The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 10, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1895
Page 2
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THE Al»>lSfA»'ibWA, v v ''i You Need ..a Desk! WE ARE MANUFACTURERS — OF-Desks and all kinds of Office Furniture. SEND FOR CIRCULAR. We want your Business. The Hamilton Mfg. Co* TWO RIVERS, WIS. HO YOU WANTTOSTor TOIIACCO? Von Can Ho Cured AVliile ITMiig; It. 'I lie Iiiihit ofusliiK toluiccp grows cm a nuni until ci'iive discjis- «l conditions tire in'oilucod.>nm> onuses ujinoei- of the mouth anil Ntoimicli ; dyspepsia; loss inciin'iy ; nervous aflections : congestion of the retliut. ami wust- mi.' oi tlif optic nerve, resulting In Impairment ni vision, even to the extent of hlinclness jdiz/.i- ne^s. nr vertl«rn : tobtieco nsihnui: nluhtly snf- ll'ociUuni : tlnll ptiin In region of the heart, followed Intel 1 by shtii'it pains, palpitation and weakened |>tilse. res ill tint} in fatal heart illseasf. It also otiuses loss of vitality. QUIT. HEKOHK IT JS TOO I.ATK. 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ELKHART, IND. | *4j *4»**<P How to Make Farming Pay, Purchase a cheap farm with fertile soil where the climate is free from extremes of heat and cold; where there are no blizzards, droughts or cyclones, close to the great Eastern markets where profits will not be eaten up by transportation. Such farms are found only in Virginia along the C. & O. Railway. For descriptive catalogue address, C. B. RYAN, Ass't G. P. A., C. & O. Railway, Cincinnati, O. ead-fo-Foof! For Boys From g tons YearsO!d. i They conslstof one £• coat (cut double t'! • bro.-istod), t\7o pnlr.'.(••' \ of knoo pants, and p. ^ v_Acap to match (allr 1 y"ymade of strictly all I; ' DUtJNKEN INTRUDERS CAUSE A BLOODY ENCOUNTER AT SIBERIA, INDIANA. fTi« Cftrnftge SAId to HA Something Awful—three J»c*«onS Killed, fronr fratfttijr Mttrfc and fclfty fiftdly tnjtired—An In**he f ftthe* fend* the fetlfttence 6f tti» EntirP rnutlly by Turning on the Gas. ENGLISH, Ind., July'6.—Startling reports of a desperate riot at Siberia, Perry county, are coming in by telephone and couriers from the scene of the encounter. Dr. William Lornax of White Sulphur Well has juse telephoned that a thousand men and women took part in the fight; that three men are dead, four fatally hurt and fifty seriously injured. The dead are Fred Elmer, William Geise and Frank Hart. Those fatally hurt are Peter Bennett, Bobert Dodge, Abner Strotid and Samuel Wilson. Siberia is but a hamlet of a few dozen straggling houses and a Roman Catholic church, the congregation of which is composed of Germans. They are a simple and inoffensive people, but have been greatly annoyed recently by persons Opposed to Their Ilellglon. Thursday they planned to enjoy a great picnic in the woods surrounding the village. The entire population turned out to attend the picnic and all went went smoothly enough until several gangs of disturbers appeared on the scene and began to make trouble. There were a number of booths on the grounds where intoxicants were served. These were liberally patronized by the intruders, who soon began to insult the Germans and their wives. The priest, who was present, counselled his people to avoid trouble if possible, and to pay no attention the jeers of the halt' drunken marauders. Mistaking his tolerence for cowardice, the intruders became bolder and soon Precipitated n Fight which in a few moments assumed the proportions of a desperate riot. Clubs, chairs and beer bottles were brought into play and the peaceful picnic was transferred into a great group of struggling cursing men and screaming women. Samuel Wilson, a leader of the outsiders, was armed with a huge knife which he wielded on every side, stabbing aud cutting many persons. He was finally opposed by a sturdy German who was more than a match for him until Wilson plunged a knife into his neck. As the man fell his wife sprang through the crowd and dealt Wilson a terrible blow with a beer bottle, crushing his skull. During the melee one of the intruders kicked a woman about to become a mother, killing her child and fatally injuring her. It soon became apparent to the attacking party that They Would Be Annihilated if the fight was continued, and, after their leader was stricken down, they ran hastily through the woods -to where their horses were tethered and escaped, leaving three of their number on the ground for dead. Cots and litters were hastily improvised and the dead and wounded were removed to the church in the village and all the physicians in the neighborhood called upon. Dr. Lomax, a surgeon of White Sulphur Well, and his two assistants were kept busy all of the night caring for the wounded. Dr. Lomax states that he saw 54 injured and believes that several of them will die. He says the fight began at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and continued for an hour. A telephone message from White Sulphur Well says that at least 20 o£ the injured will die. AN INSANE FATHER. wool cloth), and & first class pair of f 1 shoos—you could not r, ' duplicate thcci ati?' any othgr store fcr<? less than S7.EO. Our (? Prlco 85,00. $ Tho thousands we i-,' soil every month trl 11'.'' best how tho people (" like thorn. (,' Samples and lllv.s- f tr a t o cl er.tsilrcv! e (> Free if you uslc for it. N, W. Cor. State and Jackson Sts., CHICAQC, >(> ia needle squivre toe styles sold everywhere for S3. Special price..,,, toe asd ton toe styles, eqwal to any $4 shoe ta he country, ial price You toys tbe srtvttwwQn?}? tH£V DOH't ASfitl, Hill sad ChtUtftrftfc AddfiH <m July 6. —the Northern Pacific reofgatiizfttioti Committee has not made much pf ogr69.J toWaf da completing its plans. Chaifniafi. Adama stated that the London proposal of guaranty made by the Great Northern railroad interests ha? beeit found iin* practicable, owing to the Minnesota laws. The reorganization committee's counsel and the lawyers of the bankers interested in the negotiation, haVe ex* pressed the opinion, iti Which a majority of the counsel of the Great Northern party concur, that Until nee* essary legislation is secured, the Great Northern company cannot fulfill le* gaily the proposal of guaranty made in its interest. Still, all of the parties ett- gaged in the negotiations are acting in harmony in the effort to establish and maintain harmonious relations between the properties which they represent. Hill THInUs Otherwise. President James. J. Hill of the "Great Northern Railroad company, speaking in regard to statements made by Chairman Adams, says: "No such conclusion that the plan is impracticable has been arrived at, and no authority for or endorsement of any such statement on behalf of the Great Northern counsel could bo made. I am £.T"-'iy surprised at any such statement- * sporting to come from Mr. Adams. ' ' President Hill would not make any statement as to the status of the reorganization at this time. WHEAT STOCKS. Estimated by Briulstreet's to Bo About 13 Ver Cent Loss Thau L,ast Year. NEW YORK, July 0.—Bradstreet's says: There were 12,000,000 bushels of wheat arrived in Europe last week, and 10,000.000 bushels fresh shipments for Europe, pointing to about 2,000,000 bushels decrease in wheat afloat for Europe. This is ascertained by our cable news advice, and may be relied upon. Grain exchanges reported a decrease of 6,000,000 bushels of wheat afloat for Europe last week. Bradstreet's cable report of wheat available in Australia shows there were 6,800,000 bushels held there on July 1, 1895, against 7,800,000 bushels one year ago, and 4,900,000 bushels two years ago. American, Canadian, European afloat or Europe and Australian wheat stocks .re reported by Bradstreet's to be 8,000,000 bushels, or about 12 per cent ess than one year ago. ANOTHER GIRL. Ho Kucls the Existence of His Entire Family by Turning on the Gas. CHICAGO, July 6.—Frederick Hellman, a well-to-do mason contractor, murdered his wife and four children and then killed himself. It was at first supposed that Hellman and his wif o and children met death by accident, but it developed at the coroner's inquest that the wholesale murder was calmly planned and that the man intended to kill himself and end' the existence of the members of his family. The tragedy took place in a little brick cottage at the corner of Cornelia and Wood streets. The motive for the deed is unknown but it is supposed the act was that of a madman, as Hellman, about 10 years ago, had a sunstroke from which he never recovered completely. The gas jet which was found open was just above the bed in which the mother and one of the children lay, and it was supposed that one of them had during the night accidentally bit the stopcock and knocked it open, At the inquest, however, an entirely dif ferent complexion was given the affair by Charles, a brother of Hellman. He produced a letter written by. the mur derer and suicide late on the previous evening, in which he „ Clearly Stated W» Purpose of killing himself, although he gave no intimation of the fact that he was meditating the deaths of the members of ,liis family. He spoke of the window through which the women had crawl ns the only way in which his brothe* could gain admission to the house, &nc said that he had left it open for thai purpose. Toe brother had not received the letter until afternoon and came di* reotly to the inquest. The position Pi the bodies at the time they were fou: '. indicated that the two boys a»4 older girt fought desperately to leave the room after the lather ha4 turned. ojj | National pguwtional Association, i PENVJJB, July 6.—The iHth anuua convention of tlie National Kducatioaa Association has begun here. Compara tively few teachers, have yet arrivetj, a? first three days are taken upji of the National council a; ftrsc wee&jfig Tue§dj,y resident's Family Increased by »New Arrival nt tiray Gablss. BUZZARDS BAY, Mass., July 8.— Tust before 5 p. m. news reached the village that a girl baby had been born at Gray Gables. This report was soon verified by Dr. Bryant, who announced at the happy event occurred at 4:30 p. m., and that both mother and little jue were doing as well as could be expected. This is the third child to be born into the president's family, and all of them, are girls. Ruth is 4 years old and sther a. Only a passing glance could be obtained of the president during the afternoon, but that was sufficient to note an expression of satisfaction on ;he face of the chief executive, al- ihough it was an open secret that a aoy would not have been unwelcome. JUDGE ORTON DEAD. WAEB1NG ELEMENTS Ifo FURIOUS WIND LOSS AND HAIN OF LIPS. CAUSES ftftttifiif of Boat* Cftf»M*o<i in Lftfc« — A ttesiftre <*««* oi 81* in Latte Oettet*— f fttftl ItftttlM CHlCAdo, July 8.— One of the mdsfc furious wind and faife storms known Jn this vicinity for yeafi passed over the city about 6 p. in., coming from the northwest. The day had been in* tensely hot and there were many people out on the lake In sail boats, and as the storm came Very suddenly it is feared that several lives Were lost The different life saving creWs have been busy all evening tracing tumors of capsized boats, people clinging to planks, etc., and up to 10 p. ni. have brought in the occupants of three cap* sized boats, all in a very exhausted condition, tip to withiii 20 minutes of the descent of the storm upon the city the sky had been clear and the sttn shining brightly* Suddenly Heavy tilnck Cloud* began to gather in the northwest, and a few minutes later a terrific gale of wind, accompanied by a perfect flood of rain and furious thunder and lightning was sweeping over the city. Shade trees were broken off close to the ground, awnings, signs, etc., torn away and much minor damage done in the city proper. The wind moderated after about half an hour, but the furi* ous rain continued for fully two hours, during which time the streets were running with water. At the height of the storm a signal tower beside the Panhandle tracks at Ada street was blown over and the towerman, August Boedlow, sustained fatal injuries. Several other people are reported painfully cut and bruised by flying debris. Some Bodies Recovered. Long after midnight searchers were patrolling the waters seeking overturned boats and some token of the presence of ,the dead. At the last writing, although the old captains of the river believe the morning will add to the list, the drowned are: John Ross,' capsized near outer breakwater; three unknown persons, supposed to have been drowned by capsizing of a small, unknown yacht off Twenty-second street. _ HALF A DOZEN DROWNED. Wisconsin's Chief Justice Dies Suddenly at BItulison. MADISON, Wis., July 6.—Chief Justice Harlow S. Orton died during the evening of heart failure due to kidney iroubles and other complications. His end was very sudden. He had been well up to within an hour of the time lie died. He was a native of New York, born in 1817, and became justice of the Wisconsin supreme court in 1878. Associate Justice John B, Cassidy succeeds to the chief justiceship, FITZ5IMMONS NOT GUILTY, Jury Frees Him of the Charge of Killing Con Rlordan. SYRACUSE, N, Y,, July 6.—At 8:15 p. in. the jury in tho case of the People against Robert Fitzsimmons returned a verdict of not guilty, after having been out nearly four hours. The announcement by ^he foreman of the jury was greeted by rousing cheers, and the gavel of Judge Boss was powerless to quiet the enthusiasm. New Yorlc Saloons Closed, NEW YORK, July 8,—The saloons were closed Sunday and the excise law was enforced entirely, according to the police. This was not, however, strictly true, A stranger in New York might travel the whole city over without being able to quench his thirst, but the man who knew the bartender or the saloonkeeper had no reason to thirst. Pullwian Advances Wages, CHICAGO, July 8.—-The Pullman Pal' ace Car company has advanced the wages of the employes at the Pullman shops 10 per cent, the advance affect' ing about 4,000 people. No foraa! an " noBnoement has been made by tho cojnpaBy <rf its action, as the advance has been gradual, taking effect i» Tari« ous departments at different times diw> ing th«> laBt^ two weeks, Seriously 111. July a.-^Prince is seriously ill and ia unable partake of food. Count Herbert * and Q^hey members; p| the family have arrived Party of Pleasure Seekers Sleet Uoiith at Lake Geneva, \VJs. LAKE GENEVA, Wis., July 8.—A heavy storm passed over here during the afternoon which unroofed buildings and demoralized shade trees. The hail broke a large amount of glass and ruined corn, oats and what little fruit there was. The steam launch Dispatch was chartered just before the storm by a party consisting of Father Hogan and Miss Hogan of Harvard, Ills., and a man thought .to be Dr.' Franz, assistant superintendent of the Elgin, His., insane asylum, wife and child. The boat was in charge of John Preston,, a reliable young man. They were caught by the storm and the boat was swamped and all on board were drowned. Miss Hogan's body was found at Kayes park about sundown. A most vigorous search by 100 men has failed to get a trace of the others and it is feared they are all. with the hull, held by the engine and machinery against the bottom of the lake. ELEVEN LIVES LOST. &i fs* tfeit it, »., QF0: Molje and MaBiti eefitly died of soffie it. ft tto**fl special W of &t , who ** Unknown disease bfdnbtmced b^ physicians Septicaemia of blo6d poisdnittg at Mayvill^ the source ffoin Which they obtained the poison was & mf steff . Since theif death bn the 22nd fott* mote meil hate displayed the same symptoms ftnd died. £ heif names afe LottiS Bye, Oie Olson, Johnson and Charles Itjas. in each case not mote than four days elapsed before death ensued. It is now known that Olson has been bootlegging Whisky of his own make* using such ingredients as fusil oil and tobacco, both containing active* poisons. It is further known that in each of these cases the inen drank of this liquor and the dis* ease has been Confined to Thelii Exclusively. No more cases have as yet been re* ported. Df, Montgomery, superintend* ent of the state board of health, was here and 10 physicians have viewed the cases, and no apprehension of contagion is felt. The physicians, in their report to the city council recommended the houses be quarantined but this has been done solely With a view to allay the general apprehension that exists in the surrounding country. Samples of the whisky have been forwarded to Chemist Ladd of the agricultural college. It is thought the end has been reached, although two or three men who have acknowledged to having drunk of the whisky may yet be attacked. Dr. Waddle of Portland has publicly acknowledged his error in pronouncing the ailment black diphtheria, which haa been the cause of so much excitement _ _ CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR MEETING. Towu of Winona, Bio,, Wiped Oat by a Storm. SPRINGFIELD, Mo., July 8.— A storm, awful in results and total in its work of destruction, wiped out the, town of Wiuona, on the Current river branch of the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis railway, in Shannon county, at 10:80 p. m. It is known that 11 persons lost their lives. The dead are: Rev. G-. W. Duncan, Mrs. Gr. W. Duncan, Mattie Duncan, Mrs. Crawford, married daughter of G. W, Duncan, Crawford Gert, George Nevins, Norma Nevins, little daughter of Lloyd Wright, Maggie Cannon, John Norris, Mrs. Nevins, The storm set in about 10 o'clock and in half an hour four feet of water was in the streets. Houses were dashed about like corks and were carried down the ravine, with men, women and children clinging to the elevated parts, Thirty buildings in all were destroyed. A KANSAS QYCI-ONE. Five People Killed in a, Storm at Baxter Springs. KANSAS CITY, July 8,—A special from Baxter Springs, Kan., says; A cyclone which struck Baxter Springs killed five people outright and two others were injured and are not expected to live. A dozen people were seriously injured, Cooper & Hodgkin',s dry goods store was.destroyed, the Methodist, Christian and Colored Methodist churches were blown down and a doaen resi. denoes a»d as many 'barns were totally wrecked. Those killed outright are; li, Hibbs, a Mrs, Webster and her mother and daughter, James Neal. The injuries of the mother of James Neal and A, H, Hawbuck will probably prove fatal. Ail wipes are down and another storm is coming, Extensive Preparations Blade to Handle the Crowds Expected. BOSTON, July 8.—The committee having in charge the extensive arrangements fox the Christian Endeavor convention, which opens here next Wednesday, have now practically completed their work and are ready to receive the delegates as they arrive. These arrangements have been most thorough and the committee announces that over 66,000 people can be provided for without confusion or discomfort. Two large tents, together with the Mechanics' building, will be the principal meeting places during the week, although seryices will be held daily in many churches in the city. During the noon hour 125 companies of Christian Endeavorers will daily visit the large manufacturing firms, dry goods houses and places of business and hold services there with the employes. MANY VILLAGES IN PERIL. if. P. HAOGASt). SttcCessof s to SMI*H. IOWA- A, D. OLAHltli A CO, FAMtOAXS. Offlee on iJodge street* AJgona, o, CALL, RtiAL MSTATti Alfi) ABSTBACf OFFlCh For Information In regard to lands la North western I6*m., write to hitm ThoHngton street, Algon a, Iowa> Jlountg Etna and Vesuvius in a State ef Violent Eruption. NAPLES, July 8. — The crater of Mount Etna is again pouring forth fire, smoke and l»va. Mount Vesuvius is also in a state of eruption and is reported to be in •worse condition than Etna. The town of Eosiua, in South Italy, built over the ruins of Herculaneum, is threatened. Villages in the vicinity of both volcanoes are believed to bo in danger. Kentucky Fopultatg. LOUISVILLE, Ky., July 6.— The state convention of Kentucky Populists met in its second day's session at 8 a. m. A platform reaffirming the Omaha platform was adopted, together with a demand for coinage at 16 to 1. Nominated Cat-field's SOD. WARREN, O., July 8.— James E. Garfield, son of the late President Garfield, was nominated for state senator .by acclamation, in the Twenty-fourth and Twenty-sixth joint district convention. LATEST MARKET REPORT. Milwaukee Grain. MILWAUKEE, July 6, 1895. FLOUR— Dull and steady. WHEAT— Xo, a spring, TO^cj No. 1 Northern, 70c; September, 71J4c. CORN— No. 8, 47, OATS— No. 3 white, SSMc; No, 3 white, 29c. t BARLEY-No. 3i 48c; sample, 45@49Ko, RYE— No. l,54Kq. _ Duluth Grain. DULTJTP, July 0, 1895, WHEAT— Cash No 1 hard, 73c; No. I Northern, 71Jic; July No, 1. Northern, September. , i., Sitf of Illinois js slow ly improving, but t?r. Ritchopps, pbyiioiaR, s&ye tfcat.he will not w rtt up IQJ a po^h to 4 , Jujy 8.^ iBg m the rut festival to, fee held i» tbie city tfee $» Georgia Ga t , July 8,—A cyclone swept across this and Morgan counties about 4 p. JP. But meager &o- ppunts have l?een received. It is known, however, tfcat fcwo Uyeg were }p8t a,nd, & number Qf persons severely injured, several of tbew fataUy _ 9Y8I Ibs 'mwTaf fftit«tty,wb»' QKO. E. CJjAftKB. CBASi A. CLAEK15 & ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ALGONA -.-.-- 10W A, Minneapolis Grain. MWWEAPOWS, July 6, 1895, WHEAT— July, 09Kc; September, . On Track— No. 1 hard, 70Ho; No. 1 Northern. fQ%c; No. S Northern, ' St, Pawl Union Stoofe Yards, SOUTH ST. PAUL, July 6, 189\ HOGS— Active, 5c higher) quality fair, Range of prices, f4.55@4,§ r >, CATTLE-^Good cattle steady and in fair demand; common stuff dull; bulk o{ receipts are grassers and canners, Steers, Lambs $9.5U; muttons, ?J,75, Receipts: Hogs, 900; 35 cattle, sheep, 8; no calves, _ _ Chicago Union SJ:ocU Yards, COIOAQO, July 0. J893. HOGS— Market fairly active; and 60 higher- Sales ranged at §4.8$@$5,35 fov light; $4,85@5,80 for mixed-, $4,75@5.35 fpp heavy packing and shipping lots; f473@4.»3 fo? rough. — Market quiet, but about Dressed beef and shipping steers sows ftnd buUa, ? Receipts: fl rB i bighep. GEO, R OLOTID, (Successor to W. B. Quitrton) Attorney and Counselor at Law, ALQONA, IOWA. OJIlce over Kossuth County State Bank. SULLIVAK &, MoMAHON, ( ATTORNEYS- AT - LA W. Postofllco BlocK. ALGONA, IOWA. B. V. S WETTING. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to inau. Algona, Iowa. .T. L. BONAH. • If. H. FELLOWS. BONAR & FELLOWS, ATTORNB78 AT LAW Collections will receive protnnt attention. Rooms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Bl'dg. Branch office at *-r*,,if* -m™* Wesley, Iowa. ALGUNA, IOWA- DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOAMS AMD LAND, Collections a Specialty. Office Iu Gardner Oowles new building, Algona. Iowa.' S. S. SESSIOiNS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Office over CJIirlschUles' store. Algona, Iowa. L. K. GABFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, OtUee on State street, Algona, Iowa.- 1 M. J.-KENEF10K, M. D. Office over Taylor's store . Aigona, J. M. PRIDE, M. D. , Office over Goeder's CJotmng Store. Algona, • Iowa DR. L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled. Deals la paints, oiia, booki, perfumeries, etc. Oor. State and-Thorlngton Bts. Algona,Iowa. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTEMORE - - - IOWA, , Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a, in.. 2 to 6 p. mlT Over Wichler's Furniture store. Residence north of traeic, > # <c DENTIST » A. L. RIST, D. D. S Local anaesthetic for deadening' pain in gums when extracting teeth. • E, S. GLASIER, D. D, S. DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algona State Bank, SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO SAVIS*^* *?s THE NATURAL TEETH, ' 4 "' / The best of modern anaesthetics used -4 !| to make all operations as painless as posh "& sible, . K. SAYERS, D, V, M., AND SURGEON, J) ep-Offlce west of the Thorington Hft«sf> ; Algoua.Iowa. gOgPITAk Ae<?omnio4at)QBB» ,> / '« m P, L, SLAGKLE, Manufacturer of au<} cjealer in '"i Harness and Harness Good , IOWA, MONEYl On Real HOXIB & AND UALU1QN BROS.. Banqrpft. *>% 'y jAftfc «*/ JUiC;

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