The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 19, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1895
Page 5
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o £ Raad J A Attftstrong ,I6hn Wlfnei" •• Jfio E OSborn O E BttSh oHStoite . Ja<t Warbui'ton HEDaviS'ott A F Steinberg H L \tm-d .lohn H Bnttnft N L Cotton 4600 loo no oo co .. no oo SHftgftHrt:... ... coon Lincoln ....... S2 oo ' (5 00 32 no 8t no Buffalo . Wliittemqce • 100 35 ^ mi 45 no M G Ho'lientJeck, hinklrig road book and ist meetlnji o 50 P M harSloti, use ot offtte, tnrsttfe.' . \ 3 not allowed.......... . .../..,.,.. .T < S A Oi-f i palntlrig court bouse • rwbf..... 29 W Wffl snanor, tnist^e Portland/.twp...... o oo 0 A Tfcllter, cotinty sxvrv^ylng.. - • M ™ NatidalilBros.eoai.'..,, .:..;-. !..--..;.. 10 sn .Jas A Orf, painting floor.clerk vault... . <S H P Hatcln tw(i trustee. i'Oad bohkJ ! , Clallt>8... .'.. .... Li.,;....,.-.. ... -000 8 ftenjamln, bailiff, nislit watch' 41 oo .Courier Blank Book Cd, stationery, ^ claim05 75 .' .. ct 7o A t> McGrejtoi-, 12 jury chairs'. 25 00 F H Ford, collecting delinquent taxes... 2 85 W E H Morse, coronei-. 15 75 Julius.Pleth,,furor .... :.': ..... :•.i'.i..-..:.. • l' 40 SF Jenks, " , •.;. i 4o HF Shipley - '• .... ....... i 40 Brown, constable.i......-..,«• :..-.- 3-Jo L J NetvelU clerk Fentoiii, claim'n... ... 3 oo Iowa School for Deaf, clothing. 8 75 W E H Moise. coroner ... >. t.... 22 53 MS.l-sliaIl Pr'ntfhgCo,stationery.;. ... .. 2350 Illinois •• '• . " 21 45 W H Ch'.pinan, trustee, claim 12 ... ..... 10.00 SllasKoupe, " " •< H. ......'. 8 co W A Smith, justice fees, 12 20, not, _, , allowed .....;.. n H Lewis, trustee - :. -1- .;-... '4.00 Ellis MeWhorter, trustee '.'..' 2 oo Oallaeliaa &Co, codes:.....: :..-.t! so oo MrsSchlehtl, clean recorder's ooico . " sheriff's " '.. A F Dalley, boarding prisoner M 0 (Ji'ler, court reporter Iowa Hospital for lusatie, care of • • patients Oreo M Bailey; insurance... .'•'- •.. . . MKllDjjelliofer. trusteu •• Walters Bros, stationery .T M I'hilll]isr*bur.viug fflule,.'. .•••. ...... Mrs Erlckson, clean treasurer's office It J 'Bra.vton', Ueo W Patterson. " ......•.-.'.,.. Kills'McWhoriev, ."• .-••••. W ,T Cratrnioiict, ballllt.-.. •'....' .Ino^l Stewart, trustee... ............ Inwo ItistltuUior Feeble Minded . Children,clothing . ;...;. •HWKoba. bdo£ equal •.• •••••• '.lohn Paul ^Lumber uoi lumber ....... i Wm Warb.urton, trustee.;..,..,.,..., ; ..... Laidley Bros,;statlonery- ;...:......... Burt Bank, stone-. •>• • • • • •>'• •!••• • I •••••• Dr H H Nichols, witness, elm 10....... JE urn, " •' " !; i> '••• Alfi'ona Kepubllcan, pub. proceed Ines "and stationery..:'. .•.'.:' Martin Itahm, uostee..*....:»'.:'...''.••••'•'.•• P H Jennett . •• Paul Dorwtelel- " ' '•'.«..':'...I .--'-i'... ••: ELTuttle- , ; ,:.'.'... ,,'•., •>.-...:-.....-• J u Pvaymoi'd, expenses. O M Doxsee. .-.</ Boque Blank BookOo,.sti Courier " "- " ••'••••>•< B F.-Eeed,.salary.. A .... .,...;.•„,.,..,,. Acres Blackinar & Co, Stationery W H Miner, haul.'nplstone/.-, »\\^ : M 0 Grier. reporter O & N AV Ky, fre'ght ij. : ;^:;; l oo 1 co •i li 00 420 Ot «0 25 2 00 7 fi3 2 00 1 00 0 00 2 00 4 00 18 00 4 3' (i Oil . 47 • .7 37 via oo 29 no 1 4 io 410 72 00 4 00 .10 (10 ' n oo .1) CO • 2 5< BUILDS THE STORE. •Without the good opinion of, .its patrons no btrslncss'ho'tise c'«n expect to sclcceed. Trje opinion prevails nmoiiiL' our customers .that wcs always leiul ; ln the Important mat-' tera of low pried and hlph value. From now until July 4th we Will further motild the pnblic opinion to.thc fact tlmt at the NRW EJtotjASD you get the goods as advert!KC<! :ind values area."- represented. ' DUUDALL & CO. ya oo •.23','BO 218 25 2 00 ; : 4 oo' 54" 00' 4 08 8 00 W.F Jenklnson, trustee,. ; . i..,,>•.[;-...;,,,.>, 8 oo G B Ludwig. •••'•"•• 'elm IS.;.....•:V...: ' o oo Hii Bailey, baii.if..-,,;<.v;,:;.:i..>.;. .^.-.i-ft: v.!. ; i8 oo G M Parson's, twp clerk road llsti,clm.8.,.:.;..! ,.>;"•••• B P Grose, insanity 'AUg Biding ,...•' •• -... Mary Mrnkleri.. " state vs Skinner Fraukl P A Haggard, board equal,..{,FH Vespei 1 " " J \V Wauswortb " : ••?•-: v.-M..; S H Pettlbone " . ," ,..-•-, • W'K Ferguson •" " —•• ' Jno DMagunsson ." • '(. •>,•;••• Tnos Henilersou " '" •••.•• JF iVicuuhn • --r 'f- .'.—:••</•...'.'.' KE Sayers. • " , " Oh'Hs'ACohenburclerk " ....'• A Weisbrod, trustee •-, ••..•• •••:. .1 B J'olinsoii, boai'd e(|tial Upper Des Molnes, stationery .• Mate Parrott & Sous., : , ". , ,......-. F D Calkins, e^pe'nse..;'.'. . ..'.v. 1 .-.'. Algona Courier,'pttb-proods .'.o .1.;. Jas Taylor, quljts foi; ja.ilf»*.. ..{>',. >-.. .f M Gray, trustee. ,-....... .... .J F Smith, baliff .'.'.'.'.V.: J B J3engtson j-,tj'ustee,,and, foadjli^t. 1 1:15:00'. •" <ii 00 45 >S •>:so. 10 . y 23 if 80 8 00 0 00 .:>«. 00 . 8 00 • 8 '00 .« 00 8 flO : S'0(i .,• 8 S&. • ' 8 Ull •a on ' 3 00 73,45 . 54.85 ''•18-75' '44 00 . '4 01) '•i.2 00 18' OU J M Co\Van,"'repr i Martin Kuhm. tru.,.^_, T H P'Hatcli, col taxje's'.:. :/•'"..,•;,., .... S WCallanan. inayoi 1 fees', 1 StaVevs- . Whitehlll .'A', -u;: O A Potter, twp clerk, road list, cl 1Q... Obi'd Kobinson; Siiate v's'-Wa.Hl.' lirV^^O^ ''-'" S5?*JI col taxes. ..... E H,Clarke, State vs Mousel,'.>,;. *, ••, • • J M Cowan, rep'r c h tower ., ,. 0 C Samson, board-prisoners M,.. .-.••** \V J Burton, cwp clerk , v .,,-M• • B F Cruse, insanity SaVah Makinster.. ' ' ,.,-B 00 ',''. V °P .16 70 8" 00 12 12 .;13 'DO 11 40 13 87 . 14 U3 1 S!4 85 • A (Id LdCAL The Algona business men's celebra tion will be all right. " r> ThiB, e'kcutsiph i-ate to Spirit i next Tiiesday is $1.50. '.-••. 1'he Milwaukee "Flyer" makes 'its regular stops at Sexton'these.days. Jas. Taylot aiJcLtv-.M. 'Pinnell were billing Burt for the Fourth yesterday Mike Winkel took possession ,of the Noifchwestern freight office Monda morning. Children's day Was elat .irately and veiy successfully celebrated at trie Baptist church Sudday.- . The Normal- commencement comes tomorrow evening; It wjll be the clos ing event of the school year,. The railroads will give an excursion rate for the Fourth of one and one third fare for the round trip. ' ;•." Now let us not keep the murbli waiting too long. They have anothe. lot waiting up at EsUierville. .Ice ci^am lawn social at ;E. J. Gil niore's bn.Friday.eveniitig r June 20th All conic and have' a good time. ' The, building of a new jail does i no seem such u fool proposition e'oi^. ' Thfe grand jury have been vindicated^ '("' Geo. C;,GaH has deceived -'• an .: in vii/ir tion to deliver, the Fourth of July ora tiCn at Buthveh and has;a,ccepted. •'.'The.maciiiriei'y of'tlie pqo'iubs lauu dry is -now neatly ready to start up Bfrsine'ss will begin iii-a few day's. ' .Scott & Dailey have dissolved i; p'art ners.hip, in the tw.ell. business.- ! 'Mr. Dai ley, , continues,, the .'business.;. .See, ,bi.s card in anothier column v . /.".. ' . .'.,'„,'' • Street ..(Dofaimisslbnejr 'Sampspu', 1' bjjeh ''doing some goM' work '6ri' : ti streets,* but a great tleal^nbre-'needs- be done-befor.e theiPourth.i ' i> .,r.i. ii Inquiries have; been made at this (office for .the. name, and address ; of, , the matt v whcJ'gaye put, .last. 'summer,, tlvai .tile draibing was'dryi'ng-'the cburit'ry Up. : ; ..'i.'i.'- •-.. •••••': : ' V ; - :' ' ''>'•'" C. B. Matson '.was over 'at Emmets burg last/week. , He repprts .that -.jEw metsbiirg folks.i^re strongly incj'in^ to come over here i|i a body 'on the Fourth'. "'^-'-' -•"'•>' '""' '•'•• \ "-; : • ; ;'' M-fs's-Ella f Tliompso'n,'\fh'6' i Bi ; aduatet J'romldwa'GolJ'ege at tlie recent eoni- uiencement, won the .class', honors;, in Mathematics and E.ngHsli...!,8be 'is ;u fine student..' "" ." " , "~;' ! '. ' The wed'ding ''of 'Miss' Mary' Edith Clarke and ; Mr. F. Li. William's.b'f Ef i'e^ Pennsylvania, announced in these :cbl- umns lastiweek.v.cpmt;S: off this ' nopn .at 3° o'crpck. ''"" ' J A Hamilton . Tbos Henderson, work- on grade. Lichty& J Ichty & Gutluie ,mdse.{or ; bridge,..,..u,.. -:7 54 HQueai&po, ^ ^ ;,;;;;,;_^ l^y,^ $ |J J A Hifrailiou &-Do, jMling i Ininbei Noiman Collar, grading .... BF Smith, wolk'on UnioiiSlougli • ,'r'ji IL-li'V 15*.00 3 31 is oo . B F Smith, com ,woik , ( , -,.;.. H 0 Hollenbe"k " . , W JBurtun, '* . . ' .' .. John Wood, woik on bridse !. e 0 Chubb, coni wp\k ... i. AS White, leprbiidiM ,., A Johnson, •• ' . %. John Wooa, " - J O tlatsb., grading , < M - ' •' •• * ". .' '"''! ' Hamilton & Oo, bildgelumberi.'. .Jolin Wood, repr bridge .. ,, , Leander Baiton, com work and building grade ..... . ', J J Buclloiig, bridge -lumbeiv . .' . JoluiWood, leprCridge ,,.„,*,. l- i : <"i ' ; , , <•;<• . v F J uhapinan. rep diivei and splices Don L tioblnsou, nails . ,,-....'... Sweeii, aorllew & Co, lumber ,.,,', /, J O Hatch, grading ......... v ,. . F S Noiton.lumbejf ..... '.. Luflijl, haulluii|ber ,.. . ., JM T Sniith, haul lumber and repi bildge JI'E Ewen.ieprbildKe . ,.• ., '' FHume, lumber,,., , ......... i J M Broivt & Son, lumber . , Wlgluman, UiqhaidsitCo, do Bluer Bios J^br Qo, do, ol 4(i 16 '* '* Wheeler and Brg Co, do '.' • ,F A Hamilton & Co, lumpaq F Hume, diflbe for poop ,. . . , A p Alpmegor, cofljns etJ for (CMC, 4i)dm&ou and Combs' 0 B Jwewjb, J»Ulng . ,^. , Benjamin. 6eu4fug JasNot'ton to i ........ . ...,-, K 0 'Itiptle, Jirtiiglug popey |or poo). 0!ji jscjiiljes & HWbhS, ' lor po'dr. . . Heo JJapv. doctoiing iSpoouer ,.< . . ,ii»Fot|lin, dgguigtyaveana ground J» t Ute}soii \vo»1« • mdiw for poor- A HjMnlltou farm J WllMHl, W4l Qo, UW, 21 oo ,31 00, 2(1 25 14 1)2 J ' JJ 76 , 25 04 a oo 0 08 7 00 82 12 ,1*! 04 62 92 S 185 00. ,, 1U 23 182 ?5 '.27-' 18 . 1150 1-W 62 . 4 50 SO 13 33, . 19 12. . 70 72 00 51 . 33 88 15 40 i 270 100 o5 ., 3101 . 15 85 ' 4424 ! 50 3T . 828 00 . 251 3d ' 144 21) , HTS)3 a IB IP'55 2700 2 00 1.05 805 01 50 55 50 JO 00 3dQ %t 00 0 75 30 PO 33 15 303 8 00 10 20 , - '*,« -W Til If Jja^beei) observation tiiat \\1nen sjon tickets to j:unction points ' at^ 'obe late; for/the rojupid: trip. ..' ,t ..' ],;-.• KS /•'•• ; Jas. ; 6iuv went to, Ha,i;tley,'Monday, to ido^ a bi£ jp,b of painting, tie, abpen't ^bout ten days. Jini'g reputation as : a.'-'iirst'-class ; ' workman is Wot' coiifined'to Kossutlvcounty. • • •• t'-w^i As: the county > : convention 'day. -up-' appoacl^e$ and .mai). af tei" ^nan : f 'pulls out'".bf the race it .b.e comes more , arid, more probable .that Algona 'will pi-esept; 'no candidate for 'represe'htatfvi. '•' '•"'; , ...The REPUBLieAli'had : a fiVst'class'in-' tetition;: to publish:-: the. County bdard proceedings-last .week., but when the hour came to go, to press it was found that the repbrt Could npt be got i'n' ' Tt i§ said^that J. F. Gilmore will, gage 1 in the grocery' trade at Spehcer T)ie Spencer people will 'find Mr. 'GH-* more a- square, .dealing grocer; iTteei/ will'ti*ouble about -good weight!,. • , The MilwAU^ee ' road u is 1 e^uijjp^d wjtb, 1 dining cajs 'between' Mason Oity and, Canton, South Dakota!' ''This, is* another sure, indication r df tb,e, gr'owfjig volume of travel on that ( popular }ip£.' arrivals f coin Chicago ' meeting. * 'Uncle" Benja'min. in that city, but he did not stop to say when he> would be in Algo#a. The party, in whose company he 1'eil/ has returned* 1 , Commencing June loathe 0- ty'. ' ^ St. P, By. will ruJ__», dining car 'on train No, l and serve 'breakfast an . din per, and return 1 on f tr r airi No, 4 " trom Canton and serve diriner' and ( supper, The'annual ,cou,nty Sunday , ^Qhpo)' toqveption coj£$s,ol£ at Wesley, ue,xt Saturday evening and Sunday, An in* teresting proftramme, arranged, for .the pccasion, appears els.eyvhere jn , this ' ' Tfee program ot the Endeavor oonts ventipu fpr its closing session this evening ppen^ wi,tl^RS9ijg seyvice, its principal -feature will be an dress Jby.Presiden^JtJeavdshear on sgent of mrtn,F 5 , ,i , Josie Hudson J was down from Bancroft. Monday, on business connected witn the letting of bis new two*story building, IJe ftas the foundation finished and ii ready for tue work to^ be^ gin above ground, • tt is on tl^e progtHm, of the ''republican township und \vard' pa,ucu&es to eject QQWWiweem&n for- tl}9 Quroing year and report tbejr BftPies in cop|}eor tjoj) With, the, credentials of the tes to tlje cQijp W. F: OarterV will vry to keep 1H J)es Ajgqna H- Dpc May Johnson, Belle Tellier, Nell Wallace, Elma.A. Ramsey and Claire Gilbfert: A two-front brick block will soon up in the burnt district, joining the Theo. Chrischilles store oh the west. A. A. Call and the latter join in the erection of the building, which will be a handsome one. -The Burt Monitor says that J. Q. Jamerson is about to remodel his house and add a big upright. He is going to make : some extensive improvements which will make his house one of the best and neatest in the neighborhood. J. J. Kttbn, Who was credited With having rented, rooms in the Heise block for real estate headquarters, has decided to remove to Minneapolis and go • into the.fcraiii trade. Mr. Uriell, who was to have entered into partnership •'with him here, will return to Elkacler. , The moving and extension of the fair grounds fence to take in the newly • acquired territoiy', \Vasbegun last week. :The new ground is a nice wooded tract and with it the land will be as dc- ;sifuble as can be found in this big 'state. : '.'.;.' ; ICossuth county will not be represented in the Republican League convention fat Cleveland this week. B« W. .'Haggard and Geo. E. Boyle were'dele- ;gates,'.butilr. Boyle was called to Chi- cagp and ciDuldnot go and.;Mr; Hag- jeard'decrined'to goalohe. ^ jA'l'gOria will furnish some excellent music for the Masonic meeting at Spir- jitl^ake next ;Tuesday. It .is understood . that •.•.tligi-Mandolin Club, the Misses. .Maude -and Kate Smith and Miss •W'artth'iin will/assist in the-tnusi- ' 1 IsAJSiAi.A;i.Sit'ert was passing 'along |h0(rpad 1 Aye8t.of Hpbart <; last; week, he foynd a t?ig svyacm of bees by the, side of-the'i-oad.' • > -J^js notified Mr. Seib who liVe's T n'(?ar b.V and the latter, with the 9ssfstahce.of his:neighbor, J. W. llich. gp.t them ; ,dpmiciled-in a hastily impi-o- yUecl hive. , ,. ; ..•-."'.' ; i JL^)e p^pp^e.01" JKpssutli county will be''pnyi.l%eil^0h the Fourth,',to" walk (iirth'e grass a't the : court house. Mr. Holtzbauer is-very rigid in tlie enforc'e- uient,ot' the^prohibitory, rule. on every •other day, tint on'the..Fourth there [is tb be Tree commons^ anil no fines not questions asked. : - • •• •';". .. ' On account of the Epwoich Convention,'the- ^ovfch-WesLui u Line will,;o3i J:Uh:e. : 25;-and>2)3. sell excursion tickets to Chatanooga' Tenn., and re- tuvn,^tyM7 low rates, good return sage until July 3d, 1895, 'inclusive. "For 1;fckets and--fUn'information ap^ply to ilgen.ts, ChicagoT&5J'orthi\v"estern R'y. moru- thei.'e"will ptjobablyi be. a - large ; turnout fcjr-the,^pirit,Lake r excUrsion. A ''' ' e,pri,ae r excUrson. spe 7 'ijl'ai'n iwil.l be rlin' , winch will leave! ' '' ' ati 7.41 invthe'mprnjirig, aiid which will stjarV r "£m the'-'return-trip from • Spirit L\ike,tbetween.ten and^-eleven>o'clock.- the fare,for.^1)6, roun.d trip from Algona will be $1.50..;,:., v '. -,';",". • • ' ^ '• ' John <5. Sjiith^and.Aym. H,' Nycurn fire '^tlVe-'committee ', appbin.ted;' to ex- amine''the 'b'OOks Of 'the' ; 'couritv of- fMals:.'un.d;wtito up tlie financial state-. jn^n.t, 1 - Thje,.board wi,ll meet on,July 2, in i adipui'h e'd' sessio.n, a n d j t is s u pposed, ^ibe'cfnly 'a'''coincidence' that the re-" [JujbH'can county: convention 'meets on daj. -. i'7?he, Young 1 Peoples' Society of Christian ^ndeayor,opened its district jppvention auspiciously and with ( a 'allge attendance last evening. ' Presi- ent Ki.nzer -made -a V stirring addres,s ejojje.u crowded audience and evoked' ri'4at l et)t.l)usiasm. The ineeting^cloaes :his fiveqing wifh an address by Pres> '*(>!•'} ' » ' '/. •" ', The Courier, which has been some- Wiing'of a free silverpaper comesouton ttierlght'Bidq and' remarks:" What'a id cotintty this Id anyhow! • The •ect>nt rainihave settled the financ"ial istion for'the (farmers of Kossuth. psol all'kinds never looked better an. the outlook for a good fall and virSter tradei was' never more pro- raing." VJanef M'clntyre -was btricken with cerebral- apoplexy Sunday alV ernpoh and'h^s since been'unconscious. :t,was hardly -hoped, that she would suxvive. until this morning, but at 7 she waij alive! 'Her death was then but a uestion -'of l a^ very fehorE time. he| fs '77 yeurs ot a(?e,' She, seemed in un,us!uaily<.'good health nnd spirits Sunday! idbvftin'g'ijnd attended the Episco' ^Ir^nd.Mr's.-M,^ Gardner,'of Cqr-' "' spent Sqndny with the, iamil.v ; of ;yor Haggard,- Mi t .,.Grtti > dnjer -sees r u fsba>)#e ijj Ajgona^ tlm last y-fjye, ye^j.'^,. JJ6 traveled us ex- r . ,,.. messenger oo tlie pld stage route :)$yyeen Ffc. Podge »nd A)goni\ in the il?f,Mes,'ai)cl 91^1} remember when Jhere A'ere only tftree/business lioyaeg here, Wr, Gardneyia a' i br i ptbQr ; in-la\yot'Mrs. t^iggavd, ftp'4 i& n'ow v engnged in tlie tffiww business at Corwith. l i J pstBJU?ter JJinchon iiWendeiJ the IwdjOHtjon exercises of ^|H* St. Joe Oavholic church on -Tnesilny of last veel?, JJei'epovt^ljlmt'UMi prifPts. of- (J&JatPd nijcl tli^t'the new edjjjce is very spuejous nnd ejegant-Hnd was greeted There will be no doubt about thfe balloon ascension July 4th. The committee have Mr. Ty'nan's contract to make the ascension and parachute leap arid the balloon is already here. Mr. Tynan writes that he Will arrive here July 1st. This will be one of the great attractions of Algona's Fourth, and will take place from the flat near the Northwestern depot, about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, in connection wilh lire base ball tournament. fiMr. P. Mott, a new settler in Cresco township, who is just finishing up a fine residence on his farm, is raising a large family of skunks. There are the mother skunk with seven little ones, and so tame are they that they are as familiar and as playful as kittens. Mr. Matt says there is no trouble or annoyance in raising skunks if taken when young. They are great for catching rats, and all things considered, Mr. Mott prefers them to cats. The marriage of Mr. Will II. Lacy and Miss Carrie Johnson was performed Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, as announced, In the presence of a large company of friends and relatives in the Baptist church, the pastor, Rev. O. A. Stevens, officiating. The church'was very handsomely decorated with flowers. The ceremony ended, a large number of invited guests repaired to the residence of the bride's parents and participated in the wedding feast. Mr. and Mrs. Lacy at once began housekeeping in their recently purchased home on Call street. As evidence of tlie appreciation the Algona band is held in by our citizens,, about $180 was raised by Mayor Haggard and J. W. Wadsworth tlie other day for their benefit. The money will be expended for new .uniforms in which the band will appear resplendent the fourth. The band consists of fifteen pieces and is without doubt the best band organization the town ever had. G. W. Cady, one of the best band men in this part of the country, has been instructing them two nights each week for the past six months. The band will give concerts on the court house square Saturday evenings during the summer.^ ' A game of base ball .betweeri the, printers and lawyers furnished yreat. sgiort ;Friday afternoon. -After getting do.w.n-to .business the two sides '.buckled.' to the work with the serious intention of .'carrying off the honors. The law-'.' jfers jumped to a big lead at the stailtj-. but, after; getting limbered up the printers made such gains that the law-' y^eis threw up the game, play the last inning. The allegation of'sharp practice preferred by ,tbe law-- yers agdinst the printers, was received witli-peai on peal of-derisive -laughter,mingled with cheers for the : printers. The gentlemanly umpire dismissed the complaint of the lawyers as incompier t( v ritra]id"inudmissable and intimated that n second offense would subject 1 confinement • in the county-jail ••.without habeas, corpus, broo.m-. sticks or poker facilities. Some,of the printers had nutphiyed.base ball since tlve'ir ( j arly diildhood, and H'arVey Iiighjiin, wiis completely laid.up with,- ir lame,brick, superinduced by exertion i;n ti djgging a posthole tlie day previous, lint' lie'completely silenced the OppOsi- 'tio'ti'and assisted in winnin'g the vic- toi'y/ttt the close of the v game. The printers allowed the lawyers to run' \i,p CQfe of fourteen, and' then made or pour, with massage and other treatment. Come Tuesdays and Thursdays. Can also furnish first-class recommends as a nurse. Also agent for folding bath tubs. Come arid see. Mns. WJL CLEARY. A. M. & G. M. Johnson have just got in another fine lot of two-seated surreys. Come early and' make choice. your LOST, STUAtED OR S From five miles northwest of Buffalo Center about April 15. dark bay mare colt two years old; white face, one white hind foot; wire cut on front of left shoulder. Send any information leading to her recovery to the undersigned and receive suitable reward. J. O. JottDAL. Buffalo Center, Iowa, May 17, 189-5. Buy your binding twine at The Wie- am. A Daily Taper for the Fanners. The DesJtoines Daily News Jiiis .become a penny paper and is much improved. It is just the thing for every farmer as it gives all the news and the markets. Price $2 a year. $1 for six months, 50c. for three months' strictly in advance. Send for free sample copies. Address, THE NEWS, DesMoines, Iowa. . ,, Can save you monevon binding twine at The Wigwam. '"''' KING'S DAUGHTERS. The King's Daughtars will give a supper in Zahlten'a grove. Thursday, June 27. Sandwiches, coffee 'and cake, lOc; ice cream and cake. lOc. Everybody come and have a; good time. MKS. H. E. StACYiiSecretary. •We will save you m'pney on.liose and hose, fittings.—SPUUBECK & LAMBERT. MUSIC AND ICE CREAM. The Ladies' Aid society, b'f Burt, will serve supper and ice cream at'Mrs. Wagner's new barn, Saturday evening, June 22, The Burt Cornet band will furnish music. A cordial invitation is extended to alh , .,,.... .., ... PERSONAL; MENTION. V E. V. S wetting, -Es'q . and ,wjfe and Miss May Johnson k-uve for Berlin,, Wisconsin, today. They will attend a reunion of the S wetting family and will be.abs,ept tfij.'ee, weeks. _-.. ,, . .-.....,,j.. Mrs;.A";F;'Calf, of Sio'uY City! wife visiting friendsand'relatiyes in Algona last •vyeek'., .>.-.;- ,'- ' .. ; ' : ... :'..' ' ' ,. ' Mrsi,' Judge Nob'le^-of McGregor, sp.ent'.a few days in this vicinity'last week.: She was the guest of. ..Mr.'and.' Mrs. : C, 'B. Hiitcliins, of Iryirigtoir towiisliip:"..; ; • .'•'.'" Judge Quartou, Geo. E. Clarke ati'd- J.. W. Wadsworth w.en't ' up to' Spirit Lake, Monday, for a Mrs'.\\ym..Keed an'd. Mrs. l'. ; M. Finnell are visiting friends'at Corwith. Missl'JeSsamiue, Jones . attended the commencement exercises of the State y niversity. at-Iowa. Gity,-lrtst:week. Geo.; Simpkins arrived .home., .the last of the Sveek, from a.£psta.l.rpuj;e^.letting. f * , I j f Tj / ^t ' *"^~ it ~p "'i tion'oihisljrotnet.'iind Wrtfc-...„ .„,„„ before their depai-tm-B for wisctfftflilfi, whereAtbe^ftQ in a few days to reside. Albert is n'ow the sole proprietor of a general tnetcrrahdise store", and is: dtf* ing well.. ,. .. . ,....:.-., Mr,. E. A. Phelps, of Burt township, was M welcome caller at the REPUBLICAN office last Saturday, 'lie had just returned from the tipper Icfw/a TTnivet- sity at Fayette. Mr. Phelps said the University Bad figrrtnd.commencement week. Among the notables who delivered lectures, waff thegrea^t Henry Watterson, editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal., .. .,, t.j t . . - : -|-«r-— —• . Get pi-ices on binding twine at The Wigtoatrr. r — ' *-.»<»>_» ^ WANTED—An energetic young tnari'tcf travel Hhtl sell goods to the trade; highest commission Or salary. A new-scheme and a #ood~seller. Add'ress with stamp, CnAs. A. RoutJisoN' & Co. Olive St.. St. Louis,- Mo. 35-89 CHEAP RAILROAD RATES. For tlie various occasions mentioned below one staddard fil'sfc class fare for the round.trip, viz: Epworth League convention ut Chattanooga, June 27 to 30th. National 'Educational Association meeting Denver, Colo., July oth to 12th. United Societies of Christian Endeavor Boston. Mass., July 10th 14th; Baptist Young People's Union -of America at Baltimore, Md., Julv 18 'to 21st. . . . " ,.Annual meeting American Pluirma- centical Association at. Denver, Col., Aiig.J4 to 24th. ' , ,',... •: ' ' I Triennial Conclave., knights Templar at Boston, Mass.,.A'ug. 20 to 30th. , National Encampment, G. A. Ri, Louisville, Ky.. Sepl.;10 to. 14th. HA1..K '-IIAI'ES T6 BOSTON, JIASH. On account of ' the • International Christian Endeavor Convention, the North- Western Line will, oh' July'5,'6, 7 and 8 r sell excursion' tickets to 'Boston Mass., and return at irate of one fare for the rpund trip, tickets gooxl for. re-,. turn passage until Aug. •Gth.'.'-'ljsjjfi^. in- « elusive. For tickets 'Xfict; 'iiill,: info^" matiou apply to Agents^ ; '.Chicago Nofth- Western "Spy! l -> •'•''*.*':':; '.:,;;, ,,,... , •' 'V KoiJUTH OF ^jy|;tt^^Ei;i ; ',v ; '' '' "Qii July .3 and 4-;*tffi'j ••!oi 1 'ti 1 v/« l s£ern "Qii July .3 and 4-;*tf 1 Jirie.will sell excursibo; •tickets 'at' low rates to local stations within 200 mile's, good for return passage :iintil'' : -iluly 3; 1895,' inclusive: 'For- ticket15 ; '-}nHl- full- information apply-to agents -Chicago & Northwestern B%..v ;.- -,-.-.. FIKEMEX r S TOUUK'AMENl' AU V -VINTON. For the above, occasion- 1 <the North 1 western line will, : from June,17>-21. sell excursion tickets to.,, Vin ton, -la, > and. return at. rate of one.... fare-, for round trip, .good for return passage, .until June 22. 1895, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to" agents Chicago & Northwestern K'y. Canned goods lOc-per-can at Patter son & Son's..; ; ..,-' .r*-.->^~...-•.;. : '. : .- ' - ' " '" £===:•>'*•'•'' ' {>' Y;v -•'.•'•-,'• * I-.* pr 1 ,,. , againr'aiid'as they'cOnTd ; get no more refused'to let the' printers' have th'eir lastiJlning-and so the umpire justly decided that the lawyers' tallies did not count and declared the score 9,to 0 in faybr of the printers! We cannot too. highly commend Mr. Cowan, 'the accomplished youngoimpire. and trust lie. to see..many .more good games'.' • • - ' ' '.' '.' 40 day,s. ^11 EAT. IS BOOMING Wheat Ady'ance'd'30''cents in ' - ; l: ' ' ; . It May ; Go to a. $x.qd \^p\lldn't it be a good scheme to try ii fe^'sackS'of liotir, nowV Flour im-, proves'with'a^e. Those who' have been using the • •'• • < KI NEW.'WATER. MILL FLOUH sa'yiit isias good as the best and better th:iH-.mpst,uf the flour shiped.m by the grocers... We, .sell, cheaper .than the stores can sell andL warrant every sack. Better try our flOur,and learn'that Kos- sutb connty, Algona in particular,' is not dependent on any foreign~.<country for bread., "' ' ••*•''. ':"'•' • JONES j&. ST ACY.- WANTED.—Tp employ, a ,Lady of good address, to sell our Tine of Alum-- IJ ^" "" "x)ds. Sample jn plush lined' prepaid for 15'cents'' ^ CTAC * —' £ CO; Olive A, ROBINSON Louis', 1 Mo, - S,t. If you have never tried our coffee, von don'b''Upow what you've missed.— ' GROCERY. Wall Paper, the' best on earth, at Studley's Pharmacy, Cowles ?lock, Algona, Iowa. money to loun on l have unlimited long or short time, B. W. Ice cream la\r« social at? ^. J. qn Friday evening, Jqne All comv and liave a good time, ' Gil» {JOth, T9f?acf o; Sglt or Smoke Yowr ,, , , Life 'Away. Is the tun th ful, stivvtling title of a bopH about 'Np^TQ'Btvc, tho harroleiss, guarnn- toed tobacco halMt euro nUat.brace* up njU cotiuized iisryosj eliminates the nU'otine poison, makes. weak men gain strengtlit vigor and. raaoliood, Y.ou run DO uiiysicfU' or iiuaiicia! rj§l\, as J?9-To*JJac is sold by ,F. ^Y, DjjfGj^y xuider a guarantee to cure or nioney rofnnded. Itook free, ' Remedy Co., KBW York 01 ' -A ne'w Jjue of §vveet Pickles 'always on luvn,d. at kangdon'& I?u,dson's, been teachiu'ft'"iiiyisici'.iii Winte'rset t'pr severalyeai'S;. ••••'.''>' A •"••'....:'••. ;H; F. \Vatson arrived liome 'from 1 . Indiana. Thursday.- r, .He was :•- calledi thereto attend, his. '.son-' Ed, the latter being seriously sicki .He was improving '._ when Mr. .'Watsoii .left. \V'hile : . there Mr. Watson received news from if,ew. York ''that. 'liis brother,.. J. M. Watson, had gone insane, the visitation being due to a recent runaway a'c- cident. ; ' The u.nfortiiiiai.e man 'is a prominent e'diftjator and is the author (Of several school text books, 'lie resides in a N'e\v 'Jersey suburb of 'New York. v Miss Ella M, Goad arrived home, on ' Wednesday, ' from Brooklyn, N. -Y., where she had been- studying art in the Pratt Institute forthe'pastyear. , Miss Jessamine vlones will leave i'oi\ Ch,icagp( in. /1,'f.eTy days to attend the summer .term of the Chicago University. ...... ~ 1 G. 0. IIuas6fl/J©ha r s.'IfoM'a'iVd''Mr. •Haun, of Biivt, was down at Springfield, ilissouri, lastvvveek, *' J* ' Mrs. 'X L. Peterson is ^ornb . from a 'Visit to her parents at Livermore. Jt is expected that Mrs/ W. W. Wheeler- and c'bijdreri will , spend 'a large part of jthe summer in Algona. Mr. Wheelei' has already secured thetn rqoms, '• ' ' '* ' ,MjssCoateAeft for-, her Ohio -home Saturday night to spend he jr. vacation.. Senator Kamrar 5s 'in' town .»today to attend 'the marriage of ^M!ss -Edith Clarke. , ' tj , "Mr. David Gilmore left for-Minnqap- olis Jastevtjning,' • , ,', '' Jt ". 4, E. Moei'ling, Esq., 'df- 1 burg, was in'town Monday. « tq 4 Mi 1 , aud Mrs. D, A- flagg'drd Mr. and Mrs, J. D, Starks we'nt up the lakes in Nobles county, Minnesota,, 'yesterdny, for a week's fishing-und recreation, Master Carl Setchell has.gQu^t'o. Ohi' ojjgo ^o enter the employ of Trgsmnii" hHuseg ^ros r , thp iion^ctors,;Who visited {heir relatives herelas^ winter.and will "spend t^e summer there/, The 'Tvomawliatiser Bros, are "to build art iftwenge elevator for ComiselmHn '& Co. , '. Among the vej^aus ' wlip -utteiideij the Cto ( ^ake reutJWtt Jast'weeK vv,ere J. W, Te^uaDtiiP. B 'B«ge«0 TeJJiep, and Q, M, Dr, winter* ij-gooij' posipjoiv ip a Mrs. A«y Seejpv rp» --. D ^.____^ arranged fpr this'inost^opul^r of. Northern'Iowa summer resorts, •ineludinj> 'lectures by- Rev. T. DaWitt Taimage Sunday, June •30th. and Rev. Sam.-P. Jones, ^Sunday, 'July 7th,and Gospel-meetings led/by. the most popular divines.,of,the nation. Campmeetings, bjind concerts and nu- me.rous other attractions wilPbe an- no'unced from time,'t,6],tinie. ' , . The annual MksicaXF.ei&ival will be held August 2d to t .Jltlj inclusive." and Will de under the direction-of 'Prof. Clement. B.. Shaw. Chicago. 'Talent ^already secured't'or'this.ocqasion promises to 'make it 1 "a post enjoyable meeting. ' s ' ' ' , A 1'arge and commodious pavilion is now in process of erection, which 'will furnish ample seating capacity for- all' who .may, come. •:. . i Hote}, Oaks will be open to liq June 5th. This hotel is ,' commodious, built after the proved plan of summer hotels andmafiri ;aged by men who kno'w, the wants of their guests. .. ';. ^\ ( . The ChautaiKj^ jjerajd'/co.htajoji'ig tV daily program and'gcnpi'al'ihfoi thdThirtf Annual SpiJ-it vLftho qua assembly, is at hai\c(, ^mgi ^tractions Gn.uHiqptvtod, fti^JwlT who is to lecture'July Iff^dw 14; Hon. J. P. nolliver, July People.'* day, July 17: Bishop Fcvwler, July IS and Itt; Geu, Jno, B. Gordon, Vctpran's day, July 23; EJdouard Reraenyj, 1 Ju-jy 33, and. 34; Rev. T. 1 DeWrtt Talniagej Tho Harvard Male quartette, 'of ,.,... wjll sirtg every day ft'ojn 'July JO-^,'- i several fine soloists wilt be ife^vd," at*;i're* quent intervals. Such oiitert;4iijers a's Prof, R. L, Cuiwvoek, Fred Emerson Broods aud Jij-s, 8, IJurdetto aj'O j»eu.itoi)j* ed'ainpng the talent which embraces' B^any other well'known lecturers'," singers, and eutortafajoj-h,: T^o^n^ni'ei'oUs' educa,^ departments aro prosrdecj ovej- by ,cp|| tent specialists.' 1 f l?wO i gVeat :1 n\r A '-' 1 "~ ;; ' "held d'aily ftnU'li 'sefe'sbii ticket, to every tiling, coat§ only S3, 9The- ra(J roads will sell cheap excursion Copies* of the Chaqttiuquty tuinlng Information, pn a.11 points, wil}, sent on application tq the secretary super! iitendein, J2. C. Wh" '/.(' ' i i. 4, gentleman .to a,ct .33 p,ur,general agent., • Must be a hustler and|'ab'ie to. 'furnish 'good references." Saiary > '$'50 ,p'by m6n,th v stamp',OHAS. AT'Bomisfsp'N'i^^p^, OJ-T < "TIT] ive street, St. Lpuis v 'Mp.2. '_' ' - 8-flt- *.. s

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