The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1895
Page 8
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Grand Cooking-Exhibit We extend a cordial invitation to every woman in Kossutli County to attend the cooking .exhibit at our store on Saturday and Wednesday aiteVeobns, beginning next Saturday. We want you to see pur in operation and taste the product of .its oven. Its the finest thing in the line of a steel range ever exhibited in Algona. We don't. jvant. you to take our word for it but coine and be convinced by a personal inspection . o not forget the days— Saturdays and Wednesdays ; at three o'clock. " ^ C.M. DQXSEE, Hardware; 5O Capes Prices Cut One-Half $15.00 Capes, ST.50 10.00 Capes, 5.00 7.50 CapeB, 3V75 5.50 Capes, 2.75 4.00 Capes, 2.00" Just Half Price, Gome Quick I -c .£. O - o ss.c • o »— < t— h O P i"^ *™^ M TJD 9 c 1 o c B WITH A ... . . Fresh Line of les, BANNED GOODS, WK HAVE New Fattem IB We also oany a full M TIT a sack of the PFAEL. -CftU^a cheap as any linn in tow.jj. < ; -Cronkery, Kto. BANCROFT NEWS. Spring To the Ladies of Bancroft and Vicinity: I have a new stock of Miilittei'y, including all tile' Latest Styles in Hats, Bonnets, Flowers, Laces, Trimmings, and in fact anything that is usually ; found in a flrst-claes ciillinery store. An exper* i ienced trimmer will do all the work in the most approved fashion. . ; • BAKOKO.T, IOWA. Mrs. Sarah Howe. Jhieago & North-Western ll'y* Mixed ..« Ham way freight. .-..11 4Hain iissenger 4 oapni SOUTH mixed 5 07pm way.freight—8 loam passenger .. ..2 05pm BANCROFT. 1A., .JUNE 12, 1895. Conducted by J, A. FRECH. BANCROFT LOCALS. Qulti' a nuiiib(>r 'vent to Algonu ]axt Sivtunlay ninrniiiir ''< t.siku tho oxcursion for MinncuiHili '• .M>U the ball game; be- t'wooii MiiiiHHipolifi ii-nd Indianapolis hut on account of rain then- was no game but ,ho boys seem pretty well satislied with their trip just the same. Special Agent M. C. Brainard, of the tate Insurance Co. of Dos Moines, and W. M. Black, general agent for the Conti- lental Insurance Co. of New York, adjusted losses and visited their local' agent luring the past week. ' The Marshailtown Republican says (he Council BlulTs insurance Co. has about one to the wall and it is feared there will be little left for return premiums and loss-' :s. Said company has been trying to get. •cinsured for the past week but they do lot seem to have money enough loft to buy reinsurance. Turn out to theEpworth League Social. The Exchange Bank of Bancroft will be •eady for business next Monday in the Al- jornjtmliding. The City Council passed' a resolution tiat' those using the small hydrants, for awns and gardens could only use them 1 lour in the morning and IK hours in the wening. Now is the time to get your property insured .in.." reliable companies. See J. A. Freeh. Don'.t keep waiting. Many /have o's't their property by too much waiting. Insure now. u Rev,., T. S. Cole will preach, at.Gpld'fled^ HE SHOT THEM la., next Sunday and conduct ne.eting and Roy. J. C,. Harvey of place will occupy tlie M: E, pulpit here that day. ' • " . Ed. 'Gardner, of 'Sciieea,,lbst two yearling by lightning last Sunday. Mr. Shaw also lost a good cow by the same cause. All of 'the property was insured. L. J. BracK'e, northeast' of town, had his buggy lifted up and damaged by contact with a \yire fence Vast Sunday. It was insured and he received pay for his damages yesterday from the Continental Ins. Co. . At the se?ni' annual olocoioii ofoHicers of 'the I. O. O. F. lodge here last Tuesday ev ienii'ig the following were elected. N. G., C. F. Echelbargor; V. G., P. (J. Pettibono; Recording Secretary, A. C. Wright; Treasurer, A. N. Leonard. The Installation will take place in July. The lodge is in a very flourishing condition. The Epworth League will give an ice cream social on the lawn north of the M. E. church next Friday evening. Everybody is invited to attend. A bright girl baby made her appearance at the homo of U. H. McKinnon last Friday mottling. Geo. Steltzer, of Hurt, Gives His Wife and Her Alleged Paramour a Ball ' Apiece and Sends Two Loads of. Shot After the Latter. • BIJHT, June 11.—There "was a sensational shooting lit tills place Thursday afternoon. Ueo. Stelt/er came, in from his field where lie was at work.- and. entered-, his house at a tlmo when evidently; he was: not (ixpected by the oceupantSj who were' his wife and Fred Heath. Mr. StelUei*. was IncfMised, and i)tilling his revolver fired several shots at, Ileath, emptying two cliamliers of his g,nn, and placing a ball in Heath's hand,and one in Mrs. .Stcltzer's arm. Heath made a break and*cleared the 'premises, lighting out to the north at a gait said to' have been ftirious, and leav j ing the jn.jnred husband a close second) but his race by a shot guuj two loads of which were discharged at Heath. Both Ileatli and Stqltzer were ar- 'ostcd and lodged in jail at Algp'na, the former under the chargo'of adultery, and ilie latter under the accusation of assault with intent to commit great bodily in jury .j The preliminary hearing was before May-; or Richards here Saturday forenoon,! when County Attorney Raymond and Geo. R. Cloud, of Algona, appeared for the state andJ.W. Sullivan for 'the •'defense.; The evidence showed frequent offense's of the sort charged, covering several months,, the circumstances of which-as alleged be-: ing of unprintable shamelcssness and> de-, [jravity..iHeath was held;to.thegrand jury and his bond was n'xcd at SOOO, .- : •• The assault case against-Steltzer was not pushed, and ho is at large on a &300 bond. Steltxer and wife have been married, some oight,years : arid havei "fewo- children, 7 and 2 years old respectively. Tho husband is.about 27 years old arid the wife about 25, while Heath is-iir-the •noiglibOi 1 '- hood.of 23 years old.. The Steltzers''form- erly lived in Iryington township,'and'it was .there that Heath fell iif'-w'tiih 'them. Heath has had no business^at Bui"t ; '6'thef than with Mrs. Steltzer, so far as can be learned. What defeh's'e''iVfIl bs; iW'ad'e' T a't the trial is not known, bii't H-kelyU different story will bo-told. Living !witli"'M^" and Mrs. Steltzer • has"'been the• latter's sister, a> girl- some twenty years of age,arid her story;may have- an Important bearing'. THE COUNTY AT ' LARGE. HEBRON STORM-SWEPT. —Conand BUTTER AND PAHEHSON S A Wild Tornado Harries Hebron siderable Destruction of Crops Buildings. HIOBKON, Juno (5.—We were visited by a storm on the evening of the 3rd having the appearance of a tornado, which did considerable damage to crops and other property. It came into Hebron township at the southwest corner, following a northeasterly course. It (irst came to S. E. Hart's place, blowing down buildings and breaking up machinery. Two self- binders wore smashed to pieces, one light buggy and a spring wagon were wrecked and a corn-crib was blown away. Some of the pieces of the latter have not yet been found. C, F. Pitcher suffered considerable loss, having a shed blown down, a chimney blown oil* the house und his pump broken' up. Lewis Peter* suffered a severe loss. His burn was scattered to the four winds, his granary was lifted from its foundation and turned around and his largo house was damaged to a, considerable extent. Next it struck Mr. Ohnstadt's,, scattering his machinery, wrecking his large barn, and doing great damage to minor buildings and crops. Tho ne.xt serious damage was done a.t Thomas Thomson's. H> had just got up a large »ow; barn'. It was left bad,ly wrecked. From hero tho stojm over the line and into Minnesota, present the writer 'has no knowledge of tho total damage'done. No lives, were lost, however. The school hpuso" grounds in district number throe are now provided, with cave for the safety o,f tho school. It Js right. Wd the writer thinks every should have one. .County Briefs., - " •• V-''• The Germania Standard'says that the damage done by. the hail,'(Monday was wonderful. It 'is- reporte'd ,that',, north -of 'there lields-of grain were swept to the ground, What next will swe^p thls'J groat harvest. • • . •':..•,',;• Burt Moiijtor: Wednesda^ noon Mrs. Jno. Dp.tiniin' : accidently fell near the house arid-broke her left arm up close to the shoulder. Sheisaivold lady and "It will be'a'painful wound, Drs.'Peters and Beano set it, and she'is getting along'all right. '"" ' ' ' ' Bancroft Register: The Ledyard saloon keeper became "skeored" and decamped, leaving that thriving biirg high and dry. Germania Is said to bo dry and dusty, also, the law's minions being responsible therefor! • • ; .A "Crokinole" party js thoiatqst form of dissipation at Wliittemoro. ''..... Rev. Win. Faulstich, pastor of-, the Evangelical Lutheran-church at Whlttomore was married on May 5th, in Dudloyton, Ind,, to Miss E. Kuohn. The couple are expected homo on the 25th. Tho Telephone is Tho Western Electric Telophono Co. have shown that they moan business q,nd are made of tho right stuff by getting the noles all set between Garner and Britt.and on west, and in a few days wo expect to seethe w-iro.strung and tho central offices established -in working order.—Britt Trlb? line. Jjont His Notes. Wesley Reporter: Monday afternoon as Fred Corey was out near Frank Kernan's place a strong gust of wind blow his coat over his head and at the "same time about $2,000 worth ftf tiote§ >vhi,cb,. had in his pocket wore scattered In ever; direction. Ho .secured a, number. som< having blown a quarter of a mile- Then are othero he could not. ' Any person'find ing them will bo rewarded by., returning them to him- County Will Jo*o liurt Monitor: Wo have hoard nothing 0,8 to Jlun's colebratlnfc' the Fqurth thj year, and tho bulk of the crowd will ably go to Algo'ua. 'i^hoy, havo sent cm band an invitation to go anc} play, o,i\< they may accept. Victor Polllyer, broth er of Congressman, Dolllver delivers th pr^tion. -••"^ „„„..,,„-., ~,,--,. By »HOI-S». Tuesday evoniug'as the b<?ys were 11041 ' igonth'e W 1 *' SJ'°ua4, says JiepeH'tw, Fre4 Cgry made tie co.u.jd, rl<Je bis 4iam,ond Iscoitld make it on foot. In making' tho ast turn and AS both wefe comfng In at a apld gait, Fred's saddle girth broke, htch caused his horse to shy on* a trifle, vhen Ed' Adams, for some reason tin- Wn to all, happened in- front of the nf/aal, which stfudk hfM tfHh siibh forcie s to prostrate him. ,.Ho was'picked Op hcionscious and fertiftlHed fh>thdt condi- i'oft Seyeral hdiii'S. t)uii;lng Hie : ,hight. ho \voke : from .the stupor : and other than liijjjf sore li.c has fully reco^rired fi'c»m lig-shock. •• •;/.. • •...' • "• following Is the description of Barik- r Z. S. Barrett's cyclone defier .as given y the Wesley Reporter: .It is heavily ilaiiked overhead and scaled on the side vails. It is 6x6, and though a trifle small or Zlm it is fixed up with all the modern ohveniences so that lii time of danger the ainily can' repose \vith a'fccliiig of perfect eciirity fl-ohi the howling blasts. NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES. The Em'trictsburg Democrat sums' up the Oinilation of Palo Alto sis 13,00!'. One ownshi]) was estimated. The West Bend Advance is the-name of he now paper at that place. Ahnciut u Otttirtci- Mlllioii. . • To the people of Kossnth, who owe hot cent of county debt,bonded or otherwise, t looks big to see the supervisors of Wood- ury county issue ?240,000 bonds, just to ako up the floating indebtedness of . the ounty. That is what was voted last-week; 'rovlotis ell'orts to provide for this debt avo been blocked in the courts. More Ijtuid For tfirriiljcc. ''"•'' i Foi-t Uodgo- Messenger: Ex-Gov. Lar-; abeo was in town Wednesday,and.boughtj quarter section of land in section thir- ion, Douglas township. Mr. Geo, Wick- ns made the sale and owned tho land.him 61 f. The price was 850 per acre, cash.-' .The land has no buildings on it, but Is on- y a couple of miles from town and has a ifthtly location. Gov. Larrabec is a Ilrni- eliover in.Iowa land, and is probably 'the argest land ownerjn the state. Priest Drowned ut .McGregor. • A special of the 5th from McGregor ays: Key. Father McMahan -of .Cherry itouucl, Allamakee county, has beeii here or the past few days' visiting Father )'ponncll. This morning he accompan'- ed Fathers O'Djnncll andShe.ohan toPic- uj'o Hocks. They all went bathing, arid father McMahan getting - beyond his epth, and not being able to !; swim -\ya5i rowncd. The body was not recovered. - ; ' Bnse Ball Brlel's. " : j.'.,., Reporter: /The ball game between the Wesley, boys•and"Orthol- the first of the ^eek,rcsulte' score of 21 to'33'-iii fav|6r of-iWosley.;' After the fourth' inhing''th'6 au}e \yas hotly contested, but our'b6ys vere too.much for them., -A retii'nv gaM'6 vill bo played on the 10th/ • '"••"• "^ '. !M; Standard: .(5. : Isaacs, the'iateArmstrong jltcher, has accepted;a posft'lon with tho Waterloo league.'' .His jiirst game of ball yith that team was,a good one, /striking o : ut 17 men. Msaacs is a fine twister. The Ledyard nino;announce a desire ; to play, with Germ'ania. .,•:.•.':.::..".• • " • West Bend Journal r There was a' groat ame of ball over in Nevada last -— —— It was Nevada against Emmetsburg and Goopertown, at least v part of-tho players ivere from cach'of those places. • Nevada, won, as they always do.' It will" take a professional nine to beat those corn husk- rs and then we wiirtake even chances on Nevada. They play ball to the end of the game. The printers and lawyers of burg played ball with great vigor recently and the victory was wjtli the lawyers. The Reporter is divided between calling it 'Bpll Run or a Waterloo, but outsiders nclino'to the opinion that it was one. Bring on . your.' louse Grocery.,, | Call and,see the,line line of trimmed hats at'Betchell.'.& Setchell's. Hams and smpkeo; meats, at Lang™ '£ Hudson'" '• ' We will save you money on hose and hoso fittings.— SpuiiBECK & LAMBERT, OELAR LAKE PABK IOWA A fine programme has been arrangec for this most popular of Northern Iowa summer resorts, including lectures by Rev, T. DeWitt Talmage Sunday, June 30th. and Bev, Sam. P, Jones, Sunday, July 7th, and Gospel meetings led by the most popular divines of the nation, Campmeetings, band concerts and nu tuerous otiier attractions will be announced from time to time, The annual Musical Festival will be held August 2d to nth inclusive, and wijl de under the direction of Prof Clement 13, Shaw. Chicago, Talw already secured for this occasion prom jses to make it a most enjoyable meeting, A large and commodious pavilion is now in process of erection, which, wil furnish ample seating capacity for al who may come, Hotel Oafes will be open to the pnb lie June 5th. This hotel is large and commodious, bujjt after tbe most ap proved plan of summer hotels andpnun ap$d by men who know the wiwits o their guests. five wiles northwest of Buffalo Center $vbout April 15, dark bay mare colt two'8 qjd; white- fa<?e, on? white hind foot; wive gm> on front o left ^Jioulder. Send '«ny inforowttoi leading to her reooyery JQ tlje under signed and receive suitable rewwl J. Q. JowiRAk Buffalo Center, Iowa,' MdylTi 1895. A DfUy f§pw for The pepMoines Paiiy 3Stewe km be jppioe a peiipj papep and is i$wli m PFQY^I J.ti9 JBft tUe Wi' " jyesaJl-vliepe^^fti]!, ^inyear, n to' '~**y ' i fee rt«*ttM t^ be Baptist Silnda^ -S6ft^6f Stift-dat fttorflifig, «funeT0j'&*d tb6 fdlltf^ihg ii-oMfatfi-.W-ill be rendered: |p.hiilta~&.'I .'....;Miss A116C Mlhklor laslc,—The L'ord Is In His Holy Tefflple. Chollv 'fa-yer.-. ?v...i : ....Rev. Stevens cHp'ttiw.Rfeadifrg....Nin'o Young Ladies :tisjc^A Song of WelCo'me Choir Rd'tti&ttbh— the First Chfldrens' Cay, Jea'tHce. Doxsee.. , -Recreation—The Greeting of the Swal- ows; Prirhal'y Class. '., Gifts'! Refti'tfitlon—How a Plant Taught aitli, Hope and Love. Three Young Ladis. . • • •'• /•• Miisle—They; Sing a Ne>v'Song, School. ^Recitation—A Soirg of Stiftimer, Miss laud eowan. ' •-•'•; . .- -, _ — — of June f School. Re t e tstitroh—The third at the Gate, Li^ lie Walker'. - • • ' ReCltatipn—T,he 'Babyj Foiir Pri'mai-y hlldren. ; :-•• Concert Recitation—Tho Buttercup and lobin, Primary Class. Music—The,Lambs of J0sus. Primary las's; Recltatipn-^Lorno Minklei'. .Class—What a X*enny Teaches, Recitation— the' Pulpit. 'Pinkie mith. ' . . .-, •.'-.,'•..- Uilet—Pahsles, JJeatrice Do.\:=ee and Luy Evans. Motion,Exercise—flo\y We •Rememebcr ui- Bible; Verses, Eight Little, Hoys. .Recitation—All'tlfc Good Wo Cnn. Clara "ishcr. Music—Merrily Marching On. School. An Act—The Fall of the Mushroon ix Primary Scholars. .. Emblematic Piece—The life,.Six;Young Ln;d,les. Music—Jn'uo Hells, School. Adtlre-s—Rcv.'A. 'O. Stevens. Mandolin and. Guitar Music—Mo<srs. Baylor and Weaver. Menediction—'Rev. Stevens. i rooms, Fountain of Infants' mull caps at -Setchell & etchell's. • Pure maple sugar, 'titterson & Son's. 1895 make, at A fa>y uice, seed .potatoes yet at tho '^" *01.iestor White Boar'for sale. . 35,tf , . • 1\ M. STACY. ".Dp^'b;buy -^ii^ump .until/you-, get our — . Chase. & Stmboru's famous Boston Cott'ees and Seal J3rand Tea for sale on-s.— 18tf. to the Opera on 's. OSEWALL, "PAINTER and PAPER-ftANaEB. Postal card 'orders promptly attended to. \ ; v..7 | '•- i- ^ O.O^OSEWALL. Algona, Iowa. And PAPER-HANGEBV Also does'carrlagfe —- '— ..Postaj cardjawlQi^i^oDiptly at- ng. .i J qstg,^ catq omeiis; promptly at- \tffi AilMvorK gnafrunteecl for four or afs. ' ^ •'A'LGONA, IOWA POES : PAPER? IOWA. LAMBERT Manufacturors and dealers In Bufter'tiiljs; 'Water Tanks,, ;;.. • ; ,..-. -, 4M' Creamery Supplies, Ve.tvlsQ do Planing, Matching. Moulding. ,nd-suwlng,' Lathe. Work and a general Yuod-worklng business. Engineer's, Supplies a specialty,- Factory near O, 1 & N-\V 5qpp,1t. : ;-. .. .*•'":' '..-At&pS'A, IOWA. ANY HOGr^ enclosed by J. A, Hamilton $ Go's wire /and picket fence feels proud and will thrive, The reason mor§ of it is sold than all otiier kinds put together, is "because it is a fence— That Can be Seen:' It will 'turn all kinds of stock; it is cheap anddw" able; easy to jno.Y& We use both oak and -painted pine pickets, Call and , gee it: iff ,j' ...;,X..'

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