Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1966 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1966
Page 15
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. • f Out with the Old —• In with the New DEAR ABBY: My husband is a saver! He saves old rnag- azines, newspapers, sports equipment, clothes, and all kinds of worthless junk. ,Our basement is loaded with it arid ^so is' our guost room. J am at my wits end. If I so much as" ask him -when he is going to get around to sorting that stuff, he blows up. A ye&r'ago ;his aunt died, and she never threw anything away either, so he had all her junk sent over here, arid we have it in bur garage. Don't tell me to send him to, a psychiatrist. YOU should be so crazy. SICK OF JUNK DEAR SICK: Your husband is a pack rat. This is fine if you have the storage space for if and it isn't a fire hazard, but that's rarely trie case. Give the old hoarder one week in which to clean-.house; and tell him if he doesn't do it, you'll call the Salvation Army, Good Will, or some church auxiliary to pick up the junk and put it to good use. Then do it. DEAR .ABBY; Recently we were invited to a wedding. For a gift we sent a sterling silver Candle snuffer. I just received a note frohi the bride, thanking us for the "darling little gravy dipper!" , • I was stunned when I read it. Should I call the bride and tell her? I'm sure she'd be very much embarrassed if she had guests for dinner and used a candle, snuffer for a gravy ladle. . • •; STUNNED DEAR STUNNED: If you really fear that she will use the candle snuffer as a gravy ladle, call her and tell her nicely. DEAR ABBY: I am 1-7 and am planning my wedding for next spring. My fiance and I both wanted a large wedding. The problem is his new stepmother. After his mom died his dad remarried. We were all real happy until we met her. She never combs her hair, refuses to wear her false teeth, and she is a mess in general. I would be embarrassed to death to have this woman in front of all my friends. My fiance doesn't care for her at all. Abby, are we going to have to'let all .our plans go up in smoke and have a small wedding because of this woman? We would appreciate your advice. DISAPPOINTED DEAR DISAPPOINTED: It is unfortunate that your future mother-in-law isn't more presentable, but she IS married to •W$,£-S&.«;&.$;<£.%^$^^ I your fiiHceVfathif, iHl) VWJ ean'» hhte li*r Id I cfdiet, Proceed wifh youf of fglnftt wtddiftf plant, .»;,•*; Perhap* hef'hu»b«nd can pariuad* Her to gel a h«if-dd put her teeth in, arid »proce up a bit for the oetMicn. In any case, it is YOUR day, and this Wdman will not b« a* con- spieuoos as you imagine. " ' . " CONFIDENTIAL TO "THINKIN6 IT OViR": ¥«s, two can live a» cheaply aft on*—if they both have -good jobs. How has the world been treating you? Unload your pfofc lems on Dear Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. ( 90069. For a personal, unpublished reply, inclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. For Abby'i booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send $1,00 to Afaby, Box 69700, Los Angelea, Cal., 90069. EXPERT PRINTING AT THE ADVANCE i ii • .1 ii '] } BRIGHTEN HER EYES ON CHRISTMAS MORNING WITH A NEW CALOR|C GAS RANGE . ./. MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. 'STOP, SEE US THIS WEEK-!! Plenty Room for Big Baking, Broiling... Gas! school planned here Friday The public in Kossuth and nearby counties is invited to attend an all day Weed, Insect and Diseiase School at the V. F. W. hall in Algona Friday,. Dec. 9, announces Galen DeValois, County Extension. Director. The meeting, of interest to all who produce corn and soybeans, be^ gins with free coffee from 9:00 to 9:30 a.Qi. and the prog/ram continues until 3:15 p.m. The popular and well qualified speakers from, Iowa State University include Dr. "Dutch" Sylvester, Weed Specialist; Dr. "Tiny" Gunderson, Insect Specialist and Dr. Bob Lambe, Plant Disease Specialist. Since the popular team is not booked at most nearby counties, Kossuth county gives a special invitation for others to aittend. Bring your questions and a carload to Algona oh" Friday] There will be plenty of room ait his free meeting. WIN PAID HOLIDAY Mr. and Mrs. Roger Muth, Wesley area Vigortone dealer, have won an all-expense paid holiday at Cedar Rapids Jan. 13-14 from the Vigortone Products Inc. The 260 dealers won the trip by making their assigned quota in the contest. GOUNCII, MINUTES COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met In Special session-Nov. 16, 1966 with Mayor Finn, and the 'following- council members present: Muckey, Andreasen,. Elbert, Cook, Miller The purpose of this Special meeting was to study the bids filed for an .end loader for the street Depart ment and to come to a;decision on purchase of same. Moved and seconded that all bids be rejected .'and presently owned loader.be overhauled and repaired. Motion did not receive; affirmative vote and was voted Resolution was adopted authorizing the purchase of Case W8 Diesel. Bid price — $17,597.00. Trade-in allowance — $10,147.00:, Net bid — $7,450.00. Moved and seconded the meeting ad- la. State 6k., Wholding Stote Comm., Wholding .. IPERS, Interest .. ^. City Ciefk,-Adv. .Cash ----Directory Serv., Maps .-W. Finn. Expenses Herbst Ins., - Premium *--- vtasoh Cy., B. P., Tape -^ -JW Bell, Telephone D. Smith, Mileage _._.,..' STREET iurris, Salary . .. Surtis, Salary : rambach, Salary Helmers, Salary -ashbrook, Salary D ergande, Salary ' iifert, Salary Wibben, Salary ___-. la. State Bk., Wholding State Comm., Wholding Chemco Co., Supplies » City Clerk, Adv. Cash Cowan's Labor & Cone. j.± K&W Service, Supplies N. .Central, Gas NW Bell, Telephone -. UBC Inc., Supplies , Zep Mfg., Supplies ftOAD USE TAX H. M. Browh, Supplies .. R. Deal, Gravel Gambles, Battery .... Gibbs-Cook, Repairs Kossuth Co. Treas., Gravel _. L. Laing, Repairs Sonkey Sand, Asphalt .. PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary Bulten, Salary journed. , Day, Salary ________________ Hutchison, Salary ______ : ____ Jorgenson, Salary ________ __ Thompson, Salary __ Elbert, Salary ____ ......... '_ Voigt, Salary Willey, Salary ley, St SANITATION . D. A. Smith,' City Clerk. COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in regular session Nov. 30, 1966, with Mayor Finn and the following council members present: Muckey, • Andreasen, Elbert, Cook, Miller and Peirce. . Minutes of last meetings were approved. Authorized the City Clerk to send out bids to -supply the city with gas and diesel oil for. the year 1967. • . ., Authorized H. Smith of .Wallace Holland Gastler 8, Schmidts, Engr. firm from Mason City, la., to- meet with the council in January concerning curbjg. gutter project, sanitary and storm ' sewer projects for 1967. .-.•-. ' Resolution authorizing a partial release of .easement was adopted. Moved 'and seconded the . meeting adjourned. D. A:' Smith, City Clerk. GENERAL V Finn, Salary ____ --- ..... — .$ 123.45 '_ 248.23 120.39 50.37 , _______ la. State Bk., Wholding ____ State Comm., Wholding --. ___ Trust & Agency, Pension ____ Tom's TV, Batteries City Clerk, Adv. Cash ..'." NW Bell, Telephone ........ Algona Fire Dept., Services ___ „ . Gade, Salary Courtney, Salary _____ ...... la. State Bk., Wholding . Cowan's, Concrete .. City Clerk, Adv. Cash t " Humboldt Cone., Tile ...I..I Midwest Culvert, Supplies K&W Service, Oil ____ Laing Plbg., Service _________ No. Central, Gas '_ UBC Inc., Repai ' ..... , Smith, Salary _ Sands, Salary State- Printing, Book ____ SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary Lemkee, Salary • ___________ Sec. State Bk., Interest Drovers Natl. Bk.. Interest -la. State Bk., Wholding .. State Comm.; Wholding City Clerk, Adv. Cash NW Bell, Telephone ...... RECREATION Boldridge, Salary la. State Bk., Wholding "III State Comm., Wholding •_ Laing's Plbg., Service .. DEBT SERVICE la. State Bk., Bonds Sec. State Bk., Interest la. State Bk., .Interest la. State Bk., Interest _ Sec. State Bk., Interest Groen, Salary . PARKING METER" - 66.66 .6.61 33.21 • 11.25 25.00 15.00 115.96 3.25 27.69 25.00 174.29 1S1.70 154.06 142.54 4V.89 196.27 147.91 137.63 77.80 10.82 31.58 4.25 461.12 61.69 18.51 13,31 1.32 25.57 43.29 320.40 18,41 292.64 502.20 7.50 286.65 347.41 267.26 176.55 252.90 280.05 136.51 47.90 249.26 I5.UO 209.80 35.56 20.45 5.00 10.41 22.48 293.00 93.15 103.38 1.00 9.90 8.25 219.56 173.85 14.35 5.85 7.65. 6.93 -150.84 213.06 22,50 a 67.50 18.70 3.76 .85 13.06 139.50 10.10 2.09 3.50 2,000.00 93.75 108.50 46.50 22.50 315.98 sjauholz, Salary --^.-i-. Id.,; State Bk., Wholding State C6frirti. ( Whdldlhg . Tfust & Agency,'.Pehsion 30.S6 * Bfowfi Sufibly, Posts ....^'.> i 200.06! 56.801 Published in the Algeria Kossuth 8.52 GouMy Advance. AigorvS, Iowa, 3.741 December 8, 196o. I -- TO CHARLIE'S SUPPER CLUB IN ALOONA V IDEAL FOR BU&NESSMEN, CONTRACTORS, PROFESSIONAL MfiN AND'MANV OTHERS . See Chuck McVay For Full Detail* This Week Traveling fo> - -,- - st. PAUL? MINNEAPOLIS? 'STAY IN JHE MIDWAY Ih* "Twin Cilitt MM* limns motor Hotel MOTOR LODGE TAKE YOUR PICK 2 FAMOUS RESTAURANTS AND COCKTAIL LOUNGES-MR,JOE'S intt INN OFTME BLACK KNIGHT* 2 SWIMMINO POOLS-Iridow Muted Pool/Llrfi Outdoor Pool Mid Pitlo • 230 LUXURIOUS BUEST ROOMS AND SUITES-MI Ajr-Condltlonid • Rrito A TV; tHi PiPItrt IOCAIION FREE: UK COUPON K» rOUOWIM M. PMf* IS'WmtM te luJMMtlMui' 'M SMtap • -1 MMf SfcMBtfH CMVtof •• nnti Hnn 50 *J*£M MMNjIljMlM MIMfWil* M M. Hitfcal Cwrtn tot HM0M, State* ' - StngTes~$9.75. ChlMrM Doublej-$l2.75 I Undir 14 Tw!ns-,J14.75 I FREE 10 MEETING and BANQUET ROOM! U iccommodtto froupi up to 500. Hit) Mi-mi MMf MK M|i-|lll) <4M1II MM SMi CMlMiitf Ottic* MM**. r»rt* Ml Cwmt MIDWAY LODQCS CUtST 197S UNIVEMSITV AVENUE ST. rAUL. MINNESOTA SUM . Gtnlltmm: PIMM *tnd tk« f*lliMta(t fl MlflWif MfMC LMf9 BfMMH) [—J TNilW ' MMOC IMWI MvCMBv Q Informitlon M tttnft tt * Mrf •M hi tt» T«ta GIUN Hunt State »» .urn i SERVICEMEN Roaer D. Neuman FT. LEONARD WOOD, MO. (AHTNC)—Army Private Roger D, .NftuiJivW,,2.3,-)S,pn Qf,, Mr., i and. Mrs. Frank J. Neuman, Lakota, completed training as a combat engineer Dec. 2 at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. During his training, he received instruction in combat squad tactics, use of infanr try weapons and engineer re^ connaissance. He also was trained in the techniques of road mcl bridge building, camou- lage and demolitions. For that unusual gift - - browse through our "Gift Nook" at the rear of the store - - lots of ideas for that special present 6AS RANGE Huge 25" x 20" oven has Cook and Keep-Warm system. Easily handles kingly roasts, the grandest turkeys, your biggest casseroles. Simply dial cooking] time and temperature. When food's done, overt automatically lowers to holding temperature, keepsj meals serving-perfect for hours. Special low 140* degree heat ideal for warm-ups and thawing frozen foods, too. Same oven compartment has 80% larger broiling pan. Takes 25 hamburgers, 20 lamb chops, 4 half chickens, four 1%-pound steaks. Enjoy speedier, tastier Ultra-Ray broiling. Exclusive design infra-red broiler burner*, guaranteed for life, aims intense cooking heat that gives delicious char-broil flavor, reduces spatter, makes clean-ups fast, easy. Broiler is ideally located, waist-high. . New Caloric 75 brings gas cooking to peak perfection. £-je how many ways—now! -, 'U.S. Patent 3,122,197 Thermogas Co. of Algona 995-2841 S. Phillips St. Algona : Michael L. Zittritsch Michael L. Zittritsoh, 315 North Hall Street, Algona, has mlisted in the United States Navy, Mason City, far a period of four years, He is presently undergoing recruit training at ;he Naval Training Center, Sam Diego, Calif. Upon completion of this training he will be granted fourteen days leave before reporting to his next dufy station. Terrance J. Weir Terrance J. Weir, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weir of Wesley, has enlisted in the U. S. Navy Mason City, for a period of four years. He is presently undergoing recruit training at the Naval Training Center, San Diego, Calif. Upon completion of this training he will be granted fourteen d'ays leave before reporting to his next duty station. Livermore Presbyterian Rev, Ralph HMm** Livermoro Wednesday, Dec. 7 2:00 p.m. — The United Presbyterian Women will meet with Mrs. John Hosford. Mrs. Lawrence Fredrick will present the lesson. Saturday, Dec 10 10:00 a.m. — Catechism Class will meet at the church Sunday, Dec. 11 9:45 a.m. — Morning Worship. 10:45 a.m. — Church School. LuVerne Evangelical United Brethren Rev. Ralph S. Hindman LuVern* Sunday, Dec. 11 10:00 a.m. — Church School. 11:00 a.m. — Morning Worship. Wednesday, Dec. 14 7:30 p.m. — The Local Con ference will meet at the church Thursday, Dec. 15 7:30 p.m. — The Comrade will meet at the church and the Golden Age Class will be guests A film will be shown on the life of Albert Schweitzer. — HALLMARK — fl«*&^^^<^<^^^^ » ! ••i. ALL YOUR BRAND NAMES HERE . . Chanel No. 5 Revlon , Christian Dior Helena Rubenstein Shulton My Sin Cara Nome Lentheric Carven Dana j^*m$^^*&.&*^^ G Stickers Q Ribbons Q Paper Q Decorations • WE ALSO HAVE A FINE SELECTION OF TABLE DECORATIONS/NAPKINS, TALLIES, ETC. • CHRISTMAS LIGHTS (INDOOR & OUTDOOR) • CHRISTMAS ICICLES Reg. 49c each 4 BOXES $1 " "GIFTS FOR MOM • Decorator Candles • LP Record Albums • Universal Hair Dryers 25% OFF — BUY TODAY! • Universal Steam & Dry Irons REG. $11.95 — NOW $6.95 S<Etfrti^'*S<)^(^'<^<W&i'^<^(^wf&i^il?toW?&W^ INDOOR AND OUTDOOR CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS! "Buy HALLMARK when you care enough to give the very best" Select your single or boxed Christmas Card* now from our big collection of famous HALLMARK CARDS the card known the world over for its quality. GIVE RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES FOR THE VERY BEST • - EXCLUSIVELY AT ,, , . HHP MRP ^^Bi^ PUP ^m ^^f£r wtfffi^ mm mis ^^Bdp^ ^IK^^ ^^RP w "YQUR REXALL GIFT STORE IN ALGONA"

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