The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1895
Page 3
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THfc HKHJttLICAS', ALGONA 1O\VA, WKDXKSDAV. .ItlLlT 8,1805. „ ,_ .^.—.—- i •ifin'iiiritii'ril^riHn.toJi-.MW.iiniitiipJ".- _.-~-i^*—-~ linlIlliaiiiltriIi'liiiltflt«it11tr*MMMTairtMtaitaiBiiil8ttMBItiiittii 'DftOPFED 1,000 FEET, IT WAS HIS FinSt EXPERIENCE WITH A PARACHUTE. SHAKESPEARE AND VIRGINIA. i ttttttStOIAli * BIJSMS DlWOltf We liave .1 list received a large shipment ot STEP-LADDLRS, j •tetotOtf LADDERS AND COMMON LADDERS, trOlTl 12 to 20 feet idftr fofflethiiig every farmer needs. Light, Strong, Durable Mid Cheat) In price, Come and see them cat Norton's Lumber Yard- Nervous, of CotitBe, bttt Kte Mac! Confidence lu the Sklilfed Aeronaut—ftow 1'hlngs Appear to One Who Is Above the Clouds ami Looking Doxfril. Without chance of oars. All meals served hi rtiii/^ ^S^SS^^^^f^^. without change, with annex sleeping- cars to Los An- 4 a, leaving Chicago daily via THE North-Western Line Variable rout tourist tickets, to. 01111 *?" 1 ^ ^ Jilie health and pleasure resorts ot the south, on sale at VERY LOW RATES. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to Agent. ^CHICAGO & NORTH -WESTERN R'Y, GREAT VALUE. WEEKLY NEWS FOR + + + + + OF THE WORLD LITTLE MONEY. FOR A TRIFLE. iTIBIIEl^- ti twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper, of the United States. It is a National Family Paper, and gives ••11 the general news of the United States. It gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department has no superior in the country. Its "M rket Reports" are recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle," Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics, Its Home and Society columns command the admiration of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorial tind discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTBACT •— **enables us'to offer this splendid journal and THE HEruuMCAN tor ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, CASH IN ADVANCE. [The regular subscription for the two papers is $2.50.] Address SUBSCRIPTIONS HAY IJEGIN" AT ANY TIME! • ALGONA REPUBLICAN. ^F^^^M^^A*™™™^ xrriTPTr ivTjiKTrr.v TRIBUNE will lie mailed to you. a HoJDTHER SOAP DOES ITS WORK SoWEU, ONE TRIAL WILL PROVE THIS . U'. *» made e&. THE INTER OCEAN Most Popular RepuWican Newspaper of the West And Has the, largest Circulation, TERMS MAIL (withowt Sunday) ,,,,,.. PAILY (with. Sunday; „.. M .,,,,.. n .«• >8,oo per Tlie s Weekl^ OceaiL| $j,Jfi Tho great balloon which was to horn? me On my first journey xip into tho azure heights niid from which I was to make my maiden leap with a parachute was txigging at Its moorifigs upon tho hroad Inwn. I confess that it was with some nervousness I took my seat in the littlo car beside Josoph Norcror.s, n skilled aeronaut, who had from dizzy heights made many and many a flight oarthwfifd through the air. Norcross smilingly welcomed me, nnd as he gave tho order to cast loose the lino and tho men on the ground released the great aerial traveler I felt myself afloat in a little boat upon an ether sea. There was tio . sudden jolt or jar about it, KO elovwly wa:? the release effected. Putting my head over the side of tho ear, I looked below and was surprised, for apparently we were not ascending, but tho great world, with all her glory of green and gold, was dropping ffoln us away down Into space. Then I gazed Upward at tho great birdlike balloon soaring triumphantly on. Again 1 looked down, and tho houses and burns seemed to crouch closer to tho ground and the villages to cluster together. Streams nnd lakes at last looked llko mere threads or blots of silver. Wo were fat from the. world. Suddenly wo were in a cold, drizzly rain, and tho earth was shut from view. I inquiringly looked at Norcross. "Wo have entered the clouds," was hi? smiling explanation, "and wo arc not yot a mile high." In flvo minutes wo emerged into beautiful sunshine. Beneath us lay a heavy bank of fog burnished by tho ardent afternoon sunlight, but tho earth for a time was not within sight. Suddenly, through a rift in tho clouds I caught a gllmpso of it far, far bolow. So distant was it that only here and there could an object on its surface be discerned* Truly wo woro getting well up in tho world. Tho thought at onco attracted my serious attention to tho balloon. Suppose it should spring a leak or collapse, what would bo tho fate of tho daring sky travelers, or, on tho other hand, if the valve lino failed to operate, would wo go on upward forever? Tho thought disturbed me not a little. Tho aeronaut surmised what was passing in my mind, smiled gen ially and said: '' I have made a thousand ascensions vm harmed. From what height would you liko to leap?" "Make it about 1,000 feet," I replied determinedly. "All right," Norcross responded as he scanned tho aerometer and promptly pulled open tho valve, preparatory to descending. Placing my hand out over tho side of the car, tho rush of cold air against my downttirncd palm indicated that wo were again swiftly journeying earthward. Soon wo were enveloped in tho fog of tho cloud- bank for a minute or two, and then emerged with tho distant earth in view. Tho glance at it from my perch thoro away up near the clouds only increased my nervousness. "Look up! Look, up," exclaimed the aeronaut, "or you'll loso your norvc." A"glarice downward when descending with tho parachute might, I know, turn my hair white or bring on a stroke of paralysis, as it had done in the oaso of some other mon. "Twenty-five hundred foot to the ground," exclaimed tho smiling Norcross. "Got ready." Ho then bound round my body under tho arms a stout ropo, tho other end of which was secured to tho trapozo bar in my hand, which bar in turn was attached to the parachute that hung at tho bottom of the car. "Leap as far out into the air as possible, and tho tightening of tho trapozo lino will reloaso tho parachute, which will open its IB foot spread in a ,second or two," ho said. "Then all you've got to do is to look up and hang on."' "(Twelve hundred foot!" shouted Norcross. I tightened my grasp on tho trapeze bar, looked steadfastly upward and awaited tho order to leap. It was tho most trying time of my life, but I was determined to make tho jump. "Go!" suddenly exclaimed tho aeronaut. Closing my oycs, I made a groat leap out into space and could fool myself rapidly shooting downward, Then tho trapozo lino tautened with a slight jerk that indicated the roloaso of tho closed, parachute, and I looked up just in time to catch a fleeing glimpso of Noroross' smiling faco peering over tho side of tho car far above mo. But tho parachute did not open, Tho seconds passed into a minute, and thou into throe, four, flvo minutes. Would tho parachute never open? Must I bo dashed to death on tho ground 1,000 foot below? Suddenly there came a sharp click from above, and my speed porceptibly slaokonod. Ah, tho parachute had'opened! My life •was saved! With an intense fooling of sat- 'isfaotion I felt myself deliberately descending, and, looking about, though not directly beneath me, took in tho scenic beauties of my joupnoy on every hand. But thero oamo ovor mo a grave fear. Suppose in my descent I should strike the top of a church steeple or one of tho many chimneys with which that section of the country abounded- Common sense, however, came to my rescue, Finally! mustered courage and looked directly below. The e»?th was approaching rapidly, Tho fences, trees, houses and barns became more a,nd more clearly outlined, and roofs seemed to rise diroptly out of the ground. Horses, oattlo and men roso rapidly from pygmy proportions to thelv normal size, I saw that I would land }n a broad pasture §eld about half a mile from where we haft ascended, and there was, not a chimney, roof or- tree '"•' }QO yards, There was nothing to Colonists at jflfliesto-wn Were the Port's Contemporaries. j The first j-rnnanent English settlement: in Amoritv. was at .Tamostown, Ya., in • 1007. \Villi:-.!:i .Shukesponre died nine >-<>::;••• later, in Hil't. In August, 102j.> ; _ i:r:r'' llavos wuro firr-t introduced into Yh'jrui:-. From 1007 mi tho colonization of Virgin:..! from England proceeded stoadily, and briskly, too. for that ago, it being especially noteworthy that this colonization fairly rr-pre^nt cd all England and war, restricted to any class or sect. Moreover, the England of "that day was Shakespeare's England—tlu! England from which he drow his characters, manners, speech, proverbs, and particularly all those traits find touches that give definite date and locality in his works. They wornS5hakospoare's contemporaries Who came over with Captain John Smith nnd his successors—the very men and women whom ho knew and drew so well, some of thir.i also knowing him, not only as a dramatist and actor, but also personally. Theru is a tradition, not fully verified nor yr-t. wholly discredited, that amors those early colonists was ono of the executors of Shakespeare's will, who lived and died at tVilcricksburg, it being commonly understood nnd accepted that, until C late war, fv;igments of the tombr-tone f-i this executor could still bo seen in an o!-. cemetery ni! that town. From liV'O the African settlement of IV | colony and its English sottloim.'nt proi-ei'ii- cd together, par! passu. Tho negro colonists, of i-'iurso, as slaves and barbarians. were put isv, tho lowest and coarsest hi-bur, and there, working side by side with English Hod}.".', from him they learned sue:; English and English folklore as they acquired. Later Hodge and the negro separated, and it WHS not long before tho latter was practically segregated, Hodge pro- grossing more or loss, with some exceptions, while Sambo, black and a slavo, was rapidly hedged about by strict laws and customs that sot him apart and kept him stationary. To educate him was a crime, but illiterate and barbarous as ho was tho first civilization and education ho received woro English, fresh from the soil of Shakespeare's England, and to this day ho legibly retains Shakespeare's mark as originally impressed upon him. Of course oven in slavery there were froodmcu, house and town servants and a few other uegi-oes from whom this impress was partially removed by their opportunities and associations, and many moro have lost it since emancipation and tho free school hiivo come, but tho mass of rural negroes, with some whites who have been subjected to very similar conditions, still remind ono of tho great dramatist by thoir doings nnd sayings, their proverbs, omens signs and peculiarities of speech. Thej sometimes exhibit an apparent familiaritj with Shakespeare in thoir words am phrases, but they do not know him at al —never heard of him.—Lippiucott's. M. P. ItARGAIJff. «. F. PKKK. HAGGARD £ PEEK, JOKKS & SMITH. /ABSTRACTS,—*sss© EEAL ESTATE and OOLLEOTIOiSm ALQONA, IOWA. A. D. CLARKE & CO. FARM L0.4NS. on Dodge street, Algona. fowa, LOW RAtES TO On account of the meeting of the National Educational associntion at Denvef. Col., the Northwestern Hne will, on July 4. 5. and 0 (and also on .Inly "!. for trains reaching tho Missouri river on that date), sr-11 excursion tickets to Denver, Colorado Springs. Maniton and Pueblo, at a rate not- to"exceed one faro for tho round trip with )?2 added for membership foe: tickets good for return passage until Sept. 1.1895. This rate is available to thogenefal public and an exceptionally favorable opportunity is offered for an enjoyable and economical trip to tho Rocklos, as well as Yellowstone National park. Salt Lake, nnd the. health and pleasure resorts of the. west and northwest. For tickets and fall information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. GEO. 0. CALL, HEAL ESTATE AlfD ADSTDACT OF PICK For Information in regard to lands In Northwestern Iowa, write to him, thorlngton street. Algona, Iowa. <JEO. K. CIjAHKE. CIIAS. A.COHENOfn CLARKE & COIIEXOUH, A T TORN 13 VS A T L A W, ALGONA IOWA. am K CLOUD, (Successor to W. B. (Jiiiirfoii) Attorney and Oounselor at Law, AT.OONA. IOWA. Ollluo over Kossutli County Htiitu Hsmk. TOURISTS EXCURSION. Tho North western lino is now selling excursion tickets at reduced rates to tho principal summer resorts of'the United States. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago «fc Northwestern railway. ARRIVAL aM BEPAIJTUBE of TRA1KS CHICAGO. MiLWA'CtttelK'AKO St. PAUL, LOCAli I'liAtSJ BABT. i\o. z passeuger.. 10 :22 a ni Nn. 4 passenger. ri-.iupin No. 7(i frelphr carries jmssenjsei's . s :35 |i m No, !>4 fiviglit unities passtMiger.s... 1 :45 p m Xo. No. No. Vn. No. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTQRtfKYS- .IT- LAIC. i'ostnlllcu BlocK. AUJO..VA, J.V.S WETTING. A TTORNKY A T LA \\', toney to 1'iiui. Algoim. t passenger ... 9 passeiiue; 1 < ..... •05 freiKht catties |)assenp;ers. . . "1 freight carries passenueis !« freight carries pi'ssengers » :(« a w 4 :'.'4 p m s -.30 a m n :4(i p rn 11 :fl3 a in tt'y . ai'.. . .. ....... • .......... •-. 1'assennfr ...... .. .. ............ . a :32 p in Kreii? t. ..:.. ......... ........ ..-. » :»o H m freight ................... . ........... r :45 p m OOINU SOUTH AND KAST. Passenaor. . ....... .............. :{ -.12 p m Passenger . ... .................... d ;(i 7 pm Freight, .............................. '.»!*» am Freight ............................ a M P m !in ivt' in Chicago 7 a. in. and Arrive in De-t >Momi's7 :5» anil 11 :3n P- •T. I,. 11UXAH. H. II. FKI.I,OW8. BONAR & FELLOWS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW will reuolvo prompt attention Kouins 8 and ti. Al^rona State Bank Ul'djr. l; WB ." ALQUXA. IOWA. DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AND LAND, Collections a Specialty. Ofllce In Gardner Co wles new A.IJJOIIK. a.m. in, Iowa. Making Wall Paper. It is very interesting to go through wall paper factory and follow tho processe of manufacture. Tho designs are tho flrs things observed. Formerly there was scarcity of these, but now there is a flooc and a 'manufacturer must exorcise muc artistic tasto and business ability in mak ing selections. One was submitted to New England manufacturer recently by woman who stated that it was dictated b spirit?. The least that can bo said of it that it was not desirable. Varjloiis. designers have different special- ties-^somb flowers, '/others • architectural ideas, etc.—and of recent years architects have devoted many of their spare moments to originating all paper designs. A complete design consists of three pieces —side wall, border and ceiling. Tho general width of patterns of tho side wall and ceiling as used in tho trade and manufactured by American machinery is 18 inches, and tho length of tho repeat in tho pattern is either 11% or 14% or 17-% inches, as suggested by tho character of tho design, tho shorter repeats being tho most satisfactory to tho trade in general. Many of tho best effects are produced in papers' containing only four to sis colors, but as many as 20 or 85 are sometimes used. Each color and shade in a design means a separate roller to tho manufacturer.—Boston Herald. S. S. SESSIONS. ATTOXXBT AT LA If, Loans ami Insurance. Special attention giver to collections of all kinds. Office over Chrisuhilles'store. Algona, Iowa L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND. SURGE OS, t)Hl«e on State street, Algona,, lows,. SIMPLIFIED ELOCUTION. A now book, bearing the abovu titlo, by Edwin Gordon Lawrence, tuaehei' of elocution iindcliri'otorof the Lawrence School of Acting, has just, boon Issued. Simplified Elocution is » comprehensive system of vocal and physical gymnastics: it contains explicit instructions for tho cultivation of the speaking voice and gesture;- directions for the production of breath, sound and speech, and a thorough explanation of the muscles and organs employed: rules for articulation, modulation, emphasis and delivery: postures and inovements of the feel, body, arms, head, eyes, etc. To the treatise is added a Complete Speaker, consisting of selections in poetry, and prose suitable for recitation, which,as the author says in his introduction, ''are not.chosen on account of their newness, but from their intrinsic merit and their adaptability as exercises.-' The work Is designed for the especial use of teachers, actors, students, colleges, schools and all those who wish to perfect themselves in the noble art of cxpressio n. The book, which contains 23:3 pages, is handsomely bound in cloth and gold, and will he sniit sejurf-lv packed on receipt of SI. postage free. (Now York: published by the author, J06 West 42dstreet..) M.J. KENEP10K,M. D. Otllce over Taylor's store. Aigouu, J. M. PBIDE, M. D. Office over Goeder's Clotmng Store, Algona, • loiva Dli. L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Precnrlptlons tilled. Deals in paints, ouu, books, perfumeries, etc. Dor. State and Thorington sts. Algooa.Iowa. A Kind Voice. Thoro is no power of lovo so hard to got and to keep as a kind voice. A kind hand is deaf nnd dumb. It maybe rough in flesh'and blood, tho work of a soft heart, and do it with a soft touch. But there is no ono thing that lovo so much needs as a sweet voice to toll what it means and feels, apd it is hard to get and keep it in the right tone. One must start in youth and ho on tho watch night and day, at work and afrplay, to get and keep a, voice that shall speak at all times the thoughts of a kind heart. It is often in youth that one gets a voice or a tone that is sharp, and it sticks to him through life, and stirs up ill will and griof, and falls liko a drop of gall on tho sweets of home. Watch it day 1 by day as a pearl of groat price, for it will bo worth moro to you in days to come than tho best pearl hid in th6 seas. A kind, voice is to tho hoarfc what light is to the eyo. It is a light that singa as well as shines.-—Elihu Burritt. Royal Bills. It is tho etiquette of tho Paris trade never to send a bill to kings or queens— until they have lost their thrones and joined tho ranks of tho "kings in exile." One celebrated Paris dressmaker employs a secretary at ?S,000 a year for almost the sole purpose of ronUnding ladies of high rank, while seeming not to do so, that they pwe money and that payments »re desirable. Most of the queens', however, pay,with reasonable promptness, but the best oustpmors of ,J?repcli dressmakers and, jnlljjnpj-s are tho ladies of the Egyptian seraglios, who never complain about the sent them, and who pay the pills protest.—Now Orleans Times- C. B. PAUL, M. D M WHITTEMORE - - - IOWA, Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a. in.. '2. to 6 p. in. Over Wicliler's Furniture btore. Residence uortli of tracu. <ocDENTlST» a. L. BIST, D. D. S Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when extracting teetli. E. S. GLASIER, D..-D. S. DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algona State Bank. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO SAVINP THE NATUBAL TEETH, The best of modern anaesthetics used to make all operations as painless as possible. Mister's Mice. For the convenience of REPUBLICAN; subscriber whose place of doing busi-'^ ness is in some other town in the county than Algona, an arrangement has been made by the publisher whereby payments on subscription to the paper may be made at any one of the following named banks: • BANCROFT—Farmers' and Traders' Sayings Bank. BURT—The Burt Bank. WHITTEMORE — Whittemore State Bank. WESLEY—Wesley State Bank. LEDYARD—State Bank of Ledyard. GERM AMI \—State Bank of Germania SWEA CITY—Swea City Bank. ELMORE—Elmore Exchange Bank. Subscribers paying for the year in advance can avail themselves of our lowest clubbing rates, given herewith, This arrangement is made with a view to accommodating any who may find it more convenient to pay their subscription at their home bank, All business coming through these banks will be given prompt attention. .' YOU CAN K. E. SAYKRS, D, V. M,, VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, iay~Offlee west ol the TUorljigton lious?. A4gona,Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. SAVE MOM By availing yourself of the low rates 1 quoted in this CLUBBING i d Thf Weekly Inter AS A FAMILY PAPER IS BY ANY, J saw a pppwd of men WJ fc°ys hasten' lag toww4 $«e fleW to welcome me. Tben, A few geepBds ftfto?\vapfl. to ray fleUght, my feet^tpupfe the grouad, an<j the past •'wwf of roy Ufe was «*&. folded the p.»m9bute and then QT tbQ bajiio.Qp, f saw j$ graoo- f«»y eRktog jQ'jfhe <f ea]fth to m adotateg ,|«A strong, Jieftjithy man Uke you ought not to, ho out of WQrk,'' "I'm wUUn to worfe, ma'am, b«H can't, Bet jwtlUo to do at my trade, P, L. SLAOLE, Manufacturer ol and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, AfcGONA, IOWA. ^ wr^, KKVUBT.IOAN and Inter Ocean $1,85 v ?M »'• State Register,,,.-. J,85 ?fm » N.Y, Tribune lIpSS-TgH '• Dqbucme Times, ta * ^ i• «t < ->;?Aa your -trade?" jHith." there's plenty of won I" i &Wt *'W ft hWWhPW- MONEY! On Real Estate, HQXIB * ORUNSQN, WELL BORING ANDPR1LL1N& w |!^||^|^g«I^ ^L^^'ggC^BMoroffcljiiii ^^^^J^^J^f^i 1 , ChlbagQ Times.:., New vprk World; ^PWig?

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