The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 16, 1966 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1966
Page 9
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Youth Gives Account Of i°« n 6 «« m « B of _ . __ ... .. Bancroft Gets Trip To Washington scholarship BY ERVIN ROOT I happen to be one of 83 high school juniors from Iowa selected by Rural Electric Coop to go to the nation's capitol this past week. We 83 from Iowa, along with more than 800 youths from 22 states, spent the week seeing sights, meeting congressmen and generally having a good time. We gathered at the DesMoines airport and after orientation boarded a chartered United aircraft at 11:30 a. m. and landed at the Washington International airport at about 2:30 p. m., Iowa time. We stayed the entire week at the huge Marriott Motor Hotel, which housed most of the 800. Monday eyening was reserved for a congressional dinner at the motel's luxurious Chesapeake Room. Iowa's senators and congressmen spoke briefly. Tuesday was the first full day of touring. First we toured the Capitol building, where we were able to enter the floor of the House of Representatives, something the ordinary viewing public is never allowed to do. After tours of the Supreme Court building and the Library of Congress, we had lunch in. the new Sam Rayburn building. The afternoon was spent viewing the House and Senate in action. The Iowa group met for an hour with Senator Jack Miller as he spoke about government and answered questions. After dinner at the new Smithsonian building, we spent an inspiring hour viewing the Marine Drum and Bugle Corp., and the Marine Silent Drill Team as they performed their weekly tribute ^in front of the Iwo Jima memorial to America's fighting dead. Early Wednesday we toured the White House and then returned to the motel for a Youth Day program. The program was started and cut short when it was learned that the President would meet with us on the White House lawn. We were taken by bus and motorcycle police escort to the White House where the President addressed us on the value and future of Electric Coops. I was one of few able to get close enough to shake the hand of the President and his daughter, Luci. The evening was reserved for an All-States banquet and shindig. The shindig was complete with two top bands. First thing Thursday we visited Arlington Cemetery with the changing of the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Presi- dent Kennedy's grave. After touring the U.S.D..\. building and lunch, we paid a visit to the National Cathedral, sixth largest in the world. The evening was spent on the Potomac with live music providing entertainment throughout the cruise. Friday morning was spent at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, where we saw stamps and currency being printed. Lunch followed a tour of Mt. Vernon and the afternoon was spent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Friday evening we were guests at an Iowa dinner and farewell party in the Chesapeake Room of the motel. Saturday morning we boarded an airplane for the return trip to Iowa. Those of us on the trip are grateful for the opportunity to see so much in such a short time and will'remember the sights and the many new friends made from around Iowa and the nation as well. Ervin Root Cylinder, Iowa (Sponsored by D. E. K.) Bancroft Sailor On Ship In Gemini Recovery BANCROFT - Seaman Apprentice David P. Nemmers, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nemmers of Bancroft, was a member of the Pacific recovery force aboard the fleet oiler USS Hassayampa, a unit of Task Force 130, in the western Pacific. The Pacific recovery force was on station in the event the Project Gemini 9 space mission terminated in that area, though splashdown was scheduled in the Atlantic. When the mission was completed, his ship returned to her normal duties of providing fuel for the combatant ships of the Seventh Fleet in the South China Sea. I SENECA | Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bergum -drove ' to -;Great -Lake§fNayi);; Training Station at Chicago Mon-' day, to bring their son, James, home for a two-weeks leave. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Patterson of rural Ringsted were Wednesday evening visitors at the Alfred Pattersons. BANCROFT - Miss Joan Geesman of Bancroft, a 1966 graduate of Swea City high school, was recently named one of 145 new students who will receive scholarships for the 1966-67 academic year at the Iowa State University at Ames. She also received an Educational Opportunity Grant, established under the federal higher education act of 1965. This grant may be used as a supplement to her previous award. Miss Geesman is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Geesman of Bancroft. She will be a freshman student in biology and science. Grandson Of Offosen Lady Crash Victim OTTOSEN - Donald Johnson, 19, grandson of Mrs. AnnaPurdy, was killed in an automobile accident Monday night near Lanesboro. Mrs. Purdy went to Lane s- boro Monday night to be with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Johnson. Others who attended the funeral services Thursday at Lake City were Mr. and Mrs. Merle Halsrud and family, Arlan Jacobson and Harlan Tofteberg. The deceased and his twin sister, Donna, stayed with their grandmother a few years ago and attended Twin Rivers school. Mrs. Anna Purdy went to Colorado with the Ralph Gattons, who also came for the services. - o SERVE DINNER A Mother-Daughter banquet was held at the Presbyterian church June 11 at 6:30 p. m. This is the sixteenth year that Keith Strayer, lay pastor, has served the banquet, aided by men of the church. About sixty were present, including women from the Irvington school. - o - Lenhard Holden is being honored on his 80th birthday with .-an open house at the Ottosen *<* Commercial Club building June 26 from 2 until 5 o'clock. Everyone is invited to attend. Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Movick have moved back to their home after living in the Kelley apartments for several months. A@Westinghouse AIR CONDITIONER will help you beat those sizzling, sticky summer days... and nights! Charles Welter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Welter, ST., received a bachelor of business administration degree from the State University of Iowa at Iowa City June 10. His parents and brother David, Omer and Herman Thorsen attended graduation. He will be employed by the Lennox Co. at Marshalltown. The Bible school students presented a program before church services Sunday at the Lutheran church. Following church, they had an exhibit of their art work. Mrs. Louis Jacobson, A. L. C. W. president, presented each of the Bible school teachers with a book from the A.L.C.W. The teachers were Mrs. Ivan Evenson, Mrs. Charles Welter, Mrs. Robert J. LeMont, Mrs. Richard Kinseth, Linda LeMont and Mrs. Cletis Hundertmark. Presbyterian Bible school students had complete charge of the church services Sunday. After the program they also had a display of their art work. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Usher attended the wedding of Robert Usher and Carol Hild at the First Presbyterian church at La Porte City Saturday. Robert Is a nephew of Donald Usher. Mrs. Loren Daniel and Margaret Holt accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jacobs of Bradgate to Mason City Tuesday night where they attended the graduation of Pamela Espinosa. They were also guests at a reception for her at the Paul Espinosa home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Warnke of Colorado Springs were Sunday visitors at the Mike Frohlings. Mrs. Warnke is Mr. Frohlings sister. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kinseth have purchased the home and acreage on the north edge of Ottosen from his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Kinseth. The Oliver Kinseths purchased the Richard Kinseth home, known as the Schneider house. The families are busy moving now.. Debbie Frohling went to Rangely, Colo. Tuesday to visit a week at the Claude White home. Saturday she attended Karen White's wedding, where she kept the guest book. Edwin Speich is at Vacation Village at Okoboji from Sunday until Wednesday. It is for elevator employees and is sponsored by Felco. Mrs. Conrad Johnson and Mrs. Mike Frohling, along with two teachers who live near Bode, Mrs. LeRoy Selvig and Mrs. Robert Croker, are taking a college course in literature at Ft. Dodge. Burtis Eastman of Moline, HI. and his son, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eastman and Laura of Rock Island, came Sunday to attend the Satern reunion. They returned home Monday and Mrs. Eastman, who had visited attheRoyEnock- sons, returned homer The Southerner Super-High Capacity s 258 85 WITH TRADE This 15,000 BTU is a hard worker for large areas In homes, offices or stores. • It has a slide-out chassis for easy installation and adjustable air jetvanes direct the air where you • Controls let you bring fresh air in and exhaust stale air. (230V) BIG POWER! LOW PRICE! Mobilaire 5000 ONLY The Mobilaire 5000 is perfect for night-time cooling. • It weighs but 59 IDS and can be quickly and easily installed. • Needs no special wiring, either.,. operates on 115 volts /^j^ and 7.5 amps. • Just plug it in • wMpt aw to Ma *»*«•* IOWA ELECTRIC LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that a special election will be held in the Town of Fenton, Iowa on the 19th day of July, 1966, for the purpose of submitting to the legal and qualified electors of said town, to be voted upon by them, the question of whether the following public measure shall be adopted: "Shall the following nonexclusive franchise Ordinance No. 41, passed by the Town Council of Fenton, Iowa, on the 13th day of June, A. D., 1966, be adopted ?'' ORDINANCE NO. 41 FRANCHISE FOR GAS DISTRIBUTION AN ORDINANCE GRANTING UNTO NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO., AN IOWA CORPORATION, WITH ITS PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS AT PERRY, IOWA, ITS SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, THE FRANCHISE AND RIGHT FOR A PERIOD OF TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEARS TO ERECT, CONSTRUCT, RECONSTRUCT, MAINTAIN AND OPERATE A NATURAL AND/OR ARTIFICIAL GAS DISTRIBUTING SYSTEM FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF NATURAL AND/ OR ARTIFICIAL GAS IN THE TOWN OF FENTON, IOWA, CONSISTING OF ALL SUCH EQUIPMENT, MACHINERY, PIPES, FIXTURES, TANKS AND OTHER APPURTENANCES AS MAY BE NECESSARY OR USEFUL FOR SUCH DISTRIBUTING SYSTEM, AND TO USE AND OCCUPY THE STREETS, AVENUES, ALLEYS, BRIDGES AND OTHER PUBLIC PLACES WITH GAS MAINS, PIPES, PIPE LINE CONDUITS AND OTHER NECESSARY OR USEFUL APPLIANCES OR EQUIPMENT FOR THE SALE AND/OR DISTRIBUTION OF SUCH GAS IN AND TO SAID TOWN AND THE INHABITANTS THEREOF, AND OTHERS, AND TO SELL, TRANSMIT AND DISTRIBUTE SUCH GAS TO THE TOWN AND ITS INHABITANTS, OR OTHERS, WITHIN OR WITHOUT THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE TOWN FOR LIGHT, HEAT, POWKR, FUEL, COOKING AND FOR ALL OTHER PURPOSES, AND PRESCRIBING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE GRANT AND THE PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION OF SAME, AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT THEREWITH. WHEREAS, North Cnntrnl Public Service Co. has i otiupstod a franchise to arrnnpp for tlio distribution of natural and/or artificial gas In tlip Town <>f Fr-nton, Iowa and said corporation Is desirous of nrran?,lnR for such distribution of Ras; ami, WHEREAS, It Is defined to be to the best Interest of thp town that arrangements tip made for such distribution of gas and that North Central Public SorvlcoCo. be granted a franchise therefor. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the TownCouncll : Section I. That the Town of Fpnton, Iowa hereby grants unlo NorthCentral Public Service Co., Its successors and assigns, a nonexclusive right and franchise for a period of twenty-five(20) years from and after the date of passage, approval and publication of this ordinance, to erect, construct, reconstruct, maintain and operate within said town a natural and/or artificial gas distributing system, together with all appurtenances, pipes, machinery, tanks and appliances necessary or useful thereto, for thedlstrlbutlonof natural and/or artificial gas for the purpose of selling, distributing and supplying such gas to the town and the Inhabitants thereof, and others, together with the right and franchise to use and occupy the streets, avenues, alleys, bridges and other public places of said town, as now laid out or hereafter extended, with its gas mains, pipes, pipe lines, distributing lines, conduits and other appliances and appurtenances necessary or useful for the purpose of maintaining and operating such gas distributing system within the town and the right and franchise of selling, distributing and supplying said town, and Inhabitants thereof, and others within and without the corporate limits of said town, with such gas for light, heat, fuel, power, cooking and other purposes, subject to the terms and conditions of this ordinance, as herein set forth, and repealing all ordinances in conflict therewith. Section n. Grantee shalj construct, maintain and operate or otherwise provide a modern and adequate natural and/or artificial gas distributing system for the furnishing, sale and/or distribution of such gas in the town as soon as a supply of gas is available, and said system shall have adequate capacity to furnish the reasonable requirements of said town and its inhabitants with gas as may be required to furnish adequate service within the said town. The grantee shall not be required to extend the distribution system for customers until the grantee Is able to obtain sufficient gas for such extension and until the grantee has been assured that it will have such additional customers under contract to use Its product as will assure the grantee a reasonable return on its cost for any such extension of the distribution system. tn.ido ai'.alnst HIP town by reason of m on arr-ouul of <ho con- stiurtlon, inaintfiuiivf or ni>pr- atlon of HIP. plant, dlsirilmtlni: system, and other construction rrcrtod and mnlntalnod under or by virtup of this franchlsp shall defend ,in\ suit brought ,mains! the town or. account thereof at Its sole cost ami i-xpfiiso. anil shouM any Judgment be rendered aRalnst thP town as n result of said suit or suits. HIP KiantPf hereby ;u:roes to pay said juiH;- nipnt, ami the record of HIP Judgment aualnsi said town In such suit shall I'P conclusive evidence to entitle said town to recover the amount thereof from said erantee. Section VI. That If Hie c.tantee falls to perform any of the conditions, requirements, duties or obligations herein provided to be performed by said Krantee, the town may cause to be served upon HIP grantee a written notice In the manner provided for servlm: Original Notices In civil actions, which notice shall specify the particular conditions, duties, obligations, or requirements which It Is clalniPd the c.rantee has failed to perform, and If the grantee shall not perform such conditions, requirement.';, duties or obligations specified I" said Thursday, June 16, 1966 Algeria, (la.) Uppar Das notice within thirty (30) days after the date of HIP servlcp of said notice, upon a proper showIni: made by the town before a court of competent Jurisdiction, the court, at Its discretion, may order or refuse to ordei HIP per- foiinance of such rei|iilrempnts, or may f.rant a forfeiture of all Hie rights of the prantep. Section VII. That all the provisions of this ordinance shall apply to HIP successors and assigns of HIP grantee with HIP samp force and effect as they do the grantee Itself. Section VIII. That all ordinances, or parts of ordinancps, Insofar as they are in direct conflict herewith, ate hereby repealed. Section IX. Tills ordlnance shall take effect UIHJII Its acceptance In wilting b> Hie grantee, filed with tin- Town Clerk within thirty (30) days from Its approval by a majority of HIP electors of the town voting thereon at n general or special election as provided by law. Section X. The t;rantpp shall pay all expenses Incurred In the preparation and publication ofthlsordl- ancp and the jtrnntep shall pay HIP costs Incurred in holding the election to submit this ordinance to the. legal electors for their approval as provided by la*. Section XI. Whenever the term "grantee" Is used herein It shall be taken to mean ami Include North Central Public Service Co., Its successors and assigns. PASSED, ADOPTED AND APPROVED, by the Town Council on the 13th (toy of June, 1868. /S/ W. W. Jolley Mayor, Town of Fnnton, town Attest: /S/ Paul W. Elgle'r Clerk, Town of Fenton, Iowa POLLING PLACE The polling place for snld election shall be at th« Community Center, nnd the polls will be opened nt 8:00 o'clock a. m. of the forenoon nnd will be closed at B:00 o'clock p. m. of the evening of said day. /S/ W. W. Jolloy Mayor of the Town of Fenton, Iowa ATTEST: /S/ Paul W. Elgler Town Clerk Town of Fenton, Iowa (-K3-4B-r>o-r>i) Section m. In order to effect the rights granted hereunder the grantee Is authorized to make all necessary excavations in the streets, avenues, alleys and other lanes and public places of said town, but the same shall be done with the least possible Interference with or inconvenience to the public individuals, or public property; and the grantee shall, In all cases, restore all streets, alleys, and public places, and all pavements and excavations, to their original condition; and in laying mains and pipes, the grantee shall conform to all reasonable regulations prescribed by the town to prevent injury to the pavements, streets, avenues, alleys and public places, and grantee shall not unnecessarily interfere with, injure or change any pavement, water pipes, drains, or sewers of said town, either public or private; and the grantor agrees that- after the grantee's distribution system has been constructed, the grantor will not interfere with the location of said distribution system without reimbursing the grantee for cost of such interference or relocation. Section IV. The grants herein contained are upon the express condition that the grantee shall be liable for all damages caused by the negligence or mismanagement of grantee, its agents or employees, in the construction and maintenance of said distribution system, arid it shall protect aaid town f rorn any and all liability therefrom. Section V. That the grantee, in addition to saving the town harmless from any and all claims which may be [FREE HEARING AID OPEN HOUSE Every hard-of-hearing person is invited to attend a Special Hearing Aid Open House, whether now wearing a hearing aid or not. THURSDAY, JUNE 23 9:00am-5:00vm at the JOHNSON HOUSE MOTEL ALGONA- PHONE M5-2441 FREE ELECTRONIC TESTING. NO OBLIGATION. The world's finest hearing aids, from tiny "all in the ear" to powerfu QUALITONE "behind the ear" models for severe losses. 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