Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 28, 1966 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1966
Page 4
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(Itwa) AGVANCI MONDAY, NOV. M, If* in my VEINS" By MARIAN INMAN MMMIMMMttfMWMM How is your Christmas shopping coming? Christmas catalogue* continue to pour in, and stores are displaying their Christmas merchandise, And really, the time is growing short, "T" I road tn Interesting trtlclt t ftw days ago on tht mtrits of artificial Christmas trtts. Tht points for tht artificial trte, if* clttnlintsft and tht incrtasing btauty tnd artistry going Into tht prtstnt day artificial trtts. Tht largtr cost mtttd out ovtr tht numbtr of lifttimt ytars and especially tht firt saftty tnglt. ; r , The article also pointed out that there is lots of differ, ettce in the degree'of'safety between one tree and another and | the shopper must consider all points. I ' To thost who can bt sttlsfitd only with a naturtl trtt, ' htrt Is t solution to grctntr, stftr Christmas trtts. , An easily prepared mixture of readily available materials can lengthen the indoor life of Christmas trees and keep them looking green and fresh longer. A green moist tree is not as great a tire hazard as one that is tinder dry. Dtvtloptd by t Dlxon, Illinois, florist, tht formult is •aid to doublt tht indoor lift of most cut tvtrgrttns, tnd tlso improvt grttnntss in many casts. I am giving tht recipe as I rttd it. Good luck. I plan to try it for my dacorativt branchts. ' ' >'•'-•>' ; "•'., '••-' -'•'.• '•— • To a gallon of boiling water, add and mix: • , ' 4 tablespoons mlcronized iron (sold at garden, stores) ••••'••'• ; 2 cups clear, light corn syrup 4 teaspoons chlorinated household bleach Before setting the tret in the holder, saw aboOt one inch off tht bottom of tht trunk. This will ,remove clotted ' rtsins which havt sttltd the trunk. Thtn takt an ax or ham- mtr and crush tht fibers tt tht bottom of tht trunk. This ptrmits bttttr absorption of fht solution. > I ., , Stand the tree in a large holder and carefully pour in ' the hot solution. As the liquid is absorbed, add tap water wann- ed to room temperature, stirring it in. For best results, the , holder should have a capacity ot at least oae gallon. *. '"To tccomplish tht samt purpose, t prt-mixtd product . htsbttn introduced this year which, when prepared according to ttsy-to-follow instructions, will keep tht trea longer and :j' : se»ryt^ts a fire retardent. The Flower and Garden magaiine i quottd this preparation as inexpensively priced. I plan to in' quirt tht cost at a garden store tnd compart tht cost with fhtt of fht microniztd iron tnd corn syrup mixturt. - tree but I u'ke to decorate with branches and sprays and in such a few days they do get so brittle and sort of faded. I read in a safety magazine that as the dry pine and , evergreen needles ignite they give off puffs of gas that quickly spread to other branches and burn like a flash. _So I plan, to try nUxing a solution or buying the prepared mixture so my Christ- •mas greens look nice for a longer period of time and are safer. : Do you know that Japanese school children spend an av- " trtg« of two hours daily watching television? Wonder what tht tvtragt time is for children of tht United Stttts? V At a recent Home & School meeting our speech therapist explained the fine w6rk being done in speech therapy and .':ihow they rh^ped'contol stammerihg^' So I was\ especially interested to read an article about stammering in the Npveiniber ^'Science News'. It seems that a device to stop people, stammer„ ing is being developed in South Wales. Worn like a hearing aid, it shoots a short burst of sound into the stammerer's ear as he begins to speak each word, so that he cannot hear his own voice. , "Stammering is ofttn ctustd because tht ptrson hears •] himstlf start to speak," say rtsttrch professors. "If a buzzer is /• soundtd into tht stammerer's ear, it drowns out his own voict •' tnd if you can't hear your own voict, it is difficult to know ' how loud you are speaking. They hopt to drown out only tht btginning of tach word so that tht stammtrtr can regulate tht loudntss of his voict. They hopt to havt tHtir txperimen- ttl work finishtd by ntxt summtr. So in another year or so our spttch thtrtpists will bt using mort machint aids for spttch dtftcts than thty art now doing. Wt hopt tht results will htsttn tht' curt. ;/ The Christmas candlelight decorating ideas are so beautiful. 1 long to 'try some of them. I love Christmas time, the light, the color, the sound. With so little one can make lovely decorations and with love in our hearts and this love spilling out into our homes, everything we do is enhanced, This is the birthday of the babe of Bethlehem, this is the birthday of Christ, The King. , This is Christmas: ' Shart some trtasurt, gladden tht httrt of a child. I Mend a quarrtl tnd 'dismiss suspicion. Kttp i promise, find the time. Apprtciatt, bt kind, bt gtntlt, Express your gratitude. Go to church. Apologizt if you were wrong, ' Try to undtrstand, Flout tnvy. Takt plttsurt in tht beauty tnd wondtr of earth. Rtvivt old family traditions, or start new ones. Try to grasp the trut mtaning of Christmas. Try now to kttp lovt tnd ptact in your httrt. If you do you start t pattern for our tirtd world. A world that longs for peace and good will. Fire destroys liances in Ho. Kossuth SWM Eagle*—Swea City and Armstrong firemen were called to the Hans Peterson home Nov. 18 when the utility room ait the back of the house was discovered to ba ablaze. A birthday party for, the Peterson daughter, Rosalie, had concluded, and the children delivered to theft homes, when the lights went out. Investigating they found flames spirting out all around the freezer. All of the appliances in that room were lost in the blaze, including the freezer, washer and drier. There was extensive smoke damage through out the house. Before the fire was discovered, Mrs. Peterson said that they hadn't even smelled smoke, So had no inkling anything was wrong, until the lights went out. ' They were wrapping a package for a family party for Rosalie about 7:00 o'clock. The Leonard Larsons were passing by and noticed the smoke, and drove in to help. All of the men's everyday .clothing,, including over shoss were lost. ; Nina, 5, is at Arthur Dahlke's at Osylon, Minn., Mark, 4, wiiih Mrs. Peterson's sister, Mrs. Joa Worth, at Thompson, and Rosa lie is at Mrs. William Northern's Swea City. ". •.•'.•••'• -i•.••"> ' • FIRE FOR PARTY Rosalie Peterson, daughter o the Hans Petersons, giVen, a sur prise party by school mates and •her teacher, Melba Kittleson, Friday. When -Rosalee came home on the, ubus,. ,the guests were already at the Peterson home. Guests were Miss Kittleson, Susan Ellis, Sandra Larson, Barbara Phelps, Susie Johnson, Ruth DamieLson, Roxamrie Busch, Kathy Meiiin, Sheryl Gansted, and Diane Logan. It was Rosalie's 12th birthday party, one she is not to 'forget, for fire trucks were called only an hour after the party ended. HOMEMAKERS MEET Swea-Harrisoa and Eagle Homemakers met at Mrs. Jim Rock's last Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Virgil Tokheim, Mrs. Martin Tokheim, Mrs. Walter Goracz- kowski anid Mrs. Roy Valvick were assistant hostesses. Mrs. Harold Lund, Fairmont, .showed ideas for Clwistmas decorating and gifts, Mrs. Virgil Tokheim is president of the Eagle Club, and Mrs. Laurel Peterson, is president of the Swea-Harrison group. >iwti visited the frones Saturday. Kenneth Corwith Mrs. Harrv t« at Arrnatfong on Wednesday • •>' . t 1 Delta Circle met oil Friday at the home of Mrs. Paul Studer with Mrs Perrie DeGroote a* to patent* Mr.^and Mrs. Ed Mr. and Mrs.'Claude ChUrpii ette and Phyliss and Jerry Maw visited Sunday afternoon wttfi Hr. and Mrs..Lee Day and family in LuVerne. Ernie Brummund is a patient at the Hancock Memorial hospital at Britt. Mr. and Mrs. George GlaWe and Mr. and Mrs, Marvin Sloan attended open house at the Methr odist parsonage in Britt on Sun? day. • ' St. John Luther League had a Progressive /party on Sunday evening, they all gathered at the Arnold Heise home where they had their appetizer. From there they went to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bartick to have salad, and on to the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Krauss for the main course and then to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Krauss'for dassert. -,t Mr. and Mrs. Charles Quebtj are spending a couple of weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harakins at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mr. and Rlrs. John Oxley aiiwl Mrs; Gail Skelley visited relatives in Austin, Minn., oh Sunday. Above all, your wedding reflects you, down to the smallest detail. When chopsing the bridal stationery fpr your wedding needs, ",et our services guide you. Advance Publishing Co. "JUST f AST OF COURTHOUSE" The Harold Joneses were Sunday visitors at her sister, Mrs. Mary Budlong's, Titonka, and called at Don Budlong's. The David Rippentrops and Oharpel Hauswirth underwent surgery at the Hancock Memorial hospital in Britt Monday. Chris Schulz, John Puffer and Frank Schulz and son Robert returned home on Monday : from deer hunting in Montana. A son was born on November 8th to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schulz at the Clarion hospital. He weighed 5 Ibs, .-' -T! Mr. : and Mrs. Earl GjerstadJ were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Ada Foresi in Fort Dodge. In the afternoon they attended the wedding of Hope 'Biery and Robert Seaberg at Jolley, Iowa. Cindy Bilbrey was a bridesmaid in the wedding; Ray Perkin spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Iowa City where he had a check up at the University hospital. Mrs. Iniga Woodbury left Saturday for Washington, D.C., where she will visit her sons and wives, Mr. and Mrs., Maynard Woodbury and Mr. and MrS. Wendell Woadibury and family, and in the middle of December she will leave by plane for South American; Santto|o;'Chilej^ where she will visit a couple of months with another son, Wallace Woodbury Jr., and family. Jerry Brookman, who attends Iowa State at Ames,: is spanieling between quarters with his mother, Mrs. Laura Brockman. Ken- nctli Sloan is' also home visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin ' Mr. and Mn, Wayne Fleming and family returned to their home at CrUttenhurg after a week visit with his parent*, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fleming ami hef par- ,ents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Leorar. Mr. find Mrs, Paul Phillip of Stewardville, Minn, and Mr, and Mrs, Patil Will of Dei Moines apent Sunday at the Harry Fleming home, MM, Fleming accompanied the Wills to Des Moines to visit until Tuesday. Mrs. Addle Hamm and Mrs. Dee Wilhite were Wednesday dinner guests 6f Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wilhite. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Fletcher were Saturday evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Erdman. •'':;'-• ••'•'•* •"•'•'• ••-'•'' "Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elbert spent the weekend with their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Drummond in Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Houston and family of Denver, Colorado arrived to spend Thanksgiving with his sister and 'family, Mr and Mrs. John Daniels Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Babcock and family of Chicago, 111., ar rived on Wednesday to spend until Sunday with his parents Mr. and Mrs. John Babcock. On Thanksgiving day they were all guests at the Marlin Fosss home in Mason City, where Mr. aiw Mrs. Don Dunfee and Terry and Lloyd Babcock of Waterloo were also guests. Mr. and Mrs. William Erdman visited Clifford Meyers on Moiv day evening at the Lutheran hos pital in Fort Dodge. 4 Mrs. Jim Veldhouse is at Rochester, Minn., going through the clinic. ';.v .• . •,'"•.'•, : Mrs. Addie Hamm : and her daughter, Mrs. Art Kraft of Ren wick were Algona visitors on Friday. Mrs. Dean Papadiaks of Britr visited Friday afternoon with Mrs. Jesse Scott. :. Cindy Bilbrey of Fort Dodg* spent a few days with her par onts, Mr. and Mrs: Earl Gjer Sted. :. '. ..-..;.: : , ...' :• . Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maw, John Jim and Jerry and Mr. and Mrs Mervin Krause, Mary and Mary lin Krauss of Webster City, en ioyed dinner together Sunday in iionor of the birthdays of John Jim and Jerry Maw and Merven Krauss. ied them back to California to peftd a couple of Weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Livingston and daughter left Saturday morning for Oakland, California where they will visit His brotlher and family, Jim Livingston. Mrs. Rich Hauswirth and Julie >ynn were guests at a shower tonday evening at the home of trs Keith Pierce with Mrs. Marvin Meyer assisting. Mr. and Mrs. Myron. Cram, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elbert visj4- ed her mother,' Mrs. 'Mary Han- .i! . and MrsV^Bobert Greelro LaHabra, California spent sever al days with her parents, Mr aind Mrs. Glen Oxley and with . AtA Klemttie. Mr. arid Mrs. Oxley and Mary accompan- and Mrs. $»«« family and Mr*. Katitfyft were* Sunday dinner gueate at STe home of Mr. and Mff. fito** (JIawe in honor of the birthday of Mrs. Grkwe, Mr. and Mw, Albert Johnson and Mr, and Mrs. Dale Johnson attended the funeral of a cousin, Carl Johnson at Humboldt on Wednesday. „..,'* Mrs. Esther Kouba, Mrs,. Lucille Johnson and Mrs. Albeit Johnson visited 'Friday to Thompson, '. Mrs, Ruben Peterson i* a pa- *t the Lutheran hospital in floft Dotfge. ': Mi*: Dee Wilhite left on Miay for CaUfornia, Where she Will visit net daughter and husband, Mrs: Betty Clay* and other rela* tives, Mr; and Mrs, Roy Johnson Jr. arid family of Grintiell and Mr. ttad Mrs. W. A< Goddard and Ter< ri of Omaha, Nebraska arrived on Wednesday to visit their parents Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Scott and to stay until after their farm sale which is November 26. • Pick-up and Panel Owners! GET AS LOW AS e Big, deep, rugged tractor-type cleats get you through mud and snow Tufsyn rubber for 'extra mileage e 3-T cord for extra 1 ' body strehgth e Other alzet • , comparably low priced •.00 x 1« tube-type plus $2.68 Fe Ex. Tax and recappable casing SIZE TUII-TYK REPLACES AUTO SIZI ' EASY •UDGET TEIMSI $21.45 $22.45 $26.95 7.35/7.75x15 FREE MOUNTING! 8.15/8.45x15 •Plus tax and recappable casing Hilton's 2953654 State A Jones Streets '' Algon* a.m. MORNING SALE 9:30 a.m. 65 HIGH GRADE HOLSTEINS As I havt decided to quit milking^ I will sell my Holsteins and Milking Equipment on tht farm; located 6 miles east and IVi miles south of Bancroft; 8'/2 miles south of Lakpta; or 3Va miJ^s wtst and IVa miles north of Titonka, on . • i ... v . • , . Thursday. December 1st No. 122 Frtsh by Sale Day _________ ^___________ ----- 3rd Calf No. 823 Frtsh October 15 _______________ ,_ ___ — — 3rd Calf No. 121 Frtsh November 14 ___ ____ o__ ______________ 3rd Ctlf No. 127 Frtsh October 30 _________ __— ^ ____ _ _______ 4th Ctlf No. 829 Frtsh by Sale Day __ _______ ' r - ____ — _______ 4th Ctlf No. 826 Frtsh November 5 _4 _______ i._.J ------------- 4th Calf No. 825 Frtsh October 15 __ _______ :_•__ ; ___ ^_ ___ ,____ 5th Ct|f No. 824 Frtsh by Salt D«y _________ •._-•- --------- — - 3rd Ctlf No; 821 Frtsh November 6 - _______ v^_: _______ ______ 4th Ctlf No. 816 Frtsh October 18 _________ _ ___ . ____________ 2nd Ctlf Ko. 817 Frtsh October 20 ____________ _ ------------ _ 5th Ctlf No. 819 Frtsh November 2 ________ _ _____ _______ ___ _ 3rd Ctlf No. 801 Frtsh by Stlt Day _________ __________ _ _____ _ 3rd Ctlf No. 802 Frtsh November 10 _______ ,;_„ _________ ____ 2nd Ctlf No. 804 Frtsh October 26 ------------ _ -------- _— 3rd Ctlf No. 805 Frtsh Octobtr 31 _________ „ __________ _ _____ 4th Ctlf No, 807 Frtsh Novtmbtr 4 _________ __ ------- - ----- 2nd Ctlf, No. 809 Frtsh Octobtr 18 — ______ _ ___ ___________ __ Sth Ctlf No. 810 Frtsh Octobtr 12 _________ _________________ 2nd Ctlf No. 845 Frtsh by Salt Day -------------------------- 3rd Ctlf No. 846 Frtsh Novtmbtr 15 _____________________ — — l»t Ctlf No. 847 Frtsh by Stlt D*y _______________ _ _____ _____ 1st Ctlf No. 848 Frtsh by Salt Dcy _______ _.,____! _____ ______ 1st Ctlf 5 BABY HEIFER CALVES - 9 BABY BULL CALVES Auctioneer's Nett — These are real fancy heifers and the cows show a lot of production. < 28 - SPRINGING HEIFERS - 28 These Heifers weigh from 1,200 to 1,400 pounds. Thty wtft turn* ed in with t Purebred Black Angus bull on March 5, and are show. ing up good now. DAIRY EQUIPMENT Surge S. p. 11 Milking Machine, 4 ye.ri eld; I'/t inch Pipeline for 30 Cows; 2 medium fife Surgt Bucket* with Lock-on Pyliators; 1 Seam Surge Bucket; Miftfr Built 8-difi Side Poor, Spray Type Cooler, 4 yttrt old; 16 foot New Style "V" Hiy Bunk; 52 gaiion General Electric Quick Recovery, Electric Prtfiwrt Hot Water HMter, Itif thin 1 year 9 ld; 20 10-gallon Milk C«ni; 2 Large Mjlk Strainers; 12 Hudf9n Drinking Cups with Water Lints; 150 f*ft 3/4 inch Mftd W«ter Pipe. TERMS: CASH Pr mikf irr»ngemtnts with your banker before tht salt. No property to bt removed from the premises until settled for. Not responsible for accident* fhfuld f ny pccMr>. , * •• • HARLAN HARMS, Charley Quinn *nd Dutch Lt*k, Av«tionftr* Saving* ftfnk, C Urk For tht purp>M of stttling with the Otto vVichtendahl Heirs, will oner for sale to the highest bidder on December 8, 1966, at 1:30 o'clock P.M- «t the farm tht following described real estate: LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Tht Southttst Frtctiontl Qutrttr (Sfc Fr. '/<) of Section Thrtt (3), Township Ninety-six (96) North, Range Thirty (30), West of the Sth P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa. LOCATION: Stvtn milts wtst and fivt and one-half miles north of Algona, Itwa. , Six tnd ont-half milts north and three miles ttst of Whitttmort, Iowa. Thrtt tnd ont-half milts South and three miles east of Ftnton, Iowa. Loctttd on blacktop road. ; | SOIL: Webster Silty City and Clarion Loam, Good drainagit — good state of cultivation. IMPROVEMENTS: Nine-rtom house, block barn 36 x 68 x 15, hog house (block) 26 x 68, block garage 18 x 20 x 8, block chicken house 20 x 36 x 6, machint shtd 24 x 40 x 8, block silo 14 x 30, crib and granary, 24x30x8, POSSESSION: March 1, 1967. TERMS; Twenty per cent of purchase prife upon execution of customary <$«ntrtct op, d*te of sale. Balance on AAarch 1, 1967, upon delivery of deed and abttrect fhowing merchantable title. Seller rewrves the right to accept or reject any or all bids- AUCTIONEER; UtyJ Btrklui 1 •Htrntyi, AlfWf, lowf, or Kenneth • - -

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