The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1895
Page 5
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Ttttf IOWA, ?'(-.- V A 1>"N > u, OPlNlOiV BtllLDS TflF, STOKE. Without; the gooA opinion of its pittfons no business house can .expect to sdceeed. The opinion prevails among 1 o'ur customers that xve always 16ad in the Important matters of low price and high value. From now untilJulylth We will -farther mtmld the f ublic opinion to the fact that at the NEW XOLAND you get thQ poods as advertised and values areas represented. ....... DUBT)AI J T J & CO. LOCAL MENTIONS, The telephone is not with us yet, but it Will soon be here. A good second-hand top buggy for sale cheap at the Wigwam. The banner of the free will float from a new flag-staff on the Court House. The Kossuth County Teachers' institute will open in Algona August 6th. The News promises a large delegation from LuVerne to take in our Fourth, The contract for furnishing the lumber, hauling and building stand, seats, etc., will be let by Geo. Platt, It wapts to be distinctly understood •that there is not going to be any fence around the Algona business men's celebration. Geo. Galbraith has taken a new start on his residence and is evolving new features which will add to its attractiveness. Our grocers have sold some homegrown new potatoes. Henry Michael is, we believe, the first to bring in, a bushel. . . \ .••'•'•• The Hamiltons expect an invoice Of bear cubs from the south, along with a heavy shipment of lumber. This is not an ad. Emmetsburg was well represented in the Christian Endeavor Convention last week. There were about twenty in attendance. The ladies' society of the Congregational church .will hold a meeting tnis afternoon for the transaction of important business. C. B. Matson has just had Photographer Peterstofinish up a lot .of Kodak views which he brpught home from Missouri. He has some fine pictures. Dr. Garfield is build 1 ing. such a magnificent barn that some persons have got the idea';the his 'newspaper neighbor was guilty of the extravagance of a new residence. ' ; ''..'•• , Now that we have a, steam laundry of large capacity directly, , across the street from the REPUBLICAN office,. there will .be no excuse hereafter for a stiff office towel. Dr. Savers had his : office .building moved down. from Call street to \State and located next to the Brown' livery- stable. This..has been contempla- tiqn for some time. .. . <,,, ? •• ..: : The Ladies' 1 Aid Society i pf ''the M. E. church, will 'Serve supper Friday. evening^ June 28,'fi!om &'tb 8'o'clbdk-' at the home. of Henry: Patterson^-, All are cordially invited,, j.,;..- 3 ,\ next Tuesday. Tbe^town.T ship and ward caucuses,, unless otherwise 'called, will be held"-: 'Saturday af^ ternpon an<! evening. , , ;; . ',',.; Recoi-der Randall has;;h^a liisvhome on. east Call' street newly painted this It is a very 'neat job 'and a '' ' fair sample of the '', combine'd ,skil) of E/G.:Tuttle.and.AvD.Ferii,. .;,;,; . So the .Whittemore. Champion thinks it isn't much of a circus that don't buy up all the little side., shows . : within . a dozen miles'. ,But in that respect the Whittemore paper stands atone... ; . Green's Stock' -Company will play "Lady Audrey's Secret" at the Gall the night of the. third,, and ;';'Muldoon's Picnic" the night of the Fourth, The Company is very highly commended. Two hundred people went from AJ- gona to the Spirit -Lake' Masonic demonstration; yesterday, including : • the two bands, ; There was no- rain at the lake, and the day and the celebration were both fine. • Any paper which fee'ls itself compelled to indulge in ill-natured flings at some other to.wn as a last desperate . means of keeping its readers away from a Fourth of July celebration at that' town it entitled to deep 'pity. W. W. Hildebr'and, of 'LeMars. the popular representative of Fairbanks, Morse & Co.,' was in Algona yesterday. Mr. Hildebra'nd is always popular at the REPUBLICAN office on account of having supplied it with' the best gas engine on earth. > * • -The Emmetsburg Reporter has over' ruled the umpire of the ball game between tbe printers and lawyers of Algona and decided that tb,e latter wejse the winners. The 'Algona printers were the victors, and so are not candidates for sympathy. • •< Tbe King's Daughters will -serve ice cream,, cake and lemonade atZabJtenls ' The A. L. A. ladies meet at 3 o'clock, June 28, at the Reading room. The ladies of the Baptist church will serve dinner to their share of the crowd on the Fourth. The new laundry has been in operation for several days, and everything is running smoothly, it has a very complete equipment of up-to-date machinery from Nelson & Kreuter of Chicago, which has been installed by S. I, Ever* itt. This institution will be a credit and a great benefit to the town. Mrs* Lilly has closed the first term of her Kindergarten, and a very successful school it was. This institution has been something of an experiment here, but those Who have made themselves familiar With Mrs. Lilly's little school unite in pronouncing it a great success. The second term will open in September, and it is expected with a largely increased attendance. t Chas. J. Brown, the liveryman, is getting up a splendid band wagon for the Algona band, boys. It will be ready by the Fourth and will be drawn by four fine horses. It will be resplendent in gold and color, but will not be any finer' than the music it will carry. This is a great piece of enterprise on the part of Mr. Brown. He thought the boys should have .something to match those new suits. ^ f The Algona Business men's celebration will be, an all-day affair. It will , be, all that anybody, can see in one day. The only way to make a bigger pro- .gram Would be; to-; invoke the power which 'in a lo$g past v 'emerg'ency made the sun to st'an'd still, and that would .leave the other nations iri a bad fix. •The 'celebration will be first class ^11 (the way through add include all the popular Fourth of 'July' features, arid the best to be had'of everything. '.The Annual rating of Iowa postoffi- ces as regards salaried has been pub-: lished and it is cheering to note that. Algona has dqne enough postal bus- jhessltp entitle Postmaster Ilinchon to an increase Of salary from. Si, 700 to' $1,800. Other towns in. this neighbor-: hood whose salaries ".are raised are Britti from $1,300 to $1,400; Clear Lake, $1,400 to $1500; Estheryille $1,60,0 .to $1,700; Garner, $1200 to. $1300, .Shel'don,- $1,700 'to $1,800; Webster.CityV$l,'900 ,to' 2,100. "-.. •_' ; ..,'..•" . ' ; .;;.:.; Algeria had her share of traimps and' "bums" to deal with in the .early' ^pring, bjit they come with;. less, and less frequency as the season advances,: and tho'se who come within ; the cor- por^tejlimits.make very .brief visits : ,un- less.nabbed prqmpt^y, .by .the, • mars,|i'al,| ' ' It; has • put. every such straggler to;.;work the streets. Last week'one; ofisthem objected to the; program, of vigorous exercise, add was put- on, a'bread ; and water diet for three days. He; was let go Monday morning. . ., . . -. . : Judge Quarton says lie will submit.'a proposition to put in an electric light plant iind ask for a-franchise-at 1 the council meeting Saturday nighfc ' We should have electric : lights, and have them right away, and have an efficient arid .-strictly .up-to-date• service. • The' town has perhaps not waited : too! long if noXv/it-'canhave'What it wants; W^ith proper safeguards against bleedingand' proper assurances i n ; regard to capacity and * equipment' of the plant,- there should be no trotible about -a frahchise< nor any. hitch overaliberal street-light 1 ing contract.. We'do riot think'that' Algona, at this>stage of, her growth^' will care to put anything into any such enterprise whichiismqt on.'a : scale com* njensurate with the assured futurerof the city. v . • , .''<.' Miss Edith M. Clarke and Mr. Frank L. Williams ott Wednesday Afternoon. The marriage of Miss Edith M. Clarke, eldest daughter of Hon. A. D. Clarke, and Frank Leslie Williams, of Erie, Pa., was salemnized at the residence of the bride's parents Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Daylight was excluded from the beautiful home and artificial illumination supplied its place, heightening the effects. The company numbered upwards of 100, many of whom -Were guests from abroad. Of these were Mr. and Mrs. Amos Williams, of Erie, parentsof the groom, Mr, and Mrs. John Gibbons Miller, of Chicago, Chas. C. Sfc.Clair, of Marshalltown,' Hon* and Mrs. J. L. Kamrar and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs, EsteSj of Webster City, Mr. J. Rudy and Miss Jessie Heckart, of Eagle Grove. The ceremony was performed with a ring, ReV. Davidson officiating, after the wedding march executed by Mrs. Geo. C. Call. The presents were many and elegant. The floral decorations were very flne, and the refreshments were from Kingsley's. The couple, after receiving the congratulations of friends, left for St. Paul, going over the Milwaukee. son is a musician of considerable ability and may be induced to 'remain in Algona permanently as an instructor in vocal and instrumental music. GOOD WOkK AT MOBART. The SAWED IN TWO, Does Was It Accidental?—A Buzz Saw Its Work. Last Saturday at J. A. Hamilton & Co.'s yard, about fifty cords of dry hard and soft wood were sawed up. It is the finest summer wood but and costs but $.50 per cdrd, delivered to any part of the city. Order what you want at once as it will not last long. J. A. HAMILTON & Co.. IS A FINE SCHOOL. Wesley Reporter; Mrs. Weaver, who has been , attending Prof. Lilly's nor- imal school at Algona, is enjoying a few •days vacation at the home of Fred Anderson. ^ She speaks very 'complimen- •tary of the manner in which that school is conducted. Perry Wilk'Jns his pbtajto patch Tprowling around tpnday, examining 'our o'clock tUi nine, tfe belteyejiathe 1 15.M.SA. v «.—,-it».. ^JA'J FT1L •_ „ ' \±. ' time limit 'annbunaM, This may, be set down as an occasion too promising to be missed, There is nq doutbt but tbe peleprat* ion is a growing? one, New and attrac* tjve features are being added to what was thought at tbe tbe statt ty be 'a somewhat -pretentione demonstration, The business men of Algona will make a creditable celebration. Leo Peagngt, GaNwaitb's right band man, is, just getting afound again on a eru,tob. IJe has be.en Jai4 «P f.or.apout ^WQ weeks,, by » bruise ontbe Jsnee,.c"a'p received by coming in 1 contact w^tbtbe door of the s&fe:, Gaibr^i^b'8 8tore , K .~- i-rr ' •" • WilvM#<}4 • , .„- - fajBd.tbe ipNAteri / . •„ f< A Christian Brideayoj delegate- JfiUs. of Jaet week's -cpojentiPB 'in 'JJamutou cpunty Journal the IP* 'raaJse" iT 1 visitors and everyque went pnd pupate of^wajjew. mlmm * tbe ground 'to see whether it was iri a "growing condition," when became up against something big, which proved to be a tuber ' described in 'ordinary conversation as a potato, arid .he concluded to try arid,unearth iti which he did with a pry, and a stiff lift, A careful measurement, indicated a .circunifer- ence'of seven in'ches one way and gight inches, and'it was a'long was through the middle, In reporting results' to the REPUBLICAN Mr, Wilkins hesitat^. ed sotnewhafabout telling about' his wife's finding a bigger potato , jn the same patch was'dug the 1 day" previous, which was Sunday. 1 But the' truth'will out, and potato did,'too,' " ' The Britt Tribune gives some facts' in regard to the telephone enterprise -from which it/will be seen that" it'is one 1 of considerable magnitude; . • The line is all that can be asked for or expected and will put us "in direct eomm'uniQation with all Ipwa ,in 'the' near future, Tbe contract made by. this company was tbe largest ev^r made in a single order for telephone instruments; their first contract calls for ,10,000 instruments, at a cost of 9m,-. OQO for tbe-4n9tru,mentis alone, taking into consideratipn tbe cpst of pplea, wire, work,.#rejgbts, e^to, 0«J> readers will readily 8§§ tba,t it is'an enterprise, of no ,mean--magnitudei it has fur- ftisbed labar for a -'great 'many otbei-' wise Wle roen a»d will cpntinue to J -' so thrpugbput-the•• entire " m "~ lgngtbeliee-bav§ i aua tlie Business will totbe«aBftgen^ent ^r all v SOCIAL; ICE .CREAM. ; Algona Grange will hold an ice cream social at their hall on Saturday next, June 29, from 4 to 9 o'clock. All are bordiallly invite.d, y , . ! PERSONAL MENTION. 'Miss Birdie Rutherford is home from the Am'es Agricultural College enjoying the brief vacation. .Spencer News: Geo. E.jClarke and Judge Quarton,. of Algona were seen at the ; depot this morning, returning from the Lakes, well tanned 'with the sun and Lake,'breezes/and iaden with the fruits of th'eir piscatorial outing. Furman Tuttle, O f the Webster City Journal,...was one of the delpgates to last weeks Christian EndeavorXJonven- tion.; '.,•:,-. : ... , ' E 4 H- Warren, of Spearfish, South Dakota, has been 1 visiting his brother, R.r B. Warren, of the-Upper Des Mx)ines..' He is:^associated with his ,-''lJi W. Warren, in the news- 1 ' business.' ' •'». '••.-./. •..:>•;-.'< •\t T)—•-.—-~v "~ •*———-*«•-•• .*tHSS C/&!Tfl3 [amrar, wept tp'Algeria this afterhdb'n' "'-'itend.the iriarnage Of her friend, , i Edith'Clark;.to Mr. Fraank William,s,of Erie, Pa.-'Mi$s Clark has Vis- itecl'frequently in'this city and has a host; 'Pf adrilirers among the • young people, who vyill extend corigratulations on the happy^event. ,' / . Gep-..R. Cloud and wife-and B. W. Haggard .and.-wife returned Monday from Lost,Island Jake, where they had been spending' a 1 ew,,days enjoying the fishing. Their biggest story is a catch of 160 fish in one atternoon's fishing. : ;,Rev. A;L. Hudson : arrived : in tow'ri this'morning-for a visit with his sister^ Mrs. M. F. Randall. He came from Sioux City, where he preached in Unity church last Sunday. This gentleihan is better known to Algonapeople as an able newspaper man, lawyer and 'ora^ lior, but some years ago he- gave up a large and profitable law practice-'in Sioux City'-and devoted himself to Christian ministry. _—, „ p ted from the Yale theological school',' arid'already has he been called to a prominent pastorate, that of } a ••Unitarian - church at Salt LakeCiiy, where he soon'goes, Mrl'and Mrs. George' Smith have be/Bn.enjpyrngja visit from their grand, daughter,'Miss'Ha'ljie 1 Smith, daughter of.Will F. Smith, 'of the Webster City Journal. • ' •.; Mr, ,an'd Mrs, John Smajley,'of, Keo- •k,uk county, are 'visiting their daught- .erj Mrs. Dr, Stull, Dr, Stull'arid'family and Mr. and Mrs, John Smalley, who are their guests, spent a few days at Silver Jake, """'ng Monday,. They had a very „ , it outing and brought'home fish over and above all they .could eat on ,th$ grounds-, .. , • upt, Horan.wa's up-at' Silver'Lake ;h the .Bl'ppr- family, of Burt, last wgek. A big haul pf -fish rewarded tbe patty- >Yill 'Mullica ran the water wpifcs. 1 .,, ','('-• • ,-,'.-'.• 'l|[jss Comie Ingbwm and her sister, Mrp, Nellie Russell, are here- from Qma,ba,, ' Gfus |*ee.k left last Saturday nigbt fpr DetrPit, Michigan, and ppinto in New •Yprj? state, He will be-absent six or eight weeks, a gppd share pf which tinj,ehe.wili_spend with b?p 'parents, Hobart Creamety Makes a Good Record and Gains Customers. Arthur Gilmour, secretary of the Hobart Creamery Company, hands the REPUBLICAN these figures, for the indnth ending May 19th: 'Pounds milk received.... .152.817 Pounds butter shipped 5,897 Pounds butter taken by patrons.... 410 Pounds butter fat, by test 5,242 Pounds butter made week ending June 19 3,000 Number patrons May 20 40 Number patrons June 20 50 The creamery takes in about 1,000 pounds of milk per day. Hobart celebrated June 16 by running through about 4,000 pounds of milk. August Neurel is the popular butter maker. This creamery is a very healthy organization. Its president is 11. W. Barrett, and the directors are J. ILCovell, Fred Pompe, Wm. Dodds and R, W. Barrett. HEARD THE FAT PROPHET. A Kossuth County Student at the Wisconsin University Hears Ingersoll. Get prices on binding twine at The Wigwam. ALGONA'S FOURTH. Ledyard Leader: The Algona KB- PUBLiCAN utilizes a spring poet who rhymes away in about five stanza's asking the people to celebrate at Algona. Measured either by this poet or by the actual outlook we judge that Algona will have u rousing time. Carroll Herald: Victor B. Dolllver, brother of the congressman, will deliver the fourth of July oration at Algona. He is said to be as entertaining a talker as his brother. Buffalo Center Tribune: Victor B. Dolliver, brother of our distinguished congressman, is billed to deliver the oration at Algona on the 4th of July, while the Hon. J. P. will let loose his eloquence to the admiring throngs at LeMars on that day. The name of Dolliver is synonymous: of -an extra good speech, and those towns are for- tu»ate in their selections, "o •' — •:•.•••'•-:.<A. M. & G. M. Johnson have just got in/another fine lot of two-seated :surreys. Come early and make your choice. ' • ••.• ...a.! • • ' • - • • •' •-''••• .The Opera House Grocery still maintains its reputation for nice butter. . ' POUETH OF JULY NOTICE. I'iiave severalgood stalls for'the accommodation of teams, one block west of the North-western stock yards'. 39-40 JIM STACY. Impressions of the Man and of His Preachment—Matchless Eloquence but Zero Logic — Ingersoll Not a Geo. Washington. Infants' Setchell's. mull caps at Setchell & j'jrTALMAGE AT OLEAE LAKE.' June. 30r~Special Cheap ; '' reparation for-the Chi He recently graduated i_u!^ _i_.i».i_v-_rri_.. «_i. . • •» On Sunday, June 30th, the Chicago Milwaukee & St. .Paul Railway will run a-special excursion from Algona to Clear lake to give.all anjOpportunity-to hei^r a sermon by tbe great Brooklyn divine. Rev. Talmage. At the'low rate'Of only. $1.40 from Algona to Clear' Lake no one should -fail to go. This Iqw.r^ate includes admission to the Pavilion and all the privileges of the park grounds. Sermou at 2:00 p. rii. Train leaves Algona at 9:22 a; m. Buy your binding twine at The Wig- •oam. krf(i-wfw'Hetiier'there or not!" His.closing-sentences were euphonious in the extreme, and well calculated to charm the.populai; ear, and insure a favorable effect. Considering the lecture'as a whole, I should say it was a success from every standpoint than that of logic. His splendid presence attracted the eye, his silvery ydice enslared the ear, and his matchless 1 eloquence captivated one's whole being. More tha'nthis,the lecture was in every way a phillipic, abounding in keenest sarcasm and most withering and blasphemrfus wit, which shocked every sentiment of reverence and piety. But its effect was only sensuous. To 'the thoughtful, it carried no conviction. To the thoughtful, the arguments were superficial attd the reasoning was sophistry. The time has come when effervescent oratory and caustic sarcasm do not carry any weight. I will not say that the speaker is not sincere, but certain it is that this great arch-infidel receives handsomely for his"-services.' J.' P. RAWSON. Madison, Wis.,'May 16, 1895. It will pay you to buy- wall paper at Studley's Pharmacy. CHEAP RAILROAD RATES. , _,,..,., ,. - • _ ; ^-..T, . , J' ; . Can save you monev on binding twine at'Jhe Wigwam. ... .- .• ;-.-.; A neW'line of Sweet Pickles" always on'hand at Langdori : & ; Hudsori's. Fresh strawberries every morning at Patterson & Son's. ' CAN TELL A LIE. To THE EDITOR.—Fullers opera house was packed to its utmost capacity to contain the crowd which gathered to hear Robert Ingereoll's now famous—or infamous—lecture'on tlie Bible. People of all classes were there,— the savants who 'went, some to have their own ideas ably expressed, and some to be enabled to intelligently refute such heresies; the thoughtless pedant who went for appearance's sake; the hero-worshiper, who -thought only of the matchless eloquence, and cared nothing for the logic or sophistry, as the case might be; and the thoughtless rabble, who were suggestively numerous, and whose proudest .boast is to say, with an.arrogant affectation of wisdom: "I don't.believe there is a God." It is needless to say_that the Christian heard much to., refute,. the infidel much to. admire, and the. seeker after truth much at which to be perplexed. At 8 o'clock sharp, the curtain rose, and a few minutes after-Robt. Ingersoll, the lawyer, the lecturer, the orator, and, above all, the infidel, walked upon the stage. 'He' is. a, L well-built, well-perserved man, of about,, sixty or sixty-five years of age, w,jth silvery locks which would better become a venerable deacon or elder thaa'this agnostic. His costume was such as to satisfy the most fasiMlous 1 .'" After a few prelimiriary remarksj'iie began by liking reason to a flame, and then exclaiming: ''Let the.little^liariieburn." And then during the next two iiours, proceeded to demonstrate that his own little flame had long since been extinguished by the winds of prejudice and superficial investigation. Proceeding to inspiration, he declared: "Any clergyman will tell that Moses never ,wrote : the Pentateuch." This startling statetnent, of course, can be accepted as nothing less than an absolute falsehood. 'Touchirig the questibn of the. , FOURTH OF JULY ., ^ ., , . morality of the Bible, he exclaimed: r - On *#*.? and '4,,the Northwestern .1101 , TI , i T MI line will sell excursion tickets at low "SlaveryI Polygamy! I will never wor- rates to local stations Witihin-200 miles, ghipaGod who believes in slavery," good for return passage until; July :5, and then, in a 1 way that would shock'a 1895, inclusive..-,.For, tickets ani.full rational man, he Compared Jehovah to §o?S^|n^.l??: a ^P^. C ^^ K0 ^ a monster, and declared that the'Bible upheld lying^^After this rey_el of un- djsgi}ise.d^ i.fallacy^ arid! : Satanic blasphemy, he again exclaimed: •''•Let4 : : ; ' ^T, T .^" the little - flame burn!" He then at- V^4^ tempted to prove that the scriptures up- ^ t 5? a W?^iK^te h 2™ft2* For the Various occasions mentioned below one standard 'first class fare for the round trip, viz: .Epworth League .convention atChat- tanodga, June 27 to 30th. National Educational 1 Association meeting Denver, Colo.< July -5th to 12th. United Societies of, Christian Endeavor Boston, Mass., July 10th 14th. , Baptist Young People's Union of America at Baltimore, 'Md., July 18- to 21St. • ; . , : ;..... ... :",. . , . -• Annual meeting, American. Pharmaceutical Association at Denver, Col., Aug. 14to r 24th. ' ••' :':"' .Triennial Conclave, Knights Templar at Boston, Mass*,. Aug. : 20. to 30th. V , jSTaiionar Encampment, G., A- R,, Louisville, Ky.', Sept.' lO;to 14thl " " , ; '-' 'HALF RATES TO-'TSOSTQN, MASS. ;'"' •• On account' 'of the international Christian Endeavor ''•Convention;'-" the North-Western Line will. on. July.:6, 6, 7. and {}, sell excursion tickets to;Boston Mass., 'and 'return, at rat,e' .of' one. fare for'the round trip, tickets good tor 'return passage until Aug. 6th, r 1895'-, inclusive. ; For. tickets and full information .apply to. ( Agents, Chicago North- Western R'y- ' ' "" . Embroideries, white goods and laces', at Setchell & Setchell's. Monona, la., Nov. 26.—-John Walter says: "My child has been afflicted with fits and was otherwise delicate. I am glad to say that Wood's Worm. B-estroyer restored her to health. I § 8fn recommend it as a great remedy, old by al} druggists. 39-40 We will save you money on hose and hose fittings.—-SFPRBECK & LAMBERT, The Opera House Gropery is the place to find "Economy." ., Call and see the fine line of trimmed ha'ts at Setchell & Setchell's. Pure maple sugar, Patterson & Son's. • 1895 make, at Don't buy a pump until you get & LAMBERT. ' A few nice seed potatoes yet at tbe Opera House Grocery. .wb|> Jive in New York. -'Mr, and family and sodM; ,SP en .$' , an4 Hartley, over PB a very . ^msqn w|eeJs, wjs. noticed, tbey ?Miwmi& RBthBMwfr J2QW fro® P^^gQjpraYa.eatipn, ^e^ayig^Dj'e'Qf Jiti Taylor's. ' ' i» » t ty&mtow& &™w®^$m% •w&M»mwkJ^x^ m • &mMim»mA9QiKiEp~' — &*&BXmM- M held war, and murder, and pillage, and incontinence, by citing a few cases from the Old Testament, in which certain ones, in defiance to the Divine* will perpetrated,these crimes overtly. Such sophistry is amazing iri this century of enlightenment. It would be as logical to say that'MacGauley was giinty, of the cruelty.and murders of Jeffreys because, he wrote a history of those deeds, or thi^t; Carjyle was a howling, murderous Jacobin ; because he wrote a history of the 1 French revolution^ "Eccle'sias- 1 es.,'', he affirmed,•' '|s the rn^st thoughtful bqok in the Bible, and was written by an infidiel; while the 109th Psalm is the most infamous book in the world." 'Onexamination, this Ps,alm which so offended the gentleman, will be found to be only petitionary in- character, and there is no evidence that its' terms were 1 ever granted. "Is there," he asked, as if challenging a reply, "a single word or line in the bible that has helped the intellect?" The bible,, that book which in.many of its features, has baffled the sear chin gs of tbe keenest intellects of the ages. He then compared Marcus Aurelius and Abra- ham'Lincoln with Jesus, and came to the conclusion that He' who came to seek' arid to save that which was lost, was positively 'devilish as compared with either the Roman, emperor and philosopher or, the American statesman, .Speaking of that passage where it is prophesied that the Jews, as a nation, will be scattered over 1 the earth, homeless, be declared that they were the mosf prosperous nation on tUe face of jjhe earth. To tb'is'we cannot b'^t although, many of them are 'sordidly rich, as a natipp, they wpuld compare very poorly indeed with any of tjh^ great powers of Europe, or wjtb tbe "United States, in fact they are wanderer^, and lost tbe character and prestige of a natipn, "Tbe New Testament," be assertedp'is as nwcb wprs,e than tbe Qia as Hell is wprse tban tbe EfcenjaJ gie.e,n,'* "AM," he continued, »ifMh.,.Tnhr,l™ .5^ ^ are. fa,is,e, and if, for this most p'opular 6f,Northern,Iowa ' summer resorts, includin Rev. T. DeWitt Taiuiage lectures' by unday- June 30th. and.Rev. Sam. P: Jonesr, Sunday, July Tth.and G0sp.el.mee.tings led by the most popular divines, qf ;the .nation. Catnpmeetihgsf, band concerts and numerous other attractions will be announced from.time to time.' f. •,. '. - v' The annual Musical Festival will be.: held August 2d, to ijth inclusive, and will de under the direc'tion of" Prof. Clement B.. ShaW. -GbicagbV Talent already secured, for -this- occasion promises .to: make- it a mqst enjoyable meeting, ' '.'. ,' , ' :.'. -., , 'Aiarge^and commo'dipus' paviiiori'is now in process of erecti6n,'-wh'ich''will furnish ample.seating capacity for all who may come. , . , , , Hotel Oaks will be open to the pnb- licJunefith. This-hotel-is large and commodious, built after the -most approved plan'of suirimer hotels and managed by riieri who know the wants of their guests. " - - ••<•' to tbe "bjlQved. fi. ug wap. —Dealer in— Jewelry, Silverware, Watches and idocte,- Finest Wne andLargest'Stcwk, Repair^\ Jftg 4 Specialty. Tye employ only com- Qy potent workmen, Oajl at our new quartersln tbe Oodles'Blopk., , , RftJOIIBB, - . AK.'lowa,

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