The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 19, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1895
Page 7
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THIi AtOOKA IOWA, WEDNESDAY, t ?tT&K 19, 1806. If you want a plain or fancy Screen Door, with the best opening hinge in the mai-ket, or a Window __ Scfeeti frame to fit any sized window, call at N orton's Lumber Yard. NEW SILVER LEAtttffi DEMOCRAfie FREE COINAGE FORM AN ORGANISATION. Its ii to Control the i the N**t JTfttJnnftl Contention tiio Ctii-freficy Question— S6hftto*S Jones and f«i-ple ft* * SOLID FOR DAVIS. tvitt Stfcfld bt I* ii. Without r-baiige of MEMPHIS, June 15.— The \ change, geles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North - Western Line Variable rout tourist tickets, to California and the health and pleasure resorts ot the south, on sale at VERY LOW RATES. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to Agent. ^CHICAGO & NORTH -lESTERH R'l GREAT VALUE WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. r '»:; •i twenty-pace Journal, is the leading republican family paper of the United States. It is a National Family Paper, and Rives "11 the general news of the United States. It gives the events ot foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department superior In the country. Its "Mrket Reports" are recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle," Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics Its Home and Society columns command the admira- • tion of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorial and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTRACT-^——•»enables us to offer this splendid journal and THE REPUBLICAN for ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, CASH IN ADVANCE. . [The regular subscription for the two papers is $2.50.] SUBSCRIPTIONS MAY BEGIN AT ANY TIME. W. BEST, THE NEW NO SOAP WILL DO THE WORK HALF SO WELL AS ONETRIAl WILL PROVE THIS FACT. SOLD EVERYWHERE. THEN,K,FAlRBANKCOMPAE«AOft movement Inaugurated by prominent Democrats for the formation of a silver organization within the lines of tho Democratic party mentioned in these dispatches, is Relieved to be a step of the greatest importance in the campaign 011 the currency question. There were present at the meeting the Democratic senators and others who were here attending the silver convention. Senators Hams. Jones and Turpie were named as a committee td select members of a national executive committee consisting oi' one man from each state. Senator Harris said: "The league will be a Democratic organization of the silver Democrats in the country for the purpose of controlling the utterance of the next national Democratic convention upon the financial question. I have no doubt that the Great Majority of tho 1'eople are in favor of free coinage, but unless they organize it will be impossible for them to make the nest platform. The committee will at once put itself in communication with the leading _bimetallists in every state of the Union and will ask and doubtless receive their assistance in perfecting an active and vigilant organization of the silver people in every magisterial district, county and state." "You clearly understand," put in Senator Jones, "that this movement is strictly in the lines of the Democratic party and we want the country to understand that. The organization of silver advocates in an independent body without partisan character cannot have the effect of giving organized strength to silver Democrats in a sense that will enable them to control the sending of delegates to the various conventions. . SILVER MEN ADJOURN. The Usual Free Coinage Resolutions Adopted. MEMPHIS, June 14.—The silver con- yention adjourned after adopting the usual free coinage resolutions. The most interesting thing about the convention was the attempt of the silver party men, under the leadership of Sibley of Pennsylvania, Tillman of South Carolina, Butler of North Carolina, Stewart of Nevada and Adams of Colorado, to have the convention declare for a free silver party. The conservative element prevailed in the committee on resolutions, and the declarations of that body which were adopted by the convention did not go beyond a strong presentation of the free silver views of the gathering. But the convention adjourns with a schism in it. One faction- -.advocates the" Sibley "idea," and 'the capture of the Democratic convention and, failing in that, the independent political action, while others were sighting the issue strictly within party lines. FILIBUSTERERS LAND. Tho American Party Arrive Safely IB Cuba. NEW YORK, June 15.—A special to The Herald from Havana, Cuba, says: Information has just reached here to the effect that the Cuban filibustering expedition on the tug George W.Childs', unde'r the command of General Carlos Roloff and General Sarafin Sanchez., which slipped away from the Florida coast last Thursday, has landed the party with all their arms at a point near Aguadores, in the province of Santiago de Cuba. Iowa People's Party Nominees. DEsMoiNES, June 18.—The People's party state convention made the following nominations for state offices: Governor, Sylvester Crane, Davenport; lieutenant governor, A. R. Sterrett, Hurnboldt; supreme judge, I, "W. Ivory, Mills county; superintendent of instruction, E. J. Stason, Sioux City. The platform reaffirms the principles of the Omaha platform, denounces the late decision of the supreme court on the income tax and the issue of interest-bearing bonds.. Minnesota'* Senator tor ST. PAVL, June 14.—A Washington tpecinl to The Dispatch says: Hon. E. G. Evans, Republican national committ-eeman from Minnesota and delegate at large to the Cleveland convention, arrived from New York during the evening. He has been spending a week in Eastern cities and came here to attend to some business in which he is interested before the department of justice. Mr. Evans talk3d freely on the political situation, and the first thing he had to say was that Minnesota would send a delegation to the national convention enthusiastically active for Sentor C. K. Davis for president. "I nm convinced that Senator Davis is regarded as more than a possibility," he said, "and if the other candidates are pretty evenly divided in strength, as now seems probable, no man in the party stands a better chance than C. K. Davis. His views and his position on matters of national policy are well understood all over the country. He is a champion of protection, which I believe to be a leading issue, and he is classed as among the foremost men of the party in his attitude on our foreign relations. He is conservative on the financial question, but stands firm for sound money and is in accord with the party on that issue." WILL HAVE TO PUT UP. M. I\ HAOOAHH. >i. f. I'KV.K. HAGGARD & PEEK, INKS' & 'SMITH. LOW RATES TO COLOSAD&. REAL ESTATE and COLLECTIONS ALGONA, IOV/A. A. D. CLARKE & CO. FAKX 1.0.4.VS. )rt1''f on llnii^e strfi'i. Altr'Hix. tmvsi. | (iKO. (J. CALL. 'I y.A I, BUT AT K -4 A7> J HSTHA t.T OK/-*/'> Knr information in regard to lands In Nnrfliivpftprn fnwsi. write to him. . fnwsi. write fn him, rtmrliipton street, Al^Mift. Iowa. OKO. E. CIjAHKE. CHAP. A.COFlEMOrii <J LA RK K & C 011KN O U11. ATTORNEYS AT LA If, ALUONA IOWA. GEO. K CLOUD. (Successor to TV. U. (Jtmrloii) Attorney aocl Counselor at Law, ATXiONA, IOWA. L-IJ nver Kossulh County Stnte llsmk. On account of the: meeting of the ttonal Educational a-'.-of istlijn at Dftnyer. Col., tin 1 Xorthwenern line will, on „ 4. 5. rnu! (i (airl al-o on July 7, for trains renchlng the Missouri river on thatdtUe), sell exeiir-ion tickets to Denver. Colorado .Sprliiir*. Mnnilmi and Pueblo, at ;i rrtte. not to p\t'i'i'(l one. fare for tl.e round trip with ••?.' acMiHl for members hip fete: ticket* Hood for rernni passage nnril Sfipt. 1. 13.13. This rat" is available to th-srenevni public and tin exceptionally favorable, opportun- it.y is oli'ered for nit enjoyable find economical trip to the Rockier a* \\ell us YelloNvtone Nntlonal |;itU. H;i1t Lake, and the health and pleft-uirr 1 report- of the west, and northwest. For tickets mid full information npply to agents Chicatro & Noriliv/eMem Viiitwny. TOURISTS EXCURSION. The Noiiinve-tern line, i-i now celling excursion tickets nt rediiee',1 r:(.tes to tho principal Minurw rn-wf 1 ' of the United States. For tk-Uet 1 'nnil full infoniintion apply to agent^ Chicago & Nortlnvesteni raihvnv ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE of TRAINS iMilCAMo. MII.WAl'KEK ANI'ST t',M!J.. I.'TAI. I liA IX H,A!»T. No. '-' |i:iv<i'i)i!i«r .' to ;S!V a m No. 4 passwjBPV. ''• :n4 pin No. in fivl^'lu oairU's p.-i.-ifiKHV- . s :?.'< p in No. '.n fiviu'lit t'MiTiP-i icii.xi'iijjiM's... I :-ii"> e ni .. 4 -.'J4 t> nt . No. 1 passenjff-i No p uHssencpr .......... • No. us rci'.'lK i'. n rips passi j ti(.'crs. . . Vo. 71 freight i'iirvi<"t pifse No. «tt l'rti;.:!i; r:u no.* pr.-sr Wisconsin's Treasurer After Snvlnu, Bulk!- ing and Loan A»soclntlon«. MADISOM, Wis., June 17. — State Treasurer Peterson is on the trail of a foreign building and loan association doing business in Wisconsin. He says that when the annual examination of their bonds, now filed with the. state treasurer, takes place nearly all the associations will be compelled to put up better security or quit doing business in the state. Under the present law every foreign building and loan association doing business in Wisconsin is compelled to deposit with the state treasurer $100,000 in first mortgages on real estate to secure Wisconsin members-of the association. These mortgages are filed, but there are no abstracts of official appraisements of the lands to assure the treasurer that the mortgages have any value. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTQRXKYS- AT- LA If. Pustntlice .iiONA, IOWA. 10. V.SWETTING. A TTORXKY AT LA \\\ •VJi)li»y to l"nn. Almond, lo»v;» •VIN'. \i.'ii!'( AMI w K.- i 1'asMf,,^ • ............. - ...... M MS a in Pas-.pM'.'1'i .................. :t ;.'!? p .n Kr<-k' i ............. !' ••'•''» " I" l-'relfrlit ............................ ' ;« p n> Oul Sl, aiJl/TH AM' KA"'I . u*S1!--'ei- ................. M :12 |> til .............. . . ii :n T put .7. L. HOXAli. M. !I. FKU,OWS. BONAR & FELLOWS, ATTOIWKYS AT LAW niiL-ui mti.-i will receive prompt attention. Koonis .S n ml I). AljroniiSttilt? Bunk lil'djr. "''"''wc^v.'io.yii. ALGUXA, IOWA- DANSON & BUTLER. a :."2 p in 1'is*f':ii-'i'r< >in Ivc in Cliii'aiL'ii T ;t. "i H! 'd n. in. Arrive in !->..-•> Mo ui's ', :">.> ;i .(.I It M p. in. LAir, LOAJfS .WD LA Collnctlonsa Specialty. Utllcp In liiinlnprUowles new Ijullclinu Iowa MAPS ev THE INTER ,-JS Most Popular Republican Nswspaper of tfte West And Has the largest Circulation, BT- MAIL A (witbPHl Sunday) DAILY (with : §|»n4ay ) . -^^.OP per year . . ..... ?S,QO per The Wqefoy Inter Ocean \ $1.00 •OTPt? VT? A'R ' ..<ift. ««•••) <T rtM 1 / 1 '-"'*' 11 * F-WS- Ifi^MMM M'MJ "'M *»»»« »l«»f»»M«'« ,' « A. B, U. Leaders CHICAGO, June IS, -Eugene V. Debs reported to the United States marshal at noon and signified his readiness to begin his term of imprisonment with other officials of the A, B, U. He and the others were given their liberty until afternoon, when all but George W. Howard were taken to Woodstock, Ills., where they are to be confined, Howard had asked to be taken fa the jail at JoJjet and his request was granted, is, TO USE THE BOYCOTT. Seattle Business Men Attempting to Bring Railroad D to Time. SEATTLE, Wash., June 15. — The Seattle Shippers' association, comprising 75 per cent of the business men •who have dealings with railroads, decided unanimously to route no more freight by the Northern Pacific but to route it all over the Great Northern until the Northern 'Pacific stops its transpacific steamers here to land and receive freight. If the Great Northern does not within a reasonable time provide a depot and terminal facilities in accordance with President Hill's * pi-onuse; the,boycott is;o the Great Nor them, and all business is to be given to the Canadian Pacific. At present the Northern Pacific gets CO per cent, the Great Northern 25 per cent and the Canadian Pacific 15 per cent. ; . HARD LINES FOR MERR1TT. American Steel Barge Company Tafces n Hand in the Litigation. CLEVELAND, June 17.—The American Steel Barge company has taken a hand in the litigation between Alfred Herritt and John D. Rockefeller. The company obtained in this city a writ of garnishment preventing Mr. Rockefeller from paying to Merritt $940,000, the amount of the judgment obtained against Mr. Rockefeller in Minnesota Thursday. The barge company claims to hold notes of Merritt's for more than the amount of the judgment. Mr. Rockefeller is heavily interested in the barge company. He is stopping at Forest Hill, his summer home near the city. .. ' China Will Have to Pay. WASHINGTON, June 13.—The confirmation of the reports that American missionary property in China has been destroyed makes it probable that the United States government will require China to make suitable indemnity when the facts are officially established, A precedent for such recompense was made when the United States paid to China a considerable amount for mob depredations on Chinese in the far Northwest, .S. .S. SKS6J ATTORNEY AT LAW, .••'»n« anil Insurant!!.'. Special attention givn tu collections of all kinds. Ofllct? iivttrijlirisdrilles'store. Al^ona, lowii L K. GARFIELD, M. D.. PHYSICIAN AMD KUHGE().\. utrt'f on State street. Algona. low*. M.J. KENEF10K, M. D. cp nver Taylor's store . lent J. M. PRIDE, M. I). ' Office over Goeder's doming Store. Algona, • Iowa OR. L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Prescriptions Oiled. Deals tu paints, emu, books, perfumeries, etc. Cor. State and Tliorlngton Bts. Al£ona,Io\va. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTEMORE - - - WWA, Kegular Office hours 8 to 12 :i, in.. 2 lo fl p. m. Over Wlehler's Furniture store. Residence north of tnicu. <ocDENTIST» A. L. RIST, D. D. S Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when extracting teeth. s A NEVtePAppR'THe INTBB pSPAN Jj«tp§ fttermt of «»f time•>, '^flU flWSro^ ™* rl ° s Reds, CHAMBERLAIN, S, P., June Peputy United States Marshal feas arrived here with Bglosaoi* Yellow Hawk, » fcower Ernie Jn4ia.n, wb-o has beeu lodged ia j&tt o» ft charge of rob' bjng ,tfee,posto»<?e a$ foww Brule, sgeuoy a few Bights ago, Bad Harr, a 3tae Ridge agency policeman., tow been •bblw40YS? ft* Hot Sp»»gs for cattle j?ustW»g. Grant Further CONSTANTINOPLE, June 17. — Upoji the appointment of Said Pasha as grand vigier, the powers have granted the porte's request for further time to consider the Armenian scheme of reform- It is stated that Tuvkey bas given a reply, acceding to the principle of $u. "ropean control, but asking that' the period of control be limited and sug' gestiug a three years' limit. E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S. DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algona State Bank. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO SAVINP THE NATURAL TEETH. The best of modern anaesthetics used to make all operations as painless as possible. Publisher's Notice. For the convenience of REPUBLICAN subscribers whose place of doing business is in some other town in the county than Algona, an arrangement has been made by the publisher whereby payments on subscription to the paper may be made at any one of the following named banks: BANCROFT—Farmers' and Traders' Savings Bank. BURT—The Burt Bank. WHITTEMORE — Whittemore State Bank. WESLEY—Wesley State Bank- LEDYARD—State Bank of Ledyard. GERMANI A—State Bank of Germanm SWEA CITY—Swea City Bank. ELMORE—Elmore Exchange Bank. Subscribers paying for the year in advance can avail themselves of our lowest clubbing rates, given herewith. This arrangement is made \vitu H view to accommodating any who may flpd it more convenient to, pay thpir' subscription at tbeir homo bank- AU' business coming through these banks will be given prompt attention, ,fl SIMPLIFIED ELOODT10K. A new l.'uoU. bearing tin* above titlji. by Edwin Kurt'iDii LUWTIMJCC. tr'aeln.T of«lo- Mitlon and director of tlio Fjiiwrt!ui;e School of Actlnjf. hits jiHt, been issued. Simpllti- ed Elocution is ;i comprehensive system of vocal iincl iiliysfcaigymiui.-titis: iteonuiins explicit, Instructions"for the cultivation of tlio spunking voice iKirtgi^tnre.; directions for the production of hrenth. tonncl tind ^pueeh. and a thorough explanation of the nuisoles and organs employed: rules for articulation, modulation, emphasis and delivery: postures and movements of the foot, body, arms, head, eyes, etc. To the treatise, is added a Complete Speaker, co;i<istinjr of selections in poetry, and pro«3 Miitable for recitation. \vnich,as the author says in his introduction, "are, not chosen on account of their newness, but from theii intrinsic merit and their adaptability as exercise-.'' The work is designed for the especial USD of teachers, nctrfrs. students, colleges, schools and all tho;-e who wish to perfect themselves in the noble art of expression. The bonk, which cunlii'ii-. ~'.T-' paffes, is handsomely bound in cloth ami gold, and will be sent'•••ecurelv packed on receipt of $1.-postage free. (New York: published by the antlui;', lOii West 4:M street.) A GOOD BUSINESS 70E GOOD LAUD. Will exchange a good general store , in a first-class town in northern Iowa, that will invoice 810,000. for good smooth land which inust be practically C. Il.'seeberjrer, care of Carson. Pirie, '""x^ Scott & Co., Chicago. 34-37. E, E. SAYERS, D. V. M., Postal N. P., June 17,-QspaT js years old, was arrested by Iwepeotor Clement, charged witfo stealifig from the postoroce. yiye werp- fowd i» his possess^gn, e April m»9li wail has beep misjed. op»si4erable moaey stolen, Tfee confessed to PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, pace west of the Tl»ori»gton Souse. Algona.Iowa, HOSPITAL Accommodations, YOU CAN M»n«Iftctuvor of and dealer In Harness and Harness Goods, <'|« By availing yourself pi' the low rates ! <jv, quoted m this >,,ij ^fkffr W^(^ ^BW^ »ttl^^ rapd^^ f^ 4!^ w ^p|p5^'^ A.J.GONA. IOWA- MONEY! On Real Estate, HQXIE & BRUNSQN, "]" ^CgP'p " AND DBIlLUNOj SALLI cSf BRQ!M° Baneroiti la* yt j«£»i*«f'ci wvrw ,»««•*"«w*;rf«™i—>-»'?"-i ••' iribgjea/by AOjutaat-Q^era! tyWffte*' ™ Va^ *>+"*' V" .V- m«^1»%¥i« t ' > - K^»r«wi«/WV4»*i*Jw k • •••:--•* <H^i;,n mid. later Ocean ,, £1,1 " State Register,,,., -LS " N.Y.TrJbuue,.,., •$ ** ft 11 l~m A im 'IH-mne f\\ *t •**. sejpisweeljjy, -,,,. , Jt) TJi *-MI Arv«t TJnriOO ^ I ; " New ¥oj-k mrW , " TJa\v VniiC Siin >" ' J!i (i ~ti U ,, , 4** .'Me'.Lji, ',<«',, .W$H$gfl8 r" ><A iKMffl^ ' i( * n <fi«* "* AVCK. ' ;tt,U,'.,v« ^^'U^UjJ,,^ » ' .. iiV.t '^''i&Ut:

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