The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1895
Page 5
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THE KEPtTBUCAN, AlGtWA WVfA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 1895. i Should Say So. IF YOU WANT THEM YOU WILL ,BUY OP. OPINION BUILDS THE STOKE. Without tho good opinion of Its patrohs no business housu can expect to sdeeeed. The opinion pteValls among our customers that we always lead in the important matters of low price nnd high value, From how until July 4th we will further mould the public opinion to the fact that at the NEW EKOI/ANI) you get tho gfbods as advertised and values areas represented. DURPALL & CO. LOCAL MENTIONS, The new Hag staff on the courthouse is a beauty. Bev. Davidson was sick and unable to fill his pulpit on Sunday. There has been some good in road grading done near the fair grounds. Wednesday, July 31, will be the date of holding the democratic county convention. . r There will be three fine bands in Algona tomorrow. We shall have good music and lots of it. Hey wood's Celebrities at Call's Opera House next Monday evening, July 8th. Secure seats early. The farmers should stay in town for the evening exhibition tomorrow night. It will be worth while. Some cases of distemper among horses are reported. Are we to have another epizootic scourge? Harvey Ingham has wisely begun ; to build, and his residence will be just west of the Methodist church. ' J. B. Winkel has sold one of his fine Jersey cows to Landlord Tennant. The price was good and round. • "Sportsmen's Game," Hudson & Schu's new 5-cent cigar, is "all the rage" amongst smokers just now. The purchase price of the Lewis H. Smith lot, bought by Ambrose A. Call was 82,500. Pretty stiff for the bare lot. . Hamilton's wood should have been offered for sale at $1.50 per cord in last week's REPUBLICAN, instead of 50 cents. G. B ; Bookman, the West Bend newspaper many real estate ^man, and politician, attended bur county con vention yesterday. . The finishing work is being done on Heise's Postoffice Block. A very substantial plank walk walk was thought to be a necessity. The Swea City Herald is posted. It says: Algona will put on her store clothes and have the biggest celebration out, the Fourth. There is a great growth of mustard about town this summer. It should fee harvested right away to prevent exten-- sive seeding. Weisenberg Bros, have bought two lots opposite the Butherford House, and it is understood that they will erect a brick store thereon. People who approach the woods these summer days note a sweet fragrance which reminds them of honey. The basswood trees are in full bloom. The Wesley Reporter tells of the arrival of Dr. J. W. Kenney from from Canada, where he went on a visit recently. He brought home a bride.. The Elmore Eye says that O. M. Sloat is farming on a large scale. He has in 400 acres of flax, all of which has been broke and put in this spring. , It is expected that Wm. Whitfield, of Clear Lake, and formerly pastdr of the M. E, church here, will preach to his old parishioners on Sunday next. The parade tomorrow morning will be a very fine affair, It will represent a great deal of hard work, and hard work well put in, Everybody shoujd see it. The work of excavation for the ne, w four-front brick is going on at a brisk pace, and the work of rebuilding the fOHBdations will begin Friday, it is understood. There was a wedding at Nick Hu>; bard's, in Germania, last week, Wm, Thaves, of that neighborhood, and M^sV Anna Weis being the parties to the al'-' liance, Silas Wilcox was in Aigona Thurs' 5 day and visited bis old home atFenton? aleo, He report? that the Fenton cok ony »t Buthven is in a flourishing QQn>". dition, - " * A float which will attract p m,u$i notice as anything in the parade to*- raprrow wili be that o£ the G-, A. B*. The big brass cannon and several stands of arms will be in the exhibit, {i We shall not be surprised if some •other people are surprised when they, see sojne of the displays that will pels, the parade tomorrow marwIng. A ' ~ w --enterprise will sbgw up in The people who come in to the celebration tomorrow will find our potato patches in fine shape. They are not only nice, thrifty potatoes,, but there are no weeds between the rows. Algona points with ptide to her potato crop. ; The mean temperature for the month of June, as reported by C. D. Pettiboue, the official observer, waa 68.5, the maximum being 93 and the minimum 40 degrees. , The rainfall was 4.83 inches. There were 16,clear days, 12 partly cloudy and 2 cloudy. Elmore Eye: Mrs. J. T. Wolfe left today for a" Visit with her parents near Algona. 'She will be absent until.after the 4th of July, when her sister Miss Anna will return with her to take a position as b6ok-keeper arid stenographer in the office .of g. 0. Moore Some recent • illustrations of good taste in the application of paint to hpuses will be noted by our visitors to- tomorrow. W. K.; Ferguson's residence will be the admiration of all who see it, and so. will C. M. Doxsee's. There are numerous others. iSupt. Hughes, of the Northwestern, has'written to Manager Blossom, of the Opera House, saying that the train for the north will probably not reach Algona on the night of the 4th before 9:30 or 10 p. m., and that it will be held here until the play is over at the Opera House. . The rector of the Episcopal church announced Sunday evening that the usual Sunday evening services will -be discontinued during the months of July and August. The morning services will be held as usual. On the same occasion Rector Leslie paid a very fitting tribute to the memory of the, late Mrs. Mclntyre; •-'•''' ^- ;> fe- T -> : ^ : -. yj < -,.,.; .:;-. • •• Hudson & Schu are making, some remarkably good cigars at the Algona Cigar Factory. Their leading five-cent cigar, "Sportsmen's Game," is smoked almost universally by Algona smokers, and is sold by all of our dealers. They have orders for more cigars than they can make and have recently added two more men to their working force. D. T. Smith, agent for the United States Express company, has received from the headquarters an express and railway guide, which is the most complete, ingenious and convenient thing that has been devised. He hopes to have a lot of the books, before long for distribution among the patrons of the company. The Algona District conference will be held in Emmetsburg July 17 and 18. Aihong those present from outside the district Will be Dr. Fiemming, of Cedar Rapids, Mrs. M. E; Roberts of Lincoln, Neb., and Miss Lydia Trimble, of China, who is now. en joying a rest in. this country. It is expected that a large delegation of clergymen will be in attendance. , . • " There is'likely .to be a large increase of the number of students that Algona will send to the Minnesota University the coming year. Among those, who have decided to go or who are seriously considering the proposition are Will Galbraith, Howard; Wallace, Edith Walker, Claude Nicoulin, David, J)or- moy and Harry Moore. The Divided skirt has made its appearance in Algona, Several cases are reported. What are we going to do about itf Well, we have not decided. The feminine bicyclers are.being terrorized by 1 stories of ladies getting then: dress- es'tangled" and twisted up in' their Wheels. 'Up at Minneapolis, they tell, a Jady had, her, dress s,o.woun4 • around gnd around in, her wheel that she bad. Uvbe cut away by'inches,'or the' dress did, Henry Durant, who is one of our. advanced scientists) and who keeps in ciqse touch with- astronomical .oiscPYr ery in particular, is figuring Pn pm> chasing a high power telescope for in" ' survey of the heavens, The _>?& wpuW.'lifce tP suggest a or, course of Jectureg, frpnj M,r. ,before,.the, Soqjal U#wn or __. .jher-local literary club, when the hpt,weather-is over. ; The following from the Minneapolis Journal reminds us of a former Algona * ?y; Stilwan 0. Moore and sister en* rf.ninorl u nnmT»a.n*7 nf yOttllEf P6Qpl6 ftt tb,0fr llQPW) , M,' j? Me$ajj; of AJgpna, Jpwa, has bep 8p§n,d.iog a few was fuel for the burning. This is the grea thing in this kind of farming. The people from Whittemore wh come to Algona tomorrow need no bring their dinners with them. Then will be Do poison in the Algona yict vials. To guard against any suspiciot that Algona will be so inconsistent a to celebrate American independenci by the use of Paris green, a foreigi importation, the dinners have been placed in Charge of the churches. Tin Catholic? and Baptists will serve fim dinners and lots of them. Algona's delegates in yesterday's con vention were: Algona, First Ward—Gardner Cowles .r.W. Wadsworth, 11. B, Warren, F. H Vesper, Geo. Platt. Second VVard—A. D. Clarke, J. R. Jones Frank Dingley, L. K. Garfield, Chas Nolte. Third Ward—J. R. Laird, C. H. Bios som. Fourth Ward —Geo. C. Call, D. H Hutch.ins, Frank Nicoulin, Geo. Hamilton Tynan's balloon ascension and para chute leap Were a great success from the showman's point of view when he made his first trial in Algona severa years ago. He went up to a dizzy height in a perfectly still sky, floated gracefully two blocks north and then dropped near J. B. Winkel's residence He was not even shaken up by his con tact with terra lirma, so gentle was it Parachute leaps, however, do not av crago that way. There is usually some moment of tantalizing uncertainty about what will come next and the nerve of the aeronaut is tried, even when the descent is without accident The Fourth of July committee waited on the board of supervisors at theii June session and secured the privilege of free commons on the court house square for the people of Kossuth on the Fourth. When Matt Holtzbauer heard of it his heart was grieved and he announced his intention of absenting himself on that day. He will probably spend his Fourth in seclusion rather than witness the desecration of the beautiful green sward. Out of consideration for him it is hoped that those who walk on the grass will tread a softly as practicable. Daniel Bice had a runaway while driving into town Saturday afternoon. There were with him Harrison Warner and his son Forrest, the latter driving. The horses became frightened and ran,,and Warner grasped one of the lines and pulled with such vigor that it broke in two, when he went out on a tangent, lighting on the ground without serious accident. The other line then pulled the horses around in a circle and both Bices were thrown out, without much injury, and the two seated open buggy was piled at the side of the road in a demoralized heap. The horses were caught up town. The exciting episode occurred near the McGetchie residence, on Call street. PERSONAL MENTION. Whittemore Champion: Mrs. H. P. Hatch left for Algona Saturday, where she will spend a couple of weeks visiting friends and relatives Mrs. C. B. Paul starts for Missouri this morning to spend a few weeks with her sister. Misses Waters and Campbeir have gone to their homes in Columbia;' Mi"- souri, for the summer vacation. , Mrs. Dr. Bist went to Minnesota, last week, to visit her sister, Mrs. Jessie Huntington. Miss Mabel Stough, of Minneapolis, who has been spending several weeks with Algona friends, will extend her stay until after the Fourth. Miss Pettibone has been retained as teacher of the primary department of the Wesley school for the coming year. Miss Evelyn Dickinson left Saturday ivening for Estherville, where she was ;o appear at a concert at the opera house Monday evening. C. J. Lenander, the'Bancroft banker, same down to see his Algona friends 'or a few hours Thursday afternoon. A. W. Utter, of Emmetsburg, was a visitor in town Friday last. Mr. Utter was formerly in the newspaper field, jut is now making more money in the furniture trade. V. H. Stough, of Minneapolis, was attending to business and visiting old !rieuds in Algona the, last of the week. He reports that his boy is a great and growing institution. Hon. A. D, Clarke went down toDes Moines Thursday afternoon to attend a meeting of the directors of the Bankers' Bank. Bey. A. L. Hudson made a very brief itay in Algona last week. He arrived lere on Wednesday morning and left Thursday afternoon. The BEFunr,!- CAK acknowledges a call. Prof, Frank Slagle is hpme for his summer vacation, Misses Cramer and Gilchrjst visited Wends in Spencer, returning Saturday, £hey left on that day for Laurens, where they will spend their vacation, ,B\ M. Whitman is home this morn- ng from a mail route Jetting trip, He selebrates in Algona. Misses Edith and Mildred Carter are he guests of Mr, and Mrs. W. K-. Ferguson. . J, B. Jones js here from P. es Moines »witness Algona's celebration. In- ndeotaUy be is attending to some business. >jr, an4 Mrs, 'Jas» Patterson are to eaye,, tomorrow, for a trip to the east. The Erjjmetsburg Reporter sayg; Al* gona Bever does things by halves ao4 whenever she undertakes anything it is «nat9^e a success, Jmt »QW she pushing her Fourth of Jujy pejebra* n with, aU oi her aeoiptomed vim and energy a»a it u bpn,a itp ^§ a great wccesp, Among the attractions ill be a big mdwtowl PW$A R i» which Another page of this mpey a. graph jo parvatipn of one man r s exciting ex io dropping from . a j & p&rapbute, If m\l pay ft' before tQwrrow. / , ' Mi^ teaaji'spja<$ iii the public usjc teaebey to hepg. flll^d t Mto . cert wjU be duy, As e$tw§8 Q* the not mm Ite o KUM « -'..''" willb,§;p§41?y ft Ja will i9 HE WANTED A GOOD GIRL He Believed That Advertising Would Pay—Postmaster Appealed to for Earnest and Good German Girl—The Chance Probably Still Open to Applicants. Sioux City Journal: Postmaster Hash has received a letter from a young German farmer, living near Hartly, Iowa, who is anxious to secure a wife. He asks the postmaster to aid him aud encloses a photograph of himself. He is a healthy looking and not bad appearing young man, The letter reads as follows: HARTLEY, O'Brien county, Iowa. Post office box 68. June 13,1895. Dear Frieud Post Master I thought I would set down tonighl; to answer you a letter. Dear Sir I Will Let You Know If you or anyone in the city Knows a Good German Girl From 16 to 20 years of Age one that is Earnest and Good and Want to Get Married, one That Will Work and Can Work I am A Good Lamest Gerrnati Boy 26 years of Age I stay with my Parents In Iowa I am Fanning The Second year we live in Ooceola county 8 miles of Hartley But Hartley was in O'Brien county Iowa. I can Proof that i am Earnest Right here So 1 Thought If I Could Git a Good Girl There are So Many Girls in the World Why coudentl Git 1 maybe some of your Folks Know of a Good Girl one that has A little Money or some land or A Homested 1 that want to Git Married If I would Get no dam- acth on the crop or no Hail then I can Make up 2 hundret Dollars to, maybe that Way 2 good parties Could Go To Gether So we only call some like 70 miles From here to Sioux City that woul d not Cost very much From Here till There nor From There till Here, and the same time I will send My pic- lure A Long with thise Letters 'and Can See it what they Think of me. unKnown friends Be Sure if you write Be Sure write German Henry Walters. My Father bis Henry Walters to but you may Write Young Henry Walters Because I Want to Be Sure To Believe an answer soon MayBe some of 3-irls can write German BeCause I Want to Know How it is to become a iome with a Good Girl And I Hop some of A Girl would send me, a,,pitcher by return Mail. So I hop this letter will be delivered in Sioux City Iowa to any postMaster So I will Close Fore ToNight Remain your Truley Respectfully young German Henry Walters Hartley O'Brien county Iowa Box 68. I will sent 5 cents in Postal Stamps In ;his letter About a Correct Answer an Straight. BEER SEIZURE AT GERMANIA. Sheriff Samson, A. F. Dailey and Melzar Haggard drove to Ledyard Saturday night with a search warrant for liquor. They found nothing there but went on over to Germania, where it seems they don't like the idea of going dry, and especially as it was getting near the Fourth, a supply of liquid enthusiasm was to be expected. The sheriff and his men arrived in Germania in the neighborhood of midnight and at the same time a large wagon, leavily loaded with keg and bottled Deer drove up, conmjg from Blue Sarth, Minn. The sneriff informed the driver that he would take charge of the precious load, as no one could be found at the moment to lay claim to ihe stuff. It was brought to Algona and lodged in a safe place until ordered to be spilled by the court. Mr. Samson has made night raids into the northern part of the county before, and 8 certainly doing all he can to keep /hat Germania saloon closed. Kos- sutu county, without doubt, is kept as clear of saloons as any county in the state, and our officers are to be commended, VI ' ' —_______ NEWS OF THE COUNCIL. City Dads Meet Saturday Night and ' Transact Business—Bills Paid. AI,GK>NA, IOWA, June 29,1895.—The Ity council met in regular session, Mayor Haggard in the chair. Mem- 3ers present—Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Ferguson, Magnusson, Henderson, Nicoulin and Sayers. Ab- nt, none. Minutes of lastregulanneeting read and approved. Moved and seconded that the fol- owing bills audited and approved by be finance committee, be allowed and warrants drawn for the same: Vlollne Pump Go,, supplies,,, $3800 A, Y, McDonald & Morrison M'f'g Co,, supplies ,..,,, , , 113 .'. Jj. Koran, salary and cash paid out. 45 73 Vm, Miller, lighting lamps 15 00 . B. Willey, salary and cush paid out,. 40 85 V, E, MftUey, labor , ,,, 3 43 ' W. Young, Prayage 80 , i, Hall, labor... 300 :oy Carpenter, labor 8 00 .iberO noterson. labor'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.',' ',".'.'.'.'.'. o 00 iert JifpJJuyray, iobor , 1 85 [, Stayr, printing ,, 025 \ Henderson, repairing pump,.., % 50 * BW^MepSiringpurop..,,...,.,,,,,, 40 Norwood, repairing pump ,•.,,...«.. 8 00 E. Ei Shyers, cash paid for express,,. . 3 00 istrum'Bros., briQif-,.., 1 25 ^ ^Jjyvv B'y °°" & QPtet S% pul 5 p 4n^g *5 ^ i},})! fipl^arren, printing, 1300 - & Campbell, ulaoif smitliing 3 10 T, Brown, police,,,...,..,....,,,.. 4 50 jjie. oosU paid for buckets.. , 85 apply Co.]supplies., , 10967 Purvis bo permitted to use half of the adjacent street in erecting their brick buildings, provided they assume all responsibility and liability for clam- ages on account thereof. Carried. Mover! and seconded that the Western Telephone Company be allowed to build its line into the city under the direction and supervision of the street and alley committee. Carried. Mover! and seconded that the council adjourn. Carried. ClLVS. A. COHENOUK, City Clerk. SAWED IN TWO, Was It Accidental?—A Buzz Saw Does Its Work. Last Saturday at J. A. Hamilton & Co.'s yard, about fifty cords of dry hard and soft wood were sawed up. It is the finest summer wood out and costs but $1.50 per cord, delivered to any part of the city. Order what you want at once as it will not last long. J. A. HAMILTON & Co. Infants' mull caps at Setchell & Setchell'B. Get prices on binding twine at The Wigwam. A. M. & G. M. Johnson have just got in another line lot of two-seated surreys. Come early and make your choice. an' ylt further on. whoro *s of hay: "ITS GOOD ENOUGt-1 FOR Ml " "* 1 fni, upon the /.\g--/.np fence awhile Sanaiiy morn An' looked about across my ftelil of fustlln',' dew-touchort corn; 1 looked upon tho brmvsin' shoeb *lthln the pastnr' green, The cattle an' the horses-sleek n.s nny that, is seen; An'further on. upon the shocks or whefl-t 'at spread away; An'further an 1 " " my mows c _, . An' Jookln' on this scenery I'd . say, you s,ec. Ag-ln the way the World is i-nn--it's good enough for me! I sat upon my gallery steps hist Sunday evo. I did, As down behind th9 western hills thp ««n, all sleepy, slid. The honeysuckles,' fragrance was sweet as any (lowers That ever gleamed nil red and rare about the Eden bo wot 9; An' over, nt the burn the p-Srt was milkln'~of the cows. While katydids sent up their songs from shrubs around tho house; An lookin' on this scenery, I'd naught to A pi enough for me! say. vou see. n the wa " nong-h - WHIT. Hale, in Memphis Appeal. .lie way the world is run—it's ifo FOUETH OF JULY NOTlOE- I have several good stalls for the accommodation of teams, one block west of the North-westerrrstoclt yards. 39-40 JIM STACY. It will pay you to buy wall paper at Studley'a P'harmacy. The Opera House Grocery still ainiri- tains its reputation for nice; butter. Buy your binding twine at The Wig•• am. Is an important tool in every man's pocket. We believe we have the finest line of Knives and Scissors ever brought to Kossuth County. To give every man and boy an opportunity to * carry a good knife, we will offer FOR 30 DAYS ONLY our regular 60 cent knife This is A FULLY WARRANTED KNIFE and you can return it if it is too hard or too soft or breaks through any flaw and get, '•'' : -•' . ., , ^ ••••••" "" " ,..---,•«.,,.,.,-,,.,,..c^ Blfii ,^ a new one in its place. WE HAVE KNIVES FOR 5,10, 20, and 25 cts, Our Scissors are Warranted to Cut. -® C, M. DOXSEE, Hardware. If in Need of mi s o Call and see what we carry in the . a Our aim is tp please, and in doing so we ^ mrm Dijom Carry IttJ^ DJbSi. •* . LANGDON & HUDSON, Here We Are! i.'ii 0 ; 'J \VJTH A , .j.j,: •y Fresh Line, of Grocerji 900D8, DBIED WBHAV8,JVei>BECWV»D A v ; !lf A *WMS-; a* $mj»m JBWw $% >^WB •^ ijEEMEKfr. fiaft A»l;l?Mfty|»^ Wff| ;> ^ ASJS""'" lySffiiiiiiiSs^lW^^^^

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