The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1895
Page 2
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T1IK HKt'UnUOA^ Alllll^ lUWA/WI ; ISf8i&ft>^ff ftf • mtmtr*"^""*** ". H '''•-• * ''''""•'': T • * '*?"'%$* r * ,;Sf *You Need ..a Desk! KOSE&E&t RESIONS LlSftftAL: CABINET RESIGNS ON AO COtBlt OF FP.IDAY'3 VOTE. Asltett (ft Form ft Cabinet—Mlft sa I» Condltlnniit— Mnst fie ntsfiotveil and a tlon ileid. WE ARE MANUFACTURERS — OF- Desks and all kinds of Office Furniture* SEND FOR CIRCULAR. We want your BuslnefS. The Hamilton Mfg. Co. TWO RIVERS, WIS. How to Make Farming Paj, Purchase a cheap farm with fertile soil where the climate is free from extremes of heat and cold; where there arc no blizzards, droughts or cyclones, close to the great Eastern markets where profits will not be eaten up by transportation. . Such farms are found only in Virginia along the C. & O. Railway. For descriptive catalogue address, C. B. RYAN, Ass't G. P. A., C. & O. Railway, Cincinnati, O. I1HIIIIIHI We Employ Young Men to distribute 'our advertisements In part narinont for a hlah tfrude .— _- bicvcle. which wo tend them cm approval. i»o work done until tuc blcyclo arrives and proves satisfactory. ; Young Ladies c sr»rSr i I* NITS or clrls apply tlie? r.mst be well recom: men-dea. Write for particulars. '•• ACME CYCLE COHPANY, : ELKHART, IND. WISCONSIN CENTRAL AIR UN6. J §U(VJMAfiY 01 WEEK'S NtWSi WANTED.—To employ u lady or L'eiitleinan to act as our general agent. Must be a luu-tler anil able to furnish good references. Salary $50 per month and a commission. Address with stamp. CIIAS. A. ROBINSON & Co.. Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. Newjlarjy_RoseJ^ Pronounced by author! tins as the best ever introduced READY FOR SALE, Reliable Affents may apply with Refe £mS)HT & WADLEY, New York DO YOU WANT TO STOP TOBACCO? You Can He Cun-tl While Using It. Tue habit of usliu? tolmcco grows on a man until uvuve disens-U coiulitions are produced Tobucco causes cancer of the mouth &nrt stomach; dyspepsia; loss mem-ry ; nervous affections ; cbn«estion ot the retina, and wast- miFol tlie optic nerve, resulting m • rapainnent of vision, even to the extent of blindness ;diz/.i- ness, or vertisro ; tolmciro asthma.; u uhtly suf- ffocation ; dull pain In region of the heart, followed Inter by sharp pains palpita ion a d weakened pulse, resultmt: in. fatal heait disease. It also causes loss of vitality. QUIT. BEFORE IT IS TU J KA1K To milt sudi'eniy is too severe a shock to the system, as toijHceo-to an inveterate user, becomes a stimulant that his system cjutlmwlly craves, -BAUO-OURO" is a scicntilc and reliable vegetable remedy, guarante.-d to Ije perfectly harmless, and winch has been in use for the last 23 years, having cured thousands of habitual tobacco users-smoker.-, cliewers and "YOU CAN' USE AM, THE TOI5ACCO YOU WANT WHll7KTAKIN»»BACO-OUBO"IT wilLN'OTlFY YOU WHEN TO ST JP. \VK GIVE A WRITTEN GUARANTEE to perman ently cure any case with three boxes, or iv- fund the money with 10 per cent.interest. "BACO-CUKO" H not a substitute, but a reliable aud scienlllic cure—which absolutely destroys the craving for tobacco without the aid of will power, and with no inconvenience. It leaves the system as pure and free from nicotine, as the day you took your first LONDON, Juno 24.—it is just an* jounced that the outcome of the de- iberatiots of the cabinet ill consequence of the adverse rote in the house if commons on Friday is that Lord losebefy, the prime minister, has endered his resignation to the queen, ler majesty has therefore summoned jord Salisbury, the leader of the Conservative party, to Windsor in con^ ueetion with the formation of a Conservative ministry. The leading Conservatives declare that the Marquis of Salisbury will not formally take office until parliament is dissolved. He will insist that the gov ernmeut, before yielding, shall appropriate an amount necessary for the expenditures for two months, to enable a general election to be held. The Conservatives will thus be in a position of attack instead of defense. General Topic of Discussion. Throughout the day the situation was the absorbing topic at the chief political clubs. Several members of the cabinet called in Downing street in the afternoon in the expectation of seeing Lord Rosebery, who returned from Windsor at 6 o'clock and drove to Downing street, where an informal cabinet meeting, lasting 25 minutes, immediately followed. It is understood that the Marquis of Salisbury only agrees to form a cabinet on condition that parliament is dissolved. Nothing is known regarding the personnel of the new ministry, but complete harmony exists between the Liberal' Unionists and the Conservatives. The Irish members are extremely uneasy and dissatisfied. They state that after acting for three years as the strongest arm of the government they are deeply concerned at the Sudden End of the Government without passing any of the principal Irish measures. Not only has home rule not progressed, but the measure concerning the Christian brothers, the county council bill, which reached a second reading, the grand jury bill, and the proposal to extend the power of guardians regarding laborers' cottages were all lost. The only Irish measure now likely to be passed is Mr. Healy's municipal franchise bill, which has gone to the house of 'lords. The Liberal Scotch members are also sore, their expectations having been disappointed. Announced Offlclaly. The court circular contains the following: "Earl Rosebery, K. G., first lord of the treasury and lord president of the council, arrived at the castle and tendered his resignation to her. majesty, by whom it was accepted." The Daily Telegraph (Liberal) says that with the resignation of Lord Rosebery a weak and dangerous administration passes away. The division on Friday was a true and inexorable manifestation of the failure of the government to retain any governing power. Snefe the *Tew Rood to tlcTlttt 1* Sttp- t>«9ecl to Sei BERLIN, Wis., Jtma 24.—fhere is much speculation in Berlin concerning the new railroad line from Oshkosh to Berlin, for which surveys are being made. ' It is surmised that a short cut fot the Wisconsin Central is being planned, starting from Oshkosh over the new road and proceeding by an extension to Wautoma, Piainfield and Grand Rapids, and thence over the Centralist, Port Edwards and Hofrtjferii (a small independent road that the Central could easily obtain) to Marshfield and thence over "the partially completed short cut to Chippewa Falls. This would shorten the distance between Chippewa Falls and Oshkoih considerably and give the line a nurnb2r of good towns, tapping a now almost railroadless section. This would give the Central almost an air line from St. Paul to Mauitowoc, a shorter line to Chicago aud a lai'gs addition to its local territory from which to draw business. Tuesday, if fine IS. Secretary Lainotit is inspecting Wesfr ef n army posts. Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone have arrived at Copenhagen on board the steainef Tautallon Castle. C. F. Schmid, president of the Colorado Milling Stock Exchange, died at Deiivef of consumption. The city council of Toulon has de- lided to half inast the .flags on all pub- tic buildings while the French ships are at Kiel, Colonel Richard Irvifg Dodge, tf. S. A., retirea, died at his suininer home at Saeketts Harbor of apoplexy, aged 09. An application has been made for the release of Oscar Wilde, pending steps to be taken for a new trial. The appli» cation was denied. Eastbotlud shipments from Chicago last week amounted to 49,786 tousj against 51(718 for the preceding week and 45,801 tons for the corresponding week of last year. BUM, Ambfosfe A ; Call, W. H. i i, urn torn w nniiun '^iaaam. ' Win. K. Fefgnson, (3, D.- Smiuij CtShlfet. Ass't. CftMi. > THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK t $§0*000, IOWA PROHIBITIONISTS, The Stat.o Convention Ig In Session at DCS Jlotncs. DES MOIMES, la., June 22.— The Prohibition state convention met iu the Y. M. C. A. hall. The convention was called to order by Chairman Wright of the state central committee, who nn- uonucsd Professor F. E. Hirsth as temporary chairman and Samuel Dickey, chairman of the national prohibition committee, as permanent chairman. A large number of ladiss are present as delegates. The following nominations for state offices were made: Governor, Frank Bacon, Milton Junction; lieutenant governor, M. P. Atwood, Estherville; supreme court judge, J. W. Rogers, West Union; superintendent public instruction, Mrs. L. D. Carhart, Marion. The resolutions declare for woman suffrage; for the free coinage' of silver and gold at the ratio of 16 to 1, and for the government ownership and operation of the railways. * on hfttui to iento ftt e ^o Mtttelilftft, S. A* JTergiisotii *MUP tt«f*ell6i-* P. t Call, R. It, Spencer Wtoi K. - CASH ANb A. D. Clarke* Pres., O.C. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thos. II. Lanti-y. Cashier ueo I- Galbi-alth, Fred M. Miller, MyroiiSChetick, Thos. F.Cooke. Alfcoim, Icitira. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Dopasit Vaults. interest i»nid fofrlflme WORLD'S W. C. T. U. at Third Annual Convention Opened Queen's Hall, London. LONDON, June 22.—The third annual convention of the World's W. C. T. U. opened in Queen's Hall, this city, at 9:80 a. in., with a prayer meeting led by Mrs. Charles Archibald, president of the Maritime Provinces W. C. T. U. of Canada. At 10 a. in. the convention was called to order by the president, Miss Frances E. Willard. The address of welcome wa.3 made by Lady Henry Somerset, president of the B. W. T. A., and the singing of "There are Bands of Ribbon Mute" by the White Ribbon choir of 500 voices followed. 'Miss Willard then addressed the meeting. TAYLOR MUST WAIT. HAYWARD GETS A STAY. Sold by all druggists,..., ,--boxes, (thirry days treatment, and - - --TEED CUKE.) MM or sen]? direc.t upon recelpt of price. 8ENJ)..SlX,;fWO : p>_N x l fx b i rAMPb KO U fl"M PLB BOX HOOKLKTA N D 1'BOO.PS KHKE. Eureka Chemical & Manufacturing Company. Manufacturing Chemists La• Cross*, Wisconsin. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS, clerk un.i auditor. 1'luns unc on file at this oftico. F. ADMINISTRATION NOT. Supreme Court Defers the Execution of the Sentence. ST. PAUL, June 22.— The application for a stay of proceedings in the Hayward case was granted late Wednesday afternoon. The stay is for 30 days only. Assignments of error and the record were filed in the supreme court in the morning, and after the usual session of the court the matter was taken under advisement. The discussion of the case was, of course, executive, but it was afterward learned that there was a division of opinion in the court as to whether the stay should be granted at all, considering that the filing of the notice of appeal was left until such a late date. According to the terms of the decision the case must be argued at the present term of court, which will end July 3. The argument will probably be delayed as long as possible, but it cannot take place later than the day named. The court may decide the questions involved off hand, but the probability is that a few days will in. tervene between the argument and the final decision. The entire probability is that a new trial will be refused. In that case Governor Clough will at once fix a new day for carrying out the penalty pro* nounceci by the district court. It is altogether likely that the condemned man will be executed sometime during the month of July. He has already expressed himself as being opposed to any unnecessary delay if he is to be ex. ecuted, Judge Gaft'y Will Not Sentence Him Until v - Aug. 13. PIERRE, S.. D., June 24:—Judge Gaffy heard arguments in the Taylor case "in chamber session. He holds that he cannot legally sentence Taylor out of the regular session and will hear Ins plea Aug. "18 in regular session. Taylor will be taken before the judge and the amount of bond fixed for his up- pearauce. He says no matter what the amount is placed at he will not attempt to give it, but will go to jail. The governor will issue no pardon to save citizenship, as the statutory proceedings last winter made such an act unnecessary, restoring citizenship when good time is earned. LATEST MARKET REPORT, Milwaukee Grain. MILWAUKEE, June 23,1895. FLOUR—Very dull. WHEAT—No. 2 spring, 70}^c; No. 1 Northern, Tic; July, 71c. CORN—No. 3, 50c. OATS—No. 3 white, 30Mc; No. 3 white, SOc; sample, 50® June 19. A summer racing meeting will be held at Morton, Minn., July 4 and 5. The Baring sea bill passed its second reading in the English house of commons. It is rumored at Vienna that Premier Prince Windisch Grata has tendered his resignation of the entire cabinet to the emperor. One hundred men have struck for more pay at the Emma blast furnace at Cleveland. A settlement without trouble is anticipated. By the premature explosion of a blast in a coal mine at Massilon,^ O., Edmund Griffith was instantly killed and Thomas Davis fatally injured. Lord Colin Campbell, fourth son of the Duke of Argyle, captain of the Bombay Rifle Volunteer corps, ia dead, aged 48 years. The causa of death was pneumonia. Henry Smith, the United States minister to Hayti, is in Washington on leave of absence from his post. Mr. Smith has been ill from, an attack of Indian fever, but is recuperating. Thursday, June 90. The Charles City (la ) Daily Globe has been sold to Hal Myers and Will C. Huffman. The union bakers of Cleveland, 150 strong and working in 30 shops, have gone on a strike for more pay. Ten prisoners, four of them murderers, tunneled their way out of the county jail at Poplar Bluffs, Mo. The convention of young .people's societies of the German Evangelical church is being held at Ackley, la. Commodore Bunce has been appointed to the command of the North Atlantic squadron, to succeed Admiral Meade. The Peruvian corporation has floated $5,000,000 of new debenture bonds in Paris. The proceeds are to be used in railroad construction. Mexico and Guatemala have extended until May 1, 1896, the time within which the boundary line, as agreed on by" recent .treaty, shall, be put into effect. W. H. Ii»ghaut, Theu. President. Lewis H. Smith, * »hj v«» — — -— --7 _j i a Vice President, Cashief Kossuth County State Bank. AT rim A TOW A CAPITAL $5O»OOO. InVornor*ateduader general ia.vs of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and W. Wadsworth. Bavnot, Uevine.. K. M. Richmond, Tres. B. F< Smith, Vice Pres. A. B. icfchmotid, Oasbter. 0. J. Lenander, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' & Traders'Savings Bank .^•OW® ™%^d^^^^S^ ffiffl vf^S business} transacted. Special attention given to collections, insurance written. Bieamsmp ^IWWTOBS^B.Ilir^fiSchHiondrN. B. Sheridan, A. B. Klchmend. B. F. Smith. Sarouef Mayne.C. B. Mallory, J. N. Shcndnn. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES ON< Abstracts of Title. Our books arc thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever written a word in them. Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. flood work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. ES-REAL ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY &. RIOE Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa. BARLEY— No. 3. 51c. RYE—NO, i, oio. DulatU Grain. DOLUTH, June 23, 1893. WHEAT— Cash, June No. 1 hard, T3c; No. 1 Northern, 71}£c; No. 3 Northern, 71J^c; July, No, 1 hard, 74c; No. 2 Northern, 71c. _ ' Notice is hereby given-that the undersigned has been appointed and has ciuallbea as administrator of the estate of Anders and «us- tafva Erickson, late of Kossuth county. Iowa, deceased. AH persons in any manner indebted to said estate will make immediate payment to the undersigned ; and those having claims against the said estate will Me then with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county. Iowa, as provided by law, duly aih tbenticated, for allowance pated this 11 day of " 30.39 Grain. MINNEAPOLIS, June 23, 1895, WHEAT — June, TO&c; July, 70%c; September, 6S!4c. °n Track—No. 1 hard, 73c; No. I Northern. 7Uic; No, 3 Northern, . Administrator. SHERIFF'S SALE, Notice is hereby given, that by virtue oJ' a Special Execution, to mo directed by the OJorU of the District Court of Kossutlt county, lowu, »B'uinst the goods, ehtittels, lands, tenements, eto., or \Ym. {]• .btnoKjer uiid John Moi'fc's, defendants, in favor of Qehrer Mnf'g Co., plaintiffs. I ^ylll offer tit imffiic sale, lo the liighest aud best bidder, for ctisfi. at the door of the Court House, Jn the town of Alfonft, county of Kossuth, JOT S»,oii tlio latli d«y of July, 1895 between m hours of 0 o'clock, a. m. and 4 o'clock p. d. on snid duy, till of said Wm, II- fetr.cWer ,nd John Melts' right, title tmd interest In " y ''- following described ™"="»°i »ud fltti^bofiTw »$«."** w^ra * in. eyllMtiv ami 60 In. rear, «ie number of senavfttor being 0753, also strawstftcltor uud »jftools belonging to e«Bie. S»?e to vom- Kenw at the Uour of t\yo o'ojaok, P- m. ot JlftGiW. DENVER, June 24.— Professor S. ?. Gjllette, entomologist of the state agricultural college, after an examination of tbe fluids of some of the millions of grasshoppers that have died near Brighton, finds that they are dying wot from the attacks of parasite insect, but from a contagious disease, caused by naimite gernis similar, but not exactly Hke the gernis that cause diseases b£ cholera- and tuberculosis in higher an» imals. _ Howgate Convicted. WASB;NQTPN,.Ju)ae 83,r-After being out weajpjy ?4 hgnj-g the gowgata jury at IsaQp. !»• brought m i verdict of guilty ° n ^aoh ju^iotment, one* indict? meat being fop forgery an<l one fop falsifteatios o? aocounts. The jury ad4e4 ft j-epomniermatign to mercy. Au appesl p» a Wy of e^oeptiona has been it&QQ. to tlie district court of appeals ftn4 pTob^Jy wiW oome up in Septem- b*r. • St. P»nl Union StooU Tavd«. SOUTH ST. PAUL, June 23, l'89>, HOGB—Active and strong at yesterday'" prioes; quality fair. CATTLE—Firm aud active for good butcher cattle; others steady. SHEEP-^Slow and weak. Muttons, $3,QO@4,35;' lambs, >:3.T§@1.75; common, §a.8S@a.50 , Receipts; Hogs, 1300; cattle, 15O, calves, 10; sheep, 50. Chicago Union Stmcte CHICAGO, June S3, 1995, _^ Market fairly active; Friday, June 31. Russia will increase the consumption tax on tea. Fire destroyed $200,000 worth of Seattle street railway property. The South Dakota weathar and crop bulletin reports satisfactory progress for the week. Chicago detectives made a raid and captured five Canadian burglars, one an ex-convict. The disbursement to pensioners next month on account of the quarterly payment will aggregate $13,880,000. Governor McKinley of Ohio addressed an audience of 10,000 people at the opening of the Ottawa (Kan.) Chan- tauqua. Mrs. Louis F. Anzerais of San Francisco, who recently inherited half a million dollars, has decided to become an actress. C. H. Fennimore of New York is under arrest at Detroit, charged with being a member of a gang of "directory" swindlers. Saturday, June 23, Baron von Thielman, the new German ambassador, has arrived at Washington. Colonel William Winthrop, assistant judge advocate general of the army will retire in August. A man named Morrison was struck by lightning on his farm near Buttsville, N, D., and instantly killed. The comptroller of the currency has authorized the Park National bank of Cleveland, O., to begin business with a capital of $500,000, At the convent of St. Francis, On. buque, 80 young ladies were invested with the third order of St, Francis by Archbishop Elennesey. Miss Mary O, Wilson, daughter of the late Eugene M, Wilson of Mi»»e- apoUs, was married to Captain Fitzherbert O f the Royal Berkshire guards. The safe in the drug store of A. R. Bush & Co,, at Dover, Minn., was blown open and robbed of a email amount of cash and about f300 worth of jewelry- Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, i and Insurance. Not Necessary! 'E can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Ma- chine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary to send your money east to get a machine tnat when YOU get you will never know at what tactory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, f or— W1NKEL PA YS THE FREIGHT. J. 33. "W f . r '/ 1 How is the Time to Insure! • e • • • HBFORE THE LIGHTNING'AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-J. A, Frecn, Prop. _ HK OFFKBS THK JTOI.LOWWO COMPANIES FOB CONSIDBBATIONI _ • Cash Capital, Assets Co»P«W. ,.,^,000,000.00 ,§10,847,816.36 .„ Aetna, Hartford.. ; ."000000,00.- 5,588,058,00 v .& Phoenix, Hartford, *."'.'. ; 1 000 000.00 e^.POS.OO 1 . -, $ Continental, N. Y..., ,• • -500,000.00 5191.055.00 /? Fire Association, Phiia. • - <• v;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 1,000,000,00 3,345,353,00 i'stern.National','Milwauk'ee.'.','.'.'.'.''.'.'.','.''.. .''•'•'•••. gjg'jgj'Sg jffiiS • i.'.';!!,'"!.'.','.'".','.'.'!.'.' 200^000,00 463,314.00 ' LIFE. ranged at $4.J»@*.«0 for , TO'tW mixed; $UO@4 80 for heavy packing 8Ud shipping lots; W.40@4,S>§ for quiet but steady. Dressed beef and shipping steers, $3,8Q@ 6.50; gows and bulls, §J.75@4.50; Twwps, sheep, 3,000. WJ3B4'!. 1 - 3A»P^et dull and weak. Hogs, 8,000; cattle, Provisions, Q, JTOO $9, 1 ICp. 9Ke; July, July, ; May, f', fc ; l'. ..k*t-:!; ; MonUay, <luu« 34. Eugeujo,Bi'»»cb4i tyow time a, f»- jjiOUS operfttte tejiOFi is dead. The Pu,ke of Cambridge Was tricfeea jBto resigning the ooinjnan4eMn-omef of the British army, The anti'Roby raping fcapk law is pronounced OQn.sJijt'UtiQua) by the Jn» diauft supreme cqurt. The Gerwaxi igoyernrnent;, it is e*» ,„„.,,„ wttway bas bwgM ^ v «*v«v Qwtna Tmt QQwpauy fee Atlanta &R4 Fteyi4a mlway. p. 0. qwfc, **» Vt-ftW \f tf **"Wf ™ "^JT*™' i"^ »• w *i **-^ «.-of **i'' 1 te-iUQceed, will ms» „'"¥ ^ 4'.*.%„•?« YVO UBimVO UU)P 4° U" 6""" and wo solicit your patronage. ND ACCIDENT. . u^^..,,. ^s. ; a statement as can be made by any agency in the;«;'|| •i# The Republican and State Register, , |1| The Republican and Inter ; Qcean, ,, $lf * t \ T f * *** " "* rtt ^ ^^••-.^'^

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