Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 25, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1896
Page 1
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THE LOGANSPORT JOURNAL VOL- XXL LOGANSPOKT INDIANA, TUESDAY MORNING; AUGUST 25,1896- NO- 203. Great Alteration Sale IN OUR ANNEX. Early Fall purchases in the lines of Jackets Capes and Ready Made Stuff Suits are coming in. Entrance to the annex will be closed while improvements are going on and our.customers will kindly take notice to COME TO THE flAIN STORE. As the Fall season is always a short one in this department and the extensive improvements we are about to make will naturally interfere with the daily trade and in order for you toperhaps go out of your way a fewsteps- we Will sell every garment in the department New or Old at Strictly Cost. When we say cost we mean just what the word implies. We are ready to prove above assertion this morning. Still a great line of Shirt Waists at the cost of the material. WILER & WISE. PYTHIANS MEET. Thousands Gather in Cleveland for Supreme Lodge Meeting, Camp Perry-Payne Opened—Condition of the Order as Indicated by the Reports. Cleveland, 0., Aug. 24.—The Pythians bav'e taken the Forest city, by storm, and according to present appearances the meeting of the supreme lodge and encampment'of the uniform' rank will be the -largest and most successful in the liiVfory'of the order. On the basis of Iht'i.ypi-resp'o'ndence that has been i>onriiki-:j'i:'t6 headquarters for weeks past it ]is estimated that not less than 75,000 1'y.thiur.s and their friond.s will make Cleveland their mccca during the next few days, and of these fully 33,000 will be numbers of the uniform rank. The tents of the encampment have been pitched ;at Cnmp Perry-Payne, an immense-field less than a mile from the 409 and 411 Broadway. 306 Fourth Street. Clothes up to Date . . Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact is no one has a finer line of woollens ac,d worsteds to select from than ours. Important Features ... in the make-up of our clothes m ark thoir superiority. We are not •. , , the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best.. Carl W. Keller, • midnight parade in uniform, something 1 «ri the order of the Mardi Gnis in Xew Orleans. The tents of the Khonissaus hare been pitched on Payne avenue, di rectly opposite those of the uniform raiik. '•During the sessions of the grand lodge the proposition will be presented to establish a Pythian home for indigent nnd invalid knights at Hat Springs, Ark. The grand' lodge of that state has mnlie :in appropriation of ?5,000 to head a fund for the purpose, and the grocxl lodges of several- other .states "nave indorsed the suggestion and promised lib- ernl financial support. The Park hotel, one of the largest and best located hos- tcTries at Hot Spring's, is in the market, and the grand lodge will be asked to fake steps toward securing the property f.or 1hc purpose of the home. MONON EGAD. Judge Woods Appoints William McDoel as Eeceiver, It Is on the Petition of John T. Mills, Jr., of New York—A Statement of the Road's Indebtedness. REPUBLICANS OF NEW YORK. SUPREME CHANCELLOR E. RICHIE, WALTER Tailor and Draper. 311 flarket Street. See Our Prices on Granite Ware. 4 QUART SAUCE PAX 23c C QUAE.T,SAUCB PAN 35c 8 QUAIIT SAUCE PAN... . : 40c 10 QUART SAUCE PAN : COe 12 QUART SAUCE PAN C5c C QUART MILK PAX 115c 4 QUART COFFEE POT BOc 5 PINT TEA POT 35c NO. 23 WASH PAN 20c NO. 30 WASH PAN , 25c CUSPIDORS 23* T.J. FLANIGAN, 310 market Street. heart of the city, owned by ex-Senator •Henry B. I'ayne, while the sessions of the grand lodge are held in the uew temple. The morning was Oevotod to the welcoming of brigades, regiments and visiting brothers, and the numerous reception committees were kept busy in escorting the detachments, which camo on in regular and spechil trains, to their headquarters. Monday afternoon Camp Perry-Payne was formally dedicated with imposing ceremonies. The various brigades in full-dress uniform occupied positions in front of the headquarters, while back of them was'an immense crowd of spectators. James ifunn made the address for the genera! committee and Director Genera! Wilson H.Day spoke for the centennial committee. Then amid rousing cheers Mayor E. E. McKisson, in a neat speech, presented Cftmp Perry-Payne to the knights. It was accepted by Mnj. Gen. Carnahan, of Indianapolis, in felicitous terms. Then the canip flag was hoisted to the top,of the pole, while the band played "America," cannon boomed, the knights saluted 1 and the crowd shouted itself hoarse. At night the superior council of the uniform rank met in special assembly at the headquarters of Maj. Gen. Carnahan. The reports of the officers of the grand lodge show a remarkable growth nnd development of the order. That of Supreme Chancellor Walter B. Richie was listened to with special interest and was praised for its patriotic utterances en the. Americanism of the order. Iteporfd on Finance*. 'In his report, Thomas G. Sample, supreme master of the exchequer, congratulated tho order upon the healthy condition of finances. The receipts for the biennial term ending'March 31,1890, including a balance of $20,059, were $183,000 and the expenditures $147,703, leaving a balance of 535,807. The report of .Maj. Gen. James R. Car- nahun, commanding the uniform rank, ehowed-'.that the revenues had been >V11I JJold Their .SriiCo Cmiv»,*nf.iori Tcies- •iliiy-ri:iU Tulknii OT fur Uovornor. . Saratoga, N. Y,, Aug. L'-I-.—Saratoga assumed the appeai'snice of a convention-town witli a rn.-'li .Monday, Incoming trains brought hundreds of delegates and visitors ultra clod by vhe con- \enlion. Such an enthusiastic gathering . luis. ;:uf assembled to do I lie will of the ri'jr.iblica:! hosts of the slate for many years. Tuesday will bring nearly ' t\\ ice as many people as U7'e here at .I'irt-sont. Convention hall will be Mxed 10. the utmost capacity. The preliminaries, ot the eo7}vcntioa r.re settled. The slate committee met -Monday night aucl,agreed upon Congressman T?ranV Blii'ck.of Troy,for temporary uh.iinnan. The convention will be called U> order al'jfopn Tuesday by Chairman Benjamin I 1 '. "Cklell, of the executive eominittee. Senator John l\aincs, of'Chnnndaigua, is to be the chairman o'f the; committee on ciTileiitinls, which will consider the contests. It will be rcrr.enibured in what personal language life addressed Warner Miller nt the meeting oil the Xew York state delegation at St. Louis when Mr. PJatt was chosen cliairman of the delegation as against Mr. Miller, Th(; Herkimer county contest is ex- pecteXl to present a most interestingsit- uation. "Mr, Miller says he has-thc affi davits of 34 out of the CS delegates to the county convention who swenr thej voted with him. . Titus She.ird claims to have a like, number of affidavits from delegates: The Sheard delegates wil no doubt bo;son.ted. Senator Uaines, as cliairman bftfie committee on credentials, will be the one to uphold the report of the committee should it be at tacked. Congressman Lemuel E: Quigg, of Xew York, 'is to be the chair- mau or! 'the committee on resolutions. 'William Barges, Jr., of Albany, will be chairman .of the committee on permanent organization, and Hon. Stephen Woodford will be th permanent chairman of the convention. The friends' of the various" candidates for governor were hustlihg'about the respectiye;',headquarters"as> 'much' ns usual Mon'd'ay morning.. Thomas C. Platt,. asi.'th'e likely, candidate for governor,, whs discussed with renewed Interest Monday morning. He has not, however, changed his determination to decline to run. 'NOTED THIEF DIES. i Logansport & labash Valley Gas Co. Natural and Artifical Gas Bills due the IFirst of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special-Low rates on heaters during the lonths of August and September. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., .ID The well-Known Specialists ot New York fcave appointed n. A, HAUKM agent for their celebrate* Spectacles nni Ere GlasiM, everj pair guaranteed. ir. A. HALK jiaa complete assortment and liwltex all Co .satisfy themselves of the great superiority of these goods over any, manufactured, at tae store of D. A. HAUK, Sole agent for Ixi»jin.iport Ind. • «o;Pedulors Supplied. MAJ. GEN. JAMES R. CARNAHAN. sufficient to meet all the expenses of the management. The income for the biennial term was $16,935 and the outlay S7,S93. The rank had made a steady and substantial growth. Some of the divisions had not been able to hold log-ether on account of the hard times, but the new divisions organized during the flnnuciaJ depression were great proofs of the strong hold the rank had upon the Knights of Pythias in general/ Warrants had been granted for 10-t new" divisions. . . .. KhorttHAanl Meet Alito. The sessions ot the Imperial Palace of the Knights of Khorassan opened Mon- dn,y morning Jn Jan Ben JaTern-pie, aud will continue until'Thursday. . This lirnnch . is to the Pythians what .the Jlj'stic Shriiiers are to masonry, and It will introduce an innovation, on jjrevi-. ous encampments in the form of a weird' WouniljJJ Received Whllo Attempting to Rob a Store Prove Fatal. Brooklyn, N. 1'., Aug. 2-t—Charles Jenkins, alias John Clare, one of the most notorious bank and post office burglars in the country, died in the 'Long'Island College hospital Monday morning, as the result of a wound received while attempting to rob the post office and general store of Walker B. Adams, at- Bedford Station, X. Y., last Wednesday night. Jenkins was one of a gang of four thieves who tried to loot the post office there.. Two of his companions, Peter James and ."Dick" Ej'rnes were shot and severely wounded by Mr. Adams and his son and were captured on the spot. Another of his confederates esca.ped and is still at large. Jenkins received a bullet wound ir. the arm, but managed to elude capture at the time. Special CommiiKtlon to luvotlcnte. Madrid, Aug. 24.—A special commission has been appointed by the government to inquire Into the matter of the conspiracy aiming at the separation of the Philippine islands from the kingdom of Spain, which was recently discovered at Jfanila and is believed to have been organized by a committee of Philippine refugees in Hong Kong having relations with the Cuban rebels. . Mini? on Fire. Columbus, 0., Aug. 24.—A dispatch to State Mine Inspector Haseltine Monday .states' that the "Jumbo" mine at Oakdale', Athens county, is on fire and asks for. his assistance, The fire is at the bottom of the shaft and will be difficult to: put out; Ifo miners are shut in by the flumes. It is a. large mine and reported .'last month that it employed 137 miners. The los<< will be great. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 24.—Suit was filed hi the United Steles circuit court here Monday asking .that a receiver be appointed for the Louisville, Xew Al- l;nny & Chicago railroad, belter known as the Monon system. Humors had been /lying thick nnd fast in railroad circles during the past week, to the effect that Hie Monon was being pressed and was liable to go into receivership, but the reports were denied by the Monon officials as rapidly as they bobbed up. Monday morning Judgw Woods came down from Chicago and his appearance was the signal fora fresh outbreak of the rumors. These, \yereconfirmcd. when, shortly after noon, a receivership suit was filed by John T. Mills, Jr.. of Xew York, by his attorney. Harry Crawford, of Chicago. The Rond'n Indebtedness. After 'stutlnp that the company operates S.1: .'lilies of road, from Chicago to Louisville, the complaint says that the company I has a Ifiise for K'9 years of the Clile.ipro & Western Indiana rallrn.-.d, oa which, it alleccs, ihe .Monon owesSl.MVXm. The other indebtedness at t!io road in .tllcsed to be y:;,000,000 In six per cent, bonds secured by llrst mortgage on the main lino, J2.300.CKK) in s!x per cent, bonds .secured by first mortgage on the wostura branch: $J,700,00-1 In Fix per cent, consolidated bonds secured by n monsfiiKe upon the entire system: S2.WO.OOO of :ive per cent, bonds, secured by n lien upon the entire system ond $1,000,OOC of live per cent, equipment bonds, secured by firs: mortgage upon equipments, etc. It is then alleged that tn 3SS9 and 'DO the bourd of (Jlrectors without authority from the stockholders, and contrary to laTv, Placed upon each of the ?1,1S5,000 six per cent, first-mortgage bonds Indorsements slsned hy the defendant to guarantee tc the bondholders the payment of the principal and interest for such bonds. It Is also alleged that the earr.Ligs tor the year have fallen short. JCO.OOO per month as compared with former years, that dangerous litigation is threatened In three states because of the Monon's Inability to meet Ita obligations and that unless the court takes .prompt custody, .of the road suits will be brought, attachments Issued, Ihe rights ot bondholders imperiled and the earnings ot the road greatly diminished. Wlllliuii BlcDool Appointed Kecclvcr. Judge Woods, without a. hearing, signed an order appointing William Mc- Dool, of' Chicago, receiver. Mr. Mills, the plaintiff, already has a heavy judgment against the road. Mr. McDoel's bond was placed at $100,000. An answer.was. filed.byE.-C, Field, for the company,.' >"orie of the allegations :s denied, the railroad ''throwing itself on the mercy of the court." OVEJi THE STATE. Events in Various Portions of Ia» c'.iaua Told by Wira. CARRIAGE. HOUSE FAILS. Thin Time It If the Llntbicuui Carriage Company of E>ettanc<,', O. . Cleveland, 0., Aug. 24.—A special tu the press from Defiance, 0, says: The Linthicum Carriage company, of this city, incorporated with a capital stock of ?100,000, and one of the largest carriage manufactories in .northwestern Ohio Monday morning- added its name to the long list of 'carriage companies that have failed in this country during the past 30 days. Sheriff Tiittle levied upon the effects of the company to satisfy three judgmijtits aggregating 1 $35,000. The property included in the levy is represented by the plant of the corn- ynny, n stock of carriages of the Lin- Ihicum company in the retail store and the book accounts of the firm. STEPS OUT SATURDAY. A Wedding Romance. Anderson, Ind., Aug. 24.—David T. Turd and Miss Bella Von Wye were married in this city. The wedding is the • culmination of a romance. When 15 years old Biird ran away from home, and later lost all track of his parents. Ki;cently he came to this city and began work. He was poor, and, while he was well educated, was doing menial labor. J-le met Miss Van Wye in other days and she proved faithful. Two weeks ago parents found him, after IS years' si-nruh. He \vns taken to their home at ttallipolis and found that he was worth $50,000 in his own name. He returned to this city and married Miss : nu Wye. They will spend the year a traveling. Mvthoclut Conference. Marion, Jnd., Aug. ^4.—The MeiJiod- st Protestant conference of the state of Indiana, which is in session. at.Jones- boro, has decided to hold ils noxt. an- uial meeting at Dunkirk. Jnd. About COO ministers and delegates are present. IJcv. Hugh Stnckhousi'. of Indianapolis, who h;i.s been 'he president of the association for 33 years, at this eon- fcjroiice refused to be named agv.m on account of i.'l health, and Eev. F. M. Bn-sscy, of Ivcnda.llvilii}. was elected in his place. Fata). GcriiiM !n a Lomice. Kokomo. Jnd., Aug. 24.—JR ihe winter of ]S9^ there was a fatal case of diph- Ihc'ria in the family of. S. C. Moore, of this city. The lounge on which the child died v.-as stored away anil forgotten. A few days ago Mrs. Samuel Sipe, of Pittsburgh, Pa., with her small cliil- dron, carr.a to visit Mr. and Mrs. Moore, her parents. The lounge was brought out for the children, and two of them r.re down with diphtheria, contracted from the infected lounge. VTm Exhumo the Body. .Teffersonville, Ind., Aug. 24.—Charles Conoway, aged 70, died at Chestnut Hill and was buried. The fact that he dlerl suddenly set rumors afloat, and an investigation was ordered. The body will be exhumed to ascertain, if possible, the cause of df-ath. A short lime ago Conoway was regarded as One of the wealthiest men in Washington county. A few months ago he became financially embarrassed and was forced to make an assignment. Making Flans. Digonicr, Ind,, Aug. 24.—The annual conference of the Indiana and Ohio .Evangelical'churches at Syracuse has formally closed. The 'attendance this yoar exceeded all expectations and surpassed the enrollment of former years. 1'lnns are now being consummated whereby Oakwood park will be made the permanent meeting place of the western Evangelical church bodies. Scalded Her Neighbor'* Coir. Kokorao, Ind., Aug. 04.—.Mrs. Cordelia. 1!. Woodford, of this city, was ar- rosted on the charge of scalding a cow belonging to Eli Hawkins. Mrs. Woodford admitted the accusation, but pleaded that the cow was in the garden eating her cabbages when she threw the vessel of hot water on her. She paid n fine of $15. i : -' i Cycle Firm FitllK. New York, Aug. 2i.—The sheriff Mon- day'took. clnVrge of the factory at No. *1'46 Worth street, and the salesrooms at 413 Droadway, of the - Knickerbocker Cycle 1 '- Manufacturing . company, on' claims' for $7,580' in favor of David H. Boefv'bf Boston.' The liabilities ajnount _ to '.$3.2,000; nominal assets, $20,000. Watson Quit* Kiiltoriihlp of Ills Paper. • ; >:Atth;hta,'.,Ga...'"Aug. 24.—Thomas E. . Wateson will sever liis'connection' ased- itor -of- the people's .party paper next week. This paper is the popmistic-or- gan-in thf. sovith, nnd Mr, Watson practically" owns it".' He'will employ an editor and devote himself to UJB cam- Secrctnry JFoke Smith's Ko»icnatlon Taken Effect August «!>, Washington, Aug.' 24. • — Secretary Hoke Smith will sever his connections with the interior department, on Saturday next, the 29th of August. He "will devote this week to clearing up "odds tind ends" and finally disposing of such departmental work as has been prepared under his direction and is ready for his signature. Failure at OHWG£O, 2*. "*. Oswego, Jf. Y., Aug. 24.— The Osweg Tool company made nn ossignmen Monday. The capital stock of the com pany is $25,000. Besides boiler makers supplies and other tools, they mauufac tured the Ontario bicycle. The asset, exceed the liabilities by a good rnanj thousand dollars, and Mr. Place, th treasurer, says the concern will be abl to pay all claims in full, yo Application!) for Lcmntt, Xew York, Aug. 24. — The clearing house loan committee met Monday morning and adjourned shortly after 12 o'clock without taking any action. The committee will rueet again Tuesday, It was announced .that no applications were received beyond the tentative request made by the National Bank oi Commerce, which is contingent upon others being made, 1 Leave Pppor Bed Book. , N. Y., Aug! 24.— Mr. and Mrs. Bryan left Upper Red Hook for Winniaook Lodge in the Catskills, at , noon Monday. They drove in a carriage as far as IthinecIifT, where they crossed the river to Eondout nnd took a train for Big Indian Station. They were accompanied to RhineclifE by their hosts, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Perrinell. Clothier* Pall. .Columbus,- 0., Aug. : 2-^—The clothing firm of P. Miller & Son, at Lancaster, O.; failed Monday mornJng.'i'Assets $23,500; liabilities not stated. But probably in excess of the assets. Preferments to the amount of $25,000 were made. The Closing Day. Warsaw, Ind., Aug. 24.—Sunday was theclosingdayofthe Winona assembly. The season, as far as attendance and enthusiasm are concerned, has been nil that could have been expected, although the monagementhas had numerous disadvantages of weather and all that it incurs to contend with. Biff Tax on Cica rotten. Greeusburg, Ind., Aug. 24.—The city council has passed an ordinance requiring cigarette dealers to pay a license of S300 per annum. There are about two dozen stores handling cigarettes here, and by paying this license there will not be more .than one store, if any, continue their sale. DfQtt Cutler a Surgeon's Knife. Vinccuncs. Ind., Aug. 24.—Prof. George W. Maxwell, an old soldier and pensioner, who caine from Brucevillo to this city to be operated on, died while. •under the surgeon's knife. He was one of (.nn leading school-teachers of the county. State Centurion, Terre Haute, Ind., Aug. 24.—Philip A. Chase, chairman of the election committee of the Century Road Club of America, has notified William E. Tcel, of this city, that he has been appointed State centurion of Indiana. Opo» Notr Oil Territory. Anderson, Ind., Aug. 24. — W. E. Decker a.nd a company opened anew oil territory southeast of this city that is running 100 barrels an hour and bear.; evidence of being one of the greatest • oil territories in the state. iA Suicide. Xoblesville, Ind,, Aug. 24. — Charles Fox. a. local horse trainer, 25 years old, nnd married, committed suicide in this city by taking 1 ten grains of morphine. lie was despondent over his inability to secure work. _ _ No Bloodnbcd Vet. Lcadvjllc, Col., Aug. 24.— There lias , been no bloodshed yet, -though miners ' are armed and on the lookout for aay icw labor coming in. If workers ax* . rive trouble is inevitable. Correspond- ' " "uts are not allowed to get any nevft; ' tnd until they do nothing definite be^j ond the fuct that the miners are n<it vorking can be learned. There was the ' ituation up to noon. <'i

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