Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 28, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1966
Page 6
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A&VA$fl " v NOV. .. Q, I was divorced six years ag« tf mad* ,a financial Mtttanwnt at that timo. Now I hav* inharit' ^ad »oma monay and my oxwiffo daWlandi a thara. What can I do to k*tp the money for my old age and then leave it to my. ehil- dron? ' \ ' , --i A. Yours is more a legal than investment question, so I suggest that you go back to the attortiey ^ho helped you w^th your divor- ,oe.in the first place. It is possible thai the settlement you readied would net entitle your ex-\vtfe to. :r any participation in your recent inheritance. ' It is also possible that if you want your inheritance to go to yotlr children that your attorney could help you set up a trust where the money would go to them upon your death; but in meantime pay to you the 'income produced by it. Q. Recently in your column you mentioned a mutual, fuiK • that almost doubled in value between 1954 and 1964; Raying $3,971 in dividends in addit'on Will you please give me the name of that fund? I am, inter asted in starting an educations .fund for my, three grandchildren^ now 3 and '4 years old. Also could I have some of MY 1,001 shares of American Telephon and Telegraph transferred to peotaoulftr perform*! fs easy to Mart an Investment Ittb. The National Association f Investment Clubs hasHltera- Ore that smooths the way. For ' fr** copy of the booklet, "Aft ducational and Investment Op- ortunfty lor You," writ* to T. E. O'Hare, N. A, I. C, D*pt. S, Bex 105*, Detroit , Michigan. <"»«•,•„ '..:. Honor roll forfitraka n '•> school given Buffalo township cfs Club met on Ffiday aiter- nbon with Mrs. i^ay CallieS: Zoila Oist.&rreichei* Ms assistirig Most* ess* The extension lesson Was presented by Miaree Krantz afid L;rJ- etta Givens. A demtfjislrat'ort bH how to make ribbon roses was given by Eunice Mediler. ' Titonka Wom&n's Club met oh Thursday with Eilesn Schuttef. The theme "Federation Day" was ollowed. County treasurer of iVomens Clubs, Mrs. Robert Bole- leus gave a talk oh "The Story f Unity in Diversity". A special service was held at Titonka Methodist church in Tl- onka on Sunday, Nov. 13 to ded- c4te the new hymnals which will be used , in all Methodist ih'urches. .eeeee»eeaaeeoeaeooe»o»» Wesley Viola St'ider ao*o»oo»o»»ooaaa»»o»oo»» .thorn cost?/ and what would be tha A. It is not my pol'cy to recommend specific funds. However, if you will check Arthur Wieseniberger's . "Investment Companies" in your local library, or consult Forbes Magazine for August 15, 1966, you will find a comparison of the performance of all major investment'compan- ies. I might, point out that it was not unusual for a stock—whether that of a mutual 1 fund or an in dustrial company, to have doubled between 1954 and 1964. In fact, 4 A,T & T doubled in value in tHat time, while paying out considerably more in dividends than most mutual funds. Many stocks' multiplied by three or four in that period. Tiansferring the stock to your grandchildren would be a very simple procedure and is quite inexpensive. Any broker can handle it for you. Your only expense is likely to be the $2.50 or thereabouts per certificate handling charge by the transfer agent. 0. Two years ago we started making monthly payments into a investment fund. We really don't understand it. Our last record shows the following; $1,440 paid in, $53.98.reinvested, $168.41 total number of shares. The value of these shares, if we sold them is $80Q. We understand that you have to stay with a fund for ; throe years before you can real* lie "anything, but do you think ours is a good investment? A. I do not have a detailed description of the plan under Which this fund is sold; but you " * ' what.is Honor roll for the first nine- Week .'period lists the following students .of Titorika fligh School Freshmen — Straight ;A stu dents were Gayle Ricklefs and Janyce Struthers; Virginia Bud Karl Boyken, Martha Boyken Jim Carlson, Jerry pressman Beth Engelbaxts. Barbara Hod son, Marilyn Jfopkes, Donna Mayland, Timothy Miller, Joyce.Plas- ier, Marilyn f ost, Merle Riicklefs, Judith Schmidt, Tim Schmidt, Vlckl Schrader, Roger Spear. Sophomores—Darrel Beeken, Barbara' Boeckholt, Karen Brandt CheryV Cunningham, Joann Engelbarts, • Joan Haverly, Kay HuJsman, Mardeen Meier. Juniors—Straight A student wap Glenn Bartelt; Lawrence Beenken, Cynthia Budlong, Lois Janssen, Violet Jaren, Linn Roberts, Michael Schmidt, Cecil Wel- housen. '' • Seniors—CKeryll Hill, Valerie Miller »nd Karen Ricklefs were Straight A students; Mary Bah- h'ng, Arnold Baker, James Blain, Robert Carroll, SKeryl Hesch, Michael Higgins. Judy Isebrahds, David Kitzinger, Elaine Mayland, Anita.Moore, Sysan Roberts, San,- dra Sohutjer, Jo Ann Smidt, Rose Stecker.,v , ', . Bruce Akkerman is spending a 50 day furlough at his parents home i|fter serving for 13 months in Korea. r •••,' i • ..• • l • '• TURKEY DINNERS Winners in'the-turkey dr.aw ing Saturday afternoon were Pauline .Pfeffer, Lou Lickteig, Everett Acker son, Mildred Bay tor, Leonard Larson, Harry Eg gert, Mrs. Dale Dornbiep Sister LaWence PoirMfS. fa vin" Hildmati, .Mrs., M Jtichem ' 4^ f\jl^l •*ki«*i£jM*& l * nd Carl Jonnson. Another drawing will be held iefore Christinas, the Wesley Community Club , ip view the' damaged city and the reeofrstftictteri work gbytg b'fl ihere. ', ' W.M.S. of the fcvaftgeli^l Free church will meM in the churcih the w e dtiesday . J -T—}-• ~ , i "',« ' ,." 4 . V? euii'cauwjr * nin-i iiu-^u.- NOVi- 30 and furnishes the,turkfiys. wlth Mrs Me i en Jongewaiard as the household goods,6f the 0:tas9( The artnual election of fficers will be hold. Mrs. Fred ate Vic Loeblg were sold at the lome Friday, Nov. 25. CLOTHING DRIVI , The annual Diocesan clothing drive is being held. Clean us- ible clothing can be left in the church basement, especially white shirts, which can be used n South America for first communion use. Cosmetics can, be used by girls at the' Villa Marie tlome in Sioux City. The Good Will Industry Truck will make a pick-up at the Methodist church December 6. Any donation to this cause should bring the article to the Methodist church any morning. St. Joseph Holy Name Society held their regular meeting Tuesday evening November 22 in the parish hall. • > ""~ ' r Mr. and Mrs. John Galema am two children Lori and Kevin o Hound Lake were guests of Mrs Gatema's grandmother, Mrs. Viola Styder Sunday. They drove) to .entele is the present president. embers are asked to turn in heir Butternut Coffes certificate nd instant coffee labels. Ruth and Margaret Lickteig pent Sunday in Dubuque where New Sears Store * >. i. |i "'-' vv -^\ OPENS Monday, Nov. 28 they yislted 1 theft"' sistei Atih Rose, at theJfowfl f. daft cottVent: their toother, ....... a student at Loras College, and thd Urban ticktelg d&Ughtefs, Sister' Donna Jean 'and Sfetef $t. James at thfe PveSentation.,Con- vent. > • • •' OTIIITIM . Aime^lng 6f the,Board of Trustees of the Algona Muhttlpdi Utilities Was, Hsld at the Algona Hotef, Algorw, Iowa, Nov. 16, IW6, at 12:01 o'clock P.M. . Preset* wafe: BUehanon, Hor^ei, Bay, T. James Polmef,, Supt., and Ira Kohl, See. 1 The 1 tnirtutes or the fni»etihg of Nov. I, 1966, were.f*dd ofKl opproved o» redd. Motion by Harmes, seconded by Boy, that the vouchers payable be approved and au- Ing LldHT Pay Roll.-PaV Rol .----"—* Milton 0. Bllyeu, Labor.' • Wilbur E. Brunei;,JLobof >.-."=.,* Charles Volk, LaWt .ji.iii.* , David Van Gihtftl, taber t*..* Gary Sapoff, Labpf .i....--.- Morlln Meehlhous*, Labor ---<- Ins. Fund, Ins. ...— ,T. James Palmer, Exp. ----Dubuque Bank & Trust Co. A 4 , Joy q E. William*, On SjtJttoeL 3,1 18.32 Armstead, Garhofdf & Associates r, ten. Pub. ?er. Inv. Ins. aaty set at $1.75 per hour, ' Presidertt of the Board Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll MOR 9 A.M. As I located 2 miles west to Ho barton corner then 4 miles north and 11/4 mile west; on om going out of the dairy business I will sell my dairy eaWle and equipment on ^e arm ted 51/2 miles south and V 4 mile east of Ldne Rock, or from 169 & 18 junction at Algona Watch for Grand Opening & -jj§--"- Co USE. s»at« 2W.354?; 9:30 a.m. a.m. 25 High Grade 25 Cow No. Age Dote Finish Lbs. of Milk per doy now ays in Milk Last Lactation . Lbs. of Milk, Lbs. of Fat 1 4th calf No*. 3. 318 15,180 490 •*»•. 3rd calf Oct. 13 58.8 305 9,850 411 3 3rd calf Sept. 29 56.8 305 10,210 353 FARM S AsJ am dlwontinoinq farming, I will hold a public auction on th* Hanna Ranch locattd from Luyorno, Iowa, 4 mil«s N: and 1% E.; or from Soxton, 7 miU« S. * 1% E.; or from Corwith, 3 miUi W. on blacktop, 1 S. & 1'/« mil* W., on i LUNCH ON GROUNDS ^ : TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6 -10 A.M. ./• , HAYIM EQUIPMEMT er^!>*« a plan, unless you carry through unt'l completion date, which in this case is I2}b years, a high percentage of your payments go toward comnus: siofes. In later years virtually all you pay in goes into your investment account. You apparently are reinvesting your dividends each quarter rather than receiving cash. This type of re-investing is good, since it puts the principle of dollar cost averaging to work for you. In the last 10 years, $1,000 invested in your fund, with income re-invested, would have grown to $2,183. This is good but not 5 TRACTORS ••....: :...-•..•..•• •' • ' •• '.. & 1942 John Deere 2010 with Power TrO| A .wide front end, good rubber, valves ground this fall; 1960 Case 830D with Cas*-O-Matic, foal good rubber; 1951 Ohver Model 77 with Hyd.\system, new tires, valve & ring job last spring; 1950 Massey Harris 44D, power steering, n*wsl**ves*; pistons, put in last ' t «,»A'-_ •'^••jfc*ja u ('«»ij; j'-:i'••A** -'' ; s ," " '» FEEDERS » FEED and top service CwitactmttwJiyl SEE JIM ST. JOHN Phone 295^3781 Home Phone $95-5550 Alg«iia< |0w« •fTATi FAHM 5 Wslk-ln Hoog,F**d*rs; 10 Caswoll Farrowing Cratos; 70 Gal. Ideal Hog Waterer; 2Q Fe«d Bunk* of Various Sins; 2 Pride of thfr.Farm; Pmsuro Hog Wat*r*rs; 1 Utility PCfffMro Hog Wattror; S Tox-O-Wik CaHl* OJItrs; 700 Bile* Alfalfa Hay Under Roof; 1200 |al*s $tr»w all Undor Roof. MACHINERY Moyor $2 ft, il*y*tor, widt typ*« with truck hopper, PTO A power winch; 4-row Cas* Cultivator for wido front *nd, mtgs. for Cas* 130; Massey Harris Cultivator, 4-row; Now Idea 12A Manure Spreader; 1962 N*w Id** Loader, No. $04 Hyd, Loader with pitch control, 60" Utility and 80" Snow Bucket; New Idea Menur* Spreader, 1965 No. 207, US bu.; Lindsay Harrow, flexible 4-see- tion, 6'/ 2 ft. fections; 2 3-s*ction Dragf, 15 foot,; 2 row Continental Stalk Shredder, C-6; (nttrnational 15 ft. Land Roller; 10 ft. Wind- rower; M. W. Hammer Mill; E***X Pressure T*nk; Trailer Type Sprayer; New Idt* No. 99 Mower. WABONS, ETC. John Deere Farm Wagon; 6x1? ft. John Pe»re Wood Box and Midwest Hoist; Coby Ptrm Wagon, 6x12 ft. John P««re Wood B*x; Wood Wheel Wagon with Wood Fltre |ox; 2 wheel Trailer with steel box; Eta trie Firm Wagon with wood f If re box. 1949 %-TQN PICKUP TERMS: Cash No. 710 — 1964 7 ft. Meyer Mower * Hay Conditioner; No- 402 1964 Now Idea 5 bar side delivery Rake; 1963 G*nl Hi Throw Forage Blower; 1962 GeKl FM Foraoe Har. vester with hew style hay h**d and corn head; 2 1962 LundeH 5 ton Wagon* with 6 p,ly tires, with Badg*r 3 B*at*r, Self .Un-, loading boxes, complete with m*t*l roofs; 2 Biierkens 7x14 ft. Unloading Boxes mounted on 1 Farmhand and 1 Anthony Wagon Gear; Older Gehl Blower; 1963 GehlBFlOO Self Unloading Bknder Feeder Waoen. MISCEUJUIEOUS Clippar No, 21' Fanning Milt with motor; Jet Model 70 Barb Wire Roller; Bale Pork and 100 ft, rope; Log Chains; Stone Boat; Vi inch Electric Drill; Bench Grinder and Motor; Rotary riding Power Lawn Mower; Girl's 26" Bicycle, like new; Garden Wheel Barrow; Bench Vise; 10Q Ib. Anvil; Handyman Jack; 28 ft. Extension Ladder; 4 Case Wheel Weights; 7 • 150 Ib, Wheel Weights for Oliver, M. H. or A, C.; Heathtuser for 830'Case; 11x38 New Chain* for John Deere 2010; 2 Case Hydr.yljc Cylindfn; Ouincy Portable Air Compressor; IHC Endgate Seed. or; New bolts; Nuts; Washers; Forks; Scoops, etc., 500 gal. Gas Barret 10 ft. wood stand; 2-300 gal. gas barrels with itftl standf. Int. 15 ft, disc, 4 3rd calf Sept. 27 59 276 3rd calf Oct. 3 305 12,200 14,010 415 522 6 3rd calf Sept. 25 _ 57.1 305 12,940 539 7 3rd calf Sept. 15 62.1 295 11*4 W 414 8 2nd calf Feb. 14 26.9 305 14,220 476 A« 1st cqlf heifer 2nd calf Oct. 8 50.5 305 411 As 1st caIf heifer 10 Dry, Due in Dec. with 2nd calf 305 !4;700 491 As 1st calf heifer 11 2nd calf Nov. 3 63.6 305 464 As 1st calf heifer 12 Dry, Due in Feb. with 2nd calf 3 05 13,550 450 As 1st calf heifer 13 Due in March with 2nd calf 27 305 410 As 1st calf heifer 14 1st calf heifer due in December 15 1st calf heifer due in February 16 1st calf heifer due in February 3 long yearling Holstcin heifers open. 3 short yearling Holstein heifers open. 3 baby heifer calves. This herd is CV and all old enough, one TB and Bangs tested to go anywhere, > Mr. King has been on Owner Sample D.H.I.A. for 12yeors. All of these cows and heifers are out of Artificial Breeding. j • . '^^ . '.> '.*?;"•: 1964 JD Corn PUnttr Mod*! 49JA, with In* socticido * ftrtiliitr •tt»ehm^»U; 1911 €•*« Kl? Cembino with 9 ft. H*** 1 and motor; Kravst Whotl Tanotm Oiw, U ft. with gr«i«tltss boaringt; OHvtr 414 Plow, nuJfl 4440 with now bottom* l«»t ytir; Oliv«r 3,14 PI 9 w, medil MS; IHC FitM Cultivator, No. 9, 1? ft. with triiUng hJKli; JO 4,ft«tjoji Rotary He*, 12 ft, Ktavy duty; JP 19 ft. Grain Drill, Mod*) 0, singls disc s**d and ffrtiliifr attachmontf. . No property t« be romoved until lettltd for. Not responsible for accidents. PETE Jean Kleve and Charley Quinn, Auctionwrs DAIRY Surge SP 11 milker and 1V4 in, pipeline for 10 cows. 2 latest style large Surge buckets, with the narrow inflations. New style V-type hay bunk, like new* Feed bunk* Wilson 6 can top opener milk cooler. HAROLD WEHRSPAH WILL KU 10 fancy Hplstein heifers that are CV and TB tested and turned with a purebred Holttein bull March 3 f showing up good now. Some of these heifers ore registered. AUCTIONEER NOTE; If you want good producing cowi, don't miss this sole. It ii a small herd but one of the beitt A ^ TERMS; Cash, or moke arrangements with clerk before tele, No property to be re* moved until settled for, Not rein onsible fojr accidents should any occur, JOE KING. ^ . • .^^ M >i « j ™ Clerk; Ktd Medttn, Burt r lowo, Auctioneers; Quinn ond Clark. Security St«te Bank, CUrk

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