The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 9, 1966 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1966
Page 9
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Algona Upper IfTAlUJHID HAS ALOONA, fOWA, THURSDAY, JUNI 9, 1966 VOL. 101 NO. 44 2nd SMtfdA THE TIME WHEN INTER-PLANETARY travel is possible is getting closer every year. Soon there will be a rocket for every pocket and there'll be guided tours of the Universe with selected stops at Venus, Jupiter and Mars. For newlyweds, the word, "honeymoon" may take on a literal meaning for they'll be able to go to the moon for their wedding trip. Couples from other planets may come here on their honey- earth. - o GEORGE AND MABEL ASTONOID of Saturn could land their rocket on the space strip at the local airport. They've just been married and they are shooting their entire savings of 200 zulairians (about $3,142) on an out-of-that Saturn trip for their honeyearth. George gets out of the space ship and wipes the "Watch Saturn Grow" signs from the trunk. His prankster friends put them there after the wedding and this is the first chance George has to clean them off. - o "GEE, GEORGE", MABEL WHISPERS as he carries her over the threshold to their room at the rocotel. "Do you love me as much as you did the day we found out the notches on our IBM cards matched?" (George and Mable belong to the upper Alpha class on Saturn, and thus are among the few selected by the Master Machine to marry and rear children. The Xi and Zeta classes, who do all the work there, hatch out their offspring only by test tube.) - o "WOW!", EXCLAIMS GEORGE, "Just being alone with you makes me feel so way-out, I don't even think Pll take my stepped-up ration of Somal" (Soma is the Saturn Vitamin that keeps the Alpha, or intellectual class from feeling any pain or sadness. It also makes them more amenable to the plans of the Master Machine.) "I must say," replied Mabel, "that I do think you over-did the Soma punch at our wedding reception, but if you are going to cut your ration so am I". - o - Bode Couple Wed SO Years Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Rossing of Bode will be honored Sunday, June 12, at an open house in observance of their 50th wedding anniversary. Hours will be from 2:30 to 5 p.m. at St. Olaf Lutheran Church, Bode, with all relatives and friends invited. Vina Nunamaker and Dr. Ted Rossing were married June 8,1916, at Ames, and have since resided at Bode. Dr. Rossing, a graduate of Iowa State University, served in the armed forces during World War I and practiced veterinary medicine at Bode until retiring in 1960. The Rossing have one son, Dr. T. D. Rossing of Livermore, also a veterinarian, and two grandchildren, Trudy Ann and Debra Jane Rossing. A SHORT TIME LATER, GEORGE AND MABEL take the .. AM" blast-off attachments from their rocket and put the wheels on NfkUf I It flfOfC so they can drive around Earth to absorb some local color and livff VlllvwU look at the natives, "It doesn't look nearly so romantic as it does back home", comments Mabel. "Not a bit like the time we watched Earth rise over Antenaeball Stadium or like in the song, "Earthlight and Roses". - o - GEORGE IS NOT ACCUSTOMED TO STEERING his rocket. (At home on Saturn, all vehicles are controlled by Central Radar and you- merely sit in them and ride.) He gets so interested in looking at a native—a young, blonde, female— that he nearly crashes into a lamp post. Mabel has little trouble reverting to a back-seat driver. "Georgel" she screams, "Be careful I Do you want to be arrested for driving without the influence of Soma?" - o "I CAN DRIVE JUST AS GOOD sober as I can after Pve had a few", insists George. "Besides these natives are blamed interesting. They are in a natural state like the people were on Saturn before the Master Machine decided to replace some of their less functional parts with plastic ones." (Mabel, whose tonsils, appendix and mammary glands have long-since been replaced by tubes, takes this remark as a personal Insult.) "Well," she say huffily, "if you are going to be profane and criticize the works of the Master Machine, I'll hop the next rocket out of here and go home to Mother I" - o - "MOTHERI, MOTHER1, MOTHER!", George sneers. "Doesn't she realize she's an anachronism?" (On Saturn., Mabel's mother is one of the few women allowed to keep her maternal instincts after child-bearing years are over. The Master Machine decreed it thus so tnat mere would be somebody to honor on Mother's Day and politicians would have somebody to owe all that they are to their angel mothers.) "Next thing you know, she'll be advocating old-fashioned, home cooking instead of decent self-respecting meals-in-a-pill.", George went on. - o "I'M SORRY, GEORGE", APOLOGIZES Mable, 1 "I guess the fact that I'm finally Mrs. George Astronoid is so new to me and this funny, quaint Earth is so strange that I'm getting a little unbalanced. Anyway, I'm beginning to think honeyearths are overrated. To really appreciate them, people should goon them after they've been married ten years. Right now I can hardly wait to get home to our own new appartment." - o SUDDENLY GEORGE GIVES OUT WITH A GIGANTIC sneeze. Mabel says tenderly, "Oh, my! You are 'coming down with a cold! Let's get back to the rocotel and I'll fix you a nice hot bath and a drink of Soma. I don't want to seem sacrilegious about the Great Master Machine, but I do wish that since he has entirely eliminated polio, cancer, and the rest of the ancient diseases, he could finally do something about getting rid of the common cold!" - o OFTEN WE ARE STRUCK with the fact that although we are far from home, we are continually running into somebody with Kossuth connections. This week, quite by accident we met a young man by the last name of Dale, a former Minnesota plumber, whose people come from Algona. His mother, the-former Zela Burtiss was born there and he has two uncles, Ivan and Glen Burtiss, and a grandmother who is well into her 90* s at Algona, plus a brother Merrit Dale at Armstrong. He also mentioned a Kermit Burtiss of Waterloo, who it seems to me used to come up when I was writing UDM locals as visitors to the Paul James home. - o - DURING THE WEEK OF JUNE 5 through 11, people having birthdays include Harley Hanson, Arlene Miller, Mildred Johnson, Darlene Claude, Barbara Allen, Maureen O'Brien, Mrs. J. L Merryman, Clara Hobson, Jimmy Sigsbee, Johnny Strohman Jacqueline Miller, Danny Arend, Patrick Hummer, Marilyn Harris, Bob Post, Ann Winkel and Jeane Behr. Wedding anniversaries include Mr and Mrs Ed Gilmore, Mr and Mrs Frank Moulton, Mr and Mrs Eldon Winkel, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Pratt, Dr. and Mrs. Leroy Strohman, Mr and Mrs Howie Stephenson, THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS forTennesee Salad and it originally came from Leota Geigel. 1 small can condensed milk 1 small pkg. Philadelphia cream cheese, mashed Mix together and add: 1 small can crushed pineapple, not drained 1/2 cup chopped nuts 1 pkg. lime jello mixed with 1 cup hot water Refrigerate. Serve on lettuce leaves. GRACE Wesley Legion Auxiliary WESLEY - The American Legion Auxiliary met last Wednesday evening with 16 members in attendance. Laura Klein, poppy chairman, reported that $81.78 was realized from the sale of poppies. A pair of hose was sent to each of the- four-Gold Star mothers for . Mothers Day. The mothers are Mrs. Mike Goetz of Sargeant, Minn.; Mrs. Mae Gar man, Mrs. Laura Richter and Mrs. Helen Youngwirth. The following officers were elected: Joan Grandganett, president; Edna Flom, vice- president; Laura Klein, secretary; Helen Johnson, treasurer.; Lorraine Go'etz, Sgt. at-arms; Josie Lickteig, chaplain; Myrtle Lease, historian; Margie Goetz, Jo Meurer and Charlene Hauptman, executive board members. Vi Studer, Justine Becker and Eileen Johnson were on nominating committee. The officers will be installed at the July 6th meeting. Margie Goetz and Marian Youngwirth served lunch. 500 was played with Mrs. Joe Goetz and Edna Flom winning the prizes. Donna Studer and Agnes Stevens were on the entertainment committee. - o The Bob Johnsons of the Britt area have moved onto the rural farm home of his late parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grand- ganett are proud parents of a baby boy, born May 31, in Mercy hospital, Mason City. Twin girls were born to Ken Forburgers Sunday morning, May 29, at the Britt hospital. Th.ey weighed in at 5 Ibs. and 5 Ibs. 7 oz. and have been named Jean Marie and Jane Katherine and make a family of 5 sons and 5 daughters. The Urban Lick- teigs and Tom Forburgers are the grandparents and the John Uckteigs, the great grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Smith and daughter, Jayne of Phoenix, Ariz, are spending two weeks with Mrs. smith's sister, Mrs. Mary Rockwood and with relatives and friends in Livermore and Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. John Youngwirth and his mother, Mrs. Helen Youngwirth, Lou Simpson, and Bill Koppen and Dr. Jongewaard THE WIDEN YEARS YOUR RETIREMENT INCOME IS TOO SMALL? MAYBE NOT You who read this column are coming up to retirement, or are already retired, with a total income that figures out generally at $250 to $350 a month. Many of you are richer. You aren't too happy with it ... it's not enough. And you are likely to be playing games with some dark fears over what may happen to you, over what you will do if the time comes when you can't make it on your income. To give you a little perspective on what you have, and to ease the darker fear of older wives, here is the account of a widow who had to get by on $92.80 a month . . . and did. "My husband passed away in 1954 and left me nothing but a mortgaged home," she says. "My only source of income was Social Security. When it arrived It was $92.80 ..." It was a modest home, with five rooms. She made arrangements to pay $41 a month on the mortgage, this including taxes and insurance. With the $41 as a starter, this is how she set up her budget: Gas heat $11.00 Telephone 7.43 Electricity 5.00 Water 5.50 Health Insurance . 8.70 Total $37.63 The $41 for the house made this $78.63. There was no provision for food, clothing, and incidentals. The widow sought out, and got, a roomer who agreed to pay $20 a month. For another $4 a month she arranged to do the roomer's laundry. Her budget worked out like this: Social Security . . $92.80 Roomer ...... 20.00 Laundry service . 4.00 Total ..... $116.80 Minus costs. 78.63 Net ...... $ 38.17 The widow set up a food budget of $22 to $25 a month, or $5 to $6 a week, and out of this she fed her small dog and her parakeet. The $13 to $15 a month she had left over went for what small clothes purchases she made and for her incidentals. This widow is now 72, is living on this budget, and has no complaints. "I have five wonderful children," she says. "But they are all married and have their own families to support. Thanks to the way lhave been able to work things out I don't have to be dependent on them. I make my own way. And I grow a little tired of reading of people with so much more who just can'tmanage . ." Virtually none of you now reading this will have to get by in retirement on $92.80 a month. The citing of the widow's budget is not to suggest that you should. Or even that it's right in a land as affluent as ours. But it won't hurt for you to know it can be done, and is being done by people who once were in your social and economic class . . . possibly by a wife or couple who once lived next door. spent the Memorial Day weekend fishing at Island Lake, Minn. Mrs. Helen Youngwirth, on her first fishing trip in 20 years caught a 7 1/2 Ib. Northern and her limit of other fish. She was fishing from a boat. Mr. and Mrs. Al Richtsmeier spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Minneapolis, Minn, where they visited their son Vincent Richtsmeier and his sister, the L. C. Sauters. Clara Richtsmeier and Ann Hoefle of Waterloo visited the M Richtsmeiers and Studer relatives several days recently. The Tom Shermans of Mason City visited the Ben G. Studers and the Mark Studers on Memorial Day. The Mark Studers attended the graduation of Donald Ricke at St. John parochial school at Bancroft Sunday, May 29. He is a son of the Roman Rlcke's. Mrs. Leila Jordan of Des Molnes was a guest of Mrs. Al Wagner over the Memorial Day weekend. The Ben Wagners of Ft. Dodge were also guests of his mother. They visited Al Wagner, a resident in the Good Samaritan Home, Algona. W. S. C. S. met in the Methodist church Wednesday afternoon. Hostesses were Mrs. John Weiland, Whittemore; Mrs. Harold Price, Mrs. Orville Weiland and Mrs. Geo. Ostercamp. Father Joseph D. Flsch, who was pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic church here from Aug- gust, 1914 to November 1923 has retired. He lives in Le- Mars. Mrs. Don Reding and children of St. Joe, spent several days last week with her mother, Mrs. Justine Becker and family. Mr. and Mrs. John Lickteig went to Dubuque Thursday where they spent several days witli their daughter Shirley and family, the Frank Hanleys. Thomas and Kathy Root of Council Bluffs visited their grandparents, the Lael Roots, two days last week while their mother, Mrs. Tom Root, accompanied her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Shannahan of Omaha, to the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, where Mr. Shannahan went through the clinic. He has a heart condition. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schrauth went to Rochester, Minn. .Thursday where they will go through the clinic. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Raney of Brookings, S. D. spent last week in the parental, Cliff Anfinson and H. H. Raney homes. Mrs. Tom Forburger Jr., and children of Algona spent several days last week in the parental, Dr. H. H. Raney home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mettille and grandson Tom Mettille of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, visted Frank's sister, Mrs. Mary Rockwood over the Memorial Day weekend. They also visited relatives In Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Kellogg and Pierre of Grand Junction were Memorial Day weekend guests of Mrs. John Bleich. Other Memorial Day guests of Mrs. Bleich were Mrs. Mary Oesterreicher and Louis of Titonka, Dr. Alice Sartor of Charles City, the Jim Bleiehs of Spencer and the Louis Martins of Council Bluffs. The latter two families also visited Mrs. Sophia Hlldman and family. Herman and August Studer, Lou and Albert Lickteig, Don Hanig, Ed Otis and Herman Bode attended a K. C. meeting in the K. C. hall in Algona, Wednesday evening, A 7:30 dinner was served before the meeting. Picnickers at the August Studer home on Memorial Day were the Ben Arndorfers, Britt; Jerry Arndorfer, Mason City; the Andrew Balciks, Lakefield, Minn. and the Dale Dornbiers. Memorial Day guests of Anna and Ethel Flom for a picnic were Julius and Alma Funnemark and Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Paulson. Wlihing For A Buyer Won't Mike That Sale! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • V. Mill-End CARPET BONANZA All First Line, Top Grade, NYLON RUGS One Each, In Sizes And Color As Listed ALL AT ONE PRICE WHILE THEY LAST 1 CHOOSE FROM THESE RUGS-SIZES 12x15' to 12x24' i -12 x -12 x -12 x —12 x —12 x —12 x —12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x IS Ft. BRONZE 15 Ft. IVORY 18 Ft. ALMOND 21 Ft. RED TONE 21 Ft. SAND BEIGE. 21 Ft. BLUE GREEN 20 Ft. SAND BEIGE 18 Ft, CRANBERRY 23 Ft. GOLD 18 Ft. RED TONE 18 Ft. CRANBERRY 18 Ft. ALMOND 21 Ft. PECAN 15 Ft. PECAN 24 Ft. PECAN -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x -12 x 17 Ft. 15 Ft. 18 Ft. 19 Ft. 21 Ft. 18 Ft. 18 Ft. 18 Ft. 18 Ft. 15 Ft. 18 Ft. 15 Ft. 15 Ft. 18 Ft. 18 Ft. IVORY BRONZE GOLD IVORY RED TINE SAND BEIGE BLUE GREEN ALMOND CRANBERRY CRANBERRY AVACADO AVACADO NUTMEG GOLD AVACADO - ALL AT ONE LOW PRICE - For *>« OOUJEN YEAIS 3«-p9«* t«nrf JOe in coin (oe »temp»), to D«pl. CSW, ** H7Z Crow) Central Stalk*. N*w fwi, N. Y. IQ01 7. ESTABLISHED

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