The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1895 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1895
Page 4
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ALUO.NA, IOWA. ttufjilt^.tt^m BY MlLtON StARR. SUBSCRIPTION RATES; Cine Year, in Advance .\$i.$o Six Months 75 Thtee Months.., -4° T1MJSLY TOPICS. There is need of a revival of zeal in behalf of a patriotic observance of the great anniversary of the nation. One hundred and nineteen years ago, with insignificant numbers and more insignificant resources, but with a mighty faith in the principles of liberty, and a dauntless courage behind that faith, om- forefathers proclaimed a political creed which has wrought since that day as a revolutionary force extending to every civilized country in the world. There is no measuring the influence of the Declaration of Independence. That declaration on paper, however, would have been a nullity had there not been the declaration of heroic deeds as well. There could have been no bursting forth of such a flower of liberty from the hearts of ignoble men. We have to celebrate a great political event, signalizing a new em in the elevation and the liberation of mankind, and we have also to celebrate the heroism, the patriotism of Washington and his compeers, who staked their lives, their fortunes and their honor upon the truth they declaied and the venture they took in behalf of their country. If men would seek to mark as a great day and one to be hallowed that which was in truth the greatest day for liberty in modern times, and if they would cherish in their memories and exalt in the hearing of their children that most perfect type of patriotism which made it such, there is reason for marking our glorious natal day with such demonstrations as never marked the coronation of any heriditary monarch. If men would applaud patriotism this is their greatest occasion, for the. world has not seen a purer patriotism. There have been wonderful changes since 1876, and it is pertinent to ask if as a people we have not strayed from the paths of our fathers. * * * If that is the truth it is all the more desirable that we take an occasional measure of the public man of the eighteenth century. We may differ in regard to the monetary standard with the assurance 'that whatever view ;prevails, the nation is able to survive the shock and' disaster even of a changed measure of,money-values. ^The greater menace comes with new standards of patriotism, new tests or no tests of qualification in aspirants to public office, and new ideas of individual responsibility in politics. * * * Al Adams, of the .Humboldt Inde-,;. pendent, who has served a couple off terms as county treasurer, and wht>: has thus been in, a position tO; know^ what bad work in an assessor's office-' means in loss of time, loss of money to tax payers and loss of temper all around, has this vigorous talk on "one thing that needs reforming:" There is one thing that needs reforming in our county management. That is, in the matter of the assessor .and his fees. We had occasion not long ago to go through the assessor's books of this conn-, ty. In many cases the work done is simply robbery of the tax payers, In one case there was not a correct page in the.; whole book. Of course the auditor wilb have everything in the book to fix all over/ and make in fact a new assessment. In thi i case we found a difference of over $3,000 on one page. Out of all the books returned there are not five correct in the whole lot. If the townships will not see that they elect competent men for this office tho county board ought to employ a correction clerk to correct the evident errors In the books and take his pay out pi the bills rendered by the assessor and only allow an assessor's bill after the books have been approved. It is a shame. We know of one property holder who is hot over the repeal of the silver coinage act because of the loss that ho figures out to himself, who would have lost more in one year by the errors of his township asses-, sor than he could have lost in three if his financial tlieory is correct. Our county board of supervisors ought to make an investigation into this branch of their business and see what they are doing. IhO; assessors will do their work if they have to. wtee'fofeth'onght-. His attempt to end his sorrows bV throat-cutting having' failed, the United States authorities have closed his bank and placed Him under arrest for embezzlement and forgery. JHjSs defalcation is placed 'in'the neighboflidod of ?00, Ooo, a large portion of which.comes out of the savings deposits of the poorer people of the community. Whiskey r.nd speculation are the influences charged by the press reports with.,responsibility for the wreck'. The Denison Review speaks strongly for the reno&ination:pf Geo. W. Perkins for railroad commias'ioner. It says: •. lion. Goo. W. Perkins is a candidate .for nomination to a sucgnd term as Iowa State Railway Commissioner. The repub Mean owes him innch. In what plight ' party \vouicl we have ipeen ha'd he sided with the outgoing DemOcl-a'tic commissioner, Peter Dey? Instead of having peace we should be torn .by fierco. agitation. Mr. Perkins is an honorable arid conservative main and his unanimous nomination Is generally anticipated. We are sure that Craw^ford county lias ho other candidate. The last The south is not all for free silver. Kentucky repftb'licaii convention, week, declared: We are opposed to the free, unlimited coinage of silver, believing that it would involve the couli'f-ry in financial ruin. We beliuvo in a sound currency and in the use of both gold and silver for coinage, provided always that a dollar in one is made primarily as valuable as a dollar in another. Interest rates at the present timoarenot such as would indicate a scarcity of money in circulation. The Osccola supervisors last week voted J:o refund the county's outstanding bondi at 4K per cent, for twenty years. The Cleveland World, edited by Robert P. Porter, says of Allison :.. "Up from the mighty empire of the west the prcsidetial boom of William B. A li- son, of Iowa, comes like a conquering giant, a Colossus in brains, courage and patriotism. , , . "It typifies the vigor, independence and statesmanship of American manhood, and represents the exhaustless energies which have molded the tremendous west into lusty commonwealths and added star after star to the Hag of the Union. . "Trained in tiie duties of statecraft, backed by a long record of useful and patriotic services in behalf of his country, and an American of Americans, the Iowa leader is one whose nomination •jvou i ld ; , arouse the party into enthusiastic, - mony and sound an advance to -new* "arid honorable 'Conquests for the republican cause. :' '• . . - , PREPARING FOR THE'JAY. A Fine Program, With Numerous Attractive Features for the bb- 'servance of the : Fourth-Three Fine Bands, .Popular Oratory, Balloon Ascension, Fireman's Dance. Races, Sports and Spectacular Novelties. this place, wfid will only the consummation of her happiness will take het from thstr 1 fa-ids^. Mr. Williams, the fortunate bridegroom, is a young business tnati of Erie, who, with his pareh'ts and sister were spending the past winter in California Where the tneetirig took place of which : the ceremony of W-edne'sday next wilt be the sequel? Me is a .partner with his father in the ftraitt and produce trade, itt Which the latter has been etigage'd for many years. It is understbod that the family have extensive interests iti St. Paul and iti the Bakotas,. and that the couple' will spend several months in.the westl THE ENDEATOR MEETING. The District Cofiventic-ri of the Christian .Endeavor Society in Algona Next Week, Sam Clar)c, of the Keokuk Gate City, gets down to solid fact when he says: - It is.noticeable that the free silverites invariably in some point in, their- discus-, sion try to make their policy '.tqna'ble, by claiming for it that it is a method of bimetallism, yet there is not a word of truth in that claim. It is monometallism pure arid.simple. ,Iti$ the overthrow of the bimetallism;now prevailing in the United States, and giving no possible form of bimetallism as a' substitute. ; Tho annual meeting of the.'.^orth Cen- .tral Masonic association at Spirit Lake on -the 25th is expected-to citll'0ut400--people. Program will include a picnic dinner, .a. •ride oi/the lakes and an enterta'inmen.t in^ the evening at the opera/ house. •;'. .- . The DCS Moiues Register thinks that "The Iowa weather and crop reports ; ,indicate that too many people fail to. return thaukstfor great blessings received .'befoi-jEJ asking for more.T } "-•.-:,„' ODE,:PNTO THE ' Bt W. H. CAMPBELL. Hear ! all ye people of the A nd-reid our great program; This year Algona'"cclebrates ', The birth of Uncle Sam. July tlie fourth wHl: i Our nation's greatest day, When on h0r streets will 'then appear A wonderful display. \ .. .v ••:•,-. You'll hear her veteran cannon roar, And utter loud its peals, The same as in the days of yore, On distant battle field's. ' There was something of a contest in the Polk county primaries over the governorship between tho friends of Drake and McFarland. The convention was held on Saturday and Drake had 34J|delegates out of 40, the odd six being for McFarland. President Cleveland has appointed Attorney General Olney to succeed Gen. Greshani as secretary of state, and Olney's place has been filled by tho choice of Judge Judson Harmon, of Cincinnati. The latter has a record for ability and success in his own state, but has no national reputation. • Frank W. Bieknell, for live years city editor of the POS Moinos Register, has re? signed that position to accept the superin^ tendency of the census bureau in the office of the secretary of state. If Mr. Harrison is not a candidate he is wasting some mighty fine advertising.— Jiumboldt Independent. J;lan'lsou,'s best advertisement was his administration. , •'• If any'doth remain, To see this relic of the field, By which our foes were slain. Algona calls iii your behalf; '•<• To fun she js alive. • . . ; .' : Therefore shq'll kill the fatted, calf'/ .' Of eighteen- ninety-five. . s Come L 'an'd partake, both old and young,; 'Twill 'fill'your 'hearts with chefer, ' Remember that this day will come But only once a year. Come, see the flags, our nation's pride, And fireworks in .the night. • > All slavish buidens'lay aside And see balloons take flight. Rest from your cares, don't think of them, '• . But celebrate the day When our forefather^ with their pun Struck tyranny away; '• •.-••••'• r . ' .• * l '\ The celebration will be grand; In everything we'll beat, The national airs played by the band Will make our joys complete, With Dolliver to soar the skies, July the fcnu'th his theme, 'Twill make the patriot spirit rise To hear the eagle scream. Algoua, June 6, 1895. The preparations for the appropriate celebration of the Fourth have been nearly completed during the week, so far as the chief attractions are concerned, and it is now settled that we are to have three fine bands, the Algona Military Band, the Emmetsburg State Juvenile Band, and the Burt Band. Algona- will not be outdone in the matter of music by any town in the state. Mr. Dolliver as the orator of the day Will draw an immense crowd to Algona and what is an equally important consideration, he will meet the expectations of those who come to listen to .him. It has been settled, too, that we are to have the ball game in the afternoon, the definite agreement having'been entered into between the Algona club and the committee. The balloon ascension and parachute leap have also been settled ujjon, and the balloon is here. The ascent and perilous leap will be made by Ed M. Tynan, who was employed in that capacity by Brunson's Uncle 'Tom's Cabin company. The ascent will" be made from the base ball 'grounds -between the hours of 2 and 3' o'clock, probably, and it,will be a feature..not to be missed by anyone. / ' •••••-. The sports and races which follow will flUMish unalloyed 'fun, anci,;.tb'e band concert'in the evening will' be ! -a treat which, with the ' illuminated statuary an'd fireworks, will round',' the day's'pleasure. The fire boys. ;:ij •making'arrangements for a big .for the'afterno.en -'and' : .evening,.'W.lifi?h 'ipany.will deem an essential to complete.: happiness 1 . The merchants have responded • to Mr. DurdalFs request to decorate with assurances which place it beyond doubt that all previous records in this icgard will be put in the shade. Large numbers of business men have also indica'tfv ,ed their purpose to "be represented in" ; the parade, which a great one. •!The fire boy^s will parade in uniform ;£nd it is h6ped that Company F, I/i^V ::&., Capt. Haggard commanding, will s dpso. The features of the 'detail will'be settled upon later. The' procession will form at school ,house ; square and will move . through the principal streets to Call's park. The. .program in the. grove will be as tola lows: .. : •-••• • - • ••: ? Qfficers of the day have been named jas:follows: • • • ' ' President, J. E. Jones. Vicepresidents: Bancroft, P. M. Barslou; Burt, Ed Murr tugh; Germania, E. O. Fitz; .Irvington, Dr. J.. R. Arnistong; Ledyard, Frank Weimer; Livermore, \Y. F. >liller; Lu- Yerne, Geo. W. Hanna; Sexton, C. -F. C. Laage; Swea City,-V. S. Ellis; Wesley, Z. S. Barrett; West Bend, G. S. Wright, and Whittemore, J. M. Farley. Chaplain, E. P. McElrpy. Marshal, Dr. W. E. H. Morse. PROGRAM AT THE GROUNDS. Music .Stai' Spangled Banner State Juvenile Band, Invocation Mr. E. P. McElroy Hymn.. "•• ••• America People—Led by Glee Club. Reading of Declaration..,..', .Sam. Mayne •« «- t ' /.ilaii / 'I ii K President Beafdshear and A. D. Kihzet Among the Big Guns Who Will Attend — The Full Program. The sixth annual convention of the Adams Union, Y. P. S. G. E., comes together in the Congregational church, in Algona, on Tuesday afternoon next, at 4 o'clock, for a two days' meeting. The Adams Union comprises the following counties: Ernrnet, Palo Alto, Pocahontas, Kossuth.- Humboldt, Webster, Winnebago, Hancock, Wright, Hamilton and Hardin, eleven in all. THE OFFICERS. •The officers are: President, J. F. Hardiu, Eldora; Vice President) Miss RQsella Williams, Estherville, Miss Hope Tiffany, Webster City,, and J. F, Grant, Bolfe; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss Esther Spericer; Webster City: WILL BE GOOD. TO BE THERE*!;: ;-'• The meetings of ttn'fi organ izatto>rl have been very interesting; heretofore, and very largely attended. It is anti' TfflSETTtEyOLYSi The Republican <2outity C6m* mittee j^ixes the Gotivetttift the tkfididats tot KeptesettiaWe Will fee Nominated atid the tJelegatiofis ia the State' flftd SeMtbHSl GonWfttioiis, Will be Chosen. A HARMONIOUS MEBf ING. There Was quite a large attendance of township committeemen and other republicans at the offibe of Chairman llaggard Saturday afternoon; They .had been called together by the chair-, toan to consult and decide regarding the time of holding the county conveh* tion, as well as to settle what business should be brought before that convention, The candidates for representa-* tive present were S. S. Sessions, Andy Dunlap, Geo, E. Boyle and Samuel Mayue, and if they had any plans they either kept them to themselves or . else they were all playing the same game. The time 01: holding the convention was well canvassed, and by unanimous consent the second of July was decided upon. With equal unanimity it was arranged that the call should recommend Saturday, June 29, as the day for holding the caucuses. .Then the question of the business program came up, and on motion of Clayton Hutchins,of Irvington, it was voted that the delegations to the state and senatorial conventions should be chosen and the' candidate for representative, nbiniriftic. ed. There was no contrary opin.i.op expressed, and the committee adjourned.; This brings'politics to the.fro^it, and : Mrs. Frank Jbeaiy t the Wife of aft. ei-chftnfc, was the guesfc. cipated that the attendance at'- Arg will reach 200 delegates; and' Visitors,' and free entertainment will, -be • given to all who .come. The young --people who will attend will be the best 'that the homes of Northwesterrl Iowa can produce, and' the duty of : extending a generous hospitality will .be equalled by the pleasure which the- entertainment of such guests will ; affp'rd': 'THE /BEST THINGS. ; - •' It is always impossible in advance to say what will be the best'v.thing ; 'in, a gathering of this, kind, ; .but. 'among the .things which it is entirely safe' 1 |to''^di- t ' yertise as among the ipejit and^'iidfj , to. •be missed ' wilF 'be" J the .a'dd're^lfi.'. ,'by .'State. President A. D.. ICinzer 'ry, Tuesday evening,"- ati'd Fre'sident' Beardshear, of the iow'^.'', Agricultural College, Wednesday evening. •President Kinzerwili speak .of 'the .'^Ypurig People's Crusade," and i)r. Beardshear will discuss "The Ascent of Man.'' Both are able and inspiring speakers and will be found equal to the high occasion. Following .is the announced order of exercises: makes it the business of every .te cani : nthe county' tci look about himj and consider which of, th,e severaji canr: didates who will ;be,. in .the:' Held he should support. The county' is entitled. to the-services of an honest, and capable man. . . ., ? . At Studley's Pharmacy: you can, se an elegant new line p'f Avail Paper. - Cowles Block, : Algona. ATTENtlON DAIRYMAN. -. .-•••: ',-•)• 'i, •• ' ''' '••' •'-' .Have you five or pipre cows? What is your purpose in keeping tbera?i What is their product. Do they, pay you.ahd 1 how much? Are ypn dairying for profit an 'I do you wish to increase this profit? If you do call on or write Spurbeck & Lambert of Algona,. la,, for.cir.culars 'and'informatipii in regard to PeLayal baby separators. It wiUpay you.. , ,': l( ' -( : First'mortga'ge^ of Hfcu J. B. Wtekel last; week^ Swea Cifcy Herald: Mr. and Mrs. Chris Heise, of Algona, were tip visit- iriei their daughter^ Who is teaching in the north £ait;of the " "' ' stepped in tdWa MC Mi-* Or JDensfnofej of Masoft City, visited in this city last week* He Was a school friend of Jas^Ktttidall at Highland Park Cpllege* t)6s Moines, afid graduated in the scientific depart mebt of that institution. judge Weaver r 4f Iowa J^alls,. visiting his cousins^ Mr. and Mrs. B. F.Beed.iastWceki, /- ' Miss Eliia Grove,: of tVesley^ waflVis- ; reiatives In ;Algona last Week. •The Livermore'Gazette reports that B. G. Hough atfd Wife have removed to Clarion, where Mr. H. has purchased the jewelry stock of Tillson & Co, Livermore Ghzette': Jas* Taylor and wife of Algona attended the Sullivan ftackliffe wedding here Wednesday, and Mrs. T. will remain for a week. • Misses Mabel and Ruby Smith and Allie VVadsworth came home from their studies at the Minnesota State tlnivers-. ity Saturday evening. ,' ! Miss Ada Smith arrived home from ; her Minnesota Saturday. , Cheever Hudson,is off on a trip to j .Missouri. •. ' ( j Miss Ella Livngnpn left for Chicago! Monday evening for a .visit with her! sister, Mrs. D. D.Townsend. • \\ Col. Thos. F. Cooke left for the,.east last evening. He will be joined by his wife In Wisconsin and Will go to Brooklyn to be present at his sister's graduation from the Pratt Institute, and then sail for. Europe. Col. ands Mrs.'Cooke will spend.several months j on the Qthep side of. the Atlantic. A ''. Mlssi.3JiiiuiGlass, daughter of Bev. [ Ei C^GlaistSv.ftf Spencer, is in town for! a fe,Wj days'ptv her: way home from Mt. { CarrgU sena'inary.. i,' : . - Miss Mayme jf.arrell Went to Mason City-Mgnday, evening/ to - attend the funeral 01' her Rrandmother. j '•:. Mayor>Ba.rrett; :of'.-Wesley, • was ini town yesterday.': •• ' <' --;•>,: ."••' ii .' ; v'-' " ; Ggo:. .Goiuld',-of South -Dakota,'' is as-; sisting BertMathews in the drug store. 'during,the abebnce:-of 'Br. Sheetz at 1 Cle8cr.-IjBke.'>-vr/ ! :J:o.v-.'''.v:''' • "• '•:• '• : , Ernest 'Whee'lbck arrived in Algona i from Ashland, Wis., Saturday. He' has ofslate been: letting mail routes for 'asputhern firm; , His mother arid (family leside,in Ashland,,:••>:-. -;: • « ; , r Willet S. Dorland arid'family are up, from:' 'Texas visiting: relatives and | frien'ds; - Mr/'DprlUnd/is out of busl- i ness atfd is prospecting for a. Ipoation.' .f :Miss Mabel'Stough, of' Minn'eapolis,. ;came' down -from' that city Sunday, with' the ^excursionists and is -MONEY' TO BOAN .ON ( t2rid; mortgage rra i ;K -.-.v- '.:£.,. -''••-'•• '•'(••Gbllaiieral; ' f ' ' '' ' e : •• H?1:?v ' ••GEC^C.' CAEt making-.'a. -'visit With; relatives an<?\, friends.. >:•'-•••• '••':•'• '•- '• "'"'^ '-•' ' \.\ Moriitbr: 1 ;HV'O. : Buell' : and- Wife did not go to Minneapolis iast Monday, as we stated'.")-'We.- Understaiid . they -Will , postpone 'the 'brip itill-af tei v Will ; Lacy's^ 1 ' ';, ni'atriage to Miss Carrie Johnson, whicb/ ; *' Try, our Club House cor-n and oes. LANGDON & HUDSON. - It Will pay you.,to buy wall'paper at Studley's Pharmacy. •••.": y, :'\, , ;' '•. -.MONEY. ",'"'•''., ,::., ;: I have unlimited ' loan on long or, short time. B. W. HAGGARD. - MISS WARTMAN'S That the Algona public appreciate good music ^as by the jam at The troubles which have been tpg ftbout es-Seftator Cassait, of are such a? tp raise the question, ' whethef from a Miss Wartpjao's rnusicale Friday evening, The church wa? Completely filled, and was crowded with people' stap|ing,; TJbe jptevesting pro. . Quartette ...... Mrs. Hedi'ick, Misses LaPJuut * tincl W tti'tman. Piano Duet. . . .Misses Edmunds and Rmuliai Vooul Solo .......... ....MisvOlara Hamilton Piapo Solo . . . .'. . ........... • Miss Lulu Paine VooalSolo Mrs.Hedrlok Sea Saw ....... Misses Oini'ke. Chandler, Pal- pier, ana Messvs, Lautry, PJxson, We,st u,n4 Wftllaoe. MftnaoUu 8olo Rrof. Woods Musiotile Selection Miss McCoy Ycxcal Solo Miss Luolla Wurtmtm Pt»<io Solt Miss Olara gamUtcm ^Iffi:::;.;;::;::::::^^ ~ Mis§4i»ee Music .................. ..... ..... Glee Oration .......... Hon. Victor B. Dolliver Song ....... ........ . . . • ......... -Glee Club. Music ____ ... ......... Juvenile State Band Benediction, FOURTH OF JULY CONTRACT, The contract for furnishing the lumber, hauling and buildinK stand, seats, etc., will be let by CJeo. JPlatp. just js the poplar 'Thing in ' f TUESDAY AFTERNOON',-". JUNE: 18. ; • - 4:00—Song Service. ; ' /•• ' ; 4:15—Why Anxl Here?—AlhDelegates. 4:45—Business—Appomtip g commiUees, delegates assignedi ,- . '.-,,•!,•>;-.•.••' , /:: .: ••': '•'.. TUESDAY EVENING; - ' '' •.:•"• 7:15—Song Service.,. V; '••••'• "' _' 7:45—Addressrof Welcome—Rev. •Wv-E: Pavidson,.Algona; .•..-._ . • . • .''...;.. •' 8:00—Response—J. F.^ Hardm, Eldprtij/ 8:15—Address—Young People's pr'us'adp. —President A. D. Kinzer, Perry, .,.';" ' . WEDNESDAY FORENOON, JU ; NE.i9_.!i,' 8:00—Devotional Hour. -,.'..,: ., , • •/ ••,' 8:45—Junior Work—Miss L. Alice Bingham, EstliervilLe. .. '..':: "_ - J • 9-05—Relation of Endeavorers to Junior- Society— Miss'Belle Miracle,-Webster City • ; 9:30—Relation of Eudeavorers to OMer- Members of Our-Churches—Mrs. Clara P. Stebbips, Ellsworth-. • - . -• • . . T ,„ / 9:40-0utlying Districts—A. M. Shaw, 10°00—How Can I Help My Pastor- Miss Alta Turner, Emmetsburg. „ , ' 10:30—The Endeavorer ii^ the .'Sunday School—Miss Hortense Ra<3«Hfle, Rolfe. 11:00—Reports of County Secretaries, 11:30—Business, . ; WEDNESP AY. AFTERNOON, '1:15—Song Service. . , • • . ' . 1:30—Endeavor Society as a Character; Builder of the,Individual—Miss,.Nellie Johnson, Forest' City. ' ' " ' 1:50—jjookout Committee Work—Miss Clftra Dunsmoor, Britt, ; ' •• .'" 3:10—Prayer Meeting Committee^'Mrs,. S. C,- Boor, Hurabpldt. ^. 3:30—Social Amusements—Rev C... P, Boardman, Humboldt, ,,./-,« 3:00—Open Parliament—Rev, b. a, Griudley.Eldora. 1^+1?. 3:30—Missions—Rev, Evai'ts Kent, El- a °4:ob-Soul Winning-H,' R. Core, Fort S.^EleQtion of Officers and 'Unfinished Business, WEDNESDAY y ., WANTED, / •'• ' / • .5,000 dozen eggs iri'trade. atr. Ctoeders, '. The Opera House/Grocery: is the place. tO'find tl: Economy." :, / ' ( , Fresh .vegetables'"ey,ery morning.-at iLangdon & Hudson's. '... , . .,. ., -: Try^acanof Club House Coffee Langdon & Hudson's 1 .'. , ' ; at. •V-Ji v i"yf i.yj **r J.*^ v TT,yT.\'!t . .—» j- • ' -.T. — ., J able tO?return ;;w;}th>.bis :f ather f rom; Gprpeil College -{the first .> of , the w66k i .thpugh,rather-feeble.>:.-Geo. Aii- giisi, Jr., of Chicago, came near coming "Some Jas.t-week-.for .a visUVat home and ^itp/bifcfriepds. AHei .liad',,bis; satchell and Ijanclf already, .bift wa?' subppen- i'ed as^.aWitness: .in ."a ^hich the 'firm was'intereste'd, hence he did ,npt come. George with the Mack- Mite •Fire'Propf Co;:, manufacturers and, builders, -for : several. years and com 1 ' m'ands a>gop'd;salary.-' They have some contracts in Cedstr' fill this •fall.and he may get-home' then. v Harry WiVsBnv;iea&e.r'',, of, the State Juvenile:Band; of ; 3Erpmetsburg, which 'is'engageWto tilay-in', Algona on the Fourth; wasfri^own 1 the' ,-Qrst ,.of the 'week. : . "•'"'"'''" ''•' ''' ' • •' O. :'>i.t> v.-. ; ' ' ' — The. JSfupij,aj8' .pf.Twp Wprthy Are Annp weed, TWs evening pcqumthe. wpriage of Mr, Will F, and- Miss Carrie Johnson the ceremony to be performed at .the Baptist -Ghm-chf The groow Js of 'the firm/of J, F. Lacy & Son and is, a very, worthy, highly ' . and the bride }fi;pB9'#$ : 4igQW|i' s .prettiest gifls, WUP leaves :tbfrr»nks of the teachers tq pi-egtde in ,W§ home, i|i§|ej:Y§a fov One weefe; f rom another which aU the people -ot MgQna will feel.a;4eepinte,rest-^me Mr. Franklin Leslie WJlUft»s. Pennsylvania, a»4 Miss Clarke, eldest a&VJgWt,ey f& Mrs. 4«»- Qtette* • 7:15—Song and Praise Service, , 8:00~Address—The Ascent of Maw- President W. M. Beardshear, Ames. 9;00—Close Service. Following each paper will be a general discussion of the subject in wbiel gates are invited to' participate. . This will be a mass contention., an.d society is enjoined to lend #g delegates as possible. Reception committees will be,at ttye depots'to m,eiet delegates a.Rd'suQh aV &sy pen to miss ttoe j^t,e,i\ave to repqrfc $lt the Congregational does it raean when a threatens to commit swioide because you pefqse him? • • The Widower—It means he prefers fche jefngerator to Wie fryingpao,»^ A L Tftp rftjlroftde ha^ye agreed, to give one. providing ''joo ti^ete are .'Mi, tJepartrnfinf H^a N'O Men for Their Many New Bftttleihlp*. ,.' ., ^HfN't^rp.Nf.Jjijie 1 ,. ^rrlt is becoming each 'day a "i&pi$ "seriojis'. problem for th^na'yy de^rt'naeutf.hejce^to iaan our hew ships witTi the small , number of sailors,flowed,by law, : In. recent years tliere liayp b^roo'u'staht additions to tb,6 f ships ox i-tAej Aew < 'navy• but* con* ^ gvess h$s-&0j< seen'fit to increase in like proportion 'the' number -of-vsailors allowed to ?nan them. ,/The modern ship, with it's .complex machinery and great size, requires more men than the small 'sailing steamers • of the -late war, yet . "wttli all • the liberality i congress has ' shown" in the matter of appropriating inoney for 'the 'construction t of new .ships, it has failed to'grasp^'the impoxt- anqo of giving them" effeotife" v cr'ews. •Last year-'Secretftry'Herb'ert ^pppaled' -to the legislatire.'branbh bf-the" government to authorize the. enlargement of ' Tl»e Nuinbef of Enlisted Men by 8,000 pointing to the.'number of ,n'^w ships that wilVbe completed an4 turned ove,r to the nayy in the CQUFSB of ft'ye^r or two as the 'feftsis of his'appliORtioB,-. The-appropriation' eommitte.e, ; liow?,- 'ever, sa,w ^t to out tbia nunibey dowjj to 1,090 additional me»,. i-JTow th'e' battleships Mai»9» ftt the^ew"yo^ f ' navy yar"d, and' -• th§ y§?as' at the Jfpr., fojk yard, wiU'.^'•.r§a4y to'go,ij3|g;- QomiDissioA this Btttnttjerv To tbeb twQ ships ato9»t 70^0jmea will . must" 1$ -assigned fe. hf.1 1 . tbs f»ti?e ,&d4itJo»an,ooo mn by-cpngjggs will be absorbed, „_ Whtl§ ^/bi^^attlef^ip.8-'^djaBftj'- Qre», goo, Iow§ and Maseaebusette are; rap» {Jlw. ««.«..An^vK*.^>. «^._T^.XjI.» " ^'J XtJ>U.«' •^ «f '^ $ 'S 1 ^ ~j,'i,'\ AJ<'-J\j " f%: 3* ,?ii

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