The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1895
Page 3
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D If you want a plain ot faticy Screen Door, with the best opening hinge in the m.irket, or a Window Screen frame to fit any sized window, call at Norton's Lumber Yard. CALIFOR 34 DAYS £* Without change of oars.. All meals servedJu din- itie cars Palace drawing-room sleeping cars anrl tourist sleepers are run t&ough .to San Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los Angeles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North - Western Line Variable rout tourist tickets, to California and the health and pleasure resorts of the south, on sale at VERY LOW RATES. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to Agent. ^CHICAGO & NORTH -WESTERN RT FOR + LITTLE WEEKLY NEWS |T~ + + + OF THE WORLD MONEY. FOR A TRIFLE. sfr—•j'TIHIIEU C--C **i«tl«M fc«9 that All Othc* Aft frrtmft; In Tho Cento* y ftussell SturRis describes the famous Coleman collection of antique glass, n collection mode by nn American artist hi Homo and one of the richest of Its bind In the world. Mr. Sturgls says: . ... ^ _* Tho world of tho Mediterranean sea. 18 centuries ago, was rich In works of art and decoration beyond our experience and beyond our flights of Imagination. Kw an effort which few of us can make with success to picture the wealth In Beautiful art of a great city of tho empire. Tho marbles have been burned to lime, the bronzes have been molted Into gros sous or their equivalent, tho stuccoes have crumbled from the walls, tho paintings have gone down with their walls to ruin, tho shattered pottery has been used in fill Ing and grading and building, and its re_ malnlng fragments are of no value except for an inscription or an impressed name- mere potsherds, with now and then, a scrap of antiquarian interest The shattered glass alone contains in Its very substance such beauty, and such completeness even in ruin, that itsfrag- ments are treasured up and studied. These broken bits point to a general uso of vessels of decorative glass, used as Wo uso porcelain for tho finer vessels of table and toilet, and also a great abundance of objects of pure ornament, of wall linings and floor coverings inado of tho same splendid material, No other substance is like that, beautiful in itsell', hi Its every essence Fragments of glass have often the value that fragments of pottery sometimes have —tho partial figure, tho incomplete pattern on tho surface- -tmd thi-y have also what no pottery and no other artificial sub stance 1ms—tho beauty wo generally think of as peculiar to natural stones, to agates and to jaspers. As n collector fills his cabinet with pieces of precious and semiprecious stones, with hero and there a p ceo which has, as it happens, a head or a piece of a head carved upon it, BO tho enthusiastic vltreologist collects glass as glass, loving its substance, Its surface, Its colors, its texture, its transluccncy and its opacity, Its set patterns and Its vague cloudings. Hero and there a stamped or a wheel ground pattern adds its own attractiveness, but tho glass itself Is tho thing. Precious and beautiful is glass, even in fragments. _ Shores, Rolling fcttffire ftttd Icebctgs JJake It Dangerous, The most northerly lighthouse on the coast of this continent stands on Belle isle, at the head of tho straits of that name, a little northeast of Newfoundland. By %hat freak of taste it was . P. HAC4OAfU>. «. K. 1'KKK. HAGGARD & PEEK, '*&" •i twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper ot the United States. It is a National Family Paper, and gives »11 the "eneral news of the United States. It gives the events ot foreigrTlandB in a nutshell. I Its "Agricultural" department has no superior in the country. Its "Mrket Reports" are recognized authority. Separate departments tor "The Family Circle " Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics Its Home and Society columns command the admiration of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorial and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTRACT —"^ enables us to offer this splendid journal and THE REPUBLICAN tor ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, CASH IN ADVANCE. [The regular subscription for the two papers is $2.50.] AN ABSENTMINDeD MAN. . SUBSCRIPTIONS MAY BEGIN AT ANY TIME. A ™"°" te ^THE ALGONA REPUBLICAN. *„„„,. ™o,,»«fSS ^W&M&'wfrSii 1 *® YORK' WEEKLY TRIBUNE will be mailed to you. t His Weakness at Times tcads Him to Forget Bis Own Name. Dr. Beverly Colo is very abscntminded. Though ho has a wonderful faculty foi recollecting faces, ho can never rcmembei a name or date, and this weakness-causes him endless embarrassment. Ho always-calls' in person nt tho brand postofflco for his mail, and tho postal clerk hands it out without a word, as ho knows tho doctor. Colo went to tho office recent ly, aud there was o now faco nt tho win dow. Ho stopped and after a few mo ments' pause inquired: "Any mail for me?" "What name, please?" "Let me see—-ah," and ho racked hi brain, but tho uftmo had escaped him. I confusion ho walked to and fro inth office and was on the point of, going horn in despair when ho saw a friend coming. "Ah, now! have it," ho saidtohimsel "He'll call mo by name." "How uro you, doctor?" was tho friend erecting* Tho doctor was so mad he wouldn't speak to him. Finally ho turned, and seizing tho acquaintance by tho arm demanded:* "What in the devil Is my namo anyway?" 1 'What's tho matter with you? Are you crazy?" . "No, but my name has escaped me. "Haven't you any of your cards?" "By Jove, I never thought of that." He hastily fished out his cardcase, and draw- ins; out a pasteboard read it eagerly. "Colo, Beverly Cole. That's it," and ho got his mail.—San Francisco Post. sailed Belle isle I cauuot say, for even the old navigators had such a horror or it that on their charts they marked it with the figure of a demon. The morning the little mail steamer on which I crnisRcl "down on the Labrador," as the Newfoundlanders say, plunged aud rolled past it through the surge tho rugged mass of rook crouched there as it ready to seize its prey of ships ami hf.mau lives. The stiff, un- heafcl at our distance, flashed around' its base like a long row of glistening teeth. A huge iceberg had drifted in and lay stranded at ono end of the island; far up ou the rocks was tho lighthouse; on a shelf below stood a littlo htit, with provisions, for shipwrecked sailors; the gray morning mists inarle these look heavy and sodden, and altogether this glimpse of Belle isle was the most desolate scene I had ever ho- held. Over our bov? the barren coast of Labrador was faintly outlined, and as tho last lighthouse on tho continent dropped astern I felt that wo were indeed drawing away from civilization, and this feeling was strengthened when, as We turned our prow northward, wo sighted tho vanguard of the seemingly endless procession of huge icebergs drifting slowly down iu single file from the mysterious regions of the north. Wo had met with single bergs along the Newfoundland coast, but off Labra dor tin y Locarno a constant and uuspeak ably graud feature in the seaward view. I doubt if they cau be seen any- vhere else except in arctic and antarctic waters in such numbers, variety aud grandeur. The branch of the gulf stream which pushes its way into the Arctic ocean has sufficient force left when it is reflected by tho frozen northern boundary of that sea to send an icy current down along the Labrador coast. Practically all the bergs that break loose from the ice sheathed nhores of Green land are borne southward by this cur rent. One morning, when I went upon deck, I counted no less than 135 huge pnes. Some of these were great solid blocks of ice; others were arched with numerous Gothic passageways; some reached with spirelike grace high up into the air. All reflected with pris matio glory the rays of the sun.—Gustav Kobbe in St. Nicholas. ABSTRACTS, to SMITH. REAL ESTATE and COLLECTIONS ALGONA, IOWA. A. D.CLARKE & CO. FARM LOAM'S. Alpona. lowti. C1EO. U. CALL, HKA.TJ ESTATE AND ADSTHAVT Kor Information in regard to lauds ID Northwnstern towa, write to him, fhortngt.ou street, Algona, Iowa. On account of the meeting of tfre tional Educational association at De^et. Col., the Northwestern Htif will, oft JtHy 4. 5, and 0 (and also on July 7, for traifts reaching the Missouri river on that date), .«cil excursion tickets to Denver. Colorado Springs. Manltou and Pueblo, 'at a rate not to ox-coed one faro lor the .round trip with. -?3 added for membership fee: tickets good for return passage nntil Sept. 1. 1393. Thi* rate is available to tho general public and an exceptionally favorable opportunity i* offered for an enjoyable and economical trip to the Rockies, as well as Yellowstone National park, Salt Lake and tlio health and pleasure, resorts of the wo<t, and northwest. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. TOURISTS EXCURSION. Tin- Northwestern line is now Felling excursion tickets at reduced rates to the pi iucipnl summer resorts of the Lnited Stan-*. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. &RRIYAL and DEPARTURE Of TRAINS OEO. B. (jbAttKK, CHAP. A.COHltNOUK CLARKE & COHKNOUK. A T TOR NETS A T LAW, ALGONA - IOWA. G-EO. R CLOUD, (Successor to W. B. (.iimrlori) Attorney and Counselor at Law, No. No. No. No. No, No. No. No. No. MILWAUKKE AND ST. PAUL. I.OHAI- TllAIN EAST. passenger ..................... lo -.22 a to -1 passenger 70 freight Ciii iM fivifflir. curries VTKB'J' i passc.nge r ............ y passenger ..... !i5 I reij-'lif Biirrins passengers . . . vi freight carries jiiussengt'.is. n» frKli-lit curries prssenuers. . fi :0fl p m p '4fi p til I :43 |> m 0 :10 -A in 4 :24 p in 5 :UO il m S :40 i) m II -.55 ;l in Office ALGONA. IOWA. County Kl-ate Hunk. SULLIVAN & McMAHON. ATTORXKl'S - AT - LA If. Postnfllct! A L'lONA, IOWA B. V.SWETTING. AT TORN KV AT LAW, Money to i"H.n. Algomi, Iowa .1. L. HOXAII. H. !.!. FEI.LOAVH. BONAR & FELLOWS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ooinH 8 mill 0, Aljronu Suito Bank Ul'clg. iJi'iuieh office at , T „, n , , ,„ „, , Wesley, lowii. ALOOXA, IOWA DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AND LAND, Collections a Specialty. Office in Gardner CONvlp.s n p.s new ... > 1 1 !.'.!• r , Northwestern K';v. NO11T1I AND WBST. K :l? it 111 :t !3'J p ill !) ;.so ;i rn ! :43 P hi A?U> KAft •'reigbt Kretglil arrive in CVilctu:i> ~ a. Arrive In !)•;•« Monies" :5" a' '' '•" ' I" 11 ' '•"•» » '" i i f " P m in and Jowa. S. S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Loans aud Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Offlos over Ulirlschllles 1 store. Algona, Iowa. MATILDA —It was a good turn you did me wheo you told me of Saiu Claus So J>. It makea the clothes whiter than any other, and saves time and work. . _ , , .._ n \ r A\ ne . K MABV.—Yes, and it does not injure the hands or the clothes. Hannibal's War Chest. At Montoverde, In France, Hannlbal'a war chest turns up full of Torantino coins still worth par after 3,000 years of burial, tho inutul of which they arc composed remaining uncorroded and tho Punic do- vices stamped upon them retaining their primal legibility. They wore probably deposited in tho soil in somo unrecorded season of panic, fiscal or military, and in tho pressure and confusion of aftor events forgotten. If they could have drawn interest during this interval, tho increment would rebuild Carthngp and restore the mosaic pavements and sculptured friezes of tho-temples of Baal and Melkrath and set ndrft oguin the- flotillas of the Byrsa and unroll tho banners of Dido above the citadel. But they appear without usufruct, dim with burial and disuse, and will find their way into niusenrus and repositories of such ware, not helping any modern problem of finance or circulation, but pointing over again tho moral that The bust outlasts the throne, Tho coin, Tiberius, —Now York Tribune. Hard und Bitter Wills. It was remarked by a writer long ago that "there is uo revenge so hard aud bitter as that of an old man," and it is one of the astonishing perversities of many natures that the longer they live the harder they hug their possessions. The most disinterested affection is passed over, the most faithful and most valuable services are slightly and grudgingly rewarded. This mental and moral disease notably afflicts the richest. Tho Ali?ouu ' Marquis d'Aligre was a singular example. His will was concocted with a special desire to disappoint and insult his relatives, friends and servants. To the first it said: "As for you, my relatives who have been so long spelling upon this fortune on which 'I had concentrated all my affections,' you are not going to touch a penny of it, and not one of yon will ho able to boast that you have squandered tho millions which the old Marquis d'Aligre had taken so many years to hoard up." Sir Robert Bevil, one of James is officials, did not oven spare his wife. "I give unto my wifetenne shillings in respect she took her sohnes part against me and did anyniate and comfort him afterwards. These will not be forgotten." Aud the Earl of Stafford, who married tho daughter of the Duo de Gramrnont, wroto: "To the worst of women, Claude Charlotte do Grammont, unfortunately my wife, guilty as she is of all crimes, I leave five and forty brass halfpence, which will buy a pullet for her snppor. A better gift than her father can mako her."—Westminster Review. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D, PHYSICIAN AND 'SURGEO 0111*0 on State street, Aluona, SIMPLIFIED ELOOUTIOH, A new hook, bearing the above, title, by Edu in (lorilon Lawrence. U'lichci' of elocution and director of the Lawroncn School of Acting, ha- juM, been issued. Simplified Elocution is a comprehensive system ot vocal and phy.Mcal gymnastics; itcontains explicit instructions for tin: cultivation ot the speukinr: voice and gestnru; diivctlons for tlio prodiictiiin of breath, sound and speech, and a thorough explanation of tho muscltis and organs employed: rules for articulation, modulation, emphasis and delivery: postures and movements of. the fed, body, army, head, eyes, etc. To tho treaties is added a Complete Speaker, eonsiftinp: of selections in poetry, and prose suitable for recitation, tho author says in bis introduction, ''are not chosen on account of their newness, but from their intrinsic merit and then- adaptability a* exorcises." . The work i- designed for the especial uso, of teachers, actors, students, colleges, schools and all those who wish to perfect, themselves in the noble art of expression. Tho book, which contains 233 pastes, H handsomely bound in cloth and gold, ana will be sent'-eiurclv packed on receipt of £1 postage five. (N.-w York: published by thouuthoi, '//i Wo.^t I'M street.) M.J. KENEF1CK, M. D. Oince over Taylor's store. h>\Vii J. M. PKIDE, M. P. Office over Qoeder's Ootning Store. Algona, •' " loioa A GOOD BUSINESS IDS GOOD LAND, Will exchange a good general store in a first-class town in northern Iowa, that will invoice $10,000, for good smooth land which must be practically clear; inforrnatiDn will be furnished by, C. H. Seeberper, cure of Cnrson. Pirie, Scott & Co., Chicago. 34-37 DH, L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGGItiT AND STATIONER, Preonriptlons filled. Deals In paints, oiia, books, perfumeries, etc. Oor. State aud Thorlngtoa sts. Aljjona.Iowa. S NOIIC8. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTEMORE - - - WWA, Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a, in., 't to 6 P. in. Over 'Wichler's Furniture store. Kesldence north of traoii. ocDENTlST» A. L. BIST, D. B. S Local .anaesthetic for cleadenitiK pain in gums when extracting teeth. •<*, Most Popular Republican. Newspaper of n® West FAMILY PAPER IS Colerldgu awtl Lord Coleridge had a trick when, on thr bench of sometimes closing his eyes nnU assuming an expression as it' wrapped in the most refreshing of slumbers, when, as n mutter of fact, ho was wido awako and listening, Onco, when ho was sitting at nisi prius, a long winded young barrister was opening tho case for the complainant. In tho middle of tho address Lord Coleridge apparently dropped off to sleep. The counsel did »ot notice it for pproo tiroo and was just rejnartyng, "Our contention is, juy IPv4, tJ}Qt;.iihe.<defonjlant sa ia' -- \Yheto bo. stopped ghorfc,' looked in a blood- sit j;hQ:,sqmnplen> judge and Oh, Divorce In Burma. Suppose a Burmese husband and quarrel aud clenerrniue to separate, The wife, who always does all the marketing, goes out and buys two little candles of equal length, which arc made especially for this use. Sho brings them home. She aud her husband sit down on tho floor aud light them simultaneously. One candle stands for him, the other for her. The one whose candle burns out first rises and goes out of the house forever, with nothing hut what he or she may have on. The one whoso candle has survived tho longest, even by a second, takes everything. So tho cUvorqe and division of the property, if you can call that a division, settled. ^Philadelphia Times. E, S. GLAS1ER, D. D, S. Over the Algona State Bank. SFBCIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO , SAVING THE NATURAL TEETH. Tho best of modern anaesthetics used to make all operations as painless as possible. Tor the convenience of REPUBLICAN. subscribers whose place of doing busi^ ness is-in some other town iii the conn- ( ty than Algona, an arrangement has been made by tho publisher whereby payments on subscription to the paper may be marie at any one of the following named bunks: BANCROFT—Farmers' and Traders' Savings Bank. BURT—The Bur,t Bank. WHITTEMORE -- Whittemore State Bank. WESLEY—Wesley State Bank. LEDYARD—State Bank of Ledyard. GERMAWI A—State Bank of Germania , SWEA CITY—Swea City Bank. ELMORE—Elmore Exchange Bank. Subscribers ptiying i'or the year in advance can avail themselves of our lowest clubbing rates, given herewith-, This arrangement is made with a v view to accommodating any who find it more convenient to puy subscription at their home bank. All business coming through these will be given prompt attention. M t>,. l.-iS E, E. SAYERS, D, V. M., VETERINARY AND 8VRQEOX, «ar*Offloe west of the Thorjngton Houag, Atgona.Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. you CAW , —. - ouiotly opened hie eyes and inquired in his blandest manner: "Yes, Mr. Bobjnson, What else did the defendant say besides iQh, — „ j$?t "-rSan, ffranpisoo Argonaut. ii to saeh ot9Qif>er ff tysjt'&ty """ to tte y,er,y s?e?i *,« tt^ fe»n^ 'fl UX16i1Uill6Uii ' lvw it? The opening of atrqUoy line from Pottstown V> Bingipg Bocks park bos brought within oasy reach of travelers a y hitherto m d'Jfflpwlt of access as to known- f&ero aye two or three of thege ?Jngl«g pacte piles, of bowlders, IsrgP aftf WAlli W* of on being ^tevjiyk gives a oleo? epu|?4, »fee that o* ft Wp, 8ww tones,; w4'it Jf m e«v?y ,„ ... Accent «» 1 M«nwetJ.iey of Meiepbis S^'We' apjj^4 tb^li tb^ g|pl8 ol- p?t. 'So -botegtea wtil they \vere 18 yewe qJ<J. the l^ w extending tljftt graoiQ^s i^Qteotjoo wp to th§ ilpe age of 10. "We fought 8 degperate battle for sis j and whep t^p age was finally raiaea 1Q ihe women who had stood tfoe bn... Pf tl)fit iQng battle saw it proved bpyc^a °" peradveBtui'O tb«tno 'jnfluejjoe' ol • '9 ha.4 wo» the 4»y» b«t the «»«TII« mwr , tha? sis years of bittej bad'taught tbera the only w< and, they need, ifc ..,., .— ,jtQ ohswbe? a»d Eep?§sea|a» B»des YQters* Q >.< F, L, BLAG-LB, Mttuufactwrp?: of aud cieater in flapss'-.mi .Harness Goods, ' • ' 1 By availing yqurself ol the low quoted in this L A w§ .iTTHBTIl JItp*-ft if )>^§S5M4 W. n«. « "issspff.siaav/'TOB :Uf«.^iu at^hA hnainnma of a6Be.efia' On HQXIE TOL vsm AND DRIUUNG. • _ **•* ,rll - BRQS» , S^ -'« «ft»

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