The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1966 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1966
Page 9
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ONE THING PVE FOUND OUT in my almost 17 years of column writing Is that I should try to keep the subjects up-to-date and timely. This isn't always easy. It isn't so bad with regularly scheduled events such as Christmas, Mother's Day, the opening of the fishing season and Spring Housecleaning, but 1 find that important personal events aren't so cooperative. They seem to happen or fail to happen regardless of whether or not I have to meet a deadline. - o WE'VE BEEN EAGERLY AWAITING A phone call from Rochester, Minn, these days and when one came Sunday from Bill, I screamed, "What is it?" So help me, between that time and the seconds later when he said, "Take it easy, Mom. No news yet. We just wanted to find out how you survived the hurricane", the thought flashed into my brain that this* between the June bride columns and my annual salute to the Fourth of July, would be the perfect occasion to write my Grandmother Column! How indoctrinated can a columnist get? - o ALTHOUGH PM GETTING VERY impatient about it, I expect to be Grandma for the first time very soon. Maybe even before this reaches youl Since I've been doing quite a bit of researching on the subject of Grandmahood I might just as well write about it now for when the actual event occurs I may not be able to think coherently, At least not very objectively. - o THE FIRST THING I'VE NOTICED about grandmothers is that they always have pictures in thetf pockets. Some of those kids Pve seen certainly aren't very good looking. Even allowing for the fact that many of the subjects are only four or five days .old and still red and wrinkled looking. But Grandmother displaying the pictures always takes a deep breath, gets all misty eyed as if the baby had just run off with a Miss America or Mr. Universe title. I always "oh" and "ah" a bit over these pictures because I fully expect to have some pictures of my own to display soon. And though I know our little William Mark or Michf'Je Ann will be absolutely perfect, other Grandmothers may be jealous and not think so and I want some reciprocal ohlng and ahing. - o GRANDMOTHERS ARE VERY SANITARY people I've found. If a mother leaves the baby with its grandmother she can count on at least 24 dirty diapers in a 24 hour period instead of the usual daily dozen. I sometimes think Grandmas just stand around waiting for the baby to wet so they can go through the process of changing him. I just hope I get the chance to try out this theory on our baby. - o GRANDMOTHERS THAT I'VE KNOWN take every available opportunity to brag about their grandchildren. Is it so remarkable that a youngster has three teeth at nine months old? Is it a sign of genius that the kid says goo-goo at three months and Hi I at ten months? Grandmothers seem to think so. All three of my kids were doing those things and even better. Maybe I did brag a little but the time has finally come when I have to stop boasting about my own kids and start concentrating on their kids. - o I HOPE TO BE A VERY MODEST GRANDMOTHER. I'm already practicing it. I've known about the upcoming event for over eight months now and I've only mentioned it in this column seven or eight times and some of those times I was merely hinting! And, I haven't even told very many of my friends and casual acquaintances. Just the 30 women in my church circle, the 15 at sewing club, that man I met sitting on the bench at the super-market, four carry out boys, the postman, that clerk in the department store, the Board of Trustees when I asked for my vacation, our pastor, my dentist, six of our immediate neighbors and SO or 60 people when I wrote my Christmas letters! Most people said that this important news "is nice" but nobody is quite as impressed as I think they should be. But I know two people who are fully appreciative of the magnitude of the forthcoming event. They are Darlene and Wendell Feaster, the baby's other grandparents! - o IN THE MAIL THIS WEEK came a letter from the mother of another quite Important grandchild, my niece Pam Zender. She enclosed a picture of little Thomas Christopher at age of eight weeks who, we thought looks a lot like his Uncle Jack, who was himself a very darling baby. - o IN OUR LIVING ROOM RIGHT NOW are four young men from Algona and some feminine Sarasotans. The visitors are Denny (Max) Miller, Chris Conn, Bob Farnham and Ron Beitz. They are here with their teacher, Dick Palmer who remained at the motel reading a Coin magazine but we hope to see him tomorrow when we hope to further cement Algona-Sarasota relations with a beach picnic Jean is giving to introduce the gang of teenagers I know the lasf thing ^ou "are 'supposed to say to teenagers is "how you've grown", but I simply couldn't help it, I don't Tcnow what I expected after almost four years but these kids have suddenly turned from children into fine young men. Almost makes me wish I were 17 again! - o DURING THE WEEK OF JUNE 18 through 25, people having birthdays Include Christine Hatch, Verna Seeley, J. C. Mawdsley, Frank Balding, Bill WetzeL Wendell Feaster, Gary Erdman, Steve Waller, Chuch Behr, Pat Chrischilles, Lloyd Robinson, Webb Fowler^" Kitty Ott, Arlene Kenyon, Terry Gant, Gregory Hatch, Charles Cassel, Molly Pitcher, Donna Kenyon, Laurie Hoover, Janet Rich, Neal Smith, Marian Will, Linda Allen, Al Quintard, Julie Kay Christie. Bess Walenz, Kathryn Peirce, William Dau, Sr,, Brett Meyer and Hazel Dermand. Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. August Schmidt, Mr, and Mrs. Keith Christie, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Morck, Mr, and Mrs. Dave Leffert, Mr. and Mrs. Don Hemmingsen, Mr. and Mrs. L, Heiderscheidt, and Mr. and Mrs, Leon Laird. - o THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS for Franks Supper. Nice for these hot days. 2 cups thinly sliced franks French dressing 2 cups cooked macaroni 1 cup sliced celery 1/2 cup diced cucumbers 3 tabsp, finely chopped green pepper 2 tabsp. grated onion 2 tabsp, chopped parsley 1/2 tesp. celery seed salt and pepper to taste Mayonnaise or salad dressing, Sprinkle a little French dressing over the franks and marinate half an hour. Add macaroni, vegetables, seasonings and enough mayonnaise to moisten, Let stand an hour or so, Serve garnished with hard cooked egg slices and parsley, 5 to 6 servings. GRACE Thuridev : un « 23, 1966 )nd Section Robert Stevens Wed 50 Years Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steven will be honored at an open house in observance of their 50th wedding anniversary, June 26, from •2 to 5 p. m. at the Methodist church. They are the parents of twelve children who will be hosts. They request no gifts and invite their relatives and friends to attend. Exchange Student Gives Impressions Of Finland The enclosed letter is the first of a series to be written by Iowa International Farm Youth Exchange • Delegate to Finland, Trudy Huskarnp, of Fenton. The International Farm Youth Exchange — IFYE in short — is a 4-H Club people-to-people program for selected young people from the U.S. to live and work with rural people in other countries; and for young people from cooperating countries to come to the U. S. for a similar experience. Greetings from Suomi (the Finn's name for Finland)! Iris Cooper from Colorado and I arrived here a little over a month ago to begin our stay as 1966 IFYE's to Finland. We spent the first week in Helsinki, Eight-seeing, and adjusting to hearing Finnish and Swedish all around us. Both of these are official languages here, due to the fact that historically Finland was a part of the Swedish kingdom. Now around 8% of the population is Swedish-speaking, all official signs and documents appear in both languages, there is a Swedish people's political party, and in certain sections there are Swedish schools. This is very necessary, as Finnish and Swedish as languages are totally unrelated. I am now living in Espoo, a Helsinki suburb, with my first host family. Annikki, my host mother, has been trying to teach me to make pulla, the delicious white coffee bread (over 1 andl/4 pounds of butter to each 4 cup batch of dough 1) and a favorite Saturday night treat called Ka- relian pies. Karelia was a section of southwest Finland which was ceded to the WK. at the close of the Russo-Finnish Wars (1939-44). Most of the inhabitants of Karelia were then resettled in other sections of the country-my host father, for example, was from Karelia. The 'pies' are a rye flour dough, rolled thin and folded around rice porridge, baked on a cookie sheet in a hot oven, then dipped in melted butter and milk, and finally eaten with a type of 'egg butter' on top. One night I was asked to make 'American' hamburgers. As the bread eaten here is either a rye bread or a type of French bread, we ended up cutting thin slices of French bread, frying them lightly, and putting hamburger, pickle, onion, and a steak sauce between two slices. They were good, but not much like 'American' hamburgers! The month of May contains many holidays for the Finns. It begins May 1 'with May Day or Vappu, a day for students and GOLDEN GUARANTKK ON Yen We invite you to compare with any competition! PUT CORN UP FAST in ANY BUILDING or CRIB Stan-Hoist's big, full, 21-inch carry-a-way makes short work of all your elevating jobs. Ear corn, shelled corn, small grains... even baled hay . . . you put all material up quickly . . . into any building or bin with Stan-Hoist. Deep flights, wide flared hopper. Spillage is minimum. WOVE FROM BARN TO CRIB TO BIN! Yes, Stan-Hoist is "mobile". Versatile PTO or hydraulic raise and lower allows you to move a Stan-Hoist elevator around with ease. Tru-balanced undercarriage. Big 10-foot hopper is easily raised and lowered. Put your materials up with Stan-Hoist . . . YOU CANT BUY A BETTER ELEVATOR! v h »K JOE BRADLEY EQUIP, So, of Algona Hotel - Algona, la, labor. On Vappu Eve people dance and drink all night long, then on May Day itself there are parades, traditional songs, spring clothes (seemingly ol>- livlous to the fact that there is still icefishing en the lakes), and the graduating high school seniors wear white "student caps". It's rather like the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve rolled into one. Mother's Day was May 8, just as it was In the States. the traditional gift. In my home !".«th Annikki and I were served breakfast in bed by my host brother and sisters (7,8, and 9 years old). Apparently to them I'm a mother imagel The following Sunday was Memorial Day when the graves of soldiers are decorated with flowers and the home of the dead fly Finnish flags at half mast. As Finland has a state church, the Lutheran, Pentecost or Ascension Day was also a state holiday. Television is about ten years old here in Finland, with approximately 600,000 sets. There are two channels, both state owned, and they are required to devote a certain amount of time to educational TV. The state also censors all programs and when one is deemed adult fare only, prior to viewing, a notice is flashed on the screen that says, in essence, "the following is not allowed for those under 16." I will soon be moving to my second family near the industrial city of Tampere in middle Finland. If any of you have time to write, I would very much enjoy hearing from you. My permanent address is: Trudy Huskamp % Kirsti Hirvensalo Maatalouskerholiitto Bulevardi 28 Helsiaki 12 Finland SPECIAL PURCHASE! tareytfin* ACTUAL $5 STRETCH DENIM PANTS 3 99 Made for movers . . . shoppers, chauffeurs, washers, cleaners, big sports and ladies of leisure. Pants that go everywhere! 75% cotton, 25% nylon ... an unbeatable blend that works year- roundl Cruise blue, navy, loden and wheat. 8 to 18. No Payment due 'til August on Charge Purchases Made Now. Take a tip from area businessmen: Mode O' Day Algona, Iowa Now you can give your whole house the same dependable gas air conditioning that cools modern schools, hospitals, office buildings, apartments, etc. Gas air conditioning has an unmatched record 01 performance in business and industrial installations. And these are the reasons. A gas cooling unit has no moving parts, which means it cools quietly and dependably, with no loss of efficiency over the years, with virtually no maintenance. And gas cools economically. Aren't these the same things you're looking for in a central air conditioning system for your home? Find out how simple it can be to cool your whole house with gas air conditioning. See your gas company for the names of dealers who sell gas air conditioning equipment. Ga c makes the big difference. (Costs less, too.) NORTH CENTRAL pyr 295-248-4 COMPLETE IP ANP NATURAL GAS SERVICE 10 IAIT ITATI AIQONA

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