The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1895
Page 8
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-•-• BANCROFT NEWS. You Will Nee< Screen Doors, Screen Window Frames,^.*Screen Cloth; And so cheap you cannot afford to live with flies, Weliave all sizes and styles, and prices are right C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. To ths Ladies of Bancroft and Vicinity* 1 have a new stock of Millinery, including all the Latest Styles in Hats, Bonnets, Mowers, Laces, Trimmings, and in fact anything that is usually found in a flrst'class millinery store- An exper* ienced trimmer will do all the work in the most approved fashion, IOWA. Mrs, Sarah Howe, Chicago & North*Western jfOKttt Mixed 9 11am wayffeight....n 43am passenger 4 08pm BOtfTS Mixed 6 Otpm way freight....8 15am passenger 2 05pm Winkle's Old Stand, Keystone Fence WILL HOLD or -SOLD BY- ator. BANCROFT, IA., JUNE 5, 1895. Conducted by J, A, FRECH. BANCROFT LOCALS. JOHNSON, Here We Are! WITH A Fresh Line of Groceries, CANNED GOODS, DRIED FRUITS, ETC.i£4* WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A New Pattern in Queens ware-" Vic's G-ilt," We also carry a full line of Glassware, Crockery, Etc. Try a sack of the best Flour in Algona—WHITE PFARL. Call and be convinced that we sell goods as cheap as any firm in town. BUTTER AND EGGS WANTED. PATTERSON The Republican and State Register, The Republican and Inter Ocean, . The Republican and N. Y. Tribune, $1.85 $185 $1.85 Consisting °' Uo«|ile»breastC!J coat—two pairs, of imps pants-cap lo mutch suit-end 8 pair of good »U made bonestly-not only to look fetat also tjf all wool—the workmanship »na simply i»rfect-»n<l our price lor the whole on recej -send prepaid A terrific wind storm last Monday evening tore up about 30 rods of sidewalk in the north part of town and deposited it In a field north of there, making the ileld look like a griddle covered with pancakes. It also tore down Geo. Wolcott's barn, John Gaul's barn and a fine large barn on the Drake place, one mile northwest of town, which is rented by F. F. Sanders. Sanders had a lot of oats scattered all over the farm and machinery and other property smashed. Mr. Saundors has his property covered by insurance in the State of DOS Moines, as has also Mr. Gaul. Mrs. Saunders had a very narrow escape. She was in the barn when the first light wind struck it and went out and around a corner of the building to go to the house when the wind took the barn. She was blown to the foot of the hill the barn stood on but was unhurt. Sill and sections of the walls of the building were scattered all over a 40-acre field. Andrew Bratlind, who lives northeast of town, had a barn destroyed that cost him nearly $800, last year. Ho had no tornado insurance. Prof. G. F. Barslou, of Wesley, has been in the city with his iamily making a visit with friends. Just put it in your pipe and smoke it that he will be the next superintendent of schools of Kossuth county. " J. E. Russell has got a new five-horsepower Davis gasoline engine in his blacksmith shop, which is a beauty. It arrived yesterday. He will use it to run all? the different machines in tho shop which '-Will now be. equipped to do better and speedier worjr than ever... Look out for his ad'in this papernoxt week. • '•••>• Tho Bancroft and Algona ball nines played a six-inning game at the Burt picnic, Saturday. Our boys had not played but one game this season and had had no practice. At the end of the 5th inning the score stood 7 to 0 in favor of Algona, bu* in the sixth our pitcher, who was not used to playing, gave out, and Algona batted out 13 runs, making the score 20 to 8, which is not quite as bad as Bancroft defeated Algona at tho same place last year when the.score stood 20 to 5 in favor of our boys. We have it from good authority that Algona and Armstrong will play at Algona .the Fourth, and if they do, there will bo a hot game with the chances rather in favor of Armstrong. While tho other candidates have boon making more noise and fuss about their candidacy than has Samuel Mayne, yet we believe his chances are better than any of them. Mr. Mayne lived here since the town started and has the confidence of the entire community and ho would make an A No. 1 legislator. A. L. Mathwlff )ms ceased working in Johnson's barber shop and wo havo not heard what he Intends to' do. Jack Johnson, of Buffalo Center, formerly of this phvce, is expected to itake Al. Mathwig's plaoo in Johnson's barber shop. August Johnson, tho experienced butter- maker who has done so muoh towards making 1 the Sonoca creamery successful, has hired out to the Bancroft creamery, which will be quite an aid to that institution, A. Mayer & Co. have bought out A. Furst* enberg's stock of machinery and business and Mr, Furstenbere' will put up a two-story brick iltuble building to ibo occupied by A. Mayor & Co- downstairs, and a hall upstairs. This will give this firm an elegant business place and Bancroft a very fine building, probably the finest in the city, Bancroft is booming, Most of tne Bancroft people expect to oel- obrate tho Pourtu at Algona. '!'. F, was in from east Ramsey torday and reported that the crops were flue out there, Quite a, number of the Bancroft Odd Fellows went tp J4yprmore yesterday to atto nd tho annual jmnlvorsary celebration. The gfflcprs of the new JSsohango B»»Jf jv^ as follows: • Prudent, J. B,« 'Johnson; Yloa President, A. J, Berryman; Cashier, Ohas, it. Morehouse. The capital will bo either $30,000 oj' $85,000, Wo wish tho new institution success, A. J. Borryman left last Monday afternoon to attend the Masonic Grand Lodge at Marshujltown. emu as became the memorial of a nation's honored dead, was received with hearty applause. The same was true of his manly appeal for justice to tho disabled and vanishing ranks of our nation's defenders; equally noble and geheroas was his plea for the "charity of the bravo" that shall yet heal the wounds of war and cement a united country for the achievements of tho mighest republic on earth. Hon. J. W. Akers is easily a master upon the platform, andchimsolf a veterans puts a fire and force into his impassioned words that stirs tho hearts of all who hoar. Tho veterans and citizens of Bancroft are indebted to Mr. Akers for the conspicuous help ho generously gave in making the day so eminently successful. tedted when tfaey Can have them ihsufexi dt the extremely low -rales thai G. S. Angus, tod Donovan, G. Salisbury* and L, A. Tayloi 4 give them in the Fafihers' State Mittuai, t». A. Taylor started for the circus Friday night on a bucking indie, whi6h tried to iitiseat its rider, but gave lip in despair, till a happy thought occurred to it, which wis to throw, itself ahd him. The latter Was ilfilnift and remounting Went the rest of the Way at a 2:40 gait. BURT. BUBT, June 4.—W. M. Stockwell has the foundation laid for the new building which will be put up at once. S. M. Ferris is taking the dirt out for Koepka's new brick. Rev. W. H. Kelly, pastor of the Presbyterian church, has tendered hisresignition to take effect August 1. He will return to tho east. Another one-horse show was in town last night. Children's day will be observed next Sunday at tho Presbyterian church. The Band picnic, Saturday, was a success in every way. Tho boys cleared about $125. In the ball game Algona was victorious, the scoreibeing 8 to 20 in favor of Algona. In the horse race Coffin's Bird took first money. In the foot race, Staley of Algona, won. Fifty-six tickets were sold here for the Liyormore celebration to-day. It takes Burt to turn out a crowd. FENTON. FENTON, June 3.—Quite a number of Fenton folks were up to tho lakes fishing. They caught lots, too. : Fred Stamer has put in a new cistern. L. J. Newell has hauled 18 loads of lumber, with wjiich lie .intends, to build a big barn. . . , . Bonhour Bros.' show wagons passed through here last week and people wondered why they didn't stop. . John Brass has bought a new top buggy- A large number of Fenton folks attended the Burt Band picnic, Saturday. A pleasant social party were entertained at Mike Woisbrod's tho first of the week. An envelope social was held at Mr. Hablo's last Thursday. CKEfcK. PLUM CBtefiK, June 3,—fluin Creek Is at the head of the list so far. Mrs. P. T. ITergusOn has a curiosity in the way of a freak of nature. It is a fouMegged Chick* en, well and hearty, and as supple as any bdrn yard fowl of its age. tt is about two Weeks old and Was hatched from an or> dihary looking egg, \yhich nobody would have suspected of being loaded. It has three legs on one side and one on the other ( but it only uses two of them. All the legs are fully developed and have chicken claws. Ex^Treasurer Rico and daughters Minnie and Carrie intend to take a pleasure and fishing tour up to Center Chain lakes in a few days. The showers have revived and refreshed the face of nature, .and of man also. The farmers seem to be well pleased now with tho prospect for good crops. The high and drying wind, Friday last harmed lots of corn in this locality, and It needed something to revive such fields as havo more or less sand in tho soil. ; Wm. Stabenow intends to leave today for Marion, Iowa. It seems that the prospects for tiling are not very encouraging justnow. Ed Simpkius and D. Rico have replanted some of their corn that was damaged by the hot winds of last week. HEBRON. .HEBRON, May 31.—Very heavy winds from tho southwest prevail here today and the farmers are taking a rest, as it is very unpleasant on account of the dirt .of which the air is full. Tho frosts of late have done some damage to flax, of which pretty nearly one half had to bo resown. H. L. Baldwin, who has been at Algona on the jury, is homo again and is reseed- iug thirty acres of flax. EdDollivor had the misfortune to be thrown from his buggy on. Sunday last. His shoulder was dislocated. Mrs. Wm. Becker is very sick at present. She has been an invalid for sometime. Rev. John Woolery will bo with us on Sunday, Juno 2nd. He is one of the pioneer ministers in this part of the country. C. S. Pendleton is something of a cripple at present. He has a sprained ankle. R. A. Richardson's residence begins to show up* It will bo a fine building, when completed. Frank O'Hara had a span of colts badly cut up by getting into the wire fence. Henry Kllndt, of tuVerne, has gone to German? fof a visit of a couple of months his parents. -Mr. JCHhdtis otre of Lu ¥erne's sitccessful business men. fhe Swca City Btef aid says that -JB. S. Sweater's barn, bufhedj and considerable hay was lost, with only partial insurance. .. •... . A son of ii, t»i fiefggfen, three yeafs of age, died of Spinal disease. Sahford Rowe had a team get into ft wife fence just south of Elmore, atid he was obliged to trade for another to put in his corn crop. The til Verne Hews sftys that Humfeoldt county has appropriated 1300.00 to fix the grade across the slough west of town* W. Si Patton Will do the Work Some time this summer, and when It is finished it will be the best grade In these parts. Ii6t Ail the Oeo. tVnshlhgtohs In. Geo, E. Boyle Is our candidate for representative, and don't you forget it either.— Lu Verne News, Geo.- W. Hanna is our choice, whether you forget it or not, and he can have the nomination and election too, if he wants them. Peti ton is 1'rosperous. Burt Monitor: The Newell boys, of Fenton, were in Burt yesterday with ten or twelve teams for lumber for their barru They will put up one 3(?x48. By the way, our lumber dealers are selling lots of lumber these days. Wasn't Forest City, Eh 1 The LuVprno ball nine think that they can make a better score than they did the last game with Algona and will be up hero next Saturday to try It. The game will be held in the fair grounds and a reasonable admission fee will be charged for expenses. Wo advise Lu Verne to bring along about nine stretchers.—Republican. We took your advice, Bro. Starr, and stretched Algona's hide on the fair grounds fence. Hereafter you must not think that because LuVerne has no candidate for the legislature that she can't play ball.—Lu- Verne News. His "Rep." .Saved Him. • S. B. Albin returned from Cedar Rapids, Tuesday, and intended to get off at. Algona, but through some freak of his sight he took Algona to be'Weley, till he got a milo or two this side. We have heard of people getting so they could see double, but can't account for an occurrence of this kind. If from our own personal knowledge we could not vouch for the strict sobriety of Mr. Albin wo might think it was caused ,by lemonade (?). Ho says ho was asleep.— Whittemore Champion. UNION. . UNION, June 4.—The much longed for rain came Sunday morning, much to tho delight of farmers. Old Mr. and Mrs. Sarchett arc here on an extended visit to their son, T. W. Sarchett. The Sunday school in the Schenck district will havo an anniversary picnic next Saturday afternoon near tho flowing well on Mr. Thompson's farm.' Frank Thompson and father left for Fort Dodgo Monday. Nellie Salisbury is home from Sheldon and her school duties. B. F. Sroufe is building onto his house and making a great improvement to his already good farm. C. Byson is also adding greatly to tho appearance of his house. Born, Thursday, May 30, to Mr., ivnd Mrs. H. J. Roibhoff, a daughter. Miss Freeman is teaching in the Godden district, John Reibhoff's two little daughters, Josie and Janette, have been very, low 1 with whooping cough but are better, wo are glad to say. , • H. Dau and W. H. Bailoy havo treated their houses to a coat of paint, which adds much to their appearance. C, Dau has; built a fine addition to bis house. Union, is great on improvements. Anyone riding through the country can easily select who are the enterprising and prosperous farm' era, who wish to make home the most cherished placeon earth. There never was a better prospect for crops thtvn at the present time, PltEEK- •' CRESCO. CRESCO, June 3,1895.—Mrs. S. S. Potter leaves,for Michigan Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Brown visited friends in the north part of the county Saturday and Sunday. Small grain looks good, but corn is a little backward on account of tho hard frosts we have had. Miss Lizzie Johnson and brother Na't visited in Belmond the last of the week. , J. R. Dutton is having a stone basement laid for a large barn which is to be erected on his farm in the future. He is also digging a cyclone cave. The rainfall of late has been quite frequent, which is very good for crops. The farmers were beginning to feel discouraged, fearing their hard labor would end in a fruitless harvest again this year. Frank Potter arid^ Charley Rist have' both been having,wells dug on their farms, and struck it rich: Frank's well being sixty-five deep, has over thirty feet of water in, and Charley's is fifty-six feet deep and has twenty feet of water, . Mrs. Charley Sample, of Irvington, died last Friday, and was buried Sunday. The funeral was from the Catholic church in Algona and largely attended. Mrs, Sanjr pie leaves a husband and two small children to mourn her untimely death, besides' a large circle of friends, The husband and relatives have the sympathy of all in this, their sad hour of bereavement, Sbe sleeps, she sleeps! And nevermore VVill her foot-steps i'all by the old home cloov, Nor her voice be heurd with Us loving t°ne 'By .t>he lone ones left round her own hearth stones . . . • She Uaa.gone, she has gone to lier home To the beautiful lantl Where the angels ure. Sits Down Hard on Bacon. Wesley Reporter: We have a letter from Mr. E. F. Bacon in answer to tho headline of our article last week "Was It Murder?" in which he attemps to make out the sufferings of the people who were hurt by the •cyclone paralell with tho sufferings of Claude Tryon, which to thoso who are con- servant with the facts in the case is extremely nonsensical, as there is no more comparison'than day is like night. -Tho ' .length of the article, and the ignorance of Mr. Bacon-as to the real facts in the case and, as he states nothing new or more to the point than in his last article wo deem it best not to publish the letter. Built n Cyoldno Cave. Bancroft Register: The school directors of district No. 4, Harrison township, set a good example last week, Director Wunn informs us. With some of tho patrons they got together and constructed a cyclone cave a short distance from tho school building; it is 5x14, about 0 feet deep, the roof formed by laying ties across tho top and covering them with sod. Two doors wero'placed at tho entrance, and an ample air shaft run through tho roof, making -a commodious and perfectly safe retreat for tho school should occasion ever demand; Their'example should bo generally followed. , Shouldn't Burn Straw, Germania Standard: During the heavy winds on Monday the barn of W. L. Boyce 1 mile northwest of town was burned to ashes by fire. About throe weeks ago Mr. Boyce was burning some straw near his- place which he supposed was out entirely, but during the heavy winds the first of the week this scattered about tho place in general. Nothing more was suspected, but' all of a sudden firo was seen blazing near the barn. Water being scarce and the time limited, the barn was in flames din a short time. All that could be done was to remove the machinery and hogs from a scorching domicile which was transacted nicely with the exception of three sm,all pigs. The barn was burned outright and the loss is estimated at Decoration Pan croft Register, The orators of the day were Mayno gsq. of our city and ex-superinten, dent Akers of P-es Monies. Mr. Mayne delivered a. masterful address, beautiful in diction, sU'png in grasp of manly priuclp. Jes, and elevated in deep and generous sentiments of American patriotism. His pica |or t^e orderly observance of,the day, 1 free from athletic sports, free, from noisp an4 plvisier, a day deeoraus and everybody In Lotts'Creek 'i's 'ha'ppy bvw; the rain of last'Saturday night. The roosters are crowing, the hens cackling, the horses playing, the mules braying, and everything is growing. The circus at IMts Creek Friday night was a grand success. Everyone was pleased. It was far ahead of JUnglings 1 , It was a magic lantern entertainment, showing pictures J? feetsquare of. scenery from all over the United States. The dajnce at Hubert's .was also a success, There were thirteen couples out. Wheels are getting to be the rage in kotts Creek. Three, new ones'have inafle their apppwance in. the test two weeKs,.. we should have a, few roojce, Call OB, fc. 4. Taylor. ' f '•• : ' glckSprQP.kes)ef.l9tSOf:MH. 'cMjibt ajo|4 t.Qjj8ays " " . J)O YOU WANT TO STOP TQBACCO? you OBW Be Cnrefl WJiUo Using it,. The Imbit of using tobaocogrows on a man Hiitil gvave disetiaed coricUClons are produced. Tobacco causes cancer of tne month aud stomach; dyspepsia i loss memory; nervous affections i eougestioj) PI the retina, and wast^ me of the optic nerve, resulting in impairment of vision, even to tUo extent pt blindness ;<lizzi» ness, or vertit'O i Jiobaouo asthma ;• nightly swt- location; dull paw in reglojj 91' tne Uearf, IQU . .«,,...... |,y r 8}ip.p nalos,.pglpitoUQB and pulse, resuUing-lu > iatftl Ue$r( [t HlSO OftySeS 109.S ftf Vitality; , ; V ' " i5^qpSffi&K f$& fhe syltewf.»«toDHcoo-to an inveterate user, be« comes a'stunulaut that ills 'system centlnually cj'aves, "BAOQ-.gujiO" Is» aoieotiflo and re- llJVble vegetable remedy, gi$arantee4 to be perfectly Harmless, and \vmoii bas been Jn use tor il^e last 28 yeava, having curetl thousands o| habitual toDuoco usei's-snsokere, chewerti »nd tnuft'-dlpperu. •V.OUOAN 1 WAW.WH 4 WRICTBN UilAHAJ}^B\ol« owe any ewe with tttreo l>Qxes. or n?/ tne money with 10 per cent iiuere«t. ^no—OUKQ" u not a su.osMute. but u sclentWlo, pure-whieh .»*• _ if Time. The Burt Co-operative creainery was established five years ago this month, and Gop, S. Angus, the secretary of the insti* tution says in a letter,in the Monitor; The past month has shown the most gratifying increase of all as we- have re* ceived over 500,000 pounds of milk and made over §0,000 pounds of butter, Wnere it first cost us 4 cents to make a pound of butter we can now make it for' pne'tWrd cents per pound, add thai Includes every* thing, interest on our investment at 8 centper annum, tubs, salt, etc, and if -1 *A? for thisyi New Vor \vHh ft strong , 65c. on an ajerage . , May I exppct tho price perhaps moro. * entl ,„ _„„ with »9 4»oi ,e sysjtew m pie awl — you tooX yomir I , r < f '»!\iff,i $y& «•« iStpfcl'H YS Sioux Ctyy Journal; JJe'rji j§ ; ,'a tip hankers, Cam, Tyrrell 9914'W? J?pl« i in Algona and put tbs'HWJ'ifiy }u itoi. ajid doesn't regret the ehaiige. .flje $8^ |» MowjtQL&WfeW T WQJlfi,--., ISfortJi and S( m^pr^ty.Ql' tUe;'- J1 - A1 -

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