The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1895
Page 2
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_ n T\ r .IdUQi PLOtm FOft JOHN We still have a nice assortment of Jap. Bilk Handkerchiefs, white and colored, which we are selling almost as CHEAP AS L1HENS. Don't You Wan't Some ? The Grange Store. RISING TO REMARK THAT THE .... -Opera House Grocery Is still the best place to get What You Want to Eat. FURNITURE! WINDOW SHADES ! PICTURE FRAMES! We have in stock some new BOOK RACKS and WALL SHELVES; Just the thing for a cheap book case. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods always on hand ^_A, D, McGEEGOR, Foundry and Machine Shop, MULLICA& QHNSTEDT, Props. We do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass castings and boiler work done 01 short notice, MOWERS AND BINDERS OF ALL KINDS REPAIRED. We ar here to stay. Shop east of Rutherford House, orders promptly attended, , Algona, Iowa. PRESIDENT HILL HAS A fO FE§t) tHE dELlgflALS. f frfnfolS It to £onlatn«t« At ft ft*i* tbc Reach of All-think* tt ttfcfc* »fc« Place fit fciee »fi fltt*. tine At gieatiierB 16 the OHent tft fcfe OBATlXiti, Wash.! uuuo v»—• tinmen u. Mill, president of the GH-eiat; Northern, While here, spent most of his time in onsultfttioh With Wo6 Gteii, Seattle manager of thg house of Wft Chotiff & Co. of Hong Kong, and made searching nquiries respecting the disposition of Chinese toWatds flout as ah article of ood. Woo Gen Was of the opinion hat if nottf could be laid doWn itt 3hina for <»2)£ cents pet sack of 60 jottnds, ifc could be sold at ft profit for 5 cents by dealers and compete With rice, fie thought if the great masses f China once began to tisa flour they would not go back to rice t and if it quid be placed within the reach of aboriiig classes, A fteiiiattd Would Be Ctentfcd, o large that all the flour mills on the 3 acific coant could not supply one* euth of the calls made on them. Hill's dea is to carry flour so tts to give it to he Chinese for 1}£ cents per pound and bring return cargoes of rice so as o supply the markets here at one-half eut per pound. He wants to be as- ured of a permanent demand before aking up the enterprise, and says that E the Great Northern does put on a ine of steamers they will be the larg- st and best possible to be obtained, 'he question of a terminus will be de- ermined at the lowest rate tit which lour can be placed on ships. Settle,le says, will be the place, provided the ondition is fulfilled. This is under- tood by shippers here as indicating hat this place will have the terminus irovided the Asiatic line is set up. SILVER AT 16 TO 1. lllnolt Democrat* tTnnnlmontljr Favor It. SPRINGFIELD, His., June <5.— The Democratic state silver convention ad- ourned after a session in the course of which there was but little dissension. Resolutions were adopted declaring in 'avor of the use of both gold and silver as the standard money of the United States at the ratio of 16 to 1 "without waiting for the action of any other na- ion;" also endorsing the action of the )emocratic state central committee in calling this convention and instructing he committee to carry out the .will of he convention by inaugurating/a cam- >aign of education and thoroughly ' Organizing *'>» Democracy.;' : ! hroughout.the state on the lines laid down in the' resolutions. The|Demo- jratic members in congress arid senators are also instructed, to use all honorable means to carry out the principles enunciated. Resolutions . were also adopted in favor of a national silver convention to be held not later :han August, and delegates at large to "»uch a convention, if one* snail be- jailed, were selected. Governor Alt^ jeld's administration was indorsed and his speech for free silver was oudly. cheered. Congressman Bryan of Nebraska also addressed the meet- ng, -his speech receiving an enthusastio 'eception. '_ Kentucky Republican Convention. LOUISVILLK, June tf.—The Republican state convention convened at 2 p. m. The platform adopted declares against free silver and state banks and 'or ti-protective tariff and the Monroe doctf ine. Colonel N. O. Bradley was nominated for governor by acclama- ;ion. Other nominations were postponed till morning. The Iowa Meeting. DBS MOINES, June 6.—General J. B. Weaver and other leaders of the silver party in the West were present at the state silver meeting. There was a Large general attendance and much enthusiasm was manifested. The conference was non-partisan, and it is understood ho effort will be made to nominate a ticket. ANOTHER GOLD FIND. fi*«6f tftt ftfit t*»«t , Sum'' In its story of m tMtit of m Cblima as told by the suf vitots of tfc§ tfessM, sdf a; ¥he ifolfS Wi badly loaded, top fcSaVjr apte to it, When thS #U6 Stfttolt she weatiiired it bMly . f MM sng reensd. There was a list to starboatd and she did not right again. Men called out to the captain to cut away the deck loading of heavy spafg. f hi captain Was obdurate, fie knew his business, or fancied ho did, and would btook no sURgestions from what he called the terrified afad panic Btricken passengers. f he ship listed niof e and ffiofe. Then she lost he* steering poWer. fh&e&p* tain rang for more steftm and Would not cut loose the deck load. The panic oft hbafd grew Worse, the feat of death more intense. Then the captain gave orders for the crew to keep the passen* gers Within bounds. Whether those orders Weiit so fat as to Withhold Life fre .erf etft. from the passengers and to permit those Who sought to do so to come oil deck where they might have had a chance of battling With the Waves is not known at this time. Steerage and cabin passengers say they sbnghfc to obtain life preservers and Were forcibly restrained from doing so. Down in the steerage, a guard Was posted at the companionway door and those Who escaped to the deck in time to cast themselves into the sea before the vessel went down, .did BO ; only by mainjt'prce, by kicking and'tighting .their way post the guard, Those who were saved are some of those who were wiser than the captain, who could see their peril more clearly and had wit enough to throw themselves into the sea before the Colima gave her lost list to 'starboard. As she did this, the captain's whistle sounded to cut loose the deckload of spare. EDITORS ORGANIZE. Northweitern PnblUher*' AlloeUttou to Be Incorporated. ST. PAUL, June 8. — An • adjourned meeting of the Minnesota Editors' and Publishers' association was held at the Commercial club, with about 45 members in attendance, and the matter of business organization was further canvassed and brought to ahead. The matter was broached at the winter meeting on the basis of a detailed report, but, owing to the press of other business, nothing definite was accomplished, and the question went over. It has now been finally disposed of and the Northwestern Publishers' association. with a capital approximating $20,000, a full list of strong stockholders, and a well defined plan<to secure state and foreign advertishig v <at rates' profitable to the ' publishers of Minne- ' sota papers will soon be a corporate fact. _ MURDERED FOR $90. ' Burglars Kill a Saloonkeeper at Pen- Hnukee, Win. ' MILWAUKEE, Jtine 10.—A special to The Evening Wisconsin from Ocorito, Wis., says: Michael'Baumgardneri'a saloonkeeper near' Peusaukee, was murdered by burglars at midnight. Mrs. Baumgardner was aroused by her husband's cries and saw him grappling with two strangers, who afterwards escaped in a carriage, which was standing at the door. Baumgardner was formerly a large mill owner and had resided in the county for 85 years. The burglars secured about $90. Brlce Iiuy« a Railroad. AKRON, O., June 8. —Senator Calvin 8. Brice has consumrnatpd ,a dpal by which "he ^becomes,'owner ,of the Pittsburg, Akron and Western railroad. The purchase price is 1800,000. LATEST MARKET REPORT. Milwaukee Grain, MILWAUKEE, June 8,189.5. FLOUR—Higher. WHEAT—No. 3 spring, 83}*c; No. 1 Northern, 80c; July, S2Jic, CORN—No. 3, 53#c. OATS—No. 2 white, 32&c; No. 3 white, Richest Discovery Yefc Made In the Rainy Lake Region. DULUTH, June 8.—The Herald's Rat Portage correspondent says; One of the richest gold discoveries that has been made in this district is situated close to Ash Rapids, on the Lake of the Woods, and is within 84 miles of Rat Portage. The vein is exposed by nature 5 feet wide and 100 feet long and the vein cuts at right angles through the granite rocks. It has every appearance of being a true fissure vein. One assay was made of a piece of sul^ace rock and the result of the assay turned out $1,335. gold and* $185 silver to the ton, THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK. ALGONA, hand to loftn Hi J>»A»rtn»8le rate* lo phrilet 1»ho D. H f ttntthlni, 8< A< ferf ttlwn* rhlHp Ainbfole A. Ofcll* R. tt. ipentef, Wm. nrBt-clS** |««>«irfi| , if. OFFICERS AND A.». OlWe... 0.0. Chubb* Vice Pros., The*, fi. Lantf?. Ueo. J, Galbralth, Fl-ed M. Miller, Myj-on Sehenck, Tho*. F.Cooke. GENERAL BANKING- Pfitate Safety Deposit f Attah ,'' Paid fat f line UepollU, W« ti. IiigHAiii, Tlieo. President, risciuiiesj Lewt» H» Stntth* Vice President, Oftshtef Kossuth County State Bank. ALGONA, IOWA. OAPlfAfc $30»O00. incorporated Itader Kelitsfiil Iftwiidndwa. l)epp»lM received, tnohey IdWied, !orelgii,aflid domestic exchange bought and sold, Collections • ntade promptly arid a (rehefftl bahklng ,busl' - t>e«si transacted. Pas»ajie tickets to or frotn the old countries sold at loweist rates. • , Directors—W, H. fngham. John O. Hinlth. .1. U. .tones, t. Ohrlsehllle*, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnst Devlne. , R.M. Richmond, Pros. B. F. Bmith, Vice Pres. A. K. Hichmond, Cashier. 0. J. Lenandef, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA, Incorporated under the taws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital Inrerted. Author* Ired capital, $50,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking business) transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written, steamship tickets to and from Europe. DIKKOTOB8-R. M. Richmond. N. B. Sheridan, A. B. Richmond. B. F. Smith. Smntiet Mayne.C. E. Mallory, J. N. Sheridan. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever written a word In them. Our work Is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. (Sood work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. B^-REAL ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY & RICE Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa, Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, The Relay BUCK NEW YORK, June 8,—The great re* lay bicycle race of the red and the blue between Chicago and this city was fin* ished at I'M o'clock Saturday morning, The actual time of the race was 66 hrs,, 5Smin, The last relay should have reached the •finishing point at Sixtieth street and the Western boulevard at 8 o'clock, Arriving when they did they broke aU American records for a relay race, BARLEY—No, 8, 49c; sample, 46@ 50c. RYE—No. 1* 70o. Minneapolis Grain. MINNEAPOLIS, June 8,1895, WHEAT — June, 81%c; July, 81%c: September, 78^c. On Track—No. 1 hard, S2?ic; No. 1 Northern. 82c; No. 8 Northern, 8lc. • Daluth Grain. DULUTH, June 8,1895. WHEAT—Cash, June No, 1 hard, 83J£c; No, I Northern, S2c; No. 9 Northern, T8^c: July, No. 1 hard, 880; No, 3 Northera, OFFICE OVER ALQONA STATE BANK and Insurance. Not Necessary! •\7T7"E can sell you a nice hew five-drawer Sewing Mav chine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary to send your money east to get a machine..that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— W1NKEL PAYS THE FREIGHT. J. B. "W HSTKIB3-I. The Republican and State Register, , $1,85 The Republican and Inter Ocean, , . $1,85 The Republican and N, Y, Tribune, ,11,85 N, Yt i June 8, <? f tfes Northern Steanjghip line, arrived here at daybreak o» trip- ibe njade. the velaji4 i» 8 1*6^8 and 85 , beating the.begt time of her panjoa, the Northwest, by l 1 }. St, P»nl Union Stock Yard* SOCTH ST. PAVL, June 8, 1895. HOGS — Market 5@10c higher; quality fair to good. ' CATTLE— A$arket quiet and weak;very , Ijttle offered arid hot much demand. SHEEP— Dull; very little demand, except for chojoe. Muttons, f»,00$4.35; iambs, *3,76@U5; common, $3.35@3,50 • • Receipts: Hogs, 1,800; pattte, 15; sheep. 100; calves, J.O, '_ Pnton S^ocfe YardSf CHJOAGO, June 8, 1895, HOGS— Market active and 5c higher, Sales ranged at §435@4.55 for light; $4.854iTO for miwdj W.W@i.W lor heavy packing and shipping Jpts; §4,30@445 for * Q CATTliE— MaPk^t steady to stronger, Dressed beef aud shipping steers, $3.()0@ 6.0U; cows and bulls, §J.75@4:.?5; Now is the Time to Insure! '' • - ' .'.. •. ' •••00 ; ;' .BEFORE THE LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-J, A, Freeh, Prop, '"'• HE OFFBBS THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES FOB CONSIDERATION: Company c a s h Capital. Assets. Aetna, Hartford .,„ ;.,.:....:,,:, ,...84,000,000,00 910,847,816,36 T>hnnnK- TTnrtfnrrt , SJ.UUU.UVU.UU o,OOp,Uoo.UU JrnO6niA, XiarWUrU , ...., ~, ^> «• anic^nna f nn Continental, N. Y. ,,...,.,.,...,........,.. l.MWJ»'O> 0,754,908.00 Fire Association, Phlla ; - -• SOO' 0 ^- 0 ^ HS'w m Hanover, N.Y .,........,., LWO.OOO.OO t 2,245,353.00 Sforthwestern National, Milwaukee ., ^J^n'^X I'noi'eol'nn $rtf>\ffm*f\ T?A/>Vfnr/'l ..«.*#***»»»fff»f»f»»»*»»»»*'* t^^K/*vXXJf(Af l.U*l»&vy,UU J.vUl/tviUJ u* ,4%uv«**wi «•»§*«*•*•»*»*»*'••'**. ' r nfif\ /v\n f\f\ jao a-t A r\n State, Dos Molnes..,. • •»• 200,000.00 463,214.00 LIFE, MASSACHTSETTS BENEFIT LIFE 107,000,00 Iwur«Jn6eTin force, §39,000; Policy holders, $1,100,000; Gash surplus, *10,J50,000, paid In-death losses,: • ' ... .- t LIFE AND ACCIDENT. . , Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co, ,„.';,,'.,• Assets, 143,977,586,08 We believe this is as good a statement as cao be made by any agency in the land and we solicit your patronage. -i Jwe 4,— les 4e',Q\je§fld.o, fecretpiry of the revolutionists, 'ij^ arrive4 here. Be received a telegram frojn auerra, treagu^ir gf the re at New Yoj'k, ttwaQUftciug tbat OUTFITS doHbte»ttresste£j pwts-cep to Wft t?h «uH-an4 a pair si CHICAGO, June .8, 189*. CLOSJNfi WHEAT — June, 8Jc; , September, ; Pecejnber, 45#p; May, '' • j Jaly, ' ''. ' , ( . *,. i •' .' . " ' 'i ' ••''•'( •",;-'' ^''/.. L "'V* U T ,1 .**

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