The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 19, 1895 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1895
Page 6
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Special M3.ll Order Price for 30 Days, «, -w~~- Samples seat free of charge. Money refunded whenever you think you can do better elsewhere. THE HUB. M. W. Corner State and Jackson St.. CHICAGO. How to Make Farming Pay. Purchase a cheap farm with fertile soil where the climate is free from extremes of heat and cold; where there are no blizzards, droughts or cyclones, close to the great Eastern markets where profits will not be eaten up by transportation. Such farms are found only in Virginia along the C. & O. Railway. For descriptive catalogue address, C. B. RYAN, Ass't G. P. A., C. & O. Railway, Cincinnati, O. Wilt Return t« Sotith Dakota ami t>o E*(.*ytlt!ns !n His Powet to Re*to»6 to the Stfttfe the Stolen Funds—»U Prop- etifr Almost Enotagh to Settle the State's Claim. Sioux FALLS, S. D., June 13.—A Pierre special says: Attorney General Crawford and Taylor's lawyers have issned a statement in which they state that the defaulting ex-treasurer of Bouth Dakota will return to the state in 10 days. The statement gives an account of his travels since he disappeared, but does not state where he is now. The story of Taylor's travels is quite interesting, and reports concerning them have been very accurate. He went from Florida to Havana, thence to Central America, thence to Dutch Guinea, in South America, thence to Kingston, Jamaica, where he became panic-stricken and hid on account of the arrival of the steamer on which he went from Havana to Central America. From Kingston he went to Para, in Brazil, from there he came north, and is now on a section of the continent where the weather is more endurable than under the tropics. He has been cultivating whiskers, but these will probably disappear before his return. He will be at Pierre within a week or 10 days, ready and willing to do everything in his power to restore to the state the funds with which it intrusted him, and suffer whatever penalty the courts of the commonwealth may see fit to inflict upon him. Statements were made by friends of Taylor to state officials as to how much money the latter could put up to meet his defalcation, and the attorney general, Crawford, is satisfied that the schedule of property which Taylor owns or controls will very nearly meet the claim of the state, leaving not so much for the bondsmen to pay as had been supposed. Under all these circumstances Taylor's friends agreed to have him return. HAD NOTHING TO SAY. Tnylor and IEI» Itrother I^eavo Chicago for Pierre. CHICAGO, June 17.—W. W. Taylor, the ex-state treasurer of South Dakota, did not put in an appearance at the Palmer'House, as was expected. He was, however, in the city for a short time, although his whereabouts could not be ascertained. H. A. Taylor of Lafayette, lud., a brother, was at tho Palmer. He said that, his brother did not desire to be interviewed. Taylor left on the 0:10 Northwestern train for Pierre, S. D., where he will give himself up. It was a little over four mouths ago that Taylor passed through Chicago on his way to the tropics, where ha has successfully evaded a cohort of detectives, which never quit his trail from the day that he left South Dakota. He is sunburned and careworn from his travels and troubles and expressed himself to friends as very glad that he was returning home to settle up the matter at the cost o: liberty. Later it was learned that Taylor did tako quarters at the Palmer House, but under an assumed name, to avoid annoyance. The ex-state treasurer denied interviews to all outsiders and would not give the slightest information about his travels. 4 During the day Taylor was in consultation with Attorney General Crawford and his attorney, D. K. Tenny, about the details of the terms upon which he has returned. ERRONEOUS SuMMAftY OF at RAftge* lldt 1>1« for SeAr-Miy o ST. Louis, June 17.—The Butchers' and Packers' magazine has this to Say aneut the cattle eapply: Articles have appeared in leading daily papew of New York and Chicago showing that irit:i the disappearance of tho vast tangos, by dividing into faims, tattle would disappear atid beef would bacouie n Inxury. This is falacions reasoning, for, as a matter of fact, the rceer of the country comes from the "arms and nor from the ranges. There are 31 farm states, with a total area of 1,108,002 square miles, and according to the report of the United .States agricultural department in January, 1895, the estimated number of cattle in these states was 30,000,472. Eauge states and territories, 17 in number, contain an area of 1,794,477 square miles and in January, 1895, the estimated number of cattle was only 20,808,873. Tlie states therefore, with a third more area than the farm states, have a third less cattle, and they constantly multiply in the farm region. Texas, with considerable more area than Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas, combined, has nearly 50 per cent less cattle. The farm area enlarges beet' production over one-third while range area diminishes it. TO FREE IRELAND. A shiptd bring Lieutenant the Arctic etplofef, home %ill Bfc. Johiis next month. Two vandals enter ed the Thaddens callerv in London and mutilated a life- sifced portrait of Gladstone. They escaped without difficulty. Russia is negotiating With Dauniafk for the purpose of procuring possession of the ChfiStiansoe islands, hoping thereby to obtain a coaling station on the Baltic sea. Eastbound shipments from Chicago last week amounted to 61,718 tons, against 88,909 for the preceding week and 53,867 tons for the corresponding week of last year. The advocates of "sound money*' of Kansas City, who organized last vv-eek, have sent an invitation to Secretary Carlisle to deliver a speech on the financial question at Kansas City at an early day to be named by the secretary. A. Oftii, J). fL fifttcljifts. Win. K. President. VKJe-Pres. KtshifrJ. . Smith. AS»'t.CaM». THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ALGO1SA, IOWA, OAI*il<AL, $50,000, t on iuihd to ilcmti at pfittAcnnbto tote A to t*«Hl6* -*•&« hiMitah flt«i-*lft»« se 'directors—1». a* ittitfchltts, S* A. FeJ-gtisoh, tMtUip l»ort**Ufcr, IMt. Ambrose A. Call, II. ll. Spfeneer, win. K. i GASH CAPITAL—3550,000.00. OFFICERS AND A.D.Clarke, Pres.. (X 0. Chubb. Vice Pres., Tho*. H. Lantry, Cashier. Ueo li Galbraith, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schehck. Thos. F.Cooke. GENERAL BANKING. Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest, 1'alil for Time A Movement iih Foot Looking to n lUwtort to Arms. CHICAGO, June 17.—A special to the Chicago Record from Indianapolis, Ind., says: The Irish-American club of this city, composed of 800 of the moat influential Irishmen in the city, last night approved the movement which is secretly under way throughout the United States looking to the emancipation of Ireland by a resort to arms. The club has raised several thousand dollars for the emancipation fund, and one of the members is authority for the announcement that nearly §3,000,000 has already been raised in the United States. It is announced that some time this summer the sympathizers with the movement will hold a national convention, probably in Baltimore or Boston. The members of the local league say that the -National Irish league is at the head of the movement. BRITISH LAND MARINES. Foreigner)! Said to Bo in n Critical Condition In Formosa. HONGKONG, June 17.—News of a disquieting nature has been received here from the Island of Formosa. It is stated that the Black Flags are threatening to cause serious trouble; that the foreigners on the island are in critical condition. In view of these facts, the commander of the British cruiser Spartan has lauded a detachment of marines and the British cruiser Rainbow has left here for the scene of the trouble. Tried to Save His Child. , ANNAPOLIS, June 17..—W. H.-Kerr of Ilchestar, Howard county, Mel., was drowned from his yacht Watagaua in. attempting to save his (5-year-old son, who had fallen overboard. The boy was resued by Captain Burlis of Annapolis aud Mr. Kerr's body was recovered soon after." Mrs. Kerr and a party of friends were aboard the boat. Prominent Horse Dealer Killed. TOLEDO, O., June 17.—Curtis Downs, a prominent horse dealer of Wauseou, O., was killed by the cars near this city. He was on his way East with a carload of horses and in some unknown manuer was thrown from the train. LATEST MARKET REPORT. We ! Employ; Young fi<'i«»«»t»»»»»»«»»««n««*»-»*«*»->«* advertise'• '• ineuta in part payment for a hlgU lirada Acme . biovole, wlilch iri sernl thein OD ovproviil.. No! work ciono uutll lUo tjicycle arrives c,ud proves * Young Ladies "SE 'K/ys or Kiris npplr tliey must bo well reco-m- .'Je'u. Wfitolufiiartloulurs. * ACME CYCLE COnPANY, ELKMART, IND, !><> YOU WAN! TO STOP TOIJACCO? Von Caw He direct While Utiing If. The habit ot'usiiiK tobacco grows on » man until grave cUsens-tl condUioiiH are produced. Tobucuo causes cancer of the mouth and stomach; dyspepsia; loss inenmry ; nervous Hft'ections ; congestion ot the retina, and wasi- ipir of the optic nerve, resulting in iiinmirinent ol vision, even to Vliu extent of blindness ;an-a- ness. or vertigo ; tobacco nsthinu, ; niuhtly sjjf» ffocation j tlull luiiii in region of the heart, followed later by sharp pains, palpitation and weakened pulse, vesultiuu in fatal heart disease, tt also causes loss of vitality, QUIT. BKKOHB IT IB TO.» 1-A.TE. To qiiit suiH'eniy is too severe a shock to tne system, as tobacco— to ait Inveterate user, becomes u stimulant that his system continually craves, "B/VOO-OURO" is a scieutillc iind reliable venetuble remedy, gnaranferd to be per^ ft-ctly liannless, and whicli has been in use Jor the last r a years, having cured thousands -.or habitual tobucco u<ers— sinoKew, cliewers aud MISSIONARIES ESCAPED. Official Notice of tho Dostr.ietlou of Property in China. NEW YORK, June 12.— The following cablegram from Bev. J. B. Hykes at Shanghai has been received at the office of the American Missionary society in this city. "Property at Cheng Tu destroyed. Missionaries all safe." "These advices," said Dr. Baldwin, the recording secretary of the society, "aro official, and, while confirming reports of property loss, should set at rest the rumors of the massacre of missionaries. There was no massacre." Riots Art* General. NEW YORK, June 13. —A special dispatch to The World from Hankow, China, says: Riots are general in the province of Szehun, and in at least six cities all foreign property has been destroyed. Others are threatened. So far as can "be learned the foreign inhabitants are all safe, but they are hurriedly leaving the province. _ Sioux City Initls.n Scare. Sioux CITY, la., June 17.—Sioux City is enjoying a genuine Indian outbreak. A few days ago a baud of 100 Winnobagoes came over from the Nebraska reservation to sell gooseberries. They pitched theiv tents in the eastern part of the city and promptly proceeded to load up on whisky and hard eider. The result was a tremendous drunk, aud evor since it has been unsafe for anyone to approach their headquarter^, The police have ordered the redskins to leave, bnt are unwilling, owing to their numbers, to ttse force. Milwaukee Grain. MILWAUKEE, June 15, 1S95. FLOUR— Steady. WHEAT — No. 3 spring, T6c; No. 1 Northern, S'Je; July. 7Tc. CORN— No. a, 43^c. OATS— No. 3 white, 31>4c; No. 3 white. \Vediie8c1ay, A commercial treaty betvveeii Japan and Eussia has been signed. John Lainar, chief of police of Anier- icus, G-a., committed suicide by poisoning. Cause unknown. The new Italian parliament was opened Monday with great ceremony by King Humbert in person. ' The. forest fires in the vicinity of Kane, Pa., are under control and no further trouble is anticipated. The 18th annual convention of the National Association of Master Plumbers is in session at Philadelphia. The striking weavers at the Wey- bosset mills of Olneyyille have all voted to return to work in a body. Henry Schnielzer, a retired St. Louis liquor dealer, committed suicide by shooting. Cause, financial troubles. The Westiughouse Machine company has voted to increase its bonded indebtedness $350,000 to pay for the new works at Briuton, Pa. About 2,000 workmen are idle in Pittsburg as a result of the strike of about 1,000 boilermakers. The latter demand an increase of 10 per cent in wages. Thursday, Juno 13. Gold is said to have been found in paying quantities at the bottom of the ocean off the California coast. More than 30 business houses and dwellings were burned at Geneva, ,111s., making a total loss of §75,000. At New York Sigmuiul Scheidler, 86 years of age, shot his wife, inflicting fatal injuries. He then blew out his own brains. Miss Dodge's coadLtiou is unchanged. Representative Hitt is about the same and apparently is holding most of his recent gain in strength. Professor Charles Geoffrey, at one time one of the best known musicians in the world, died at Fruitvale, Gal. He died in comparative poverty and obscurity. Some remarkably rich gold fields have been discovered at the head of Boggy and Turkey creeks, about 40 miles southwest of Guthrie, O. T v and people are flocking there by- : the hundreds. . Friday, June 14. The London Daily News announces that George Dn Maurier. has finished a new novel. The statement of the condition of the treasury shows: Available cash balance, $183,318,074; gold reserve, §99,58!), 44(5. The comptroller of the currency has authorized the Standard National bauk 'of the city of New York to begin business, capital $200,000. A comparison of the clearances on the Erie canal during the: first mouths of navigation of '94 and '95 shows a decrease of 45 per cent in business. Major Elijah W. Haliord, paymaster, has been relieved from duty at Omaha, and assigned to duty at Denver, headquarters of the department of the Colorado. A dispatch from Constantinople says that the sultan's health has suffered on account of his anxiety on the Armenian question and other difficulties and that symptoms of paralysis have appeared. W. H. tiiglmm, Tlieu. OhHscliiUes, Lewis H. Smith, President, Vice President. Cashipr ALGOJJA, IOWA, " CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporate I ti&dcr isetieriU IH.A-* of town. Deposits received, money loaned. foreign ami domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly atul u general bunking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old coiintrtcS sold at lowest fates. Directors-W. H. fnghiim. .lohn O. Smith. -L It. .IOIIRK. r. Chrtschllles. Lowls M. \V. Wudsworth. Barnot Uevine. K. M. Klchihond. Pres. Farmers B. F. Smith. Vice A. H. Kichmuiiil, 0. ,f. Ijp.nnnder, Ass't. Ousl>. JBANC-ROFT, IOWA. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital Invei .'ed. Authorized capital, 850,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking 'buslnessj transacted, Special attention given to collections. Insurant written. Steamship ' -,. N. K. Sheridan. A. M. llichmona. ». F. Smith. Samn-J Mayne.C. E. Mnllory. ,T. N. Sheridan. _ _ ^^ DON'T 'LAKE ANY CHANCES ON. Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ovei written a word In thorn. Our work Is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to u« and yon may bo sure yon get what yon pay for and take no chances. E^-REAL ESTATE .FOANS, FARMS ANT) WILD LANDS. HAY & RICE Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa. OFFICE OVER ALQUXA STATE-BANK 'v/u U«E ALL THE TOBACCO Y' »JJ W \NT. WUll-K TAH1NO "UA.UO-eUBO" IT BARLEY — No. 8. 50c; sample, 5l@ 51 %o. KYE—No. 1, 6iu. Minneapolis Grain. MINNEAPOLIS, June 15, J893. WHEAT—June, 7dJ^c; July, T'.'Ko: September, T3Mc. On Track—No. 1 hard, 73c; No. 1 Northern. 7TJ4c; No. 3 Northern., 70}4c, Dnluth Grain. DULUTH, June 15, 1893, WHEAT—Cash, June No. 1 bard, 7i3&c; No 1 Northern, "iQ^o\ No. S Northern, 72J4o; July, No. 1 hard, 7To; No. 8 Northern, 72c. St. Vuul Union Stock Yards. SOUTH ST. P.U-L, June is, 189>. HOGS—Mivrket steady to strong; quality only fair, Han .so of prices, ;M,3J@4,43. CATTLE—Market about steady; choice butcher stuff firmer. BHKEP—Choice grades ruling stronger. common dull. Muttons, $a,OOc|>4.!-!5', lambs, ..iJ,75@l.75; common, $3.'-->(«#.50 Receipts: Hogs, 1,500; cattle, 5O, calves, f,; sheep, 83. , CJi$p»go ynloii Stock Varan, . CHJOAOO, June 15. 1893. jjQGg—Marketfaivly active and firm. Sales ranged at 9i.80®-1.0> for light; w 404470 for mixed; Si40@-l.ft7 for heavy packing aud shipping lots; &1.3r>@4,r>o for rough. CATTLE—Market steady. Dressed beef; and shipping steers, 80,); cows and bulls, $l.10@4.85; 1 Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Machine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, f or— W1NKEL PA Y8 THE FREIGHT. J. I3STKH53L,. . .. YOU WHEN TO ST >!'. \VK UIVK A WR'ITTPN GUAKANTJiK to permnu • entlv I'tire any ctue with tlu'ee boxes, or ivr luud the money with 10 per cent Interest. ••HACO-OUKCJ 1 ' i» not a suUstjtute. but a reliable and s-jtenUlle oui'e-wh.cli absolutely destroys the ei-avlwjfor tobacco \vith- out the aid OJE will power, and >yith »« lucwi- veule'nce. it leaves the system a.» ptjve and Irep Jrom nicotine, as the day you to,uk your lU'st; Titgfe'usrs, at jfl.oo jier box. tlmje ^>«r?«lw««ifi»M.«H^i^* un->r*>, uiniiy vuij» vitw.iuvun BUM M«-«»n"r- TBCP OUttE.) S3 50 or sent dvecti imoji receiiit SL Jinj>*:. IH&H.. SIX TWOjOBNf ijT A W g& St. J.oul» Heiress ST. I^opis, June 17.— May Belle CbricUfield, the iS-yeay-old daughter of Mrs. Mary 3. Clu'iohfteld of 'this city, and heiress to considerable property, has been missing fr° m wer home since Wednesday afternoon. Fears are en- ioed ®W$ she is being held for ran* or to secuye sonje of her property. -. Midi-. June ib. —Specimens of quarts! Qsstjyiug |80,000 to to» i» nuviYe golcl ... SHK15P— Market quiet and unchanged, Receipts: .' JiORS, 10,000; cattle, 80); , June 15, J$t>V Gi-QStNG PBICES. July, , lier of pjrojpeotars have gpoe }ook f or ^ft <krf[i4,'v',i,k. 'A-.- • „ i' ; July, , 48.c; May, 18,80 ! Max. J?QttK--Jm»e, M-W, July, ei Saturday, Juno 15. Fire iu the .Victoria warehouse, Berlin, destroyed tlie buildings aud their contents, involving a loss of 1,400,000 marks. The lamily residence of the Duke and Duchess of Fife, Mar Lodge, Braetnar, was totally destroyed by flre Friday. M. Sverderap, Che leader of the Norwegian Moderates, who was asked by King Oscar to form a new cabinet, has declined the proposition. The boss barbers will comply with the new state law which goes into ef' feet in Missouri June 28, and which prohibits barber shops from keeping open ou Sunday. A St. Petersburg correspondent of •the London Times ^telegraphs to that paper it is almost-certain that-Russia will take no action to compel reforms by Turkey in Armenia. Commander F, K. Main, U. S, N,, has been found incapable for further service by a medical board and has been recommended for retirement. He recently suffered a, paralytic stroke. 31 o nil ay, «i««p 17. H. H. Pashjels, col,eptor of the port at Crisfjeld, Md., dropped dead in his office. Mout McCuJlooh, in jv fit of Jealousy, shot and killed his wife a$ Jacksonville,' Tex,, Raid afterwards blew out his own brains, A boiler explosion at the Red- Car Iron works, near (Juisborpugh, Bag., resulted in the death of six persons and serious injury to eighteen others. The Penv-u 1 Wheel club has a telegram trom A- A- JSiw sayinw <-h-\t h? a^d John 9- „-„„.,„ wili raoe in Panver the latter pajt of July. pert SearigUt, an arc TTS ,^, T .,„„„-„„, employed by tUe rt*7 of Austin, T-?«-i fell from the top of a tower-to il - grouad, 9,4ista«ee of 1§0 feet. Ue horribly majjgle^ O 4fh A <fc A w W w V BEFORE THE LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by , The Bancroft Insurance Agency-J. A.,Frecli;. ; Prop, x HK OFFKRS THK FOLLOWING KOMPANIKS FOB CONSIDKKATION1 Company. • Cash Capital. Aetna, Hartford '••'•' Phoenix, Hartford Continental, N. Y • •• Fire Association, Phila..' Hanover, N, Y. ,,,.....,,..,....•.. Northwestern National, Milwaukee.. Roekford, Roekford • State, Dos Moluos • LIFE, MASSA.'CHTSETTS BENEFIT LIFE / 407,000.00 . Insurance in force, §3.),(XX); Policy holders, 61,100,000; Cash surplus, $10,180,000, paid iti death losses, LIFE AND ACCIDENT. „• Aetna Li fe &. Accident Insurance Co, ,...•.,.,:. Assets, £43,977,580,08 ! Wo believe this is as good a s-tatWioiit, .us can be made by any jifrcncy }n il)i> Is 111 ' 1 and we solicit your patronage. • „,—, $10,847,81(5.3(5 M 3.000,000.00 5,588,058.00 1,000,000.00 •: , 0,754,908,00 500,000.00 5,191,055,00 1,000,000,00 3,S45,8B3.00 500,0(K),00 , 1,8(33,097.00, ;JOO,0(XJ,CX) 1,031,537,00- ;'0(),000,0f) 4(i3,2J4,00

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