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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 11
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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 11

London, Greater London, England
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FILM NOTES By GORDON FORSYTH Dai'u ond Morning Poet Saturday June tS 190 If GARDEN CALENDAR Children from Nowhere YJ-OT since "Seven Davs to 1Y Noon" revealed a silent that June Gap Bridge MR WEEKLY GARDEN TALK NEW FRUIT GARDEN PROTECTION NETS Bird proof Frost proof Steam tarred EXTR A SPECIAL QUALITY FULLY PROTECTS mechanisation Beauty and Utility How difficult If ta to i combine the two in mechanised ate when our life rfim almost ruled the machinery CelRCS StriWPCrriCS raSpOCITICS BfCG we have invented until we aee ouraeve aa the hprU wall fruit cherries Currant immortal Alice be-nx pul ed alon by the oeas ail I I White Queen Now now! cried the DUShCS CtC Qun Fatter faster It take ail FULLY COVERS AREAS NAMED NO SHRINKAGE running you can do to keep in the name place If you want to get somewhere cite you miMt 1 run at leant twice a fast a Only tn the country and in our garden 1 --j can we move at a qmet pact tending the i-inch square mesh llu square yard earth that it will produce tree and hlOMnitb Any lengths Any widths AttV 1763 lollnc u' "1 I sent immcdiatch No dclav Carr paid our breath and the fruit and vegetable empty London completely evacuated after an atomic bomb scare have we had such an eerie scene in the cinema as that which opens Village of the Damned (Ritz Sydney Smith used to say that whenever he was in the country he always felt as if civilisation would expire before tea-time" This is just what appears to happen in the English village of Midwich Towards the middle of an ordinary day the inhabitants all fall unconscious Taps are left running electric irons burning the telephone girl slumps over her switchboard: the local bus and many a car are in the ditch Even the well-known physicist Prof Zellaby has gone under in his elegant Palladian house It's his brother-in-law from the War lrk Who then could it be had the central situation not re-Omce who first discovers the the Abominable Snowman? called that of bother and brings in the Army The local worthies are much put melodrama hardly being conducive complete with neuter-counters and out with the exception of the to a serious study of political be- elderly professor (George Sanders) haviour and morals who has a young wife When 101b The setting is a Latin-American spotting aircraft OWADAYS we seem hear a lot about June gap in the flower garden and it is all rather ludicrous an idea the expression came into being during the war when we were at our end to keep our homes constantly supplied with fresh vegetables and early June proved the most difficult period In the flower garden however there is no excuse for lack of floral interest during June except so far as the formal bedding schemes are concerned with the spring plants out and the summer ones only recently in If your garden docs lack colour iust now a little planning for the future is called for Certainly there is no this year with the roses already in mag- Abutilon vitifolium which was shown so magnificently this week It is a quick grower soon reaching 15ft or more with handsome foliage and large mauve flowers Like most rapid growers it is liable to die off suddenly or be killed by a severe winter but it has the advantage of being very easy to raise from seed There is a lovely pure glistening white variety of it but this has to be raised from cuttings More for Shelter Other choice June-flowering shrubs for sheltered walls noted specially at this show were the bright violet-blue Glasnevin variety of the potato tree Solanum crispum the crimson-lanterned Tricuspidaria lanceolata large white-flowered Carpenteria califor-nica and slender red-flowered Leptospermum scoparium nicholl-Philadelphus Sybille a must for sii the richest of several beautiful even the smallest plot varieties T- And if after planning to take nincent bloom the paeomes flower- Philadelphus and in flowering these lovely June-flowering shrubs ing gloriously the bearded irises they never let you down you have any room to spare or can lust finishing a splendid perform- The Deutzias are as free and make any there are still many easy as the Philadelphus in any more worthy claimants like grace- well-cultivated soil and here again ful Buddleia alternifolia pink Kol- there is a good selection pink kwitzia amabilis yellow Genista and white single and double to virgata and cinerea and shrub choose from to suit the space roses both old and modern in- available And for sunny banks numerable but they are a story in and borders no shrubs will give a themselves more brilliant June display than the rock roses (Cistus) and their dwarf relations the sun roses (Helianthemum) which are of course good also for rock garden Apart from these there is a iihappy vents need to lend a little variety to our diet day by day Let hope the fate will be kind and make the un to hine ao that we can enjoy to the full the bountcou gift of Nature GARDENING BARGAINS li you have room to plant acme CHRY-SASTHFMl VIS rvj DAHLIAS here i an opportunity ou should not Fine quality named ur et 10 be cleared regard! of coat LARGE CHRYSANTHEMUMS Firt-cla exhibition quality early flower-'na outdoor tar (up ivn truly outate n-curved and reflex bloom of areai beauty together with om of the outstanding multi-flowered KOREANS Pot-grown plants all different wide olour range 10 for 10 '6 carr A 2- 20 ail different 20- carr 3- PRIZE DAHLIAS Wonderful decorative vgrtde which will provide masse of colourful b'ooms pot-grown plant ail different many colour 6 for 106 Pott 16: 20- dot poa 2 PLAN FOR PLENTY CUTHBLRrs I he World Finaat Flower and Vegetable SEEDS arc now on sale at id Woolwoi wan: bumper crops and a fine floral display this summer plant L'L I MHI I Si US CUTHBERTS ROSE CATALOGUE NOW READY 1 he new edition beautifully illustrated In natural eoloun and all gardener who arc consider nx plant in tome rose in the autumn will And this a valuable guide to ail the finest varieties including of course he most outstanding of ihe recent mt rod uct ion Roses now are in thesr full glory nk around and select the varieties whuh you wall require and send me your inquiries so that the roses can be reserved for you St ND NOW for your FRtt copy of my Rose Catalogue CUTHBERT 3 offs Oak Waltham Cross Herts BA BOO CANES per 100 babies are born all round after a Republic in reality a police State seven-month gestation period he is under dictatorship The particular inclined to regard the whole thing concern is with an island where Experiments show the area to be cause can be found' The' on lv Idea interesting my political prisoners labour in the anchusas pvrethrums gaillardias that occurs to militarv minds i ear felow- plantations and a revolutionary tlar-v pmks' and other colourful that occurs to military minds is to NEW HEMP BEAN and PEA TRMN1NG NETS All immediate dispatch from stock Anv lengths Anv heights Also: COMPLETE STEEL FRUIT and GARDEN PROTECTION CAGES COMPLETE WITH NETTING Any height anv size sent TENNIS Nets Tennis surrounds Tubular steel uprights Top rails CRICKET Nets GOLF Nets STRAWBERRY MATS CATALOGUE FREE SUTTON Nctmakcr Hadlow Chambers SIDCUP KENT (Established 1912) LETTS SHOW GARDEN and Nurseries OPEN EVERY WEEK-END and every week-day except Monday Saturdays 10 am-6 pm Sunday 230-6 pm Plants now in full Flower: CISTUS CLEMATIS HEATHER ESCALLONIA POTENTILLA Clb Bush Shrub Ac Ac ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE 9d directions to our Show Garden JOHN LETTS THE HEATHER SPECIALIST Westwood Road Windlesham Surrey KNIGHTS NURSERIES LTD HAILSHAM SUSSEX TELFPHONE 4Ti4-4 5 RECOMMENDED OUR COLLECTION OP 12 HYBRID TEA ROSES 55- 1 CRIMSON GtORY 1 PFACE 1 ENA HARICNFSS 1 P1CTUR 1 McGREDYS 1 VIRGO SUNSET 1 PRESIDENT 1 TZIGANE HOOVER 1 HFCTOR DFANK 1 THE DOCTOR 1 YELLOW 1 SUTTER'S GOLD CARR PAID FUR CASH WITH ORDER SI I 1 I OR I 1ST WALLACE BARRS SEEDS For prcacnl liminl DELPHINIUM M- pitK iiraiR mixed vtforoux crmttitu-non flower mcaure 22n aero floe dg-tmcl colours: per packet Is 6d 2 6d and 3 6d VIOLA vented Violetta Thesa dainty miniature-flowered Viola are chgrmsni a pot plants or for border Per packet Is 6d and 2t 6d WALLACE BARR The Old (iarden Tunbridge Wellt keep it out of the papers at all resulting from these costs mysterious and loyless concep- Rut towards three cattle to bunormJ which have been similarly afflicted hair' hnger- are seen stirring and soon the na anb a tenclcnc-' to stare Later whole village is on its feet again feeling a bit "one degree under" though on the whole in very good heart as they used to say in the trenches There the little episode might have ended with no one the wiser for although one of the aircraft crashed and there are numerous others They can also read the insurance claims to be made the thoughts of normal people news amazingly never leaks out Remarkablv interesting the pro- not even in the gossip columns fessor continues to say while the because Ines and her young Alas there are after-effects The dozen flaxen-haired darlings are 'over seem too inept too indiscreet village girls married or not are all herded together in a special school to last a single round in such a found to be pregnant The mili- where he teaches them differential sophisticated political context tary although manctuvring nearby calculus at a tender age despite Tim I' can hardly be credited with this suspicions in the War Office that 1 mie rpOSlire they are the spearhead of an in- purpose is to expose vasion typical machinations of a police From Russia? Perish the State the imprisonment without thought The Russians we hear trial the false confession the con-have had a similar colony w'hich venient murder of a prisoner they dealt with in the usual while trying to escape" all em-tender totalitarian fashion Only ployed in the name of justice and England continues to nurture the freedom" though in reality to strangers whose stare is soon re- strengthen the hand of those in vealed to have hypnotic powers power who are seen gratifying and by the time the little dears personal whims involving perhaps have liquidated two villagers un- a racehorse or a woman Homosexuals a breeze of change whole galaxy of flowering shrubs to anc' wa'' planting Admittedly the individual flowers of both families last only a day but they appear in profusion tor several weeks and no shrubs are easier to increase by summer cuttings than these Bloom Galore Then there are the semi-evergreen Escallonias which start their display with a big flush of The white-flowered mock orange blossom in June Three ago or Philadelphus (persistently and I planted a collection of the lovely erroneously called syringa) comes Donard hybrid Escallonias as into its own this month and even small pot-grown specimens and the pocket-handkerchief garden now they are lovely bushes 4ft and should boast at least one bush more h8h- massed with bloom Although the majority form A point worth noting is that large bushes there are some which Jese Escallonias tend to become barelv exceed 3ft like the double- but this can be corrected by flowered Manteau d'Hermine pruning them hard in early spring pink-flushed single Sybille dainty 'n the first year or two small-flowered microphyllus and If you have a sunny house-wall purplish-centred purpureo-macu- corner sheltered from the east latus all deliciously scented There and want a worthy occupant for it is nothing difficult about growing you could do worse than choose Order over 1C) carnage paid Under £5 add 26 for freight CW Lev than 100 supplied at pro rata rates THE BRITISH BAMBOO CO LTD 34 LAN IV El BODMIN CORNWALL FAVOURITE PERENNIAL FLOWERS Now I the time to iow pcrenmali If you ith to enjoy their flower in next year garden (rowing perennial from ecd I and inicrcnng and ou can ratc dozen of Plant of each kind for lex than the vot of one root Send to-day lor a I Ktt copy of our olour-iIIum rated SrrU Book which offer a compre-hcnivc selection of the bct perennial flower ccds SAMUEL DOB1E SON LTD 1 1 CHESTER STANDARD ROSES NATURE NOTES: By MAURICE BURTON Starling Antics TARLINGS nesting in the roof of my house have This behaviour which has been seen in a large number of been feeding their young Dur- different kinds of birds has ing the day each individual bird been called anting It verges on forages alone but at about sun- the grotesque and so far set the eight parent starlings nobody has given a satisfactory forage over the lawn in a group explanation of it One evening recently as the It looks as if the bird is using WEEPING WILLOW weep no more one doe of PHOSTRCV OFN the wonder plant food immediately promote healthy happy and 2 bd carton at WOOLWORTH STORES makes 7r gallon completely balanced chenicjl plant food Send for Treatise C'rTEMI CULTURF the modem eaav way to iuccwe ful plant feeding free PHOSTROGEN LIMITED 8 St A Building Barmouth Wales MULTI-GARDNER The nr MULTI-GARDNER SYSTEM )u what been waiting for ONE quick-change engine powers many machines -culti-vator lawn mower rough graat cutter hedga trmmer chain aw hoe tiller Ac Start witw engine and ANY one machine acid others as needed eg Mower £8 10 0 Universal engine £25 Write for details! FARM- FITTERS LED Ucrnrdi Crow Bucki Is the climate of opinion slowly growing more temperate for homosexuals? Will it soon permit the Government to make long-needed changes in the law? The Rev A Hallidie Smith writing in The Observer tomorrow detects a breeze of change blowing through the Rotary Clubs and Toe H's of Britain But on the chances of its penetrating the draught excluders of Westminster he is less optimistic Meanwhile he says homosexual victims of blackmail robbery or violence who report these matters to the police are likely to be prosecuted themselves and the real criminals go unsought Must Britain be a mess? Tomorrow The Observer concludes its series "Must Britain be a mess?" It is worth making the point that the question is not "How can we stop town and country becoming a soul -destroy ing they re one now over huge areas of this Island friendly to the cause even the professor has had enough So have we though the film has provided a good deal of harmless excitement before the invention finally runs down Credible Fantasy The weakness is a failure to establish an atmosphere of fear Wells with a careful accumula- as always is servedln tion of persuasive detail would the part of the lover who sacrifices have had our hair standing on end his ideals Nor did I think Jean Here the fantasy always seems Servais happilv cast as the sadistic more credible than the reality with Governor the equivalent of the result that we are more amused Scapia in Sardou than chilled Inevitably the precocious child- ren steal the show Most fathers 1111112 Methods would settle for one if only to cope with eleven-plus and most Rich Young and Deadly (Rialto mothers too for their flaxen hair A finds Mickey Rooney as a though not perhaps for the initial Rneving father inquiring belated!) 101b They are also beautifully into the accidental" death of his behaved except for the habit of son at a bizarre military academy staring Altogether a pleasant I didn't know the limitations of a Ve speciglitke in growing STANDARD ROs of superlative quality HYBRID TEA FLOR1BUNDA anJ WEEPER Easy to cultivate ihc arc particularly effective behind walla or hedge Budded from lft 6in to )ft mined Standard Rotes give deep graduated hank of lasting ivd colour Our price for DOUBLE BUDDED STANDARDS are 10 for quarter 12 6d for half LL tor full' and 17a 6d for WEEPING STANDARDS Write for catalogue to ROUGHETTS STANDARD ROSES UolJlMrhmll line MUdcnbofouxh Kcm 1000 HERRING NETS a from sea TANNED ROIPROOF appro! Ovda 1 Us lin mesh with 50Ufi of rope £37 t) Suitable FARM GARDEN FISHING put poses Av Weight approx 601b arriagc 10 extra SOU BRAND NEW 4IN MESH HEMP NET'S read) for use approx 300ft 20ft Ideal for PEA TRAINING STACK NET'S Ac £315- Carriage 5- extra NET WORKS (DTI PtlFRMEMJ ABfcRDEENSHHUi Thinning Them Out ALTHOUGH the set of plums generally seems to be poor owing to spring frost damage apples look like being very plentiful and the question now is to thin or not to thin?" With large well-established apple trees it is seldom practicable to do much fruit thinning and in any case the natural June drop helps quite a lot with these With trained trees however in ivluch fruit-bearing growth and fruit-bud production must be evenly balanced allowing a tree to carry too heavy a crop may well upset the apple-cart Fruiting puts a very big strain on the tree: if the strain is excessive growth is checked fruit-bud production ceases and the habit of biennial bearing is automatically encouraged Besides which if the crop is very large a big percentage of the fruits are sure to be small and of poor quality Once the June drop is finished a good rule-of-thumb method with apples is to reduce the clusters to one per cluster the best after removing the central king apple (as shown above) which although the largest may be the poorest keeper When thinning is completed the fruits should average not less than bin apart Fruit thinning is most important for late-keeping apples (and pears): with the early to midseason cooking apples it can he delayed until the thinnings are big enough for use feeding party was in progress it moved across a colony of ants All fed on the ants but one of them interrupted its feeding several times to behave in a peculiar way It picked up the formic acid from the ant to deal with parasites on the feathers a kind of de-lousing but there are good reasons for believing this is not the real answer Much has been written on this puzzling suhiect and little more about it in a BUNKERS Will taut a liftllmt Faty wtmMr Simply bulu toaelher Rut and rniproof All ici ft 1 xpaciiy £4 ISO plux carnaa Alxo OARAGLS MARI ITF PAVING Dttaila from MAR LEY CONCRETE LTD rD2 hr in he al GUILDFORD SURREY CFIFLTl NHAM POOU DORSET The CONSTRUE riON of your P'h ftr trrrc will he made eny and economnal hv I he ixc soil III hh ha bate maniila lured lor over 30 year ax a non-tlip Harden pavin in many xirci and nee colour We will be cxhibmna example of our pvxn and walling at (he Royal Counuet Show Salisbury lo 2Sih June on Stand No 1 xi Avenue OF LITE tad IDTI Borough Green Kent (Borough Green 2oRh) PIAI Granulated sedst Prt carriage paid England and Walex 20x cwt 5 cwt lRx per cart Peat Lawn Drewmgx 2Sx per cwt 5 cwt 20x per cwt DITCH Sphagnum Moxx Peat large balex hexxian wrapped 35x per hale WO GODWIN (Peat ln-dustrice) Ltd MFARE GLASTONBURY SOMERSET change from the usual run of delinquents If you want one though the film is no help Production remains a secret Beds and Batons The political film like the politi- TO PLANT NOW OLD-F ASHIONFD PINKS Beautiful colour glorious perfume trouble-free hardy perennial Strong March-sown seedling only 46 per doe 3 do for 10 post paid Plant now for success SOUTHVIEW NURSERIES (lcpt 31 Chequers Lane Eversky Cross Hants GARDEN SEATS table gate barrows and fencing Brochure from Manufacturers Rowland Brother Blctchlcy Bucks LU MINIUM LA DDE RS factory price ARDY GERANIUMS (Herbaceous Prren- ma 1 i Improve yearly Superior quality Rises Mon HMiffPPRWWffffRRi niaks) Thrive outdoors all year round Pink roe cream Hollywood's sense of humour 1 vould say this was a parody of that disturbing film as a Man" It has something of the absurdity of a parody it provides too something of the expected amusement In Girls Town isame programme) we are in a reformatory run bv an ant spread one wing and put its head under can he said it then twisted the tail towards short space This episode was the spread wing It appeared to of especial interest because it is be rubbing the ant rapidly up sometimes claimed that birds and down the long wing- do not ant when bringing up feathers This was repeated a young although that is the number of times first with one time when they are more likely wing then with the other to be verminous ci dozen MACORFGOR Rare Plant Specialist LARKHALL Lanarkshire cal play is a rarity Luis Bunuel's nuns on very liberal principles Republic of Sin (Berkeley They eventually tame good-time deserves a welcome for something girl Mamie van Doren with the attempted in that line help of beat music and a little More might have been achieved ju-jitsu EDUCATIONAL Towards a First Hearing for Havergal Brian "Gothic Bv JOHN TO MEN AND WOMEN OF ALL AGES WISHING TO TRAIN AS TEACHERS HARO Ravel Last of the Dandies martin cooper MAURICE RAVEL who died and a certain over-refinement he in 1937 was the latest belongs at heart to the great line composer of genius to be of uneventful French art re- cently praised by Andre Maurois accepted by the general public Chardin Fragonard and Bonnard not perhaps whole-heartedly in his lifetime but within a few years of his death He was the last wholly serious composer to write a tune whistled by errand-boys and the music but in rcstrospect it is easy popularity of his music with to see how light and transparent November Simpson wrote of the "Gothic" symphony The colossal resources this work demands have exposed him to the facile accusation of megalomania anyone who reads the score rather than the list of forces on the flyleaf will however find the music Wo rid of ttslc UCH has been written about the neglect of Havergal Brian but almost nothing done to mount performances of his music An honourable exception has been the BBC' Third Programme where one of Brian's leading champions the composer Robert Simpson has made himself responsible for the performances of several of the symphonies But one of the most important of these the Gothic" has so far languished in the trough of silence to which Brian has at 84 accustomed himself with the heroic fortitude that is one of the strongest characteristics of his music A work demanding an enormous symphony orchestra quadruple chorus and four brass bands certainly presents one obstacle to its performance which has hitherto proved insuperable expense Disturbed at the 40-year silence UNIVERSITY CORRESPONDENCE COLLEGE founded 1887 successfully preparas students for GENERAL CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION vOrdmary and Advanced Levels all Board) LONDON UNIVERSITY Entrance requirement and External A Si Sc Eton) LLB Bar (I and II Private Study ourse to Language Science Subjects A Staff of highly qualified Tutor Reasonable fee mia menu troPCClu giving full detail from Registrar 23 BURLINGTON HOUSE 1AM BRIDGE EXPERT POSTAL TUITION for emnauons Umvcrty Law Accountancy Coaling Secretarial Civil service Management Export Commercial General crufLite of Education Ac Also many practical (non-examlna-tionJ course in bmmrs lubjccts Write to-day for free prospectu andor advice mentioning elimination of tibjccla in which interested to METROPOLITAN COLLEGE OI2A SI AilMua or call at 30 (JucPh Vlctprt Bticet hC4 thsiabliRhcd 19101 THE POLYTECHNIC Vs'i KFOFNT RlKikbi 1 auHOtJL ot MxsDSRN i amhjac FULL-TIME DAY COURSES ofTcnna prp paratiun iu Lena German Italian or Span and Kuwaan fur unixetstiv certifies! and prm faaMunal eiaiusnaiion shorthand and VfclNINO in tha abort inaaaaaea and Dutch Norwegian and Swedish Interpreter Groups SPECIAL LECTURE COURSES in French German Italian Rowan and Spanish Proxpctue may be obtained on apphoa tion tojhc DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION INOI I DU At It FK1 I GF CHARGE ven on IIOOI and lutorx for BOYS GIK1V hi i IJomeytic S-cnce A Flmxfagna S-hoois Scretanal Collette Holiday Homes TRUMAN KNIGHTLEY LTD SchoUauc Aacntx A Conxulunta Founded 1901 Publixherx of illustrated tulde 125: Scholarship! at Boys' Public Schools 5- Scholarships at Girl" 5-: Outline of GC reoutretnenta" 25 Career In the Making" by John Well end 5- alxo aeniUMc "Careerx EiKyclopaedta 169 Prices include pottaie 91 Baker Street London Wl Hunter 0931 AT MISS CATHERINE SECRP I A RIAL COLLEGE 21 Colli ngham Road SW5 (Frobieher 2012) the (remind includes the study of Foreign Laguagea or Journahxm In addition to the usual aecretaral subject! Mat Her r-Sander Appointment Department continuea at this address film-producers the been Leftthinking Western Essex Education Commute pro-poxe to open in January 1961 DAY TRAINING COLLEO NEAR BRENTWOOD The Cotleie wilt train tenchera for post in Junior and Secondary Schools Students must ft at team IS years of aar and preferably under 30 The course will be or rears' duration for youna student brat gyear eoura may be appraised foe suitable mature students Oranti are axatlaMa towards com of tuition and maintenance lYiese tn the case of mature atudenia xhtl aenerally coyer the whole com of tuition and an allowance for dependant! Further Information and application forms from Chief Education Officer County Ofllcea Chrimeford Essex ptratt quo tt reference F5(W was the mask which he used partly from modesty and partly from a kind of coquetry to hide his feelings In Ma Mere in Daphnis and et les sortileges the mask is sometimes j- i dropped and Ravel reveals a ten- IS derness which comes very near to vvnen the composer in Hollywood and Russian concert public has enough to damn it in musical circles in Europe new sentimentality Mai kie Ravel Accepted by all now Yet neither of these works shows Ravel at his best or his most characteristic thing refused the Legion in 1920 his old friend Satie now the accepted mascot of a newer school observed charmingly that although the composer refused the honours of the Establishment all his music accepts The extreme musical Right in France was almost equally con IUVV nuiiuil vviuaiiY vvzu With his keen sense of French values Mr Myers is probably right in insisting on the importance of the Histoires Naturelles as one of the finest and most characteristic of works He effectively lays the ghost of the old dispute conducted not by the composers The Observer is attacking this problem very radically The last rticle in the series suggests that the Town as we know it is an out-of-date concept and suggests an alternative Teenage Party Habits The Observer is good at noticing its name possibly Tomorrow Dorothy Berry describes teenage parties as seen by the parent left at home "It takes them roughly an hour to get ready yet when they come downstairs they look almost exactly as before Lips the colour of a corpse hair maybe a little tidier than At the house of the party after up to fifty people have been let in doors are guarded or locked No grown-up really knows what goes on Are they innocent gatherings to let off steam or Or what? Tomorrow also Mammon looks at the Business of Tennis Patrick O'Donovan concludes his account of stricken Chile there is a of Ingemar Johansson who on Monday fights Floyd Patterson for the world heavyweight title (and a preview of the fight by Gene Tunney himself) Good value! As a craftsman passionately which has surrounded what Tovey interested in all questions of tech- believed one of the greatest nique he was inquisitive about new achievements by any English com methods of composing and as a poser the ever enterprising Wind IUCIIIUUS 3J1 UUIIIJJUMMK 111U 1 ill: I Ullltl jm nmx yyiiivi tv irtnc temptuous Vincent d'Indy mocked t1ut 1 -r Tpe dandy he was unwilling to write Music Society is trying in every the priority of Debussy and on Ravel in the exploration of a new keyboard style ADVICE ON the choice of BOARDING SCHOOLS Tutors Secretarial and Domestic Colleaes is eiven free of charae to parenia full detail of their reouirementa PATON LTD 143 Cannon St London EC 4 Telephone MANston House 5053 the small scale of his compositions and some of the critics were merciless Ravel? Verv soft trills in the muted strings flute horn side-drum wind-machine muted brass and glissandi in the double basses Crumbs Brush the cloth will you Marie? Like a politician an artist attacked with equal venom by the music that was no longer fashion- sense to raise the wind able" But the two piano concertos A sum of £800 is needed to which were his major compositions mount the first performance and after the 1914-18 war mercifully an appeal to all curious music-show very little concern with lovers to contribute is being made musical fashions apart from a mild by a number of distinguished musicians including the corn-sonorities posers Malcolm Arnold Racine Fricker Gordon Jacob Edmund Rubbra and Humphrey Searle the conductors Norman Del Mar Sir Adrian Boult (who have both performed some of works) and PRIVATE SCHOOLS COLLEGES AND TUTORS Aiglon college CHFSIFRPV VII LARS SWITZERLAND Enltah School for bova Senior School 12-18 Junion 8-12 Particular Flaie Jackson 110 Gloucester Place London Wl Telephone Welheck 1493 ADVICE FREE to parent! seekint Boarding Schooll and aood Summer Holiday accommodation for children Write stating district fees ate date of entry die BURROWS SCHOLASTIC BUREAU 7 Imperial Houae Cheltenham Publuhera of School of England 12- incluatre of postage one to-day seriously disputes the greater genius of Debussy but there is no doubt that Ravel's Jeux Right and the Left mav congratu- appearing when Debussy had no late himself on possessing that more than the comparatively con- perennial humanity which is ventional Pour le piano to his professional craftsman rather than equally unpopular with both brands name inaugurated a new style of jealousy of the artist that made of partisans: and if he has Ravel's keyboard writing and one which Rave sav of Stravinsky: He can unquestioned gifts as a craftsman Debussy himself was to explore take liberties I could not allow he may well hope for a share of with less brilliance but more rnvself because he is less of a I immortality Ravel's own claims originality musician than I are carefully examined in a new The two composers were wholly book Life and Works" unalike in temperament and their (Duckworth 30s by Rollo Mvers dissimilarity is summed up in their STAMP who is well known for his cham- stage works more clearly than any- pionship of Satie and has therefore where else Pell6as is the work no partisan axe to grind flirtation with jazz rhythms and and work shows a homogeneity of character and a uniformity of standard rare among composers It was no doubt the pride of the One for of a nature-poet an artist with a £10 seldom are stamp finds of POSTAGE STAMPS Sir Eugene Goossens and Dr Simpson himself In the course of an illuminating study of Brian's achievement in The Musical Times last Havergal Brian fundamentally different in nature from that of the overblown roman tics It is tough in fibre strong and economical in its developmen and its length is only the greatness of its dimensions It is significant that the tremen dous Te Deum with which it ends does not for all its size finish in an orgy of decibels but closes with a soft a cappella choir nor is this mystery-mongerm it is the quiet power of final relaxation The ending of the Gothic symphony is prophetic of Brian's later music deeply characteristic of his true restraint and his profound realism Where the climaxes of the ebullient Strauss and the self-tormenting Mahler spread themselves almost rapaciously around the listener knot themselves tightly with taut thews tense as a coiled Any contribution from music-lovers interested in discovering this immense work is obviously very welcome: the man to send it to is the Wind Music Society's treasurer Mr Harvey Kershaw 81 Dollis Park London N3 including with it ypur name and address Sherlock Holmes HARMER ROOKE and Company Limited JUNE 23rd 24th GENERAL PROPFRTTES Including th col- The Ho kution offered O'd -f Lieut -Col PRESTON SO with ommon full experience of human passion importance made that when and an absolutely original musical one does occur it is worth mind which was nevertheless I recording Even when a find is BOND STREET STAMP AUCTIONS At 130 Pm JUNE 20 21 CHOICE HR COMMON WEALTH with Ascension Barb do Bermuda Ceylon Cypru 0mbia Gib Malta Newoundand Zealand Sarawak Sierra I rone etc illu Catalogue 1- JUNE 27 2R ALL-WORLD SAJ-E in eluding Autralig Cape Ceylon GREAT RRITAIN Italy Newfoundland UN1TFD STATES etc aio Collection and Vanout on both da II Catalogue 1- or 30 for 12 month with Retaliation VALUATIONS for Sale Probate Insurance HARMER LTD 41 New Bond Street London Wl AY fair 0218 and Fo'etan including Denmark Franc Turkey United Stare Ac Ac IUuatrated catalogue II- (poar free) The Leading Siamp Auctioneer 2 Arundel St Strand WC2 Telephone TFMplr Bar 7941 (5 line) STAMP AUCTION FFRS for over 60 require for their S'rancJ Room Ranrif i Ai 'imuliin I oe Stamp General A ollecilow Lavh advance up to 9D on independent valuation Send for brochure PLUMRIDGE CO LTD 142 Strand 2 Tent Bar 0939 IT COSTS NOTHING to conult Devmond Chamberlain when you are considering ihe disposal of your Stamp Cofleu- THE facts of life are simple and unmysterious and Mr Mvers does not claim to make any revelations He uses some hitherto unpublished correspondence to document the rela-( tions between the composer and his i distinguished but improbable pupil Belief in their ability to earn their ow Raph Vaughan Williams: and he living will go a long way to restore to quotes SOme little-know estimates the war-blmded their cherished sense Qf his music by Ravel himself and nf independence St has 1 by his friend Leon-Pau! Fargue mdepende Ravel was the last of the Baude- tramed war-blinded Se ce i lairian dandies "a mixture of women to follow many professions factiousness extreme reserve and cralts and and helps them a d'r'a dreaosny-hLh hha2ard collalxjration between The only examples known are 3J iffi RMLSSl 5K SjSS at work and at home RLEASE REMEMBER ST DUNSTAN whom ilium mini Exploring Ear IN YOUR WILL proved genuine An experienced Swiss dealer and a postmark expert loined forces An infra-red photograph was made blocking out the design of the stamps and lifting out the postmark disclosing that it was used in Charmev-Bulle on Jan 1 1888 This was compared with 80000 other Swiss postmarks and the pair was then given a certificate of 100 per cent genuineness The pair now graces the collection of a prominent Swiss philatelist and a Berne newspaper has described it as one of the greatest rarities discovered in the history of Swiss philately An expert places its value at £750 NEWPORT Some programmes which depart from the standard repertory To-day: Central Hall Westminster 8: Berlioz Requiem To morrow: All Souls' Langham Place 3: by Covent Garden company Kenwood 730: Wind wrorks incl by Poulenc and Hindemith Monday: Wigmore 730: Cherubini opera excerpts Wedneadas BA Galleries 15: New John Wright variations St Pancras Town Hall 730: Fra Dia-volo (till Saturday) Thursday: Wigmore 730: Hindemith 2nd piano sonata RAH 730: Stravinsky Ebony Concerto Dankworthi Seiber Improvisations Fridas RFH Stravinsky concerto in Mahler Son of the sortileges' He emphasises the purely historical importance of the two works in which Ravel experimented with new musical idioms the Pofrmes de Mallarme" written under the influence of Pierrot Lunaire" and the Duo Sonata for violin and violoncello in which the composer made a gallant effort to use the naked Fargue describes him as one who liked "doing things" (we might say with our eye on the cabinetmaker's workshop making and it is impossible to denv the truth of Fargue's observation that everything that issued from his brain whatever reservations the critics may make about his inspiration bears the stamp of perfection just discovered Having found the pair there was the problem of proving it genuine An expert Fritz Moser-Raz of Biel established that the fibres in the paper went across the perforation bridges and that the control marks on the two halves were in the correct position relative to one another There could therefore be no question of faking Then the postmark had to be AH information from THfc LORD FRASfcR OF LONSDALE (Choirmon) ST I South Audley Street London Wl (Registered acccrdonr the Kcr cna1 Despite his taste for the exotic linear style of the neo-classicists.

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