Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 12, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1966
Page 6
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ADVANCE MONDAY, see, a 0, I have been rtading a ff«*» dt*l *bou» tht •tttk mir kti Jn n*wtp«p»r», hav* rtld f.l book* on invtitin0, My iUm it thtt I h*v« torn* t m«Jic«l billi (for my which « ra liktly to k*«t» m» tfrapptd for loma ftw jwmn, Would I b* faolith to <Ji. vert a flttle money from thai* bill* Into tome long-term *|*' ia«^_^^.A^A.s.M>*,*l . * tn RCA VICTOR RECORDERS AND PLAYERS 39" TOMS ? A; "Much as I appf6Ve of the type of investments you want to make, and as impressed an I am with yoUr enthusiasm and your taking th& time to read up on investing) 1 must also speak out in favor of paying doctors. As a matter of fact, it's a good idea to have all your debts under j conitrol before you start your .investment program. AfckMrdon't think it's a good idea to plunge too deeply into pn investment program without sorte prior experience, ni* matter how well read one is on the subject. ^ , , ;#So; why don't you get a group of .friends together and form an Jnyesthient dub? This ; would ^ye'you.some practical exper- iehce, and would hold down your investments while you were Itarning. Diverting $10 to $15 a 'month away from your doctor's paymeri t, proba.bly will not cause him to object too strenuously: A "•' < ' ,'Q. I bought-American Cement at'• little more than $13 a •hare. It ii now quoted at $8. Should I tell? >.-* J t * , A. The drop by American Cement stock is really no differ- ent'from what's been happening to a lot of good stocks. Ask yourself why you bought .'t* in' the first, place. 'If you bought it for income, you aro better off,now than when you bought. Annual dividends on this stock are now 60c a year oer 'Share. When you bought, dividends were only 50c. 1 If'y°u'acquired it for appreciation/ it wasn't a particularly good- selection at the time you bought it. But without really meaning to be facetious, let me point out that your chances for appreciation are better from $8 •than, from $13. • . 'The cement business has had problems for several years with over-capacity and excessive competition. 'But this seems in be .working -out. There has been no £ construction let-up, so • it Should have the same growing markets'in the future it enjoy- ed in the past. 0. I «wh 160 trtirift Of 4 (Mil fnachin&rY Company, left to m* by My fath*f. It hal «l*iyi psld go:d dividend",, bUt my brdkar says the mirkef. for ,th!» typ* of machinery i*. "just about plryed 6ut." He wants me to sell. Tha cempiny hat afwayt baen godd to rn», however, «hJ T would feel dfeloyJ If I de- $erted it now. Can you adylte me? A, Loyalty is a wfrn-derful a,t bibute and I really have no desire to knock it. However, when it Comes to stock buying and stock selling it can cause you problems. Rather than looking Upon your slock as' an old tried fend true fri&nd, regard it is you would a ride on a locomotive: as long a<s the locomotive is taking you where you want'to'go, elortg for the ride; but whan the engine runs' out o.f stsam, you'd bolter firtd anoithsr way of reaching your dectlnatlftn. Your machinery company paid dividends bo&iuse it, was mak'uiig mcuey - not bscause you were loyal to it. You're dealing with* dollars, and if you want to keep your dollars, you should put them in a firm that will hslp you do just that. A firm that is manufacturing a product that is becoming obsolete and which has not kept up with the times by developing new products doesn''t sound to ma like the b3st place to keep your money - past favors notwithstanding. ' Farm Auctions Dee. 14 — George Stensland sale, at Barm located mile north of Blue Earth and one-half mile east. Sale includes four tractors, hogs and full line of farm machinery. More & Wedel, auctioneers; Blue Earth State Bank, clerk. Full details in today's Ad- vancfe. Dee. 15—P. P., Weber public sale, at farm located %-mile east and 1 % mile north of Burt. Sale includes three tractors arid full line of machinery, wagons, buildings and feed plus a pickup truck. Charley Quinn & Clair Clark, auctioneers; Burt Savings Bank, clerk. Full sale,details in Thursday's Advance. . EXPERT PRINTING AT THE ADVANCE T SHE LOVE A <* •• '~ * FOB CHRISTMAS? Cpme in hpw while our selection is complete. Choos> from a wide range of models and prices. North Iowa Sewing Machine A HUGE 30-foot fiberglass Texaco man" was erected in front of Joe's Texaco Service station on South Phillips street last Wednesday and the structure caused a good deal of attention from passing motorists. Its size is indicated by the four men below who have just finished'put- ting up the giant. It will be at the station until Tuesday. Exclu sive Advance Polaroid Photo. , Ex-Livermore school head / dies recently Livermore—Funeral services for Lowell E. Cockrill, 7,4, were held Sunday at the Presbyterian Church with the Rev. Ralph Hindman officiating. Further service? were held at La Grange, Mo., with burial in the Dover, Mo., Cemetery. Mr. Cockrill, a former longtime superintendent of the Livermore Schools, died Thursday at a hospital in Rochester, Minn., following a short illness. Mr. 'Cockrill was ' born and educated in Platte County, Mo. He attended William Jewell Academy at Liberty, Mo., and graduated from State Teachers College, Kirksville, Mo. -He received his ..master?? degree from Iowa State yriiyersityV Ames. He taught in Cincinnati, I.Iowa, Weldpn,'. and -in 1928; he: came to livermore =. as the superintendent of .schools, retiring in 1958. .'•,•"•; |: . •'/'. ..•-V;;v,Y .' • In 1918 'he','married'Anna Lillard who died in 1958. Surviving are three* sons, David, Rochester, c Minn,.. iJolhn Chicago, and Sam, LaMirada, Calif., six grandchildren; a great-grandchild; and three brothers, ';Tom, Smithyille, Mo., Everett Farrington,. Wyo., and Robert; Platta CUy.;f; : ;••)•' -•-'>. •. '<•.'*". ., i ~. '•''..•<•. ' ' ••' " ' .- ----- j •'••-'- .'• Mother of former Algonan dies The miother of a former Algona woman, Mrs. Fred W, Hall, 65, of Humboldt, died Thursday at the Fort Dodge Lutheran hospital^ Mrs, Kenneth {Strahorn, formerly of Algbna and now of Iowa Falls, is a (laugh- tori. ,v '' .''"'. •' •"•' Funeral services will be held Monday at Our Saviour Lutheran church at Humboldt and burial will be at Boxholm. She died unexpectedly after being admitted to the Fort Dodge,hospital on Nov. 30, i v ' ' Besides her husla^, » Jqing» time state jepre^nlpiive,' there, is one other daughter, : Mrg, Burton Tinken of Gilmore City, her father and five grandchildren, SURPRISE HOUSEWARMINO A surprise housewarming was held recently for the Rex Rooy- man's, Hobavton. Attending from Hobarton were the Don Sparks, ttar-UitjhfkMwri, thg Larry Householder*, the Mary. m Hackbaftijs,and «^ Jttchard Simpsons, Th^ R%er L^ngs, gona, also attended, holiday gifts Burt—Lagloh and Auxiliary met Dec. 6 frith 12 Auxiliary l(Wt mdmbars p'^^^nt, ^ Were Jans Scott and Spry. the Auxiliary sent needed othing' to v the hew ftss;ghed child attd.a |1 birthday $ti and $1 Chl-lsimas gift, Junior menr bars mad<* 18 Christmas favors f^f the Woodward ho*pdtal. LU* ella McWhorter gave a report of th* county meeting at Lane Rock Npv, 15. There were 31 T/.gion and 25 Auxiliary mem- bell's at this mcEting. I Members will bake cookies ami send to tyoodward houpltal .by Dec. 30. One dollar was sent to the carnival fund and $1 to the Chrtetma* Gift Shop. The Blue Book (julz was conducted by Elsie Winter. Coffee coupons and labels Were collected and sent Lart ye*r this club played Sinta Clau^ to over 35,000 iTOrneleis youngsters in 338 institutions,'giving toys, nuts and candy. Tihe next meeting will be held at "LuVerne'Feb. 14. Circles of the 'W.S.CJ5. will meet one week early on Dec. 14: Shirley Circle at 2 p.m. hostesses Beth Miller, Velma Cook, Elsie • Winter. Program, 'Hazel Teeter and Mary 'Jean Andrews. Roll call is a special Christmas. Janice at 7:30 p.m, hostess, Esther Hilton. Roll call, Luke. Program, Benita Mitchell and Florence Spear. Gladys at 2 p.m., hostess, Lefie McMullen and Lydia Mahus. Roll call star; special, Christmas program, Mary Sarchet and Lorraine Campney, ' Earl Nester and two children returned to Worthington, Minn. Tuesday. They plan to return Sunday to get Mrs. Nester who is spending this week with her mother. The Ronald Elvidges returned to Colesburg Wedniesday. The Vernon Jacobs and two daughters returned to Rock Island, 111., Tuesday. ( A birthday dinner was served at the Cunningham Cafe Dec. 7 for the birthday of Wallace Hawcott with Mrs. Etta Holdren the hostess. Others 'present were Mrs. Wallace Hawcott and Kenneth, t Luiju, ..Hawcott, .Selma Clifton and Gladys Hawcott. : U.P.W. will meet at the Presbyterian churdh Dec. 21. There will be installation of new officers., ; ' V . : .•••:.•.. ; : ;.U$e Christmas , seals on ypur holiday mail and be a part Of the campaign to wipe oiit TB and respiratory diseases. .; The Sunday School QJiristmas program at Burt Methodist church will'-! be, Dec. 2i arid at Good Hlooe Dec. 22. 1 ^/The Lions 'club Ladies night will be held at the schoolhouse tlec,19, Tn> Band Mothers club will serve tlie 6:30 dinner. ;< The ^chobl Christmas pro- grain will be given ai 7:30 p.m. pec'..,15V-••,•.•;•'..•,.•.'•• ' ' • - ' ^School vacation starts at 2:30 Dec. 22 arid school will resume Jin. 3r- ,-/..;.• ' 1 Election'"for board of education for the'new proposed 5 county area Vocational and Community College will be held Dec^ 29 with one director from Algona, Burt, and LuVerne to b? chosen for a 6 year term. v,y and I Circle will have a Christmas meeting and 12:30 pot luck luncheon Dec. 13 at |)ie home of M'ajaqe Angus as- Eifited by Frances Dittmer. Roll call is a cookie or candy ex. Ther^ will be a 50c gift . PUns will be made the annual banquet Jan. 10 at Marion Westh'ng's, Fidelis Class will meet Dec. 13 at Lulu Hawcott's. Roll call |s an original poem. The pro- grom is carols and a gift ex change. KNITTING CLASS Omitted in $# Usting pf night cl*!»ses tq start January 9 is a <£&s in advanced knitting to bf taught by Mrs. Richard Chip. USE ADVANCE WANT ADS • •. ' ; • .- : ; s('*,'i ' .. :•- • .;..- •• •- .'". . .-•.•" ':•' ' • Hazel Anlikor *t >; -'A- 1 Minnesota man .^ fisther'AhiUrsf, '(laugh* ter of Neah Anliker and Joseph B. Moser, Son of Mr. and Mrs, Joe Moster,. Sr., M&iris, Minn, were ftlftfried Dec. 4! R^v. .Paul Banwart officiated at the ceremony ' .... , Maid of honor was Carolyn 7 . *" . .-•'_» Moief; brother 1 of the grooin, was ; ,ba^t man. A Bedding' 1 reception MloW- ed thfe cef&mdhyJ Mr. and ,Mrs. ftay Ahllkelr Vere' hoct and hoa- less. Marylin^Scbheide'r had thd guest bdr§ roiwi and'Mrs, Bdnald UoM cut tte|eake..Mf«. Bjfl %«W , i^tfiii^.f^£%#* . is, m.^imim.«m Wulf v alt(Tl^rg, flirniie fueCnt opened gifts? Gift torflers w£fc J&ife r Met aud,t*hilto Anlllter. THe^blide 4 has beett ertlpoyld by ine r kossuitft'County court House, for elevfrt years. Aftet; ^ .Wedding, trip to Cj»l* ris, Min,n."where the groom' is engaged in farming. *-, •', J' 1 '-•/.',"" , f ' ? i ' .' ' "i f • 1 * ^ .' •• '- • : -v'.«si^ Iv SMALL FRY LIKE MILK'S GO! The bright, good taste bf milk says "go" ... '. the energy it gives says "go" .;.. milk go- go-goes with every meal, and snacks, too! Ask for a Free demonstration of the farmhand Speed Master ' "' : : • ':• •."•:••':-•• ,.-'.:•'•'" ~ ;: t : ": :' " r'-. v 'A';': ^•".;il^ ; ';-:; : •-;. .,. ; • . '....•••:•••-•.• • "ASuper-Siie Portable Feed Factory" • MORE ADVANTAGES • MORE PROFIT Call 5-3501 OUTSTANDWa 8PEOIFIOATIOIIS INCLUDE•''.... Oscilating Tandem W Over-ill Height Standard Feed Roll* I* Diich'rge Auger Length • 142 eu. Ft. Mixing Tank Capacity " • 24" Hammermill Size • Rear Concentrate Hopper location e> Ditchirgt Auger Diameter — 7" Algona Implement Co. Ctmmercial Street "Your IH Dealer" Algpn* ' 1 i III

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