The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio on April 17, 1940 · Page 4
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The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio · Page 4

New Philadelphia, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1940
Page 4
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FOUR The Daily Times, New Philadelphia, 0. WEDNESDAY, APRIt, 17,1010. THE DAILY TIMES * mgUED EVERY EVENING EXCEPT Si NDAY. PARADE JOE E. HI RST. Prudent and Manager. I. DAI,I- EMPFIELD, Editor. I,»t*bltah*d 190.1, Dial *5111. NEW rHll.AOEl.rHIA. OHIO i HE DEMOCRAT pi BUSHING COMPANY SI BSC Rir riON BV MAIL IN OHIO On* T**r *3.<N>; Six Month* *1.50: l our Month* *1.00; On* Month 3.\r BY MAIL Ol TSIDE OHIO On* Y*ar *100; Six Month* *1 00; Thr** Month* *1 00; On* Month 50r. Ent*r*d March 31. 1003. at New Philadelphia aa wh ond claa* matt*r under act of ( onjreaa. Ml \1lil U sil H I 1.1ST OHIO DAILY NEWSPAPERS. MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OK CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPHi il s I \TIVE— JOHN " CULLEN ( OMFAN1 General Motor* Building. Detroit. 230 North Mirhigan Avenue, ( hicago. 610 Fifth \vrnue. New loik OI,AF TRYGGXASON FIGHTS AGAIN HV \\ II.I.IS THORNTON THERE xxns a gnat king oner in Norway, giant, rcd- beardrd Olaf Tryggxason. Down out of those Icgcndarx davs of Vikings and sua-corsairs, conics a story told around every Norse fireside, a story that is probably renu mbered in the bills where Hie Norwegian men ol lodny are rallying to defend their olden land. Olaf was king of Norway by the right by winch men first became kin* be was the strongest and ablest, lie was so dextrous and skillfull that be could walk along the oars outside bis ship as the rowers worked them; or be could juggle three sharp swords, catching each in turn by the hill. So rugged was be that be climbed thr Smalsor Horn, and hung his sliming shield atop the peak no man had climbed before. • • • BORN of an rxili d mother and a limrderede father. Olaf grew up in Russia, and at Id became a sea-rover in the Baltic. All the coasts of Scotland. England. Ireland, the Hebrides and W ales knew the1 terror ot bis forays. He even entered the Thames and attacked London, but was fought and bought off. In the Scilly Islands he was converted to Christianity. Returning to his own land he found it in n state of rebellion, and quickly won election as king. Ills tirst ta^k was to Christianize the country. His deeds as king formed the subject for the skalds, or heroic poets, whose works persist today. There came war with Denmark, and <Hat was tricked into a had position with only part of his fleet. He scorned lo flee. High on the quarterdeck of the Long Serpent, with a gilt shield, golden helmet, and bright red coat, he was a mark ft* all eyes .all weapons. After a long and bloody day of battle, the Serpent was finally surrounded and hoarded, and her defenders hewn down. Olaf Tryggxason leaped into the sea and was never seen again in Norway. There were legnds that lie escaped, that he would return . > . ly planted on Fifth avenue, cost he sRld. "People go in for sunshini from $1,000 to $1,200 each. To plant more than they used to. Sun baths the same size trees along Sixth avenue would cast much more, because of the subway and many service pipes and cables in the newly discovered avenue. Hence the merchants’ plan for using smaller trees. (HarfaRDri/coll NEW YORK—Complete transformation of Sixth avenue is proceeding along lines being laid down by the association of merchants and property owners who are most inter. ested. About many important de "thinning the blood" for summer, tails there are violent differences of They used to talk about changing opinion. But these are being Ironed the blood for the seasons as though Making inquiries about spring sales of sulphur and molasses in Manhattan stores, I find thRt this was the worst spring in history for the delicious concoctions that our grandmothers thought essential to natural and artificial, regular bRth ing. All these tilings tend to make winters less dreadful and skin troubles in the spring less common than they used to be. "Then, too. we don’t put the faith in sulphur and molasses that our grandmothers did. The doctors have told us about more up to date rcm edies." Copyright 1940. by The McNaught Syndicate, Ins. out as pavement gangs begin resurfacing the street. Tree planting along the whole length of the avenue, from Greenwich Village to Central Park is agreed upon a* one project. Where and how the trees are to stand and how big they are to be are matters when I was a boy. We had to drink it were so much motor oil. I was reminded of the custom of spring medication by seeing sassafras tea on the regular luncheon menu at the Peninsular Club, when I was in Grand Rapids the other, . _ , .. ... . ... day. That sassafras tea was one of snmiHl meeting of the West Virginia the must beverages at our house .UndCTwrit. TAFT WILL ADDRESS LIFE UNDERWRITERS Cleveland. O, Apr. 17 <UP)—U. 8. Senator Robert A Taft, will speak Friday in Charleston, W. Va . at the ers. He will address he Cabell still In dispute. j at least one cup of it every night Club One ambitious plan would move about the time of the last thaw. iln Huntington W. Va . April 23. th* sidewalks back UltO the build. 1 For some purpose winch I do not _____________ ings, making a continuous arcade, recall, we sometimes had to drink This would involve a stupendous canip tea, too. Its pungent odor us- buijding operation. But New' York ed to seem quite romantic to me. has become accustomed to heroic un-1 Catnip looked like dried weeds dertakings. Oveh on th* West Sid* and sassafras like any kind of bark, a railroad was elevated above street, So I decided to Invent a new tea level and run right through several and pay off the mortgage. Then, I large buildings. Farther up the line, j thought, I can go into the circus, in- the same railroad was covered over, stead of Just watching the street A park, with many trees and acres parade. of lawn now grows above the wide I dried some milkweed, crab grass, expanse of railroad tracks and yards, sunflower leaves and sycamore bark ------------ in the sun, on the roof of the corn- There are very few buildings of any crib. consequence on Sixth avenue, save -----------only in Rockefeller Center. Econo When the family went to church I mists believe it will be ten years be- stewed my devil's brew in a tin can FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST New Philadelphia, Ohio Announces a FREE LECTURE ON Christian Science fore important new buildings will be under a big tree. The ants that were constructed, unless the Rockefellers mixed up in the leaves didn't mat- decide to extend operations up and down the avenue. If the sidewalks go back Into an arcade, the trees will have to be planted in parking in the middle of the avenue Otherwise, the trees will be Inside the curb, outside the side walk, as are those along the Fifth avenue side of Rockefeller Center. ter. and might have a medicinal quality, I reasoned. I was violently ill when the family returned. What had I been up to? "Why”, I replied, "didn’t I tell you I w asn't well enough to go to church? I just got worse, that's all!” They didn’t call a doctor, and ln a few days I was able to hoe corn again. One plan calls for a vista of Oriental plane trees, twenty five feet high H, J. Reilly, the health expert at when planted on both sides of the Rockefeller Center, explained to me avenue, three to a block. Already why city folks have given up spring one has been set up alongside the tonics and sulphur and molasses. St Moritz hotel, near Central park. I "Wavs of life have changed a lot, The Rockefeller trees, when final- and ln many cases for the better”, entitled Christjpn Science: Th* Revelation of Man's God Given Dominion and Freedom By THOMAS V. HI RLEY. C. S. B. Ijouisvillf, Kentucky Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church. The First Church of Christ, Scientist, ln Boston, Massachusetts X Junior High ( School Auditor- f lurn. Fourth St., I NW„ New Phila. Ohio. The Public Ts Cordially Invited To Attend. Tuesday, April 23, 8:15 P. M. r* ntA-.K MrCOY roi sum HERE/ TO /OUR HEALTH C"{frightA hy n, McCOY PUBLICATIONS, Inc. RUItlSHfcBS Of THE EAST WAY TO HEALTH * A# H««W* **><4 D,*+ wA b* r*<f, r*»-'f>*d •*K-*dd'*»**d •"velop* mu* b« **eloiad. Wrr»# e>" o'-# »td* ol pop*' only l*+t* y to* wctod I 50 wood*. Add'*** McCoy H*«Wt S*n* v« The resolute defense of flte utterly unprepared Nor wegians shows that the spirit, at Imst, of their national hero now Olaf Tryggxason did not die. As the English soldiers saw the angels at Mons, as the flaming spirit of Jeanne d’Arc appeared jii the clouds to Frenchmen standing in the shambles of Verdun, so it is likelv that to some of the Norse civ ilian-xvarriors, rallying in the mountains to defend their ancient land, the spirit of red-bearded Olaf xxith his defiant golden shield and helmet may he as good as xisihle. .;. + + + + + + + + + + + + +» * Dr. McCoy will gladly answer + + personal questions on health + and diet, addressed to him 1151 •> *:• We5t Sixth street, Los Angeles, * + Calif. Lnclo:e stamped ad- «*• + dre xed envelope for reply. + * + ♦* + + ♦ + + + + ♦* NEWS ITEMS OF TEN YEARS AGO Announcement made today that the Ohio Cities Telephone Com pany s property in thus city and Dover, worth more than $1,000,000’ was sold last week to the Associated Telephone Utilities Company, Chicago. w hen 15.000 shares of common «tock changed hands, took Tusca I raw as county by surprise. The the change in ownership of the property I sud- which embraces a telephone build- THE HEART AC HON IS RECORDED As far back as 1856 it was discovered that there was an electric current present when a frog s heart beat. That there was likewise pres ent in man an electric current when the heart beat, was discovered bv 1887. By 1903 an accurate .string gal vanometer had been worked out which was capab> of recording the changes of electric potential occurring during the .'art teat. An in strument which pnotagrphs the vi- brationi of a string galvanmeter is ca..ea an electro • cardiograph, and is on* of the most valuable of a'.i diagnostic air.s at the disposal of the p y : .an who is studying My tongue to burn or pull, seems a lhtle numb and has a heavy coa’ing. I have been taking treatments almost two years.” Answer: In the wav that the words "shock” and “stroke” are gen erally used, they do not mean same thing. K shock refers to a den cieprc- ion of the vi’al powers, mg and automatic equipment that brought on by injury or by emotion, alone cast $500,000 in cold cash in and making an impression on the 1925 26 when the major part of the nervous astern which is not good changeover to the manual dial ays- Th* word stroke, as commonly used, tern was installed and the concern ref*: o an attack of apoplexy or merged its operating department, witno LEMONS! SPECIAL! Again This Week 5,000 Rolls at the I nbelievale Ix>w Price* of 2c 4c 6c 8c 10c 12c WVrr offering, now al (hr heiglilh of Ihr season, a number of pattern* xxhicli have not sold as well as xxtt had hoped; at prices reduced 20'* to .50L'. If von are accustmed to paying 30c lo $1.00 a double roll don't fail to see Ibis selection and SAVE. Many patterns xxaterfast. All sunproof. SHERRETT'S WALL PAPER AND PAINTS 1208 Third St., NW. New Phila., (). Open Evenings for Your Convenience THE LAST RUB "It* the last rub that makes tire window r>an remember. ... Its fine philosophy : ... every jiAj meana that it is properlv ar.c. ‘ ...y 1* the gainer thereby—you most of a . an one. should uo on oooy t ; e.**r Bill—We’d have won the footoa.l ga head. 6ue—Mercy 1 Was it that bad I r.ea: cap’am ha. an One time when a couple knows the - ts.g the door bell and find th* fo;r.x .<■ v? tion and asked to visit them some', me or ;W ’ . E. trocardiograp! ensitive inst galvanic elet n the princij with the frog—ma muv.-le mov* n. 1 .. cha:ge of e>< gKin good id* a this in trument that part of it j ass, covered w mg. the thread it is a bo is an e>; unent for ricity and •' .o: g ago that when- t ricity. of the t when a thread i a thin to the sudden onset of paralysis. A '-troke mav be attended by shock, that is there mav be a depressing of vitality. Withou you carefully it is with any certitude what is wrong in your ea e. If the left cheek «eems to b® n irnb or lacking in feeling, ou may po ibly have developed fa< .al paralyse- or Bell's pah v. You n.; " v i-h to end for n.v ar ticle or* Facial ParalysLs and on Tioubles of the Tongue This material will be forwarded to any reader of this newspaper uho writes m nie and encloses a large, self-addressed en- ve!o; e and 4c in stamps. Question: O write : "Plea e give re . k» for chil.ed avocado cream ” A:, wer: Select a medium size avo- ca -* which is soft when pressed. • Peel and mince fine Pu: on ice until you have whipped 'not too stiff* a 1 took place without a ripple. As a drizzling spring rain continued to fall throughout Ohio tofu ‘ examining day the hazard of floods reached ciiffi ult to say alarming proportions, particularly to the north. Miss B*rtha Leora Bice 60. died yesterday a* the home of a nice, Mrs. W. L. Gadd. River street. New'- comerstown, following an extended illness with dropsy. She had been in poor health the past three years. Valentine Besozzl, 48, who engaged in the grocery buxine~s in Dennison for a number of years, died yesterday ar his home on Sherman street, Dennison, of a complication of diseases. Mi Minnie E R lefener. 36. wife of Herman E. Ruefener, resident of, Dover lor 18 years, died yesterday at the family residence at 525 Ster- •'The slap on th* beck mav o* :rr. * something similar to the way a mo...*: * when.” Boy—While we're altting ir. the n. Girl—Yea, dear? Boy—Couldn't we move over? I m If a grli 1* loose sh* can wear a tight ahe had better wear a looae ; s ar as as lieavy as >pi(ier s wf-b. o lighted as to a vre^n As t • ty is created by shadow of t;.c us the screen in form a series of ppict ure ts made .a they are thus E«U T: :ed b*. m A aurgeon. an archi.ect ar.d a p-- .: ago of their pr©fe**:orj. The surgeon re. a tec that E~<* w*5 that implied r^rger-u The architect classed v.e a indicated ar h:tec*.-ure The politician oeanted 3 • :t n.a: d b’ a diseased heart, th:*-* poiate rt orn- ne covering the top ha f one covering the right e . :r.g tit** left s;<"> ii*r ;• i.s po.-s:b> to gain about the ciffcient part1 ng. i of A A prominer.* mad dog. He anti-rabie* **• that tr.e patjae asked: Phyticiar.—/. coridiuoc l: . c : Busir.eyi Hi:.—.’ go mad. r .:_r.esi man w m r_>. tc : ’ » I l -J. -9. V » i 1 . J y a me r ; a r. i me s TKEF.E AJ UNPLLASAU LIVE IT IX/ tz . j . rv: Al » y DO*> >LLOW AJ VN TO r g to bite .f I REGARDS AN OR WE CAN T: Mrs Brow; • . * * gown w orn z} hr. «■ - r* -■ * pr» Mrs. Blow g »; ■ r- nice at our party next Sa'urci Mr. Brown—Yee. Wn> not ir. - p A n evening * ac : er a* tent ion. for her —That would look .t* THE WELL-TRAINED HUSBAND DOES THE FAMILY SHOPPING FROM A LIST CAREFULLY COMPILED BY HIS WIFE AND BUYS NOTHING NOT ON THE LIST. O -------Junior—I came out ahead of the other fellows m natural history mother. Teacher asked me how manj legs an ostrich had and I said three. Mother—But an ostrich has two legs. Junior—I know that now, mother, but the rest oi the cla,.s uuti four 1 w-aa nearest. - o - '■ A friend of ours who has a big lawn surrounding his house made this comment recently: “What this world needs most is a lawn grass that will grow one inch high and stop.” o—— rrect interpretation of there > can only be given by a phy- expenenced in th:1- work who 'and ; what any given variation h<* normal means, record made bv this machir* i an electro-cardiogram, and nt.s a photographic record of •art s action. e has been considerable disc - -:or. a - to whe.u-r th* m>*ru ii'.'h picture’' the passage of the contra - *:on of a muscle, or pictures h e excitation wave which stimu- it to contract. R*-gardle».s of v,men it pictures, it offers an ac|C .rate knowledge of the heart’s action. Probably the time will come w -n the electrocardiograph will be used in the diagnosis of almost every case of suspected heart trou- ; b> The electiocardiograph often al- i low s the physician to give tire patient the good news that the heart is sound. Perhaps tire patient Ine j noticed the heart action is a little irregular and lie comes to be exam lined, with a great fear of heart disease hovering over him i the electrocardiogram shows heart is healthy, the patient goes home cured of the tear of heart trouble. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Question: Flora writes: "Will you please tell me if a ‘shock’ and a pint of cream which may be ling avenue. Dover, w" erred slightly wrh about two The passing of the anti Sunday * .: • pooi.f il of maple syrup. Fold movie ordinance referendum peti- . cvocado and one third oi a cup- tions in Dover yesterday amounted f ;1 Of chopped toa'-tcd almonds to census taking, it was announced P the bowl in tec and salt for yesterday while workers hurried over or.e i'.our before serving. Enough for the city's residential sections to *e- ix to eight persons. jcure more signatures. The annual field meet fo District 9 of the Ohio Knights Templars will be held in Uhrichsville June 7th when several hundred members are •expected to attend, i B A Latto wax elected president 'of the Uhrichsville and Dennison all a matter of taMe. this war credit bureau at the thiid annual Having liberally helped him meeting, self to T).e Polish sausage. Hitler now craves r bit of smorgasbord. Fi ench pastry and English muffins are not on the dessert list. # * • A New York ’ idRe rules that petting in parked cars is legal, leaving only the girl for the modern youth to convince. • * • With h*od prices high, it becomes increasingly evident that a fish on the hook Is worth two in the brook But the ones that get away still make better story material. * • j $ The fishing season ts coming upon u*. ai d presidential aspirants will have the chance to truly demonstrate their qualifications as a can did at**. AT KVEIIY CHRYSLER DEALER’S ... A PARADE OF HE ALLY .YEW TH It ILLS FOIt MOTORISTS! nnv shift fiK.insf ... Trit Fluifi DrirlnvI m England’s government Is expert mg with a system of compulsory savings for her people If this trial works, the people over here migln try it- out on the govern ment. ) A THOUGHT ( Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his When works with meekness of wisdom.- tt^ James 3:13. Two parachutes must be worn by ‘stroke’ are the same? My left cheek, j pilots on exhibition or practice eon. Wbweu we m We revised work o< a wile and daughter. Ct'7onTli\d'*W'- w " ,nt',ump- "sunMy nne 011 «»• »>«l Fellow in th* office this morning was bragging that he was a self-made The intellect ol the wisp Is lifc#> glass; it admits the light oi heaven and reflects it. Hare. depressed fecluij.loue oil the back* The Canadian government has no Thought of attempting to intervene,I directly or indirectly, in the affairs and policies of th* United State-. Premier Mackenzie King of Can ada. * * * Experience of tiie past century j seems to provide no evidence that j technological improvements cause: permanent unemployment or help to bring about- prolonged depressions. - Charles R. H<x>k, steelman, before TNEC. 0 • • Some of these aliens are better citirmis than many of the native- born Americans I know Representative Dickstein. N Y., in debate on reapixirtionment. • • • Tiie Federal Communications Com mission lays the dead hand of bureau, eracy ujxin a si ientific and commercial development. -President Henry M Wriston of Brown University, on FCC restriction of television commercials. INDIGESTION Sensational Relief from IndifeaUon and One Dose Proves it If th» flrit dot* of thit plctvtnt-Ultlnf Uttl* bltek (»bl*t doesn't brine you tbt fwitett tr.d n* *’. eompl<H* r«li»f you ht»* riptri,need ,?rd boitlt t . h to u, ,rid f,t OOl'BTJ1; MONEY BACK. Tim Bril-»n» tablet h»lp« the ,:oma<h d'trvt f,-d. tnskes th* iii«u <tr>mi‘h fluid* and In you «t: th* nourishmi food* you neod For h*»-t- burn. »irk hMda-h* and tipi*ti *o oC*n r*u«»d S* , -vri-h < o , ht * r "i jr «n-l , . , . JV8T ONE n<>SE it BeU-ac* fro’se tzrtdy rtliel. iJc Srr thStrnaQt»r IHnh- lanrfrr . . . n »tult'-hit in Flaido! A really new idea in convertibles! The Highlander is upholstered in a dashing combination of colorful Scotch plaid and moleskin. The top is automatic . . . xvhisks up or down at the touch of a button! Entry Doors <4*w«v*v.‘ ^ii.i■ •*** .%#**» Ttro-Tnnv* ... n rm/li/ nnr nut*- in int*-riurs! No, yoyr car does not need to look likceverybody else s! C*ct a Chrysler W indsor or New Yorker with a 7 un- ’lone interior . . . harmonizing or contrasting tones . . . blue and gray, browns, greens, maroon and beige . . . pick the exterior and interior combination that suits your own taste! SS Why shift gears . . . when you can just touch the throttle and Fluid Drive axvax! Smooth as oil... because it is a drive through oil. One fan-like wheel drives another through a column of oil. You practically never touch clutch or gearshift. You can stand still in high gear at traffic lights and stop streets . . . and then just FluidDrixe" away! Newest, most thrilling thing that’s come into motoring in years. It is standard equipment on the Chrysler Crown Imperial. Only S38 additional on the Traveler, New Yorker and Saratoga models. Try itl Svr F.imu-Fntru H**nr a . . . A'«ic and Minhttt Svnnihlr! Why drag a h e a u t i f u 1 frock over a dirty fender' Chrysler’s Easy- arc straight­ sided right to the bottom, with no cutaway over the fender. A grand idea! See it! Frnrn .Ahnnt Snpt-rflniMh ... Ilit/h -J*tr */*!*• I. ii i/i nr, and nthvr 1 hntnh-r Firotot Su pcrf in­ is h e d parts have surfaces as smooth as one-millionth of an inch. High-l'orque engines give you tremendous power w ith sensational economy. Aero- t\ pe shock absorbers arc like those on giant planes. The 1940 Chryslers have dozens of things like that. No matter what kind of car you are driving, see your Chrysler dealer today . . . you 11 find it mighty interesting! MI j OI H*U.CIT.THi:i»rj,»I|l|p M t S T. THE CITY AUTO COMPANY DENNISON—NEW PHILADELPHIA. ASSOCIATE DEALERS WEINS7 MOTOR C O. 5CHRINER MOTOR S\LLS Qu v er, jUuaUeniiuiKm, u»

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