The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1895
Page 3
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you or .^^ J _,_ F .«^ a ^ai^aiaiit^B^i^i6iiSBH'*' i »™ . * -* , •Scteen fffttae to fit any steed window, call nt f ftiicy Screen DooiN witli the best opening hinge in the market, of a Window Norton's Lumber Yard. t>f6fes*3*fttwniM* "The plans for the twenty-first season at Chantanqno .£r°7*de for fi , e 7f_ a ] ^ features that ^ Chautauiiuans. interest old and new One of the novelties of . which much is expected is ft course of lectures on stories as ft mode of thinking by Professor Richnttl Green Moulton, lato of Cambridge, England, and now DAYS >V 1 LU\J t11. \viiu.±j.g,v/« ••»".". -"- ,r 4 geles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North-Western Line Variable tout tourist tickets, to California and health and pleasure resorts of the so* on sale at VERY LOW RATES. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to Agent. CHICAGO & NORTH -WESTERN R'l M. T*. IIACrGART. HAGGARD O. F. GREAT VALUE FOR + LITTLE MONEY. WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WORLD A TRIFLE. PROFESSOR RICHARD G. MOUl/TOJf. of Chicago university. Professor Moulton is the great missionary of university extension, and after performing a very successful work in England he came to this country a few years ago for the express purpose of introducing university extension methods here. He rendered Valuable services at tho University of Pennsylvania before going to Chicago university, where he occupies the chair of professor of English literature. The Exhibition at Milan. Many and beautiful are the buildings •which comprise the united exhibitions at Milan, the intellectual, industrial and commercial center of Italy. The ground' covered by tho various buildings of tho exhibition proper is about 60,000 square meters, and that devoted to the castle, garden and turf for the sports is 200,000 additional. In the main build- a twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper ot the United States. It is a National Family Paper, and gives P t the general news of the United States. It gives the events ot fo egn hauls in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department msfo superior in the country. Its "Mrket Reports" are r cognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle " Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics Its Home and Society columns command the adraira- tlon of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorial and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. ?£ ofle^this splendiljournal and THE BBPUDLICAN for ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, CASH IN ADVANCE. [The regular subscription for the two papers is 82.60.] ' SUBSCKIPTIONS MAY MSGIN AT ANY TIME. tarWi-Ue your name and address on a postal card, sehd it to GEO.W.BEST, nSm.8 TnGle Building. Neio York fc%, and sample copy of 1HE NEW YORK' WEEKLY TRIBUNE mil lie mailed to you. ENTRANCE TO MAIN BUILDING, MILAN. ing are tho industrial arts, printing, engraving, etc.; then comes tho castle, •with a wealth of painting, sculpture and photography, and further along the ancient Eoohetta, a fortress -which used to shelter the signori of Milan-when their enemies succeeded in entering the city; the ducal palazzo, historical residence of the Sforza dukes of Milan; the magnificent machinery building, the educational exhibit and the phylacterio and geographic displays, all combining, to form a most imposing spectacle. The exhibition will continue six mouths. A Millionaire Novelist. John Jacob Astor, the multimillionaire, recently emulated the example of his cousin, William Waldorf Astor, by writing a novel called "A Journey In THE BERRY GARDEN Have Plants True to Name and a KecoTtl For Future tlefereiice. Having determined to grow, say, oue- quarter acre of berries, make a drawing of tho new garden. The boys and girls may do it. Take a piece of heavy paper or a clean, smooth board, and draw ten straight main lines, an inch apart and 25 inches loug, to represent ten rows of fruit plants seven feet apart. Now draw cross lines, one-half inch apart, the entire length of plat, making 50 lines. The intersection fit' each cro^s line, with main lines, represents the eJnct point of setting plants. This gives 00 plants to the row, plants ti}4 feet apart in the row and rows 17D feet loug. Set strawberry plants just half this distance, each W ay'—-SI inches apart in the row, and tows 8>« feet'apart. Now make selection of varieties, tho nuuibev of each variety and tho row they nre to occupy. Write tho name of berry and number of plants on tho line selected. From long experience and geuurul" cultivation the following varieties are recommended as doing well in most localities by M. A. Thayer in The American Agriculturist: 1st row—25 Briton and 25 Snydtr blackberries. 2<1 row-25 Nernaha black raspberries, 25 Ohio black. 3d row—25 Palmer black raspberries, 25 Shaffer Colossal. 4th row— 25 Cuthbert red raspberries, 25 Marlboro red. oth row—35 Victoria red currants, 25 Red Dutch. 6th row—25 White Grapo currants; 25 gooseberries, Downing, Houghtou. 7th row—100 Warfleld strawberries. 1y* — 100 Michel's Early strawberries. 8th row— 100 Haverland strawberries. 8^—100 Beder Wood strawberries. Oth row— 100 Crescent strawberries. 9^—100 VauDemau strawberries. 10th row—IS grapes, Moore's, Worden, Concord, Brighton, Delaware. Tho distance for setting, as well .as varieties to be selected, may be varied to suit different soils, localities, methods of cultivation or fancy of the grower. The plants should be set eut as early in spring as ground can be well prepared. As soon as ground is freo from frost prepare it thoroughly. Stake off the rows and set plants, by line, following the plan exactly. You will then have plants true to name, and on your plat a complete record for future reference. Learn name smd location of each variety, form of leaf, habit and growth, tint of bud, flavor of fruit, time of ripening, etc. Mark well the varieties that do best for you, and in future settings you may have without cost, best plants and best fruit from your own garden. The Chinese Arlxir Vitas. For some unexpected reason nursery men in recent times seldom get order for the Chinese arbor vitse, yet it is one of tho best evergreens. But, as Mee- -han.'s.Monthly. says^ it requires a little management when"- young '•"• to prevent more than one leading shoot getting an ascendancy. If there are several leading shoots allowed to grow up, they fall apart during snowstorms and become very unsightly, but trained up to a single stem when young they make beautiful small trees. ?m:eo«sor« to oNK* & SMITH. REAL ESTATE and OOLLEOflONS ALQONA, IOWA. A. D. CLAftKE cfe CO. FARM LOAD'S. >tttce on Dorlpe street, Alpona, Iowa. (1EO. 0. CALL, UKAL, ESTATE AKD ADSTKAVT OFF/CE For Information in regard to lands In Northwestern Iowa, write to liim, Chorington street. Algona, Iowa. taw On account of thfe tnOfcHfrt ol H tional Educational assoeifttiimat Co1.. the Northwestern Hnfe will, mt 4.5. and fi(ancl,&!$o on .Tnly t, for t iT-ncliingthe Missouri river on that date), •so 11 excursion tickets to Dfnvo.r, Cf>lof«s6 Spring. Mftnltoii and Punblo, ftt A rale tint to pxcpi-d one faro for the round trip with sj added for mnmbmhip tec: tickets cooJ for rotnrn pa«*agr> until Sept. 1,Iffib. TliH rate Is available to the general public and an oxceptlonally favorable •oppoftnti- Itv Is offered for an r-njoyable and economical trip to the Rockies, as well fta Yellowstone National park. Salt TjtlKfi and the health and pleasure resorts of the west and northwest. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. TOURISTS EXCURSION. The Northwestern line is now selling excursion tickets at reduced rates to the principal summer resorts of the United Stales. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago .& Northwestern rail war. f OEO. E. CIiAUKK. CHAS. A. COHENOUn CLARKE & COHENOUK, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ALGONA IOWA. f: ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE of TRAINS CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE ANt) St. TMATK BAST No. 2 passenger I0:22affl No. 4 passenger n :04 pm XT.. ri> r..f>tr»)it fi.t4.f1aa i\«ih!cnmri'ji > <t ft 'P.r> II in GEO. K CLOUD, (Suceofisor to W. 13. QuaHoii) Attorney and Counselor at Law, AI.no2?A. IOWA. OITIcu over Kossuth County Stiiie Hunk. SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, I'ostotlice BlocK. - LAW. AI.OONA, IOWA No. TO frelfjln carrle?. ISO, H4 frcifilit carries No. No. No. No. •No. 1 passenger 9 passenger •• • »5 freight carries ,.,-,.,....„., 71 freight carries passengers v . n:i freight can-lets presenfsers... , 3 :35 p In i :45 |) m .. 4 :24 |> IB 15 :30 a til . t! :40 p til :!J5 a ffi E. V.SWETTING. A TTOnNKT A T LA \\\ Money to i»an. Algoim, Iowa J. I,. KOJfAK. II. H. FELLOWS. BONAR & FELLOWS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW Oolloctlon.s will rccolvo prohipt attention. Rooms 8 und 0, AljronaStulo Bank Bl'clfr. Brancli office tit * r s,,if* ,n-, T ,, Wesley. Iowa. ALGV.YA, IOWA- (Jhtcajfo .ft Northwestern K'y. OOINO NORTH AM) WEST. Passen 12 a r s:i8a tn J'asienirer .'.'.'.'. 3 :32 p m Krel" t !i :3ft » m 1'relglit.' ? :W p m GOIVO SOUTH AND KAHT. PussoiiEer 3 :I2 p m 1'asspniier o-.0 7 pm Krelglit !):!tnaln 1'retBht a-JS2ptn Piisse:i(?pr» arrive in Chicago 7 a. in. and a. tn. Arrive in Des Molnes 7 :5n and 11 :3t> p. in. DAN'SON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AA f D LAND, Collections a Specialty. .Ofllce In Gardner t/'owle* new building Alfcona. Iowa. S. S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY. AT LAff\ Loans and Insurance. Special attention to collections oE all kinds. OBlce over Ohrischllles' store. Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D.. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Ofllee on State street, Algona. lowt. SIMPLIFIED ELOCUTION, A new book, bearing the above title, by Edwin Gordon Lawrence, teacher of elocution and director of the Lawrence School of Acting, has just been issued. Simplified Elocution is a comprehensive system of vocal and physical gymnastics; itcontams explicit instructions for the cultivation of the speaking voice and gesture; directions for the production of breath, sound and speech, and a thorough explanation of the muscles and organs employed: rules for articulation, modulation, emphasis-ana delivery: postures and movements of tho fed, bo'dy, arms, head, eyes, etc. To the treatise is added a Complete Speaker, consisting of selections in poetry, and prose suitable for recitation, which,as the author says in his introduction, "are lot chosen on account of their newness, jut from their intrinsic merit and their adaptability as exercises." The work is designed for the especial use of teachers, actors, students, colleges, schools and all those who wish to perfect themselves in the noble art of expression. The book, which contains 233 pages, is handsomely bound in cloth and gold, ana will be sent seiurely packed on receipt of SI, postage free. (Nmv York: published •bv the author, 100 West 42d street.) M.J. KENEF10K,M. D. Office over Taylor's store. Aigoua, Iowa J; M • Office over Goeder's CJotnmg Store. Algona, • Iowa MO SOAP WILL DO THE WORK HALF. SO WELL.AS. ONETRIAL WILL PROVE THIS FACT. SOLD EVERYWHERE' THEN.K,FAIRBANKCOMPAN1C«oo, THE INTER OCEAN The Bushel Case For Apples. It is told in a Boston exchange that the adoption of the bushel case and wrapping the apples in paper has at last been a success in foreign markets. Buyers who have tried them are anxious for more. In most instances the frnit has not been better than ordinary No. 1 fruit in barrels, bat the prices obtained have been better. The opinion is expressed that "the adoption of smaller •packages and of greater oaro in packing well selected fruit will pay exceedingly well." ' The Datura Cornucopia. The singular form, gigantic size, striking colors and pleasant odor of the flowers make the Datura cornucopia, or house of plenty, as it is sometimes called, most conspicuous. The plant is of robust habit; the stem is thick, dark brown purple, shining as if varnished, The branches are numerous, spreading DR. L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGQltiT AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled. Deals in paints, OUB, books, perfumeries, eto. Oor. State and Thorlngton ata. Alcona.Iowa. A GOOD BUSINESS POE GOOD LAND. Will exchange a good general store in a first-class town in northern Iowa, that will invoice $10,000, for good smooth laud which must be practically clear; information will be furnished by "G7H7 Seeberger; care of- Cursoa, J?iri Scott & Co., Chicago. • 84-87 Publisher's Notice. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTEMORE - - - IOWA, Regular Office hours 8 tola a.m., a.toop. in. Over Wlchler's Furniture atore. Kesidence north of trtvuic. <xDENTIST» A. L. BIST, DVD. S Local anaesthetic for deadening pain In gums when extracting -teeth. -IS TH3R- I'*.-' , most Popular RepuWkan Newspaper of the West And Has the largest Circulation. BY MAIL We WeSy liter Ocean i $1.00 */* *'***»** ^ J»iBR V8AE.1M.MM!'«""M «M» ,...«•„> Tr*"""-**" JOHN JACOB ASTOB. Other WorW?. " The iwfc is an acooout to the Jules Verne style of a jowney to Jupiter i» the year 3000. The present John Jacob Astoy is the great-grandson o| the oW tax tracer from Waldorf is Horth f 70, 000, OOP. E. S. GLASIEF? ; D. D. S. DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algona State Bank, SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO SAVINP THE NATURAL TEETH, The best of modern aiaesthetics used to make all operations as painless as possible, For the convenience of REPUBLICAN subscribers whose place of doing business is in some other town in the county than Algeria, an arrangement has', been made by the publisher whereby payments'on subscription to the paper may be made at tiny one of the following named banks: • BANCROFT—Farmers' 1 and Traders' Sayings Bank. HURT—The Biirt Bank. WHITTEMORE — Whittemore State Bank. ' WESLEY—Wesley State Bank, LEDYARD—State Bank of Ledyurd. GERMANIA—State Bank of Germania SWEA CITY—Swea City Bank. ELMORE—Elmor.6 Exchange Bank. Subscribers paying for the year advance can avail themselves of lowest clubbing rates, given herewith. This arrangement, is made view to accommodating any who find it more convenient to pay subscription at their home bank. . Aljjg business coming through these bands'' wil} be given prompt attention, \^ E. SAYERS, D, V. M., YOU CAN west ot the TJjorlugton flquse, Sfgona.Iowa, Weekly Inter Ocean AS A FAMILY. PAPER IS NOT EXCELLED BY ANY, IT Ponney, who has Jong been of the oie been so m i» 4 af airs that few people be« 6i4es Ws owu of three or four feet in ev» ery djregtiofi. The leaves are, large, of B dwk grew color, Theflowws are truaj, pel shaped, weaswjng 8 to 1Q inobea in length and five *o seven inches agposs the roputh, ana torn ttow airtJjwt «w« ew gyov?ing each witbrn tfce other, , Jbe sate white, wutrwd »» to Thawt> ate §s4 of flo\yeys. P,. L, SLAG-&E, Manufacturer of wd dealer In flaraess and Barness* Goods, , JOWA, SAVE MONEY Urkiju ifiviiui By availing yourself of the low quoted in this *'.V' «+*»VW «•*»»« <r» s*» r» f •* ^, >•- - - —»• «u»»**. n—-i -~r- -r-ir, - TraSslBHMI ALGQNA, JOWA, j' ..-vu lu.u.. , v '* iv/irMVTrr\/T * Kro fi WA * ^ fflSsjfeu. IVIl ll\l r* Y I " r &?'Sw«.M;.*;™l iviVf iiiw N i * " ssss^/ffiilSH '**»•> m OALLIQN BRQS. >«?, isrofMa, t WV ?jV _ ajnjir 1 i' •'#:," " :ffti '!.•,. ;;*fr i it * Viiiv. m '^V;)f|Ai}|Il ^ditespwr

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