National Encampment, Gr. A. R., Louisville, Ky., Sept; 10 to 14th. HALF RATES TO 'TBOSTOH, MASS. On ' account of the .International Christian Endeavor Convention, the North-WesternOLine wills on July 5, 6, 7 and 8, sell excursion tickets to Boston Mass,, and return at rate of one fare for the round trip, tickets good for return passage.untU Aug. 6th, 1895, inclusive. • -For tickets and full' information apply to Agents, Chicago North-Western E'y, • : w HO HANGS YOUR PAPER? AND DOES YOUR PAINTING? "Why,- E. C, TUTTLE, of course." 86-34 AJMJONA, IOWA, WATE1BOBNO PAY, Artesian well contractor. I have the only cable steam drilling machine owned iu the county; sink wells for water supply for towns, cities and railroads. Special attention to farm veil work. JflstJjji made. I employ only expert drillers. Address, A. F. " '' vr ''-*! m m G, 0,' 8HELIK .». f><. $ i rfi? * • i » >?{

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