The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1895
Page 8
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EXCITING RUN DOWN THE UFPE3 SNAKE RIVER. Stoat Dangerous Stretch of Inland In thn West—Rapids, Falls Jvnsl Whirlpools-, In Continuous Succession. The Tctroro of Box Canyon. A steamboat trip which for excitement, peril and display of skill has seldom if eter been equaled in tho history of river navigation in the United States has just beon concluded on tho upper Snake river. The Norrna, n small stern wheel boat, tuts made tho run from Huntington, Or., to Lewiston, Ma.,over about the worst stretch of inland water to bo found in the west. Early on tho morning of May 10 the Norina cost off her linos from the Huntington lauding, and in command 'of Captain W. P. Gray, with Captain A.AV. Gray as pilot and Charles Jennings as engineer, started on a trip tho liko of which will in all probability never bo undertaken again. For the first fow miles tho I'lvpr .was smooth, but small rnpids soon began to appear, and bcforo the steamer had gone six miles she ran on a submerged rook and tore her rudder off. It was necessary to beach her, and two clays were, consumed in making repairs. With n fresh supply of cord wood tho voyngo was resumed through ;i barren country and a cranky current. At Brownlie ferry a stop had to bo jnjxle, as tho wire which holds tho ferryboat had to bo lowered in order to let tlw steamer pass over it. At daybreak the start was made. A run of three miles brought tho vessel to'the mouth of Wild Horse creek, and as she rounded a bend Wild Jlorso rapids camo in sight. The river at this point narrows to obbut two-fifths of its former width, tho fall is very rapid, and to mnko matters much worse the stream has three abrupt curves, its contour forming a letter Z. Tho Nornift shot into the rapids, and tho surging, twisting, foaming water washed over her clock. She missed the rocks with which tho stream abounds and was soon in clear water. Tho nest rough place was Lookout rapids. The river was narrow, but its course was tolerably straight, cud tho little craft shot through without trouble. Immediately below was Horseshoe bond, and tho peninsula itself within 1,200 feet, and tho peninsula thus formed stands 300 feet above the level of tho water. Rounding tho bend, the voyagers passed Eagle island, whore tho government survey ends, and ho who would navigate Snake river farther must depend entirely on his knowledge of swift waters. A fow niilcjS into tho unknown region, and Back point was passed, whore the river takes a drop of 0 feet in 100. A inilo or two farther, and tho frail boat entered, the •famous Bos canyon. The river from its entrance iu tho canyon for a distance of 20 miles is a succession of rapids and sharp bonds, jutting rocks and protruding bowlders, whore for miles at a stretch oven a small boat could not effect a lauding, and whoro tho current As so rapid that a steamer "backing hard" . still makes good headway. A landing was finally mado at Steamboat bar. Captain Gray went around tho hills, and, with tho .. aid of powerful glasses made a thorough inspection of Copper Creek falls, tho most •terrible part of tho whole wicked stretch of rapids, whirlpools and cataracts. On his return ho set tho crew at work, and the / fore and aft bulkhead was run in tho bilga of tho Wormu's bow. Tho bold forward of tho flreroom was filled with cord wood to resist tho shock when the steamer struck, and all hatches wero nailed down. Thou •the crew turned in on what, for all they knew, was their last night in this world. Captain Gray was thoroughly satisfied after an examination of tho falls that a boat of the Norma's dimensions could not bo taken over without striking tho bluff somewhere. Tho river runs through a channel about 120 feet wide. Largo bowl- ders lino tho Oregon shoro, and on tho Idaho side rises a steep cliff 50 feet high. An ugly reef 30 foot across and 8 foot under water stands at the brink of tho fall or run, about one-third of tho way across from tho Oregon side. It makes a broken drop and throws tho current against tho cliffs on tho Idaho side. When tho captain told tho crow that it would bo necessary to strike this wall of rock, some uneasiness The 'frfcii isflo-fcti Lady Cuticle trsel Me* Ihfluence With the Snltan of tntikefr, Lady Curfie, bettor known by hot pen name of Violet Fane, has quickly made her mark ftS British embassadress at Constantinople, and, from all I hoar, there has faeter, since tho accession of tho present sultan, boon a foreign lady who stood so high in the good graces of his Ottoman majesty, who loses no occasion of paying her marked attention. Her influence at his court she used in n very efficacious manner tho other day. A Dr. Pachayan, an Armenian Christian, had boon convicted of some treasonable practice or other at Constantinople and been sentenced to death. A few days prior to the date fixed for the execution of tho sentence bis fiancee called upon Lady Gurrie, .threw herself at. the embassadress' knees, and made a passionate appeal to her excellency to help her to secure a commutation of tho doctor's sentence. Violet Fane, who is tho most warm hearted woman imaginable, as may be .gathered from tho pretty poems that she has published from time to time, was much moved and promised to do what she could atthoYildizkiosk. It happened that the noxt day was Friday, the day of tho Salamllk—that is, tho ceremony of tho sultan's going to prayers —and on his return from tho mosque, sec- ing Lady Ou.rrle and. her husband near the entrance of the palace, ho invited them to take refreshments with him in ouo of the pavilions of tho gardens. Lady Currio availed herself of tho opportunity to appeal to the clemency of the sultan in behalf of the condemned man. On learning that she was interested in his fate, ho informed her that her request would bo granted, and n few hours afterward one of his aids-decamp carried to tho embassy not merely a commutation of tho death sentence, which was all that she had ventured to ask for, but a free pardon for tho doctor. Since then tho Armenian population at Constantinople swears by Lady Currle, who has become in tho eyes of tho people one of tho most important personages of tho empire, since it was altogether unprecedented that a commander of tho faithful should thus publicly yield to tho charms of a foreign woman—aye, and of a grandmother at that, as Lady Currle has several children by her first marriage to Mr. Sln- gloton, who havo children of their own.— Marquise do Fontonoy in Now York Recorder. AN CROFT NEW BSWOtfltttt To the Ladtes of Bancroft and Vicinity: I have a new stock of Millinery, including all the Latest Styles in Hats, Bonnets, Mowers, Laces r Trimmings, and in fact anything that is usually found in a first-class millinery store. An experienced trimmer will do all the work in the most approved fashion. evening, and she thinks she will stay till she is IS, at least. ' Mh and Mrs. Gottlieb Bohn celebrated their golden Wedding last week at the Plum Creek Lutheran church. They had a grand wedding and afterwards the assembly went to the old pioneer's home and partook of a bounteous repast. "Well, where are you going the 4th?" "Why, to Algona, of course." is heard on every hand. ' Well,] 1 fgufesf tp go too; "* BANCROFT, IOWA. Mrs. Sarah Howe. Chicago & North-Western NORTH Mixed n Ham way freight....)! 43am passenger l ospm SOTJTM Mixed 6 otpm way freight—8 15atn rnssenRer .. ..205pm BANCROFT, IA., JULY 8, 1895. Conducted by J, A. FRECH. NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES. Carry 'he N«w» to Co.toy. Esthervlllo Vindicator: General Coxuy should come to Algona to celebrate tho Fourth, lie will bo allowed to stand, walk or sit on the grass In the yard about Kossuth's capital without molestation or danger of arrest. due courtesy to make such public notice of their kindness. They have only done their duty, which, though it may bo appreciated by the afllictcd, It is hardly appropriate to advertise. Tho practice is obsolete in most places ami would bo better in all. FOE A POKEE_CONFEEENOE. The Herald Says a Congress of Experts Is Greatly Needed. The need of tho hour—a poker con gross! That is to say, a national conference of poker players, who shall pass upon all disputed points, decide all mooted questions, establish what is canonical and orthodox and reject what is more heresy and schism. Of no other game can it bo so truthfully said that its laws are in an absolutely chaotic condition. It ia fondly called the national game. At some time of his life every citizen of tho United States has played it, if not for gain, then for fun. A poker player traveling over tho American continent finds himself one of a vast brotherhood of follow players.' Yet every whore he has to learn and unlearn. Everywhere he .finds tho beautiful symmetry of the game marred by tho introduction of some objectionable feature or tho loss of some pleasing and necessary ones. An ecumenical council is, of course, impossible. But • The Herald is willing to step into the breach as a self constituted pope, with this proviso, that its decrees shall not be taken as infallible, ex cathedra utterances, but as obiter "dicta submitted to the faithful for acceptance or rejection, as they may elect. Perhaps with this example before them on ecumenical council —in other words, a national conference of pokor players—may bo a possibility of tho near future. This paper will simply present the problems, offer what seems to bo the best solution and await future developments along tho linos it has indicated. —New York Herald. It Wus u Wise Purchase. Hurt Monitor: John and Charles Moln- zer and A. W. Sigsboy have gone in together and bought a portable gasoline engine for their thresher. It is tho only ono In this vicinity that wo know of. They expect to bo able to do lots of threshing, with it. AVns a Hot, Enough Fight. Lodyard Leader: Tuesday tnorning a wagon load of bullies drove past tho residence of tho McOhoo boys southwest of town and became loud and abusive, thinking perhaps that there might not be more than one man about the house. Words were exchanged with Dave McGhoo and ho ordered .thorn off the promises. Ono fellow pulled his coat and jumping from tho wagon struck at McGhco. The other four boys, who wore loading hay back of tho barn, saw this and coming to help tho brother out, a free for all light ensued in which nino of tho bullies and iivo of tho McGheO'boys were engaged. Dave struck no of them in such a way as to throw his houlder out of place. After sending those illows on toward Germ an ia they at onco nmu'to Lodyard and had Dr. Dunlap sot ho dislocated shoulder. OELAELAKEPABEiOWA A flne programme has beeh arranged for this most popular of Hof.tb.ern Iowa summer resorts, including; lectures % llev. T, DeWitt Talinage Sunday, June fcOlih, 'and Kevi; Sato. P. Jones. Sunday, Jtily''7th,-and Gospel meetings led by the most popular divines .of the nation.. Campmeetings, band concerts and numerous other attractions will be announced- f torn time'to tiffle. The annual Musical festival will be held August 2d to llth inclusive, and Will de under the direction, of ..Prof. Clement B. Shaw, Chicago. Talent already secured for this occasion promises. to make it a. most enjoyable meeting. * l ...... " A large and commodious pavilion is now in process of erection, which will furnish ample seating capacity for all who may come. • „...„,. Hotel Oaks will be open to the pnb- lic June 5th. This hotel is large and commodious, built after the most approved plan of summer hotels and managed by men who know the 'wk'its of their guests. CHEAP RAILROAD RATES. iniiul Pig nt IJiuicroft. Register: Pew of our citizens are aware that a blind pig is thriving in our town. We do not care to waste spaco in tolling' about it, but if you want to know tho particulars call on the editor personally or ask E. E. Goddard. Wo might add that the pig was born blind and can't help it. Mei-rHleld Prosper*. Bancroft llegister: Andrew Kleeman returned Saturday from a trip through Oklahoma and Indian Territory. While down there he had the pleasure of greeting our old-time citizen, Henry Merriflold, who is still running the mail route and prospering. Don't I)o This. A Dubuque special says: A farmer entered tho Golden Rule department store this afternoon and accidentally dropped some ashes from his pipe into v the lire- works. The 87,000 stock was consumed in a series of explosions which carried out the plate glass and startled the town. Tho clorks escaped unhurt. was manifested, but from what they had already passed their confidence in him was unlimited. A few minutes later the Norm a dropped into midstream, shot through a swift rapid that anywhere elso would be regarded as impassable, eamo out into comparatively clear water, and in another moment entered the draw of the falls, about 15 foot from the Idaho cliff. It was a moment of intense excitement. As she broke over tho falls her timbers creaked and groaned. When she took tho Qua! plunge, tho captain cried "Starboard," and with tho weight of himself and assistants at tho wheel tho spokes fairly flow around. The engines wore backed, and tho cliff was frowning over tho boat. She struck it with her starboard guard and seemed to hang for a moment, while the waves broko over her deck. Tho surf flying back from the cliff drenched tho men in the pilothouse. Then tho little boat bounded away to mid- ohanuol liko a handball. Tho engines were stopped, and the Norina drifted down tho river, with tho crew yelling liko demons, the happiest men iu two states, who had an experience that will last them a lifetime. Tho steamer's nosing was smashed for about two feet, and three deck beams were raised a few inches. Otherwise she did not suffer from her battering. Just below tho falls the boat stearfted through Hell canyon, a place about 300 feet in length, where tho overhanging cliffs seem to conio within a fow inches of meeting directly over the river and hundreds of feet above. During the next ten miles she sHot over four different rapids, whore tho water ran like a race horse. Then tho channel narrowed to 50 feet, and tho current stped along SO miles an hour. One place was encountered where the river ran straighter and swifter than a mill race for something like two miles, and in POY» Hjjng tho distance tho engines were not moved, noi 1 was tho pilot wheel touched. So tho Great Box canyon of tho Snake was passed, slit) the Noraia came into comparatively still water at what is known as the head of jiavigation on Snake riyer, At noon on Mtty 8? sho steamed up to the Wharf at Lowiston and moored beside the big whea.tbo»ts of the lower river, This remarkable journey occupied, eight days, of which 88 hours was the actual traveling time. The distance from Huntington down to the "head of navigation" is about 180 miles.— -St, Louis fitobe-pouioorat. Cyclone Cellars For Iowa Schools. Superintendent of Public Instruction Sabin, in answer to questions, holds that school boards are authorized by law to build cyclone collars and to use tho contingent funds of tho district in so doing. Ho places the cyclone collar under the gen- oral head of school oxponscs, Tho law for it or not, it is better to have a place of refuge and not wont it than to want it when tho clouds are raging and not have it. It doesn't invite a conflagration to insure one's home. One is in no more danger of being killed with an accident policy in his pocket than he is without it. Money might be spent for better purposes than cyclone collars. Still pupils and teachers who havo had an experience with cyclones cannot bo induced to think so.—Davenport (Ia.) Democrat. .Fine House for Emmet County. Vindicator: Emmet county is to havo one of the finest and most expensive couir try residences in tho state. E. S. Ellswortl will build a beautiful country homo ii Lincoln township, overlooking Tuttk Luke, at a cost ?CO,000. Tho dimension are to bo 92x9-1 feet and tho building wll be three stories high. Hard J^ooltiiig- Crops iu Illinois. Gormania Standard: West. Warburtoi returned homo Monday from a visit wit! friends and relatives at Plattsville, 111 several weeks. Ho reports all small graii a failure, oats not over a foot high ani heading out. Tho earth is very dry an all indications are, a heavy drouth. A Ittul Custom. ElmoroEye: A couple of nights this vock, especially on Monday night, the Id chestnut of tho charivari was rosuv- ected when S. C. Moore and Lewis Nelon were called on with shot guns, tin jans, bolls, etc., for the "treats" Mr. ind Mrs. Nelson had not yet moved into ,helr house as expected and not coming 'orth at tho sound of the invading forces some reckless parties proceeded to pound tho side of the house with a string of bells, batter the door with a club and otherwise disfiguring tho house In an outrageous nanner. Neither did they desist until some of the neighbors informed them that the house svas not yet occupied. It is an old fossilled custom that in most civil- d communities is not tolerated and should not be anywhere. People do not generally have property to be made sport with and destroyed by a reckless mob. A Wee Steamer. Mr. H. B. Weaver, tho artist, who resides in Baltimore, has built a steam launch which he claims to be the smallest in tho world. The length of the launch is 9 feet, and it will carry three persons. Tho beam is 83 inches, and there is a 9 inch propeller. The engine, which Mr. Weaver says has been declared the smallest marine engine in tho world, is an exact pattern of thoso used on large steamers and weighs 66 pounds. The water and air pumps are concealed from view. Tho complete weight of the launch with all equipments is 176 pounds.— Baltimore American. __ lusaiiitj Somewhere. A New Yorlj woman who attempted to prosecute several saloon keepers for violating tho law is held by the police of that city as insane. If it does not appear after full investigation that she offered to abandon the prosecutions for a oopslderation, the pojlce administrators will consider the caso of insanity to be fully made out.^ Pittsburg Dispatch. flmVs WfeeJy TPP» No graduates from the colleges for worn,' en have made ostentatious declarations of their intention, never tomwrjr. And yet it Js altogether possible that several of the youths who so confidently put themselves on record will be refused before the sura- mej is over by some of these sjune unpro- testing young wowjn.r,, Washington Star, 4 Royal Prugf Ut, The grandson of an AfyicftQ feisg louucos his intention of S^log to and opening a drug store. He espeets to break" the world's record on the sale of parogorio aod seiilllt? powders as warm weather arinl?s,^CJiioago Dry Laltes In Demand. Einmetsburg Reporter: A speculator was before the board of supervisors, at their last session, and offered to give §!>,000 for a title to and the privilege of draining the various lakes -of tho county, and if Lost Island Lake was included would ralso it to §10,000. There is a question as to tho right of a county to give a tHIo to such lands, but cvon if it had a right to dispose of them, tlioy are worth many times the $10,000 offered. Hello There, McNamuru. West Bend Advance: Last week Wednesday, a liveryman named McNamara from Algona. got a rig from Chas. Allbco to drive to Algona, saying he would return it the next day. But ho didn't, nor did ho do so the next day. Charley waited until Sunday, when ho began to think it was time to investigate tho matter and see whether the man had boon waylaid and murdered, or what tho trouble might be. So ho sent Marsha) Seaver to Algona in search of the team, and just about the time tho marshal reached Algona, Mc- Narnani got hero-with the team. He ox- plains tho matter by saying that he left Algona early the day after ho left here on a land dual, and forgot to say anything to tho boys in tho barn in regard to tho return of the team to West Bend. The team, when brought back, looked as though tho wild western zephyrs had boon blowing through their ribs, which would incline ono to the opinion that the barn where they had boon stabled was not-In as good condition as it might have boon. For the various occasions mentioned bolow one standard first class fare for the round trip, viz: Epworth League convention at Chattanooga, June 27 to 30th. National Educational Association meeting Denver, Colo., July 5th to 12th. United Societies of Christian Endeavor Boston, Mass., July 10th 14th. Baptist Young People's Union of America at Baltimore, Md., July 18 to 21st., Annual meeting American Pharmaceutical Association at Denver, Col., Aug. 14 to 24th. Triennial Conclave, Knights Templar at Boston, Mass., Aug. 20 to 30th. National Encampment, G. A. B., Louisville, Ky., Sept. 10 to 14th. HALF KATES TO BOSTON, MASS. On account of the International Christian Endeavor Convention, the North-Western Line will, on July 5, 6, 7 and 8, sell excursion tickets to Boston Mass., and return at rate of one fare for the round trip, tickets good for return passage until Aug. 6th, 1895, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to Agents, Chicago North-Western B'y. FOURTH OF JULY >KATES. 'On July 3 and 4 the Northwestern" line will sell excursion tickets at low rates to local stations within 200 miles, good for return passage until July 5, 1895, inclusive. For tickets and full Mfi±ifti« Vtqtietro •fraS aching to galsh himself, and the new espionage bil. ho docla*ed would glfe him the requisltt opportunity. His one desire xvns to serve his couhtr} t# the discovery of some ingenious plan tt fob Iffance of the copyright in her mill tary defenses, and his appointment as de tectlve was not a week old when ho eats his chance and shadowed him for half * day. TChe stibjecfi was iti appearance 'Viqnetre'J Ideal fedoiibt spy. Of middle height, wit*, bent back and jerky, ifregular gait, his keen gray eyes shot flashes of intelligent /ftoht'tho cover of thick lashes and shaggj stows, fitla long, uhtflm'med tohite hah ros&iand fell with the old man's erratic SKOVementa of played with the breeze wher. Its'owher stood for awhile, suggesting an ifltwaence that did not for ono moment misittad Viquetfo. ',', Hail he not pefcoiVed a paper in one itoafid-and n pencil in the other? And, al- th'dttgh the old inan did not make a mark Of 'jot a note While ho strolled with apparent aimlessness about Fort d'lvry, yet 'did &ot Viqtietro seo the pencil fly over the pap'ffl? before ho had left the redoubt half o toilo behind? f,;'A(nd tho old man had struck a bee line :;for .tho Cointuro railway nnd entered a tfalh'i. at La Maison Blanche station, fol- loWbd closely by Viquotro, who, his com- ptttativo youth notwithstanding, had ah his wbrk to catch tho same train and entei an adjoining carriage. . ;And then happened Viquetro's first professional surprise. Although at every station ho had alighted and closely scanned all who wore leaving tho compartments in his Vicinity, yet when tho train had completed the circle and stopped at the junction no old man with bent back and shaggy white locks could bo found. A Week Inter Viquotre was on tho Celn- ture platform of tho St. Lazaro station t when he espied his runaway suspecb entering a first class carriage. Viqiietre, not to be 'done a second timo, followed him as the train started and quietly sat down by tho door. His victim wna already ensconced on tho opposite seat nt tho farther end of tho carriage, a clean sheet of paper spread open in one hand, n, pencil in the other. Ho made no sign of observing Vi- qnetro's entry. "Ho is wrapped in his thoughts," mentally exclaimed tho detective. "I wish 1 had a mirror that would reflect them." As if in answer to his desire, his companion spoke. " yes; Fbrt d'lvry will do, after all." Viquetro started. For a moment he thought tho remark was addressed to him, but a glance at the old man seated in the corner, buried in reflection, proved that he was unwittingly giving voice to his thoughts. The train paused at Les Batignolles. Viquetre, to give his companion confidence, feigned sleep. The train pursued its journey; tho old man his reflections. "Yes; Fort d'lvry shall be the scone. The exterior I can picture with ease"— "You roconnoitered it long enough the other day," Viquetro interrupted mentally. "But how to gain the necessary detail oi the interior?" "Go on," thought Viquetro. "I pray you reveal your scheme for stealing a plan of the interior of the fort. It will be so considerate of you'and so convenient to information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern B'y. ;.... . < —Dealer in— Jewelry, Silverware, Watches and Clocks,- Finest Lino and Ltirg-est Stock. Re mil r- ihg-a Specialty. Wo employ only competent workmen. Call at our new quarters in tho Cowles' Block. E, CT, BOWYER, Alpna, low, on tint IJJso. Ledyard Leader: Thursday was not an extra day for Frank Woiraer of the State Bank, but still ho made $600. He had parties out to seo a fine farm of his and they saw a great bargain, It would have been sold on the spot if their money had been get-at-able Just, at that time. The growing of the corn made it crack as if a herd of yearling calves wore running through it. Frank saw that he was oflterr ing this farm at a sacrifice price so ho just added ?<X>0 to its price then and there and made a profitable days work, Thoi-o are arising in tho minds of, the chronically suspicious tears that tho eiratip tow*" is trying to get in as tho diamond garter bwWs's successor in theatripa} a«* |gj_tisjug.— . Washington Btar. an- WM* Th,ey do. eay that the patvpfisof thelSng' iish tfceators have at tost growR weary of tbe woman with a past, f he woman, with. Isaby now has the call. This is wore A. J»ne ISarth City Ledyivrd L.oa.4er: Ml'8, Wen. went to Blue !§a,rtb Thursday to be present at Jho marriage of her brother, H. >Y Ireland, of. the Register, wnd Miss Anus Goddai'd. The uupltals were celebrated on Saturday a,nd Mr. Ijesl je drove up or Friday evening to be present. M»'- Ire land Is proprietor of a, splendidly paying newspaper property and the lady Js pne o the best known at Blue Earth, having served as assistant ppstmaster for quite period. ?})}# )s thu IUgUt Jilett. Wlnnebago Summit: Wo would sugges to people who ha,ve had afflictions in the! families, says an exchange, and been kind ly treated by their friends and neighbors tiuit there is np necessity of any card c thanks i«tlte newspapers. Jt is kavdl treating ovu 1 neighbors and Mends wit HURT. BUIIT, July 1.—J. D, Amos moved his puse and barn onto his farm north of own last Thursday. Ho moved tho house ith the ongiiio. Street commissioner J. O. Isonberger is oing some good work on our streets. W. M. Stockwell has the glass front in is now furniture store and will soon havo is stock of furniture in. L. D. Butler, brother of Mrs. E.K.Starr, drove over from near Emmotsbmg", Friday, and Mr. and Mrs. Starr and children eturnod with biro. His father fell from a vagon a short time ago and was hurt ite badly. J, 33, Blackford was in town a couple of days last week. Will Richardson rodo up from Algona on his biko last Thursday. AGENTS Salary or Commission'to good,Men. Fust selling Imported Specialties. Stock Failing to Liyeieplaeefl Free, We sell only High Grade Stock nnd Name, Also Pure Seed Potato Stock our Specialty Leader, Ada^s ft D, LUTCHFORD &. CO,, • NURSERYMEN, ROCHESTER, N, y, Letters promptly answered. WATER OB NO BAY, FORK, July. 1st, I865.,r-Mjss Nellie Govern visited at. her brother's last Misses ku Smith, Epw,» J»i» and ftTOie MvlsPH close ^eJr'gvjmmW- terms of sehiOol this week, aM Ernest Butterfleld Jand Ethel spent a few, days at W. J, Pavl« son's last week, , At the republican caucus, held at the Fo* school house test Saturday, the fallowing delegates were elected: M- Ji Mann, Rod Jain, A- W. Blanclwd ft,n<J IF 1 . Artesian well contractor. I have the only cable steam drilling machine owned in the county; sink wolls for water supply for towns, cities and railroads, Special attention to farm wejl work, Estimates rnado. I employ only expert drjijors. Address. A. F. PA.W.EY, AI-GOKA, JQWA, SPURBECK & UAMBERT dealers in Butter Tubs, Water We also do planing Lattie Wor anfl Creamery Supplies, me."\ . . , . .• .... ;..,•.• The train brought up at Courcolles and steamed away again. ' _ »' "I must get permission to go insiue, I suppose, " continued the old man, still meditating. "If you can," mentally responded Vi- quetre. " Tho malro could not give it, I suppose, or I know I could persuade him. Why will the government put such barriers^in the way of knowledge? A novelist of repute should be allowed to roam at will. His profession demands it. All information is necessary to his work, and ho should have every facility for accumulating it without risk or trouble. If I attempted to gain oven a most superficial acquaintance with the ; intornal construction of Fort d'lvry, I should be arrested on suspicion of being a-spy." Viquetro opened his eyes and stared wonderingly at the old man in tho corner. Had- he,' after all, made a huge mistakes Was this shabby veteran a novelist of repute merely anxious to lay the scene of a comic novel of Fort d'lvry? But almost immediately Viquetre's cunning— which ho had adopted with his profession — came to his aid. "Ho is not ignorant of my presence, as he assumes to be, " he thought quickly. He even suspects my business and is doing his' utmost to throw mo off the scent, Bieri! 1 Lot him try! He has met a dog with a very keen soont for his professional age.' 1 '" • "Ah, well," muttered tho old man resignedly. "I suppose I shall have to present 'myself at the Ministero de la Guerre ' and persuade them to give me a pass to the fort. It's a lot of trouble that ought novel to be imposed upon a busy novelist, and I shall make it my business to tell them so, " Viquetro chuckled silently. The train stopped at Porte-Maillot a9 the old man ceased speaking, and he rose to leave the compartment. Viquetre hesitated. He could not arrest his companion then without grave risk of failing to prove his charge. , Ho decided to follow Mm, and as he rose to do so bis eye caught a pape? on the opposite seat of the carriage where bis fellow traveler bad been sitting, He made a dash for it, and as be alighted unfolded it and recognized it at ortoe as fca Revue IlVustree des Belles litres, Tbere was a life elsse portrait on the front MMonPleu!"be exclaimed as he stood on tho platform staring at It. "It is a WkQ' ness of tbe old maul He }s a novelist. &f> er all, He te M. Honore St. Jacques!" And be rea4, the jwne under tbe piotur that- " ea ? njr business lies a »pwl»lty a genera} er's Su ear 0. gn Engineer's W HO HANGS J4)s§ Carrie ManJey is visiting in Qer- mania, at the hone Q{ Pr< Fry& A party of fifteen young people from Portland went to Clear kake Sunday to hew Bey. Taj wag 6 pveasli. AH were very much pleased with the YOUR PAPER? PQES YQUB i'AJJTFWG? "Why, S- C. TUTTbR of cgujrse," , beaded "Qwr „, , , , or* m I ami" «$9liftU»e4 flfcs fete? tbis WASTED SALESMEN. July S.-s-Mr, and Fr,e4 H.«gft were wade yery happy , Why? now TOQ»aiB9 no'doubti that the mself Bwm 8t, *»* jeproigsioo to inspect d,' jYjry ftn4 Qfeer redQufets, was M4 a spy, »n(j tbftt the pjtos tfi abstract 8?e BQW at the jaejpy 9f , or pounto'B dlptamftcy. fbe *Qgu.o. '

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