The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 19, 1895 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1895
Page 4
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BY MILTON StAtiR. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One Year, in Advance $1.50 Six Months 75 fhfree Months. 40 CVRRJ3XT COMMENT. The State Register lias no candidate foi governor, but it greatly admires the literary style, good English and good taste o convention resolutions indorsing Genera t)ral\i\ The present newspaper estimate of th;e new congress gives the unconditional free coinage proposition four adherents out ol the 224 republican members. If this is anywhere near correct there is no chaiict for a split in the republican party. ^Thi chance will grow less as time passes anc light shines more mid more brightly upon the money problem. The West Uond Advance is one of tin best looking and best conducted new papers that ever appeared in this excellent newspaper Held of Northwestern Iowa. It is a credit to its proprietors who arc YV. H. Parkin. (1. II. Bookman and 1). H.Wil- liam-on. If yon would have a clear-cut opinion of /ola, here is one from the State Register: /ola has become a mere mountebank in literature. He travels about to gather lilth and presents it in novels which have been duly advertised by his peculiar methods. It Is a, matter of gratification that he has been kept out of the French Academy. Defeat is slowly overtaking him as he gets farther and farther away from legitimate literature. The* Des Moines Capital estimates that the population of Iowa, according to the census of 1805, will bo about two millions, or a gain of one hundred thousand over 1890. \Vf ar« now well Into the actual contest for the governorship, numerous county conventions having already been held, and nearly every day being a convention day in some county. The several candidates are eagerly scanning the reports and comparing ascertained results with ante-convention estimates. CJen. Drake appears to lead in ntimber of votes, so far, and to give evidf-.ncu >f more than local strength. Ex-Senator Harlan has secured the entire delegation from Linn county,thirty strong, which gives his boom a substantial appearance. Other candidates are getting encouragement, and there is no doubt that a merry wur is on. Tlio Iowa populists held a larger convention at Dos Molties last week than usual. They declared for free silver and the other populist doctrines and nominated a full state ticket. This was a bitter pill for Weaver, who wanted fusion with the democrats. The populists will keep to the middle of the road and will decline to .._ ..... _____ ...J\av-o-~thcii'- vntf ue»d by trading stock. *- for Th>; negroes are likely to get their rights an SouiWCarollriu. Tilman and his followers gained power by the aid of the poor white population, and now .Wade Hampton, who finds himself out of office, proposes to regain it by an alliance with the colored voters. Hampton, who twenty years ago led the movement which accomplished negro disfranchisement, now says: "I have no fear of negro domination—a. cry used only to arouse race prejudices and to out the coming convention under control of the ring which now dominates our state. The negroes have acted of late with rare moderation ancMiberality and if wo meet them in the same spirit they have shown they will aid us in selecting good representatives for the convention." There is more promise for equal rights and fair treatment for the negro in the drawing of a line between factions among the whites than in the drawing of the color line. The latter has been tried and has miserably failed. Here is a little poetical gem which speaks finely a sentiment too seldom expressed. Some of our young literateurs will perhaps be able to at once name the author: "The wife Avlio girds her husband's sword 'Mid little oiios who weep and wonder. And bi'iivoly spunks the cheering word Wliut. though her heart be rent asunder Doomed nightly In her dreams to hoar Tho bolts of death around him rattle, Hatli shod us sut'i'ed drops as o'er Wove poured upon the field of battle." When the time came for Mr. Debs to go to jail, last week, the sheriff waited long and anxiously for his appearance at- the time appointed, but In vain, and his incarceration had to be postponed a day. He finally turned up and the suspicion that he had a jag on was confirmed. Tho single gold standard men of the oust do not like the Ohio currency, plat- ...fonn,: but that is not a serious objection tpjt, ..The ylank ivtis jiot writtfji to suit .#Ckid:inp.uometolists one the onliand or sliver uionometalists on tho other. Jloro it is: '•\Ve i'avor bimetallism, and demand the, use of both gold and silver as standard money, cither in accordance with a ratio to be lixed by an intornutional agreement if that can bo obtained, or under such restrictions and such provisions to bo determined by legislation us will secure tho , maintenance of the parity of values of the two metals; that the purchasing and debt paying power of tho dollar, whether of silver, gold, or paper, shall bo at all timos equal." It i< a good enough plank. * • Under the recent supremo court decision, which places upon tho saloons tjio burden of proof of the sufficiency of their petitions of consent, the saloons of PCS Hollies have all been closed. They could not show tho number of eligible signers required by law, and now they will bo compelled to do all their \vork over again from the beginning if they want to resume operations. The result in Polk shows h}\v for, saloon business in every county where then; is a large and determined prohibition element. It is now very doubtful iftbo Dea Molnos saloons can get names enough to do busi-H'S" on. The Emmet County republicans lield their county convention on Saturday, and as was to be expected, Secretary McFarland was given the delegation, mid the previlegeof selecting it us well. M. K. Whelan was accorded the privilege of naming the representative delegation. The senatorial delegation is quoted as favoring Funk's rcnomituUion. ! CORRECT FMRES AT LAST. The Census of 1895 Shows 18,312 Inhabitants iot kos- * suth County. J. J. Smart, of Hamboldt county, well known to many Kossuth county people, expresses liilnself as follows on the silver question: •'Yes, I am red hot for free silver.' I own an interest in some silver mines, and some, friends and relatives of mine do, too. They have been urging me to post up on silver and join the movement for free silver coinage. I have been.doing the posting tiiV'und its 1 have other interests, principally farming, I have come to the conclusion that I ntn for free silver with some conditions. If I consent to the government .giving value to the products of th'e silver mines I want something clone for nvy other interests. The government must bnild a flouring mill in every township 1 ''where I own any land. tal\e five bushels of my wheat and grind it into a barrel of ilonr and stamp it worth S3 worth of gold anywhere in the world. Thou [ shall ,bo .satisfied and we farmers \vlllbc placed on a par with what the silver mini owners are asking." Tim very latest is a dog suicide. Tin dog in the case was the property of 1'ier- pont Mo'r'givn, of New York, was an im- povt.athm from England and was reported to have cost 610,000. The dog went, into a pond along with others for a oath, but refused to come out, and when its kecpei walke'cf'into, the water to bring it ashore it dived down and stayed under until dead. A recent article in the Popular Science Monthly shows the great reduction in the cost of railroad transportation that ha? taken place in recent years. From this it appears that in 1807,.284 bushels of wheat could ho carried from Chicago to New York for the. export price of 100 bushels, while in 1894, f>20"bushels could be carried fonthat amount. The -reduction of freight rates'on coal since'1852 has been-75 tb.80 por'ceni. • • • " • • •''' '. '''' " 1 . . • -. ..'.••'..- i j t •' * • REPUBLICAN COUNTY, To the republican-* of Ko^siith county ;?-• A tiiinvt niton of the'delegates of Kiisc'utli comity, will be held uc the courr. house In Algona, 'iown. 'on the 2nd, ilay of July, isn.i, lit 1 o'cluuk, p. m.'for the. imi'ixise -of placing*. In nomination iv represiiiitattv.e for ilie 23r»l .district nnrt to select eleven delegate 1 * ito attend the stub! convention, which'''-will be ht-lu. in Des Monies, town, .Inly loth. Kleven clelepiles tci ivttend the senatorial convention oMhi) 47th district otloxva. It Is recommeiuled that the various caiicu-es be nelil .Tune'2'ite at which ciuiciises it i.n <!«sired that 1 thi! cnmmitteemeij for the. ensuing yenv he >elected anil his nanu'..reported 10 the convention with the eredeniiuls 1 of the town- Th'e foliowiiiL' voting precints \vlll lie entitled to the nnihber el delegates set torch ;n tollows, to-wlt ;•—-.'. -••.-.-• I-KKC1NCT8. AUrona- . First Ward.. . . Second Ward. . tliirJ, \Vnr.l-i-- rJbourth Ward.. Burt .......... Kiitl'alo' ..... . .. . Cresco .......... Fcutmi ... ('livelihood . . Gnrflelil.. ..' Grunt Harrison Hehron trvingion Lolls Creek. Led yard Lu Verne Lincoln.. ... Portland .... Plum Creek . Prairie Kamsey.. . Hiverdale tieneca Swea .. . Sherman .... Springfield . Union ....... Wesley ..... ' Wliitfi'inove.. K. T«i.lier,. ,.,....-..A i! M, Do.vst'e J.I. A Hill no; . i" K V-Swelling S Nicliolson I M'Gruy...'. ..-'. O A I'o'.ter ..... .. Luther .rohn.soii... \V O Penir. .'. Alavne Win >hr.>tfler.,...... IT S U'llKllt ..... I? utfitz ....,.'.... .1 I! Ht'iin^ton. Win (.joudrlcli r. ]• Hntchins N OTavlor... W A WriKht .. .,.. Hii(.'h Smith .. .-:-.. W K Pieive ........ \V A Chi|iinan—'''. H M G-ardiwv... Will. I'etei-s.:.'/-. C Clarke. henry Warner. C A Krickson.'.' Henry On'rran. W J Hiin<ni.;v. Wni U'lilils..,.. .1(4 \V Kddy ....' ..U'Hi.l'' Hoyle .1, No Dtl "it 5 ft. 3 •3 2 3 7 o . a,! 3 >>' 3 3 4. 2 15. W. .TQWNSHIP PBIMAEIES, --.„ , Second Ward.—"Saturday. Ai 2!), 8 p. m. at the Wigwam. 0.. JI. Dpxi First Wiird.—.linieau, 7:30 p. m., In the S. 0. Speur building-. E. Tellier. C-om."•'•• ••'•• • Fourth \Varrt.-A cuucus of 1 I'epivblk'iui voters of tho Fourth ward of Alj, r ona,will : be, lield at the Sheriff's ottluo at 6 o'clock, i). pi.. Saturday. June 20, 1805, for tho purpose uf electing five deletfiitos to attend the Oountv Convention to be held July 2, 1805. E. y. S wetting 1 . Com. Gnrflehl.—Notice is hereby given.'thnt ii caucus of the republican electors-otGnrfleld township,' Kossuth uuiinty. lowm will be held ut tho school house 'Hear'Martin Mo«- stotter's, ut 3 o'clock,.p. m.. Saturday. Juno !W, 1B-J5. for the election of two delegates to u convention to be held In Alsj-mia, July 2..'!)5, to nominate a candidate foi-.-.TOpi-esentativo urnl for tho election of dole/fates tq ,tlie republican state itnd senatorial conventions. A township committee for the ensuilife' year will also be selected at, said uuucus. G. H, Vfright, Com. hoijse, -Jiino ija*4p.' Portltmcli—Fitu-vpui m. W. A. Ohlpm'an. Creaiio.—To select delegates to all county conventions in 1'89f>. Caucus at J. J}, ,l6rie,fj' school house',! Saturday, Juno 21), 4 p. ni. O.' A. Potter, Corn. , . Union.—Juno, 28, 4 p. m,, Center sehtol house. Wm, Doclds, Coin,- JTrvlngton,—Saturday, June 20. 4 p . in., in Lloyd school; housv). Fo'ur delegates: O. j{. Uiitch.liis, Com. . i;ivevdnJe,'-Mon(lay, Jujy 1. at 4 o'oloyU. Stewart school house. .$.»;. Clark, Com, Ureenivoort.'-JJii'nuroit. J{ e «'istor office, kutnwlny; JuneB'J. a p rn. 7 do'o-f-ite.s. Sam Muyn-. corn. At ..StiiclJey's Pharmacy yon can st.e new liny of -Wall Cowles Block, Healthy increase of 5,192 in Five Years, or about 40 per cent—Algona Leads in the Increase of Town Population. . MONEY TO LOAN ON aiul mortgages. ( CollaterftJ. . c. '^ry ouvOJub House corn find INTERESTING Four weeks iigo the gave the population of Koss.utli,o6tinty us 18.392. One. township was estimated, and it was too much to hope that its figures 'would correspond exactly with those derived by the more laborious process of the census taker. The other townships were supposed to be reported correctly, but numerous minor errors were subsequently discovered. In fact, the table below is tho first published, exhibit which has not contained a dozen errors. The inaccuracies, however, have balanced each other so nicely that the grand total has been closely approximated, FWUKES JIY TOWNSHIPS. kerchiefs and silk belt—Mrs. Cise, Chicago. Set silverware and silver butter knife— Mr. and Mrs. F. Ringsdorf, Btirt. Pair canaries and cage—Gny Giddings. Gold lined silver cake basket—Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Call* Algona. Lineh tray cloth—Dr. Margaret Colby, Clear Lake. . ^ *» Lamp—Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Heal and Mrs. C, D. Daggett. „ . ' , Cake stand and teapot stand—Mr. ;and Mrs. Frank Karsloti. Bedsprnad—Mrs. Yorker and daughter Pearl. . + Teapot—Misses Elileda and Hattii Glass water pitcher—Miss Maud Ander Five dollar bill—Mrs. fc. B. Fellows Bloomlngton, ill; A VISITOR IN PITTSBURGH, A Delegate to the Presbyterian Assembly Sives Mis IT WILL BE A GREAT DAT The Algotia Business Men wil Be in the Parade* The Evening tJembhstiation.—Some c the Features that have Been Attang* ed for the Public's Amusement. i .luive wwlimiitcu money to Joiui on long <>.r sliorttjme. B. W. 5,000 tlozeu eggs in mule place to find "Economy/ 1 18'JOl. IS'.lii Alffumi i...i Bancroft ,. •• HulTiilo Hurt [township] Hurt Line"! CJrusco Eiigrlc Ken to n Outfield German Gcrmiiiiiu [town] Grant .-. Greenwood Harrison '. Hebron . — Irvhigt'oti Ledyiird One] -... Uiicolu... Lotts Creek—— . Lu Verne [toWnshlp] Lu Verne | town] >.. Ledyard (twp) , . — Plum Oreek . Portland.-.••.'.• ::i: ........ .'. Prairie. .... ,Ramsay.-... Kiveraale ....... Seneca . . . .' Sherman >.. < ; .Springfield.. .. Swea/... ...- .Sweii City :. Sexton .; .'. :Un'ldh Wesley [township] Wesley Line] .-. . •• Whtttomoru [township] « Wh'itfeinore [Inc] ' -... 2.0SS COT aoi SB'J 41 fl 402 an .413 filfd 471 ''SIB '452 48' .434 804 607 414 40\) 407 253 44t) 00 f.76' 1(31) arc •uou 1U5 f.01 n* (i'J2 240 217 415 263 aia f ( . 3JJ 334 4GO '411 5J8 4ii7 570 440 . S02 212 fill) JB8 43 ,'•'•54 400 5U7 i The increase in the county's population since 3890 has been 5,192, itljd it will be no surprise, that the, n'orthern half of our territory has received, a slightly larger accession, the exact fig-' •tires being 2,747 in the northern half to 2,445. in the southern. Seve : 'ciVil townships have been set off, Un,t thfi: carving process is now at an end, every present, civil township in the county, with the exception of Cresco, which gives one corner to the city of Algo,na, being bounded by congressional towin ship lines. ; i ', ; .-'"•' " ; '-'^ J • T/ie grovvih of bur town'' pop.ulati'ori' is Av'orfchy 'of in .view of the strange . theory of .a recent writer in the Forum •'-' that th(!. small towns' ' of tho country.are (lying out. The apparent increase of our, town population, lias been 2.272 : in the. live years. • Tli'e actual' increase has been smaller, a's. Lu Verne and Burl were not separately returned in 1890. \ . , In 1S00 the only', towns'separately returned were Algona, .Bancrof| v Whittemore and . Wesley. Those towns, then stood in tlie order name.d, as regard's 'population, and .they, staiyl in; that order now. .Their tptal popuht- tioiv then was 3,743. The town populari tion now .is: .Algona, 2.480, Bancroft 936, JBurt -3.43, 246, Ledyawl,; 371- Lu Verne 352, 8wea City 158, ton 48,- Wesley 529, Whittemore 567, ii totiil of 6jQ25, "Algojia has made liu-gest ga'in/412. ;•• WE make -a specialty of collections'; Cloud & Haggard. DAlHYiUEN. .'Have-you.ftye or more cowsV . is your purposg.jn keeping the;^? What is their 'pVoduqt, Do they pay you. and liowmuch? Are you dairying for. pro- lit and do you .\vjsh to increase this pro- He? it you'dpcaU.oii or write Spurbeok 1 & Lambert:pf*A.l.crona. Ta,, for circulars and information in regard to DeLaval baby separators, It will pay you. ! GIDDINGS— The business men of Algona tire manif-stiiig a determination to do al in their power to make their celebration u great Success. .All the greater features of the day's observance have already been announced and have been definitely arranged, but there re mains a great deal that can be. dode aud that is being taken vigorously in hand. The decorations and. parade will depend largely upon individua enterprise. Chairman Durdall wfent among the merchants on Monday aric secured pledges, from about 30 .that they would be represented in 'the parade with floats. Miss Gertie Clarke has consented to take charge, qf the representation of states on the Union float. The parade will be;sq.long that it will be. necessary,, probably, , to; tend the line of inarch. It is expected that every business"" place and 'eyei;y private'. Residence on the line- will ..lie decorated. , v The baud concert, the' illumulated talilea'ux and statuary and works in theevening , ting climax to a splendid demppstra- tion. Mrs. L. M. Horton and 'the Misses Wallace will have charge of the tableaux and statuary, which will be exhibited .from an. eleva'ted pliit- f orm on .the east front o£. t^e „.- court house. - . .-;• - ;'•• • It is to be remembered ' that' every feature of the ^ "business men's celebnj- tion will be up town and that all: of it will Vie free. THE S. S; CONVENTION. The ,, . ; , will corn prise'-' a song'service) and n by Kev. Pybusi of Corwitlr: \ :' Annual Convention • for . Kossuth-i. Next Sunday at, Wesley— -' . ..•;• The Program. . ; ">. The annualKpssuth.^ynty. School convention wiiljbe neJd.; ley, Saturday evening : and 1 Sunday, 22-23. The opening, m'eetin'g'vVill be Saturday evening,-, .when ; the ,pro- uram sermon SUNDAY FO.UENOONV. At 10 a., in. devotional 'exercises, Bro. Patter, 1 of Corwith; "The Pastors Duty Towards the Sunday ; Schpol," a paper by Rev 1 . ';MeClintocki 'Britt, followed by 3 -minute discussions; by -the "congregation; • paper,Ideal," G. S. 'McPherson; song; : paper, •'The Business Man's Relation to the S. S,." G. : E. Olesori: .tliscussion; song and .benediction. . ••'.;,,. ':/''-.-•. song, "The Happy Wedding at 'Wesley Last Sun' ' '"day 'Afternoon. ' " ' ' Married, June 16th, at4p, -w., (it the residence of thu-briile's parents, Mr, E. trhldingii and, Miss iiuse, eldest daughter .of Mr,' and .Mvs. W, : M,.Colby, Rev, Kierraun. of; CQrAvitli,-pfliciatiug clergyman. ATh.eibceasion was ,01, e of unusual pleasure, ; rendered by the perfect loveliness of the day, ami the pivs" ence of ubout ' ; iliii'ty guests, the un- medjiite friends of the bride uudgrooin, among whwiq luay bt? meijtio'iied an* ,J, , Colby, of .Cjiv'lew, Mr. mid ..Mrs,. A. . Callof 4^01! a; >{r. ; ,,and Mrs 1'. Ringsd'Qi't'of J5urt. Some 'of the older pries, \vhp. wejtypioneers yf this uoiuit- gave rnany4nt,en<stiiiB' iy.niii.ijh«,^n- of th° -tfttJ'ly ^ vs ' ,whti" the luir arjuJ jirbiiii) \veve 'new ssexMyrs Mi 1 , iind Mrs. ..GliddiUR's. will commence liousekeHpSiJg-in their new cozy home, ..aU.eiiu>tj by tlip kuidt'st svjslH'S ;)fthei)i v munj''l ; vieuds,, TU« following w f erB amojjgst their niany prt'«t j nts: T)jneUaf lot in .W«»l|'y— Mi', ftiyifl Mrs. W. M. C'pll).v. tick, |)lllowstui(4 bt'.dding— Mrs. . liook— J. P- Colby, pui lew, Pair piUQW'Mi«JU«-^Me'ftnl E- <-olby. Hot sUy.w.U^KiJiaouA'UJiiii' llaep CESSION.:, Chorus by school;, prayer and sotfft p : apei v ,;'Tlie. •Temperance Qu'estioii—•• Its itelatioii'to the S. 'ij.,*-' .Mrs. C.VBi Daggett; song; prayer,! "What, are. the. Quariiicatioiis 'for S.Si teachers'?'', .by $*.' Anderson; discussion; song; paper, ••Relutionsof S.,:S. to ti»o Church,"., by: Prof,,Barsjou; 'discqgsjon iipd . jspujj;- r, C. M. iJoxseev^Ugoua, on ''Sunday School Organisation 1 ,'-*".- discussion. MAMMOTH CELEBRATION. Emmetsburg Democrat; Algona is :o have u mummoth celebration Fourth of July. Victor B.,jpojli.ver, brother of Dpl.liveiv will: .deliver Li-eomtioji, The Iowa ,Juvenile Btind, of this city, has been engaged to ft.trniBli the music aiid.irUl-be assisted byithe Algojin and JJurt bauds. . A. large amount of money has be^nraiised. for the undertaking and the ,big££st celebr»tion ever, held i ; ii;this:pgr^o,t' the. state is promised. The liiring of the Enunetsburg band will doiibtlesp draw, large delegations.from this..cjty. nnd, the eastern part of the Bounty'," Tho Opera House Grocery sfill maintains its reputation for nide butter. • Call anil see thu flue line of trimmed hats at Setchell &,SetcheU'B, Infant**' mull caps at SetcheJl •& I'ure maple 'sugar, wake, -«t Don't buy a pump until you get our A f«\v nice geed pi»tatoes yet Open) House Grocery. ' Hams and don f the (my—f he GfSat tfcsn, Stefel and GlaSS Center—Interesting Historical . Associations ol Colonial Days. My friends ofteti ask nie about my .recent.visit,to pittsburg.. ..I»os3it3ly. rt word to them through the RBPUutir CAN w'ttuhl not be unacceptable. 1 left Bancroft Tuesday, p. m M May 16, iH company with Ejfev, M. Wortmau, rt brothei- of the Germritiiii merchants, arid a delegate fr m the Sioux City Presbytery. At Ames, about 11 p. m;, we fell in..with Eldut Clapjie, the lay delegate from Fort Dodge Presbytery. At Chicago we found thetu in great numbers on their way to the assembly, Many took the 8 p. rn. special train oni thbi?ort Wayne road; we the 8:80 special over the Lulu? Shore, This train arrived in Pittsburg at 10:30. a. m>, eastern time. We went directly from the depot to the.Third Presbyterian church and heard it good sermon by Rev. S. A. Muchmore, D. D., retiring moderator of the general assembly. I may send a word later about the assembly; a word this time about Pittsburg, the great smoky, manufacturing center of Western Pennsylvania. As far as the smoke is concerned it is much better,now,tlian formerly. - Many of the furnaces have been removed • to suburban towns, >Homestead, Braddocks and others; where more room can be obtained and where rent, is lower for the employes. A dozen yea'rs.ago, even, Pittsburg could bo&st of being the .leading,-iron, steel; and glass .manufacturing center of. ->the r Understates:'•'' It then had 16 "blafjt furnaces, turniDg .Putj abjbut half..»' m^ilon.'tbtis.of iron a ye,ar; 32 .roiling mUls, producing about as .many .tons' 6f finished iron,' besides 91 '^establish-; mentsturning out boilers,'-safe's, steam pumps, etc; There 20 large steel mills, 75 establishments in glass ,manufacture, 24 pf them making table; ware, 24 window glass,.10 greeri glass bottles, and nine lamp chimneys Pittsbtirgis-now considering the question of taking in the cities and towns in the.immediate vicinity.: When this is dune "the greater Pittsburg,'' ; we were told, will be the fourth city in the United States, comiirg next ;''to' : . ifevv. York, Chicago and Philadelphia. ..' . The city .has also a peculiar, historical interest. Early in the last.century at this point, the junction of the Uvp fivers to form the Oliip, a fort' was. - ' ' 1 , ... To repair bridge oti Lindnef- Cffeek do east lii-ie se'Ction 8 Pi urn Creek to<*bship. To build a grade commencing at the north-east cornet of north-west quarter section 2-97-21 To build a grade .on township line between Wesley and Buffalo townships, beittg citi the north 11 he of section 4 Wesley, towhslii-p. Tobullcl a grade with the one mill foad tax of Wesl«3y township, betweefi sectfofis.39 and 32 Wesley township.. Reports in favor bf-buildl&g'a 'dfade between sections 1 aticl 2 Buffalo township, and is appointed a committee to put iti said grade. To view grade between south-west quarter section 22 and south-east quarter section 21, and between .sections 21 and 28-96-29, and report at adjourned meeting. Burton—To b x uild a grade between sections 9 and 10-100-27. Barton reports unfavorably on a grado between sections 19 and 30-04-27. Moved and seconded that the above report be adopted. Carried. Moved and seconded that the bridge petitioned for over the Des Moines river between sections 25 and 36-94-29., be built on south line of said section. Carried. Resolved, That Mrs. Sl*eldon allowed $8.00 per month until further orders. Adopted. Resolved, That the treasurer be instructed to' redeem from tax sale the north-west quarter of the' riorth-west quarter 22-95-29. Adopted. ••>,, Moved and seconded that .the board adjourn until nine O'clock tomorrow morning. Carried. • ibrtVa't th^i'liieginhing of; the ^French.) mdlndlaai -war, that..George Washing,on was sent on am-'embassy by 'the gbverijor ot'.-Virginia. and it was ; near this'fort stands the'.t&wta.oi Bra'didocks, that the.battle .was fought h which Gen. Braddock fell! aud : ;.in which;the Virginians,'.commanded by Washington', 'displayed 'such energy; and' valor.. George, then a me,re .boy. n spita of the- "dastardly, .behaviour.!.'' of theT.egular.troops, brought his,men out of;the action in 'fair ••: order. This was the beginning of the public and military career of-the great Washing-.' ,on. The name'at that tjirie was Fort >uQi!i!esne,i.but: the. name was''s(}6n jhangea td-Fort Pitt. - : ' • • / / , ;iW;etjb-hot know, anything about the condition of the town religiously ^during thala,gt century, It ,.wa T s. n. ot Ukely. viiytliinfi to'.bpast..of.':. Artfiur Lee,.",ai Virgjniua-whti jVisited .it 'ji 'hundred' \nd twelve ye'aVs 1 ago. writes; .thus: '.'.it s inhabited alniipst entirely by Scotc]] and Irish, who live in paltry log houses uid dirty as. in the north of Ire.-^ and or even Scotland. There are in' b>vn four attorneys, two doctors and not a priest, of any persuason, nor iliurch, nor,chapel, so.that they are lia- lie tp penshAyithoutbene_flt9icleji:gy,J? 3ut .^rtlVur'I^ijie did ppt;"T66k 'jxround • t'or'tli'fi rQligiptis ^rvides,; Tljere were iooie good preachers i'n,_ \\\Q town 'at; ,hat tinje.,.; A wi'.iteOu the Exa'miner i year ago, (the leading Baptist paper nrthe United'Stntes) is a little more somplimentary to the auciSstQrs of the present Pttt.sburgunsr !'Hiis nccotint •uns thus: ''Pittsburg wns well trained at the start and luis never forgotten it. "ts enrly . ettlers were of Scotch-Irish trigiu 'and of the Presbyterian religion, They;were brought u'p in the strict yays of their fathers^ UrDd'fli'ade this a ort of Puritan colony beybpd the Al- egjaeny mountainsi .'^lieln : ure • about wo hundred and fifty churches "in the ,wo cities. Of these- seventy-three or 'OUK are-.P^esbj'^)^!!),' . Thirty-two traight Presbyterian, thirty*-two Unit- id Presbyter inn. Reformed Pres* lyterian, und.twfi•,p,umbei-lan,.d..Pv§s- ).vtPriH»i. • Sunday is-bettey observed n Pittshprg and, Allegheny than in »uy pjjievtwo cjties,nU equal size, ,jn hti Unit0d States. Everything almost, s closp(j'. 'Tho saloons have a v^ca* ion; Sunda'y base ball. Sunday.' tbe'a- o w MpMurmy, jvrow' Dinner :. o eo i»?9, Q ^ttf^n. JU8U(je fees •,. •., s.65 1 . H Mcpufphfji, assessor Wfsley;..',,. "' CQDJJTT (co^i Tc> 'Yiwwgf township, ]|np I ; between . w 13, .ujui i!of{efs and Seal Rrund TPU fov lyhy OFFICE, 1:30 p.m.—Board met with all members present, • • Resolved, Thut the, county auditor be instructed to have compiled and printed,a;synopsis of the laws' o'f Iowa bearing.on the extermination of noxious . vyeeds, especially the - Russian Thistl«3vand that he-attach a Copy of the same to" Bulletin No. 26 of the Iowa Agricultural College and furnish to the townsbip.cleric, of each township a:, sufficient number to supply every trustee and road supervisor wi th a cqpy, and that the clerk of. the township be instructed'to place them in'the hands of these officers without unnecessary delay. Adopted, Resolved, That the trustees of;town•ships and boards of health are hereby notified that except in extreme cases of.emergency no bills will;be allowed by the board for medical''attendance on county poor unices 'the- physician employed by the board.has been notified and. fails to respond'/and that Div Saunclers of Swe,a City is employed in the north 12 townships, and Dr, Chas, McCprmaclc of Algona for the south '36 townships. 'Adopted. ' Moved and seconded-.that the • matter of 'districting toe',county ' into supervisor districts be'lald 1 over until the adjourned meeting • •'Carried. - 'Resolved, That the rr^d tax- assessed against the south-east' quarter 1299-29, be refunded to J. J, Ryan oq account of erroneous assessment. adopted, " ' ' • Resolved, That the county auditor be instructed to dTa'w warrants for aj] bills audited at this meeting, and that the members of the board are entitled to the following milage and per diem;, Chubb, 5 days,: 3 miles :'... ,'$2Q.g4 Barton, 5 days, H miles..., 24,68 Burton, 5 days, 2p miles..,.,../; 23,48 Smith, 5 days, 28 miles,.., 23*36 Uojlenbeck, 5 days, 13 miles,.,,. £U4 Moved and seconded that the board adjourn until July g.489-5, at 10' i\, m, Carried. >• „ • ffj OFFicE,'<June 7, 1895,» a. m.-^-Board met pursant to adjournment with all members, present. ' Resolved,'. That the county doctoring for the. south half of the county for J895 be Dr.. Chas. McCormack for,the sum of; $250. Adopted... .. ..-. . -w.'-' . ; ... •;-. Resolved, That the county auditor be instructed to advertise for bids for building vaults,, bids -to be received untilJuly 1,1895., Plans; and specifications on .file 1 auditor's office. Adopted. : .' Moved and seconded that G. H. Lamson .be appointed overseer of. the .poor for city of Algona, until the further pleasure of the hoard. Carried. Moved and seconded that W. H. Nycum and Jno. G. Smith be appoint-, ed a committee to check' up/with all' county officers. .Carried.,- ••'• : Resolved, That the first,fialf of the county poll tax of R.,S. Gallagher for 1894 be refunded and'the'last' half be . abated. Adopted. •'• .Resolved, Thatrth'e 1 'auditor .be in--'• str.iicted to l9M.'schqql;.m'oneyr':riiWt''- r t,o ^ exceed teirdbljars perVacre. •.•Adopted. ' ! !••' Moved and seconded Chat the' school-. 'fund/loans ma'd.'Q.'by auditor be'ap- proved. Carried. . ': Moy.ed and second'ed,tba'i> the adjourn until 1:30 p. m. Carried.

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