The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 10, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1895
Page 5
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ALWONA, IOWA, WEBSESDA?, «JMf 1(5, 18«S. f EKMAMM' SCHOOL Mortgage Notes $84,81051 Contract Notes 12,32330 Cash 3.32088 TEMPOBARY SOftOOL FUND. Cash 2,061 CO Fines 00838 COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT. Examining 63 teachers. 62 00 Balance in hands of County Treasurer June 1.1S95 83.00461 Bodemptton money In hands of Cotinty Auditor 1,436 43 W ABU ANT ACCOUNT. County Bridge Poor Soldiers' Itellef Domestic Animals . Insane Outstanding Jan. J,l«93. Issued. 8 9981 70 IfMJ'l nK oool Kn 1180 71 81 25 S72 fi8 Cancelled. <J 0981 78 1633 3*5 4178 04 180 71 81 25 R72 <!<> Outstanding June 1, 1895. 8 339 08 20 10 158 49 To THE IIOKORABLE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS: Your committee appointed to settle with the county officers beg leave to report that they have examined all books, vouchers and papers in Teasurer's offlc^i also, all the books and vouchers in Auditor's office, also, the books o Clerk of the Court, and all errors and omissions corrected in the several offices. W. II. NYCUM, ) r nmtt1 ittPP JNO. G. SMITH, r Committee. June 26, 1895, P. S.—The Sheriff only reports in January, so we had nothing to check or prove this work, so we made no examination. I Should Say So. IF YOU WANT THEM YOU WILL BUY OF. Odds and Ends in Men's, Boys' and Childrens' Suits at almost half price during July tit tho . NEW ENGLAND. LOCAL MENTIONS. Algoua is well represented at the State convention at Des Moines. A daughter was born to Mr, and Mrs. Edward Handke, Monday riigbt. • A merry-go-round did a;' lively business oh East State street last week.;'' 1 Algona can get up a parade that will beat any circus parade on earth. With 'two marble firms in town the situation begins to look grave. L. J. Rice is having some finishing touches put on his residence, including a porch on the east side. Geo. C. Call delivered the oration at Ruthven on the Fourth. He reports a large crowd and a good celebration. There was no stampede for Clear Lake Sunday. Qnly seven tickets were sold. Sam Jones didn't seem to draw. Charley Walker came over from Wesley to spend. the Fonrth. He says he has the Frink stock of goods nearly closed out. W. C. Danson has rented a cottage at the lakes and with his wife and Miss Nellie Walker will spend a month in rest and recuperation. G. C. Shelley's new sign, points you to the place where you can go and by you a tombstone. ' The Algona Military Band, serenaded Judge Quarton, Mayor Haggard and Alderman Wadswortli one night last week."' Rev. W. E. Davidson has been quite ill and has been out of his pulpit two Sundays, It is anticipated that he will be able to preach next Sunday. L. H; Mayne, of tbe Emmetsburg Reporter, and a brother of our next representative, celebrated his Fourth in Algona. The telephone ' people are setting poles in Algona and we shall soon have a hello connection with all our neighbors. Mr. Mayne will make a good representative, He is capable in every way and will represent Kossuth County with credit, Victor J3. Dolliyer., our Fourth of July orator, was a classmate of Rev, and Mrs. Kennedy at Cornell College, and the throe alumni held reunion during his visit. Dv. Sayey's office quarters, Brown's livery stable, have had a porch added thereto. And tbe doctor says lie will paint the whole building red, Tbos, Hepderson was at woifc rajs* ing the Exchange, bank building' of Jjauprof t last weeH» preparatory to pu> ting in « new foundation for the building. . ! , Tl^e Indies of the A. L. A, will weet a.t» the Reading Ropw on Friday after* noon at 3 o'clock, : A program will be resented, and all ladies nve very cord. ajiy invited, Me Comb's new laundry starts which, is, be js o| The Heywood Celebrities gave a fine musical entertainment at Call's Opera House Monday evening, but the attendance was very light. It was too soon after the 1 Fourth. There is noticeable progress on Ge,q. Galbraith's residence; , Another ,tow^r has taken shape and the builder is working up .a great reputation as an architect. A'decidedly cold wave came down from the polar regions Sunday afternoon, and it grew colder the longer it stayed. There was a perceptible warming up Tuesday morning, and soon a normal temperature had been reached. C. A. Smith is arranging for a racing meet for July 23 and 24. Algona has now been made a member of the racing circuit in which Webster City and Eagle Grove are points, and we shall get a large number of fine horses. Jas M. Cowan went to Burt last week aud installed tbe A. O. IL W. officers. There was a dainty treat of ice cream and cake after the installation. Mr. Cowan says Burt has a very fine lodge. Col. J. M. Comstock has received from the department Commander of Washington and Alaska the position of Adjutant General, He is worthy of all the honors the G. A. R. has to bestow- Rev. O. A. Stevens, pastor of the Baptist church, left for the east on Monday evening. He expects to spend the greater part .of bis vacation at the home of his parents in Pennsylvania, He will resume Sunday morning services August llth. The Social Union club program for Friday evening, July 12, is as follows; Music, instrumental; paper, "Wit and humor of the stage," Julius Chrischil- les; vocal music, Geo. Hamilton; "What Makes the Crops Grow," C, M, Doxsee. Jas. Patterson and wife left for their Eastern trip Saturday evening. They will attend the great international Christian Endeavor Convention in Bos ton this week and will spend some time in Connecticut and other eastern states. Mr, Dolliver was tbe guest of Mr, and Mrs, L. J. Rice during bis stay in Algona. He was given a drive around town and a view of the confronting bluffs as a part of bis entertainment and he was much taken with the town and its beautiful surroundings, Ladies of the Congregational church will meet for the study of Missions with Mrs. James Paine Thursday, Ju' lltb, at3p.m. Subjept: "TheLatest News from Foreign Lands by the Watchmen," followed by picnic sup* per. Let all come and help to jnafce a good time. Prof, Tynan informs us tbat he will aJj?e a balloon ascension and parachute leap rie^t Saturday afterno.on if it is a fine day and if not he willj?o up ,..-n_-^_—A,.,. *._ ~ wil f ^ first favorable day. noi/bin#to see the au ..,.,„ , nnjafcer p,f ,our business men haw ma,ae ijp a puree for tbe Professor < We pe on QUJT gecood weefe of dry .. eatbJ,r. The J»all grain is the; mte* er by §ye.ry &«el an4 dry. day, Pp ip in ABB §baps? aM the rapM is gq$fl for aJJ,orjip, ttJlJ.deJjght t§ AfW 8S 6 , Hofius of Union township. fhe wedding takes place at the home of the bride's parents in Red Wing. The Reporter kindly links the names of Wesley and Algona in this compli- mentaiy mention: Wesley and Algona, the two best towns in Kossuth county celebrated yesterday. Both wero full and both had a good time. Wesley and Algona are all right when it comes to celebrations. The Bancroft Creamery Company is oming right to the front under the new organisation, With August Johnson, one of the best men in this section, as butter-maker. The Company has just bought of Spurbeck & Lambert a new Alpha No. 1 separator, and can now separate with the two machines 5,000 pounds of milk per hour. They were getting more milkthanthey could handle with one machine. Perry Burlingame, of Irvington, discovered a new plaht on his farm a few days ago, and brought it to town for identification. Prof. Sifert analyzed it and found it to be "tick" or "burr" clover. It has a yellow blossom and three leaves, and has a burr. It is supposed that Mr. Burlingutne got it with garden seeds. The Bancroft Register says that Lloyd Sarchett has sold his interest in the Sarchett and Leonard grocery store to Chas. Sarchett of Algona. The latter had peen thinking of going to Missouri, but has decided to stay in Kossuth. His brother retires from the Bancroft business to go to Minneapolis and enter the grocery trade. One fellow expressed his opinion regarding the folly of spending money on newspapers as follows, addressed to the editor, whoso indentity is not known. It is opinion that is thundering down the ages: "I think folks outent to spen there munny fer papers, mi daddy diddent and everybud- dy sed he was the intelligent's man in the destrict and had the smartest family of boixethat ever dugged taters." There is no doubt but everybody liked Mr. Dolliver's speech. After it was over there were many expressions of a desire to hear him again, and probably the opportunity will be afforded this fall. Chairman Grose, of the Republican County Committee, says he will try and secure speakers from both of the Dollivers during the campaign. The selections will ue immensely popular. An alarm of Jfire sounded Saturday evening, when smoke was seen:issuing from the open upper windows of tailor Spongberg's (residence, on east State street. The fire company iwas quickly on the move, but before they arrived on the scene the fire had been put out. Mr. Spongberg has city water and the hose was turned on instanter by Mr. Rosewall. The fire seems to have started in a bed up stairs. The summer school of the Normal is doing well, with a good atte.idance, and thorough work is being done. The term attendance was up to 39 yesterday, and the total attendance will probably approximate 50 students. Inquiries regarding the fall term indicate a larger attendance than last year, andin.every respect the prospect for the institution is excellent. Prof. Lilly is making his plans to increase the school's facili ties.. ,:.'-,..• : 'Every ' merclianV'in ''our Coiinty should 'take 1 an interest in Burner's Credit rating report for this year, for it is as good for.the consumer as the merchant. In these close times we can't be too careful with our credits, and the Burnell Credit Rating Report is the best guide we have to go by in giving credit, and the more interest each merchant takes in it, the better it will be.- Let every merchant do his duty-and both he and the consumer will be far better off. Supt. Reed's announcement'of the annual teacher's institute, which appears in this paper, indicates that great pains have been taken to provide thorough instruction and an attractive lecture course. Mr. Reed always makes bis institutes a success. He anticipates an increased attendance this year, placing the institute's probable numerical strength at 250 as against 230 a year ago. The institute will continue three weeks. There was a wedding down in Riverdale on Tuesday of last week which was. celebrated in unusual fashion. The young folks having got ready for the ceremony in advance of the bride's parents, they left the place somewhat hurriedly and were married by a justice of the peace. There was some 'excitement over the affair at first, but at last accounts all was quiet. The parties were Miss Minnie O'Rqurke and Henry F.isher, and Justice Fisher was the instrument of tho law by whose agency their lives were legally united for life, The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike O'Rourke, G. C, Shelley has bought out W, • L. Hall's interest in the Ajgona Marble Works, east of J, B, Winkel's office, and is now the sole proprietor of the establishment- Mr, Shelley established this enterprise in 1890 and has been continuously connected with it from that time to the present. It has grown to be a large institution and has done a thriving and growing business, Mr. Shelley is himself a very fine workman in marble, and he turns out nothing which is not tasteful and artistic. He will soon have on hand a very complete stock of marble and is sure of a pros perous trade, A telegram was received here last week by Mrs, F, S, Norton and Geo, Gould that their father, C. p, Gould, of Howard, South Pakota, had been seriously injured by a bojle? explosion in his will, kater particulars were tbat both of My, Gould's legs were broken below the knees and that his hancls were scalded, but be was resting easier than had been hoped The §ngii?eer aftd .several other wen werejBaj$ntiy kM tod the mill was rwrepked, Ggp, Gould at Qnee, <?n, receipt of the, A fire broke qjit in the! attic, ; qf the ./aterftouse Iwlding, in tb$ wst~ part Qf town, WeJoeeday pight about jo Q/alQ,*, "-_- '-'- t*Ke"""*""""'• •ui—iT^i.i. -•»«•:?>' The origin of the fire is a matter of conjecture. There was probably a damage of $100, with $400 insurance. The Germania Standard .makes the point that Germania grass makes good horses, which fact was demonstrated at various places on July 4. Ida M took first money in the running race at Algona. Robt. Pringle's horse won at Lake Mills and J. M. Butler's Bounce carried the day at Buffalo Center. The cars of the California Introducing Company stood on the tracks at thejMilwaukee depot Sunday and Monday and large numbers looked through their fine exhibits of California fruits, mainly from Santa Clara county, California. These cars are kept on the road constantly, and while articles on sale contribute largely, no doubt, to the expense of the traveling show window, the primary object is to advertise this rich and productive fruit region of California and start land buyers in that direction. The weather was unfavorable while here, but the number of visitors was quite large. Mr. Golding B. Woodward, the superintendent of tlie contract department of the institution, was formerly a resident of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, and visited Col. and Mrs. Spencer while here. There will be a great game of ball at the Fair Grounds next Saturday afternoon between Whittemore and Algona, for a good purse, and Manager Smith, of the Fair Ground, has arranged for a number of sports, besides. There will be a half mile and repeat bicycle race, and also a live mile bicycle race. Among those who will ride in the bicycle races are Gimy Gat-field, Frank Wartman, Lute Stacy, Ed Richardson, Jesse Stephenson, and Merrill Call, of Sioux City. People who attend will see some good sport. The balloon does not go up until 7 o'clock iri the evening, so no one need miss that by attending the bicycle races. PERSONAL MENTION. Mrs. Dr. Glasier is home from a visit of several weeks at her old home in Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke and two little daughters leave in a short time for an eastern trip of several weeks. They will spend most of the time in Maine, at their old home, going by way of the Great Lakes. Will Purvis is home from Chicago, where he spent his second year as a student at the Art Institute. Amy Paugnet came down from Armstrong to spend the Fourth with his Algona friends and relatives. M. P> Gardner and wife were over from Corwith to spend the Fourth with the family of Mayor Haggard. Roy Wilbur, the elder brother of Elmer, the popular State Bank barber, returned the morning of the Fourth from ii. live years' residence in California., He thinks oi'remaining in Kossouth county. S, W. Barger, of Canton, S. D., is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Henry Hist. Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Tiss were over from Corwith and spent Sunday wi,th their daughter, Mrs. Ike Finnell. .,' Miss Cora Hibbard, of Emmetsburg,' is visiting Algona friends.-: • . ••• ; Nick Winkel was up' from Livermore last Sunday. ' ; Mrs. Geo. Sitnpldns has been visit- Waukon. Fred Bartlett came up from Dallas, Texas, last week for a visit among his Algona friends. He is a guest at the home of Geo. E. Clarke. Deputy Auditor Mart Weaver, Frank Chandler, Guy Taylor and Alfie Chapin are at Chain Lakes this week on a fishing and pleasure excursion. Fre.d Ingham has been spending the week ; at home. Editor M. H. Richards, of the Spencer News, was a visitor in Algona Friday night. Mrs, Harris, a sister of the Chubb brothers, from Wisconsin, is visiting here. Rev. Walter Walker and wife will take passage for Europe this week, for a vacation abroad. . Miss May King and Miss Bessie Westerberg are home for the summer. Miss Westerberg has been engaged as a nurse in Chicago for tbe past year, and Miss King has been at Joliet. Mrs. L. M. B, Smith and daughter, A.da, -' depart today for Spokane, to spend the summer with Col, Com' stock .and family. Miss Mamie Whitman of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, is visiting her father and sisters here for a few weeks. Horace (Mann arrived fromWashing- ton, D, C., last Wednesday, for a visit of a couple of weeks with bis relatives and friends in Kossuth. Mr, Mann has for three years held a position in the naval seivice of the government, and bis line of duty is the making of mathematical computations for the Nautical Almanac. CELEBRATION FINANCES, Committee Troubled With A Sur<* plug,—They Have $75 Left Over, The Committee 'of Arrangements held a meeting at Bsownell's store yes* terday morning, wb"en a showing was made'of funds collected from the Algona business men, amounting to $685, and on tbe otbev band the total expense^ at tbe celebration, a.ud it was found tbat a surplus remained, after discharging ail obligations, amounting to $75,'- The business men were very liberal'm their contributions, and so tbe Qomroittee are enabled to make this Ratifying exhibit. The money spent ft>r decorations cost another large sm$ and tbe industrial parade was. answerable for ft larger expense than all the rest, gut there Is nobody to say that the money was not. well spe»|r -it-waj wpi'tb all it cost to §ee all tto people pf AJgona; working to fettoai one mm t9 d Q a mmM feeir iQW.ftftd to Ty/wlrf'-tirhor* A l/wtYia^n/Mi in M THE COUNTT BOARD DOINGS. A Short Session in Which the Financial Report is Accepted. Routine Business Got Through With In Short Order—Bills Allowed—. • Other Matters. AUDITOR'S OFFICE, July 2, 1895.— Board met in acljonrnerl session with ihe following members present: Chubb, Barton, Burton and Smith. The minutes of the previous meet- ng were read and approved as road. Hollenbeck appears and takes his seat. Moved and seconded that the treasurer be instructed to transfer from the lomestic animal fund to the county 'und all but $215. Carried. Moved and seconded that $1500 be transferred from the temporary school 'und to the county poor fund. Carried. Moved and seconded that the report of the committee appointed to check up with county officers be approved and the committee discharged. Car- •ied. Moved arid seconded that tho school oan made by the auditor be approved. Carried. Resolved, That the grade petition of Chris Thako ct ai., for a, grade on the northi of 28-94-23, be laid over antil the January meeting. Adopted. Moved and seconded that E. W. Palmer be allowed $40 for one horse killed by dogs. Carried. The balance of the forenoon was spent in auditing bills. Moved and seconded that the board adjourn until 6 o'clock p m. Carried. The appointment of Geo. A. Foster as deputy county surveyor is approved. Moved and seconded that the chairman and county auditor be appointed a committee to award contract for building vault Carried. Moved and seconded that the matter of dividing the county into supervisor districts be laid over until June, 1896. Carried. The reports of the clerk and recorder showing amount of fees collected are approved and placed on Hie. Resolved, That the county auditor be authorized to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting and that the members of the board are entitled to the following milage and per diem: Chubb, 1 day 2 miles $4,24 Hollenbeck, 1 day 12 miles 5.44 Barton, 1 day 14 miles 5.GS Smith, 1 day 28 miles 7.36 Burton, i'day 29 miles 7.49 Moved and seconded, that the board adjourn. Carried. ' Schedule of Claims. COUNTY. B F Orose, insanity Sarah Makinster... .8 T M BHlsbprpuffh, assessing 1 Union twp. P MBarslou, collecting'taxes M 0 Grier, reporting- Mike Hubbard, cleaning vault Marshall Printing 1 Co., stationery Marshall Printing Co., stationery A B Adolphsbn, twp clerk Wm Dow, trustee.., B F Crose, costs ag'ainst Kossuth Co H.B Hallock, publishing ; notice A J Dunlap, trustee Walters Bros., stationery W H Nycum. committee work John G Smith, committee worlc LHMillen, trustee P M Barslou, committee on road B P Keed. salary M B Hudson, pens Alg-qna Courier, publishing 1 board proceeding's J B Pehrson, trustee Bag'le twp H H Fellows, coroners witness T A nderson. trustee Eagle twp Samuel Warburtou, clerk and making 1 road list F D Calkins, expense Annie Loebig 1 , coroners witness. Court Bippeutrop, trustee Algona Ijepubllcan, publishing pro' ceedingsand stationery O M & St P By, freight ' N L Cotton, assessing 1 Whittemore, $80.-.u POOR. L V Beattie, merchandise for poor ..... B J Gilmore, do. , A LBist, dentistry for poor Walker Bros., merchandise for ppor— John Sharp, do.., .;• , Patterson & Son, do Fred Oronan, work on poor farm ..-..•— E H! Sayers, medicine , P J Johnson, sharpening- plow, etc John Paul Lumber Oo,, lumber A D McGregw, coffin J B Laird, coffin H Eokart, rent for James 00 CO i'l 51 12 00 5 00 ao sa .0 IS 7 00 3 CO 38 43 8 CO 1800 03 00 50 00 00 CO 10 00 5 10 97 00 7 35 3840 4 00 50 6 00 13 00 775 50 0 88 ,43 50 50 'tald 10 77 '0 41 50 31 05 60 0 20 -9 05 1 00 1 25 0 70 14 50 10 75 83 40 , BRIDGE. W W Haight and F Bailey, grading O&NWBy.freig-ht... E D Fuller, hauling pile ,,, W W Haight and F E Bailey, grading.. J G Stephenson, worU on bridge Warren Laird, do FHFord, do; , WHBaney, do John AYood, do A Johnson, do John Woqd, 40 , JO Hatch, grading ,.,, ,•-., H P Hatch, attending 1 repairs on bridge. W H Miner, loading piling J M Farley, spikes a«d lumber ,,,.. A Calkins, unloading plank B J Huohison, flo J Groyer, work O q bri ....... Tiybeeler Lumber ani Bridge Co,, lum ber,.,,,....' , L Barton, committee work ,.,.., N Sweiffftrt, work on roads Olu'is y]tia.k^, do. WmTeperman.dp, , John Bloomer, " 47 81 a. 55 10 50 44 20 3 87 863 1350 750 3300 gO 50 1350 28 00 20130 375 550 3080 150 150 16 50 BWHanna, ap,.,, M Andpffer, dp OStuffolpoh, 4o John HurcWcft, do,, lier, county surveyor l &' Spwwtttee work, bb, D A Tel § £&P l 3,0 Ohubb, dp., Races at the Fair Grounds, And Thursday—The Winners. Thete were smaller crowds at the Fair Grounds, on the 3rd and Fourth than had been anticipated, and Chatley Smith, the manager, reports a shortage of gate receipts as compared with the purses offered and paid. Some of the finest horses ever entered in a race on the Algona track were on hand. The three-eights mile and repeat race, Wednesday, was won by Jack Diver, owned by W. E. Sealock, of Bancroft, first, and White Stockings, C. F. Ilig- ley's browii marOj from Bancroft, took second. Grover, another Bancroft horse, owned by Christ Boelteher, took third money. In the three-fourths mile and repeat B. F. Smith's Gildersleeve took all three heats and distanced all the other horses except Kossuth. The latter went lame. The half-mile andrepei't race was won by Ida M, owned by J. Cooper of Gennanin. The sorrel mare won all three heats, with Jack Diver second and Menylegs, Fay Reed's black mare, come in third. The mile and a half novoltyrace on the 4th was won by Ida M, who won the half mile, the mile and the mile and a half heats and the $200. The farmer's race was won by Frince, L. L. Salisbury's horse, John Edward's Daniel Boone taking second and Henry Noiton's Chubb third. The bicycle race did not . come off. Mr. Smith is very enterprising and a good manager, and probably his experience will be accepted as settling it that with a first class celebration in progress in the 'same town a race program cannot be made to pay a profit. SLIGHTLY STRETCHED. When the Register reached Algona, Friday morning, it was seen .that the news editor, in his headlines, had raised the estimate'of Algeria's Fourth of July crowd from the reporters "12,000 to 15,000" up to an even 20,000. There was some speculation as to possible processes of reasoning by which results had been reached, and as might be expected in a case where one opinion was as good as another, in • the absence of proof, theories were many and diverse. One man, who claimed to be something of a liar himself, when he recovered from the temporary shock said th figures were due to our having a Fort Dodge Fourth of July orator. The register was familiar, he thought, with the Fort Dodge method of computing population. Another suggested that the Register, in view of the well known modesty of the reporter, had made what it judged was a necessary correction of, any claims he might make. It was noticeable that while Mr. Dolliver and others were somewhat worried over what appeared to be a small inaccuracy of statement which might go against the optimistic belief that figures cannot .I;e, ,,t^er^, -vvasT-a",' unanimous expression of opinion" that the Register c'ould not have overstated, the success of the celebratio'n. If it came to that Algona united in Conceding that it was the greatest show on e ar th. WHEAT IS BOOMING, Wheat Advanced 30 cents in 40 days. It May Go to a $1.00 k Wouldn't it be a good scheme to try a.few sacks of flour • nowV. Flour improves with age. .Those who have been- using the 1H3W WATER MILL FLOUR say it is as good as the best arid better than most uf the flour shiped "iri by the grocers. We sell cheaper, v than the : stores can sell and warrant every sack. Better try our flour and learn that Kossuth connty, Algona in particular, is not dependent on any foreign- country 'for bread, JONES & STACY. LOW KATES TO DES MOINES. On account of the Republican State< Convention at Des Homes, the North- Western Line will, on July 8, 9 and 10, sell excursion tickets at greatly, reduced rates, good for return until July 12,1895, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to ygents Cbi- "cago & North-Western R'y. HALF BATES TO BALTIMORE, MD, On account of the International' Convention Baptist Young People's Union, the North-Western Line will, on July 15 and 16, sell excursion tickets to Baltimore, Md,, and return at' rate of one fare for the round trip, tickets good for return passage nnfrl August 8,1895, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & North-western R'y. - v . >' • m v ' J Wall Paper, the best on earth, at Stanley's Pharmacy, Cpwles Block, Al«, gona, Iowa. ••> •,' A new line of Sweet Pickleg "ajwftys.", on hand at Langdon $ Hudson's, ; - h <• <, 930 8000 1500 5705 2350 850 50 1450 3145 sa as 3750 1550 50

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