The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1895
Page 2
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You Need BY FALLING WALLS ANOTHER HORRIBLF. HOLOCAUST At MINNEAPOLIS. While fi!x Firemen Cru*U<-tl to Fighting FlninfcS in the Crbfckery MotWe— Several Othci-8 Vi'ere Injured nnd Some May Die. WE ARE MANUFACTURERS — OF-Desks and all kinds of Office Furniture. SEND FOR CIRCULAR. We want your Business. The Hamilton Mfg. Co. TWO RIVERS, WIS. DO VOl WANT TO STOP TOBACCO? Vim din Hi- Cured Whiin Using; It. The luvliit «\ usin^r tobacco grows on a innn niiti! i:rflve ilist'w.s- tl conditions am produced. T-'i'iii'oii onuses <.'.;utct'i- of the month ana stomach: dyi'i-psia ; U'ss IHOIIMIT; nervous directions : coniU'Stion ol tlic retimi. Hllfl \vlist- mir of tin- optic" tin vo, resulting in Impairment of vision. t:ven to the extent of blindness jrti/:/'- ne^-s or voi-r)j.'d : tobacco r.sthnm : nightly stif- ll'ocation ; dull (win lit region of the heart, followed later liy sluu'ti pains, palpitation and weakened pulse. insulting In fatal heart disease, ft also causes loss of vitality. QUIT. HEKOUR 1 i IS TOO LATE. To quit suddenly is too severe a shock to the system, as tolmccii— to an Inveterate User, becomes a stimulant that his system continually craves, "HACO-CUUO" Is u scientific and reliable vegetable remedy. puiiraiite< u to be perfectly li armless, and win eh has been in use for the last '23 years, having cured thousands of habitual tobacco users— smokers, chewers aud E ALL THE TOBACCO YOU WAST. Will LK TAKIX« "HACO-OJUO" IT \Vll.L NOTIFY YOU AVHEN TO HT •)!'. WE GIVE A W KITTEN GUAKANTKE to peimaii entlv cure any case with three boxes, or refund the money with 10 per cent interest. "BACO— CUKO" is not a substitute, but a reliable and scientific cure— which absolutely destroys the craving for tobacco without the aid of will power, and with no Incon- \enleijce. It leaves the system as pure and free from nicotine, as the day you took your first chew or smoke. , Sold by all druggists, at Si. 00 per box, three boxes, (thirty days treatment, and CiUAUAN- TEED CUKE, i •?'-' fif) or sent direct upon receipt: ot nrice. »EM> SIX TWO-CENT STAMl'S KOIi SAMPLE BOX. BOOKLET AM) PKOOKS KKEE. liniekii Chemkvil A- Manufacturing Company, XliUUifttcUnliiB Chemists La Ciosse, Sntiebary Complete* the ft We Employ Young i Men , to distribute ^^.T-^.-^ ^-.T^T^^ >* our advertisements in part payment lor a hiph Krucle Acme bicycle, wiifh wo send them ou approval. No work done until tiic bicycle arrives and proves satisfactory. \/r»«nrs{v E «3/^5p>C, employee! on the Y UuLllg, fi.^cJ.W«lU,» sums terms. If t'cwsortrirls appJ.r Uieymustbe Troll rcoom- t . r:cn^.3V;, Write to p.-.ttieiilers. * . CYCLE COflPANY, ELKHART, IND. How to Make Farming Pay, Purchase a cheap farm with fertile soil where the climate is free from extremes of heat and cold; where there are no blizzards, droughts or cyclones, close to the great Eastern markets where profits will not be eaten up by transportation. Such farms are found only in Virginia along the C. & O. Railway. For descriptive catalogue address, C. B. RYAN, Ass't G. P. A., C. & 0. Railway, Cincinnati, O. Head-to-Foot Outfits For Boys From 5 to 1 5 Years Old, They consistof one ^ coat (cut double^ breasted), two pairs of knee punts, and a icap to match (ull /made of strictly cli (,; wool cloth), aud n f first • cltiss pair ct <r shoes— you could not tf dupllcato them at t 1 any other store 1'cr r less than S7.GO. Our ff Price 85,00, |' The thousiands wo ^ sell every month tell f best how the people t' like them, 2 Samples and illus-jP trutod cat!!lr;n'.e f Free if you usk lor it. ^ „,„,„ J, June 28. -One of the ^4l disastrous fires which ever visited Minneapolis Accomplished its work of destruction and death during the night. "Within an hour after the alarm rang in at 11 o'clock six firemen paid the penalty of death for their faithfulness in trying to save the property of others. The names of the dead are: JOSEPH HOY, truckman. WALTER RICHARDSOK, hoseman. FRANK EULAINE, lieutenant of hose Kompany. JOHN HORNER, truckman. rjiHisTiAN SANDERS, hoseman. BERT THOMAS, hosenian, died on the way to the hospital. Several others were seriously injured, and it is thought there may be still more dead who have not yet been extricated from under the ruins of the walls which fell and crushed them. The seriously injured are: Ed Thieleu, lieutenant of hook and ladder company No 2; Captain Cadwell, engine company No. 0; Frank Egan, hosenian; Henry Gran, supply wagon, and a man uamed Gray. FcU Without Warning. When tlie firemen arrived at tho scene the building \jas a mass of flames. The heat from the flrfe was intense, and it soon became evident that the Barge block at the corner of First avenue south and Washington avenue, and immediately abutting the McDonald building, was in great danger. Soon after the firemen got to work on explosion occurred in the North Star Clothing company's store. The explosion was followed by a general crashing and breaking of glass m the McDonald building, the falling of iron shutters and the loud crashing in of two of the upper floors. "With a mighty roar the flames shot up, and had burned but a few moments in the deluge of water poured upon it, when the rear portion of the side wall facing the alley fell with a crash. Joseph Hoy, pipemau of No. 2, had just come down off the fire escape in the rear of the building, and Lieutenant Frank Eulaine was half way up a ladder YV~ii«m the Crash Came, tearing off some 80 feet of the wall. At the foot of the wall and in the little blind alley between the McDonald block and the adjoining building stood five more firemen, and in the side alley running through from Nicollet to First avenue stood several more. Eulaiue fell from the ladder into the alley, the brick falling on him aud crushing his head to an unrecognizable mass. Hoy, Homer, Richardson and Sanders were crushed to an instant death, and but a few feet away lay the injured ones moaning. The brother firemen at work by the side of the dead aud injured stopped as if in terror. Then with a first thought of their brave comrades and not of other impending danger from falling walls, dragged out of the debris the five dead bodies and the injured. The dead were at once taken to the morgue and the injured to the hospital. Property Loss 81OO.OOO. The property loss consisted of the entire demolition of the building occupied by McDonald Bros., dealers in crockery, chinaware, glassware, silverware and gas fixtures. The building was four stories with brick wall and wooden interior frame work and was well stocked. The fire originated in the boxes and packing stored iu tlie rear of the building and was beyond the power of the fire department to control. At a few minutes before midnight the walls fell, one side wall falling in and the other falling out into the alley where the firemen were at work. The total loss will aggregate over $100,000. GOVERNMENT DEFEATED. Verdict for Mm. Sanford In tlie fcnlt Against Her Husband's Estate, SAN FRANCISCO, July 1.—United States Circuit Judge Ross has rendered his decision on the demurrer of Mrs. Jane L. Stanford against the suit of the government to recover $15,000,000 from the estate of her late husband, .Leland Stanford. The demurrer was sustained. Judge Boss allowed the government to amend its former complaint and reargue its case if ic so desired. It was intimated, however, that this step would not affect the case, the law as construed by Judge Boss not favoring the case? of ,the United States. The sustaining of the demurrer was a surprise, attorneys generally expecting a contrary decision. ftf LONDON, June 29.— The Marquis of Salisbury lias completed the work of forming a new cabinet. The ne-w ministry is ns fo'.lavfs: Premier and secretary ct' state for foreign nlTriirs, the Martjttls of Salisbury. President of the council, the Duke of Devonshire. Lord high chancellor, Baron Halsbiiry. Lord privy seal, Viscount Cross. Chancellor of the exchequer, Sir Michael Hicks-Beach. Secretary of state for home affairs, the Rt. Hon. Sir Matthew White Ridley. First lord of the treasury, the R:. Hon. A. J. Balfour. Secretary of state for the colonies, the Rt. Hon. Joseph Chaniberlain. Secretary of state for war, the Marquis of Lansdowne. First lord of the admiralty, the Rt. Hon. George J, Goscheu. Secretary of state for India, Lord George Hamilton. President of the hoard of trade, the Rt. Hon. C. T. Richie. President of the local government board, the Rt. Hon. Henry Chaplin. Lord lieutenant for Ireland, Earl Cadogan. Lord chancellor of Ireland, Baron Ash- bourue. Secretary for Scotland, Baron Balfour of Burleigb. Chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, the Rt. "Hon. Sir Henry C. James. Financial secretary of the treasury. Mr. Robert Hanbury. Under secretary- fof forejgu affairs, the Rt. Hon. George N. Curzon. SOMEWHAT MIXED FREE SILVER CANDIDATE ON A GOLD PLATFORM , um urn m wmm masmatt Hope to Adjattni July 8. LONDON, Juno 29.—'The premier, the Marquis of Salisbury, in the house of lords, said that"he hoped to secure a dissolution of parliament on July 8. WILL LEASE IT. How President Hill W1J1 Qet Control of the Northern Pacific. NEW YORK, June 29.—The union of the Northern Pacific with the Great Northern is about to become an actual fact. But the Berlin plan has been modified. The Northern Pacific railroad will be leased by its stockholders to the Great Northern. President Hill, representing the Great Northern, will undertake to pay a rental sum that will cover all fixed charges on the reorganized basis. The nominal principal and interest of the bonds will be reduced so that the Great Northern can safely undertake to pay interest and make money from the expected surplus. The lease will give Mr. Hill complete control of the Northern Pacific, which will ba operated jointly with the Great Northern. _ NOTED CASE ENDS. Trial ot the Alleged Barrett Soott Lynoh- ers Results in Acquittal. OMAHA, June 29.—A special to The Bee from Butte, Neb., says: The famous Barrett Scott murder case was concluded during the day by the acquittal of Mullihan, Elliott and Harris, the three vigilantes who were accused of hanging the defalting treasurer of Holt county in January, 1895. This is the final chapter in one of the most sensational affairs in the history of the West. __ AFTER HENRY VILLARD. Receivers Authorized to Sue for Unlawful Profits. MILWAUKEE, June 29.—In the United States circuit court Judge Jenkins authorized the Northern Pacific receivers to proceed against Henry Villard and other officers of the road who may be found to have secured unlawful profits in the way of commission or otherwise. It is said the suit will be begun in New York. __ ND NEW TRIAL. "Sound Stonoy " Stfcti Run the Resolution* fcnd of the Kentucky Democratic Crtn^ tenUon, Uut Cftnnot Contfol the ??6lrni inatton*. LotrtS.viLLE, June 27.—The Democratic state convention of Kentucky has certainly endorsed the administration, With special tributes Jto President Cleveland and his distiUsjtished co- advisor and secretaty, J. v.*. Carlisle. No outing was ever productive of more effective results thati that of Secretary Carlisle to Kentucky and the Memphis convention. The silvefites, including Senator Blackburn, attribute their defeat to the recent speeches of Carlisle and the circulation that Was given them. The free coinage men do not deny that they expected to control the convention and all its committees, platform and nominations. They fought gamely to a finish and acknowledge their defeat, although they make charges about the way it was done, especially on the part of Auditor of State Norman and others at Frankfort. The Free Sllvpr Hen were teateu by the adoption of the minority report of the committee on credentials, seating Clay's "sound money" delegates, as well as by the adoption of a majority report on resolutions for sound money and the endorsement of the president and Secretary Carlisle. The committee on credentials is one that the sound money men did not look after and the silver men had a majority on it, but the convention overruled that majority by adopting the minority report. The silver men felt that General Hardin had been looking more after his nomination than after a free silver plank, and some of them deserted Hardin, while the Clay men were urging the sound money delegates to stand together on nominations as well as on th $ platform. Senator Blackburn and other free silver leaders remained on the floor of the convention and fought to the last on the resolutions, after which they did not take much interest in those who, as they said, had previously deserted them. They were very bitter towards Auditor of State Norman, who was General Hardin's manager, and himself a candidate for renomination. In Senator Blackburn's speech against the majority report on resolutions he showed his feeling towards some on whom he had depended, while he referred very respectfully to Senator Lindsay, Con-, gressman McCreary and others who had opposed him openly. The convention was a record breaker in great speeches as well as in other respects. Hardin Nominated. After the adoption of the report of the committee on resolutions, dilatory measures occupied almost an hour when the name of General Cassius M. Clay was presented by George C. Lockhart for the nomination for governor. J. B Breckinridge, the eloquent brother of W. C. P. Breckinridge, presented the name of General Hardiu. Before the result of the ballot was announced the Clay men moved that the nomination of General Hardiu be made unanimous, and it carried with a great hurrah. The ticket as completed is as follows: For governor, P. Watt Hardin; lieutenant governor, R. T. Tyler; treasurer, B. C. Ford; auditor, L. O. Norman; register of the land office, G. B. Swaugo; attorney general. W. J. Hendrick; secretary of state, Henry S. Hale; superintendent of public instruction, Ed Porter Thompson. • Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Htttehins, \Vfii.K.Fet-gnsoi], C.D.Smitfi, , President. Vlce-1'res. c-whtet. ASS't. Cfcsfc- THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK. ALGO&A* IOWA. \ r fttotte* o« Itfttid tt» loan at roasotmble rate* ta pat-tie* who frithtali flrsi-ctftRS sfecnfrHf 1 Olret.tofs-tt. fit. Htttciiliiii, S. A. f-effndon, PhiHp fcoHfreliei-, J-". H. Vespfet, « AmbtoSe A. Cftll, 11. fit. Spencer, tvwi. K. *A**.*ifcrt»>. CASH CAPITAL—$50,000.00. AND A. IX Clarke. Pres., 0. C. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thos. II. Laiitry. Cashier, (leo. L Galbraith, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schenck. Thos. F.Cooke. Algoiin, invtril. GENERAL BANKING* Private Safety Bedsit faults. Interest I'aitl frtt-Tiino Deposits. W. H. Iti&hfUM, Then, ClifisciiiUes, Lettts, President. Vice President. Siiitth, Cashier ALGONA, IOWA, " CAPITAL <$5O,OOO« Incorporated under general la.vs o.f Iowa. Deposits reoelypd. money loaned, foreign ami dcMtiestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old conn tries sold at lowest rates. Direetors-W. H.fnglmm, John G. Smith. J. B. Jones. 1. Chrlschllles. Lewis H. Smith,,1. W. Wadsworth. Barnqt Devine. 7 K. M. Richmond, Pres. B. K. Smith, Vice Pres. A. B. Kichmond, Cashier. O../. Lenatuter, Ass't, Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital Inverted. Authorized capital, 850,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general bankings businessj transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written, steamship-.. N. E. Sheridan, A. B. Klohmetid. B. F. smith. Sarnne* Mayno.O. E. Mallory, J. N. Sheridan. __ _______ DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES ON< Abstracts of Title. Onr books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever written a word in them. Onr work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and yon may bo- sure you get what yon pay for and take no chances. E^REAL ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY & RIGE Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa. Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, ^ and Insurance. Not Necessary! N. W, Cor, State and Jackson Sis., CHICAGO. | INTERNATIONAL PRISON CONGRESS. Opening Session Attended by President PAR-IS, July i.^-The international penitentiary congress was opened at the Sorbonne k.7 the minister of ,the >»* teriov with a brilliant ceremony. Presi> dent Faure and other diplomats a»d 700 .delegates were present, representing g5 different countries, roclud* ing America and England, the latter feeittg represented for the ftvst time a* 6T3ph a congress.. Ali questions relating to prisons will be discussed. FOURTH CONSECUTIVE VICTORY. faU> |>efea«« eyey f3Qi4 for tbt loyg 1 Straw featf style,,,»,,,..,,,,,,, ,, f ,,,. -R,RSl!*?? T*P fw vtfVvwIrXiS ffXsf&t^fQr, .^fjfy&fif^- aHooiors...,,,,,..,......., THE HUB, M. W. Cor. State and Jachson Sti.. CHICAGO. « the Bpat llaoe, , C3on»., June 8 wow the fourth consecutive pver JJayvar4 i» the university boat race here during the day and yon ily by oi»e lengthSi the offloial being ?JiSP- ' W«*n Supreme Court Denies the Motion in the Floyd Cases. ST. PAUL, June 29.—The Floyd boys will have to serve out their terjns in the penitentiary. Justice Collins of the supreme court has handed down a decision in which all other members of the court concur, denying the application for a new trial. i Adjourned to July 0. CHICAGO, June 29.—Governor Altgeld may have to resort to other measures than his plan of continuously reconvening the Illinois legislature if be persists in attempting to secure the enactment of. laws on arbitration, Pullman rates, etc. Both houses, after considerable tumult, but little or no business, voted to adjourn until July 9. The Democrats voted against the step but were overwhelmed by the Republicans. An attempt to cut off the pay of members during the length of recess was defeated. r>a Gaina Suicides. BUENOS AYBES. June 29.—The insurgents under command of Admiral da Gaina, in the province of Bio Grande do Bui, Brazil, have been defeated by the government trpops- at Campos. Admiral Osorio was wounded aud captured and subsequently succumbed to his injuries. Adjnjrfll da Garna, finding himself overpowered, committed suicide. Indicted Thirteen, CHICAGO, Julv J.— The gr»n<J jnry began the investigation of the, stuffing of city payrolls by officials of the last city administration, Thirteen men were indicted, all of \yhom were sub- foremen and timekeepers in the water pipe extension department- It i s charged that the ojty was robbed of large euma of money bv fraudulent payrolls, an<i further indictments are expected, ___ Cornell • boat r^Q m the Su4soo, the former won by ei? ien,gthju (Carriers p., June 87- mail carriers have been . for fjoni 5 to 80 4ay9 by order? from Washington, the result of ft private watch, affording evidence of slow WOT PS routej fey the,se carriers. A YEAR'S DEFICIT. Treasury Statement Shows Uncle Sam Kun Behind »43,35O,OOO. WASHINGTON, July 1.—The treasury deficit for the fiscal year just closed is approximately $48,250,000. This, added to last year's deficit of nearly $70,000,000, makes the excess of expenditures over receipts since June 80, 1893, about $113,250,000. The total receipts of the government this fiscal year, exclusive of postal revenues, amount to nearly $318,000,000, and the expenditures $85tt,250,000, of which pensions took $141r891,623. Last year the aggregate receipts, exclusive of postal revenues, were $a97,733,019, and the expenditures $367,525,879. The receipts this year, therefore, were $15,273,000 greater than last, and the expenditures about $11,275,000 less. Decrease in Immigration. The records of the immigration bureau show the number of immigrants who arrived in this country during the year to be approximately 255,827, a decrease for the year of 30,804. Of the whole number of arrivals about 2,500 were debarred from landing and deported to the port whence they came. CONFERENCE, ENDED, |Spworth J«eagners End Their JWfeetipff W$th » llonsingf Farewell ServJee, CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., July l.<-The second international conference of tfce Epworth league 9&we tp an end Sun* day night, There were n,p mormng services at the tent, but all the churches of the city were put at the disposal of the league for & common consideration of the subject, "The Pe. scent of the Holy Ghost," Bishop Galloway». Sishop Merrill, Chaplain MoCabe, Dr, John Potts and a number of other distinguished ministers led these meetings. At night the farewell services were held, at the tent, The audience was the largest of the occasion a»& Chaplain MoCabo gays, the largest eyer brtA south of Mason an,4 pixon'8,H»e. The tent will fepW l£»« 300, but C9U.V1 »ot hoJ4 tlie crowded ta hear the "T7T7"E can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Mav v chine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary, to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should 1 need repairs you may not be able to get them. It T also, is not necessary to- think about the freight, for— W1NKEL PA Y8 THE FREIGHT. J. B. Now is the Time to Insure! 99999 BEFORE THE LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS AH kinds of Insurance sold by . («< Tlie Bancroft Insurance Agency•-,], A, Freeh, Prop. HKOFFKKS TUB FOLLOWING- COMPANIKB FOB. CONSIDERATION! ,- ^-1 »w ». ',y Company. . Cash Capital, i Assets ,j;| Aetna, Hartford... • ^'Z'Zm '^'SM-€ Phoenix, Hartford I'Swmn m 1« wTonn'm '4 Continental, N. Y. • ^gJMMf ffi'nw Hi./?! Wii>n Aeenolntlnn PlliliL .,...,.,., 500,000.00 S,J91,Op5,(Xf''/3 Hanover NH? ''.'..,.........'. .-.,...... -1,000 000,00 8 &5 8&0$ ?,| §Sr1^M-»jiitloniil,Mllwanlceo.; MO,W,00. »697,W£f Rockford, Rockfqrd , • - • iVX'XxX'm ' State, Dos Moines • vW.uw.mj ' LIFE. ' *> *^ M ASS ACHTSETTS BENEFIT LIFE 107,000.00 >.' \&, Insurance in force, §39.000; Policy holders, §1,100,000; Cash surplus, % paid in death losses. LIFE AND ACCIDENT/ , M Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co........ Assets, §43,977,59§,0&^ Wo believo this is as good a statement as can be made by any agency in the tand^ and wo solicit your patronage. ou #, &t the Missouri VIA the 4eattt * i v * ' 1 , '.t 4 r > ,' 'i i * , ''t '^ T',-*,' Jhp«§9i«l5 qf women .are jw»QU9,t!r«l ? have head?ch?,sl?k stomph-isintlng spells IfrIrani (jwergl (fctyijty Qf the whol'e system, he superior tonic qualities at Ms 1 1$ r i ; •> tppjwi M^J?Kv r 'l ! mi '• - .1' 'L a. licensed institution iu '

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