The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1895
Page 8
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BANCROFT NEWS. To the Ladies a! Bancroft and. Vicinity s I have a iiew stock of Millinery, including all the Latest Styles in Hats, Bonnets, Flowers, Laces, Trimmings, and in fact anything that is,usually found in a first'class millinery store. An experienced trimmer will do all the work in tlie most approved fashion. Mrs. Sarah Howe. BANCROFT, IOWA. Chicago & North-Western R'y, Grand Cookin Exhibi £ - .. .1 •"-' — _" ^ ~" J t f We extend a cordial invitation to every woman in Kossuth County to attend the cooking exhibit at our store on Saturday and Wednesday attereoons, beginning next Saturday. We want you to see .our NORTH Mixed 9 11am Way freight.... 11 43am passenger 4 08pm SOBTtt Mixed 5 07pm way freight....8 15am passenger 2 05pm BANCROFT, IA., JUNE 26, 1895. Conducted by J, A. FRECH. BANCROFT LOCALS, in operation and taste the product of its oven. Its the finest thing in the line of a steel range ever exhibited in Algona. We don't want you to take our word f 9r it but come and be convinced by a personal inspection. not forget the days— Saturdays and Wednesdays at three o'clock. • , C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. Call and see what we carry in the Our aim is to please, and in doing so we Carry THE BEST,^-aa^ \ LANGDON & HUDSON. Are! Fresh Line of Groceries, SCANNED GOODS, DRIED FRUITS, WE HAVE JUST BECEIYED A New Pattern in Queensware- J< Vic's Gilt," We also carry a full line of Glassware, Grocfcery, Etc. Try a sack of the best Flour in Algona— Miss Kate Winkel arrived homo from her school yesterday. A young stock dealer and his best girl were out for abuggy ride one evoninglate- ly ;\nd as they were driving by a corn crib discovered a couple of urchins stealing corn from John Winkcl's crib. The same children had been seen taking corn before, and they had better "look a leedle out." Mrs. J. P. Bnior left last Monday for a visit with friends at Paulina, Iowa. She will be there about a week. Otto Bruer jr.. is expected homo from college now almost any time. He will spend his vacation in and near Bancroft. Rumor is again at work, this time it says that there will be -i third drug store in Bancroft. Work will begin on J. E. Hudson's new building this week. Dell Barslou has the contract for exca- yating a cellar for the new Furstenburg building which will be started in the near future. The Bancroft creamery started up in splendid shape Monday morning. More milk was received than was expected the first day ,and everything is running along smoothly. Farmers, bring in your milk. Dr. E. A. Howe has been disposing of a good deal of his Bancroft property during the past week. First he sold his livery barn and outfit to'Flynn & Daum, of Buffalo Center. Next he sold his corner bull- ding, formerly occupied by the State Bank; to G. F. Holloway, He also sold the former residence of J. F. Davis to Father Schemmcl. • • '• George Scanlon, who formerly played first base in our' ball nine and worked about here, came back the other day and will remain during the haying season. Father Schemmel left the first of the week for a week's stay in Dubuque. • F. W. Kinne, the liveryman started $p ge overland to Minneapolis, last Wednesday. He drove his black team. Ledyard defeated Bancroft, in a ball game at the former place last Friday, by a score of 20 to 33. The Ledyard umpire was harder to beat than the nine ball players. Wo hope they will come down and" give our boys a return game on our grounds. There are to be celebrations on the, Fourth at Nick Tix's grove in Seneca township, and at Dreesman's grove, in German township. Tom Sherman and C. C. Thompson will be the orators at Tix's and Dr. Walters will make the eagle scream at Dreesman's. P. M. Barslou and daughter, Erma, drove over to Spirit Lake last Sunday morning for a visit with their son-in-law and brother-in-law and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fleming, at whose, house a newil baby boy is reported. P. M. will return this week while Miss Erma will remain longer. At the semiannual election of officers of our K, P. Lodge, last week, the following were elected: C. C., C. J. Pettibone; V. C., John B. Johnston; M. of W., M. A, Turner; M. of A., L. A. Barslou; K. of E. and S., W. F. Laidley, Jr. H. C. Utley and his bride arrived in Bancroft last Monday, after their bridal tour, Their many friends welcome them to Bancroft. quent intervals. Such entertainers as Prof. R. L. Cutnnock, Fred Emerson Brooks and Jas. S. Burdetto are mention' ed among the talent which embraces many other well-known lecturers, singers' and entertainers. The numerous educational departments are presided over by competent specialists. T\vo great meetings are held daily and a season ticket, admitting to everything, costs only S3. oThe railroads will sell cheap excursion tickets. Copies of the Chautauqua Herald, containing information on all points, will be sent on application to the secretary aud superintendent, E. C. Whalen, Spirit Lake, Iowa. HURT. BUHT, June .25.—About 40 went from here to the Spirit Lake Masonic celebration. It is reported that there was a hail storm northwest of hero Sunday afternoon, which did considerable damage. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilcox, of Armstrong, visited C. S. Coffin's people. The Methodist ice cream sociable was a financial success Saturday evening at Mrs. Wagners. Mr. and Mrs. Grose, of Livermore, were here last week visiting the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Hunt. The graduating exercises Friday night were very good. The M. E. church was crowded. A Mr. Nelson, of Maukato, has the contract for putting up the double brick block. There is a general shifting of butter makers in the northern part of the county. August Johnson goes from the Seh- eneca creamery to Bancroft, J. L. Tibbets goes from Buffalo Fork to Seneca, and a Mi 1 . Varoasheka, of. Spirit Lake, takes the place vacated by Mr. Tlbbits at buffab Fork. The Germania Standard thiiiks that if the world could see the amount of grain that is shipped from that place we believe the value of re'al estate in this neighborhood would increase to a wonderful extent. Ledyard has voted to hold no celebration this year. It is Algona's turn. Ben Kleist, of Germania, is jut now making himself at hohie in a handsome new residence. Lu Verne is a nice, prosperous town, and its building boom is in good shape this year, but occasional outbreaks of diphtheria tend to disturb the, people. The hotel was under quarantine last week. Reporter: With a merry-go-round in one end of town and 'a ctimp meeting in the other the saints and sinners of Wesley have all they could wish for. Ledyard Leader: The crops and all Vegetation are fairly burdened with prom- e and the frugal farmers are smiling from car to car. . The Wesley Reporter says that Constable Joe Cosgrove had a wrestle with the Fuller family on Wednesday. Hot water andja gun did not prevent Joe from compelling them to leave the Breen farm. The Fort Dodge military company, under Capt. Chantland, made a march out to Hon. J. D. Flanagan's, a few miles up the river, one night last week, and pitched their tents and spent the night out there 1 A detail of cooks, sent on in advance, prepared supper and breakfast, and taken all in all, if the local papers are to be believed, the event was the greatest success since Flanagan's celebrated ball. The Palo Alto republicans did the expected thing in giving Col. Ormsly a delegation of his own choice,' the following being the members: Dr. J. C. Davis, E. J. Hartshorn, L. H. Mayne, C. M. Henry, F. P'. Barringer, W. A. Christy and Dr. E. W, Bachman. ttffn'edafoun'dsofast fchafc th'e wire «n'- wound and cut her thfoat. Had it not been for the hole thrnigh *hp Spo61, which 1 She utlltel a* a windpipe till her throat healed up, the poor cow 'tf-ould have died. o* Mot-phlne. The Des, Molnes Loader, tells the sad story of Miss Nora Stobef, of Mi Ayer, who committed suicide in thatcity by taking morphine pills. She was in love with W. A. Younie, son of Alex Yoiinle, of West Bend, but he notified her that he did n ot return herlove. Younie is a law student in posMolnes, and the girl went to see him and ended her life in a hotel after having an interview with young Younie, who seems to have borne himself in a very honorable manner in his embarrassing situation. tOTTS CHEEK. LOTTS CHEEK, June 25.—L. A. .Taylor returned last Saturday. He was in northern Minnesota'two weeks and likes the country first rate. He shot a deer and entered a homestead on JSchoolcraft river. Ee has a log cabin started. Woman next. Mr. Sessford, of Clarence, has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. Sechler, the past week. '" They had a lively dance 'at Beglmair's last Saturday night. Twenty-nine tickets were sold. All had a goott time'. The Sod Town nine played the 'Lotts Creek boys the first of the week. The score stood 59 to 18 in favor of Sod''Town'. jaclcsoh Oi-i- lii IOTVH. DesMoines Register: Captain Jackson Orr, Colo., is visiting in the city with his daughter,Mrs. Nelson. Capt.Orr was elected to congress in 'OS from the old "big Oth" district, which, embraced 37 counties in the northwest part of the state, and which took i/i about a third of the state. He moved to Denver about twenty years ago and is now one of the most pfomineut citizens of that place. He has held several high public ofh'ces since his residence in the west. ..... :• •• :> '-i ; She Pol-got the Spencer News: An amusing incident occurred oil the street o lie" day last week, exhibiting absent mlndndness in an unusual degree: A lady stepped into a meat market leaving her baby and its carriage on the walk outside. Having purchased the meat she came out and hurried away toward home, unconscious of having left anything valuable behind. When she had gone a little more than ablockshe suddenly stopped, turned around and came back after the little one, who did not realize that it had been temporarily forgotten, as was revealed by a slight blush upon the fond mother's face. Wild, Wild TVaven. Ledyard Leader: -Charles Larrabee, Frank Weimer and Wm. Leslie went to 'the lakes Saturday afternoon to fish and recreate. The boys speak very highly of their "time" but we haven't heard much' about their fish. In one instance the wind became boisterous, the waves lashed and their boat filled half full of water. In-this perilous crisis Leslie thought he Would rather "go it alone," so out he went into the water. All gained the shoi'e in safety. Unlimited Telephone Connections. Estherville Vindicator: J. G. Graham, of Bancroft, and T. A.'Potter, of Madison, Wisconsin, were'in the city last week. . These gentlemen represent and were here in the interest of the Western Electric Telephone Co., which is now running lines in Kossuth-county in the neighborhood of Algona. They say they intend to extend the line through Armstrong to Estherville and possiply further, aud will connect this city with Graeteiiger, Em- motsburg, Algona, and all other places in northwestern and central Iowa, and south central -Minnesota which already have telephone' facilities. The company uses the Standard Co.'s long distance instrument, which is claimed to be one of the best in the market.' The gentlemen stated that they would ha'vo their in line in operation iu this city with'an office in E. H. Smith's jewelry store in about thirty days. FENTON. FENTON, June 25.—J. Haase hauled 32 loads of lumber from Burtlast week for a large barn. The Fenton farmers will soon all have big barns if they keep on. Will Stammer, who has -just put up a new wind mill, is putting <a grinding attachment in now. He is just building the grinding house. Quite a number of our Fenton young folks attended the sociable at_ Mrs. Wagner's, in Burt township, last Saturday, and all report a good time. Don't forget to go to the picnic in Pete Weisbrod's grove next Friday afternoon. Wm. Pettit has put up an addition to his house which makes it look very 'neat. L. J. Newel has his new barn nearly complete. Denhert Bros, have built it. It is a vern nice and handy thing to have on farm like that. -;• f; c-Ojir Elegant Jail. '.. i Britt Tribune:... Algona has a jail that is waranted tohold nothing but the jailer, or money refunded. Last week one;Ward formerly of Wesley, dug his way out with a broomstick. The broomstick was not materially .injured, neither was the prisoner. Bronson is going to order brooms with leather-handles, hereafter, and cut the prisoners hands and feet off when taken in. ' • ' PF AKL. Call and be convinced thajt we sell goods as cheap as any firm in town. They Were Not Guilty. Standard: In reply to an article found in the Upper Des Moines, the-Standard, in behalf of the town of Germania, wishes to emphatically deny that the authorities ever granted a license or accepted money for the unlawful selling of liquor, neither did they encourage it. ' BUTTiR AND EGGS WANTED. PATTERSON & SON. The Republican- and State Register, The Republican and Inter Ocean, , The Republican and N, I Tribune, $1,85 ,85 ,85 The Spirit li»Ue' Clu»ut»uuu;>, The Chautauqua Herald, containing the daily program and general information of the Third Annual Spirit Lake Chautauqua assembly, is at hand. Among the at' tractions enumerated are Rev. Sain Jones, who is to lecture July 13 and preach July 14; Hon. J. P. Dolliver, July 10; Young People's day, July 17: Bishop Fowler, July 1.8 and 19; Gen. Jno. B. Gordon, Veteran's day, July 83; Edouard Remenyi, July 33 and 24; Rev. T. DeWHtTalmage, July 25. The Harvard Male quartette, of Boston will sitig every day from July 10-33, and several fine soloists will be heard at fre- AGENTS to WH1TTEMOKE, WHITTKMOBE, June 25,—Mrs. Elcken- rpdt was over several days last week visiting friends at Whittemore.i Base ball is becoming a favorite Sunday amusement, in fact, almost too favorite to look well for so small and unassuming a place as our little city. Can't you play ball on week days? A. Schmitt has a new well, drill with his "all round good man" Eiler to run it, and now when you want a well drilled you can get it without waiting all summer, and the continued exasperation of the favorable promise "plenty of water now, see there, can't fill it" and many .disappoint' mentSj.and without trading your farm and well for the bill when finished. Scorching is now the order of the day and many an otter slide is seen on the otherwise unblemished race course. The ladies, however, do not make these slides, a».they never fall off, Mrs, C. C, Calkins was over from Burt Tuesday to visit her sister, Mrs. Paul, who starts on a visit to her sister in Missouri this week, ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson have been greatly concerned over the very serious illness of little Jjuella, She is sorne better at this writing and hopes are entertained for her complete recovery. Little Georgie (Jrowman is Impatiently recovering from his injuries,'received by too close contact with fhe nether extremity of Bob JTJnnel's festive and hilarious cow, Miss May Hotelling is homo for a vaca» tion. On apcount of the raiu Tuesday morii'- Ing the excursion was not largely patronized from this place, '<; The Gra'y-Smltli'AVcddlrig. Emmetsburg Reporter: At the residence of Rev. P. L, Smith in- Curlew, the home pf the bride, Miss Viletta Smith, and Mr: E, E. Gray of Bancroft, Iowa, were united in marriage by the father of the bride assisted by Rev. A. J. Marshall. About fifty guests were present to witness and and enjoy the nuptial ceremony. The presents were very numerous and valuable showing the esteem in which the parties to the mariiage are held, A gump- tious .repast was- spread at the close of the ceremonies. The newly married couple will reside permanently in Bancroft, where a comfortable homo was iu waiting.for the bride. The groom was a stranger to all in Curlew save the family of the brjde, but is well known in Bancroft where he has lived for years as an honest and industrsous citizen, a devout Christian and holds ajeading rank ampng the tea* chers of Ko'ssuth cotnty, Editorial Aiueuitibs in Hancock Comity, Britt Tribune;- ^Several .times xve^'have prodded Bro. Bra'ckett on the political stand 'formerly' taken by' his" paper but have never succeeded 'Insetting our gentlemanly little-brother'to'peep yet. We did not know whether it was bbcause he disdained tuiturn his powerful batteries on such a small mark or because he was so completely knocked out of the box that ho had never yet regained his wind. However-we aow confidently expe'ct to see a new array of prayer-gods and farm machinery for Alaska and Patagdnia with price list, loom up again oh Brackett's first page. • He last week went to Des Moines to see the"'leader"'and get instructions for the campaign. : He Says he is confident that the Leader will be "right" on the money-question, if''they'are, of course he will let us know, which will bo a great'rolief. We hope the good brother will get his policy defined before election. We want to know what it'is. > Senator Grioa at the Lakes. ' Beacon: Hon. John H, Gear and wife arrived at thd Hotel Orleans last Saturday and will probably remain during the v summer. The governor is looking bettor than might be expected in view of, his recent serious illness, No man in the state is stronger in the confidence and the affections of the people than this old commoner. He has served Iowa and Iowa people with devotion quite unexampled in public life. With his feet on the pinnacle of fame his heart is with the masses and his hand is extended to every deserving man. May "Old Business" be given many years in which to enjoy the friendship won by helpfulness and fidelity. Stoct Failing to im BmMi Pirn Jjly Pig'* Grade Stpok true IB Chock Industry at JJuvt, Monitor: Secretary ..Angus checked outPver §3,000 to patrons of the Burt creamery for the month of May. We are getting so much milk these days that the cost of converting it into butter is but a trifle, Our creamery is a bonanza. Blue Sky / Fence WATER NO PAY, D, iDWOED HO., Y, Betters promptly Artesian well contractor. I have the pnly cable steam drilling machine pwjied. in the county; sink wells for water supply fpr towns, cities and railroads. Special at tO Jarm, well wprk, in,ade7' J Address, Gerwania Standard: Our boys who were at Silver Lake last week camped on Dr. Rice's grounds with Peter Schweig who has a fine lot of boats which he lets at very reasonable rates. Parties wishing a week's outing cannot do better than to address Mr, Schwoig at Center Chain P,' 0., Minu,, a, few day beforehand and he will reserve boats and tents as dtsired. Tho grpvuids are beautifully located to the north, a»d east of the lake, thickly studded, with flue shade trees, supplied with a well of water.sfablo room for horses all the conveniences pue couW desire, The boys heartily recommend the accorn* jn,pda.tjQUS offered by Mr. ScUweig to those in need of the same. ANY HQGr- enclosed b,v J, . A, liamUtpa <fe Co's wire aud picket fenee f@els proud and will tbriye, The reason wcire of it sold than all othe.r io &ftssu,th §p^l 'IVteo the ft Js reupi'te^ a cpw ti'ied tp, sxvallQw ^ put fogetlw, i.s is a, tenee-r- That It win tea all b to U.Hain ' '

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