The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1895
Page 3
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! lf ^oit want a tlain of fancy Screen Boot, with the best opening hinge in the market, or a Window frame to fit any sized window, call at Norton's Lumber Yard. CHANGES IN CABINET AttORNEV GENERAL OkNEV (S SECRETARY Oi* Sf At E. KENDRICR of MBMMBMbti IN DAYS f: -Without change of cars, AH meals serVfed in din* ing cars, Palace drawin^room sleeping cars and tourist sleepers are run through ,to ban /p-noisco Without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los An* geles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North - Western Line Variable rout tourist tickets, to California and the health and pleasure resorts of the south, on sale at VERY LOW RATES. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to Agent, ^.CHICAGO & NORTH --WESTERN R'Y. i Made Vtttftnt ttf Filled tofr tiio Jntlfton HiiHarto* a trading Attot-nc? oi CHiclntifctl. WASHiSG'roNj Jtine 8.—The announcement of the transfer of Attorney General Olney to the head of the state department created no surprise here, as it has been well tinder stood for several days that Mr. Olnev would succeed to the first place in the cabinet, made vacant by the death of Secretary Gf eshato. It is probable that Mr. Olney 'will take the oath as the head of the state detriment during the day. The president at one time contemplated other changes in his cabinet and a rearrangement of several portfolios, and in this connection consideration was given to the transfer of Secretary Smith to the department of justice, but this and other transfers were finally abandoned and the president, concluded that the simplest plan GREAT VALUE WEEKLY NEWS FOR + + +">••*?"• LITTLE MONEY OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE, -r-tt \l?Ti >a twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper of ' the United States. It-is a National Family Paper, and gives *11 the general news 'of the United States. It gives the events of foreign laud* in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department has no superior in the 'country. Its "Mrket Reports" are , recognized-authority., Separate departments for " T J 1 ® /fFa " rlily Circle," Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics its Home and Society columns command the admiration of wives-and daughters. Its general political news, editorial und discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive, .; A SPECIAL CONTRACT - — «^ , enables us to offer this splendid journal and THE REPtJBLiCAN lor ONE WEAR FOR ONLY "$1.85, CASH Vegu^ ' ' N- v AT ANYTIME. THE AtoNA REPUBLICAN eg-Write your name and address on a-postal card, sehd it to QEO^^nvw BOOM*,2Wbu«e Building, New York tity.and sample copy of THE NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE will be mailed to you. . would b« merely to fill the vacancy caused by Mr. Olney's promotion. The appointment of Judge Judson Harmon of Cincinnati as . attorney general came in, the nature of a surprise. His name had not even been canvassed as among the probabilities. There is the best authority for the statement that 'the president . '.-.-••'' Had Several Men Under Consideration and the portfolio of justice might have been had by Mr. James G. Carter of New York, who was counsel for the government in the Bering sea tribunal and the income tax cases, and by Mr. Frederic B. Coudert of New York, had they been disposed to accept it. Secretary Carlisle knew Judge Harmon personally and both admired and respected ,his ability. It, was he. probably, who first presented his name to Mr: Cleveland. Ex-Governor Campbell of Ohio, a. /close friend of Judffe Harmon, alsoiwarmly .supported him, and the' president secured also from ex-, Governor Hoadley of Ohio, who is now living in • New York : and whose law partner Harmon .was, most favorable reports as to his ability and standing. After canvassing.: the situation thoroughly the president offered the portfolio of justice to Judge Harmon by wire, and, immediately upon receiving a favorable reply, announced the appointments. ' JUDSON HARMON. Retired by an Si. Locis, June 4.** Archbishop Kendrick baa been deposed by Rome. A. cablegram announcing his deposition and the appointment of Hev. John J. Kain as the new archbishop of St. Louis was publicly read during solemn Pentecostal services at the cathedral Sunday morning by Vicar General Muehlsiepoti. The cablegram was signed by Cardi* nal Prefect Ledochowski of the congregation of the propaganda, and stated that the action had been taken at a meeting held on May 21. The effect of the decision was to ef-> fecttially ^retire Archbishop Kendrick from all rights, titles and privileges pertaining to the archbishopric of. St. Louis. Under supptementery instr'iic- tions, expected from the propaganda, the order will come to provide a fitting annuity for him out of the resources of the archdiocese. Though a matter of urgent necessity ( f ho Compulsory Hotlretnont of the venerable metropolitan will come as a fade shock to the Catholics of his archdiocese. Archbishop Kendrick was in no senso provincial. His attitude at the Vatican council, which declared the dogmas of papal infallibility and tho immaculate conception gained him a worldwide reputation and involved him in controversies with the greatest theologians within ami' without his churcn. The deposition, or retirement, of Archbishop Kendrick is the result of a petition to the propaganda setting forth his mental incapacity and the dangerous condition of the business, affairs of tho diocese. FRAUD IS CHARGED. Action by tho Stuto of Minnesota Against a Savings Association. ST. PAUL, June 10.—The state of Minnesota, through its attorney general, says that the Tontine Savings association of Minneapolis is a swindling concern and a gambling scheme and has applied to the court to have its business wound up, for the appointment ;of a receiver and for an order restraining the officers of the association from performing any of their functions. The legal proceedings instituted in the Ramsey. county district court are in the nature of'an order to show cause, issued by Judge Otis, to be heard next Saturday. In the complaint filed in the court the state alleges also that the association is insolvent; that it is doing a business not authorized by the charter; that it has ceased to exercise its cor- potato franchises, and that it has property which should be preserved by a receiver in charge. The liabilities are placed at $3,941,000 and the assets at $60,000 • ..."•'. G. y. rKfeK. M. T. MAGGAftn. HAdGARD & PEEK, Snecessorst to & SMITH. AiSTRAOTS, SEAL BSfAtfc an ALQONA, IOWA. A. D. CLARKE & CO. FARM LOANS. Office on Dodge street. AlRona, Iowa. LOW ftAfiS ?0 On account of the meeting of the tional Edjieattonal association at U Col., the Northwestern Hhe ttilL tin 4,5. and 6 (and also on July ?, tot trains reaching the Missouri river dn that dale), sell excursion tickets to Denver, Colorado Springs, Manltou ftnd Pneblp, ftt a fate not to exceed one fare /of the round trip with $5 added for metnbfership fee; tickets good for return passage until Sept. i, 1895. This rate is available to tho general public and an exceptionally favorable opportunity is offered for aii ^enjoyable and economical trip to the Rockies, as well a* Yellowstone National park* Salt Lake and the health and pleasure resorts of tho west and northwest. For tickets and fnll information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway, GfiO. 0. CALL, HKAL ESTATE AND ABSTRACT OFFlCt For Information In regard to lands In Northwestern town, write to him. ftioriugton street. Algona, Iowa. OKO. E. CLARKE, CDAS. A.COnKNOUn CLARKE & COHENOUfc, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, A LOON A ---.-- IOWA. TOURISTS The North western line Is now selling excursion ticket^ at reduced rates to thr- principal summer resorts of the united States. For tickets and fnll Information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. ARRIVE and DEFAME Of TMIKS UHlCAGU. MlLWAtJKEK AND ST. PAUL. tOCAIi TltAiN JtASt. GEO. R CLOUD, (Successor to W. B. Quarton) Attorney and Counselor at Law, ALOONA, IOWA. c over Kossuth County State Bank. passengef.. '. 10:22 am 4 passenger.. o:00pm SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS- AT- LA W. I'ostnfUce ALOONA, IOWA. E.V.SWETTING. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. Algona, lovva, No. TSTo No', fc'freight carries passengers . 8 :4fl p in No, oi freight cutties passengers... l-.45 p m ooiJ»o wSst. No. 1 passenger »!loani No. 9 passeiiKer .- 4:24 pro No. 05 freight carries passengers... 6 :30 a m No. 71 freight carrier passengers.... 8 :40 p m No. 93 freight carries prssengers 11 :66 a ni Chicago & North western K'y. DOING XOirttl AND WK8T. Passenger 8:tsam Passenger .. 3 :32 p i« Freight.'.!.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'^..'.!'.'".'"''..; 'i !l3 pro OOISO SOUTH AND KAHT. Pussenper :»:12 p m Passenger <> :<> 7 pm Freight 0 :3rt a m Freight 2:52 pin Passengers arrive in Chicago 7 a. in. and a.m. Arrive In !>«* Molncs? :50 and it :.><) p. in. ...''. ,T. L. BONAR. 11. H. FEM.OW8. BONAR & FELLOWS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. Kooms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Bl'dff. ALQOXA, IOWA- DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AND LAND, Collections a Specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles new butldiug. Algona. Iowa. HILL'S THREAT GOES. S. S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Loans aud Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Office over Ohrisehilles' store. Algona, Iowa. tor Her J • • "f f r — * ^^ — 4> 4V~ V ' „ - MATIMJA,'-!* was a g-ood turn you did ,mo v«*eo you tola ow of Sauta CUtts Soap, It malce* the clothes whiter than any other, tbo or SANTA CLAUS SOAP, Mr by THE H. K, FA1BBAMK COMPAIJY, 8DiDago» most Popular Ftepirtton ^wspaper of the West An8 Has m largest Circulation, , Biographical Sketch of the New Attorney General. CINCINNATI, June 8.—When the appointment of Judge Judson Harmon became know here attorneys from the courts and offices rushed to the office of Harmon,-- Colston- Goldsmith & 'Hoadley ; ' to congratulate the new attorney general :and 'to ask for • a farewell dinner from the bar. Judge ^Harmon said' he,received 1 a letter .from President Cleveland and replied to it by wire, but he had no knowledge of his appointment until advised by the Associated Press. He does not know when ho will go to-Washington. Judge Harmon has long been recognized as one of the foremost lawyers and jurists of this state and as one of its most popular citizens. He was born near this city 49 years ago, has always lived here and is known by all, His father, Rev, B, F, Harmon, was a Baptist minister, "well known throughout the Ohio valley. Judge Harmon graduated at Donnison university, a Baptist institution at Granville, O,, in 1865, and began the practice of law in 18(J9, He was a Republican until 1873, when he Greeleyissed, He was,elected superior judge in 1878; re-elected in 1888 "and when ex-Governor George Hoadley went to New York in 1887 Judge Harmon resigned from the bench to become the head of the firm of Harmon, Colston, Goldsmith & Hoadley, which represents several rail' ways and other large corporations, and with which flrni lie will continue his Connection. AT L. K. GABFIELD, M. D., PHY82C1AX AND SURGEON, om«?e on State street, Algona, lowt. SIMPLIFIED ELOCUTION. A now book, hour ing tho above tltl«, by Edwin Gordon Lawrence, teacher of elocution and director o! the Lawrence School of Acting, has just been issued. Simplified Elocution is a comprehensive system oi vocal and physical gymnastics: Ucontains explicit instructions for the cultivation of the speaking voice and gesture; directions for the production of breath, sound and speech, and a thorough explanation of the musclo.8 and organs employed: rules for articulation, modulation, emphasis and delivery: postures and movements of tho feel, body, arms, head, eyes, etc. To the treatise is added a Complete Speaker, consisting of selections in poetry, and prose suitable for recitation. which,as the author says in his introduction, "uro not chosen on account of their newness, but from their intrinsic merit and their adaptability'as exercises." The work is designed for tho especial use of teachers, actors, students, collegus schools and all those who wish to perfect themselves in tho aoblo'art of expression. The book, which contains 232 pages, is handsomely bound in cloth and gold, and will be sent-seiurelv packed on receipt of SI, postage freo. (Now. York: published by the author, 100 West 42d street.) MInneapolIa Must toofe Out 1 ' U) ' ( Milliner Trade. ; * IXULUTH, June IP-— Samuel came in with the steamer Northwest, was seen soon after his arrival and pronounced correct the story sent out from here some time ago to the effect that he had appeared before the Minneapolis millers recently and told them that unless the .Eastern Minnesota road, of which he is president, was given its share of the flour carrying business the Great Northern company would see to it that Dul-nth was made the great flour center of the Northwest. "Neither James Hill nor myself have denied, the story," said Mr. Hill. "The conference was held, and the Minneapolis millers will find that we meant precisely what we said." NOT A CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT. Debs Will Do Whnt He Can In His Own Way to .Help tbe American People. Cm'TOLAND.'.June.ilQt'—An: officer of tho local A. B. U. organization has received a letter from Eugene V. Debs, who among other things says-: "I cannot be considered a candidate for the presidency. I would not. permit myself to harbor such an aspiration an instant. I have little enough liberty as it is, and what little there is I do not wish to sacrifice on tho political altar. Not that I would fear to face the whirlwind of denunciation which such an ambition would arouse, but I wish to remain untrammelled and do what little lean in my own way to free the American people, "E. V. DEBS»" OfHoe over Taylor' AigouH, • J. M. PRIDE, M. D. a _ Office over Qoeder's Algona, Clothing Store. Iowa A GOOD BUSINESS TOE GOOD LAND. ""•WiII v excbanffe-a«good • general-store in a first-class town in northern Iowa,' that will, invoice^ $^0,000vj for good 'smooth land- which' must be practically clear; information will be furnished by 0. H. Seeberger, care of Carbon, Pirie, Scott & Co. .Chicago. ''•,, 3^-37 DE. L. A. SHEETZ, •'. DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Presoi'lptionB tilled. Deals in paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Oor. State and Tnorington ata. AUtona.Iowa. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WSITTEMORE - - • - IOWA, Regular Office hours 8 to lii a, in., '2 to 6 p. m. Over Wlchler'8 Furniture store. ! Kesidence north o£ PuWisher's notice. A. L. BIST, D. D. S Local anaesthetic lor deadening when extracting teeth . puln Western Women,. CHICAGO, June 10.— Formal notice has be^areeeived from Postmaster Dayton of New York that a swindler call' ing himself P. Turner is defrauding dressmakers and milliners in Wisconsin, Minnesota and elsewhere in the West, by obtaining payment m ad. vaace, after showing samples, for goods to be ehipped by H. Adams & CQ,, Square, New York <»ty, whose be professes to be, There is no torn in New York. v ' ¥»<** » E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S, DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algona State Bank. SPPOIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO BAVIH<? THB NATDBAI- TBBTH. The best of modern anaesthetics uaed to make all operations as painless as possible, For the convenience of subscribers whose place of doing business is in some other town in.-tlie county than Algona, an arrangement has been made by the publisher'whereby payments on subscription to the paper may be made at any one of the following named banks: BANCROFT—Farmers' and\ Traders' ; Sayings Bank. HURT—The Bnrt Bank. -^ WHITTEMQRE — Whittemore State -Bank. ••< '.' WESLEY—Wesley State Bank. LEDYARD—State Bank of Ledyard. ; QERMANIA—State Bankof Germania i SWEA CITY—S.wea City Bank. ELMORE—Elmore Exchangp Bank.' ,' Subscribers paying for the year in advance can avail themselves of oiir \ lowest clubbing rates, given-herewith.' This arrangement is made \vifch fy view to accommodating any,'Who may nd it more convenient to .pay theft -. ubscription at their }iotn.e bank- A\V usiness coming through these banJw', will be given prompt attention, ' BJ, JB, SAYERS, D. V. M,, SUWJSQN, Office west' of the Tfcorlngton Bouse, jopajowa, gogglTA^ A090fflHiP4attQnB. F, L. SLACrLE, MftUHfacmTer ol a»4 dealer ip Batness and Harness Goods, I • ' fe*v ' >Ai",^J TERMS EMAIL ),,,,,.,;,, $0»OQ P^ryear per The WeeKiy Inter Ocean '• Howrd. after ro*t* tf ftt 18:90 , toying .mat ip many a Wy. of MONEY! • On Real Estate '& by ft fcrfjn,en4QU,S orowd i -"• "Wftiii"rfficvfewoKifAJii^',v -"•: , rae:mmm&.lem^m ! ltiAmmimi!mKm ! ^^ii^ YOU CAN i By availing yourself of the Jow qvioted in t-Uia >> - J •' ,, * I • ,' : C ¥ ¥ ¥ lKfQ& ^&Hf

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