The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1895
Page 5
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IOWA* WEDHMMY, JtTHfc 12,1895. This will be the Iftst week of the red figure sale. The rriost ictaTtfrkttblc and .successful sale that ever took place in Alffona. Come this week find see find judpe for yourselves. NE\V ENGLAND CLOTHING HOUSE. •LOCAL MENTIONS, The river has been rising since Sunday. v The business men's celebration will be all right. The. annual High School Commencement comes off Friday evening at the opera house. Will Richardson was at Germania last week fitting up a new boiler for toe creamery. There will be a special meeting of Algona Chapter, O. E. S. on Thuisday evening, June 18. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dodds, of Union township, are the proud parents of a girl, born on Friday. Geo. Platt will let the contract for seats, platforms, etc., at the Fourth of July grounds. See him. Judge Quarton held court in Algona Monday and Tuesday for the hearing of a few equity cases. Marriage licenses have issued to Anton Zetritsch and Maria Grof and Geo. D Sitzer and Emma E. Wolfe. Another'heavy rain on Sunday afternoon came just when it was needed. It could not have been better timed. F. W. Dingley's big gold >mortaf-is 1 ' an appropriate and taking : sigfti-'and : a good match for the big gold watch's'ign; Asa K. Smith, a very'/well'kno^ii character in Kossuthy ; bas preaching' appointments every Sunday downan Humboldt. <..• • .:'..'•.•••:,: '•••: • • ' < '• "The.Lost Fellowship" : Will 1 ; be' r the' subject of Rev. Leslie's sermon''at-St." Thomas* Episcopal church on Sunday morning next. ••' ,• ..•;;•..,• ••.'':•• ••../-' ,•• The Sunday school exercises Sunday evening at the Congregational : Church were largely attended. : <.iThe,npVogram was brief but gop4....r, ; i;,.:uu •::. The normal commencement • opens' Sunday-With the baccalaureate sermbn by Rev. Bavison at the- Congregational church, at 11 o'clock.,: • ,. •.;.;! A number of veterans are attending the (J. A. R.. reunion, at Clear. - Lake.. Dr. Sheetz,,,-5vho is dow,n : .pn, ; -.the program for a talk, is among tliem., • .; Dingley & Pugh put in a OR, Monday. It is i me of ..the .finest ;andi hamVspmest ever-installed in an Al#o-. na store. It' is of the Mosler ruake.v;. ; Judge.-,Quarton has bought;0ne of-the elegant surveys at the Wigiwamt,: It 'is " : '' "-'-'- ------- .thing that?.;ther established in the office. He is a brothef-in-lawof Mr. Gootlner. The Grange picnic at Mn Zahl ten's on Saturday was not very largely attended, but it was greatly enjoyed by those present. There was a Sunday school picnic across the fiver at Joe Thompson's Which of course divided the crowd. The meeting of the republican county committee, Saturday, reached unanimous conclusions on every point to be disposed of, and Was -so pleasant and satisfactory as to be an - argument in favor of the settlement of 'all questions of conventions by the full committee. Mrs. Sarah E. Makinster. living near Burt, Was before the commissioners of insanity Thursday, by Whom she was found to ;be insane. She was taken to the Independence asylum Friday, Deputy Sheriff .Will Brunson and hismoth- 'eiyMrs. A. A. Brunsbn, having her in charge. The populist convention, held at the court House Thursday afternoon, did nothing but elect delegates to the state convention, which met at Des Moines yesterday. The delegates were as follows: Wnv. Heathershaw, C. W. Goddard and Geo. V. Davis of Bancroft,' and ; £. E.. Blackford of Algona. , ; '". jpfjie., of, the best things done by :the ' df supervisors was the appoint' t eieg A ,pf c< 7 Jud the iMJmpe uuo < yimJoij vui:uj5 • i dge.shoiiid have .the;: finest ,: to look after the distribution -of poor funds in this' neighborhood, in place of Samuel Benjamin. MJivLamson,. is,a man of integrity' and humane instincts and can be trusted to 'So what is right and proper. Seats for- the coninie'ncement exer-, cises;of .the normal', at theopera^ house, Thursday- evening,of. next week, will be- on sale ,ut'Dingl.ey',s Saturday:. The principal feature of the 'Occasion will. be 1 the address by President Beardshear, of ,the Iowa Agricultural .college.. .Dr. Beafdshear is. a popular speaker.. ,. ;; Qf. course it may not commend itself to ithe 'universal judgement, but it nev- ertjheless seems to. be.. a- .settled .legal proposition that the man on. a bicycle; has 'the 'right to 'half 'the road, just the same as though he were a "lioss" team and' wagon. The size of .the outfit is not so 1 imposing'.! but the legal right ,'is •jus'b as -well settled. So 'we must., divide;. •'; ;'• ' ;•'•'• ' ' ;'; ;'•;' ' . '/ .; f Mrl, Anton Anderson and Miss Rose '•Hoilmau were united in maiTiage,,.. last ' Thursday afternoon ,. June .6, ..iRev. W. H.iiKennedy. officiating. The ceremony '.Uii™.!*. ^.tXfckiiv.^ *K n »t A. X -P'4.Y« «, Vt«:*-i rti« -»v* At-itn-Mi- t n<ju; sa- enthusiasticInlts-'praiseU _ , ren, of course, are /maclt'"attached'^tp' theschopjv, .-•>'• : y .••.. > .::^"^'.\ / -.-- ••••\ . Agent Vesper has received;.wteflf rbm",' the division superintend'ent-'say.iijg.'fte- r ..- . . . : . *.*»••-•.-••'«•* _"-,"T-»T.» • '!_ ^1 i-i. ,1.1 • ' ' ,is today. It has'b^n,'de,«ded;jt^af^0Wh'ras3 cannon.Will ,'have,.,tb".b'evfl^ulied .puj; over the bill and made";t'p, " rtQV orfQlri f or tb'e. Fourth. '°-' K-"^ command the C. K. Bgruell, b.f, Ne.wtqn resenting,Burnell??,Cr—"'-• f V I f'J of Marshalltpwu, Tya:s ih>Algpna,yes.ter-,, day taking'notes-ifPn:^ that^Campfiny'3- new credit rating" book. The Fort item electrotyped and M run t it. every week: u Hon.-'jr J. 4 'Ry&n w^S "down from Algoua over. Sunday;, for.a..Yia^ with friends." ' . f/ ,'/"'., ../*,.]', t .\ Observer C. #. *Eettibonga^pprt9, f -,a fall of'just' a .little shor,t Pf a'ij'. wch .of rain on Sunday/ - Over fyvo irtches in Des Moines, where'it wa's estrainsince 1893.•• " ^ , , The students are coming libi&e,' fjfqiri college, Geo.Hortort catoe Hprnefvom. the Minnesota University M6irday,'and" last evening Frank Tellier arrived from Iowa College at G-rinnell. • The Germania Standard's item, "Sheriff C. Ci Samson; of AJgoia,'tran- sacted business in town (this week Wednesday," is quite 'suggestive, but Mr, Samson has, volunteered TIO particulars, \. . • . >..'", Mrs. Lantry announces, that "dinner will be sei'Y.eo iwtbe r.tnk; th6'- lourttt. Her najp&e4s asspr,ance sufiKJientr tbat a)} who go there 4or .inward 'refreshment win b?,bbHntiifu,Uy supplied .with the best., -. / • , you should buy yew' seats for- the, High School commencement . tPday, v There is always a big rush ana t»e of koowipg ypu have a seat you is alPiie wortij the price ' • •; ' a daugUtw,-a few Mr. ana Mrs- H. J« Beib^ township, Mr, Geo, J, a great gvan d & d - MF.- he respect -ancl 4'ever jieloBglogto tUe f J, A, H afniltPB & Co. hav« S6t ittl§:-?yJutg painted, cupola pp it put with a 1 flag .aU-wlnoh : ajf,the,"lipme. of/the; bride's •mother^ i A'.' A..'. f ,.',H,oJm'an.' 'Mr'.' Anderson ;jy.M formerly pt'Algona but is at present] a business-man'of Bancroft. The t>r;i(<le..i;S;,:a very, highlv respected • Algo;- ; and sayait will answer every purpose of the town right .along. It was fortunate that the suspension of the .Works came at a tittle set for wet by the clerk of the Weather j . Any farmer who wants to look over his farm this spring for Russian thistle should call at pt send to the county auditor's office for bulletin So, 26 of the Iowa experiment station, Which gives information in regard to the plant. Some of the items of valuable knowledge is that the plant grows;best oh high and thin soil, seldom appearing in sloughs : or low land; "that it has th'e colorand appearance-df the young pine when it comes up, and that it is easily killed before it seeds. It is happily not a plant of strong vitality* It has one tap roPt and does not sprout when cutoff at the surface. Dr. Sayers AVas around one nigbtlast Week With an exc'eedingly happy expression upon.his always smiling couu- tonance. Inquiry developed the fact that Benner &, Robinson, the Wesley well men, had just completed an 84- foot well on his farm east of town, and that the Water supply was inexhaustible. At a depth of about 80 feet they struck what seemed to be the trunk of a large tree embedded in sand. The doctor had a specimen of the wood and sand in his possession, and it is presumed they were to be placed on file along with tuberculosis germs and "sichi" • Most of the witnesses in the Joe Thompson damage case before the federal court at Fort Dodge arrived home Friday afternoon. The witnesses for 'the plaintiff expressed confidence in an outcome favorable to their side, and sure enough, .they had not been home long before a telegram came announcing ;a vedict of $4,100 for Thompson. The'entire community rejoices with Mr. Thompson in his access; It is not thought at all probable that the verdict can be set aside, though it is considered likely that'there willbe.the usual delay necessitated by the regular perfunctory appeal; : . The-Garroll Herald tells thus of the marriage, of a .former Algonan:. A. W. Creed and Miss Annie E. Brower were united in marriage at the bride's home an Mpville yesterday, and arrived On ipe afternoon train in Carroll where they'will 'make their, home. Mr. Creed- is a popular young man, who for several years- has 'been; in his, ..present position as express messenger,. on ,.the Sioux Cityline;," H0 has .always been faithful in the performance of duty and is deservedly popular with- superiors in His bride ,is, young lady, of worth .whose home, is ,iu Moville and is in every sense deserving of her most excellent- young husband A. WJs many friends join in extending congratulations to. himself anc most estimable bride. . ,. - t .. Victor B. Dblliver,' our Fourth ot July orator, was' 'the Memorial day speaker ;at. Fp'rt'.Dodge; and the Mes senger says his speech was "intensely interesting,-'and th'e largft audience jg'ave its in dividual'attention to every word: .the, gifted, speaker .had to offer. Th'e.Messengej'.quotes^'everal passage, •P,,AKV 4-v.a <4^na*vv ' Referring to Grant . . . J /Mrs. Carrie Olson,, wife of Mar tine Olsoui died Wednesday and her funei ; as the following day. Mrs.' Olsdn- but thirty years of ;age. She died nsumption, after being confined .tq her:- be.d. since New Years. - She leases a husband and two children} one a;gii'l of ^hree .years and the other a boy pf, o!ne j'ear. The services were con- ductjed by E. P. McElroy. . .;,i^V;e.,|ire sorry to, see the LuVerne News'lose^ its temperOver the REi?UB- -I/ICAN report of that ball game. It was <writteriiby"one »> ho saw the game and; written very good naturedly,'too. Tlie- ifews says LuVerne had its battery, f rorti Foresf'City and 'its first baseman from* Estherville, but it insists it ha'd no hjelp from Livermofe or"FortDodge. As ,th,e RBPUBMCAJ>T does not -care' '•W"bet)h"er i't did or not the matter need .not Ije pursued 'f ufjtber. ' F..SL. Coombs is fittiqg up his laundry 'establishment as rapidly as it c^n be 'dbnel, considering , the equipemlent and The rapid vorking capacity, ottbe institution. Machinery is orffthe ground apd* is ly going into place, and every'* thing is new and tlie' latest manuf act;ire. 'The laundry -vyill be on a" much larger scale than the -one burnt down last winter, and Algona may count .-oh having a laundry equal tp anything in the state, The Gazette's report of 'the Livermore [celebration has this, which"' will be understood,' probably, by those -who were present and who know the. combination: "The banquet giyen by "the Presbyterian ladies, was right up to the, top notch, and the dray 'bill ,for hauK ing the unused- provisions from -'the grounds was almost as large as for-> hauling them to the grounds; "Eat us out of house and hpwel" —the idea!— Algona papers pleas'e tak^e .notice." . Tbe fire company have decided to ap* pear in uniform, in4be Fourth pf July ^parade. They will wake a flne sbpw/i ing, Tbe'comppy will put up a .yavi* lion, probably m tb.e burnt district be» iween.ibe Cbilsobilles and, Robinson scores fln^putl i state street, if bujjding Qperat'iPHiare 1 .not previously begun, Dbliivef'saM: jprofijipfjsucb an wbieb will tee. considered part 'pf any • proper an , J . spectacultaryjeader whdiake.'up 'the -time of -the , historian, a 'paii i Wbll'* : be'tiivag1nedy -Neither Ctesar no !Napoleon-ever ti ! #nsapted',the;bloody bus! ness of \Yai':On a ; scale.'iTeer of Gran from-V' Approinattox. It' re quires ,ijp special gift, of -prophesy to' for see tliat, iu th'e, years to.corne, when men'; mi lids 'are" freed frijm the glamour of mer spectacular eft'edts,' the' 'man-'- bf destiny , \VUQ set uppu n^odenv Europe thO'.seal of-i; transient military despotism, win, receiv but'a pa8Sihg' ; notice when compared wit! Gen\ Grant." ,•„,.-; Va;v^ • - The suspicious character, calling him self 1 Ward, brought r up from Wesley lastiweek for ^attempting- an entranc< intoithe Ed Kunz store, broke jail Sun dayjmorning ! and is at large. The grand; >jury: liad' been summoned ti jneet in special session Monday to pas 'Upon his case, and it' was expecte( that 1 he would plead guilty and be promptly -sentenced and sent to th pen,! but Ward had plans all the while ,w.hic;h he did not divulge. He made his exit'from durance vile between the hours of 9 in the morning and 1 o'clock in tHe afternoon. He 'had to saw o'ff i Yal^ lock,, which held the door to th adjoining cell, then make a hoi through the brick, wall of the -latter 1 and then dig a, hole through the stone and brick and brick outer wall' to gain ^liberty. When he was incarcerate ed'he had on his person a set of skele- itph keys, but no saw was discovered, •and it is a mystery how he secreted it. 'The farmers of the vicinity were noti- l> fied to look out for the man, but it was, 'not deemed wise to make an extended searcjb for him 1 . ' ' There was a small, but interesting meeting of the county editorial association 11 , Monday Afternoon, in the 'parlors of 'thVThphngt'on. The previous 'day was stormy and Monday was Cloudy, with a drizzling,, rain falling, and the prospect was not such as to call out a-large and enthusiastic gatb' 'ering of, tbe pencil pushers. Those who were io attendance upon the weetjng, however, found it enjoyable" .if nof prpfltable, and tbe spirit of ira* 'teraity was present, Tbe meeting was ,called tP pi'der at 1:45, by President •IKeFinn§li,of the Cpuriev, and two papers were read aud freely discussed, pue'.by R, B, 'Warren, P* tbe Upper 'Pes Moines, on "Tbe Interior of tbe .OCfl"ce,i!'aP,Ltbeoj; M. Starr, of ,the, RIJPUHLIPAN, on, ''County.;gprre. e,". Mr. W, J 1 , Mdj Register, was eject of tb,e association, and Mr, Tbere wereS3^pass.enger8 from gona'on tbe ^«,p^|y ffiorniag special Minjie/ap9}j8i and Ptber towir " 'put'ju prop That this is no ordinary Road Wagon, but something elegant, THE WIG-W AM is having a big run on Road Wagons this Spring, and just now has a finer stock than ever before. CALL AND SEE THEM. — Wilfrid P, Jones, The Wigwam, ALGONA, IOWA. TOWNSHIP PBIMABIE8. RlVerrtalc.--Monday, July 1. at 4 o'clock Stewart school house. E. 0. Clark,, Cora. AlBonu, Second Wftrd.—Saturday., Juno, 29, 8 p. rii. at the Wigwam. Oi M. 'Doxsee. Irvliigtbn.—Saturday, June 29. 4 p. rri.. In Lloyd school house. Four delegates. O, B;- llutehlns, Com. THE HIGH SCHOOL. Eve Commencement Program for Friday —A Fine Entertainment. '•' 'The following program will be 'rendered by the class of '95 of the Algona High School,, on the evening of June 14thi at the Gall Opera House: : • Invocation. • : •;, • • Pliirib Duett. 2nd Symphony Beethoven Mrs. Geo. C. Call. Miss Agnes Randall. ' :; , . VO.BATIQNS. • . . -..,-.'. Repviblics .. GOO..E. Patterson •Monb'iiolies Olaudo Nteoulin Organisation of Labor David Dp.i Kelults of War Between 01 inn. and Ja 7 •••pan!'; : .'.Frank.-Howard Vbyal Solo, selected, .Dr. A. L.,Rist The-West.... ... ....... . ..Mary Williams By iHVays of .liiterature : . r .'. .. .•Edith' Walker PMiHa'r People.*.. ...-. ;..'.May Jonn'son Paul oliTarsus '<•• ..Belle Telller l B,uett. -.Messfe.'Geb': Hamilton an' 0. 0. JV' ....... . . .•'.-. :,•;/:,• . . . V cThe Beginning and tile End .. ..,.. TrredFuner. , Nellie .Wallace .Elma.Rams.ey m. Olass Prophecy. ... .............. Claire Gilbert Presentation of Diplomas by President •. . ' >• , br-Board ....... .. ..... ..... ..Geo. E. Clarke Vocal Trio, Friends, Good Night. .... .vFZotou Misses Maud Cowan, Maggie. Haggard .., • ''.':••' and Maggie : Hunt; '• • , .... Benediction. The flsual 15 cents' admission will be charged. in. order to defray the expenses of qpJE(ra house, programs, 'etc. Tickets .•will'be^ placed on sale at F. W. Pingley's gn the the 10th. „ programs bear the legend: '' ' ' SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! OES! SHOES! SHOES! WE SELL THEE WHEAT is BOOMING, Wheat Advanced 30 cents in' 40 days. Jt May Go to a $1.00 Wouldn't it be a good scheme to 'try a few sacks of flour now? "Flour im- prpves with age. Those who have been using the 3 NEW WATER MILL FLOUR say it is as good as the best and better than most of the flour shiped in by the grocers. We sell cheaper than the stores can sell and warrant every sack. Better try our flour and learn thatKos- suth'county, Algona in particular,, is not dependent on any foreign country for bread, JONES & STACY. If you have never tried our. coffee, you don't know what you've missed.— HOUSE GROCERY. Wall Paper, the best on earth, at Studley's Pharmacy, Cowles Block, Algona, Ipwa. ' , ' 'MONEY, I have unlimited money to loan on long or shprt time, B. W. HAGGARD, WAITED,—TP employ a lady 'or gentleman to act as our general agent,' Must lie a bustler and able to furnish good references. Salary $50 per rnontb and 'a, commission, Address with stamp, OJIAS, A, ROBINSON & Co,, Olive street, St> liiouis, Mo, white goods' and Jaces. You. will fiudc . Shoes like this' for The, Cheapest Place to ,fiuy Shoes in the City. .-' Silk goavfl,patentiulaid.frpnt' ox-. - tending/fr-on:i l 't&e'to l toj); 1 lj ' , ;'-j ;i . •• ^yi -.r' ,>*;> ',, > JAS. TAYLOE. If in Need of m ' *L*^'" '" A II n ' " HIS IM Call and see what we carry in the at Setcbeu Tbat 10Q Fable of canned goods is l^be attraction at Walter — ' Q ^* Our aim id to please, ana m doiug so we; THE BEST,, LANWON & HUDSON.

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