The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 21, 1966 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 21, 1966
Page 3
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WE got a nice letter a week or so ago signed "The Old Timer" that had a few things to say about Algona's summer Softball league, which features men's play each Mon.- Tues, and Women's play each Wednesday. The note pointed out the fact local players now have a new diamond at the now-ln- the-process - of - being - rebuilt old Athletic Park on East State street and that the weekly games are fun for players and fans alike. It also asked for publicity on the play. We got right on the phone to Dewey Skilling, who is in charge of it, and he assured us we would be able to have all the scores each week, thereby allowing us to wind up with standings, complete with weekly schedule, etc., as the season progresses. We're In favor of it, too. The only reason such information gradually ceased getting publicity two or three years ago was the fact no one was able to give the results to us - or if we got them one person would report the score of a certain game as 21-7, while a second would give it as 19-8 and a third as 23-5. Now, with variety like that, the problem became -a little too much to grapple with, so publicity went out of existence. Hope if s ironed out now so we can keep all softball fans informed. MARTHA Report No. 2: Our gal (now about eight months old) was measured the other day so her mother could make her some new dresses. With our other two, it was blue jeans - but girls are different. So, the process of putting the tape around her was completed, and here are the"figures", 19-20-15 1/2 Now, that doesn't sound a bit like measurements from the Miss •America Pageant - but wait a few years, we'll report the changes. HERE'S one from a contributor - "Interest your kids in bowling, it gets them off the streets and into the alleys." AN Algona grandma took her young granddaughter to St. Cecelia 1 • to mass one Sunday recently" - and the child is being taught about kneeling, etc. as the mass goes on. While it's not proper to chuckle in church, several persons around the pair had to when the youngster said, after kneeling for some time, "Grandma, can I sit down, I'm getting tired of standing on my knees." - 1." DAYLIGHT saving time has met with less opposition this year than last, it seems to us. We've always been able to see both sides of the question, pro and con, and like any other subject you want to discuss, no decision can be popular with all involved. We have friends who like it and others who don't - for varied reasons. For the average working person (and Little League coaches) It seems to be fine. Being an average working person, we like it. WE'D like to tip our hat to a leal resident who has been complimented many times for past achievements * but somehow at this time, a pat on the back might help him. So, to Russ Ouster, longtime Instrumental music and band director here - here's our good wishes. The reason we feel Gus might need it right now is because this is the time of year when he takes on a big group of beginners - some who will undoubtedly be featured in his fine aggregations in years to come. His job right now might make him feel somewhat like a Little League coach, meeting his first year players the first time, and finding they all have new gloves. As we have a candidate who's having trouble deciding whether he wants to thrill the neighbors with his trombone or drums, we'd like to say "lotsa luck, Gus." WE knew a fellow once who had a one-man dog - it only bit him! CAN you name two presidential candidates that lost three elections? I couldn't either, but I cheated, looked it up and found out they were Henry Clay and William Jennings Bryan. DOWN at Moline, HI. the new swimming season presented a problem. The didn't have any trouble with the water - or hiring help, apparently, but the playground commission was faced with the question of just what to do about long-haired boys who planned to splash around just like the others. The commission took a firm stand and came up with this answer - make any boys with long hair wear bathing caps! Commissions at Rock Island, HI. and Davenport went along with the ruling and have the same requirement. BRAVO! IT took some doing, but they finally decided Graham Hill officially won the Indianapolis 500 Miss Fickbohm Of Rodman To Wed In Fall - and an apology from Jimmy Algeria, (la.) Upper DM Moin** Tuesday, June 21, IMA .Clark and his crew (who seemed to think Hill had cheated) made everyone feel better about the whole thing. The 250,000 or so fans In the stands Memorial Day might have felt they didn't get their money's worth at this outing * because there was a 16-car smash-up right at the start, with most of those cars going td the pits for good, and only four of the 33 cars that started went the distance. From an lowan's viewpoint, the fifth place finish of Mel Kenyon, 33, Davenport, was very pleasing. Mel is the fellow who lost the fingers of his left tiand in a fiery crash a year or so ago and used a special "gripper" built on the wheel of his Gerhardt Offenhauser. Hill's win was the first by a rookie since 1927. The photo in the daily papers two days after the race, showing A. J. Foyt climbing a fence to get off the track, was very good. A few days later, Foyt sustained severe burns when he crashed during warm-ups in the Clark car (which he bought for $50,000). MARY ANN FICKBOHM Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Flck- bohm, Rodman, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Mary Ann, to James T. Campney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Campney, Emmetsburg. The wedding is planned for Sept. 3 at St. Michael's Catholic church, Whlttemore. Miss Fickbohm is an L. P. N. at Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, and her fiance is a senior at Iowa State, Ames. NAMES An auto was being driven recently through Manning by James T. Manning of Monticello, Ind. He was accompanied by James L. Manning of the same city but who was of no relation. To further the coincidence the gentlemen are in their middle 20*s, each is employed at the same job, and both plan to be married within the year. THERE'S a little girl In our neighborhood (probably about 4) who, like many youngsters, has trouble at times using the word she meant to. To this gal, leotards are "leotargets". WATCHING TV (and most don't do it as much as they used to) many persons see commercials which don't end the way they'd like them to. For instance, without too much dreaming it might be different to see one of the Mrs. Olson tragedies winding up with a too- satisfied coffee drinker making a face caused by the Icky taste of the brew, then smiling broadly and displaying nice white teeth all covered with coffee grounds; or little kids whose dirty clothes have just been whitened by the knight on the horse, getting even with the dirty rat by pelting him with gooie meatballs. Try thinking up some endings of your own. It's fun. IF all the communists in the world were laid end -to - end it would be a good thingl It's good to get home... after a day of hard work or hard play. And it's pleasant to relax with cool, refreshing beer. In fact, 65% of all the beer produced in this country is enjoyed at home. It cheers your taste as it renews your zest. So, make yourself at home . . . with beer. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. BOX 159, OSCEOLA, IOWA Connie's Column ITALIAN ACCENT When you're tossing your next chicken salad, dress up its appearance and flavor with a few cross-sliced stuffed olives. Aren't they pretty? Ripe ones add an interesting note, too. Save out a few for tomorrow's potato salad. And next time Dad broils a steak outdoors, heat up a cupful of pitted ripe olives in their own juice. He may enjoy them even more than mushrooms. IN AND OUT Does entering a low-slung auto make you feel less than lovely? Here's how the model- school graduate next door does it. Slip your nearest foot in first. Slide your hips in, gracefully easing in head and shoulders. Now bring in that other foot. When getting out again, simply reverse the procedure. SHOWER POWER Summer's outdoor living leads right back to a nightly line-up at the shower. Does the last one in line at your house get the same hot water supply as the first? If not, your family may be in line for a new gas water heater, sized to fit your brood. Your local gas company or plumber dealer will size its payments to fit your budget just as conveniently ... while you enjoy instant hot water, every time, even when overnight company lengthens the line-up at the shower. Northern Natural Gat Company, Omaha, Nebraska BABY TALK The lady down 'the street found a way to get the new ; baby brother off on the : right bootie with big sis- I ter. First night _ ... after the baby arrived, Dad came home from the hospital visit with a gaily-wrapped package. It was, he explained, a gift from the new brother. And now that the baby's in the house, big sister is official diaper-folder. Pretty proud about the whole thing, too! FRESH PEAR CRISP A fine finale for supper on the porch: preheat your gas oven to 350 degrees, as you grease a 10-inch rectangular baking dish. Pare and halve 4 medium-size ripe pears; slice them into baking dish and sprinkle with 1 Tbsp. lemon juice. Combine 1/2 tsp. ground ginger, 1 cup grated nippy cheddar cheese, and 1/4 cup water. Sprinkle it over pears. Set dish aside. In separate bowl, mix l /2 cup jight brown sugar, % cup sifted flour and V« tsp. salt. Cut in 14 cup butter with pastry blender, till mixture looks like coarse corn meal. Sprinkle evenly over pears. Bake 45 minutes, or till top is golden and pears test tender. Serve warm, with a dollop of ice cream, to eight. BARBE-CUE FOR YOU Before you clean a sooty- old-fashioned 'outdoor grill once more, (slip into your local gas company and see what's come over outdoor cooking! New gas barbecue grills furnish charcoal taste by modern infra-red radiation, then clean up just as neatly as your pots and pans. It's just one more wonderful work- saver fueled by natural gas ... the fuel your local gas company gets from the pipelines of Northern Natural Gas Company, so you ean live modern -*- for less!

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