The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1895
Page 5
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f MM 1891 •T IS m The Bed Figure Sale at the CLOTHING HotJSB hits caused conslde/able talk among seekers after bargains and fine goods. IttH 11 prtf anyone to come along distance to this great 1 sale fthich continues until June isth. We hate sotft'e water damaged goods left to close out at almost your own price. DURDALL & CO. LOCAL Kextweek Will be commencement week in Algona. Algona's Fourth of July orator Will be Victor B. Dollivor, of Ft. Bodge. Of course the brass cannon will have to be brought out for the Fourth. Children's day Will be observed next Sunday at the Congregational chnrch, Miss Wartman gives a class rehearsal, Friday evening, in the Congrega* tional chutch. Everybody in ICossuth county will waut to hear Victor.B. Dolliver in Algona OQ the Fourth of July. The children's day exercises of the Baptist Sunday school have been postponed till Sunday, June 16th. Charley Rudsill, a business man of Ft. Dodge, was in Algona one day last week, looking over the town. Court adjouined last Wednesday until Monday next, June 10, when Judge Quarton will hear equity cases. " Two of Mayor Haggard's fine old apple trees were blown down by the strong winds of last week. There was a great outpouring of Odd Fellows yesterday for LIvermoro. The Odd Fellows are enthusiastic calebrat- ors. • Anyone who wants to see Capt. Ingham's big tarpon can gratify his curiosity by a visit to the reading room. C. A. Smith has his bills out advertising his races at the fair grounds for July 3rd and 4th. He offers about $600 in purses. The Milwaukee road advertises an excursion to Minneapolis- Sunday = morning next. The low rate of 82 for the round trip is offered. C. Byson had two carloads of lumber on the Northwestern track this morning.. He will put it into a big barn on his place in Union township. The County Board has been in session since Monday, arid the greater part of'its time has .been given to bidders on the St. J oe iron bridge. Lawyer P. M. Barslou was in town yesterday. He brought the first news of the tornado and cloud-burst which struck Bancroft Monday afternoon. Ella Durant. who has been studying art'at Des Moines for some time, returned home on Monday, the studio in which she worked having been closed. With.rain pouring down without notice at any hour of day or night, and almost without clouds in the sky,. we may easily believe that, the elroutb is ' Muliica& Ohns'te'dV will"'Help'th8 farmers out by repairing any breaks or replacing worn parts and so save, them lots of money, They say so in their ad. , .Would it not be well for every farmer to look over every foot of his' land 'right away arid" see if there is anything to be found which may turn .out to be a Bussian thistle? Preparations for, opening our new steam laundry are going on briskly. The Cowles building, opposite the BE- PUBMCAN office, is being fitted up for it and soon It wUl be in operation. Auditor Calkins has done his best to collect in census returns, but on Mond^y there were four towns yet to/ be heard from officially. The BEPTJBLI- CAN office had returns from all but one town three weeks ago. Algona'a ball club is made up or fine S 'ayers, but when they met the brawny ulronv umpire they had to succumb. They were not practiced up for umpires and had no pitchforks or sbot- ' guns. They were completely surprised The cemetery has been surrounded by a new wire fence, which is a distinct improvement over tbe old one The G, A. B. has erected a fine flag pole in the center of tbe square allotted for the burial of soldiers. • ' • • A large number of Kossuth county people have gone to Fort Dodge to attend, mainly as witnesses, tbe second trial of tbe case of Jpsepb Thompson against the Milwaukee railroad company, for damages in running .into his , r wagon ?pme years, ago , Tbe Northwestern Christian Advocate of May 30th prints a letter from Dr, McCoy of this place, appropriate to -•Memorial day, which was written by . the Dqetor Just a year ago. It tells " reminiscences of Coi, D. B, Henderson, of "Bubuque, in war times, 1 &. J, Bice was at Fort Dodge yesterday, but instead of coming'on to Al* gona be returned to> bis family* who are enjoying an extended visit in JUv npjs,, Mr, Bice visits- the Fort in the capacity of a witness in tbe Thompson ----- against.tbe Milwaukee • near* to. town that a few minutes' drive stakes you there, among, hirnne'.ola trees. •-There will he a Big turnout'Sat* .T ur<J»y afternoon Jf the weather is fine, . -'-Mayor'Haggard ha4 a couple pj drunp tp deal with Monday warning One man.; 1 who, was an 9$ offender, was iyen thirty, days^bwton. his ng mf beh.ayjpr L areWabUuna of" f 800 guests who are expected to at- endthe convention here week after next, Tlie young people who Will at* end this gathering will be so nice that t will be as much a pleasure as a duty o give them a inarm Welcome to our homes, Dr. McCoy has received from the author two copies of Larrabee's book n railroads, one for himself, and the ther for the Algona public library, The book is one of the great value, is n.fact a magazine of facts in regard to •ailroads, and no doubt there will be 'requent calls for it at the library. The Burt picnic has come to be recognized- as a permanent holiday occa- ion, and all the young folks, espec- ally, think they must attend it to be nappy, The turnout last Saturday was mmense, and Algona contributed net- full quota. Again, the Belmondl The Sioux City Journal of yesterday says: Officials of the Great Western railway vere at Hampton a few days ago to figure on an extension of the road from that city to Clarion. Nothing definite has been done, but If the Great W,e?tern once starts vestward thrqugh'northern Iowa it will not!st6pat Cljarlorior any place short of the Missouri I'iveri '•• A good many are reading Egberts' Coin at School in Finance," and Miss Dodd has laid in a good stock of the books, which sell for 25 cents apiece. One prominent farmer who has inclined towards free coinage expresses the opinio'n that while ."Coin's Financial School" had its bright points, Mr. Boberts' book is much the fairest. And so it is. Saturday night was hard on merry- go-round tents. The one at Mankato was blown down and badly damaged, and Escar Bailey's outfit in Algona was collapsed and the tent ripped. The whirligig was in motion when the gale struck it, but was quickly stopped and nobody Was hurt in the least. The damage "was repaired on Monday and everything was as good as new. Escar Bailey has been giving the litr tie folks no end of pleasure for the past few days. The manager of a merry-go- round is usually a very popular man, but Mr. Bailey seems to have reached a pinnacle of popularity which is only vouchsafed, to candidates, for the presidency in hot campaigns. Mr. .Bailey is very kind hearted roan, and seems ;0 care more for the-pleasure of the lit;le ones than for his own gain. The Odd Fellows came home feeling very enthusiastic over .the observance of their anniversary at Livermore yesterday. The Algona Cornet Band was a center of ^attraction and was given ari ; 6vatipn.:Qur;Mandolin Club was accords ed numerous encores. .The speech; of welcome by D.'B.,Miles was magnificent; and,'.'Secretary McFarland and Farmer Coffin made' speeches that would do icredit to actual governors. The young people of the Christian Endeavor, are to enjoy ,a hard times social at" the' Congregational church' Saturday evening. Owing to the hard times^U/exclHsivenessiwill be eschewed and everybody is invited who can raise the ten cents. Gingerbread and buttermilk and; rags to chew go in gratis and'people not older than Me- thusela can'come in at the regular price. The editors of,Kossuth county will meetatthe'Thorington next Monday at l\ a. m. in convention for the good of the newspaper business. There will be discussions of questions of interest to-the press, and dinner will be spread by the Thorington. There has not been as prominent notice of this meet- irig'as might have been given, but it is hoped that it may be made a success. At the home of the bride's parents in Madison-, Wisconsin, last evening, per curred the marriage of Henry Simpkins of this place and Miss Bhoda Welton, Our young townsman has, if report speaks truly, won a bride from one of tbe best families of the Badger capital, It is understood that Mr. and Mrs, Simpkins will make their residence in Waukon, Iowa, and that Mr. S. will go into business there. • ' The NorthernlowaNormal and Commercial school opens its summer term on Monday, June 24th. The term will be five weeks, It is decided that Mrs. Jj, M. Horton is to be one of the corps of instructors, She will have grammar, reading,<history and Physiology, Misses Waters and Zellhofer have been retained for the' corning year, and so is insured the continuance of the high standard of-instruction which'has given the school its high reputation and popularity, . t Friday jnigbt's meeting pf the Sppial Union was one of tb,e most successful yet held, Tbe papers were by Bev, w, E, Kennedy, on the " ~* la,w,by ABM" %:$» "t$&xm !°4 was „ r ear,»'position of way this year. We think, too, that! Algona will offer sudfi attiaetions as the day approaches; that everybody in thecounty will #fctifc td be "in it." One thing is certftittj Algoflft, proposes to provide a great celebration, one that every Kossuth county man will be tickled to see. A man claiming to be James Ward Was brought up from Wesley on Wednesday, he having been Committed to the county jail by Justice Obed Robinson on the charge of attempting to break into the Ed Kttttz store early that morning. He was arrested by Hight Watchman Ed Adams, of Wesley, and County Attorney Raymond went down and conducted the preliminary examination. According to the testimony of -Adams, he caught the man in the act of attempting ah entrance to the store through the fear door. The prisoner himself, who could pass himself of? fqr a tramp, claimed that he was looking for cigar stubs. There does not need to be the least misunderstanding or the least conflict between those interested in the regular and usual Fourth of July observance on the one hand and those interested in the fair ground races to be put on by Mr. Smith on the other. They are wholly independent and distinct. One is to be a public and patriotic observance of the nation's birthday, the other a wholly legitimate private enterprise. The public celebration will be an all- day affair and the best that can be got up, but if anyone prefers to celebrate the day at the race track nobody who prefers the other need complain. It is Independence day with a big I. 0. D. Pettibone, local weather observer, hands us the report of the weather in Algona for every day of the month of May. From this report it appears that May .28ttU(Was the warmest day of the month, the maximum temperature being 96 degrees. The lowest descent of the mercury was on the 13th.when.34 .was the minimum. The total rainfall was 3.27 inches. There were ,nine clear days in' the month, 17 partly cloudy and 6 cloudy. There were frosts five days and two days hail, and four days are down on the record as stormy. The month was a diversified one from the weather man's standpoint, and showed up samples of all the different kinds of weather known to science. A heavy rain fell last Wednesday night and continued most of Thursday forenoon, and for that reason many who would otherwise have attended the memorial exercises in the opera house were kept away. The place was fairly well rilled, and those who went were w.ell repaid by the excellent address delivered by Dr. S. G. Blythe, of Nora Springs, which was one worthy of very high praise. The minor program was in keeping with the occasion and the declamation by Chas. Chnbb, Jr., especially commendable. Miss Abra Bobinson recited a fine piece, the Algona Cornet band played a requium. and an octet rendered appropriate airs. The procession in the afternoon was quite large. Mr. Matson took his Kodak south with' him ^and brought it back well loaded. . There was one scene, however, that interested him as^ much as anything he saw in Missouri ,that he has nothin£"-b'ut -the page of memory to show 'for. -'It %fcs at 1 Newbergi' a fail- road diylsipn'station, where an Indian medicine, company j -,a'nd a Methodist convention were rival competitors foi the public ear. The Medicine men finally posted their band directly in front of the church and;preceded to make the welkin-ring with the, loudest of brass music. This brought all the ministers out on the steps and precipitated a regular fulisade'of prayers, the women even joining in with amens as the clergymen invoked (blessings upon the irreverent nostrum vendors.- Mr. Matson says he would sooner have a good picture of that scene than of anything else he saw oh his trip* but he was so excited he forgot to press the button. Tbe steam pump at the'water works - —•- - lajt pi tbe week, tb.e valves forcj the water into the The pyliBder itself _,_.,.. tee alrapst. pempletely,. put, ana if> was fpunfl necessary tp ------- * '- 1 was seat JatP " '« JUa,;... iflfcr supply is, o«t cylinder was THE DAY IN MISSOURI. C. B. Matson was in Phelps county Missouri,, on Decoration day and attended two G. A.-B. demonstrations both of them of immense proportions one at Bolla, the county seat, and the other at St James, a small town ten miles distant. Tbe procession at St James took in the Union veterans, the Woman's Belief Corps, the Masons Odd , Fellows, , United workmen ana Modern Workmen, and was very im posing. The speeches were such a would astonish any who might supposi that men in/that region do not dare to speak their sentiments. The utter an c of the orators were radical and drew tbe line sharply against tbe old rebe element, there of course largely repre sented, The Sunday previous Mr Matson listened to a Memorial sermon in the Bolla Methodist church which was more guarded, so much so tha all reference to the war was omitted, in view of the recognized fact -that th congregation was made up of Union ists and Confederates, and tbe preache took'as his text "Prepare to meet thy God," which 1 be tried to make them set >vas-'of universal application, rakinf them all over tbe coals in vigorou fashion. OF MRS, CHAS, SAMPLE. , Mrs, Charles Sample, of Irvlngton ,died last Friday evening} after a tw ,we,ek,'s sickness, .The funeral was, hel $6Qh B, was ™ ' • mi of age, tbe daughter of, Mr, and- Mrs Cbas. Puna, oja and respected, resi (jents of Sherman township, §,be leave two little girls whP will grow to worn aabppa wjthput their .Bipther'e tende .care, - Mr, Sample jias the sympathy P all in" ' ' " You Can •WM| ¥"^ ^ II For Yourself That this is no ordinary Road Wagon, but something elegant. THE WIG-WAM is having a big run on Road Wagons this Spring, and just now has a finer stock than ever before. CALL AND SEE Wilfrid P, Jones, The Wigwam, ALGONA, IOWA. .30 5.25 0.00 COUNCIL MEETING. Bills Allowed by the City Fathers at the Saturday Night Meeting—Other Matters Attended to. .ALGONA, IOWA, May 25, 1896.—The city council met in regular session at the office of the city clerk, Mayor Haggard in the chair; members present, Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Ferguson, Magnusson, Henderson, Nicoulin and Sayers; absent, none. The minutes of the last regular and adjourned regular meetings read and approved. Moved and seconded that the follow- ng bills, audited and approved by the Jnance committee, be allowed and warrants drawn for the same: J. \V. Sampson, street work S 55.60 Browncll & Allred. rubber boots 4.50 1;B. Willey, salary for May 40.00 Wm. ICuhn. drayage 95 Uobert Bowman, ditching 10.55 Aiigi Muggins, ditching 0.75 Wm. Smith, ditching .37 Wmv Bowman, ditching. .„....:...-. ... 10.00 Win, Burton, ditching... ..... 12.55 Jonah Bowman, ditching ..'....... 10.00 M.-Gt Malley, ditching...;.......- 7.75 Heiiry Cook, ditching '.' 12.90 Win-'. Cook, ditching ,'...,... ..-..I 13.65 Jas, Patterson, rope Alph'eus Johnson-; rent of wheelers-.-;. A.. ja/Dailoy, work and.sundrlBs. .,.,• .-...-., light in,jail .'repairing 1 -scra'per • ;..'... ' 1.00 Geo. E. Hamilton, pikes for.flre dop't..-;, 1.00 J. A. Hamilton & (Jo., lumber 47.70 E. J. Gilmore, supplies— - .: 16.17 G; -EVPeek, for int. paid on warrants... 105.00 F; s?Norton, lumber .'.;... .,..:.. 29.05 J. A. Hamilton &.O.O., lumber 21.24 Wm. Miller, lighting city lamps 15.00 D. W;~.Hohn, drayiige...• .•— ..•...:.•.....*• .25 A. Y. McDonald & Morrison M'f'g '•<•• -' : Ob., supplies. ..;....:..-..; <-. 05.37 Spurbeok &:Cambert, supplies., 2.63 T. W. Whltohill, cleaning standpipe.. 8.50 Hoy Carpenter, .cleaning standpipe...-. • 2;50 Albert Anderson, lining pump . 1.50 Win.'Smith, cleaning standpipe........ 2.50 Koe Nebergall, cleaning standpipe .. 2.50 W. E'. Horan. salary ana sundries'..... ;40.95 Naudaln Oros.. coal and freight 69.05 W. J. Thackery, slusher .... 4.00 0. Burtis, pipe work i 75 John Belmer, ditching 4.80 Albert Anderson, pipe work 10,16 Walker Bros,, lanterns 1.00 Parish & Prise, hardware ..-;.;.. 33.74 Ayes, Vesper, Wadsworth; Pettibone, Ferguson, Magnusson, Henderson, Nicoulin and Sayers; noes, none. Carried, Moved and seconded that a warrant for $400 be drawn in'favor of Laidlaw- Dunn-Gordon company to apply' on their account against the city. Carried, Moved and seconded that the city clerk be authorized to draw .warrunts for interest due on outstanding city warrant 8 when presented to him, and to endorse the same upon the back of the-warrant so presented. Carried. Moved and seconded that the chairman of the street and alley committee be instructed to have the street commissioner level the streets with tbe street grader at once. Carried. Moved and seconded that the petition of E. Erickson and others for a sidewalk beginning on the north side of Elm street at the southeast corner corner of block one, Call's park addi tien, thence north on the north side ol Oak street to the southwest corner of block two, Call's park addition, be referred to tbe street and alley committee with power to act. Carried. . . Moved and seconded that five raore men be added to the number of flre company so as to inciease the uumbei of the company to twenty, Carried, Moved and seconded that tbe men> bers of tbe flre company be allowed $] each to the members who turn put to " andSStoeaob! "a flre. Mpve4 and seconded that tbe roattej. of fixing tbe city jail be referred to tbe mayor and pity marshal, Carried. {$ seconded that tbe Pity, clem fhall give bpnds in the 'sum. p) $j,QQp to be approved by the finance Carried i ., , ¥ . fm .... „ jeeQ«dea that tbe eoun. oil jgg>uyn t A* i$£ >4i 4» Sifsrt arrived bpfflj yw riT*. 4)»j>wv« fllnwlvavri lla T/\TCTU- TVnftT* & Are You in a Rut?, Have you accustomed yourself to trading at one place ? GET OUT OF THE RUT^- 8 "^ Buy Shoes at TAYLOR'S; all kinds c at prices' much cheaper than you liave bought. OUR PRICES ARE RUT MOVERS. 1 j a short visit at Humboldt with their friends, the Hack family. They attended the commencement exercises of the Humboldt schools, from which Miss Zadiu Hack graduated. Eev. Wm. F. King, D. D., President of Cornell College, was visiting the friends ot that institution in Algona on Friday last. - Cornell is' one of the best equipped and most prosperous institutions in the west. Gov. Larrabee was in.Algoua on Wednesday. .He had been in the north- ernpart of the county looking over his $200,000 worth of land, and was on his way, home. Mr, J. P, Beig, editor and publisher of the Conneaut, Ohio, Daily- Herald, was in Algona Monday, enroute for Eagle Grove, where he was going to sell a half section farm, Mr. Keig bought the place in 1878 and paid for it $3 per acre. Now he sells the improved farm for $40 per acre. Mr. Beig runs a republican daily and says Ohio will give McKinley a solid delegation next year. Fresh strawberries every morning at Patterson & Son's, Embroideries, white goods and laces atSetchell&Setchell's. That IQc table of canned goods is tbe attraction at Walker Bros,— J8tf , , r«-i , _P. Try our Club House corn and tuma- oes , LANGDQN & HUDSON. A. M. & G, M- Johnson have just got in another- fine lot of two-seated §qr reys, Come early and make your choice, '.QftMay : jhe ; and line (C, excursion tickets at very low rates fa a large number pf points in the and, northwest, Foyfwll , atiQB apply to agentg, Chicago & North* wegtgya Railway. you baje n^ver tried ow 4pr^'t fenpw what you've mjs§ed ^U^i^ii^^ Wm&F'&m Tall rm »* ^ 3rr T Don't buy.a-pump until you get our prices.—SPTJKBECK & LAMBEBT. Chase & Sanljorn's famous Boston Coffees and Seal Brand Tea for sale only by Walker Bros.—18tf Bring on your eggs to the Opera House Grocery. Infants' mull caps at Setchell & Setchell's. Call and see.thefine line of trimmedi hats at Setchell & Setchell's; $2,00, Minneapolis and return. Special excursion to Minneapolis Jue 9th, via, C. M. & St. P. Ry.. 33.00 for the round trip. OOR- IS Ones tasted will cause you to visit ourfoun- W, A. Ladendorf J -The Confectioner, ; % '<:^

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