Biddeford-Saco Journal from Biddeford, Maine on November 18, 1968 · Page 10
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Biddeford-Saco Journal from Biddeford, Maine · Page 10

Biddeford, Maine
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1968
Page 10
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10 Biddeford - Saco Journal, Mon.t November 18, 1968 Dear Abby r It's A Sliamnas tic Situation By Abigail Van Burea Their 23 year - old graduate son (I'll call him a kitchen Dick) had a date with a beauti - it. ful 19 - year - old college girl (I'll son, Linda Hebert, Cindy ; Cabana, Cathy Cabana, Joyce Cabana. Susan Gagnon, Karen Gagnon, Patricia Fecteau, Jan ice Gagnon and Miss Gail Chenelowski of Melrose, .Mass. x Sharing in the gift presenta tion but unable to attend were: Mrs.. Priscille LaPierre, Mrs. college, band who was left with nothing uvtc;a M shower? I'm all forjo,. ' t - t - o T re Kf aria Po. LEGALS call Mary). They dated occasionally, but there were no com mitments on either side. One night when Dick Mary were coming home DEAR SAME: Now put it that way, 1 agree with you. But I do think in the case and side1 should remain with HIM, from! of a split, the gifts from HIS DEAR ABBY: I can't believe I'm sitting down to write this letter. Iam desperate. Yesterday I read an t.'ticle and those from may take. CONFIDENTIAL TO E. M. IN CHICAGO: Heed the wisdom in an old Jewish proverb: "Come for the inheritance and you may have to pay for the:Meule Mrs Rita Dubuc, Mrs tuiici ai a date, they had a terrible auto accident. Dick was not exceeding the speed limit he was coid sober, and it was not his fault. (He was forced off the road by an on - coming car.) Dick was only slightly injured, but l.fary was nearly killed. Her back and in the newspaper about a man pelvis were woken ana me win becoming a woman thru an probably never . walk again, operation they call "transex - j Also, Jier once - beautiful face uai " They ran a picture , of was all cut up and she will need "her1 and she is gorgeous! The - t of plastic surgery for Judge says that "he" is a 'she"iyears to come. how. Her measurements are 40 - ' Mary a parents called on uL t n AKKtr Ithat sine it was Diek'g "fault" daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ame - ls this: I am a born woman of, that Mary's life Is ruined, Dickjdee Marchand of 12 Harrison 25 and my measurements tre should marry her.. What is; Ave.. Biddeford was guest of 32 23 - 37. I've sent for all he!your ODinion? No 'names or honor at a bridal shower given creams and exercises I've seen' city please. , Jby Mrs. Carmen Poisson of advertised to build up the bust, . - FRIENDSJState Street, Biddeford, assist - but nothing has helned me. I DEAR FRIENDS: How doesid by Mrs. Joan Cabana. want more than anvthing in this! Dick feel about this? And Mary.; Miss Marchand will become liuinin Yf vo Daatrina PnaHv ,MWJ?, Mrs. Pauline Nolette, Mrs. Glo vt.oi. yu r . cf P prre. Mrs Jeannette Ruel, Mrs. Bertha Larose, Mrs. Maria Tardiff, and Mrs Pauline Pinard. And: Mrs. Fernande Demers, Mrs. Jenny Marines, Mrs. Jea - nette Giroux. Mrs. Rose La - Barre, Mrs. Lilian Pierce, Mrs - . Adrienne Dodge, Mrs. Martha Kalex, Mrs. Maria Lemi - eux, Mrs. Anne Hevey, Mrs. Germaine Gould, Mrs. Irene De - her side she LEGAL NOTICE The Selectmen of Wells will hold a public hearing on Tues day. November 26, 1963, at 7:30 P.M. in the Wells Town Office on the application of Chef Wilhelm Inc. dba Hof - brau Haus, Route 1, Ogunquit, Maine, for a Class A Restau rant Spirituous & Vinous Li quor License, a Restaurant Malt Liquor License and a bpe cial Permit for Dancing and Entertainment. ROBERT WENTWORTH RICHARD PRESCOTT ELMER HUTCHINS EDWARD JELLISON RICHMOND STEVENS Selectmen of Wells Miss Marchand Is Honored At Shower Mif s Helen Y. Marchand, world to have a beautiful bust. M what are her feelings? the bride of John Thomas I could cry. No one knows how V Mary's parents may mean well'South Point, Ohio on Nov. icci. i uiuu warning lupiess uu m.r . ojm(oi'. across the room once and my i but if such a marriage could husband didn't even turn his be arranged (which is doubtful) head. I've had three children' it would probably be a disaster. but I don t feel like a woman with th boyish shape of mine. of 30 at St. Andre's Church, Biddeford. ., Those attending were: Mr. Simone Marchand.f Mrs. Yvette iRmirhnrri Mix - ejpnise HOii - DEAR ABBY: The recentichard. Mrs. Claire Cote, Mrs. If a man can become wom - r'No I've Heard Everything" j Priscille Jalbert , Mrs. Lina an and get shots to give him a letter was just that. It wiSj Fecteau, Mrs. Priscille Gagnon, 40 bust, why can't I get those about the young couple who, Mrs. Claudette Gagnon, Mrs. shots? .fought continually, then she Esabelle Heroux, and Mrs. DEPRESSED finally went home to her mama Henry .Neault. Dolores Dubois, Mrs. Fernand Boucher, Miss Sue Neault, Miss Claudette Lefebvre and Miss Rita Guilmette; Mrs. Margua - rette Cote and Miss Elaine Cote, both of Hartforl, Conn.; Mrs. Claudette Covellezzie, Miss Mi - chele Covellezzie, both of Mas sachusetts; Mrs. Josephine Gibson of Kentucky, and Miss Joline Thomas of Orio A 15 - foot, 700 pound adult alligator begins life eight inches long and weighs two ounces. the National Geographic Society says. Alligator eggs are about the size of chicken eggs. An off - shoot of the LEGAL NOTICE The Selectmen of Wells will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, November 26, 1968, at 7:30 P.M. in the Wells Town Office on tne application or Kicnara W. Perkins and Robert C. Mau rais dba Poor Richard's Ta vern Restaurant, Shore Rd. Ogunquit, for a Class A Res taurant Spirituous & Vinous Li quor License and for a Special Amusement Permit for Dane ing and Entertainment at said location. ROBERT WENTWORTH RICHARD PRESCOTT ELMER HUTCHINS RICHMOND STEVENS EDWARD JELLISON Selectmen of Wells Also: Mrs. Claire Marchand, Mrs - . Pauline 'Neault, Mrs. Irene Morin, . Mrs. Germainne DEAR DEPRESSED: I don't; r took evvthin. ineludin? know where the 'he - turned - all their wedding presents con she" cot the shots, but I do sisting of appliances, etc. know they are illegal In the That's the way it is nen Lauzon. Mrs. Claire Nute, Mrs. U.S.A. American brides walk out on Irene Moreau, Mrs. Rita El - : ; their husbands. They take the well, Miss Simonne Morrissette, DEAR ABBY: Here is . a wedding presents which were Mrs. Angie Cote, Mrs. Lilian situation which Is presently baf - intended to be shared bv roth. LaBelle and Mrs. Janette St fling some very dear friends or So what's wrong with the 'Ours. ' ours: neighbors giving the poor bus - And: The Misses Diane Pois - Stream warms Norway's coast year - round, enabling most inlets to stay ice free, even thoueh NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE WHEREAS, Hazel B. Esta brooks of Kezar Falls Village Parsonsfield. Countv of York uiij state of Maine, by her mort gage deed dated May 2, 1963 and recorded in York County Registry of Deeds - in Book WORLD ALMANAC FACTS 376 Elm Street At 5 Points - Biddeford OPEN WED. thru FRI. 'TIL 9 P.M. i, I!""'':., they are on the same latitude as i.u7 pi 279 rnnvpvpd tn thA c:u : 1 11 r . o.uim ana suuuiern ureeniana.iCasco Bank & Trust Comoanv a banking institution duly organized and existing by law and having its prim - tpa plucj of business in Portland, in the County of Cumberland and Slate of Maine, the following described premises, together with any buildings thereon, situated in Kezar Falls Village, Town of Parsonsfield. of York and State of One of the difficulties in reading Shakespeare is caused by the rich vocabulary the bard used in his Slays and sonnets. Whereas asic English has 645 words, English spoken bv the well - educated .000 words, and written English some 10,000 words, Shakespeare is said to have used a vocabulary of about 20,000 words, The World Almanac says. , ropyrlirhtm, Kwmpr Kmcr prtae A tun. in the County Maine. We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities LIVE 'N' KICKING MAINE COAST - All 2 Claw LI 0) I F1 . ' 1 1! rsiWsnuAiR fnTrrrtsn N 5 IE IT 1 ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE TNTtT6Tl 5U"Td1F rtstTrrTfcwm !TYlBfOiuTT mBRTErBIEIL MP T mm 1. A certain lot or parcel of land, together with the buildings thereon, situated in Kezar Falls Village, in said Parsonsfield, and bounded and described as follows, viz: Beginning at the Northeasterly corner of premises now or formerly known as the Walter H. New - begin shop on the Westerly side of road leading across the canal bridge at Kezar Falls; thence Southerly by said road twenty (20) feet: thence Westerly by said shop and two (2) feet from it fifty - three (53) feet; thence Northerly by said shop thirty (30) feet to the water edge thence Easterly by said shop fifty - three (53) feet to the point begun at. Excepting and reserv ing any and ail rights conveyed under deed of Elias H. Newbegm to the Kezar Falls Woolen Manufacturing Compa ny dated June 18, 1888, recorded in York County Registry of Deeds in Book 424, Page 232; also excepting and reserving the drain rights as conveyed by Eliza beth M. Haradon to Parsonsfiled Kezar Falls Village Corporation by deed dated December 7, 1939, and recorded in York County Registry of Deeds in DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLE 1 LB. AVG. & BBS it This coupon feet only thru Wed.. Nov. 21 44 J 100 Stamps with Pure hose EXTRA '5 150 EXTRA Stamps with $ Piirctiase 10 200 EXTRA Stamps with fir Purchase I J 250 EXTRA Stamp with $4A Puree, or mora l) Eiel4if Bmt, Milk A TrtMM Parck&aw TXT t COlUMliA nnnn ACROSS 1 Eaccgetis action t Colloq. 7 Hdt. 13 CanUnkeroui ene. 14 Promiting BFMpect; Colloq.I 2 wordi. 16 Adjusted. : 17 Aa uader taadiag. 18 lnocntc 19 Oa tbt job. 21 Partner of tuck. 22 Sharper tailing. 24 Teaperaoca tTOup. InUial., 25 During deed 26 Piece (out). 27 Swinging item. 29 Cultivation of the toil 30 "The Apoada of Room." 32 Law dfgree. 33 Does a leaaoa in grammar. 34 They meaa warm heart: 2 words. 37 Automobile part 40 Cempata point. t 41 Two - yearold sbeep. 45 Dacarti and flthws. 46 Fact. 48 Have a meal. 49 Superlative umxet. 50 Beaver. 51 Part of M A. , 53 " dn lieber Auguttia. 54 Winnows. 56 NoTthernt European. 57 Simmer dowat 2 words. 59 eucumbert 2 words. 61 TV new personality, 62 Scraped. ' 63 Work of aa Americas painter 64 Caw close. DOWN 1 Breakfast item. 2 Speaker. 5 Turn aside. 4 Canvas - covered. 5 New Guinea port. 6 Old Nona literature. 7 Hoodwinks. S Toots. 9 A diminutive suSix. 10 Another diminutive ir suffix. 11 Lodging for dogs. 12 Surfeit. 13 Be quick. la innermost parts, 20 See 54 Across. 23 Revolves. 23 Principal. 28 Immemorial. 29 Child. 31 See. of the Interior, 1933 - 46. 53 Pneumatic i Abbr. 35 Letters. 36 Insect. 37 Infringement. 58 Cleanse again 39 Eden. 42 Platform. 43 Supposed. 44 lam or jelly. 46 Tavern of radio fame. 47 - Are yon a mouse?"; $ words. 50 Player with a drum corps. 52 Oi the sun. 54 Fish. 55 Scrutinize. 58 Business abbreviation. 60 Initials of a British order. ' r Book 942, Page 51. t Resourceful aborigine artists Being the same premis - jof Arnhem Land, Australia, use es conveyed to - the ! plant juices for primer and pul - j it ; i i j a r . . a. 6A p This coapoa food only thra Wed., Nov. 29 11 I 1 1 1 I wiih3lb pkg n y jgjn Ground Baaf g fi. GOOD AT All COIUMIIA MAIKiTI Prices fc Coupoaa Cffoctiva Thru Wad. Nov. 20 n u is in is i6 mi n i 14 I 1' it rti7 UywipjTea'' it IJ,'" - 'n I i l ir iil , Ir,tii4.imdmrl 3 38 39 140 P"4l U2 Hi 4 bf "Jl """"" - y - - - - b TR!'5r"w - - - mmmrn wbmm mmrmm motp "wMnnw"' iswn' ; - mhbm mmmum hmim mmbmw mmsombm giHaaM,. grantor herein by deed of Elizabeth M. Haradon dated July 29, 1952, and recorded in York County Registry of . Deeds In Book 1214, Page 41. ' 2. Also, a certain lot or parcel of land situated in Kezar Falls Vil - laee in said Town of Parsonsfield, and bounded and described as follows, viz: Beginning at a point on Elm Street, so - called, which point Is eighty - nine (89) feet Southeast of the line between the homestead formerly of Allen Garner and property formerly of one Newbegin; ' thence Easterly by Elm Street to State Highway known as Ossippee Trail; thence Northerly by said Ossippee Trail to land now or formerly of Elizabeth Haradon, once known as the Wal ter H. Newbegin Shop; thence Westerly from said highway a distance of about fifty - three (53) feet in a course two (2) feet from the side of said shop; thence Northerly by said shop lot about thirty (30) feet to the water edge; thence Westerly on the Canal, so - called, to land now or formerly of Florence G. Norton marked by a stone set in the ground; thence Southerly by land now or formerly of said Florence G. Norton on a line which is at right, angles with Elm Street to the point be gun at. Excepting and reserv ing the dram rights as conveyed by Florence G. Norton to Parsonsfield Kezar Falls Village Corporation by deed dated September 26. 1939. recorded in York Registry of Deeds in Book 942, Page 50. Being the same premises conveyed to the grantor herein by deed of Florence G. Norton dated July 29, 1952, and recorded in said York County Registry of Deeds in Book 1214, Page 40. 3. Also a certain lot or parcel of land situ - t ated on the Northerly side of Elm Street in Kezar Falls Village, in the Town of Parsons field. County of York and State of Maine, and bounded and described as follows, viz: Begin ning at a point on the canal leading from Os sipee River to the Cornish & Kezar Falls Light and Power Com pany'i electric plant and which point is marked by an iron rod driven in the ground ninety - eight (98) feet from the Westerly side of cement bridge cross ing the aforesaid canal and which point is the Northeasterly corner of land conveyed by Florence G. Norton to Ade - lia T. Ridlon: thence southerly on a straight line along land so con veyed to Adelia T. Rid Ion to an iron rod driv en in the ground at the v cement sidewalk and v directly over the road culvert or drain leading from Elm Street to said Canal; thence Easterly by Elm Street to other land of Hazel B. Esta - brook; thence Northerly by other land of said Hazel B. Est a brook to the aforesaid Canal; thence Westerly by said Canal to the point be - gun at. - Excepting and reserv - t ; ing all rights of the I Cornish & Kezar Falls Light and Power Company as to right of entry for repairs to canal or any flowage rights 1 as have previously been granted to it or now ex isting; also excepting and reserving all rights of the Town of Parsonsfield in State of Maine as to a certain culvert or drain crossing said lot from Elm Street to j said Canal. i r Being the same premis es conveyed to the grantor herein by Flor ence G. Norton by Deed recorded December 19, 1962 in York County Registry of Deeds in Book 1527, Page 88. ! AND WHEREAS, the .conditions of said mortgage have been broken, NOW THEREFORE, by reason of the breach of conditions thereof, said Casco Bank k Trust Company, by Spaulding M. Tukey, its Vict President, hereunto duly authorized, here - by claims a foreclosure of said mortgage at Portland. Maine. the 7th day of November A.D. 1968. Witnessed by: ALAN L. RAMSDELL CASCO BANK 4 TRUST COMPANY SPAULDING M. TUKEY verized colored stones for paints to create designs on canvas of eucalyptus tree bark. Locks of women's hair serve as brushes. 11 AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE ANNOUNCEMENTS $10 OOWN $5 A WEEK United Motor Sales, 726 Forest Ave., Portland 772 - 9434. 25 cars and trucks, all makes and models, 1961 to 1968. Credit approved on the spot. No red taps NOTICES ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. French language meetings Salle Chante. Sundays, 10:30 a.m. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 41 Franklin St.. (CIO Hall) Bid deford. Meetings Thursdays Sundays 8 pm. BIDDEFORD, heated storage for boats, motorcycles, cars or anvthing else. Reasonable rates. Call 284 - 5939. GLASS TABLE TOPS, desk etc. Custom fitted. Give your coffee tables a new look with a glass top from Airport Auto Parts. we aiso nave custom uzea mirrors. Call 284 - 5905. HAIRDRESSING in your home bv Mr. Andre. Dial 282 2401 after 5 p.m. RIDE WANTED from Bidde ford to Morning Star, Kenne - bunk. 8 - 4:30 shift Call 283 - 3516 RIDERS WANTED from Bidde ford to Navy Yard, First Shift, Shop 51, call 282 - 3511 after 6. SPECIAL on permanents S6.50 and ud. Lillian Labonte's Beauty Shop, 23 West St., Bid deford, 284 - 4902. VIC'S APPLIANCE CENTER 01 237 Main St., Saco, features a complete line of Maytag, whirl pool, Frigidaire and Kelvinator Appliances Sales and service YORK Beauty Academy is ac cepting the public for hair shap ing, styling, permanent, color - ! ing, frosting and the care oi hair pieces. Also manicuring For appointment call 284 - 7498 BUY WITH CONFIDENCE '68 Oldsmobile 2 door coupe 68 Oldsmobile Town Sedan 68 Oldsmobile '98' convertible 67 Oldsmobile hardtop sedan '67 Ford 2 door sedan '67 Pontiac Grand Prix '67 Chevelle station wagon 66 Pontiac Catalma 4 door 66 Chevrolet Biscayne 4 aoor 66 Plymouth Fury III 66 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser '66 Belair 4 door sedan '66 Oldsmobile '88' 4 door 66 International Travelall 65 Pontiac wagon 65 Buick Wildcat convertible 65 Oldsmobile '88' 4 door 65 Oldsmobile Cutlass 2 door 65 Cadillac Coupe Deville 65 Chevrolet 4 door '65 Pontiac Catalina sedan 64 Pontiac 4 door sedan 64 Ford 2 door convertible All cars winterized Brown Pontiac - Olds Main St., Saco 284 - 4556. 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Maling, 444 Alfred Road, Biddeford 282 - 1561 ED & FRANK CHEVROLET '67 Malibu 2 door hardtop '67 Corvair Monza 4 speed '67 Ford 8 automatic '67 Chevelle automatic '66 Impala 4 door 8 automatic '66 Belair 4 door automatic '66 Chevrolet 2 door hardtop '66 Dodge A - 100 van '66 Chevy II, 4 door six '66 Biscayne 4 door 66 Ford Custom 500 '66 Pontiac Bonneville '66 Ford ranch wagon '66 Volkswagen bus '66 Corvair Monza automatic '66 Oldsmobile Jet Star 65 Ford LTD 2 door hardtop 4 '65 Ford country sedan wagon '65 Caprice 4 door hardtop '65 Impala 2 door hardtop '65 Chevy II, 2 door hardtop 65 corvair coupe 4 speed '65 Ford Galaxie convertible '65 Belair 6 automatic 4 door '65 Rambler 2 door automatic 65 Chrysler Newport 4 door '65 Buick LeSabre convertible '64 Chevy II station wagon '64 Ford van truck '64 Chevelle 4 door automatic 64 Impala 4 door hardtop ' '64 Belair 4 door sedan '64 Comet 4 door automatic '63 Ford van truck ? '62 Oldsmobile F85 2 door 11 State Police interceptors $500 below market value. . . Ski Doo "The first name in Snomobiles" are here. ... Ed & Frank Chevrolet - - i Route 1. Saco. STATION WAGON. 1967 Ford Country Squire. Fully equippel with air - conditioning. stereo tape deck fc FM radio, heater. For immediate price, write Box 140, Biddeford. BEDELL'S: New can by Chrys ler. Dependable used earn. Route 1. Saco. 284 - 5371. HFRMAN THTTftLOW. The name people have trusted in used cars lor mora than 10 veara. Call 282 - 3996. FOR THE very best deal in a used car trade sea Marcotte Motors. Saco Ave. Old Or chard, 934 - 2554. WHY NOT buy from Weir'i Motor Sales your neighbor does!: 12 AUTO TRUCKS FOR SALE DODGE: Power wagon with snow plow, transfer case. $1,295. L. C. Maling, 444 Alfred Road, Biddeford 282 1561. , INTERNATIONAL 1968 Travel - all, 4 wheel drive, with snow plow, excellent condition. Dial 284 - 4785 or 253 West St., Biddeford. - JEEP, 1959, F. C. 150, 4 new tires, clean. With plow. Call 284 - 6260 after 5 p.m. TRUCK REPAIRS, wheel balancing. White's Garage, 467 Elm St.; Biddeford, Me. (L.S.) Its Vice President D&kfar) - Sit mvMk Classified Advertising Dial 283 - 3625 283 - 3626 Classified Index Classification Numbers Announce me uts 1 - 16 Automotive 10a - 17 Business Set vice 18 - 31 Employment 32 - 37 Financial 38 - 41 Instruction 42 - 48 Live Stock 47 - 50 Merchandise 1167 Rooms and Board 68 74 Real Estate for Rent 75 12 for Sala Al USED CARS buy Atlantic Motors '68 Comet 2 door hardtop '68 Mercury Monterey 2 door hardtop '67 LTD 2 door hardtop '67 Chevy II Nova wagon '66 Mustang 2 door hardtop '66 Galaxie 500 2 door hardtop '65 Galaxie 500 convertible '65 Galaxie 500 4 door sedan Atlantic Motors Southern Maine Largest Ford It Mercury Dealer US Route 1, Saco Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 282 - 1566. HEADQUARTERS for 4 wheel drive Trucks and Scouts. White's Garage IH Dealer Llm St., Biddeford 282 - 1575. THIS IS A TEST 1964 Chevrolet Impala 4 door hardtop 8 automatic power steering We wiU seU this car at Wholesale price of only $700. . No Trade. . If you want to buy at wnoiesaie prices, this u your opportunity. Wholesale Auto Route 1. Arundel 985 - 3611.' SACO MOTORS LNC. '68 Ford Torino GT V8 66 Mercury Montclais hardtop oo nyraQuw oarracuaa sport '66 Corvair Monza coupe '66 Plymouth Fury 4 door automatic 65 Dodge Polara wagon '65 Chrysler 500 sport sedan '64 Buick Riviera full nower '64 Thunderbird t door hardtop c j ru . .i ... a - A '63 Oldsmobile 4 door hardtop 63 Ford 2 door V8 '63 Ford country squire wagon 63 k ambler American 2 door '62 Valiant 200 wagon '61 Impala sport sedan Tkm Smith or Henry Smart WHITE'S GARAGE '65 Chevrolet 1 ton panel $1195 '64 International ton nickuo 4 wheel drive $1395 62 Willys pickuD t ' 4 wheel drive f 62 GMC walk in panel $795 Elm St.. Biddeford 282 - 1575 13 ACCESSORIES TIRES, PARTS AUTO PARTS (used). 25 hour wrecker service. 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